NCIS Los Angeles s13e11 Episode Script

All The Little Things

Tango Foxtrot, clear for takeoff.
Tango Foxtrot.
Climb altitude 5,000 feet.
Roving Watch Three, verify materiel condition of cold stores.
Bridge, cold stores are condition X-ray.
Deep sea sounding and security watch, all systems and levels are green.
Bridge out.
Is anyone down here? Hello? Bridge, this is Roving Watch One.
Do we have any reports of an injury occurring in Storage Compartment Three? I'm seeing signs of blood.
Somebody was definitely bleeding down here.
Roving Watch One, that's a negative.
What was first believed to have been a car bomb, or suicide bombing attack that killed several people Call me as soon as you get this.
I need to know what went down over there.
I don't care what time it is.
Any luck? No.
Well, what time is it over there? It's 8:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
Look, they may still be looking for survivors.
What makes you think she was even there? It's just a hunch.
It's probably nothing.
I just I want to be sure.
What'd you find? Nothing.
She's not here.
- You're sure? - Yes.
I checked the hospital and all the bodies.
You told me she was meeting with al-Kalmira.
She was.
Well, they're saying that he was the target.
She must have left before the strike.
Knowing Hetty, she probably called it in herself.
Do you have any idea why she was meeting with al-Qaeda? No.
And we probably never will.
Why do you say that? Because anyone she might have been meeting with just got blown to hell.
Well, if Hetty was able to escape, there's a good chance that al-Kalmira and his al-Qaeda operatives were able to, as well.
Just call me as soon as you pick up her trail.
And what if I don't? You will.
I have to go.
And then there was one.
- Welcome back, stranger.
- Yo! It was beginning to feel like 28 Days Later up in here.
Where is everybody? Well, Callen called in.
He said he's working another case.
Uh, Sam's father had some sort of spill, so he and his daughter went out of town to deal with that.
- Is he okay? - Yeah.
And Kensi and Deeks are on their way to the USS Allegiance, which is running exercises off the coast.
- Oh, what are they doing there? - They are helping Special Agent Afloat deal with a rather unusual incident for an aircraft carrier.
Please don't tell me it was attacked by Russian dolphins.
No, but someone did find an abandoned newborn baby on board.
Really? Really.
Thank you.
Agent Blye, Agent Deeks.
Welcome aboard.
- I'm Special Agent Denise Morgan.
- Nice to meet you.
You can, uh, call me Kensi, and actually he's an investigator.
Investigator Deeks doesn't mean I'm not special.
This way.
So, uh, rumor is that you had a stork visit the ship.
As per the skipper's request, we have not made this new visitor public knowledge.
Um, and, uh, where is this visitor now? It was flown to the closest NICU, which, at the time, was Balboa.
It was, it was a preemie, but appeared healthy.
By the doc's initial guestimate, it was probably conceived on board, which means the father is also a crew member.
Has anybody stepped up to claim them? Not yet.
There are over 400 women serving aboard this vessel, and every single one of them is of childbearing age.
Do you two have children? - Oh.
- Oh, um - Not yet.
- We don't.
So do we know if the visitor was male or female? Female.
- Baby girl.
- Normally, I could've handled this on my own, but unfortunately, in this case the clock is ticking.
Why is that? All right.
Follow me.
There was no placenta found with the child.
It's possible they delivered it elsewhere and disposed of it in the trash bin or even threw it overboard.
But if the placenta was retained, the mother is at serious risk of hemorrhaging and sepsis.
I take it nobody was admitted to sick bay with any signs or symptoms that would point in this direction? - I wish.
- I did have the lab match and cross the sample of the blood from the scene, so we know that the mother's A-positive.
But so is 34% of the population.
It helps narrow it down a little, to roughly 165 potential sailors.
Sure would have been easier if she was AB-neg.
And all 165 showed up at quarters? Or they've been accounted for, or they were scheduled to stand a later watch.
Where was the baby found? In a seldom used hold.
We think the mother may have gone there to have it because there was less likelihood that she could be seen or heard.
The umbilical cord was severed cleanly and tied off with a standard issue bootlace.
The baby was wrapped in a pair of coveralls and a T-shirt belonging to another sailor, who swears he knows nothing about this.
Just out of curiosity, what's the rationale for not doing a shipboard announcement? I mean someone must know something.
That was my call.
And the CO agreed.
My fear is that we have an obviously distraught mother, who didn't think that she could come to anyone with this.
Something like that could cause her to panic.
Last thing we need is our frightened mom to do something to hurt herself.
Or, God forbid, jump overboard.
And how much time do you think we have? A few hours, maybe.
It's difficult to say.
The sooner we find her, the better.
Before infection sets in or she bleeds out.
It's in Homs, it's all over the news.
I know.
I know, but it was an Air Force operation, and they are not sharing.
Do you want me to ask Kilbride to make a call? No.
I don't want to have to bother him with this.
Look, somebody else has to have some intel on this.
Check with Nell's sister Sydney over at Homeland Security.
And why don't you put in a call to Sabatino at the CIA? - Somebody has to know something.
- Okay.
- I'll keep digging.
- Thanks.
Uh, can you get me everything we have on an al-Qaeda leader by the name of Mohammed al-Kalmira? I'll let you know what I find.
Any luck? No, no.
I actually, uh, should get going in.
You haven't even slept.
Which I know is not unusual for you, but still, it's not healthy.
You want to take a walk first? I could really use some fresh air and some real coffee.
This stuff sucks.
All right, Petty Officer Hill, you never saw anyone in the vicinity of where you found the baby? No, ma'am.
Except the blood, I guess.
And what were you in that area? I was on roving watch.
And you didn't notice or hear anything abnormal before you spotted the blood? The light was on in the hold.
I thought the previous watch had forgotten to turn it off.
And what's in the hold? It's a forward storage compartment, for line and cable.
Replacement equipment for stuff that gets worn out.
And you never heard the baby cry? No, ma'am.
Not at first.
But I sure as hell heard it the moment I shined my light on it.
It started crying and scared the crap out of me.
- Sorry, ma'am.
- That's quite all right, Petty Officer.
It probably would have scared the crap out of me, too.
So what are people saying on the ship? - Sir? - Yeah, what's the word on the street? Or I guess in this case, it would be the waves.
What's the word on the waves? You know, the skinny, the chatter, the skibidi-babs.
- Sir? - The sip-sip? - The Rumer Willises? - Okay, I think what he's trying to say is do you have any useful scuttlebutt? Scuttlebutt.
Only people I told were my watch commander and the master-at-arms.
And we were all told to keep this quiet by the chief.
What about the coveralls? They belong to you, don't they, Petty Officer Forest? Yes, ma'am.
Any idea what they were doing wrapped around a baby? No, ma'am.
But I hope they kept him warm.
Baby's a girl, actually.
That's pretty sweet.
And you hadn't heard anything about a pregnant sailor or a baby before this? No, sir.
And I've been instructed not to share any of this information.
Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, ma'am.
She's back in Nebraska.
No one on the ship? No, ma'am.
I'm gonna ask Becca to marry me next time I get leave.
So how did this newborn baby end up in your coveralls? I have no idea, sir.
Someone must have grabbed one of my work uniforms from my rack or maybe while they were down at the laundry.
And you never noticed or reported them missing? No, ma'am.
There are 5,000 sailors on this ship.
You can't imagine what'll wind up in your laundry bag some days.
I've had so many bras and panties just end up in there that my buddies were starting to think I was some kind of a cross-dresser.
Not that there's anything wrong with that, sir.
Damn right.
I appreciate you taking the time, Lieutenant.
And if you do get any new information, please do, uh, forward it our way.
Thank you, sir.
What's the status on our baby and the missing mother? The infant is receiving neonatal care at the Bob Wilson Naval Hospital in San Diego, and is by all accounts healthy.
But still no luck locating the mother.
Where's Agent Callen? He was running down a lead.
A lead on what? I-I'm assuming it's one of our open or ongoing cases.
Really? A case that he chose not to share or disclose? Uh, he did say he'd be in later.
Well, color me lucky.
I can, I can try contacting him, if you like No, no.
Far be it for me to want to interrupt his Reiki session or whatever it is he's really up to.
No, just, uh, text me when he decides to grace us with his presence.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Copy that, sir.
As long as I can smell the ocean, I always feel safe.
What makes you feel safe? - You do.
- Mm.
Good answer.
You're totally lying, - but I appreciate the effort.
- I'm not lying.
Can I ask you about your school? Institute for Noble Maidens.
What did Arkady tell you? That your mom might've taken you there to hurt him.
He tried to get you out, but you refused.
That true? Yeah.
Yeah, he did come to get me, and, um, I did refuse to leave.
I felt so bad.
But I liked it there.
Yes, they were strict, and they could be brutal at times, but got to ride horses, shoot guns, crash cars.
What? It was fun.
You chose to stay there? Absolutely.
Look, at times, I hated it and considered it to be the most cruel place on earth, but I survived.
In fact, I thrived.
Can't imagine what my life would've been otherwise.
Well, Arkady would've taken care of you.
Why do you laugh? He adores you.
He'd never let anything happen to you.
If it was up to Arkady, he would've put me in an all-girls school on a private island that shot boys on sight.
- You're just lucky he likes you.
- Yeah.
Well Hey.
Is this about Hetty? Are you worried for her safety, or are you worried that if something happened to her, you'll never find out about your past? Probably both.
Look, I don't know what happened, but I know that she cares for you a lot.
I might even say like her own son.
Mother who manipulates her own son.
All mothers manipulate their kids.
How else would they get them to do anything? Hmm? Do you ever wonder what your life would've been like if-if Hetty hadn't found you? Yeah, I think about it sometimes.
Where would I be, what I'd be doing? And? Sometimes, it's the Florida Keys, sometimes it's Alaska a farm in Idaho.
A farm? Yeah.
Driving down a gravel road in my pickup truck, my dog sticking his head out the window.
Watching my kids ride their bikes.
And is that what you want? No.
I I don't know.
I I don't know where I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to be doing.
I I have no idea.
Maybe maybe you're exactly where you're supposed to be.
Maybe we all are, whether we like it or not.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Standby for a word from the commanding officer.
Good afternoon, crew.
We need all hands to assist in replenishing our on-board blood stores.
All female crew members with type A positive blood, muster in the passageway outside sick bay.
All male crew members with type A positive blood will muster tomorrow at 1300.
Stay safe and have a wonderful afternoon.
Do you think this is gonna work? I don't know.
Might help us narrow down the field.
Also, we should talk to the ship's chaplain.
If the mother was religious, she may have sought spiritual guidance.
That's a good idea.
All right, do I want to take a moment to address the, uh, elephant in the room? Yes, TOPGUN pilots are indeed cool and stone-cold badasses, but, sweetheart, you are, too.
No, I was talking about the fact that we are desperate to start a family, and yet here we are investigating a woman who just abandoned a child.
Oh, that? Yeah, that definitely falls under the unfair column.
TOPGUN pilots? Really? Maybe it's the uniforms.
Yeah, but I definitely had a uniform as a cop.
Yeah, and you looked adorable, like a stoic, blue knight, ready to serve and protect.
- Protect and serve.
- That's what I said.
No, you said, "Serve and protect.
" It's "protect and serve.
" The LAPD is very definitive about it.
She left the baby to be found.
I'm sorry, what? If she wanted to hide the baby, she would've thrown it overboard.
Okay, putting that horrible image aside for a second, maybe she was worried the baby would start crying before she got to the exterior catwalk.
- She could've smothered it first.
- Okay, this is only getting worse.
I'm just getting such an un-maternal vibe from you.
Maybe we should consider getting a full-time nanny.
- Okay, stop.
Bear with me for a sec.
- Okay.
- She tied off the umbilical cord.
- Yep.
She wrapped her in coveralls to keep her warm.
She left the light on in the hold so somebody would see her.
Deeks, she wanted the baby to be found.
Okay, I'm just not sure where you're going with this.
She did everything to ensure the baby survived.
She cared about her well-being, and we can use this.
How do we use that? I don't know yet.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- We're gonna keep thinking.
- We're gonna keep thinking.
On that.
Excuse me.
Get on.
All right, ladies, you are all set for now.
Thank you.
You may return to your duties.
How many have reported so far? I just knocked off another 19 who couldn't leave their posts, and all the female berthing areas have been cleared.
And we talked to the chaplain.
No joy there.
We're running out of time.
So maybe it's time we make that ship-wide announcement.
We know the mother's life is already in danger, this may be our only chance to find her and to save her.
I think you may be right.
I'll have a talk with the CO and see what he says.
Thank you.
I am gonna hit up female pilots as they cycle through.
I mean, I doubt our mystery mom's gonna be in any shape to fly, but I am running out of options, so Uh, feel free to grab a crew list and a thermometer.
Maybe you'll get lucky.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Admiral Kilbride? Dr.
Please, you can call me Nate.
You can still call me Admiral.
- Thanks for making the time.
- Of course.
May I ask you a quick question, - Admiral? - By all means.
Is there a reason why I'm meeting you here and not at OSP? Have you seen the fishbowl they've stuck me in? Feel like a zoo exhibit.
Besides, it's a beautiful day.
About the only good thing about this place is the weather, when you're not having earthquakes or mudslides or wildfires.
Sounds like you're settling in.
So how can I be of service, sir? Well, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions of my own.
You have known and worked with Henrietta for a number of years as the team's operational psychologist, and in other capacities as well.
Not sure I follow you, sir.
Oh, I'm pretty sure you do.
I know for a fact that you ran ops for Henrietta off the books on numerous occasions, so let's just forgo any pretense, shall we, and you just tell me what the hell she's gotten herself into.
Perhaps it would be best if you tell me what you do know.
I know she's in Syria.
I know she made a mess of things there with her mole hunt.
What I don't know is if this latest drone strike had anything to do with her.
I don't know that, either.
But I do know she was in that area meeting with al-Qaeda leaders to negotiate the release of some hostages.
What hostages? She wouldn't reveal their identities.
I was profiling the al-Qaeda leaders with the hopes of helping her get what she wanted, but I haven't heard from her in a couple of days now, and I have no way of reaching her.
She only calls me.
It's a one-way communication.
Was, um was one of the ones she was negotiating with Mohammed al-Kalmira? Yes.
Son of a bitch.
We don't know what the guy looks like, and she's having lunch with him.
Knowing Henrietta, she probably called the drone strike in on herself.
Wouldn't put it past her, sir.
Nor should you.
I wish there was more I could offer you, Admiral.
Thanks for your time.
Oh, there is something else you could do for me.
You could give me some professional insight into the rest of the team.
You were their shrink for a number of years, you probably know them as well as anyone, maybe even better.
Yes, but I'm not asking you to tell me which one still wets the bed, Doc.
I'm just I'm looking for a little guidance to help me deal with this Island of Misfit Toys I've inherited.
Now, think about it.
Anything that helps me to interact with them better, maybe avoid some pitfalls with certain individuals.
It's all for the sake of making the team better.
And that can save lives.
Notably, mine.
Where are we? Just what I've been able to pull from news and satellite footage.
That's al-Kalmira? Maybe, maybe not.
He's avoided the media, and no one's even sure what he looks like.
It's rumored to be a photo of him, but we can't confirm it.
I'm sorry, I still can't tell you if Hetty or Mohammed al-Kalmira were there before or after.
What do you have? - Trouble.
- What kind of trouble? The kind that likes to cut your head off.
But a guy on a motorcycle helped me out, - an American.
- What American? He won't tell me his name.
- Is he there with you now? - Yes.
All right, let me talk to him.
- Hello? - Who is this? Who's this? Look, I don't have time to play games, pal.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
I know you.
You sound familiar, too.
Keane? Callen? Son of a bitch.
Hey, go to video chat.
How are you, man? You two know each other? Unbelievable.
Why am I even here? What the hell are you doing there? - W-Where's Hetty? - I don't know.
I was her overwatch until somebody decided to drop a bomb on us back there.
Were you close? I'm still coughing up dust.
What about Hetty? She's gone.
She either absconded before the strike or went to ground.
She's been incommunicado since.
What are the chances that she was killed? There's no sign of that.
It's possible she escaped with al-Kalmira.
What is she doing talking to him? She's negotiating for the release of two Western journalists.
I don't get it.
W-Why Hetty? Because they aren't really journalists, they're her people.
- NCIS? - I assume so.
She wouldn't identify them to me, so I couldn't give them up if I was compromised.
What can we do to help? Well, nothing right now.
The fewer people here asking questions the better.
The locals are already freaking out.
Hetty brought a significant war chest.
I'm using that to buy some answers - on the down low.
- Time up.
They can't decipher this, but they can pick up the broadcast.
Okay, just put Keane back on for a second.
Make it quick.
Keane, keep me up to date, let me know what I can do to help.
- Yeah, yeah, I will.
- A-And one more thing.
Do you know anything about a program that involved kids that Hetty may have been involved with back in the '70s and the '80s? Keane, look, I'm-I'm asking you man-to-man, Keane.
If you know what I'm talking about, you know that I cannot afford to have this information die with Hetty or with you.
There was a remedial learning and training program launched under the guise of the Department of Education, but it was CIA funded.
I wasn't involved, but Hetty was.
It was called the Drona Project.
- I think Hetty was - Bye.
So do you have anything to drink? Vodka.
No whammies.
Good work, uh, Petty Officer Debartolo.
- Still no announcement.
- Yeah, well, the Navy has their own way of doing things.
I think we should go re-check out the area where the baby was found 'cause maybe they missed something.
You don't want to keep going through the crew list? Yeah.
You keep doing this, I'm gonna go re-check the area.
- I'll just keep doing this.
- And I'll go - Go check out the area.
- Yeah.
Hello, ladies.
Can I take your names and your temperatures? Just gonna take a second.
Ah, note to self, next time, lead with NCIS.
Baby? Kensi? Please tell me you're down here some place 'cause I have no idea where I am.
- I have no idea how to get back.
- Hey.
- Back it up, Scooby.
- Hah.
Knew I'd find you.
Even through these tons of steel, my wolf senses can't be denied.
I can see why our mystery mother chose down here.
It's like an '80s Ralph Lauren po Kens.
She's got a pulse.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How is she? Ah, they're still working on stabilizing her.
She's been identified as Petty Officer Third Class Sofia Addison, and by all accounts, she's a model sailor.
Unfortunately, she's lost a lot of blood, she's battling sepsis, but she's been given a transfusion, and they're pumping her with antibiotics.
So, she's not out of the woods yet.
No, but she'd probably be dead if it wasn't for you two, - so thank you.
- Of course.
I have to go brief the skipper.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
We should've found her sooner.
- How? - I don't know, Deeks, but we should have.
What if she doesn't make it? See, that's out of our hands now.
All we can do is help identify the father 'cause that baby look at me That baby's gonna need a dad.
I hate this case.
I know.
Who thought it'd be easier just to get shot at by bad guys? Can we help you, sailor? Uh, no.
Ma'am, I was just hoping to get an update on one of my shipmates.
I was told she was brought here.
Petty Officer Addison? Yes, sir.
Have you heard how she's doing? She's doing not great.
Seriously? W-What happened? How good of friends were you two, um, Elger? Really good friends, ma'am.
You guys in a relationship? - A relationship? - Having sex? No, ma'am, i-it wasn't like that.
Are you sure about that, Elger? Sofia's in there right now due to complications from giving birth to a premature baby last night.
A-A baby? Sorry Sofia had a baby? We had a DNA test, so it's only a matter of time before we figure out who the father is.
Would you be willing to volunteer your DNA for testing? - Absolutely.
- Okay, so in case you're not the father, do you have any idea who might be? - Does she have a boyfriend on board? - No.
Anybody back home? Nope.
You seem very certain of that.
Well, she was very insecure and pretty intimidated by men.
But she wasn't intimidated by you, so why do you suppose that is? Because we're friends.
And probably because I'm gay.
She got along well with the queer guys, but not so much the straight dudes.
In fact, she even requested to be excused from escort duty.
I'm sorry, what-what-what is that? The junior command members occasionally get tasked with babysitting visiting civilians, so they don't get lost, fall overboard, or get sucked into a jet engine.
Good news, for once.
Kensi and Deeks found the mother.
They're gonna transport her to San Diego Naval hospital as soon as she's stable.
Well done.
Can I pass that on to them, sir? You certainly can, Agent Namazi.
Uh, hey, um Have you seen Agnes of God? Maybe.
They open for Alice in Chains? No.
It's a movie based on a play in which a nun has a baby in a convent, and she insists that it's a virgin birth.
Oh, that old chestnut.
Well, I'm I'm starting to feel like Petty Officer Addison might be, you know, our Agnes.
- What, did Agnes abandon her baby? - Yup.
Wait, what? Really? I mean, that's the whole point of the movie.
- And? - And what? - And what happens? - I don't know.
I remember Anne Bancroft smoking, some nuns are skating, and then I don't remember the end of the movie.
You don't remember the end of the movie? - No.
- You are the world's worst storyteller.
- What're you talking about? - I thought this was gonna be No, I'm just saying, the key to a story is to have some sort of ending - of some kind - Whatever.
If there was How old did Captain Carnes say that baby was? How many weeks? About 27 weeks.
Why? Which would put it late August, which - Yeah.
- Yeah, according to this duty roster, she's still escorting civilian contractors around the ship.
Which we know she hated to do.
Maybe it goes beyond that.
And it does.
Exemption request to remove her from the task.
According to her shipmate, Elger, she was intimidated by men.
Maybe there's a reason for that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
She's awake.
I gave her some meds for pain, so she might seem a little groggy.
How you feeling? Not so great.
I'm NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye.
- This is Investigator Deeks.
- Hi.
Is it okay if we ask you a few quick questions? Do you remember anything that happened? I think I passed out.
Do you remember delivering your baby? That's okay.
It's okay.
Can you tell us who the father is, Sofia? I mean, was he a is he a fellow crew member? No.
Was it the civilian contractor that you escorted around the ship? Hey.
It's okay.
You're not in any trouble, all right? Were you two in a relationship? I know this is scary, but you are safe.
You are safe.
Do you want us to call him? He raped me.
He raped me.
His name is Gary Drummond.
28 years old.
He works for Ashitom Solutions.
It's a computer software company that has a government contract with the Navy.
Yeah, yeah, I got him.
Gary Drummond, a Silicon Beach brat.
I'll secure an arrest warrant, have the boys bring him in.
All right, let me know when you have him.
And Fatima? Tell the boys to do everything by the book.
I don't want this son of a bitch getting off on a technicality.
I will let them know.
Hey, we got a break in the boat baby case.
Kensi and Deeks interviewed the mother.
She was a victim of a sexual assault by a defense contractor.
Fatima's getting the arrest warrant right now.
We got a name and an address? Yes, we do.
Excuse me.
Hello? Really? I have a bomb.
That's our guy? Excuse me.
Yeah? NCIS.
Agent Callen, Agent Rountree.
We need you to come with us.
Why? We'd like to ask you a few questions from your time aboard the USS Allegiance a few months ago.
No can do, sport.
That's a classified contract.
Did he just call me "sport"? Afraid it's above your pay grade.
What the hell? We got a warrant for your arrest.
Turn around, put your hands behind your back.
Hey, get away from me.
You don't want to do that.
You can't put your hands on me.
That's assault.
Kind of like what you did to Petty Officer Sofia Addison? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Look, man, last chance, all right? Put your hands behind your back.
Really? Nothing? That's some serious concentration.
There she is.
How you doing, Petty Officer? Hey.
Um I'm not gonna pretend to know how you're feeling or what you've been through, but I do know that you did everything in your power to keep your daughter safe and healthy.
And even though she came from a really ugly place, she's a really beautiful little girl.
She's a fighter like her mom.
Um, do you want to see a picture? Yeah? Okay.
Agent? Yeah? What's your first name, Agent Blye? Uh Kensi.
Kensi? Mm-hmm.
I think I'll call her Evelyn, after my mother.
Evelyn is a beautiful name, and your mother will love that.
Be well, Petty Officer Addison.
Take care of that baby.
Should've just said Fern.
- What're you talking about? - Oh, man, she was right there, about to name her daughter after you, and then you had to drop "Kensi" on her? Did you hear her repeat your name? Like "K-K-K-K-Kensi?" I mean, you could You might as well just said "Ab-sid-ee.
" You weren't kidding about the fishbowl.
You believe this? It's like working in a 42nd Street peep show, without the tips.
Wasn't sure I'd see you again.
The health and safety of our people is always my number one concern.
Glad to hear that.
You might as well cut me loose, 'cause I can't talk about my work, and you can't make me.
We don't care about your work.
We care about the young petty officer you raped.
Oh, please.
You can't be that gullible.
Really? Some dumb sailor chick gets knocked up, and points at the first civilian she sees to protect her boyfriend from being court-martialed, or whatever you seamen do.
You got her pregnant.
She had a baby girl.
- Nope.
- Oh, yeah? Castor? Get this guy out of here.
Let's go.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Want me to take you back to HQ - or you want to go home? - Anna's gonna get me here.
- I'm good.
I'm good.
- All right.
See you tomorrow.
I'm not worried about Sam.
Kensi, either, for that matter.
Deeks, on the other hand's, a basket case, but I don't need you to tell me that.
No, it's Callen that I'm worried about.
Does the name "Drona" mean anything to you? As in Dronacharya? It's a Vedic guru and teacher of military arts.
I find that understanding someone's theology can often provide insights into their belief system.
Yeah, well, besides your Verdic guru, have you ever heard it used as the name of a research project developed to help underprivileged children? I don't think so.
Why? Well, it seems that back during the heyday of the Cold War, a certain government agency which shall remain nameless - The CIA? - That's the one.
decided to run a bunch of cognitive tests on children who were part of the foster care system.
It was presented under the guise of diagnosing learning disabilities, and identifying those who might be considered gifted, despite their circumstances.
I'm not gonna like where this is going, am I? - Probably not.
- Yeah.
It was supposedly based on a similar program that the Soviets developed to train young operatives.
Their Ravens and Sparrows? Exactly.
I believe ours were cloyingly called "Owls and Swans.
" I've heard rumors about experiments like that, and others the Agency supposedly undertook, like the MK-ULTRA experiments and remote viewing, but I always assumed they were just urban legends.
This one isn't.
And not only was Henrietta involved, but so was a very young Callen.
Callen? As a subject? And he knows this? He does now.
Henrietta got out of Dodge before they could have at it, but assuming she survives her current imbroglio, that day is fast approaching.
When it arrives, that's where you come in.
How so? Damage control.
You're worried about Callen.
I'm worried about all of 'em.
This could not only destroy the relationship between Henrietta and Callen.
It could have very serious consequences for this entire team.
But, yes, I am most worried about Agent Callen.
Hey, call me when you get this, Zasha.
I mean it.
Pomona? You are joking.
I don't care how good the food is.
I am not driving - all the way - Who are you talking to? Hey, Buddy.
Long time no see.
You look tired, old man.
You getting enough sleep? You need to take care of yourself.
It won't be nearly as much fun if you're not at your best.
See you again real soon.

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