NCIS Los Angeles s12e11 Episode Script

Russia, Russia, Russia

1 Previously om "NCIS Los Angeles" Her name is Zasha Gagarin.
Why would a russian agent talk to us? CALLEN: Kapitan Gonchgarov, speak with me for the safety of your crew! SAM: You blew up the plane? For the record, they did.
("WEIGHT OF THE WORLD" BY WILLOW ROBINSON PLAYING) She's addicted to the IG - (LINE RINGING) - Like it was an IV It's all about the money AUTOMATED VOICE: We're sorry.
You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
If you feel you have rea (LINE RINGING) She can barely We're sorry.
You have reached a number that has been disconnec (GULLS CALLING) It's only rarely That I'm the only Through these eyes I see you And you're leaving me With the weight of the world Through these eyes I see you and you're Leaving me With the weight of the world With the weight of the world CALLEN: Out of the car! (ENGINE REVVING, TIRES SCREECH) (TIRES SCREECH) - Morning.
- Hey.
Do we have a case? Not sure.
This, uh, SUV was tailing me this morning.
Any idea who it might be? Well, that's what I'm trying to find out.
It's not the first time lately I thought someone was following me.
Can you run this trace for me? I got something I got to take care of.
Yeah, of course.
Let me know if you find anything.
Will do.
Should I alert the team? Let's wait and see what you find.
Maybe I'm getting paranoid.
(SOFT CHATTER) CARLSON: Special Agent Callen.
What brings you here today? Routine NCIS business.
Nice seeing you again.
You're here to meet with someone from the National Counterterrorism Center.
And you know this? Because I've been appointed by the ODNI to lead the task force on foreign infiltration.
Isn't this my lucky day.
So why do you want to see Oleg Barinov? Guess I'm just looking for answers like everyone else.
Trying to figure out why his captain did what he did.
Defect? There are easier ways to get here.
That is true.
This way, please.
For the record, you're probably wasting your time.
In three months, they've never said a word.
What about to their Russian counsel? We were never witness to those conversations.
Put your weapon and your phone here.
Were they allowed to make phone calls? Only when they were with their counsel, and we weren't privy to those either.
(BEEPING) Good luck.
How you doing, Oleg? (DOOR CLOSES) Good to see you again.
We're good now.
I'd like to speak to my friend alone, if that's all right.
(DOOR CLOSES) (EXHALES) Sit? (EXHALES) You looking forward to seeing your family? Of course you are.
I'm sure they are very excited to have you back home.
Look, I was a little surprised that none of the rest of you wanted to seek asylum.
I think it's probably something our government could have managed.
Maybe even arranged to have your family brought back here.
I'm not saying it would be easy, but in exchange for some cooperation I'm not a traitor.
Of course you're not.
I respect that.
Do you consider your captain a traitor? You know, he took a deal to stay here in this country.
I mean, he put you and the rest of the crew in serious jeopardy.
He could have killed all of you, the way he landed that plane.
Don't you think that was a little selfish of him? Well (EXHALES) Thanks for not blowing us all up.
Have a safe trip back and, uh, a good life, Oleg.
I mean that.
I'm done.
Agent Callen.
Captain Gonchgarov is a true patriot.
Not much of a talker, is he? What else can you tell me about him? Has a son.
Wife works at a pharmaceutical lab.
We never get more than that.
You were with the CIA prior to joining NCIS.
I was.
And you spent most of your time in Russia during your tenure with them.
It was mostly in Ukraine.
Some people would consider that Russia.
Well, I know quite a few Ukrainians who would disagree with you.
Your birth name is Grisha Aleksandrovich Nikolaev.
That's about as Russian as they come.
And I was always told it was Irish.
Your father, Nikita Aleksandrovich Reznikov, - was a KGB agent.
- Yes, he was, until he became disillusioned with the Soviet Union's ideology and decided to work with the CIA to help defectors escape the Iron Curtain.
Your current girlfriend, Anna Kolcheck, is also Russian.
Where is she? I have no idea? You don't know where your girlfriend is? Nope.
I'm starting to think we're broken up.
And her father, Arkady Kolcheck, is also a former KGB agent.
Difficult to believe sometimes but yes.
It's like Keeping Up with the Kremlin with your family.
Look, I'm sorry that you and I got off on the wrong foot back there.
I know you're frustrated that you weren't able to get through to Oleg and his crew.
I tried, too.
I don't know about the captain, but I can tell you, this crew, they seem like very nice young airmen that are just trying to make a living and want to go back home to their families.
So, trust me, they are not a threat.
Could you open the door, please? We're not finished here.
Seriously? (SCOFFS) What else do you want? I want to know how long you've been working for the Russians.
Hey, Sam.
Where is everybody? Uh, Kensi and Deeks had an appointment and should be here soon.
Rountree is in San Diego giving a deposition on El Centro.
And Callen was here earlier but took off to go do something.
I tried to call him on the way in.
He didn't pick up.
That may not be good.
- Why's that? - Nothing.
- I don't know.
- Fatima.
Okay, Callen said that he was maybe being tailed this morning, and apparently it's not the first time as of late.
And he asked me if I could try and find the vehicle, but - Why am I just finding this out now? - Well, he wasn't certain and-and wanted to see what I could find first.
Straight to voice mail.
Where's his phone? It's off-line.
Where's his car? - Off-line, too.
- Son of a bitch.
And you have no idea where he was going? No.
It's not your fault.
He should've told you.
All right, I'm-a give Kensi and the others a heads-up.
Find the last known location of his phone or his car.
On it.
Two years ago, your missing girlfriend was in prison, until she broke out with a fellow inmate named Kate Miller, who surprise, surprise Turned out to be a Russian operative named Katya Miranova.
If you know that, then you also know Anna was put into that prison as part of an undercover op.
What are the chances of me getting a coffee? 91 days ago, members of your NCIS team made contact with a known Russian operative.
Zasha Gagarin.
She gave us the names of the people on board the plane.
Why would a foreign spy just give you information? Because we paid her.
Spying for Russia doesn't afford her the lifestyle that she's come to enjoy here.
Apparently, communist ideology is no match for a Neiman's shoe sale.
What makes you think Moscow wouldn't just give you the information they wanted you to have? We considered that.
But it was a risk that we were willing to take, given the circumstances.
Circumstances that saw your team capture the plane's captain and crew members while you blew up the strategic bomber and all the valuable intel it could have afforded us.
- I didn't blow up the plane.
- Mm.
Oleg and his crewmate did.
All of which is in the after action report.
And according to said AAR, even your partner, Special Agent Osama Hanna, thought that allowing the plane to be destroyed was a mistake.
I felt it more important to save the lives of the two young crewmen inside.
Two more Russians.
Three, if you count yourself.
So, it's you that's been following me? No.
What's your real play here? My play is to keep this country secure from foreign intervention.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, okay.
Um I get that conspiracy theories have replaced common sense and intelligence in a lot of people these days, but I would expect more out of a-a federal agency.
Well, this federal agency's recent intelligence has identified you as a Russian asset.
I bet you write fan fiction in your spare time.
But just out of curiosity, what exactly is the source of this, uh, supposed intelligence? I'm not at liberty to reveal my sources.
How convenient.
But so far, we have verified everything they've given us.
FATIMA: Callen's phone and vehicle were last transmitting from the Westwood area in the vicinity of the Federal Building.
Did he have an appointment down there this morning? Not that I'm aware of.
But if he did, that would explain why we're not receiving any transmissions from his phone If he's in a secure area.
Doesn't explain his car.
They don't have an underground parking lot.
Do you have any idea why he might have gone there? Not unless I'm forgetting something.
- Admiral Kilbride.
- Agent Hanna.
Special Agent Fatima Namazi, this is Admiral Kilbride.
- Sir.
- Nice to meet you.
What brings you here, Admiral? Well, it seems that your partner has found himself in the middle of a witch hunt.
You know where Callen is.
He's being questioned by the Center for Counterterrorism.
- About what? - Being a Russian asset.
- Are you kidding me? - Am I known for being a kidder? How could anyone suspect Callen of being a Russian agent? Well, in case you have been too busy surfing or enjoying your organic avocado toast, there has been a bit of a power struggle in this country lately.
I don't surf, and I'm allergic to avocados.
That explains why we can't locate his car.
They probably impounded it and have it in a secure area being searched.
Why hasn't Callen contacted us or-or asked for a lawyer? That's not his style.
They think they're interrogating Callen, but he's the one questioning them.
They just don't know it.
He'll play along as long as he can till he knows more about what's going on than they do.
I alerted SECNAV, so she'll be making some phone calls.
Until she gets him out, we should send somebody in there, find out what the hell is going on.
When were you first tipped off about my, uh so-called Russian connections? - What does it matter? - I'm just trying to understand the timeline here.
- Hmm.
- (DOOR OPENS) Don't let me keep you if you have any more pressing engagements.
DEEKS: You ever consider owning a bar, Marino? I just think you, with your sparkling personality and dashing good looks, you would crush it.
And, lucky for you, I know a gold mine in Venice - that just popped on the market.
- Who the hell are you? Martin Atticus Deeks.
What do you want? I'd like to see my client, the highly decorated and incredibly well-respected Special Agent G.
Yes, he's the guy you have hiding behind one of these taxpayer-funded, faux-walnut doors.
But, since we're asking questions, who, pray tell, are you? Agent Carlson, Department of Justice.
Heading up a joint task force for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
Ah, the old DOJ for the JTF for the ODNI? - (LAUGHS) - Mm-hmm.
- OMG, that's such a BFD.
- (CAMERA CLICKS) - What are you doing? - I just took a picture.
I wanted to make sure I get the spelling right for my friend Wolfy over at CNN.
He's such a stickler for details and truth.
Who told you to come here? Who told me to come here? I (SCOFFS) Can't tell you that.
Because of client-lawyer privileges.
(CHUCKLES): You know, all that pesky legal stuff that you hate so much.
But I can tell you this between you and I 'cause we're friends.
You're about to find out, because your boss is about to get a phone call in three, two I am the boss.
Well, probably not after this phone call.
And there he is.
How you holding up there, tiger? Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to hang around? Because, uh, I wanted to talk to my client alone.
What are you doing here? Thought you could use a sandwich.
- How did you - No, no.
Kilbride tipped us off.
What's going on? Best I can tell, they are hunting for a Russian mole.
So, they finally got you? Not funny.
I don't know if this is about me or Hetty or someone else entirely, but someone's convinced them that I'm working as a double agent.
Based on what? Well, yeah.
Sure, on paper, that looks like a lot of Russian influence.
Wow, that is a lot of Russian influence.
There has always been a rumor of a double agent at the upper levels of the U.
Intelligence Community.
I always thought that was an urban legend.
(GRUNTS) We certainly hoped that it was.
Henrietta had come up with a plan to smoke them out.
So, according to Admiral Kilbride, Hetty put a couple of agents into Syria.
Then she began to disseminate different information in a very controlled matter throughout our intelligence community in Washington.
SAM: So, by monitoring the movement of foreign troops, we could figure out where the leak was originating? That was the plan.
- Did it work? - Well, our people figured they had enough data to zero in on the culprit, but they were grabbed before they could get out.
Grabbed by who? Assad's forces, most likely.
What we don't know is if their cover was blown.
Because they were posing as journalists, it's possible the Syrians still don't know what they were doing there.
Hetty has been softly negotiating their release without tipping off their true nature.
If this mole got spooked or if we got close, he could be using Callen as a misdirect.
He is also one of Hetty's prize protégés.
If he's in trouble, that could cause her to back off and delay her operation.
KENSI: And it would also give Moscow enough time to remove their asset or build in new elements to protect their identity.
(OVERTURE FROM LES HUGUENOTS PLAYING) I'm guessing you're more into robot pop.
- (MUSIC STOPS) - Deeks, you don't have any Kraftwerk - in there, do you? - Get out of here.
Both of you.
So, I guess you got the phone call? Now.
Before I change my mind.
You can, uh, keep the sandwich.
It's a veggie on rye.
CALLEN: I asked Oleg today if he thought that his captain was a traitor for defecting.
You know what he said to me? "Captain Gonchgarov is a true patriot.
" How do they figure that? The guy defected.
I think he was trying to tell me something.
Like what? You know the amount of time, money, planning, that goes into getting a Russian agent into the highest levels of our intelligence community.
I mean, it would be an invaluable asset that they would do anything to protect.
Like accusing you of being a double agent? The old "I know you are, but what am I?" Think bigger than that.
They might even be willing to sacrifice a cold war-era bomber and its crew.
"Captain Gonchgarov is a true patriot.
" Exactly.
Just as Hetty and the rest of them start closing in on this invaluable asset, suddenly, a Russian bomber appears on our shore? I-It's just too easy.
Wait, so you think the captain's working for SVR? Makes a lot more sense than a Russian captain willing to risk his life and that of his crew in order to defect.
It's probably a Hail Mary to deflect our focus.
There was probably just enough intelligence on board for us to believe it was legitimate and look in a different direction - of where their asset is.
- Well, the joke's on them, 'cause you screwed up that plan when you blew up their plane.
That's not totally fair.
Sorry, when you let other people blow up said plane.
We need to turn the tables on this.
Wait, what? What are we what are we doing? We have to flip this to our advantage.
- Wait, h-how? - Throw them off their game.
Force them to scramble without giving them time to think.
Do you want to share with the other people - what the plan is? - I don't really have a plan yet.
- I'm still trying to figure that out.
- Sounds perfect.
Deeks, you get him out? He what?! Why the hell would he do that? Hey, what's wrong? Callen turned himself back in.
I'm sorry, what? So, you've, uh, had a change of heart.
I can help you identify the Russian asset you're looking for.
Why would I want to cooperate with you? You have nothing to lose.
And you might actually come out of this a hero.
But I need to see Captain Gonchgarov.
All right, what do we got? Okay, these are all the Russians we've dealt with over the years.
Has to be somebody that we trust.
Uh, in that case No.
Probably not.
Definitely not.
- Oh, hell no.
- Hell no.
They have to be Russian? They do.
(SIGHS) Him.
Are you sure? Yep.
DEEKS: No! Why does it have to be Kirkin? KENSI: Because we need someone - with legitimate Russian connections.
- DEEKS: Okay, great.
What about Arkady? Everybody loves Arkady.
KENSI: It can't be Arkady.
He has obvious links to Callen.
Yeah, but Kirkin? Come on.
He just He just makes me feel so Special? Dirty.
Like a dirty bird.
It doesn't matter.
You know what? It doesn't matter.
Even if we wanted to find him, we couldn't, - 'cause we have no idea where he is.
- KENSI: That's okay, because Fatima already has a location and sent it to you.
Fatima! Sweetie, you are the only one who can convince him to work with us.
- Baby? - DEEKS: What? Please? Don't use that voice with me.
Okay, yes.
Thank you.
That's my baby honeypot.
That's right, I am.
I'm your little honeypot.
Remember that when he kills me.
- (LINE CLICKS) - Hello? KILBRIDE (OVER SPEAKER): I have spent my entire life serving this country.
What is wrong with you people? I seem to recall you convincing us to use a dead body on a golf cart as a decoy.
That was different.
This is a terrible plan.
A terrible plan is better than no plan.
No, a terrible plan is a terrible plan Hence the "terrible" part.
Well, terrible plan or not, it's the only plan we have.
The only chance we have of it working is if it happens fast and we force them to react quickly.
You have all drunk Hetty's Kool-Aid.
(ENGINE REVS) I don't understand what's going on.
- We're moving your location.
- Why? It's for your protection.
I'll explain everything - once we get to the safe house.
- I thought I was safe here.
There's been an incident that suggests otherwise.
Put your seat belt on.
Don't stop for anything.
Call me once he's secure.
- (SIREN CHIRPING) - Go, go, go! Oh, get the hell off of me.
How you feeling, Admiral? Besides the shame of having you talked me into this cockamamie plan? Well, with all due respect, Admiral, I seem to remember you convincing us to use a corpse as a distraction.
One time I put a dead body to good use, and you people just can't let it go.
Hell, we once emptied the entire morgue in Banja Luka to create a whole (SIGHS) Oh, never mind.
It was a different time.
This is not working! T-Take it off.
I hate it.
I said, take it off! Kirkin? Kirkin? (WHISTLES) Hey, buddy.
Marty! Uh welcome to the House of Kirkin.
- Nah, that's I'm allergic to cashmere.
- Um, yeah, Martin is an LAPD officer.
Not, actually, anymore.
They fired you? No, no, I'm just, uh, I'm working for NCIS full-time now.
(WHISPERS): They fired you? No.
No, no, they didn't fire me.
I fired them.
- Hah - Yeah.
And now he is a very secret agent.
- I'm an investigator.
- Well, it's good to see you.
- Yeah, no, it's good to see you, too.
- But-but - what-what do you think? - What-what do I what do I think? What do I think about what? I'm not even sure what I'm looking at.
(SIGHS) (CLEARS THROAT) All my life has been take, take, take, - take, and now - You're a taker.
I'm trying to give back.
- Oh? - With my art.
- Oh, with your art.
- Through my art and fashion.
F-Fashion? - I've become a fashion designer.
- Oh my.
I always loved clothes and, uh, mm, I have impeccable taste.
So why not share this - with the world? - Yeah, no, that's good.
- Yeah.
- Would you like to see - some of my collection? - Oh.
Yeah, no, I definitely would like to see th-the whole collection.
As much as I dread saying this, I, uh I need a favor.
Of course, Martin.
You know you can always count on me.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Perhaps we can help each other.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Get out of the vehicle! Get down.
(PANTING) On your knees! (GRUNTING) Go! (GUNFIRE) (GRUNTING) Go, go, go! Relax, Captain.
You're safe now.
(PANTING) What happened? She swore she didn't know anything.
Maybe she didn't.
REPORTER: The victim, Navy Admiral Hollis Kilbride, was shot and killed while getting into his car.
There have been reports that Kilbride was identified as a Russian agent, but, so far, neither the Navy or State Department have confirmed that and we are still waiting for an official report.
(BEEPS) Captain Gonchgarov, Anatoli Kirkin.
What is going on here? Did you know this man that was killed? No.
How would I know him? He was one of ours.
Someone leaked his identity to the Americans, and now he's dead.
We don't know if it was them or one of our own people.
It-it wasn't me.
Well, it was someone from Russian intelligence.
Everything we have built here is in jeopardy since that little stunt with your airplane.
I-I'm not part of any of this.
I have nothing to do with Russian intelligence.
Please, I-I just want to live in America.
Oh, so you're a traitor? KILBRIDE: So how's Masterpiece Theatre working out? (SIGHS) Gonchgarov is sticking to his defection story.
CALLEN: Who's leaking our information? What information? I don't know what you're talking about.
I was questioned by two people from the Center for Counterterrorism today.
Did you give me up? I don't even know who you are.
Only one way to find out.
(WHIMPERS) We can talk in here.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (GROANS) You okay, Marty? Peachy.
(GRUNTS) Oh, my God.
Where have you guys been? I've needed to pee for, like, 40 minutes.
(GRUNTS) He say something? Not yet.
Looks like you're on, Deeks.
And imagine an imaginary menagerie manager managing an imagined menagerie.
Red leather, yellow leather, red leather, yellow leather, red leather, yellow leather.
(HIGH-PITCHED): Hoo-hah! So, why were you sent here? I wasn't.
I defected.
One of our assets was killed today because his identity was leaked.
Are you telling me you work for the Russians? Of course.
How do you think I knew where to look for your plane? Who do you think blew it up so it didn't fall into the hands of the U.
government? I am just a pilot.
What you are is either an asset or a liability.
Now, if you're an asset, you help us and we'll help you.
If you're a liability - (CLANGING) - DEEKS: Oh, God! (DEEKS SCREAMS) - No! - (SIGHS) Don't worry.
Nobody can hear us in this place.
Besides, it does make it easier for throwing bodies into the ocean.
(DEEKS SCREAMING) You think he's buying this? Not unless this guy is a complete idiot.
Not big on encouragement, are you? Not everyone got a trophy when I grew up.
CALLEN: If you work with us, we can get you papers.
Anatoli can get you work.
I don't want a new identity.
(CHUCKLES) What do you think is gonna happen if you don't work with us? Do you think you're gonna get U.
citizenship and meet a nice little California girl, live the American dream? This is a country of opportunity.
If I work hard, I will be You are an embarrassment to Moscow.
Do you really think they're gonna let you live here happily ever after? My freedom is worth the risk.
- (CLANGING) - (DEEKS SCREAMING) Aah! No! Aah! Give it up, Deeks.
This guy's not budging.
What? Really? 'Cause I felt like that was some of my best work.
It was truly chilling.
Gave me goose bumps.
Why-why you got to make everything weird? If you hand me back over to the American authorities I will give you the one thing I have.
And what is that? A phone number.
I don't know who it is, but we were made to memorize it.
We were told to call it only in extreme emergencies, if we ever found ourselves in foreign territory.
Write it down.
What do you think? Could be legit.
Then again, he could have a dozen different numbers memorized, each for a different situation.
He's about to give us one that lets SVR know he's being tagged.
FATIMA: It's an unlisted number in London, England.
Possibly a burner, definitely active and online.
And it's probably a central clearing hub.
Once he makes contact with them, lets them know where he is, they'll send whatever team they have in his area to pick him up.
So, how do you want to play this? (SIGHS) Call it.
(LINE RINGING) WOMAN: Taxi service.
This is Kapitan Alexi Gonchgarov calling for a pickup.
I'm in, uh Venice, California.
Venice, California.
One moment, please.
(MUZAK PLAYING OVER PHONE) There will be someone to pick you up at the Santa Monica Pier within the hour.
(LINE CLICKS) (PEOPLE SCREAMING) Catching anything? Almost snagged a couple of surfers.
DEEKS: Whoa.
Whoa, that's not funny.
I almost got hooked at Westward.
Some dude was fishing from the beach.
Not cool, Sam.
Not cool.
It's a shame they had to throw you back.
- That's not that's not kind.
- CALLEN: Hold up.
Uh, never mind.
She's just taking a selfie.
How did we go from the Greatest Generation to the "selfie generation"? KENSI: Oh, come on, Admiral, you're gonna tell me you've never taken a selfie? I'd rather be tarred and feathered.
I'm pretty sure that stopped being a thing when they put the railroads in.
(CHUCKLES) Hold on, she's approaching Gonchgarov.
Will you take a picture? Here we go.
Oh, yeah, yes.
Oh, great, more pictures of herself.
- Uh okay.
- (CAMERA CLICKING) Oh, these are great.
Thank you.
Yes, you're welcome.
Guys, that's the Russian agent we paid for the name of Gonchgarov and his crew.
Zasha Gagarin.
CALLEN: They made contact.
Keep your eyes on Gonchgarov.
He may try to make a move.
She just threw away her phone and her gloves.
Call an ambulance! - For what? - For Gonchgarov.
She may have poisoned him.
Keep your distance, it may be on the phone or the gloves.
Get up, get up, get up, get up.
Get up.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
Don't touch your face.
Come with us.
- You gotta wash your hands.
- What's going on? Just come with us now.
Come on, let's go.
Walk this way.
DEEKS: Don't touch your face.
Don't touch your Don't touch your face.
(GASPING) Gonchgarov is down.
He's having some sort of seizure.
Son of a bitch.
KENSI: Stay back! Stay back! (GONCHGAROV GRUNTING) Deeks, I got this.
Go, go, go.
Oh, come on.
There's no possible way she gave us the slip.
Then where the hell is she? (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) DEEKS: Kens.
Kens Hey.
Where is she? She got away.
How did that How does something like that happen? We had the place locked down.
Well, maybe we can bring in the K9s.
- Maybe they can sniff her out.
- How bad is he? I mean, he's breathing, but barely.
Well, we need to put somebody at the hospital in case they try to finish the job.
Okay, look, I'll follow in the ambulance.
Deeks, you go with them.
- Yeah.
- Go.
All right.
Oh, here we go.
Okay, just so I'm not missing anything, - you paid $30,000 - Eight.
I'm sorry, what? $38,000 we paid.
I thought you were his lawyer.
I'm a hyphenate.
Another dumb-ass.
- Ooh.
- (CHUCKLES) You paid $38,000 to a Russian operative for the names of the crewmen on the plane that landed here.
And that same Russian operative has assassinated the only crewman that was willing to cooperate with us.
The man I released into your safekeeping.
Yeah, that pretty much encapsulates it nicely.
And somehow she managed to escape, and you're still claiming you don't work for Russia? Russia, Russia, Russia.
Gonchgarov could pull through.
They give you a medical degree to go with your gym membership? Oh (DEEKS AND CALLEN CHUCKLE) Look, are you two working with him? SAM: We know who did it.
We have our own video.
Then give me that information, and let my people bring her in.
CALLEN: Oh, good luck with that.
She's here posing as a college visa student.
The consulate will tie you up with so much diplomatic red tape you'll never even see her.
- Let me worry about that.
- SAM: She knows she was made.
Twice by us, actually.
She's on the run.
If we don't find her soon, we probably never will.
You and I both know you've got nothing.
If we find her, you may actually end up with a real Russian operative for a change.
Only if we work together to find her.
On one condition.
Back the hell off and stop following me.
We weren't following you.
We weren't.
Your friend needs help.
I'll spot him at the gym.
Any sign of Zasha Gagarin? She's probably having dinner at their embassy in Mexico City by now.
How about the guy she poisoned? Doesn't look good.
He's in a coma.
We have an agent guarding him.
This couldn't have gone much worse.
I'm gonna stake out the Russian consulate.
Um, do you need anything before I leave? No.
No, I'm fine.
I'm sorry this went off the rails, sir.
You win some, the rest you curse.
Good night, Agent Namazi.
Good night, sir.
Where's Callen? Went to check on Arkady.
He's the one who first put Zasha on our radar.
Well, I for one am happy that my day is over.
- Warm shower, hit the sack.
- (LAUGHS): Oh, yeah, well, that is not gonna happen, baby, 'cause you and I, we have a date.
Yeah, sorry, babe, that's not happening; I am beat.
Well, you should have thought of that before you pimped me out to Kirkin as your honeypot.
That's when I leave.
Good night, sports fans.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Uh, what the hell are you talking about? I think it's called (AS HANNIBAL LECTER): Quid pro quo, Clarice.
For Kirkin to help us, which, by the way, he barely did, I now have to help him.
Help him with what? (CAMERA CLICKS) Aah! Smile, Marty.
You're a happy sailor returning home.
Smile, hooray! God, that's so bright.
I am a guy that would never wear this.
In fact, nobody on the planet would wear this.
(LAUGHS) Next.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
And show me who you really are.
- So sexy it hurts - (TOY SQUEAKS) You're a noble savage.
How am I a noble savage? I got a frickin' octopus with a top hat.
Give me your wild side.
Yeah, baby, show him your wild side.
This one oozes confidence.
Do you feel the power it gives you? No.
No, I don't feel the power.
What I feel is a rash coming on from this Cruella de Vil nonsense with your stupid bear-octopus belly, so I should probably put some lotion on that before it turns into a horrible scab.
You promised to model for me.
What do you I did.
I am, I'm modeling.
It's an entire collection.
30 outfits.
- 30?! - Champagne? Next.
I'm too sexy for this song.
- (GASPS) - Why did you kill him? - That was never the plan.
- I had no choice.
They ordered me to do it.
If I didn't, they'd know something was wrong, and somebody else would have killed him! You should have warned me.
Then they would have killed both of us.
I diluted the poison as much as I could, but it had to look real.
- I thought - You thought what? The dosage would make him very sick, but not kill him.
Well, he's as good as dead now.
I'm sorry.
I tried.
What did you want me to do? Where are they sending you? They haven't said.
Tell me when they do.
Zasha if you double-cross me, I will kill you.

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