NCIS Los Angeles s13e12 Episode Script


Unknown aircraft.
This is the USS Allegiance.
You are approaching restricted airspace Do you copy? I say again.
This is the USS Allegiance.
You are approaching XO on deck! As you were.
What's the situation? Sir, an unidentified aircraft is rapidly approaching our airspace.
We've attempted radio contact, but haven't received a response.
- How close? - 15 miles out and closing.
I want a visual on this bogey now.
Ringo, Combat.
A bogey bearing 330, 18 miles out off your nose has failed repeated hailing attempts.
Change course to intercept.
Is this real world or exercise? No active training events in the A-O.
Why didn't we catch it sooner? None of our radar systems picked it up.
How is that possible? It's as if it came out of nowhere, sir.
This is a U.
military aircraft, You are entering restricted airspace.
Change course and head east immediately.
Unknown aircraft, if you do not comply, you may be fired upon.
Combat, I'm within visual range, and I'm not seeing anything.
They just crossed the five-mile mark.
The bogey just stopped.
Did it hit the water? No, sir, it's maintaining altitude, but all forward motion has stopped.
Airspeed zero knots.
It's hovering.
Ringo to Combat, negative visual.
Executing a head-to-head pass.
Tell Ringo to pull off now! Ringo to Combat, multiple contacts! Breaking left! Stick unresponsive! I've been hit by an unknown projectile.
Didn't realize we were sponsoring Bezos' moon landing.
Oh, that's hysterical, that's the same joke that Hank made.
Who's Hank? Hank is our delivery driver Who is a delight, by the way.
We're already on a first-name basis with Hank? Doesn't matter.
You know what matters is what's in the box.
Help yourself, get in there.
- Oh, let's see here.
- Yeah, check it out.
Ooh, Sky Dancer.
Lite Brite.
A Skip-it?! What are you doing? Oh, I'm just looking for the portal to 1992.
'Cause it's got to be in here somewhere.
These are classics, I will have you know.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Yo, try the box with the Sock'em Boppers in it.
- Yeah.
- Okay, we need to prep our house for the foster inspection.
That means baby-lock the cabinets, remove sharp corners, and definitely get rid of excess clutter.
That's a Turbo Shot 300! That's not clutter, that's a Turbo Shot 300.
Babe, what is this really about? I'm just trying to create a welcoming environment, that's all.
And that's incredibly sweet, but that is only a small part of what this inspection is about.
And plus, these are modern kids.
They want modern, cool things.
Not cool? What are you talking about? These toys were the coolest when I was a kid.
30 years ago? I have video games.
Oregon Trail? Every kid loves a game where they can die from dysentery.
Where have you guys been? I had Rountree come get you like ten minutes ago.
Is that Oregon Trail?! Why, yes, it is Oregon Trail.
Why don't you enjoy forging the raging rivers and Ow! You're late.
I am.
I'm not doing the triathlon alone.
And Otis can't keep up, so I was with Anna.
Oh, the trip to Napa did you two some good.
How's your dad? He's recovering.
You know him.
Won't listen or slow down.
You okay, G? No offense, but you look terrible.
DARPA's Media Forensics hasn't had any hits on the deepfake.
Isn't that a good thing? Well, the better we get at finding their flaws, the better the program is at fixing its mistakes.
It's invisible 'cause Katya keeps updating it.
She is never gonna stop.
Hey, guys.
He insisted on coming.
I'm assuming by now you've all seen the video that was posted last night of the UAP sighting over the L.
coastline? The one that's been all over the news? Yeah.
It's been hovering over the canyon for the last five, ten minutes.
What is that? A million views and climbing.
This isn't the only one.
Dozens of videos like this have been posted from across the city, appearing to show the same phenomenon.
Uh, is nobody gonna say it? 'Cause I will say it.
That's obviously a UF Oh he's here.
Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.
I know that three-letter words are hard, but let's try to keep up.
Last night, an unidentified aircraft penetrated U.
airspace off the Southern California coast, undetected until it accosted the USS Allegiance while she was conducting routine training operations.
During pursuit, a mid-air collision occurred, causing a pilot to eject.
How's the pilot? Well, while I'm sure that ejecting at Mach I didn't do any good for his nerves, the pilot was recovered safely.
The F-35, however, was not so lucky.
This incident has caused quite a scene, drawing a lot of media speculation, and pointing some unwanted fingers at Russia, China, North Korea.
- You get the idea.
- In layman's terms, it's a damn circus out there.
And we really don't know what this thing is? From all accounts of the incident, whatever it is circumvented all of our countermeasures.
- Geez.
- What could even do that? Not just what, but who? Now, let me be abundantly clear about this, this is not about little green men in flying saucers or whatever E.
crap that the media are selling.
Something under orders of someone violated international law by entering U.
airspace and threatening U.
Naval vessels.
This is a matter of national security.
That's weird, uh Sam said our pilot just showed up to the boatshed.
He wasn't even supposed to be released from the hospital till the end of the day.
Here you go.
- Sorry, sorry! - It's okay.
- I'll get you a towel.
- No, no, no.
I can just, uh Are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to be here right now.
I-I'm ready.
I need to do this.
Why don't you tell me what happened last night? Uh, well, I was diverted from my training mission since I was the closest plane in the area.
And we weren't getting any kind of response from the, uh, aircraft.
If you can call it that.
Were you able to get a good look at it? No, no.
The, uh the aircraft had no anti-collision lights on during my approach, and even with the IR, I could barely make out a heat signature before the thing, uh, broke apart and, uh spread around me on radar.
What do you mean, "spread"? Well, at first I thought it was another plane, um, deploying chaff, but then the signatures came towards me and surrounded my aircraft.
So I broke off and I tried to put some distance between me and the other aircraft, but-but they kept pace and stayed with me, and once I hit that afterburner, I would've been going over 650 knots.
How did the craft go down? Well, once, um it was pursuing me, I, uh deployed flares and began to climb, but something hit and it damaged my wing.
The plane went into a spin I had to punch out.
So it fired on you, and it damaged your wing? No! Sorry.
It's like I told the people at the hospital.
I never had any radar lock or missile threat.
One of the signatures hit me midflight.
And they told me they're classifying this incident as a bird strike.
Can you believe that? Well, was it? I mean, you said it yourself you couldn't get a good look at it.
I mean, yeah, it was dark, but when was the last time you heard of a flock of birds taking down an F-35? Is that why you're here? Why you left the hospital before they released you? You try ejecting at 7,000 feet only to be told that Look.
I don't know what it was that I saw last night.
But it wasn't a bird that took down my jet.
Thank you.
That was the Coast Guard.
They're gonna get back to us with a list of ships that where in the area the night of the incident.
Any luck getting an ID off the UAP? Not really.
I think this is gonna be harder than we thought.
We have the AESA data transmitted from the F-35, but none of the flight patterns make any sense.
And the IR camera didn't capture anything usable before cutting out after impact.
And we have an entire battle group's worth of data, but none of it points to anything conclusive.
It doesn't make any sense how this aircraft got so close before being detected.
And then just leaves without a trace? Honestly, we're so lucky no one got seriously hurt, or worse.
Yeah, well, hopefully, when Sam and Callen get to the carrier, we'll be able to get a better scope of what happened.
Until then, all we have are some spooky lights in the sky.
There's videos all over the Internet, right? Mm-hmm.
Well, we may not be able to get an ID.
But what if we use it to track it once it got over land? It might be a long shot, but if we can pinpoint peoples' locations using the geotags and time stamps from their videos, then we can piece together a flight path and figure out where the UAP was headed.
I think I'll keep you around.
Thank you.
Special Agent Callen, Special Agent Hanna.
Welcome aboard, gentlemen.
Our agent afloat said we could be expecting you.
I just hope this wasn't a waste of your time.
Although with this much media attention, I'm sure you don't have much of an option.
And it's always nice to get some fresh air.
Of course.
If you please This is our flight map from last night.
As you can see, our bogey first appeared on radar approximately 15 miles east of the ship.
None of the other systems detected it before then? Nope, mechanical failure.
Still, we like to be sure.
Lieutenant Landry was redirected to investigate the contact.
He converged with something here before he dropped below radar coverage.
Landry said that the incident was gonna be classified as a bird strike? Do you agree with that assessment? I don't.
But I can't say I agree with the pilot, either.
Last night's incident was an unfortunate combination of technical failure and inexperience.
A lieutenant who graduated at the top of his F-35 class? Why would you send him in to investigate if he was so inexperienced? It was suspected to be a glitch in our radar array.
The flyby was just for confirmation.
He was never in any kind of danger.
Mm-hmm, the pilot's story is a bit different.
Fear can make things appear differently.
I'm sure you both agree.
So you're saying his story is false.
To him, no.
But I have no reason to believe that crippled plane couldn't have been saved by a more experienced pilot.
Or that what he saw on his radar was actually there.
Calling this an accident is a favor to him and his record.
Disqualifying his story? Tell me, did he seem stable when you spoke to him? You know, it wasn't long ago that statements about UAP sightings could end a career.
Now we've got whole task forces committed to them.
It's a brave new world.
Bravery has nothing to do with it.
If you'll excuse me.
I'm starting to think the USS Allegiance has a leadership problem.
Ah, what tipped you off? The abandoned infant or the jilted pilot? Those guys he was talking to back there? Army Future Command.
Yeah, what is Army Future Command doing on a carrier? I'm not sure.
But whatever the reason, they didn't seem happy to see us.
You know, Landry said that somebody else questioned him while he was in the hospital about the incident.
I thought it was the agent afloat, but, uh, maybe I was wrong.
You think Army Future Command is investigating this case? Well, it sure seems like whoever spoke to our pilot also spoke to the XO.
I think it's time we hear another side of the story.
Hey, Fatima? Hey, guys.
What's up? Can you see if any other departments are working on this case actively? Uh, it's just us, UAP Task Force, Coast Guard Everyone's following our lead.
Why do you ask? We have to let you know when we get off the ship.
Well, in better news, I think I might have found what hit our pilot.
What, it resurfaced? Not exactly.
So get this.
While whatever our pilot hit most likely went down in the water with his F-35, social media posts appear to show a damaged piece of the UAP make it over land before crashing.
Now, using location data and geographic landmarks from several sources, I was able to triangulate the approximate location to a quarter-mile radius in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Kensi and Deeks are on their way there now to investigate.
Nice work.
Others think this could be an attack from Russia, China, or yet another example of contact from another world.
The Navy, Coast Guard, and the LAPD have yet to comment.
Well, this doesn't look promising.
Yo, what are you doing? Get out of my "saved for later" cart.
I knew you weren't looking for a podcast.
Give me my phone! - Why, what's the big deal? - Because you don't just look through somebody's online shopping cart.
It's personal and private, like a diary.
Besides, that is just the essentials.
"The essentials"? A ten pack of glow-in-the-dark stars is essential? Yeah, that's essential This is my best idea yet.
It's, like, the most amazing version of nightlights.
- Oh, that's interesting.
- What? All the cool kids had it.
Okay, if one of them falls on the floor, it is a choking hazard.
Okay, then.
What did you have on your ceiling growing up to elicit a feeling of imagination and childhood wonder? Uh stucco and darkness.
That explains so much.
I have a question.
Do you think that maybe, just maybe, you are overcompensating just a teeny-tiny little bit because you're afraid that this kid won't like you? - No.
I just - Mm-hmm.
It's just that you are, you have such an amazing way with kids.
I mean, look at you with Rosa.
I just thought that maybe I could just stack the deck.
And that's why I love you, sweetie.
But you don't need to bribe someone to make them like you.
Just be yourself, babe? Worked on me.
- But I'm keeping the stars for me.
- No.
- No, just a five pack? - No.
- A two pack, final offer.
- No! Hey! - I'm buying them right now.
- You're not getting that.
Yes, I am.
Can't cancel.
- Hey, Fatima? - Hey.
We're close to the crash site, but we've hit a dead end.
I was afraid of that.
Do you, uh, think you guys can continue on foot? Uh, yeah.
You didn't happen to pack a machete, did you? Coast Guard just got back to us with a list of their ships.
No unusual activity.
Same with San Clemente Island.
No reports of any testing that night.
What's wrong? After the altercation with the jet, the UAP retreated.
Why not just attack if it was so close? Yeah.
It was close enough and decided not to.
So maybe its objective wasn't to attack.
But if that was the case, then what was it trying to do? It must've been trying to gather some sort of data.
But what's capable of non-kinetic attacks and that type of movement? A UAV swarm.
A a drone swarm? Could that take out a jet? If you had dozens of them matching the speed of the plane, maybe.
I'll let Callen and Sam know.
Agent Namazi, I've got SECNAV on the phone.
I need a sitrep now.
Sir, based on what we know so far, I think this might have been an attack by a highly advanced UAV swarm.
Armed? We can't say, but based on the encounter with the jet and its proximity to the carrier, it suggests not.
But if it is a swarm and it wanted to attack, it easily could have.
However However, I think that the lack of lethal force against the jet was maybe a tactical decision.
They weren't trying to attack.
They were trying to provoke a response, and observe.
That would explain why it never fired at the jet or the carrier.
Any further advancement from the UAVs would've put them in the perfect position to suck up massive amounts of electronic intelligence from the ships.
Sir, if I'm correct, the controller could gather enough information from the USS Allegiance alone to put together a comprehensive picture and possibly defeat our Navy in combat.
And if you were serious about invading a world power, that would be a very good place to begin.
So, uh rattlesnakes Are definitely not nocturnal.
Of course.
Just checking.
It's like the real Oregon Trail.
Deeks? Yeah, looks like we found our crash site.
But where's the UAV? I mean, it couldn't have survived that impact, right? Somebody beat us to it? Yep.
Someone was definitely here.
Or still is.
Well, now I'm hoping it's just a rattlesnake.
Federal agents.
Come out with your hands up.
Please, don't shoot! He's clear.
So if you're really a college student, what are you doing out here, and more importantly, why are you hiding from federal agents? I don't know you.
You're not in uniform.
In fact, nothing on you is identifiable.
Fair enough.
Can I have that back, please? Maybe if you guys invested, I don't know, tax dollars in something like a uniform, or a nice hat or something like that.
- What is all this? - It's for my podcast.
Because these are the perfect conditions for a voice recording? It's an investigative podcast.
You can check it out It's called I Know You Know I Know.
I've been tracking the swarm for a while now - for season three.
- It's a good title.
Thought I was finally gonna get a glimpse of one after that video surfaced of it going down, but apparently someone got here first.
Did you see the person that got here first? - Nada.
- Wait a minute, you've been tracking the swarm for a while you mean you've seen it before last night? Uh, yeah, for at least a couple weeks.
- Do you have proof? - A full album.
But that is premium content for paid subscribers.
Hey, Fatima.
You got one of those, too? What? Can I see it? - Or is it, uh - in there? Is there Continue, please.
Kens? Kensi, you find our drone? No.
Apparently, somebody got here first.
Uh, we did, however, find a podcaster.
His name is Gabe Dawson.
Wow, even in the mountains you can't escape the L.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Listen, I'm going to send you some images.
I need you to forward them to the UAP Task Force.
Have them cross-reference them with any information on previous drone swarm incidents.
Ooh, I don't like the sound of that.
Yeah, neither do I.
He has a uh, microphone.
A whole CIC and no one else saw anything? They all back up the XO's story.
- It doesn't add up.
- NCIS! I need to speak with you.
I was the one who first caught the blip on the radar.
At first I thought I'd missed something.
But the more I play it back in my head This wasn't a mistake.
Human or mechanical.
How can you be sure? Whether we admit it or not, our systems aren't perfect.
Technology is constantly adapting.
The-the size, materials used, altitude it was flying at All of that could have prevented it from being detected long-range.
That is, until it was about 15 miles out from the ship.
I don't know how, exactly, but it knew at that distance it was gonna be caught.
It hid in plain sight, knowing that in that formation, it would appear to be a single aircraft.
Until it got close enough to disperse.
- A Trojan horse tactic.
- Exactly.
Does that sound like a malfunction to you? That confirms Fatima's theory.
What else could fly in such a tight formation other than a UAV swarm? Is that what took down the plane? I don't know how a drone swarm could have gotten past detection we would have picked up on their frequencies.
What drones use to talk to their controllers.
Maybe we did miss something.
G? This kind of program - is not developed overnight.
- No.
To create something that advanced, the country would have to have a program in place for at least a decade.
And nobody has that, other than the U.
You think this was domestic? Maybe.
Or they made them here on U.
soil by a U.
company - and sold them abroad.
- Or stolen.
Hey, guys.
Callen, what's up? I need a private sector aerospace company we can speak with immediately.
Uh, sure.
Anyone in particular? Just start with U.
companies that have drone programs and current DoD contracts.
We need someone that can help us make a list of players that could potentially make something so sophisticated.
Looks like there's only one with current DoD ties.
Head to shore, I'll see what I can do.
Sounds good, thanks.
Okay, that's interesting.
Something from UAP Task Force? Yeah, but this file is huge.
I'll get the admiral.
- Can you airdrop things with it? - No.
- Can you call base - My brain is not microchipped.
Are they telling you to say that? Are they talking to you right now? - Who is they? - I know that you know that I know.
Speaking of I Know You Know I Know, brand-new merch hits the shops this week.
- Kensi? - Oh, Fatima, thank God.
What's up? You are not gonna believe this, but the UAP's Task Force cross-imaging matches at least seven other sightings in the last two months.
Wait, I think there's something else on here Seven sightings in the last two months? How are we just hearing about this? Seven sightings in the last two months? - Try seven in the last week.
- I'm sorry, what? Their faces devastated, as the reality of their investigation comes crumbling down around them - More information from you now.
- They take off every evening after what I think is some kind of solar recharging mode.
You're saying there are sightings every single night.
- Are you sure of this? - Uh, yeah.
So they're gonna take off again tonight? Mm-hmm.
Sunset is at 5:30.
I figure you got about two hours before they pass by.
We have to inform the carrier.
What is all this? Evidence.
From the UAP Task Force.
Mayday, Mayday.
Stick unresponsive.
I've been hit by an unknown projectile.
Multiple contacts This is so much bigger than we thought.
If recent activity is any indication, there is a strong likelihood we have a UAV swarm set to approach again in less than an hour.
All right, there are multiple targets in the area, including the testing site at San Clemente Island, but based on these previous flight paths, the USS Allegianceis most likely its target.
The Allegiance would be the most profitable asset for data, but let's warn San Clemente Island, as well.
Yes, sir.
Agent Namazi, I hope you have some sort of a plan.
If you don't, I suggest you come up with one, and fast.
I have callsto make.
Yes, sir.
We can't risk any debris landing in any residential areas.
That rules out soft kill tactics.
If we jam the signal, who knows where it might land? Which is exactly why we can't let them reach the carrier.
Uh, electronic countermeasures on board the Allegiance might work, but only as a last resort.
There are too many civilian vessels in the area.
All right, well, what other options are we left with? Signal hijacking.
I've seen it done a few times in Afghanistan.
If I can overpower their signal, then I can take over the swarm and safely land them somewhere else.
Have you ever done that before? Our timetable just moved up.
Anything you can tell me from watching those videos? It's definitely a UAV swarm.
A highly sophisticated one, at that.
Look at its flight patterns, how it adapts its approach each time, learning from its previous engagement.
What you are seeing is a form of deep machine learning, wherein each drone forms a node on a shared neural network.
From the looks of this, it's been learning for some time.
That feels familiar.
- Excuse me? - I'm sorry.
Um, tell me about these neural networks.
Uh, a neural network is a biologically inspired programming tool that is used to solve difficult problem sets better than regular algorithms can.
Things like, um, identifying speech patterns and facial features and even replicating them, like with deepfakes.
You probably use them here at the agency and just don't even realize it.
So how do we apprehend them? You're trying to catch the swarm? Yeah.
Oh, I-I don't think you understand just how much of a losing battle that's gonna be.
Try me.
Even if you were to catch one, it's just gonna learn the encounter and adapt.
That's how the neural networks work.
They talk to each other, they relay information.
For this to work, you would need to take them all down at once.
If even one of them gets away, it's just gonna pass the info on to the next swarm, it's just gonna make them smarter.
Its mission the night before wasn't abandoned after the F-35 crashed.
It was looking for a response.
It didn't fail every time.
It was trying every approach.
- Testing the fences.
- After last night, it found the weak point it was looking for.
I'll call Fatima.
How's it going with our drone designer? According to our expert, swarm forms a deep learning neural network, which means we only have one shot to get this right, after which, swarm will change its response.
And they'll be one step ahead of us.
Maybe this is just another test? It's a possibility they won't approach.
I hope that's true.
Last night, they found a path and didn't complete the mission.
My guess? They'll attack tonight.
No question.
I, uh, sent Rountree to bring equipment to Kensi and Deeks.
If their patterns are correct, then they should be flying over that same location again tonight, and I should be able to access their signal.
Sam, if I do this incorrectly, there's a chance that, instead of hijacking, my signal overloads them, causing potentially armed drones to fall from the sky over Los Angeles.
So no pressure then, right? Yeah.
No pressure.
Wow, you are a sight for sore eyes.
What's up, guys? And whoever you are.
- Hey, you brought the equipment? - Yeah.
Oh, this is no bueno.
Neither of these are going to make it up there.
Another hiccup in the investigation.
- And with time of the essence - Uh, who is this dude? I don't Do you think we can make it on foot? We don't have enough time.
Maybe these will help.
Is it incompetence or another government cover-up? Ooh.
I understand.
Here we go.
All right.
All right, ready when you are! Kensi, Deeks, you guys in position? Almost there.
What you got? I just got a hit on the close-range radar.
I'm not getting a signal.
We must be a few degrees off.
How far off? Head due west, directly towards the setting sun.
We're gonna miss them.
Hang on.
What other countries have the resources for a program like this? - Well, no one.
- Okay, so, the technology had to have been sold or stolen from the U.
Who else in your field is capable of making something like this? No one else is capable of making these.
- They're ours.
- Right.
But someone had to have sold them.
We did.
To you.
I'm sorry, what? There's no signal.
Why is there no signal? It should be coming up.
Am I missing something? This is our tech.
Then we sold them.
Then they were taken control of by the DoD.
I mean, well, obviously not anymore.
What do you mean, not anymore? Who's controlling them? There's no signal because it doesn't exist.
That's why they weren't picking it up before.
No one is controlling them.
This is rogue AI.
Agent Namazi.
Stand down.
Fatima? Hello? I think we've got company.
I'm gonna hit the head.
I knew the Men in Black were real.
Put your hands down.
Gather the rest of your team and leave this area immediately.
This is no longer your case.
Copy that.
Somebody has to take responsibility for this.
We're done, G.
NRO is taking over the matter.
And what about the Allegiance? They determined it's not a threat to naval operations.
There's something else going on here.
I'm gonna find out what it is.
G, wait a minute.
You knew these things were autonomous, - and you didn't tell us.
Why? - Wh I-I didn't know for sure how they were gonna be deployed.
- How could you not know? - G.
I helped design the AI, after which Panlark legally sold the plans to Army Future Command.
What the U.
government does with it after we've sold it is not our concern.
They wouldn't tell us even if we asked.
I'd like to leave now.
Sure, let's get you home.
How is this not your problem? How can you take zero responsibility - for creating - For creating what? Something dangerous? It certainly wasn't programmed that way.
You see, that is the problem with humans and AI.
The AI going rogue was never the problem.
The AI doing exactly what we tell it to? That's the problem.
You wanted to see me? Yes, yes.
I, uh I feel I owe you an explanation.
Uh, that's not necessary, sir.
Well, in my own personal experience, it's the cases that have no conclusion that have a way of eating at us, but it's your call.
The truth is, uh, even the best of intentions can have dire consequences.
And no one is immune to that.
Not NCIS, not DoD.
After being purchased from Panlark, Army Future Command allowed the UAV swarm to operate fully autonomously with its missions.
They were hoping that this would accelerate their learning technology.
And it worked.
Maybe too well.
After allowing the AI to pick its own targets from within our own military, they lost their handle on the swarm, and Well, you know what happened next.
Why train on someone else's defenses when you have the world's most powerful navy in your harbor? The drones have been going on for weeks.
Months, even.
Why not warn us or the USS Allegiance? Why have us investigate? Well, learning with the training wheels on will only get you so far.
No, the responses had to be real, so we were kept in the dark.
And they got what they set out to create.
Well, thank you, sir.
What'll happen to it now? We're in a race, Agent Namazi.
You're too young to remember the last one.
Hell, what am I saying? You weren't even alive for the last one.
But now, instead of the Moon, it's artificial intelligence.
And it's a race we cannot afford to lose.
Angelenos can sleep a little easier tonight.
After 24 hours of no information, a Navy spokesperson finally responded to our request for comment about last night's incident.
The floating lights, as some viewers were calling it, were apparently a part of a Navy training mission that included the use of high-altitude weather balloons.
While no other details were given, the spokesperson said the training mission was very successful and that the public has no need to worry about future weather balloon sightings.
You came back.
Eh, don't get too excited.
Just came to drop off the radar equipment.
You know, you could have done that tomorrow.
Weird day, huh? After all of that, I kind of wish it had been aliens.
How are you doing? Good.
Honestly, even after all the things I've seen on this job with AI, I guess I still think we're better off with it.
Well, it almost ruined your life.
And Callen's still dealing with it.
Yeah, but think of all the lives it's helped.
Advancements like this can be beautiful.
Or terrifying.
Just depends how you use it.
Well, someone's gonna use it right.
We only fight the ones who don't.
So, what are you doing here, really? Well, I was hoping that we could play a little loser's game of Oregon Trail.
- Oh, we're stealing now? - Mm-hmm.
Should we play up on the big screen in Ops? Do I want to ford a river in eight-bit graphics on a 12-foot screen? Uh, yeah.
My girl.
Oh, so, how'd it go with our podcaster? How'd you get him to delete the tapes? I just told him we were hiring.
I gave him a Space Force business card.
He's gonna be a hell of a guardian.
What is happening? Can I look now? Just hold on a second.
You have to be patient.
- Okay.
You ready? - Mm-hmm.
Three, two, one.
Oh, my God.
You were right.
This is pretty cool.
It really is.

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