NCIS Los Angeles s13e07 Episode Script

Lost Soldier Down

1 Is anybody down here? Class three fire in the hangar bay.
All hands aft of frame 120, muster on the flight deck.
Help me! Hello? Please! Let me out! I'm still in here! Please! Just because she doesn't work there doesn't mean she moved out of the area, okay? Let me know as soon as you locate her.
Anything I need to know about? No, just telemarketers.
I told you registering on the no call list was a waste of time.
Yeah, you also told me that The Fast and the Furious was a great movie, which, by the way, is debatable.
And yet, nine movies in, I am addicted.
Addicted to speed.
Yeah, no, no, no.
Of course.
I won't-I won't change anything until you get back.
The cornhole will be exactly where you left it.
Okay, I love you.
Be safe.
Kensi? How's Mexico? Well, she hasn't said much, which is usually - a bad sign.
- I wouldn't worry about it.
She's got a good team around her.
Yeah, right, I'm just gonna keep telling myself that.
In the meantime, I'm using this time away to surprise her by redoing the backyard and turning it into a Zen garden.
What? What? Who doesn't love a Zen garden? It sounded like she doesn't want anything done to her yard.
But she doesn't know what she's thinking.
This is one of those things where she's gonna show up and she's gonna be like, "Oh, my God, I did not know "that I would love this, but now that I see it, I can't live without it.
" Boom! Boom is gonna be her hitting you in the head with a sand rake.
Come on, let's head up.
- Trust us, it's a mistake.
- But, no, guys, It's not the whole backyard, it's just - Don't do it.
- Don't do it.
Damn it.
What do we have? Naval Intelligence Specialist Petty Officer First Class Adrian Vargas jumped from the balcony of a high-rise short-term rental in Culver City yesterday.
Officer Vargas took a mental health leave about a month ago from the USS Allegiance.
Wait, he took his own life? Maybe, maybe not.
A neighbor said she saw him run out onto the balcony in a panic before he fell.
Any signs of foul play? Looks like there might have been a struggle.
Neighbors reported loud noises, and they heard him shouting at someone.
The toxicology report came back with elevated levels of lysergic acid diethylamide, Aka: LSD.
Looks like he took enough yellow sunshine to float a whole damn boat.
What? Crystal tea? Golden dragon? Square-dancing tickets? When I was a detective, I worked undercover at Burning Man.
Yeah, that's totally believable.
Well, that drum circle ain't taking down itself.
Wasn't there a drug bust a little while ago involving LSD on the USS Allegiance? Now you're connecting the dots, Agent Callen.
Due to the late petty officer's advanced security clearances, and his having worked in the shipboard signals exploitation space, the director of Naval Intelligence has requested that our team take the lead in this case.
Agent Namazi.
Intelligence Specialist Jason Renfro was the sailor that was arrested for using and distributing the LSD on the USS Allegiance.
Renfro and our dead petty officer worked together in operational intelligence.
Now, he has admitted to taking the LSD, but denies having brought drugs onto the ship, and he's never given up his supplier.
Drug use amongst intelligence personnel could be a threat to national security.
And that is why this case is of the utmost importance.
The ONI, and SECNAV, I might add, need us to determine if Renfro is telling the truth, and if so, who is supplying the ship.
Renfro is on his way up from the Miramarbrig to the boatshed.
Deeks, you and Rountree, get over to the late petty officer's apartment, see if we can connect him to Renfro.
Copy that.
And before you go, I would like to impress upon you the need for discretion in this case.
A sailor overdosed and died from drugs he may have bought on a Naval ship.
It's not a real good look for the Navy.
We get that.
No, I don't think you do get it, Agent Callen.
I don't think anyone in this room understands the word "discreet.
" So let me be clear.
Don't blow anything up.
Ooh, sorry I'm late.
Was dealing with something with my little sister.
Oh, no, you're fine.
You're actually, uh, meeting Deeks at Vargas' apartment.
Okay, going back down.
Is everything okay with your sister? Oh, yeah, everything's cool, just, you know, brother-sister stuff.
Well, I've never had a sibling, so can't help you there, but I am a single woman living in L.
, just like your sister, so I might have some insight into how she thinks.
But I fully understand if you don't want to talk about it.
So, every week, Jordyn and I, we grab dinner, we catch up, but once a month, we have Theme Park Sunday.
- Mm.
- It's our thing, it's special.
We go to Universal Studios, Pacific Park, Six Flags Wait, you go to a theme park every month? We have season passes.
Anyway, she cancelled.
Well, I'm sure she had a good reason.
You know, maybe, like, a major exam she had to study for? Or not.
I went by to see her last night, just to make sure everything was cool.
And? Not cool.
I saw her, she didn't see me, and neither did the guy she was with, and she spent the night at his house.
Wait, what? I know, right? No.
You were spying on her sister? No, not spying.
I just wanted to make sure everything was cool.
Well, it seems like she was more than cool.
Well, she's an adult.
Okay? You cannot be surveilling your sister's life.
Look, I just wanted to make sure that she got out of the guy's house safely.
Please don't tell me that you busted her on her walk of shame? Okay.
It No.
And I-I'm not talking about this anymore.
I'm just gonna talk to her later and it'll be You know what? No.
This is a whole world of wrong, okay? If she wants you to know, and this guy is special, then she'll let you know.
It's time for you start treating your sister like the grown woman she is.
Okay, Uncle Creepy? Uh, suicide, drug abuse.
So many in our military are struggling.
Vargas is just one of a wave of tragedies.
I'm actually kind of pissed we're not investigating his death.
Well, there's nothing we can do about that.
What we can do is stop the supply of drugs going on board that carrier before someone else gets hurt.
USS Allegianceis one of the most powerful warships in the world.
You add sailors on LSD, you got a recipe for disaster.
Mm, not to mention a direct threat to our national security.
If Kilbride is right about one thing, I do not give a damn about being discreet.
"The better part of valor is discretion.
" Falstaff? Henry IV? Shakespeare.
Oh, this is, like, a little quiz? I'm supposed to guess who said it? You're killing me, Smalls.
That was from The Sandlot.
Renfro and Vargas were bunkmates, so he most likely got the drugs from Renfro.
We need Renfro to talk.
Wait, market lights? I'm going for a place of quiet serenity, not a taco stand in Barstow.
You're not afraid that Kensi's not gonna let you live there anymore after you replace her garden with rakes and sand? Her garden? You mean her two dead tomato stalks? Listen, I love that woman more than anything, but her green thumb is more of a, how do you say, a puce.
Ooh, that's cold.
Well, I'm never actually gonna say that to her in person.
Yeah, I hope not.
See, you got a lot to learn about marriage.
'Cause marriage, my friend, is all about communication.
And in this case, I am gonna communicate visually what I am not able to verbally.
Can I be there when you show her? Uh, just for marital instruction? Wow, you think this was a fight or a solo performance? Well, the door was locked and chained from the inside when LAPD arrived, so unless somebody climbed out over the balcony after him Well, LSD can cause feelings of euphoria, synesthesia, understanding your place in the universe, or it can cause extreme paranoia and horrible hallucinations.
You talking from experience? Well, I did work undercover at Burning Man.
" Right.
Why is that so hard for people to believe? Yeah, I'll be honest with you, man, I've never done an illicit drug in my life.
When I worked LAPD, a lot of those guys were self-medicating to deal with the job, and I vowed to handle my problems in a very different way.
Mm, what, show tunes? Well, never underestimate the soothing sound of Sondheim's intricate melodies.
I know it's saved me once or twice.
Check this out.
One of the highest-end laptops on the gaming market you can buy.
Well, if you like what's behind door number one, then you are going to love what's behind door number two.
- Oculus Quest 2.
- Yeah.
Yo, Vargas must have been a serious gamer.
Sam and Callen are talking to Renfro now.
If he remained close with Vargas, maybe we can find something in his computer that'll help them convince Renfro to talk.
Special Agent Sam Hanna.
This is Agent Callen.
So, according to the charges in your court-martial, you are responsible for supplying your fellow Intelligence Petty Officers Lee, Perry and Soraci with LSD.
We weren't trying to get high or hallucinate.
We only microdosed.
I'm afraid I don't see the difference.
My first assignment on the USS Allegiance was a special project analyzing the encrypted signals of one of our adversaries.
The job requires a heightened ability to disseminate information at a rapid pace.
I needed help focusing.
And somebody recommended trying LSD.
Who recommended? I don't remember.
It could have been anybody.
I'm not the first person to score LSD on the ship.
During the Cold War, the U.
military actually sanctioned experimentation of psychedelics.
They also tried to train bats to drop napalm.
That didn't work out so well, either.
You and Petty Officer Vargas were in intelligence together.
Did he microdose as well? Vargas? Not a chance.
He's one of the most by-the-book sailors I know.
What does he have to do with this? Adrian Vargas recently jumped to his death while high on LSD.
Did you sell him the drugs? Maybe you two had the same supplier? No, I I never gave Adrian any drugs.
And I don't have a supplier.
Drugs don't just fall out of the sky, Petty Officer Renfro.
They had to come from somewhere.
Who gave them to you? That's what I've been trying to tell everyone.
I have no idea.
All healed up, Agent Namazi? Uh Not exactly.
I was just taking the old leg out for a test run.
But my doctor still wants me to stay out of the field for another month or so.
Uh, excuse me, Admiral.
It's, um, Agent Rountree.
I'll check in later.
And, uh, Agent Namazi, my door is always open.
That is, in case you want to talk.
Hey, Rountree.
Perfect timing.
I, uh, just spoke with Sam and Callen, and Renfro is sticking to his story.
Well, I had a feeling he might.
I'm searching through Vargas' computer right now, and so far, there's literally no evidence that he had any contact with Renfro after he left the ship.
Oh, my God.
This, my friend, - is crazy.
- What is that? That would be Deeks having his first VR experience.
Hold on, where am I? Where are my feet? Ow.
If Renfro's telling the truth, Vargas might have bought these drugs himself.
Well, LSD is a Class A narcotic, and it's moving all over the dark web.
Uh, guys, what-what exactly am I supposed to be looking for in here? Look for anyone he might have been playing with.
Uh, they would've been be using gamertags.
Check for an Onion Router server.
Got it.
Hey, did you, um, hear back from your sister? Nope, and I decided I'm not gonna call her.
Like you said, when she's ready to talk to me, - she'll call me.
- Well, I-I meant let her tell you about her boyfriend, - but I mean, you should - Fatima, Fatima.
Look, I don't need any advice right now, and if we find anything, I'll call you.
Okay, sure.
Thank you.
My God, that is sensory overload.
I'll be honest, I don't think he was playing with anybody or against anybody, it's more of a loner thing.
Oh, look at this.
Self-Love Speak.
Don't mind if I do.
Check this thing out.
Looks like a membership card for the Magic Castle.
What do you got? So Vargas did not have a TOR server on his computer.
That means he wasn't using the dark web to communicate with his supplier.
Yeah, but he was in a lot of these chat rooms looking for cures for PTSD.
Oh, wait.
Scroll back down to the bottom.
Look at that.
That cannot be a coincidence.
"The Age of Aquarius - is now"? - Hmm.
Whoever this dude is, he's obviously a fan of Hair.
Whose hair? No, no, the-the musical Hair.
What's that? What's that? Hello? Are you cops? No.
We're NCIS.
Adrian's death wasn't a suicide.
And how do you know that? Because I know who killed him.
How did you know Petty Officer Vargas? I live on the third floor, and Adrian and I started dating about a week after he moved in.
He was the sweetest man.
So, who killed him? The United States Navy.
That's who.
The Navy? T-They pushed him over the edge.
About a year ago, he almost died in a fire on a ship.
- Um, the USS - Comanche.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, 16 other sailors died in that same fire.
And then they transferred him over to the USS Allegiance, even though he was struggling with anxiety and depression.
I mean, he couldn't sleep, he could barely get used to the small, confined spaces below deck.
I mean, it took over a year before anyone took his issues seriously.
Do you know if he was getting help while he was on leave? Yeah.
He was seeing a therapist here.
A therapist, uh, that wasn't in his file.
That's why we took a break recently.
I mean, he'd finally been diagnosed with PTSD and he wanted to take some time to get himself together.
When they found his body, there was LSD in his system.
No, that-that's impossible.
- Why is that impossible? - His father He struggled with drugs and alcohol.
Adrian never would have taken any drugs.
I mean, LSD in his system? He didn't even drink.
I'm telling you, someone killed Adrian.
Renfro definitely isn't the first sailor to get busted.
The USS Allegiancehas had an ongoing problem with LSD use.
About five years ago, eight sailors were charged with possession of a multitude of drugs, LSD included.
Did they ever figure out who brought the drugs on board back then? I spoke with NCIS Agent Afloat, and apparently, they fell out of space.
The sailors have no idea where the drugs came from.
Yeah, it's the same as Renfro.
He said he wasn't the first person to score LSD on the ship.
There had to be a reason why he thought the LSD was safe.
Anyone in Vargas' department suspected of using? Three sailors actually admitted to using LSD, but they voluntarily checked themselves into a rehab and a urinalysis screening program.
This won't surprise you, but Officers Perry, Soraci and Lee all gave the exact same story.
Your buddies all say you were the one that bought the drugs and pressured them into experimenting.
They wouldn't say that.
Perry just had a son, like me.
He knew how important it was for me to get back to my kid.
Yeah? Well, Petty Officer Perry also said he heard you bragging about how much money you made off the sale of the drugs.
If there's anything you haven't told us, now would be a pretty good time to come clean.
When I got stationed on the USS Allegiance, the Intelligence Department rolled out the welcome wagon.
You mean they hazed you.
It wasn't too bad.
More like pledging.
Were Petty Officers Lee, Perry and Soraci involved? They were in charge.
They handed out my duties each day.
Did any one of those duties include buying LSD? They didn't tell me to buy anything.
One evening, I found a note on my rack telling me where to pick up a package.
I thought it had something to do with the pledging, so I followed the assignment.
But when I brought the package back to the berthing area, no one knew what I was talking about.
There was a note inside, explaining how much to take and how the deliveries would work if I wanted more.
You expect us to believe that story? I know.
I know it seems crazy.
But I just thought that was how it worked.
Whoever was selling drugs wanted to keep their identity a secret.
So where were you picking up these packages? Different places.
Mess decks, the head.
How often did they arrive? Every two weeks or so.
Once it came, I passed the tablets around.
Everybody was looking for a way to do their jobs better.
Once you realized no one else in the crew knew what was going on, why did you keep picking up the packages? Because the microdosing worked.
I could see details and patterns in the intel that I couldn't before.
Who paid for the LSD? Once word got around that I could get the drugs, I would find money under my pillow.
Then I would leave the money and it would be replaced with the LSD.
You know that makes you a drug dealer, right? But I never made a profit.
That just makes you a bad drug dealer.
Hey, guys, the carrier's been docked in San Diego for the last six months for repairs.
That's when the deliveries started.
Once docked, civilians have access to the carrier on a daily basis.
I mean, you got aircraft maintenance, deliveries.
Food supplies, couriers.
I mean, the list is endless.
We need to consider anyone that stepped aboard that ship.
Well, it might take a while, but I can reach out to the ship's SUPO and see if I can expedite it.
- Thanks, Fatima.
- You got it.
Oh, and, uh, I got in contact with Vargas' therapist, Dr.
Evelyn Bernhard.
Have Castor contact her and offer her a ride to the boatshed.
Will do.
You spent more time on that phone today than you did all of last year.
It's Candy Crush.
It's my new obsession.
Yeah? Well, does, uh, Candy Crush have a bonus level that sends you pictures of pretty women? It's a very good game.
I located one of Hetty's protégés.
- G - This is why I didn't tell you, 'cause I knew you were gonna say "You got to let that go.
" You're right.
You should.
I'll keep an open mind.
Who is she? She's actually a little bit of a mystery.
She was working for Homeland Security, but her file is missing from the database.
And how do you know that? Well, let's just say at one point I scratched someone's back at Homeland Security, and now they're scratching mine.
That imagery is making me question if I want to hear the rest of the story.
At first, I just wanted to know if she was dead or alive, okay? But once I found out that the file was missing, I had to know how the story ends.
All right, so what are you gonna do? Track down every foster kid that Hetty took under her wing? How do you even know hearing that story is gonna fill in your blanks? You're telling me you're not even a little bit curious why the file is missing? Maybe a mission went bad and she's hiding, and the agency is protecting her.
If that's true, she's hiding in plain sight.
So you found her.
Just promise me you won't let this consume you.
Wait, you've really never seen it? Dude, that was way before my time.
It was before my time, too, but that doesn't mean I don't have an appreciation for the Tony Award-winning, seminal, American, tribal-love rock musical Hair.
I mean, this, my friend, defined a generation, I mean, it questioned authority.
In fact, it's the reason I wear my hair two inches longer than the average law enforcement officer.
Yeah, I always wondered about that.
You know what, it's been decided.
I'm gonna introduce you to the world's greatest musical.
I don't think that's necessary.
It's been decided.
Heavens to Betsy.
What do we have here? That's it.
Only in L.
can a church exist in the back of a nail salon.
"The cure for PTSD is within heart's reach.
Let us show you the way.
" Wow, how sweet.
If only it was that easy.
Hey, Deeks? What's up, Fatima? I looked into Petty Officer Vargas' financials, and recently, he made a $500 payment to the church.
That's a lot of money for a young petty officer.
I mean, if we're looking for a supplier, this may be it.
Oh, and one more thing, the coroner called.
They found a gelatinous substance in the dead petty officer's stomach.
That could be anything.
Yeah, I'll keep digging into the church and let you know what I find.
All right, thank you, Fatima.
You got it.
He's a carbon-neutral.
Welcome, saints, to a new beginning.
How fortunate are we that the universe has brought us all together today? Uh, are you Prophet Mahee Mahee? Indeed I am, and I'm-I'm guessing that you are some curious souls looking for some guidance.
Actually, uh, we're NCIS.
I got this.
Godspeed, my man, Godspeed! Oh, God.
My hip.
Rountree! Come on, now! That's a Jimmy Snuka Superfly Splash.
What? Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka? I don't know who that is, Deeks.
And this is how the world ends.
Peace and blessings, brothers.
Dear God, are you gonna talk like this the whole entire time? Why'd you run? I thought that my ex-wife had sent you.
She's been trying to serve me a subpoena now for months.
Well, good for her.
Smart move.
We're actually here about Adrian Vargas.
We found this in his apartment.
That ring a bell? Oh, my new membership card.
It makes tithing easy, and you earn points at the Mexican place next door.
- Mm-hmm.
- And how long has Adrian been attending your church? I run a spiritual center.
- Oh.
- And Adrian sought the type of healing that only the Holy Spirit and Buddha and the ancient gods can provide.
About a month ago.
Uh, did this spiritual journey, by chance, involve LSD? N-No.
No, m-my method of treating PTSD begins with a deep meditation that I lead every Saturday evening.
Except for this week, I had to move it to Sunday, because we rented out the space to an Afro reggae band jam session.
They're very good.
You guys should come.
We're here to tell you your method doesn't work, because Adrian Vargas jumped to his death after overdosingon LSD.
What's happening? I'm praying to all of the gods to welcome his beautiful soul.
Mahee Mahee, hey.
What about the, uh, congregation or parishioners or flock or whatever this religion calls it? It's a conglomeration of all the great religions.
I-I even threw some Confucianism in there.
Yeah, this whole thing is confusing.
Did Adrian encounter anyone at your spiritual center that might have provided him - with illicit drugs? - No.
I-I have a very small, tight-knit pandemonium of, just, glorious souls.
I would know if anybody partook in any illegal contraband.
Yeah, listen here, Reverend Tilapia, I don't know if you can tell by the tone of my voice or the judgmental squint that I'm giving you, but I am not buying into this "holier than thou" act.
A classic symptom of "church hurt.
" Sorry, what? A lack of trust in spiritual leaders.
- I can cure that.
- Mm-hmm.
Riddle me this: how much healing did Vargas' $500 buy him? That was a payment Oh, really? for our annual spirit renewal retreat at Big Bear.
Oh, I've got a fantastic shaman who is going to be leading us through a life-changing Ayahuasca ritual.
You guys should come.
That's probably not gonna happen.
- Hey, guys? - Oh, Fatima.
Please tell me you have something incriminating on this charlatan so I can lock him up for life.
Well, his real name is Emmett Westerhouse, and the church is the most legitimate scam he's ever run.
Though his driver's license is suspended, the retreat is real.
His name's on the permit.
God help us all.
Don't worry.
I got you.
I'm not as old as I look, Agent Castor.
It's just a sprain.
Special Agent Sam Hanna.
This is Agent Callen.
- Thanks, Castor.
Here, have a seat.
- Uh, I promise, give me six weeks, I'll be ready to run the L.
Well, thank you for coming all this way, Dr.
Oh, I needed the fresh ocean air.
You wanted to talk to me about Petty Officer Vargas.
I was so sad to hear about his death.
How long were you his therapist? Sadly, we only had two sessions.
I wanted to schedule more, but he wouldn't get back to me.
I understand you diagnosed Adrian with PTSD? I usually wouldn't divulge privileged information, but I want to help.
I've been treating veterans for 50 years.
I never met someone in more distress.
Did Petty Officer Vargas ever mention having an addiction to drugs, alcohol? No, he didn't.
But like I said, he was desperate for relief.
I recommended a course of antidepressants or even CBD to calm his nerves.
I know it helps me.
But he adamantly refused to take anything.
The coroner reported to us that he had ten times the recreational dose of LSD in his body.
They think that he may have No.
Bernhard? A-At our last meeting, I referred Officer Vargas to a clinic in Santa Barbara that uses LSD to treat PTSD.
They have an amazing record of helping returning combat veterans recover.
The coroner's report suggested he took the drugs at home.
Well, y T-They have a waiting list, and-and it can take a while to be admitted.
What if he decided to try the LSD on his own, based off of my recommendation? You ready to talk? Talk? About what? How about the case? Oh, yeah, of course.
Um, this is what I have been working on.
It's an algorithm that I made to help sort out all of the potential private contractors that were on the ship at the same time Renfro got the deliveries.
- And? - Well, in the last five months, 845 civilians had access to the ship.
But I've narrowed down the list to 32 potential suspects for the supplier.
Admiral? All my life, I have enjoyed staring into the eyes of newly enlisted servicemen and women.
M-My father, my grandfather, the countless men and women I've served alongside.
And the day that that picture is taken, every sailor is proud to serve his country.
But then they face the harsh reality of service, and they may never get back to this hopefulness.
Um Sorry, sir, the list has narrowed down to two potential suspects.
Mitchell Tucker and Randall Davis.
All right, see if there's a connection to Renfro.
We're running out of options.
Appreciate your help.
So the clinic that Dr.
Bernhard recommended said that Petty Officer Vargas never reached out or attended any of their seminars.
And Renfro swears he didn't give any of his stash to him.
- I actually believe him.
- Me too.
Still doesn't help us find the the supplier on that carrier.
I may be able to help with that.
I was able to narrow down the list of civilian contractors who had access to the carrier to this guy, Randall Davis.
Former Intelligence Specialist Second Class Davis, that is.
On the USS Allegiance? Mm-hmm.
Until five years ago.
That's the same time as the first LSD bust.
- He's the supplier.
- But he didn't get busted because he set those guys up the same way he set up Renfro.
He works for a printer repair company that services the USS Allegiance.
But I don't think he worked alone.
So, I looked at the visitor's logs and there are at least four different signatures signed in as Davis.
- Where is he now? - I traced his car back to the company's - warehouse in Torrance.
- All right, we'll head over there.
Tell Rountree and Deeks to meet us.
And get us an arrest warrant for Davis.
You got it.
What'd you find? It's large, but the personnel spaces are centered near the loading dock.
Deeks, Rountree, once we get eyes on Davis, we'll let you know when to move in.
And remember, discretion is the key, so no big shows when we take him into custody.
We got the rear exit covered.
Fatima, any luck accessing the building's surveillance system? No.
And I have some more bad news.
Randall Davis isn't just dealing drugs, he may also be manufacturing them.
What makes you think he's manufacturing the drugs? Well, Davis has been receiving a steady flow of deliveries from a grower in China known for producing ergot alkaloid.
That's the main ingredient in LSD.
He's running an underground pirate LSD lab in the middle of Torrance.
This printer repair business is the perfect front.
We got him.
Randall Davis.
You're gonna need to come with us.
Gun! He's running for the delivery van.
Cut him off! Copy that.
He's headed for the exit.
Don't let him get to the street.
Hyah! Oh! Nothing to see here.
Everything's fine.
Well, that was sort of discreet, right? If you say so.
LAPD finished searching the warehouse.
They found the lab as well as a stockpile of supplies.
They also found a huge stash of LSD and assorted pills in the back of Davis' SUV.
That'll make Kilbride happy.
You think anything we do will ever really make Kilbride happy? - Nah.
- Did they have any better luck than us connecting Davis to the drugs that Vargas took? Unfortunately, no.
But the coroner did find gelatin in his stomach.
You know what, I think it's pretty likely that Vargas took a gummy laced with LSD.
I mean, those edibles are super popular.
- You know what else is pretty popular? - Huh? CBD gummies.
Especially amongst the elderly.
Fatima, I need you to look into something for me.
Bernhard? Oh, Agent, uh, Callen, Agent Hanna.
I didn't expect to see you here.
Uh, did you have more questions? Just one.
Why'd you lie to us? Lie? I told you everything I know about Petty Officer Vargas.
Except that you saw him on the day of his death.
We have video footage of him stopping by your office.
Now, are you ready to tell us what really happened? Like I said earlier, he wouldn't make an appointment, and I got worried.
So, I-I asked him to stop by for a gift basket.
Just some books.
I-I was hoping he'd help himself if he wouldn't let me help him.
So you decided to give him drugs and put his life in danger? I see soldiers, sailors, veterans every day that are in pain.
They deserve to be helped.
They deserve to be healed.
Petty Officer Vargas wastrying to get help.
He trusted you.
Did you give him the LSD? When he wouldn't come to the clinic, I, uh, I-I convinced him that CBD was harmless, nonaddictive.
Just something to help him relax.
I-I warned him not to take too much.
You didn't give him CBD, you illegally gave him LSD-laced gummies.
You didn't tell him.
And he clearly couldn't handle it.
He overdosed.
I thought it would help him.
He was terrified he'd be sad the rest of his life.
That's a nice little story you're telling yourself.
Unfortunately, a young man is dead, and his blood is on your hands.
So did you hear anything back from, uh, Hetty's other potential guinea pig? Nope.
And I have decided to leave it alone.
Like you said, life is for the living.
Langston Hughes said it first, but I'll take it.
Life is simple.
Make choices, you don't look back.
Well said.
Actually from Tokyo Drift.
Very underrated movie, by the way.
Yeah, no, no, I Uh, the birdies are gonna love it.
They're gonna absolutely love it.
And I'll take pictures, you're gonna love it, too.
Okay, all right.
Stay safe.
I love you.
How's she doing? The, uh, mission is going according to plan.
Did you tell her that she has her own HGTV reveal when she gets home? Oh, see, I knew it.
I knew you were a little Flip or Flopfreak.
But no, I did take your advice, and I told her I was gonna do a little something-something.
And she said she'd like to add a bird feeder, you know, one of those, like, it looks like A little Cape Cod house You know what I'm talking about.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
It doesn't matter.
I'm gonna make a Japanese teahouse.
It's gonna be amazing.
Well, staying busy is good.
Yeah, no, busy is good, and-and necessary.
Keeps my mind occupied while-while she's out of town.
Speaking of which, I got to get home, because Rountree is gonna meet me at the house and we're gonna watch Hair.
Can you believe that this man has not seen the movie Hair? Have you seen the movie Hair? Do I look like I've seen the movie Hair? I took Kam to see Tangled when she was younger.
The Disney movie about Rapunzel.
Yeah, I know what it is.
I'm just having a difficult time picturing that.
I am not one to pry, Agent Namazi Though my second ex-wife would disagree But I can't put this day to rest without understanding your ruse with the cane.
I apologize, Admiral.
I should have said something sooner.
My doctor actually cleared me a couple days ago, and although my leg feels so much better and my heart really wants to get back in the field, my mind just feels I don't know, um weak.
And the cane bought you enough time to find your strength again? I don't want to let this team down.
The only way you could do that is by rushing your recovery.
Never be afraid to stand up and advocate for yourself, Agent Namazi.
This is your life.
You dictate which story is told.
Over the years, I have lost quite a few good sailors and marines to a thing called PTSD.
All the same to you, I'd just as soon not lose any more people.
Now, if I have to say it to you in so many words, you take as much time as you need.
Understood? Thank you, Admiral.
Good work out there today, Rountree.
Thanks, Admiral.
Hey, look at you.
Cleared for action? More or less.
But I think I'm gonna take a couple weeks before I head back in the field.
All right.
That's what's up.
Hey, I, uh, wanted to apologize.
I know I got a little snippy.
Uh I've basically been raising this little gir this grown woman on my own, for a while now, and, um, I'm realizing I get a little bit sensitive over her.
You don't ever have to apologize to me.
Oh, I reached out to her as well.
I didn't mention her little man-friend, and we're going to Universal Studios this weekend.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
You know, I've always wanted to go on the Harry Potterride.
I'm just kind of afraid to go by myself.
You should come with us.
- Can I? - Yeah.
Jordyn is dying to meet you.
I'm dying to meet her.
Oh! I'm so sorry.
My lomo saltado spilled all over the bag.
Again, I am so sorry.
Will you-will you let me buy you another one, please? - Oh, it's okay.
- H-Honestly.
You know what? I mean, I-I've actually been craving Peruvian food all week.
Is it is it dinner for one? It is.
I could add an Inca Kola to the deal? - I'm I'm Greg.
- Uh My friends call me G.
It's nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you.

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