NCIS Los Angeles s13e02 Episode Script


1 Got you.
Oh! You know, live bait isn't cheap.
Your days are numbered.
Sorry! Uh Ah! That was not good.
Oh! That's the one.
That's my personal best.
Put that down.
And put that against any cornerback in the NFL Combine.
Oh, my bad, Deeks.
I thought you were warming up.
I didn't even count that one.
That's not cool, man.
That's the definition of "not cool.
" Get it.
- Yes! - Yes! What'd you get? What'd you get? What'd I get? I got 21 inches.
That's what I got.
All right, Kens, I see you.
Hey, that's right up there with defensive tackles - at the Combine.
- Nice.
I will take it.
Those guys have about 200 pounds on me, but how many of them can shoot a man center mass at 1,200 meters? - I'd say none of them.
- None of them.
Let's go, Sam.
That's 14.
Putting up big numbers.
- I'm sorry, what? 14 reps? 225? - Ooh.
Let's do this.
You got this, Sam.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Is that even safe? I mean, for someone your age? Not that you're old, 'cause I'm not saying that you're old.
I'm just saying something could pop, like an eyeball.
Shut it, Deeks.
Oh, that doesn't look good.
Please don't pop an eyeball.
Oh, my God, you're gonna pop an eyeball.
Come on.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Okay, please don't pop your eyeball.
I can't unsee something like that.
- 19.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
- He's got one.
He got one more.
- Come on, Sam.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Get it.
- Don't touch him.
He's got it.
- I'm not, it's all him.
He's got it.
He's got it.
- Yes, sir! - Yes! 20! That's a legit number for an NFL linebacker right there, Sam.
That's serious.
Aaron Donald did 35.
Yeah, well, Aaron Donald's a freak.
Yes, but can Aaron Donald hit a guy center mass at 1,200 meters? - What? What is wrong with you? - I'm just saying.
Hitting a man center mass at 1,200 meters is not the sort of skill that the U.
military wants many people to have.
I thought Charlton Heston was dead.
You should be humbled that you had that training, Agent Blye.
Not something to brag about.
Understood, sir.
I'm sorry.
But if there's only one seat left in the Humvee, then Aaron Donald's getting left behind at the base, and you will have my six.
Why? No, don't-don't do that.
Don't encourage her.
Why-why are you encouraging this? We catch a case, Admiral? Yeah, Sam.
And it's a tough one.
Lieutenant Junior Grade Craig Tanaka was beaten to within an inch of his life yesterday at Dockweiler Beach.
What's his condition now? That is yet to be determined.
He's being prepped for his second surgery.
At his age with injuries like this, it is not looking good.
- How old is he? - 73 years old.
Lieutenant JG Tanaka served aboard the destroyer USS Walke during the Vietnam War.
So somebody beat up a 73-year-old Vietnam War veteran.
Who does that? Someone that's about to be hunted down by us.
Well, Callen's in Napa.
He'll be back in a few hours.
Lieutenant Tanaka's son is an LAPD RHD detective.
I'm having him sent over to the boatshed.
- Sam, Fatima will meet you there.
- Copy that.
Kensi and Deeks, hit the crime scene.
Rountree, on me in Ops.
I am ten minutes out.
- Got it.
- With pleasure.
- Sitrep.
- Uh, yes, sir.
Uh, Tanaka's still in surgery, but our guy is a fighter.
When the EMTs were cleaning out their wagon, they found this bloody fish knife engraved with Tanaka's name.
The blood is human but not Tanaka's.
He stuck 'em.
Looks that way, sir.
Well, I'd say the bastard got more fight than he was bargaining for going after this lieutenant.
I'm so sick of the hate on the streets right now.
Well, we don't know it was a hate crime.
We don't know much of anything yet.
Want a water? Yeah, sure.
I mean, it fits the recent patterns of Asian American beatings.
And they target women, the elderly.
They sucker punch them from behind.
I mean, hitting an old person? And then beating them after they hit the ground? That is pure hate.
Well, you started off not wearing a hijab.
Then you found religion.
Now you're a young woman living in L.
, and you wear one.
It's a big transition.
That's an understatement.
You know, growing up in L.
, I never really felt like an outsider.
And contrary to what 90210 tells you, there are a lot of Persians at Beverly Hills High.
But in the last few years wearing the hijab I don't know, I've had some really awful things yelled at me.
But I've never experienced violence like Lieutenant Tanaka.
Well, it starts off with words.
Then they become more brazen.
Then words turn into violence.
So, you do think this was a hate crime? A good agent doesn't allow their personal views to steer the direction of a case before the evidence comes in.
You've had certain specific experiences.
They've shaped your frame of reference.
Your gut instincts could be valuable in this case, so don't ignore them.
Hmm? You know, it's a little out the way, but I was thinking maybe we stop at La Perla Tapatia.
Grab some carne asada for the grill.
Sure, whatever you want.
Or maybe after that we go to Petrossian for a small tin of Baika caviar.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Who knows, maybe finish off the night with a nightcap of illicit drugs.
Look, I know you're mad.
What? Because I'm mad, too.
Oh, no.
No, I'm not mad.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm so pissed, but more than anything, I'm just sad.
I'm just deeply sad.
I know.
Me, too.
A 73-year-old Vietnam vet was literally fighting for his life in a parking lot in America.
Like, how does that happen in the most powerful, greatest country in the world? Um Fr-Frustration.
You know, I don't know if I told you this, but after I quit being a lawyer, I bought this van.
And I lived in it for six months.
I went everywhere.
And I loved every single mile of it because I love this country.
I love the ocean and the mountains and the canyons and these big cities and small towns, but the thing that I love the most was all these amazing people that I met everywhere.
- Americans.
- Yeah, Americans.
But then I have to reconcile with the fact that this happened in America.
On our soil.
That a man that fought for this country was beaten to the ground because of the color of his skin and where his ancestors are from.
We're better than this.
I mean, we have to be better than this, 'cause this is not the country that I know and love.
Sir, Lieutenant Tanaka's out of surgery, but we don't have an update on his current condition yet.
Got it.
- There something else? - Yes, sir.
Well I wanted to know, um Well You practicing a TikTok or asking a question? No, sir.
I wanted to know why the Office of Special Projects got assigned this case.
I could tell you that Lieutenant JG Tanaka was a well-respected volunteer docent at the National Submarine Memorial, West.
But that's not why we got assigned this case.
No, it isn't.
I requested this directly from SECNAV because it might be a hate crime directed against a Japanese American naval veteran.
I grew up in Oregon, and my best friend was a guy named Ralph Sakamoto.
Lived next door.
And every Sunday, Ralph's family would cook us these huge meals.
Every Sunday.
And one day, I asked my mom why they did that.
And she told me that back when the U.
government imprisoned all the Japanese Americans back during World War II, that people started to loot and vandalize their empty homes.
Damn, that's messed-up.
That's what my dad thought.
And he told Mom that nobody, nobody was gonna touch the Sakamotos' home while they were locked up.
But, sure as hell, looters trying to steal and racists just full of hate tried that house.
My old man sat on the front porch with one shotgun across his lap and another one at his side.
And he sat on that porch every night after work for two years till the Sakamotos were freed.
Sounds like your father was an incredible man.
That he was.
And what kind of a son would I be if I didn't track down the son of a bitch that did this to Lieutenant Tanaka? Yes, sir.
That is all.
Hey, guys.
This is LAPD RHD Detective Jack Tanaka.
Thanks for bringing him down, Castor.
- Hi.
- No problem.
Special Agent Hanna.
Special Agent Namazi.
So sorry that this happened.
Our thoughts are with you and your family.
- Thank you.
- Please, have a seat.
So, uh, we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.
We know you'd much rather be out there on the street finding these people.
No, I don't want to do that.
If I want the men that beat my father prosecuted, I can't be anywhere near this case.
Wow, you have incredible restraint.
Yeah, well, people, uh, friends of ours, they would use words to describe Dad like "kind, funny, loving.
" Only word I would ever use to describe him is "discipline.
" I respect your father even more now.
Well, if my lack of discipline let whoever beat him off the hook, my old man would never forgive me.
We understand you can't be involved in the case, but can't just turn off 15 years of detective experience, so you have anything that could help us find these people? I mean, my-my father's a creature of habit.
Every day was the same.
Uh, he worked out hard in his backyard, volunteered at the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, then cast a few lines surf fishing at night.
On weekends, he and his buddies, they would drink beers in Dad's garage.
Man, I'm at a loss.
I got no idea who'd want to hurt him.
Do you think this was a random attack? Random as far as him being Asian American? Wrong time, wrong place? I think this was a racially motivated hate crime.
But you don't have any evidence of that? With all due respect, finding that evidence is your job.
So, Rountree said there are no security cameras positioned at where Lieutenant Tanaka was attacked.
And based on the injuries, there's no way to tell what the initial blow was.
Well, considering the recent Asian American attacks, I'm gonna say it was a cowardly sucker punch or kick to the back.
It's crazy.
This beach that time of day would have been blown out, so you got no surfers.
Too windy and cold to lay out and get a tan.
I mean, it would have been empty here.
In that case, I think it's safe to say that they didn't follow him up from the beach because he would have spotted them.
Meaning they had to have come from the parking lot.
So, maybe they saw him when he was fishing, knew the parking lot was empty, made their move when he walked to his truck.
Know what's crazy about this? In this massive city with all these people, in this parking lot at that time of day, he might as well be fighting for his life in the Sahara Desert.
Hey, guys? L.
Sheriffs just got a call into their tip hotline from a woman who heard about the attack on the news.
She was jogging down at Dockweiler Beach yesterday at sundown.
Please, tell us she saw Lieutenant Tanaka at his truck.
- We need a firm time of the attack.
- No.
It's better.
Two guys in dark jeans and hoodies came running up the hill from the parking lot towards Vista Del Mar.
She remembered thinking how odd it was these guys were running in jeans.
Two of them.
Did she see if they went to a parked car? No.
She just kept on jogging, never saw them again.
All right, get this info down to Kensi and Deeks at the beach.
Copy that.
Oh, I just got this from the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach.
The C.
is in New York but wants to speak to us about Lieutenant Tanaka.
The C.
, huh? Safe to say not many C.
s even know their volunteer docents.
What do you got? Oh.
Uh, Rountree says a witness saw two guys running up that hill.
Where'd they go after they hit the street? I don't know.
She didn't see.
Well, then, we should probably run up that hill.
- Shall we? - Why do I need to run up the hill? Okay.
Just saying, running is silly 'cause you're a sucker! Oh, my God.
You're the world's biggest fifth grader! That's very helpful information, Captain.
Thank you for speaking with us.
Of course.
And if I wasn't traveling, I'd be there in person.
Lieutenant Tanaka is someone that all of us at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach hold in high regard.
If you don't mind me asking, as C.
of the base, how did you become familiar with a volunteer docent? That may be Lieutenant Tanaka's official title with us, but that man is a very important part of my base.
He takes his volunteer duties more seriously than many of my commissioned naval officers take theirs.
Rain or shine, he is with us.
What are his duties? He maintains the bright work and plaques on the World War II Submarine Memorial and guides wildlife viewing groups on the base.
But really, he is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to every sailor and officer on that base, including myself.
Please find the people responsible for his attack.
Yes, sir.
Well, no enemies or conflicts at the naval base.
It's looking more and more like a random attack.
Hey, Sam, Fatima.
Couple different things.
Lieutenant Tanaka's doctor said that the surgery went as well - as it could.
- Has he regained consciousness? No.
It's gonna be a waiting game to see if he pulls through.
What's the other thing? I just got Lieutenant Tanaka's banking information.
Checking account shows that he's been getting a paycheck from an LLC every week for the past three months.
He has a job? Yeah.
Contacted the LLC.
Said he's been doing part-time carpentry work on some of their properties.
- How many properties has he worked at? - Three.
But for the past two and a half weeks, he's been working on one restaurant renovation.
She mentioned the job's been delayed because someone threw a brick through the window.
All right.
Fatima and I will check it out.
Actually, Callen is 20 minutes away.
Uh, Admiral Kilbride wants you to meet Callen at the restaurant.
CFatima, report back to Ops.
You got it.
Just sent the address to your phone, Sam.
It's a perfect view of the parking lot and Tanaka's truck.
The attackers could have been hanging out up here, saw Tanaka alone in his truck, moved in.
What? What are you thinking? Well, it's just that if they did park up here, it would make for a pretty easy getaway.
I mean, that-that access ramp hits the main road.
High speed limit, and if they head north, they got two different freeways.
Wait, so you think the attack was premeditated? I don't know.
But if they did, it wouldn't be a bad idea to park up here considering the fast exit.
So, maybe they saw him some place else and followed him here.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
This neighborhood sure has changed.
Can you believe what they're getting, for rents around here now? Yeah, it's crazy.
I don't know how they expect the young people to save up for a down payment with rents like this.
The rent to square footage ratio is just Don't need a full discussion on rental economics.
I was merely making an observation.
So, there was no way you and Anna could have stayed in Napa for another week? I tell you, this Lieutenant Tanaka's an artist.
Not a lot of people using these type of tools anymore.
Takes too much time, too much care.
When did you become a carpentry aficionado? One of the foster homes I was in.
Woman was an alcoholic.
Horrible person when she drank.
But her husband was a great guy.
He turned their garage into a woodshop and used to make custom cabinetry, nightstands, that sort of thing.
So, I'd hang out and watch.
So, let me guess.
He took you under his wing, and a rival, a bully carpentry club, challenged you to a build-off.
At the all-valley carpentry tournament.
You know, you can just admit that you missed me.
You don't have to lash out 'cause you feel like I abandoned you.
You abandoned me? - Yeah.
- Cuckoo.
You're crazy.
Check this out.
- Fresh paint.
- Yeah, and there's something under it.
- It's faint, but I can see it.
- Yeah, looks like they were trying to cover up something that was in red.
And they were gonna do another coat.
Well, company said somebody threw a brick through the window.
Maybe they came in and vandalized the inside, as well.
Let's see what they painted over.
Hey, Kens.
I just got word from Jack Tanaka at the hospital.
It turns out he didn't know about his dad's carpentry job, but it didn't surprise him.
His dad has taken - jobs like that through the years.
- Okay.
And do we have an update on Lieutenant Tanaka's condition? He still hasn't regained consciousness, but the doctors have seen some positive signs in his vitals.
All right.
Well, keep us posted.
- Will do.
- What an awful spot for Jack Tanaka to be in.
You're sitting there by your dad's side, and there is nothing you can do to help him.
I think that he knows he's by his side.
You know, I-I know that we said that we were open to, um I guess my-my point is that I don't think we put the proper thought in I mean, we haven't even begun to have the conversation.
- It's more of a discussion - What, about the fact of being open to raising a child outside of our race? See, there it is.
Right there.
I'm trying to be delicate, and you just stumble right through it like a big old drunk elephant.
- Drunk elephant? - A big old drunk elephant.
Excuse me.
- I'm serious.
- Yeah, no.
I know.
I've been feeling the same way, and I do think that this is something we need to talk about.
I mean, I didn't even think twice when we filled out those forms.
I would love to raise a child no matter what race, but I yeah, there's-there's obstacles - that we need to talk about.
- Right.
Like, how do we educate a child about a race and a culture that we're not a part of and obviously have no expertise in? - Like, how do we do that? - I don't know yet.
I don't know.
- Uh-huh.
- But I do know that we can't avoid or neglect it.
You know, we can't pretend that the child's race and culture aren't a massive part of who they are and-and why we love them.
- Of course.
- You know? But also how the world perceives them.
I mean, so, we're offering what, then? We offer a safe home.
- Yeah.
- And a means to an education.
- Yeah.
- We offer and promise - to raise them with love.
- Of course.
Nothing would break my heart more if they never felt like they fit in with us or anyone else who looked like them.
- Lots to consider.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna need some more caffeine if we're gonna have a conversation this woke.
Ready? Yep.
Let's do it.
Of course.
Happy to help.
- Thanks.
- Yes.
She said Tanaka told her about the brick coming through the window two days ago.
He never mentioned anything about the racial slurs on the wall.
He kept it to himself, repainted.
I had Rountree check it out.
There's no cameras on this street with an angle on the diner.
Let's see if he saw anything.
Excuse me.
We're, uh, federal agents.
We were just wondering if we could ask you a few questions.
I don't know nothing.
Didn't see nothing.
You don't even know what I was gonna ask you.
Don't matter.
My answer would be the same.
So, you didn't see the diner across the street get vandalized a couple of nights ago? Look, I already told you, I don't know nothing.
Look, this is my neighborhood.
It's not yours.
- All right? Let me be.
- Mm-hmm.
So, in your neighborhood, is it cool for people to come in and paint racial slurs on walls? Hell no.
- Wait, where? - Diner.
Oh, man.
Tanaka's gonna be pissed when he sees that.
You know Lieutenant Tanaka? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, he's a good dude.
Funny as hell, too.
He'll be here any minute.
You can talk to him about the diner.
Lieutenant Tanaka's in the hospital.
- What? - He was assaulted yesterday.
Is it bad? - Yeah.
It's real bad.
- Damn.
We think his attackers may be the same people that spray-painted the wall.
Wait, let Let me see that picture again? Red.
I found this across the street in the bushes yesterday.
Might be the same can they used in the diner.
Thank you.
Crime lab has the spray paint can.
- They're running prints now.
- Cool.
Can you imagine what must have been going through Lieutenant Tanaka's mind when he saw that crap spray-painted in the diner? After serving this country as a Vietnam veteran.
I I know he was just boiling.
You know, wanted retribution.
But instead he just painted over it and went about his job.
Probably didn't want to risk rocking the boat - and losing his job.
- Yeah.
You know, a few weeks back, this ignorant dude yelled some racist stuff at me in North Hollywood.
It took everything for me to just walk away.
It was only really two moments in life that I felt like race didn't matter.
You know, like we were one family no matter what we look like.
It was when I was playing ball and here.
Being a part of this team.
Yeah, when it's about a common goal Yeah.
Yeah, well, maybe we'll finally realize humans are one big family when the aliens come down and attack.
Wait, what? Aliens? Aliens? Oh, nice.
They got an ID off the prints on the can.
Jason Quinn.
I guess we can all agree this is a hate crime.
Yeah, if we can tie the racial slurs from the diner to the attackers.
We do that, we prove it wasn't a random attack.
Lieutenant was targeted.
Okay, but if he was targeted for renovating the diner, why would they attack him at the beach? Well, maybe Tanaka knew that Jason Quinn was responsible for those racial slurs, and he confronted him.
Things escalated from there, and Quinn followed him to the beach.
Hey, guys.
So, we got an address for Jason Quinn, but what's even more interesting is who he lives with.
Yeah, his roommate's a guy named Billy Strauss, whose family was the longtime owner of the diner that Lieutenant Tanaka was renovating.
So, the Strauss family, they lose the business.
They get angry.
They get frustrated.
- Then they go after the - Wrong guy.
Tanaka isn't the buyer.
He's not the one forcing them out.
He's not even capitalizing on the new diner.
Just a guy doing a part-time carpentry job when Strauss and Quinn decide to beat him up.
Which is why they decided to beat him up at the beach and not the, uh, diner, because if they do it at the diner, that's a pretty direct line of investigation back to Strauss.
We just got a hit on Quinn.
He just used his credit card at a coffee shop near Riverfront Park.
Sam and I'll check out the house they shared, see if Strauss is there.
Why don't you guys go to the coffee shop, see if you can find Quinn.
On it.
Jason Quinn? We're NCIS.
We need to ask you some - Ugh! - Runner! Whoa! He's coming at you! - Speed bump.
- I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
Hold on.
Get ahead of him.
- Cut him off.
- I got it.
Oh! Huh.
So, I hear you like beating up old war vets.
Now I cannot decipher what all the static is But I got a pretty good read on your black thoughts The passion that makes me feel alive again It's gonna be the death, the death of us The passion that makes me Feel alive again Oh, it's gonna be the death, the death of us The death of us One.
No blood and no fingerprints No! No blood and no fingerprints No! No blood and no fingerprints - No! - No blood and no fingerprints Clear! Clear.
I never crossed that line.
Looks like someone had a pretty good scrap.
Burgers and fries are still warm.
Whatever happened here, we just missed it.
Hey, don't hurt me.
I didn't touch that old man.
As much as we'd like to, we're not gonna hurt you.
You people put a beatdown on my roommate, Billy.
- I heard the whole thing.
- Again, as much as we'd like to, - we didn't touch Billy.
- What are you talking about? My girlfriend works at that coffee shop.
I was there, and Billy called.
Said someone was trying to break into our place.
Guy said he was a cop.
He started hitting Billy with something, and the last thing I heard was Billy screaming before the line went dead.
How long ago was this call? I don't know.
Maybe 20 minutes before you guys rolled up.
I got scared and ran.
You talked about an old man.
What old man are you talking about? Japanese guy.
Guy fixing up the restaurant on Jefferson.
That's really interesting.
Why do you think we're here about him? - Because, uh - Look at me! - Billy said he got him good.
- Oh.
So, you painted racial slurs on the walls that Tanaka was renovating, but you want us to believe you are not one of the two people that attacked him? I was there.
I spray-painted.
I messed up the new walls, but I didn't write those words.
You didn't write those words, but Strauss painted those words? - Strauss did? - Yeah.
But you guys said two guys beat up the old man.
It was only Billy.
He never mentioned anyone else being there.
So, it was Billy Strauss at the beach and an unknown accomplice.
Well, whoever came here for Strauss, they knew what they were doing.
They got in the house quick enough to catch him off guard and hurt him.
- Then kidnap him.
- Yeah.
- Do you think it was law enforcement? - I don't know.
But you know who I do think we need to check up with? Detective Jack Tanaka.
Fatima, contact the hospital.
We need to speak with Detective Tanaka.
Thank you.
Whoever came here, how did they know to make Strauss a person of interest and get here before we did? Could be tracking our communications.
- You speak to Detective Tanaka? - Not yet.
I spoke to the nurses, and they said that they saw him headed to the commissary and that they'll page him right now.
I'm not seeing any inquiries into our case from any other law enforcement agencies.
Systems checks are running on all of our comm devices.
Should know pretty quickly if any of them have been compromised.
- What's so funny? - You.
This setup does not look comfortable.
That's because it isn't.
Look at this, will you? They all got their big, nice desks, comfy chairs.
I mean, Kilbride's got a whole glass office, and Hetty basically has a throne room, and we're just supposed to make due.
Sometimes I set up my laptop on the Pilates reformer in the gym.
Well, at least somebody's getting some value out of that useless but very expensive contraption.
Admiral, I was just telling Fatima that I think we'd be a little bit more productive if we had a personal workspace to You want personal space? Well, yes, sir.
Like desks Desks? How about offices? - Mm.
- Offices with windows, little plants scattered here and there.
- I like plants.
- Yeah.
I don't want to impose, but that sounds Like it's never gonna happen.
You know, I've never really taken stock of this part of the building.
What is all this? Looks like I'm backstage at a Village People show.
What's a Village People show? This is our wardrobe, for undercover ops.
Well, seems to me like a couple of industrious young agents ought to be able to find some other place to store all this wardrobe crap and make room in here for a couple of decent-sized desks.
Wait, you're telling me you're giving us permission Don't speak.
Just smile.
None of our comm systems have been compromised.
Well, that's nice to hear, but it still doesn't explain how somebody got to the Strauss residence before us.
Special Agent Namazi.
Okay, how long has he been gone for? Okay.
Uh, yeah, if you could have security check the tapes and get back to me, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Detective Tanaka isn't anywhere in the hospital.
They can't find him.
Well, I guess we just found who beat us to Strauss.
Whether it's Detective Tanaka or someone else, they are definitely monitoring our investigation somehow.
But we had Fatima check our comms.
- No interagency inquiries.
- Right.
And Kilbride said he wouldn't be transmitting any updates to LAPD or the sheriff's.
But somehow, Strauss's location was leaked.
- Oh, no.
- What? - Prints.
- Prints? The prints on the spray can.
We sent it to the crime lab.
Fatima, pull up the records from the crime lab on the spray paint can that we found.
See if anybody accessed those results.
Copy that.
Pulling them up now.
If somebody has access to those results, it's gonna lead them directly to the house.
The results were accessed from an L.
sheriff workstation.
- A Detective Matt Guerrero.
- Nice.
- Do we have a location for him? - His workstation's still online, - so he must be at the station.
- Tell Castor to head over there, invite him to the boathouse - for a little interagency convo.
- Sure.
But as soon as Castor shows up, won't he know we're onto him? Absolutely.
Which is why we're gonna have Kilbride reach out to Guerrero's superior, bring him up to speed, and have Castor ID himself as a federal agent looking for background information - on an old cold case.
- You got it.
We're heading back to the boatshed.
So, we know you tipped off Jack Tanaka.
Who's that? It's this guy that your sister dated.
They may have broken up, but it seems like you two like to go surfing together.
And then you went to a Rams game together.
Yeah, and that Foo Fighters concert at the Forum sure looked fun, huh? If you've forgotten all these details, you could just check out your own social media.
Yeah, after Jack and my sister broke up, we stayed friends.
And after you told him about the fingerprints, did he go to Strauss's home and kidnap him? Listen, we get it.
What Strauss did to Jack's dad is horrible.
It makes us sick.
Right? But if Jack has Strauss, we have to get to him before he does something that he can't undo.
As of today, his career is probably over.
He, uh, called me after he snatched them up.
"Them"? Strauss and his dad.
He said that when he got to the house, it was pretty evident that Strauss's dad planned the attack.
He needed a place to take them 'cause he knew that, uh, your team would show up at the house any minute.
Where did he take them? I busted some gang members at an auto body shop last week.
I knew the place would be empty, so What's the address? 9389 Prairie in Hawthorne.
Callen, it's Detective Tanaka.
He's got Strauss and his father.
The auto body shop is in Hawthorne.
On our way.
Dad, what's gonna happen now? Billy, stop talking.
Please, just let us go.
- You got what you wanted.
- Please! Just let us go.
Federal agents! Drop the gun, Jack.
- Jack.
- Doing it now.
Help us! Help us, please! Come on! This guy's crazy! - Help us! - Shut up! I'm-a need you to get on your knees, and interlock your fingers behind your head, Jack.
On your knees! Dad, are they gonna help us? Doing it now.
Get us out of here! Come on, what the hell are you waiting for? Do you know what he did to us? I know what he didn't do to you.
He didn't attack you from behind and beat you two-to-one.
Of course.
Of course you people would be siding with them.
You two should be thanking this man right now.
Oh, yeah.
This situation could have ended a lot worse for you.
Come on, Jack.
In my head, Jack did what he should have done.
It just sucks that he's gonna lose everything because of it.
So, if that was your dad in the hospital, you would've done the same thing? Hell no.
Not for my dad.
You don't talk about your family much.
My family's not like yours.
My little sister's my family.
She's everything.
Then I need to meet her.
Yeah, you do.
So, you going to jujitsu tonight? I mean, I should.
- I just, uh - Pizza at Mulberry's instead? Hell yeah.
- Let's go, partner.
- Uh, you buying, right? So, essentially, Papa Strauss dedicates his whole entire life into turning his son into some sort of hate machine.
Not exactly the best version of a life well-lived.
But it's so crazy when you think about it from a parenting perspective, right? Like, if he wasn't so full of hate, if he wasn't so afraid, if he wasn't so angry and therefore didn't poison his son, then maybe none of this happens.
You know, maybe Lieutenant Tanaka's out there fishing on that pier like he always does.
And he's gonna be out there fishing again.
- Right? - Yeah.
Baby, it is just as easy for us to raise our child with love and acceptance as it is to fill them with fear and anger.
- I hope so.
- I know so.
Look at that.
Got to go.
Otherwise, you're gonna miss your live Peloton class.
- P-P-Peloton? - Yeah.
How am I am supposed to manage that heart rate after a quarter pound of carne asada - from La Perla Tapatia? - Oh, my gosh.
- You were listening? - Always.
Thank you.
I know bringing me here before booking's against some procedures.
Pretty much all of them.
I'll just wait out here.
No, no, please, come inside.
My dad'll never believe that a real admiral came to see him.
Hey, Pops.
I know a little something about tough fathers.
Don't always make for the easiest of childhoods, but, uh damn hard to kill.
My money says he'll pull through this just fine.
You think what I did was pretty stupid.
It was.
But I'm not one to judge.
It had to be done.
For the past two years, Asian Americans have been beaten, yelled at.
Even had acid poured on them.
There needs to be a cost paid for going after our elders and the weak.
You're an elite RHD detective.
Now, you could have gone after these people and stayed on the right side of the law.
They needed to pay for hurting my dad, and I had the skills and means to make an example of them.
I couldn't let that opportunity pass.
I accomplished what I set out to.
- And what was that? - There's a video on my phone of those two cowards at the auto body shop.
Let's just say they aren't the two tough guys that kicked my dad in the back and beat him down.
I posted it to a bunch of social media accounts about 30 seconds before your team arrested me.
So, you sacrificed your career to make a video? They needed to see that there are consequences when they attack us.
We're not just the silent, docile, model minority type that they think they're targeting.
By now, the video's gone viral.
And if just one of these beatings never happens because some racist coward sees it and thinks twice about beating an elderly Asian American person then I am good with those consequences.
"The way of the warrior is a resolute acceptance of death.
" Miyamoto Musashi.
Dad? Hey, Pops.
It's me, Jack.
I'm right here.
- Did you arrest them? - Yeah.
This man, this is This is Admiral Kilbride.
He and his team, they found them.
Those punks are going to jail.
Easy, Lieutenant.
As you were.
There is no need for that.
It's my honor.
Good work, son.
Excuse me.
I'm tired.
Sure, Pops.
Just rest.
Who is 73-year-old Lieutenant JG Craig Tanaka? Please, let us go, man.
I just want to go home, please.
Man up, son.
Stop whining.
Who is Lieutenant JG Tanaka? The guy we beat up.
- Billy, shut up! - Sorry! Okay! Stop.
Did you sucker punch and beat down Lieutenant JG Tanaka? Yes! Yes.
I'm so sorry, man.
It should have never happened.
Just let us go.
I'm so sorry.

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