NCIS Los Angeles s13e03 Episode Script


This is ATF Special Agent Reyes.
We're taking heavy fire.
Multiple armed shooters.
5214 2nd Avenue, City of Industry.
- DISPATCHER: Say again, Agent Reyes.
- Man down! Eddie's hit! I repeat.
This is ATF Special Agent Reyes.
We need backup.
I have a man down.
We're in trouble here.
Copy that, Agent Reyes.
REYES: LAPD, Sheriff, FBI Any law enforcement.
We need backup.
CALLEN: Francisco, hang in there.
We're five minutes out.
LAPD should have a unit nearby.
REYES: Callen, please come quick.
We're coming, my friend.
We can't hold on.
DISPATCHER: This is LAPD dispatch.
Officers are on the way.
This is NCIS Special Agent Callen.
What is your ETA? Looks like the nearest unit is eight minutes out.
That's not good.
Any unit in the vicinity of 5214 2nd Avenue, City of Industry: Shots fired, immediate assistance required.
Respond Code 3.
- I'm almost out of ammo.
- They're coming in behind us! [GUN CLICKING.]
I'm here.
I'm here.
I have kids.
And now they're orphans.
East side's clear.
They're here somewhere.
It's quiet in here.
Too quiet.
That must be the undercover agent.
Fatima, we located the ATF agents.
FATIMA: I've got an ambulance en route.
We don't need an ambulance.
We need the coroner.
I'm so sorry.
You two just keep digging.
KILBRIDE: Care to tell me what the hell happened out there? Cluster.
We were assisting Reyes' ATF team in a long-term op, trying to bust a group of German arms dealers.
And Reyes managed to place an undercover agent within the group.
Undercover agent reported that a large sale of AK-47s and other small arms was about to go down.
As soon as the ATF could identify the location and the buyer, we were gonna step in and bust 'em.
Then Reyes called this morning, said the undercover agent was made.
So they had to move in with no notice.
Anybody survive? No.
They're all dead.
Some of them were friends.
What do we have on the German arms dealers? The leader of the group, Lukas Meyer, is a former German naval commando.
CALLEN: He's also associated with a bunch of extreme-right German groups.
SAM: They've been dealing illegal arms internationally for the past five years.
I want these guys.
They killed our brothers and sisters.
Then get it done.
Send me the contact info on whoever at ATF is running point on this now.
Meet us at Ops after.
On it.
Hold on, baby.
You should see this.
- What's up? - Dade County Homicide found a badly decomposed body off the coast of Florida in July.
Through DNA and dental, they ID'd as Michelle Boucher.
- That's David Kessler's girlfriend.
- Yeah, it is.
You know, before I put him in prison, he owned a home in Palm Beach and an island in the Bahamas.
Yeah, it makes sense that he'd go back there.
I mean, she knew more about him than anybody else.
Yeah, well, I guess she knew too much.
Well, I'll let Dade County know our thinking.
He hasn't committed a crime.
That guy could walk in here right now and we couldn't arrest him.
Oh, I would love to see him try that.
It'd be the last thing he ever did.
He's not getting a second chance.
Not with you.
We were able to access security cameras.
We have Meyer and his men leaving the warehouse.
That's two minutes before we arrived.
No, they would have ditched those cars by now.
See if you can use the plates, track where they were before today.
- Anything else? - FATIMA: Yes.
So, Meyer has a long-term girlfriend.
Interpol sent us a few photos of them together.
Her name is Mia Hahn.
She's a German national with dual U.
-German citizenship.
She has a criminal record here in L.
for assault and drug charges.
Busted with oxy.
SAM: We have an address on her? FATIMA: Even better.
Mia's been in and out of rehab, and right now, she is in, right here in Malibu.
DEEKS: Should we pick her up? We don't have anything on her.
She could get nervous and flee the country.
We can't tail her.
She could be in rehab for a month.
We need to find Meyer before he moves those weapons.
What if I go undercover at this rehab place posing as an addict? I could get close to Mia, see if she knows anything that would help us find Meyer.
It's a good play.
I'll start backstopping.
See what we can find out about Mia's personal history.
Maybe that'll give you a way into her.
- That it? - FATIMA: Actually, uh, Kilbride has something, but he wants to speak to you and Sam privately about it.
- Uh, keep us posted.
- FATIMA: Will do.
What do you got? ATF believes that Meyer was about to sell those weapons to this man.
Former U.
Army General Richard Collins.
I know him.
He's a right-wing influencer.
What was he gonna do with so many weapons? Well, apparently, the general was working with a very large militia group in southern Arizona.
SAM: Sons of Our Fathers.
Big on election conspiracies.
If they heavily arm this militia, that could be a really dangerous powder keg.
Sounds like we need to have a conversation with him.
I have already called General Collins' office and scheduled a meeting for Agent Hanna and me to speak with him.
Why exactly am I not invited to this party? Yeah, I thought the general might be more comfortable with two former military personnel.
Want to make sure the general is comfortable.
I know General Collins.
He is a highly decorated officer.
This is how I want to handle it.
I'll work with Rountree, see if we can find Meyer.
Agent Hanna we need to proceed with caution.
General Collins is incredibly powerful and politically well-connected.
It can mean both of our careers if we misstep on this.
All right.
We'll take my car.
Our appointment is in half an hour.
- FATIMA: Sir? - Ah.
Agent Namazi.
We just received a call from the office of Governor Harvey Case.
The governor of Arizona called me? Yes, sir.
His aide said that the governor urgently needed to speak to you about the nature and scope of your inquiry into General Collins.
- That didn't take long.
- No, it did not.
All right, put him through.
Let me have the room, please.
Governor Case, how are you? So, what did the governor have to say? We're still interviewing Collins.
We can make it if there's no traffic.
And? He wants us to proceed with extreme sensitivity.
Oh, he's also worried about the general's comfort.
It seems that the general has, in private, announced his intention to run for Senate.
Oh, so now we're concerned about his political aspirations.
- Yes.
- Really? So maybe I should go get my "Make Arizona Great Again" hat, huh? If he is not involved in buying guns from Meyer, the last thing we want to do is to affect the electoral process.
A process I still believe in very strongly.
But maybe I'm just old-fashioned that way.
I'm fair and I'm discreet, so I'm not worried about that.
But what does concern me is Lukas Meyer has killed seven federal agents, and he might escape while we take time tiptoeing around this guy.
I want Meyer as much as you do.
But let's be clear.
How we proceed with this investigation is up to my discretion.
Oh, that's good to know, Admiral.
How about a, uh, lonely, emotionally-neglected Culver City housewife who has an oxy addiction but steps up to heroin because of her pool boy drug connection? How cute is this pool boy? What does that have to do with anything? Just trying to see what your vision of the character is.
Wait a minute, what's happening? You paint your nails just so you can scuff them? - Yeah.
- Talk about a commitment to character.
Okay, so did they-did they have sex? - Did she have sex with who? - The pool boy and-and the housewife.
Where are you going with this? Oh.
I see where you're going with this.
Yes, yes, they had sex, lots of sex, because he was handsome and cute and blond.
Also struggling with an addiction of his own, which was meaningless sex with lonely Culver City housewives.
- Ah.
So they're having an affair.
- Yes, affair, see? A torrid, torrid love affair.
But then he gets clean.
He kicks his his giant, enormous sex addiction.
Which helps her kick her oxy problem.
And then they move to Carpenteria, and they open up a CBD store.
- Fairy-tale ending.
- I mean, yeah, like a Quentin Tarantino movie.
Add a couple of La La Land musical numbers, and you got yourself a Netflix movie.
Anyway, back to our regularly-scheduled program.
I did find out that Mia Hahn attended the Berlin University of Technical - for two years.
- What did she study? Abstract algebra and number theory? Wow.
That's not really gonna jibe with our lonely Culver City housewife and our super sexy pool boy.
Anyways, uh, so, your name is Megan Sinclair.
Here is your driver's license, credit cards, bank card.
You've been convicted of obtaining multiple prescriptions of oxycodone from different physicians, and a DUI.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- I'll see you at the rehab.
- Yeah.
Oh, and my character name, by the way, is Layla.
I was gonna ask.
See you there, Layla.
Bye, Meg.
Uh, before you go, how are you, um how you feeling about Kessler? Not great.
But at least this time we found him.
Yeah, instead of the other way around.
- So I'm predator, not prey.
- Yeah, you are.
My little predator.
My little cute, cuddly velociraptor.
- Deeks.
- What? We cannot let him make us do something stupid.
You know that, right? Baby, life is far too good to to let him screw it up.
Thank you.
Hollace, - how are you? - I am good.
- How are you, General? - Oh, never better.
Miriam, can I get a glass of water? Uh, this is retired Special Warfare Operator, Senior Chief Sam Hanna.
NCIS Agent Sam Hanna.
Well, I won't hold that against you.
Pleasure to meet you.
Please, sit.
Thank you.
: Ah - Oh, thank you.
- Yes, sir.
So, this is about, um, Lukas Meyer? We believe that he has killed seven ATF agents.
Oh, no.
Oh, that's God, that's terrible.
Are you sure it's him? Yes.
What can I do? Well, we understand that you might have been in the process of buying weapons from him.
Oh, yes, I was.
Well, those weapons came into the United States illegally.
That's why the ATF was tracking him.
: Well, it's a damn good thing I didn't buy 'em, then, 'cause that that would have been a hell of a mess.
It sure would have.
You'd have been stepping in it on that one, now.
The ATF believes that the sale was for over 200 AK-47s.
What are you gonna do with that many guns? Well, I've been supporting a group of patriots for a few years now, and as as a token of appreciation, I was gonna give the guns to them.
They've been patrolling our southern borders and voluntarily giving their time to good patriotic causes.
They're very good men.
That's a lot of guns.
"A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security "of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
" I fully understand the Second Amendment.
I'm literally supporting a militia.
This isn't about hunting or self-defense.
It's the Second Amendment verbatim.
It's as American as Free and fair elections.
Well just please let us know if Meyer makes contact, all right? Of course.
Anything I can do, I'm here to help, Hollace.
Thank you for your time.
- Agent Hanna.
- Hmm? I have an open-door policy.
KILBRIDE: I need you to back off and stick - to the point.
- Oh, come on.
There's no way this guy didn't know the sale was illegal.
And we will get nowhere with that if Collins lawyers up.
The point is to get Meyer, quickly.
Collins is giving guns to fanatics because he's running for Senate.
This is his crazy version of shaking hands and kissing babies.
And all of that is irrelevant to this case.
No, it's not.
The acts of this militia are dangerous, illegal and may be facilitated by this arms sale.
I understand your point of view, Agent.
Regardless, this case will be handled in a manner that I see fit.
You made that clear.
But the first job of an agent is to follow the facts wherever they may go.
Do not tell me what the job of an agent is.
My question is are you willing to do that? This is just a consent form.
Look it over, and if you're good, just sign it.
- Okay.
- Now, take your time.
And then we'll show you your room, give you a tour.
There's no pressure at all.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
I'm in.
Just getting unpacked.
You spot Mia yet? Yeah.
She's, uh, been running off to the bathroom a couple times with another woman.
My guess is drinking or drugs.
Addictions are brutal.
I had a friend I wish I could have gotten into a place like this.
Just didn't fully understand what I was dealing with.
I'm-I'm sorry to hear that.
That's really tough.
Been working on not blaming myself for a while.
: Now.
Mia's headed to the bathroom again.
I'll follow her and see what she's up to.
Copy that.
Are you done? Yeah.
- That's for you.
- Thanks.
I'll take you to your room.
- Guess we're doing this.
- Mm-hmm.
- You find anything? - We've got a pretty clear picture of Meyer and his team's movements this past week.
Yeah, mostly hotels and clubs, but they've made several stops to this area of the garment district downtown.
Lots of big, empty buildings.
Perfect place - to store the weapons.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- What? We crashed.
I'm gonna have to reboot the system.
All right, Kilbride won't be able to listen.
We got 30 seconds before the system reboots.
- All right, what did you find? - All right, so you wanted to know exactly how Kilbride knew Collins.
I found this.
They served on several DoD advisory committees over the past 15 years.
Well, with their ranking, that makes sense.
Then I found this.
That's from 2006.
That's from '08.
He didn't just know him, they're friends.
Which means Kilbride could be trying to protect him.
WOMAN: Look, I told everyone that my hip hurt.
And the oxy was helping me till I could get my operation.
But it wasn't true? No.
My mom and my dad were both alcoholics.
I keep asking myself, was I born an addict, or did all of that make me an addict? I don't know.
I-I'm done.
Uh, Megan, do you feel like introducing yourself to the group? Um, sure.
I'm Megan.
I got a DUI, so I kind of have to be here.
And, um, I also like oxy.
Laura didn't say she likedit.
My bad.
Sorry, I thought this was a safe space to share.
Anything else? Oh, no.
Clearly, I've said too much already.
Mia, did anything that Laura said resonate with you? That question she asks Is addiction inherent in me or is it from the pain that life has brought me I think about that all the time.
Of course.
Can you talk about your pain? [SNIFFLES.]
Pain would be easy to deal with if it was clear, straight.
But you tie it with love, and then it's all confused.
You mean like abuse from a loved one? Is that where the bruise on your cheek is from? If I say yes, you have to report it, so no, I fell.
You don't want to betray him? Betray [SNIFFLES.]
Betrayal starts with yourself.
You just have to look in the mirror.
You know, I can't talk about this now.
When you're ready.
Yeah, let's, uh it's getting to be a mess back here.
Let's pull all the long guns, check 'em and clean 'em.
Yeah, for sure, all right.
: There's no mics back here.
What's, uh, what's going on? We just found out that Kilbride is personal friends with General Collins.
Wait, so you think that Kilbride's protecting him? I don't know.
But he won't let us go after him.
All right, so what do you want me to do? Tail Collins.
He knows we're looking at him.
Let's see what he does under pressure.
- Got it.
Send me his info.
- All right.
What'd you find? So, I've been looking at all the buildings in this area of the garment district where Meyer and his team keep going, and I found out that this building is owned by a corporation in Cologne, Germany.
And Meyer is German.
Anything to tie Meyer to the corporation? I'm still drilling down on that, but this building's over 4,000 square feet, and there haven't been any tenants in it in over a year.
Let's get a search warrant.
All right, on it.
Push the judge.
We need this fast.
Collins is coming to a stop.
He's meeting somebody.
Just sent you a photo.
Got it.
That's Devon Walker.
He's the leader of the militia group Sons of Our Fathers.
Collins may be meeting them to tell them he's not getting any guns.
Well, if that's the case, he doesn't look very disappointed.
Do we think that Collins is still trying to acquire these weapons even with this heat on Meyer? Depends on how stupid he is.
Or ambitious.
This man wants to be senator.
Let's get a warrant to put a tap on Collins' phone.
I'll submit it.
You think I don't see that? Fine, you see it.
I want it.
You want a sip? I'm an addict.
I want the whole bottle.
That's not happening.
You gonna call for help? You know, they kick you out if they catch you drinking in here.
No refunds.
Get off me.
Let go of the bottle.
- All right, I know you got oxy, too.
- I don't.
Your little friend you like to run to the bathroom with - She ratted you out.
- I don't have oxy.
- I don't have any.
- Oh, yeah? [GRUNTS.]
I'm telling the truth.
It's not gonna end well unless you walk away.
Really? You think you're that much of a badass? - [GRUNTING.]
- Get off [GROANS, PANTS.]
This place sucks.
You okay? I am now.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
MIA: I was studying mathematics.
I loved it.
But I was offered a job to model, and then another.
Gave me a bunch of money.
And then I met Lukas.
Clubs, drinking, ecstasy.
It was fun at first.
Is he the one who hit you? He doesn't just hit me.
He controls everything I do.
Tells me what to wear, when to sleep, what to eat, how much to eat.
When I told him I wanted to go back to modeling, there was a swimwear shoot in the Caribbean.
That night he heated up a knife over the stove.
He held me down and pressed it into my side.
He said, "You're not going to be a swimwear model anymore.
" You have to get away from him.
Lukas is a criminal.
He's killed people.
And because of my mathematic studies, he he had me handling his books, moving his money to safe accounts.
He-he knows I know where the bodies are buried.
He's never going to let me walk away.
Then you have to go to the police.
Believe me, I thought about it.
Lukas said if I ever betrayed him He knew my parents' address in Munich.
He'd kill them or or have them killed.
I am so sorry.
We have a search warrant.
Hit it.
Go, go, go! - Clear.
- There's nothing here.
Meyer threatened her family.
She's never gonna flip on this guy.
DEEKS: Rountree and Callen searched the warehouse.
It was empty.
So we got nothing.
And the longer this takes, the more time Meyer has to get out of the country.
Okay, so we got to force the issue.
What are you thinking? [SIGHS.]
I'm thinking I have to solve her problem.
Wow, even through the phone I can hear your velociraptor mind just scheming away.
- Hey, babe, I got to go.
- Okay, be safe.
- Hey, it's me.
- Close the door.
Only two more left.
I can't go through withdrawals right now.
I just don't have it in me.
I have an idea.
I can help you.
No, I just have to get out of here.
I have a friend with a similar situation to yours.
Her boyfriend was abusive, he was violent, he was awful.
What did your friend do? Lukas is a criminal, right? Yeah.
So maybe a lot of people want to see him dead.
Let's say they find him in his home shot one morning.
Pretty hard to figure out who did it, right? Who would shoot him? You? You'd kill him for me? I helped my friend solve her problem.
I can do it again.
It's a lot easier than you think.
Agent Hanna.
May I have a word with you? You want to explain to me why you ordered a tap on Collins' phone without my knowledge? - I had him followed - Also without my knowledge.
And he had another meeting with the leader of the Sons of Our Fathers.
I think he might still be trying to acquire those weapons.
That is why you ordered the tap.
And so I ask again: Why was it without my knowledge? Because I know about your personal relationship with Collins.
And I think you may be too close to the guy to investigate.
I cancelled the warrant for the tap.
Why? As I said before, Collins is well-connected.
Someone in the courts might warn him.
If he shuts down the deal, then we don't recover the weapons.
Nor do we get Meyer and his associates.
It all makes perfect sense.
Anything else you're not telling me? Callen and Rountree discovered that the German corporation that owns the building downtown is a subsidiary of Meyer's other corporation.
But he does own it.
Sit on that building.
Watch it.
The weapons will be going there.
That is all.
Were you really serious about what you said earlier? Wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.
But understand that I have no interest in getting caught.
How much would it cost me? I wouldn't do it for the money.
I told you I had access to my boyfriend's accounts, then you offer to do this.
Megan, we're both junkies in rehab.
Look, believe what you want, but it's not about the money for me, okay? Like I said, I had a friend who went through this for a long time.
A friend? Dated a guy for two years.
Things got bad.
Really bad.
I refused to have sex with him.
He got a gun.
He put it to my head.
He raped me.
And told me he owned me.
I am never letting that happen again.
So, how do we do this? You got everything you need in your purse? Your wallet and everything? - Everything in here.
- Yeah? Then let's get out of here.
Now? Are you joking? - Yeah, let's get out of this - Are you joking? Craphole, let's go.
- [YELLS.]
What is it? I need you to stake out Meyer's warehouse.
Kilbride killed the tap on Collins' phone.
- Really? - Yeah.
He won't let us tap Collins' phone, but we can tap the other half of the conversation, Devon Walker.
Oh, leader of the militia group.
And if Walker and Collins happen to have a conversation Yeah, we get what we need.
But don't go through Ops, all right? Submit for the warrant direct to the judge, then go to the warehouse.
All right, got it.
Keep me posted.
Mm! Brain freeze.
Oh! - Sugar is so good.
- Mmm.
Yeah, it is.
Gonna need something else really soon.
- What are you doing? - Texting my connection.
Do you think if Lukas was out of the picture you'd be able to get clean? It's crazy.
Until you started talking about killing him, I couldn't even see two minutes past getting high.
But yeah.
If he were gone I think I could.
I hope you do.
You're really doing this? Yes.
But I got to do it safely.
I got to check him out.
See how he moves, who he's with.
You're going to need a gun.
I can get that.
I've been with Lukas long enough to know not just any gun.
You need it untraceable.
That's money.
No big deal.
I got a guy who can get me one.
So, um, do you have Lukas' address? [PHONE CHIMES.]
Oh, my connection just came through.
I'm gonna need some cash fast.
Uh, yeah, I'll get you all Lukas' info.
How to get into the house, everything.
Let's go get some money.
Let's go get some money.
- Hey.
- Hey.
She give you Meyer's info yet? Here she comes.
Hey, uh, Mia, this is Max.
Max, this is Mia.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We've got maybe a day before he realizes money's leaving his account.
- Okay.
- You get what you need? Yeah.
- How much? - 3,000.
Don't worry, I know Megan's good for it.
No debts to men.
She owes you nothing.
It's completely clean, right? Yeah, wiped down with bleach, no serial numbers, and the barrel's be re-honed so it won't match any ballistics.
That's a lot of cash, Mia.
I need a lot of oxy.
This one's for you.
N-No, thank you, um, I can't.
Hey, how much is my life worth? [HORN HONKS.]
There's my connection.
Okay, remember this address.
Don't enter it in your phone.
4401 Windsor Drive.
It's in Long Beach.
The garage door on the side is always open, but there's an alarm.
The code is 0406.
Lukas passes out stone-cold drunk about 1:00 most nights.
So I guess this is goodbye.
You're-you're leaving? I have to get as far away from you as I can, right? - Yeah.
- Be safe, Megan.
I know you'll stay clean if you really try.
I can tell, there's a very strong person in there.
I don't want to cry.
Be safe.
DEEKS: Fatima, did you get that address? FATIMA: Got it.
Tell the REACT team to meet us there, make sure they know that Lukas Meyer is heavily armed and extremely dangerous.
You get this tap? Walker called Collins twice.
Sounds like they're talking in code.
Play it.
WALKER: How are the grandkids? COLLINS: All good.
The family decided not to move.
They're gonna stay in the same house.
WALKER: So everything stays just as it is.
It does seem like they're saying all's good, stick to the location, - stick to the plan.
- Doesn't make any sense if Collins still needs to acquire the guns.
Kensi and Deeks have an address on Meyer.
- They're six minutes out.
- Look, we have been wrong about this for two days now, okay? We are-we're missing something.
We keep waiting for Collins to buy the guns from Lukas Meyer.
But he's not talking to Meyer.
He's talking to Walker.
What if Meyer and Collins already made the deal, it already went down? Even before the ATF agents were killed.
Would mean that Collins has had the guns this entire time.
Would explain the empty warehouse.
They already made the sale.
Collins would be really eager to get those illegal weapons out of his hands.
Do you have a GPS on Walker's phone? A storage facility in Sylmar.
Collins could be transferring the guns to the militia as we speak.
Have a REACT team meet us there.
I'm on it.
In position.
Three, two, one.
Execute! Execute! Hands where we can see them! [GASPS.]
Oh, my God.
- Clear! - Clear! What the hell? AGENT: All clear.
There's nothing.
She had no reason to lie to me.
- ATF was already here.
- We heard.
WALKER: I give up! I'm coming out.
Don't shoot! AGENT: Let's go! Move it! Let's get this truck open.
Go, go, go, go.
- Is that all of them? - One fled to another building on the north side.
We got a team tracking him now.
Let's go! You think this is everything? It sure looks like it.
AGENT 2: We got the last one.
Bringing him to you.
All good? Little late, gentlemen.
General Collins.
Let's stow this stuff and go home.
Amen to that.
FATIMA: Guys, you're not gonna believe this.
What's going on? We just got a report from LAPD.
Lukas Meyer was found dead in an apartment in Hollywood 30 minutes ago.
Dead? What was the cause of death? No trauma.
Uh, LAPD ordered a toxicology screen, but the detectives on site say that there was evidence of an oxycodone overdose.
They think he drank a bunch.
Oh, my God.
I pulled some security footage from the apartment.
This is all I could get.
Is that Mia? Could be.
Uh all right, let ATF know.
This guy killed seven of their agents.
Maybe this will give them some sort of closure.
Will do.
Oh, and when Mia went into the bank, she transferred over $200,000 to an undetermined offshore account.
We're still trying to find it.
Yeah, you're not going to.
She's too smart.
I'll keep trying.
Good night, guys.
Did she play you? She didn't have to.
Didn't need me for any of this.
Yeah, but you gave her the idea.
Maybe the courage to do it.
There are a lot of things that Hetty and I don't agree on.
But the joy of a 16-year-old single malt has always been our common ground.
Probably also kept us from killing each other.
Have you heard from her? Haven't.
And I don't imagine I will for a while.
Do you know if she's safe? What do you think, Agent Callen? Probably not.
Probably not.
So, Agent Hanna.
Why didn't you tell us you knew Collins still had the weapons? 'Cause I got damn tired of fighting with my partner.
That's right, I said partner, and that's what you were on this case.
Why didn't you call me when you figured out where the weapons were? You know why.
- Trust.
- Trust.
Something that is not assumed by men like you and me.
It has to be earned.
Well I hope I earned a little from you today.
Little bit.
Well, we're all gonna have to earn more, and fast.
Especially now that I am officially running the Office of Special Projects.
Way to bury the lede.
You both could have had this chair, you know that.
- Well, we didn't want it.
- Good.
Be a tragedy to lose men like you in the field.
So, gentlemen, raise your glasses as I ask you to help me to make this team the very best it can be.
Of course.
Absolutely, Admiral.
- Hoo-yah.
- Hoo-yah.
DEEKS: Is that my mom? [SOFT CHUCKLE.]
It's Mia.
It's forwarded from Megan's phone.
MIA: Hey, Megan, I'm sorry about the address.
I just couldn't have you screwing up your life.
You were too good to me to let that happen.
That's all.
Oh, and don't text back.
I got to go on the DL for a while, so by the time you get this, this phone is gonna be at the bottom of the ocean.
Take care of yourself.
And thanks for giving a damn about me.
She was protecting me.
Should we call Fatima, see if she can find that phone? Maybe she hasn't tossed it yet.
We can do it in the morning.
Just to clarify By the time morning runs around, she's gonna be long gone.
And that's a good thing.
That's a good thing.
Sweet dreams, my beautiful little velociraptor.

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