NCIS Los Angeles s13e04 Episode Script

Sorry for Your Loss

Well, this is awkward.
Never thought I would die in a hearse.
I don't plan on letting that happen.
Watch out! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's not good.
This is why I don't make plans.
My head knows that Hanna house rules don't apply to me, but my heart still says I broke one.
You're late.
Said we were starting at 6:00.
It's 6:00 exactly.
Oh, this is one of those life lessons.
I get it.
What do you get? Oh, I get that, you know, you like to find moments in life to impart wisdom.
It's cool.
I respect it.
I don't give lessons.
When I first got here, you sent me up on a ride-along with a death doula.
That wasn't a lesson.
That was an opportunity.
You gave me your personal copy of The Things They Carried.
A suggestion.
I just signed up for a silent survival retreat using your discount code: SAMHANNA50.
50% off.
I think you better get silent soon, or you may not survive the workout.
That means we're doing ten miles, doesn't it? Nine, I'm in a hurry.
Got a case? No.
I got to go home and pack.
Me and Callen are flying to D.
Is Kilbride sending you? Hampton University is doing a scholarship in Michelle's name.
They want me to give a speech.
Man, that's-that's awesome, Sam.
You must be proud.
Michelle always said Hampton is who she was.
And it would mean a lot to her.
Well, I know you've been out of school much longer than me, - so - Hmm.
I'm just saying, you know, I-I can relate to college kids.
Need help with that speech, just give me the word.
Two words: No.
Hmm? Grab the water.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
Double time.
- Double time.
- Yes, sir.
It was just a suggestion.
Angela? Angela Pak, right? Wouldn't do that.
Who are you? NCIS.
Special Agent Callen.
And that's supposed to make me feel better? Look.
I'm just hoping to ask you a few questions.
Sorry, Columbo, I'm already late for work.
It's about your ex-girlfriend, Kate Miller.
All I'm saying is, I know that marriage is tough, but I also know some things are worth fighting for.
Sweetheart, you're being so ridiculous.
I'm not being ridiculous.
I'm being honest.
- I just want you to hear me out.
- I've heard enough.
Two people in love, like, shouldn't that be enough to overcome all those external circumstances, right? I mean, if-if you'd stop for a second and listen, maybe this wouldn't come as such a shock to you.
What? What is supposed to come as such a shock to me, Deeks? Divorce.
What? Raquel's divorce.
Who's Ra Rachel? Rachel? Our brand-new neighbor who we barely know, Rachel.
Speak for yourself.
Don't underestimate how deeply you can bond with someone - during trash day.
- Okay.
Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you shouldn't be inserting yourself in other people's business? No.
I mean, literally never.
I married a yenta.
Oh, a person that strives for knowledge and human connection, that's also a century ahead of their time? Then, yes, why, thank you.
That is "Yentl.
" And don't flatter yourself.
Listen, I'm not gonna apologize for having an innate ability to bond with people very quickly.
It's what makes me such a fantastic special investigator.
It's not "special investigator.
" It's just "investigator.
" Investigator.
Special agent.
- Are you sure? - Absolutely.
That doesn't sound right.
None of this conversation sounds right.
Who do I talk to about changing my title? - That would be me.
- What? Unfortunately, I don't run my office like a Silver Lake preschool, so you're actually gonna have to do something to get a reward around here.
- Rachel? - Yes.
She's like a virus.
You have no idea how hard it is to get rid of her once she takes hold.
You'd be surprised.
I'm sorry I ran earlier.
I tend to be a little paranoid these days.
I understand.
I really don't know why you're here, though.
Kate and I broke up a long time ago.
Her name is not Kate.
What are you talking about? She lied to you.
Her name is Katya Miranova, and she is a Russian national.
And here I thought she was from Barstow.
Did your breakup have anything to do with her time in prison? As hard as it is to believe, that would have been the least of our problems.
It was before that.
But you still chose to go to her arraignment.
It's cute that you think I had a choice.
She does have a way of getting people to do what she wants.
Has she tried to contact you lately? When I heard she broke out of prison, I packed up and ran.
Changed my number.
Deleted my online presence.
Haven't heard from her since.
Look I'd like you to help me find her.
No, I'm trying very hard to forget her.
I think it's a little late for that.
Why do you care so much about finding her anyway? She got to someone close to you, didn't she? Like you said, she's a virus.
I wish I could help, but I can't.
If you change your mind.
You double-bolt your door, you run from strangers.
You're never gonna be free until Katya no longer is.
No, I don't have any pets.
But I could have them if that helps.
I'm flexible, and did I mention responsible? I did, right.
I'll double the security deposit.
Hello? Hello? Admiral Kilbride.
I, uh, was just Believe me, I don't need to know.
I'm just trying to get out of my parents' house, but finding an apartment for rent in L.
is impossible.
I mean, the market is insane.
You either have to know someone who's moving out, or someone who died and is moving out.
God forbid the Zennials, or whatever hashtag we are currently employing to denote a generation of livestreamed laziness, actually do anything on their own.
Technically, I'm a millennial.
And technically, I didn't come in here to mourn the loss of an eat-in kitchen.
I trust you saw the case I sent you.
The case.
Yeah, yes, of course I did.
Then you are well aware that, effective immediately, NCIS is taking over an ATF investigation into a very large supply of stolen and currently missing weapons.
Yes, well aware, sir.
Uh, effective immediately, NCIS is taking over because Because over 500 shotguns, rifles, and semiautomatic pistols are in the wind, and because ATF is down a few agents, they could use our help.
Well, uh a supply that large could easily go for over a million on the black market.
Someone could try to sell them.
Or worse.
If someone stole them because they're planning an attack Then they would have enough to weaponize an entire army.
And since they were stolen four days ago, we, and by that I mean you, are four days behind figuring out which it is.
Okay, well, uh Do I have any leads? The ATF has a prime suspect.
Oh, well, that sounds like a good start.
It would be, if he hadn't been found dead three days ago.
Do you know if he rented? Is it possible that my sternum is bruised? It's probably just your ego.
So, what happened out there, anyway? Let's just say me and Sam started off on the wrong foot - this morning.
- He was late.
Guess you don't know about Lombardi Time.
As in Vince Lombardi? He said, "If you're five minutes early, you're already ten minutes late.
" Sam gave me his biography.
- I can lend it to you.
- How about instead we stop talking and get to the case.
Sounds like somebody's been reading my dream journal.
Agent Namazi.
A truckload of guns was stolen last Thursday at around 10:00 p.
from a rest stop in Tujunga.
It was en route from Phoenix to a gun shop in Downey at the time and was scheduled to continue south to the Marine Corp Exchange at Pendleton after that.
Cameras didn't catch anything.
Commercial firearms are transported all the time through private carriers and mail services.
So I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.
Tell us about the dead suspect.
Anders Sivac.
Found stabbed to death the morning after.
Formerly of Brentwood, by way of Malibu.
Looks like he's lived in every high-end neighborhood in the city.
That's because he is the son of Marten Sivac, the notorious L.
crime boss.
Technically he was the alleged L.
crime boss.
Well, he was accused of everything from money laundering to drug smuggling, but somehow his family members or associates always took the fall.
Money can buy a hell of a defense.
Tell us about the father.
Where is he now? Also dead.
Found at the bottom of Lake Arrowhead three years ago.
And the family has been seemingly quiet since he died.
Until now.
Sivac's been living a privileged life.
He could burn through a lot of money in three years.
That could have inspired him to get the business back up and running.
He could've been in over his head.
So finding out who killed him is our best chance at finding the missing weapons.
Well, Kensi is on her way to meet Callen at the morgue.
And Deeks is meeting with Sivac's stepmother to see what she knows.
All right.
We'll talk to the driver who was carrying the guns.
Keep us posted.
Will do.
I was thinking sax solo.
It's smooth.
It's sexy.
It's the Sade of woodwinds.
Now, I haven't played in 20 years, but what better time for the Baritone Bandit to ride again than at his own wedding.
Sounds like congratulations are in order.
Agent Callen.
Agent Blye.
Who is the lucky lady? You remember Zoe? You're marrying FBI Agent Morris? 's cousin, Chloe Morris.
She's an aerialist, so she's also a risk-taker.
Says it's why she agreed to marry me.
She says that a lot, actually.
We're happy, though.
As long as you're happy, right? But you didn't come all the way down here to congratulate me.
Unless you did? Did you? N-Not e-exactly.
We're investigating the murder of Anders Sivac.
The guy they found in Griffith Park? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
I thought that ATF had that case.
Yeah, we're lending a hand.
What can you tell us about him? Body was found off a fire road near the Observatory.
He was stabbed 22 times.
22 times? Sounds like this might be personal.
Can you pinpoint time of death? Uh, hikers found the body at 9:00 a.
, but based on exposure, blood pooling, I'd put it about 12 hours earlier.
Which would be about an hour before the guns were stolen.
So either this was a deal gone terribly wrong, or somebody found out what Sivac was planning and decided to kill him to take over.
Well, either way, we're gonna need to see his files.
Yes, we are.
Oh, that's me.
Right? Not the best timing, but since you're here, let's make it quick.
And leave your shirt on this time.
I think there's been some sort of mistake.
The only mistake was letting the neighbors take photos.
Also, there's a dead squirrel in the deep end.
It looked like he struggled, so don't be chintzy with the chlorine.
Yeah, now I definitely know there's a mistake, 'cause I'm not here to clean your pool.
- Then why am I paying you? - You're not.
Investigator Martin Atticus Deeks.
I'm here about your son.
- Stepson.
- Right.
Stepson, so obviously my condolences.
Oh, save it.
Anders was a son of a bitch.
Believe me, I knew his mother.
And as I told the other agents, we were estranged, so I hadn't talked to him in weeks.
Can you tell me why? In the 20 years I was married to his father, he never approved of me.
Turns out, he didn't approve of my moving on, either.
And I have moved on many, many times.
I'll just put that down as you guys had a falling-out, then? Even mothers have needs, Investigator Deeks.
If I had a dime for every time I heard that.
Forgive me if I'm not a puddle of tears.
As I'm sure you're aware, ours is a very complicated family.
We've seen our share of deaths.
So I suppose you get used to it after a while.
So, did Anders have any enemies? Anybody that wanted him dead? Ah, how much time do you have? Two hours.
Maybe five.
- Seven if I tell my boss he's pretty.
- Hmm.
- That was rhetorical.
- I know.
But I also know how to properly chlorinate the after effects of a decaying rodent, so if you let me inside and answer some questions, I'll, uh, get rid of your furry little friend, at no additional cost to management.
Hope you don't mind gin.
Oh, I don't drink and work, but thank you.
I wasn't offering.
Oh, good to clarify that.
All right.
- Dude.
- Oh.
No, you don't have to I'm sorry.
- You didn't have to do that.
- No, it's cool.
Gary's like a brother to me.
He's super chill.
He's also super allergic to shellfish, so he's not invited to the wedding.
Chloe loves shrimp.
Are these all the personal items - that were found at the site? - That's everything.
Unfortunately, the only prints on them were his own.
Well, this is a very fancy watch to leave on a body.
Must be hard to tell time with all that bling in your face.
Judging by the depth, small table, heavy crowns, I'd say those babies are old European.
Chloe also loves diamonds.
And I love selling vitamins over the phone at night so I can afford to give them to her.
What is that? I think it's a cry for help.
No, no, no, on his wrist.
Looks like there's some kind of marking here.
Oh, yeah, no, that's It's definitely ink.
I just, I couldn't um, trace the source.
Hmm, it could be a stamp, maybe from a nightclub or a bar.
Well, if that's the case, this kind of ink only stays on the body for, what, a day at the most? Well, if he was dead for 12 of those hours, it might mean he was there not long before he died.
So if we can figure out where the stamp is from, we may be able to retrace Sivac's movements - leading up to his death.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna have Fatima get on this.
So, you ever get down with St.
John's Wort? I think you should start with a joke.
I think I'll just start by asking about the missing guns.
No, I'm talking about for your speech.
It's a good way to make an introduction.
I took a public speaking course once.
Well, the only course I'm interested in right now: That truck.
Phoenix to Downey.
Quickest route is the 10.
Well, the truck stop where the guns were stolen was in Tujunga.
That's off the 210.
That's like 20 miles out of the way.
Put him behind schedule at least an hour.
Hmm? Well, some truck drivers get paid by the mile.
Could have been trying to earn a few extra bucks, or maybe avoid traffic, or maybe he was hungry.
Or maybe we should just ask him.
David Milton? NCIS.
I guess that's another way to make an introduction.
I would've went with a joke.
All right.
Thanks, Fatima.
Good job.
You get anything from him? Besides another bruise, no.
Officers, please.
You don't understand.
We understand enough to not believe a word that's coming out of your mouth.
And stop calling us officers.
We're not LAPD.
We're NCIS.
And I'm an INFJ with PTSD.
I hate confrontation, and I've been hurt before, that's why I ran.
Tell us about the night your truck was robbed.
It happened so fast.
One minute I was getting coffee, the next I was knocked out.
Must have been some damn good coffee for you to drive so far out of your way for it.
Huh? As I told ATF, I like a change of scenery.
Oh, well, that's good 'cause you're looking at 20 years behind bars.
ATF didn't have enough to get a warrant on your bank records, but now that you're officially a suspect, we do.
We know you deposited 20,000 after the guns were stolen.
And we know you spread it over three days knowing the bank wouldn't flag it.
Now that we know you're an accomplice to the theft, wouldn't be surprised if aiding and abetting terrorist activities comes next.
I'm not a terrorist.
I'm just broke.
I needed some money, so I put an ad on the dark web for the guns.
A guy made an offer, and I turned a blind eye while he took them.
Is this the guy you were dealing with? For most of it.
I got a call at the last minute from someone else.
Said he was an associate.
I was supposed to drive to Griffith Park, but he told me to go to Tujunga instead.
And which one of them did this to your face? Neither.
I gave my baby brother 50 bucks and a ten-pound dumbbell.
Well, I'm sure that saved him years of therapy.
I need your phone.
Uh, it's in the truck.
Please, can you let me go now? I've learned my lesson.
I swear.
He doesn't give lessons.
I've got some good news and bad news.
Will the good news help us solve this case? It should get us in the general vicinity.
Then let's start with that.
So you were right.
The ink mark on Sivac's wrist was from a stamp.
I was able to digitally recreate the original outline of the image.
I'm sending it to both your phones now.
What is the bad news? I missed a call while I was doing it and lost out on another apartment.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Hey, is this a snake? Technically, it's a ball python.
I also work weekends in the reptile section of a Petco.
Any idea where Sivac got it? Sort of.
It appears to be the logo of the Vandergrift Hospitality Group.
They own bars and clubs all over Southern California.
Normally I'd cross-reference each one with the GPS from Sivac's phone or car, but both were disabled.
- Hmm.
- And what time do these places open? Uh, around 10:00 p.
for the clubs, and 8:00 p.
for the bars.
So, if Sivac was killed at 9:00 p.
, that would eliminate the clubs.
And if he had time to go to the bar, and then up to Griffith Park, he couldn't have been that far.
So if I narrow down the search to a five-mile radius of the park, we get Sanctuary Bar & Lounge on Hillhurst.
I'll start pulling security footage now.
Let's do it.
Some things get better with age.
The 401 that will one day take me far away from this botox-ed juice shack of a city.
With all due respect, you didn't call to talk retirement plans.
No, I did not, Agent Hanna.
But you see, there is one thing that is not aging well, and it's this investigation.
The ATF gave us nothing.
We basically started from scratch.
And I basically had to offer SECNAV my timeshare in Boca for the next two years just to get her off my back.
Now stop telling me what we don't know, and let's start with what we do.
We know Sivac arranged to take the missing gun supply.
But it seems he was killed an hour before they were stolen.
And soon after that, someone called the truck driver to reroute the meeting to a new spot.
So, if I were a gambling man, and as cited in my first divorce, I am, I'd say that whoever placed that call could tell us where we might find those stolen weapons.
Since that person used a burner phone, we don't know who that was.
I might be able to change that.
The phone that called the truck driver was off-line until this morning, when it placed two more calls to an insurance broker in Eagle Rock.
So, either they got a sudden desire to protect their ill-gotten possessions Or the insurance broker could be a buyer.
I will have Agent Castor take him to the boatshed so you can find out.
Perfect timing.
I have more good news.
You have security footage from inside the bar? No, not yet.
I'm trying to get their tapes, but we're just waiting on a warrant because they want to protect themselves from a lawsuit.
So I'm guessing that the good news is pertaining to an apartment? Yep.
Turns out this one is being knocked down.
How is that good news? Well, it isn't for the housing crisis, but for us it's good.
Okay, what is happening? So, an apartment building across from the Sanctuary Bar & Lounge is being rebuilt into a hotel.
Now, they have a work zone camera that's currently running 24 hours a day.
It has a perfect view of the bar's front entrance, which is how I found this.
- Anders Sivac.
- Mm-hmm.
So he shows up to the bar by himself, but he doesn't leave alone.
That's Miriam Sivac, his stepmother.
The thing is, she told Deeks she hadn't seen him in weeks.
Sorry that took so long.
This one's extra dirty.
Well, it might not be the only one.
I never cared much for the theater, so if you have something to say, you can skip the performance and just say it.
You met with Anders the night he died; We have footage.
And I have the business card of my lawyer.
- Allow me to go get it for you.
- Did you kill him? Oh, please, I couldn't hurt a squirrel.
You'll remember, I married into this family, I wasn't born into it.
Well, congratulations.
Then you're just a liar.
Anders was an idiot, and he was in over his head.
I knew he was brokering a deal for those weapons.
We all did.
He was a horrible combination of cocky and sloppy.
I went to the bar to talk him out of it.
He didn't listen, and he got himself killed.
Do you know anything else about those weapons? I assure you I do not.
But you said that other family members knew, So maybe it was an inside job.
I believe I've answered enough of your questions for today.
That's funny.
I believe that when I showed up you said you were in a hurry, but you never really mentioned where you're going.
Anders' funeral is this afternoon.
Oh, well, that's interesting, right? Because if somebody associated with the family did kill him, they would look pretty guilty if they didn't show up to pay their respects.
Well, Miriam, looks like you and I have a date.
You forget who you're dealing with.
No one's going to say a word if they know you're there.
I know.
Which is why you're gonna help make sure they don't.
God, I don't like funerals.
You know what? When it's my time to ride the final wave of life, just compost me.
There is no way you are going in our garden.
We have enough weeds already.
Plus, I'd rather donate my body to science.
Uh-huh, baby, we don't even have a garden because you can't even keep a cactus alive.
Callen, what about you? Oh, that's easy.
Viking funeral.
Only if I get to use Sam's boat.
How we looking back there? Eh, looks like Sopranos did a crossover with Long Island Medium.
People are starting to trickle in.
And I'm taking photos of everybody as is and sending them back to Ops.
The sooner we get IDs on everyone, the sooner we can start tracing their whereabouts the night Sivac was murdered.
The closer we'll be to finding those stolen weapons.
And the sooner and closer I'll be to getting the big smell of tiny little fish off my body.
I got sardine pants over here.
Okay, okay, okay.
He thinks he's here to insure something for us.
Great job.
- Hey.
- As I told your colleague, I usually prefer to take my new clients out to lunch.
Ah, well, these are unusual circumstances.
Yeah, they require some more discretion.
Say no more.
I understand.
Now, what are we insuring? Big game? Oh, I'd say it's pretty big.
Well, I'm a vegetarian and a Catholic, so I'm already racked with guilt.
But I like you, so I'm in.
What are we talking? Just the animal's head, or all the way down to the haunches? What do you say we go whole hog? Start with a million dollars' worth of stolen guns.
Unfortunately, gentlemen, firearms aren't my area of expertise.
Yeah, that's obvious.
Pretty dumb doing deals on your personal phone.
I'd be happy to refer you to a competitor.
How about instead you refer us to the person who called you twice this morning? I'm not sure what you're talking about.
And if you don't mind, I should be going.
I'm pretty sure we do mind.
And you're not going anywhere until you help us find those guns.
Losing someone is never easy.
But as I always say, even in death we nourish.
I would say that was deep if I didn't know it was the motto from the side of the catering truck.
Kind of running low on ways to say I'm sorry.
And we're running low on potential suspects.
The man you were just talking to is Howard Berkner, family endodontist.
His roots with the Sivac family don't run much deeper.
Oh, wow, I love it.
High five for wordplay.
What about the smiling lovebirds I just sent you there? Brock Belmont and his wife Rose.
Looks like they own a construction business as well as several shell companies.
Well, that sounds ripe for scandal.
So does a trip to Cabo with your mistress, which is what Mr.
Belmont was on last week when Anders Sivac was killed.
His wife, on the other hand, was in Aspen with her best friend's husband.
And they seem so happy.
I got someone.
Sending it to you now.
Got him.
Running him through the system as we speak.
Agent Callen is it? You shouldn't be talking to me.
Hmm, relax.
Everyone already knows how fond I am of the help.
I'll relax when we find out who murdered your stepson.
As I told Investigator Deeks, you're wasting your time.
It seems to me that you should be more interested in helping us.
Oh, please, don't pretend like you give a damn about him.
All you care about is finding those guns.
The two aren't mutually exclusive.
I have found myself in the company of some very dangerous people, Agent Callen, and if those same people find out that I brought you here, I'm as good as dead.
I've helped you as much as I can.
And my apologies if I'd rather spend my golden years in St.
Tropez instead of a casket.
LAPD just finished searching your office.
They didn't find anything.
- So I'm free to go? - Sure.
Grab some snacks on the way out.
They're vegetarian.
- Really? - No, not really.
When I say they didn't find anything, that includes computers, furniture, not even a chair.
Your office is a front.
My line of work is very mobile.
Well, your life is about to get real immobile.
For how long depends how much you help us.
I didn't buy those guns.
We think you were planning to.
Planning isn't a crime.
I assure you it is.
Fine, I was in contact with the seller, but I never met him.
I was supposed to call him when I had the money ready.
And that's exactly what you're gonna do.
But I don't have the money ready.
That's okay.
We'll take care of that.
Get the banking information.
Tell 'em you're gonna wire half up front, half when the deal's done.
And get an address and tell 'em you want to meet now.
And if you say anything to screw this up, we'll be sure to do the same thing to the rest of your life.
Make the call.
What have we got? So we confirmed that the insurance broker was in the process of buying the missing weapons.
Sam had him reach out to the seller and get an address for the meet.
They're on their way to check it out now.
And is this the seller? To be determined.
That's Dominic Carson, and this is his criminal record.
Assault, theft, robbery.
The list goes on and on.
Do we know where he was the night the guns went missing? Still working on tracking that down.
What's his connection to Sivac? It's his stepbrother.
Which also makes him Miriam Sivac's son from her previous marriage.
I'm guessing that she kept that from us for a reason.
Guessing you're right.
Heads up, Carson's on his way out.
He's heading towards the front.
Copy that.
We might have a problem.
Scratch that, we definitely have a problem.
We've been made.
Hors d'oeuvres? Carson's on the move.
Where's Deeks? I don't know but we gotta go.
Kens! Damn it.
Watch out! Agent Callen, care to tell me what the hell is going on out there? - We have Carson.
- Great.
We also have three of his heavily armed friends.
How far out are Sam and Rountree? We're in the warehouse.
Carson must be a pretty popular dude.
We got two if his homies here.
Carson warned 'em.
They're packing up.
You have a visual on the guns? We got 'em.
Then what are we waiting for, some kind of divine intervention? That would be great.
Don't turn around.
I thought it smelled like fish in here.
I'm fine.
Thank you for asking.
Why didn't you tell us you were back there? Because I don't just insert myself in other people's business.
I don't mean to interrupt, but some of us have a flight to catch.
And some of us still need to pack.
And some of us would like to make it to Boca sometime this decade.
Ladies and gentlemen, take them down.
How we gonna Federal agents! Nope, down! Put it down! I don't think so.
I'm hot and sweaty.
I want to go home.
Late again.
Get up.
I know you don't want to be at home, but moving in here is not an option.
I was just tying up a few loose ends.
Well, Carson admitted to killing Sivac and taking the guns, all of which have been recovered.
I think everything else can wait until the morning.
Well, don't have to tell me twice.
Oh, there is just one other thing.
Um, I trust that you got the phone number I just sent you? Yeah.
Of course I did.
You really do need to turn up the volume on your alerts.
Is it about a case? It's about a vacancy.
I'm not sure I'm following.
An old colleague of mine owns a few apartment buildings across the city.
So many, in fact, that the old bastard was able to retire ten years before me.
Admiral Kilbride, I I don't know what to say.
Say you know me when you talk to him.
This doesn't make sense.
I've always found it best not to question my rare whims of generosity.
Sorry, it's not that.
I was, um I was closing out the financials on the money that we temporarily wired to Dominic Carson, and I asked FINCEN to run a report on the shell company that his bank account was linked to.
But it turns out it doesn't actually belong to Dominic Carson.
Then who the hell does it belong to? So you got sloppy.
What can I say? The martinis were doubles.
Why'd you do it? You're the detective.
Uh, correction.
Actually, I'm an investigator.
Just an investigator.
And I actually love the theater, but I'd prefer if you gave this performance.
I'm not a monster.
You had your stepson murdered.
Well, he was trying to cut Dominic and me out.
What was I supposed to do? I don't know, not have him murdered? We don't betray each other in my family.
Then you probably shouldn't kill each other either.
I put 20 years of my life into this business.
Excuse me, family.
I woke up with it and I went to bed with it.
I deserve every fruit of its labor.
I was not about to let some spoiled, incompetent little brat determine that I wasn't.
So you didn't go to the bar to convince Anders not to steal the weapons, you went there with an ultimatum then, huh? You know, I'm not going to say another word until I talk to my lawyer.
That's all the questions I have for today anyway.
Actually, that's not true.
I got one more question for you.
Did you kill that squirrel? That's okay, we can, uh, save that for the trial.
Come in.
Didn't expect to hear from you so soon.
I didn't expect to call you so soon.
What made you change your mind? You never asked me about my arrest.
I didn't see the relevance.
I stole files from the law office I was working at.
Not only was I arrested, I was disbarred.
Luckily, I knew a good lawyer, or I'd be in jail, too.
It was your first and only offense, and it coincided with your time with Katya.
It's not hard to figure out that she put you up to it.
I don't trust anyone anymore.
But something about that made me think I can trust you.
You can.
I hate who I was with her.
But more than that, I hate that I can't remember who I was before her.
I want you to find her, Agent Callen.
You want me to find him, too? Turn it over.
It's to a safe-deposit box.
I'm sorry, I don't know where.
Kate, or should I say Katya, forgot that she left it with me.
I know it's not much, but It's a start.
That's me.
Thank you.
I didn't call an Uber.
That's funny.
And we're late.
That's fine.
I'm not checking a bag.
You don't have a bag.
If I need anything else, I'll buy it when we get to D.
How'd it go in there? Well, it's too soon to tell, but, uh I'm not holding my breath.
Sometimes what we need the most comes from where we expect the least.
That's good.
Is that from your speech? I didn't write my speech yet.
We'll have lots of time for me to help you.
Now, uh, I think you should start with a joke.
That's funny.
- Right? - I don't know.
I'm serious.

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