NCIS Los Angeles s13e06 Episode Script


You mind? Nah.
Get up! Get up! Hurry up! To the back! Let's go! Let's go! Hurry up, move! Move! You! Let's go.
All of you.
What are you doing, huh? Get out the seat and get in the back! [GRUNTING.]
Get him to the back! [CARL GRUNTING.]
If my hand comes off this trigger, the bomb in the bag blows! So if anyone's got any ideas don't.
Good morning.
Thank you.
This, uh, new recruits for your Russian spy ring? Do I need to inform Agent Carlson? That's funny.
No, the warrant just came through for Katya's safety-deposit box.
This is what was inside.
Anything of note? Eh, just a number of passports with different aliases, and what looks to be some dirt on high-level Russian intelligence officers.
It's probably a burn box.
The dirt could be an insurance policy on her superiors.
The intel's old.
Bank said she hadn't been there in over five years, since before she went to prison.
She prepaid for the whole thing.
What about this? That is the one strange item.
It sees that she's keeping something with Crusciel & Crusciel.
They handle, uh, fine art investments.
I wouldn't peg Katya as a collector.
Well, there's an inventory number.
I'm gonna have Fatima check it, as well as go through these aliases.
Once we get a better picture, we can maybe lean in on the dirt.
Could also be good to keep it in our back pocket.
Never know when you might need some good leverage on a Russian.
No offense, [RUSSIAN ACCENT.]
: Comrade Callen.
I don't want to hear any peg leg jokes.
- I would never.
Yeah, I would.
How is the wound healing? Eh, too slow for me.
I ain't got time to bleed.
Oh, I know that one.
Oh, I see you've upped your '80s action game.
Oh, you know, badass invisible alien is firmly - in my wheelhouse.
Well, that's one thing all those movies got wrong.
Getting shot.
I mean, I'm doing PT every day just to regain my basic mobility.
They don't show you that in a Stallone flick.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Man, I don't know how Callen came back after getting shot five times.
All in one sitting.
You think that's why he's cranky sometimes? [LAUGHS.]
Oh, looks like we got a case.
We're almost out of time.
I know, I know.
Just give me a second.
What about that couple? Right there.
They look like trouble.
Um, define "trouble.
" Are you kidding me? They're textbook overachievers.
Look at those clothes.
Who are they trying to impress? Today is just an informational session.
That's just another couple interested in adoption.
Look, all we've done so far is filled out - a bunch of paperwork, right? - Yeah.
This just makes it feel that much more real.
You think they're gonna judge us? Listen, baby, I know that our lives are not those of normal adoptive parents.
But I can guarantee you one thing, which is that these people that you're looking at, they are not nearly as perfect as you imagine.
- Mm-hmm.
- In fact, one of those last two people is a flat-earther.
- Yeah.
Right? Like, you hit The Bahamas and it just drops off into oblivion.
So can we please go inside now? - You got this.
- Yes, okay.
- All right.
- Okay, let's do this.
Hold up.
Oh, flag on the play.
- What? - Ops caught a case.
Oh, you're kidding me.
Does it say if they need us? No, it's just, like, some sort of general alert.
Yeah, okay, um How about one of us goes in, gets briefed, and lets the other one know if they need us to come in.
So, divide and conquer? I like where your head's at.
Why don't you stay, and maybe that'll help calm these nerves.
All right.
Good luck.
- Love you.
- You're gonna do great.
Take lots of notes, yeah? - I'll keep you posted.
- [SIGHS.]
Thanks for the fast quorum.
Take it away, Agent Namazi.
A man named Gary DeMayo, the father of a former Marine, took over a bus near MacArthur Park this morning.
He's holding five hostages at gunpoint, including a wounded, off-duty LAPD officer.
He also claims to have an explosive device.
Has he made any demands? Yes, which is where we come in.
They concern his daughter Corporal Kyra DeMayo.
She was deployed in Afghanistan up until a year ago, when she fell asleep on guard duty at her base and an incursion happened.
She suffered a traumatic brain injury from the resulting firefight.
Several other Marines were also injured and a cache of weapons was stolen.
Afterwards, they found a high dose of opioids in her system.
She was ultimately discharged under other than honorable conditions.
Well, she's lucky that none of her squad-mates died.
Things could have been a lot worse.
Well, she still took it pretty hard.
Corporal DeMayo took her own life two weeks ago.
She shot herself in Ashtels Park.
Damn, that's tragic.
It could be what pushed her father over the edge.
So, what exactly is he asking for? Well, he claims that his daughter was not only framed but murdered.
He's demanding that we clear her name or he'll kill the hostages at sundown, which is at 4:49 today.
Oh, that gives us seven hours.
Is there any evidence to back up his claims? Not as of yet, but I'm pulling DeMayo's record, as well as the incident report, and Castor's bringing up DeMayo's wife, uh, Corporal DeMayo's mother, to the boatshed.
SECNAV wants us to assist LAPD on the scene.
All right, I'll head down there.
I've dealt with my share of grieving families military families.
I may be able to get through to him.
Agent Rountree, you took a hostage negotiating course - through the FBI? - Yes, sir, I did.
Meet Agent Hanna at the scene.
And what about Deeks? He's on his way in.
Yeah, have him come here.
We'll speak with DeMayo's mother.
And everybody, this goes without saying, but tread very carefully.
There are a lot of eyes on this.
We have to make sure we get it right.
DISPATCH: All buildings within a hundred yards need to be evacuated.
Heard hostage scenes were intense, but this is next-level.
Welcome to the show.
Don't get distracted.
You NCIS? Special Agents Hanna and Rountree.
Captain Maya Lopez, LAPD.
Thanks for coming down.
Bring us up to speed.
We're working out of our mobile command post.
- Follow me.
- Okay.
DeMayo blocked the street with the bus but hasn't moved since, and he disabled the cameras on board.
We've identified all five hostages, and while he's armed with a pistol and has a dead man's trigger, we haven't confirmed the bomb yet.
We have officers surrounding the bus and snipers on the rooftops, but he newspapered the windows so we don't have a clear view inside.
Is he communicating with you? We delivered a secure walkie and have a low-powered jammer blocking cell phones on the bus, so he can only reach us, but so far, he's been reluctant to engage, despite one of the hostages being wounded.
And that was one of yours, right? Yeah, off-duty.
You thought about pulling SWAT back? I'm sorry, why would we do that? Hostage-taking events are usually unplanned.
Shows of force work with those, but here I think we're dealing with someone who took this bus knowing exactly what the response would be.
Pulling back could open up the lines of communication.
Yeah, with all due respect, this is an LAPD scene.
NCIS is only here in a consulting role.
Yeah, about that.
I was hoping you'd allow me to speak to him directly.
I can assure you, our negotiation team is highly qualified.
I don't doubt they are.
Switching the point of contact may jump-start negotiations.
We only have six hours.
We got to make every minute count.
I might have better luck connecting with him.
Especially if you pull SWAT back on my signal.
Take a crack, but you're on a short leash.
First sign of trouble, SWAT goes back in.
Thank you, Captain.
Gary DeMayo, this is NCIS Agent Hanna.
You can call me Sam.
How are you doing in there? We're all fine.
Have you reopened my daughter's case yet? We're working on it but first I need to confirm that everybody on the bus is okay.
I hear you have an injured passenger.
He tried to take my gun from me.
I can assure you no one else will do that.
Listen, Gary, my job is to make sure that everyone on board that bus gets off safely, including you, Gary.
Then you know what you have to do.
- Let's move! - I don't know if you can see, Gary, but I asked the SWAT team to pull back as a gesture of good faith.
I'm very sorry about what happened to your daughter.
Listen, I was hoping you could tell me why you think her death was a murder.
She was set up, from the start.
Kyra never did any drugs.
She couldn't have killed herself.
She was banned from possessing any weapons when she was discharged.
So how would she get her hands on a pistol to kill herself? That's a good question, Gary, but I hope you understand that clearing your daughter's name is a tall order in just a few hours.
You have your demands, Agent Hanna.
Make it happen by sundown.
RACHEL: None of this makes any sense.
I keep thinking things couldn't get more surreal, but then there I am at work watching as my husband is holding a bus hostage on live TV.
Yeah, it's a lot to take in.
Did you ever think he was capable of something like this? No.
We've been estranged pretty much since Kyra Well, since she died.
Gary lost his business during the pandemic, and then Kyra's discharge and I mean, she came to live with us, but that was its own struggle.
I can't even imagine.
Did you notice any changes in Gary after she died? At first, he became distant and withdrawn, but that just seemed natural.
But then one day, he just left.
I thought maybe he was staying with friends o-or family, and you know, just dealing with things in his own way.
Do you think there's any chance he could follow through on his threats? I-I want to say no.
But honestly, I don't know anymore.
What have you found, Agent Namazi? I spoke with Corporal DeMayo's former CO, and it seems she was a good Marine until the, uh, incursion incident.
There are no reports of prior drug use, and her father is steadfast this was the case.
How about Corporal DeMayo's death? Anything suspicious there? Well, her body was found in Ashtels Park after reports of a single gunshot, um, pistol in her hand, wound to the head.
They pulled footage from the nearby streets in the investigation.
But why go to the park in the first place? She was living at home.
She might not have wanted her parents to have to deal with the, uh with the cleanup.
That's quite common with suicides.
Tell me about the gun.
I'm running a search on its serial number through the National Trace Center, but nothing so far.
Great, let me know what you find.
Sir? What if DeMayo's wrong? What if everything about the official story checks out? Then we pray that Agent Hanna is a damn good negotiator.
Do you believe your husband's claims that Kyra was killed? [EXHALES.]
I want to.
But it's so hard to tell.
She was struggling so much when she got back.
Did you ever talk to her about what happened? I tried to, but she just couldn't remember much.
We got her to a therapist who suggested that she write down anything that came back to her.
I haven't had the heart to look, but thought you might want to.
You think the therapy helped? Some.
It was so expensive.
We tried so hard, we really did, but-but we just couldn't afford the treatment that she needed.
And with the VA being so backlogged Do you want to know what killed her? The system did.
It failed her, and it failed us.
I'm so sorry.
The last thing written in here is a name with a question mark.
"Lawrence Kerr.
" Did she ever mention him to you before? No.
I don't think so.
I'll check with Fatima.
DISPATCH: Charlie-3-6, how long until all buildings are vacant? SAM: Gary, I don't know if you're listening but I've experienced loss myself.
- My wife - Agent Hanna.
Please, call me Sam.
Agent Hanna.
You ain't my friend.
And I sure as hell don't need your advice.
You're just as biased as the rest of the military, you just don't realize it.
What if I could got you someone else to talk to? Someone impartial nonmilitary.
Maybe a reporter.
Someone who could look into your side of the story.
I'm willing to do that for you, Gary.
But in return you're gonna have to release that injured officer.
That's a fair exchange, one-on-one.
That way you don't lose any leverage.
You got a deal, Agent Hanna.
Thank you, Gary.
- [SIGHS.]
You earned yourself a little slack, for now.
How are you gonna find a reporter to get on this bus? Easy.
It's not gonna be a reporter.
It's gonna be you.
Wait, what? SAM: DeMayo's phone should be jammed, but Fatima backstopped you with a profile and bylines just in case.
This has a listening device in it.
We'll monitor as you talk to him.
We got three hours to the deadline.
Hey, hey.
Remember: this guy thinks you're a reporter.
Don't go too hard on him.
You're dealing with somebody who hasn't felt heard in a long time, so just give him an ear to open up to.
I'll handle direct negotiations.
And one more thing.
I need you to try to get a look at that bomb.
See if it's viable or not.
I can do that.
You got this.
SAM: Gary? I have Damen Robinson here from the L.
Bring him to the bus.
And don't try anything funny.
Thank you, Gary.
Bus driver, help him up.
Bring him up here.
Let's go.
GARY: All right, come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
It's Gary, right? I'm Damen.
Nice to meet you.
In the back with the others.
Why don't you start by telling me a little bit about yourself.
All right.
Thanks, Sam.
Would you consider going to the scene and speaking with your husband? Do you think it would help? Well, my partner who's talking to Gary thinks that it might.
Let me ask you something.
You still love your husband? Of course.
Well, then, I think it's important that he knows that.
What if I don't know what to say? You just speak from your heart.
I'm willing to give it a try.
Guys, I ran the name from Kyra's journal.
He's not military, but there is a Lawrence Kerr who works at RPI, Inc.
, an HVAC company based in the Valley.
- Uh, he's there now.
- Great.
Send us the address.
Castor's still here.
I'm gonna have him take Rachel down to the scene.
You got it.
- DEEKS: You got this.
WOMAN: Now, there are three main types of adoptions: foster, private and international.
Each has its own set of challenges - as well as advantages.
This feels like a good time for a break.
Still blowing up? Sorry.
It's just, uh, my aunt.
She's in the hospital.
Little bit of a hypochondriac, so Can I give you some advice? Yeah.
It's gonna be tempting to do the same thing when you're waiting on a placement.
I know I was checking my phone 24-7.
But for your own peace of mind, take some space.
The time will come when it comes.
Adoption is a very personal choice, and the path is different for everyone.
You have to make sure you're doing what feels right for you and your family.
- Course.
- That's helpful.
Kensi had to put her phone on silent, but she's got Ops on emergency bypass.
How you guys doing with the process? Honestly, it's tough.
You know, there's just a lot of lot of choices to be made.
I just feel like I'm hacking my way through a jungle with no path.
Speaking as a foster kid, I'll say one thing.
I'd have killed to have parents like you and Kens.
- I really appreciate that.
Go ahead, Fatima.
FATIMA: I found out more about Lawrence Kerr.
The company he works for, RPI, Inc.
, used to have a contract with the government, and Kerr was doing HVAC work in Afghanistan while Corporal DeMayo was deployed there.
- The plot thickens.
- FATIMA: Oh, there's more.
Phone records show that Corporal DeMayo called him the night before she was killed.
If there was a cover-up and she was closing in on it, we may have a motive for her murder.
Then there might be truth to DeMayo's claims after all.
Thanks, Fatima.
GARY: I was surprised when Kyra enlisted.
Not that there was anything wrong with it.
I just I never saw her going that route.
It's like she found herself when she joined the Marines.
She had great things ahead of her.
She was the best of both of us.
SAM: Gary, are you there? I have someone who would like to speak to you.
RACHEL: Gary, can you hear me? I'm here, baby.
Gary, why are you doing this? Rachel.
I'm sorry, baby.
I had to.
It's the only way I get them to listen.
And I was right.
They're looking into Kyra's case again.
I know.
S-So can't you just let everyone go now? Not until she's cleared.
I have to keep the pressure on.
Look, else they're just gonna push us aside.
We're just gonna be another Black family in pain to ignore.
Open the door, Gary.
I want to see you.
Please come off, Gary.
Please stop.
LOPEZ: Baker 41.
Does anyone have a shot? Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?! Huh?! Explain yourself! I had to see if there really was a bomb.
All right? It's part of the story.
I want to show people not only what you've been through but what it's led to.
What happens when pleas for help go ignored.
Sit back down.
SAM: Gary, I apologize for what just happened.
I told you, don't try anything.
- Don't test me, Agent Hanna! - SAM: The LAPD acted without my knowledge.
It won't happen again, Gary.
GARY: It better not.
- Where's my wife? - [QUIETLY.]
: Do you have lipstick? We took her to safety.
Don't contact me again until you got an update.
LOPEZ: We've got movement from one of the windows.
Sniper said someone wrote on the glass.
" Triacetone triperoxide, aka the Mother of Satan.
It's the reason airlines don't allow liquid anymore.
That bomb is very viable.
Well, we've got less than an hour now.
If that's how dangerous this bomb is, we can't risk letting this stretch past his deadline.
CALLEN: That looks like Kerr to me.
I'll take the other side.
CALLEN: Lawrence Kerr? NCIS.
Just want to ask you a few questions.
Hey! Not so fa Really, you're gonna run? Hyah! - Oh! Take that, you yellow-bellied Kerr.
- I like that.
- Yeah? Points for the pun, I thought.
Well done.
Well, come on.
NTC report come in? It did.
The pistol that Corporal DeMayo was shot with was registered to a Lionel Sopko from Crenshaw.
Now, he admitted to owning the gun, but he claimed that he needed cash, so he sold it under the table to a local pawnshop Cut to the chase, Agent Namazi.
After applying some pressure, the pawnshop admitted to purchasing the gun, but they said that they resold it off the books the day Kyra died.
They sent over security stills from the time of the sale.
This puts the weapon in Kyra's hands.
I mean, no other fingerprints were found on it, and I've triple-checked the security cameras around the park.
No one entered before the gunshots or left afterwards.
There's just no way this was a murder.
Let Sam know.
Thanks, Fatima.
We just got confirmation.
Kyra's death was a suicide.
He's not gonna take that well.
SAM: I think he can handle the truth.
He doesn't want to hurt those hostages.
If he sees the reason he took them was misinformed, he could be willing to let them go.
Call's on you.
But this is your last chance.
If he doesn't come off, we'll have no choice but to go tactical.
Gary, I have an update.
GARY: What is it? I'm sorry to tell you this, but we have proof that Kyra bought the gun herself from a pawnshop.
No, don't say that.
Gary, I wouldn't tell you this unless I'm certain.
But father to father, man-to-man, I felt you deserved to know.
- No! - SAM: Gary.
Gary? No! Gary! Next, we'll watch a video on how to create a winning family profile - for a private adoption agency.
Fatima? Is everything okay? I'll be right there.
I am so sorry, everybody.
My aunt, she took a turn for the worse, and Good luck.
Everyone, good luck.
Good luck.
This is about Kyra DeMayo, isn't it? I saw the news about her father and the bus on TV.
That was Fatima.
She confirmed Kyra's suicide.
Wait, you-you thought I Hey, no way, man.
Were you with her the night of the incursion? - [EXHALES.]
- CALLEN: Hey.
Time is a factor here, okay? You were named in her journal.
We know you were involved.
I shouldn't have let them talk me into it.
DEEKS: Who? My boss.
He-he heard about a weapons cache the Marines had taken from a rebel camp.
Thought we could make a quick buck, you know? S-Steal them under the cover of night, sell them back to the locals.
Who else was involved? There were four of us.
It was my job to take care of the guard.
- Take care of Kyra.
- I swear, I didn't know it would be her.
She covered somebody else's shift last-minute.
The others were already on their way disguised as insurgents.
I thought it'd be worse if I didn't follow through.
So you drugged her.
KERR: Only it didn't last.
She woke up.
While they were loading the guns.
Still high.
She couldn't make sense of anything.
Eventually, she opened fire, and then all hell just broke loose.
Do the others still work here, too? Only my boss.
But he took off partway through the day.
Might've seen the same news report that I did.
See if Fatima can track him down.
I'll tell Sam DeMayo was right about the drugs.
Gary? You okay? Everybody off the bus! Let's go.
Let's go, let's go! Go on, go.
SAM: Come on, come on, come on.
- Come, come, come.
The hostages are coming out.
What about you, huh? You're not getting off this bus.
I had my chance.
I took it, and I was wrong.
Just get everybody back to a safe distance.
I'm not getting off this bus without you.
It's not a request.
Tell your snipers to cease fire.
It's not any of mine.
Fatima, we're having a hard time pinpointing the sniper.
We're gonna need backup ASAP.
Deeks stayed with our suspect.
I'm on my way, Sam.
Kerr's boss's cell phone last pinged from a building a few blocks from the scene in the direction of the gunfire.
He could be our shooter.
He doesn't know that we got to Kerr.
Look, send me the exact address.
I'm almost there.
Yo, Sam, we got a problem, man.
This bomb is leaking.
We got live wires sparking.
- You're - Yeah, I'm NCIS.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Let's go.
MAN: Shots fired! Where's it coming from?! [BULLET RICOCHETS.]
SAM: Let's go.
Stay behind me! - Come on! Come on! - All right.
- Let's go, Gary.
- Get up here.
Stay on us, Gary.
Stay up on us.
- Hold on tight.
Keep that up.
Federal agent! Put down the weapon! [GRUNTS.]
Got you covered, Callen.
Shooter's secured.
You okay? Yeah, I-I think so.
Peter said to Paul "You know, all those words we wrote "Are just the rules of the game And the rules are the first to go" [SIRENS WAILING.]
Now talking to God is Laurel Begging Hardy for a gun Got a girl in the war And, man, I wonder what it is we've done Paul said to Peter, "You gotta rock yourself "A little harder "Pretend the dove from above is a dragon And your feet are on fire" I got a girl in the war Paul, the only thing I know to do Is turn up the music And pray that she makes it through [VOCALIZING.]
LOPEZ: Agent Hanna.
I just wanted to say you made the right call today.
I'd be happy to have your assistance any time.
Thank you.
Fatima just got confirmation.
Everything Kyra said checks out.
- Hold up a moment.
- Hold up.
Gary, we found bank transfers that prove government contractors stole and sold the weapons.
You were right.
Kyra was drugged and framed.
Thanks, Sam.
Thanks, Damen.
Actually, it's Devin.
Thanks, Devin.
I'm sorry about this.
I really am.
I was just desperate, and I didn't know what else to do.
But if I had to, I'd do it all again.
- DEEKS: Ah, there she is.
- How was orientation? Um, it was good, it was fine.
The lady was really nice and informative, and it was helpful, like you said it would be.
But what? Adoption is not gonna solve all our problems.
Right? Today was a perfect example of that.
We can't even get through one talk in a classroom without being called out for a case, both of us.
What are we gonna do when we have a kid at home? - Real talk? - Yeah.
I have no idea.
'Cause there are a million things to be afraid of.
And that's what having a kid is.
I-It's taking your heart, right? And putting it outside your body, and hoping to God that it doesn't get mauled by a saber-toothed tiger.
But I think that you and I I think we need to accept the fact there are certain things that are just out of our control.
Yes, there are a million things that can go wrong, but none of those things I think outweigh the beautiful possibilities of you becoming a mom, and me becoming a dad.
And I think we have to stop letting fear dictate this path for us.
Yeah, you're right, as always.
We're gonna figure this out, you know? 'Cause, you know, we're It's what parents do.
And that's what we're gonna be.
We're gonna be parents.
Thank you.
I needed this.
I needed this today.
Oh, gosh, I've been stressed all day.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Wanna get out of here? - Yes.
I'm hungry.
- You're always hungry.
You know, I was thinking, there are a lot of foster children out there who need a good home.
That's interesting, 'cause I was thinking the exact same thing.
It's a damn shame what happened to Corporal DeMayo.
If the truth had come out sooner, you think she'd still be alive? It's impossible to say.
Suicide is an epidemic amongst struggling veterans.
Especially women.
Even if they don't fall through the cracks, like Corporal DeMayo.
Been looking everywhere for you two.
Didn't even know this was out here.
All the single malt's back at Hetty's office, but, uh, we got some cold beers if you'd like one.
After today I could really use one.
Thank you.
I, uh, put a call in to SECNAV, who has just reversed Corporal DeMayo's less than honorable discharge.
Not only has she been restored her rank, she's been posthumously promoted to sergeant and is now due all related backpay.
DeMayo's remains will be moved to a veteran's cemetery, given a proper funeral, with full honors.
Further, she is being awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for her actions trying to stop the theft.
That's the highest non-combat decoration a Marine could be awarded.
It's the least we could do.
She deserved so much more.
Shame her father can't be at the ceremony.
You know what he said to me? If he had to, he'd do it all again.
If you truly believed that was the only way you could get justice for Aiden or Kam, you wouldn't even consider it? That's what I can't stop thinking about.
You hurt someone's child, there is almost no length to which a parent won't go.
Well, maybe the family can start healing now.
One can only hope, Agent Callen.
One can only hope.

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