NCIS Los Angeles s13e13 Episode Script


1 Hey! Reid.
Who did this? Do you have the notebook? Talk to me, buddy.
Who did this to you? Come on, man.
Come on, buddy.
No way, G.
You got it all wrong.
I'm with Kilbride on this one.
Way to have my back there, partner.
Having a life isn't the worst thing in the world.
All Kilbride did is make it clear, if you don't use your leave, you lose your leave.
Yeah, yeah.
Wait, are you already at work? What are you talking about? Wait a second.
You went in to work 20 minutes early so you could get that spot in the carport before Kilbride did, didn't you? It's my spot.
Uh, it is not your spot.
It is a community spot.
What are you doing today? Anna wants to go to that, uh, new motion picture museum, so I'm waiting while she, uh, stands in line at Eggslut.
Does she make you hold her purse? I really hope Kilbride doesn't have your precious Challenger towed this morning.
It's a Hellcat.
Oh, it's so cute, you have a nickname for your car.
That's what it is.
But it's filled with love That's grown in Southern ground I mean, I'm tr I'm trying to keep an open mind here.
I'm just a little confused - about what we're listening to.
- A cold beer on a Friday night A pair of jeans that fit just right - Wow.
- And the radio up This is I mean, it's truly amazing.
It's just so good.
What's amazing to me - is that you don't like this music.
- No, no.
It's not that I don't like this music.
I'm just not sure that I get it.
'Cause remember, I grew up completely West Coast, so for me it was Sublime and Penny wise and Dr.
Dre and Jack Johnson when I'm feeling like I need to be herbally enhanced.
But I am not a Neanderthal.
I am willing to evolve.
So why don't you tell me why you, Kensi Blye, love this music and feel the need to crank it.
Okay, so, if you were some dude in a bar that I just met, I would tell you that it's because I grew up on bases and-and this is the music that played at American bases.
Okay? I'm sorry, I didn't hear anything you said after "some dude I met at a bar.
" - Then my brain shut off.
- But! - But - But, because it is you, my love, I will tell you that I love this music - because it makes me feel good.
- It makes you feel good.
- I mean, come on.
- "A cold beer on a Friday night and a pair of jeans that fit just right"? Who needs more than that? You know? I don't have somebody telling me that I need a $3,000 purse or a $100,000 car - to be happy or worthy.
- No.
Jack Johnson just wants you to eat these banana pancakes.
Oh! There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind - Louder.
- This I've come to know - Yeah, crank it.
- Wait.
So if you agree Have a drink with me Raise your glasses for a toast I'll have a drink with you.
And a little bit of chicken fried Cold beer on a Friday night Yeehaw! That fit just right And the radio up.
All right, at this point, I have complete control over the suspect, and I can go to an arm bar or knee-on-belly if he continues to fight.
All right.
Fatima, your turn.
Talk me through it as you go.
Grab her, Rountree.
Okay, suspect grabs my clothing.
I cup his hand from underneath using both my hands.
Press his palm using my fingers and connect him to me.
Pull away, Rountree.
All right.
Let him struggle.
- Then when he settles down - What next? Then I use my body weight to rotate his hand counterclockwise as I step forward.
Maintain control.
Get out, Rountree.
Move! Yeah.
- Damn.
I'm stuck.
- Yeah, that's right.
All right.
Nice work.
Whew! So, Rountree, what happened? She didn't attack me where I'm strong.
My arms, my core, my legs.
She focused all her strength on the small bones in my wrist.
That's it.
That was awesome.
We need to do much more of this.
Training and reps.
That's all you can rely on in a live situation.
To put it in perspective, when Sam and I were in the teams, we would train for 18 months to get ready for a six-month deployment.
Think about that.
18 months of iron sharpening iron.
And that is one blade I want nothing to do with.
As you were, Commander Herbert.
Thanks for coming by today.
My pleasure, sir.
Sam, I need to see you in my office alone.
Copy that.
Good job.
- Thanks, Sam.
- All right, we're gonna go through these a couple more times.
- Enter.
- Admiral.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey.
Agent Hamilton joining us? Yeah.
He's, uh, working a sting targeting suspected dirty federal agents.
I don't have all the details, but yesterday a young undercover ATF agent, Scott Reid, was killed.
- Damn.
- Yeah.
A name came up during the investigation.
Percy Vander.
Now, he's listed as a UC contact for one of your undercover personas, - Switch.
- Yeah, he was my Switch's mentor.
Gave me the bona fides to operate on the street.
Yeah, I've been looking through the Switch file here.
It's a very impressive undercover persona.
You got a lot of results as Switch.
I did.
I moved through a lot of different worlds, subcultures with that persona.
Is Switch still viable, or did the cover get blown? Well, that's unclear.
I'd have to make a phone call to find out.
To the woman who goes by the name of King? Yeah.
I don't know whether she kept quiet on the inside or if she told people who I was, so Understood.
Lance thinks that Vander had something to do with the death of this young ATF agent.
And he wants me to use Switch - to draw Vander out for him.
- Yes.
UC personas are tricky things.
To be good, to, um, to feel real, you have to have a part of you in them.
But when that happens, when that line between person and persona gets blurred, it's impossible to keep the people we're investigating at arm's length.
You're human.
You let 'em in.
What's work? What's real? Hard to tell.
I need you to tell me right now, Agent Hanna.
Can you hunt this man Vander down? Or are you too personally invested? No.
I'm good.
I got this.
Hey, Sam.
Sorry about your man.
Thank you, brother.
He had a two-year-old boy.
Just got off the phone with his wife.
So, there's a notebook floating around with the names of federal agents from Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, all suspected of being dirty? Tied to a wealthy ranch owner in Texas, has ties to the Dixie Mafia.
And this ranch owner, he kept names and records in a notebook? He did.
And then he died.
In the way of the world, his son Luke Gilroy is looking to liquidate his father's legacy.
And Luke sold the notebook to your man.
Task force picked up Luke last night.
Said he made the sale and just walked away.
Were you backup? Didn't make it in time.
Reid called me from L.
Said he set up the sale of the notebook, had to move fast.
Didn't have time to wait.
Where does Vander fit into all of this? I don't know, man.
Reid was bleeding out.
I asked him who did it.
He said Vander.
I ran the name, saw the connection to you.
You tight with this guy Vander? Years ago, I used him to, uh, get this undercover persona up and running.
The most successful UC op I've ever had.
, New York.
I want this son of a bitch.
- So, we have our own case? - Yes, we do.
The FBI has reason to believe that this civilian aerospace engineer Ryan Logue is in possession of stolen Navy schematics.
- Tell me more.
What type of schematics? - We don't know exactly, but we do know they're highly classified.
Logue's division works exclusively with a group within Naval Special Warfare called N9.
So, if Logue has the schematics for the tech, what do we think her endgame is? We're thinking money.
FBI intercepted communications between Logue and a Ukrainian national named Bohdan Amantas.
Amantas has been dealing high-level arms illegally and legally for over a decade.
Okay, well, it looks like the FBI has this pretty much covered, so why are they calling us in? Well, they can't find Logue or Amantas.
But Amantas has been in regular contact with someone that this office knows very well.
Omni's man in L.
- What's Omni? - Transnational criminal organization.
He worked for them for years, and then we, you know, put him in prison.
Old Henrik has been out on parole in L.
for over a year.
And now FBI wants us to find out if Henrik here - is involved in this case somehow.
- Okay.
Well, if Ryan Logue is trying to sell top secret schematics, maybe Henrik is trying to broker the deal for Amantas.
Or Henrik is buying the schematics directly for Omni.
Uh, can we track his location? Already did using the magic of social media.
Just posted at a house in the Flats.
So, $2 million per bedroom, which, you know, that seems fair.
Sending you guys the location now.
- Thank you.
- This'll be fun.
I think you could buy the entire town I grew up in for $10 million.
Welcome to L.
Thank you, Dana.
I will.
That's a long call.
Lot of history with that woman.
She the one known as King on the streets? Yeah.
What'd she say? We good? She never gave up Switch on the streets.
Never told anybody I was a cop.
The Switch persona's still viable.
And you trust her? We have no choice but to trust her.
What's the play? Well, Vander has a big personality, but he's a calculated and careful man, so And he's got love for Switch, but he thinks I'm down in Mexico City working, so if I just announce I'm back, it won't work.
He won't trust it.
He won't trust Switch.
He'll stay hidden.
So, how do we smoke him out? Have to do something that benefits him.
Get something done that he wants done.
Let me guess.
You got a plan? Always.
So, you said you wanted pool, privacy, view.
Baby, I got you three out of four.
It's all within your budget.
Come on.
You're stealing this from the sellers, okay? Grand theft mansion.
Vroom, vroom, vroom! Ride that bull! That's it.
Henrik, old buddy, old pal.
What's up, agents? NCIS? Is that that tacky brokerage in the Valley? No, no, we're not brokers.
We are federal law enforcement agents.
Secret agents.
Can they get preapproved for a $10 million mortgage? Preapproved? No, we pay cash.
We need to talk.
Rexford, I'm gonna have to meet you back at the office, huh? Okay, okay, okay.
Are you guys in the market, by the way? Actually, yes.
Three-bedroom, two-bath, little yard by the beach.
We-we have I have that.
- You do? - Yes.
It's a fixer, but it's so pretty.
- Bye, Rexford.
- Bye.
Bye, secret agents.
Hey, guys.
You want to talk, let's talk.
Look, Ms.
Now, that is a work of art.
I don't think I can eat it.
I need to put it in a frame and hang it up.
It's so good.
So, where we going? Vander's superpower is that he can move anything illegal in the city at any time.
Doesn't matter how big or small the cargo is.
He's never lost a shipment to law enforcement.
Sounds like a lucrative market to have cornered.
Yeah, for sure.
No one's challenged him for years until now.
Chatter on the street is there's a new, young crew moving in on this market.
- What's up, Fatima? - Hey, Sam.
We got a hit on that Korean biker gang.
I'm sending the location to the Hellcat's GPS.
Copy that.
Good work.
So, the plan is to team up with a Korean biker gang.
We're gonna rob 'em.
I like it.
- We're good to go.
- Copy that.
Did you find that aerospace engineer Ryan Logue? No.
And I have all of the searches running.
Facial rec, license plate, ATM.
You coming back from recess? Funny.
This is a game ball I was awarded in college.
Wanted to bring it in and put it on my new desk.
Aw, you're doing the whole personal item on the desk thing? That's cute.
Maybe I'm just more sentimental than you.
Mm, you think? Oh, hey.
Looks like we got a hit on Ryan Logue's ATM card.
She just withdrew her cash limit.
I'll let Kilbride know.
Maybe she's trying to run.
Or hide.
There's a hotel right next to the ATM.
If she was trying to check in, cash would be the easiest way.
Oh, looks like Kilbride wants you to meet Castor at the ATM and look for Logue.
If you find her, bring her to the boat shed for a little noncustodial interview.
All right.
Copy that.
Keep an eye on my game ball.
Come on.
Let's go.
Is that you, homey? How long you been back in town? - Been back a minute.
- Right on.
Then we're gonna have to do some business.
Well, things have changed since you were last in town.
I heard you're moving in on Vander's business.
Vander's an old man.
Times change.
Things move on.
Sometimes the tried and true way wins out, though, you know what I mean? Don't do it.
Now, we can end it all here now, or we can dance.
Don't do something you won't be alive to regret.
There you go.
There you go.
Yeah, it's like that.
Get the duffel bags.
- This ain't smart, Switch.
- I think it is.
Why don't you gently kick that gun that way? Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.
There you go.
How's the family? Everybody good? Stay still.
Don't die today.
Don't die today.
That was one hell of a plan.
Just another day at the office.
Look, guys, all that Omni, my criminal past, it's all done.
I started a new chapter in my biography.
Yeah, okay.
Henrik the "Real at or.
" It's actually Realtor.
It's only two sounds.
- That's what I said.
- No, you said "Real at or.
" There's no "la.
" I don't know what the "la" is.
You got to have a little bit of respect for my profession.
- Yeah, all right.
- I think it's fantastic.
I'm really excited for you.
You're just skipping a chapter.
How does one go from being an Omni member to a legitimate "Real at or"? I'm sorry.
Omni gives me contacts that can afford to buy Los Angeles real estate in cash.
- It's all on the up-and-up.
- No, of course it is.
Are you involved in any illegal dealings - with Bohdan Amantas? - No.
- No? - I mean, I know him.
- Oh.
- But he's strictly a real estate client.
Looking for two houses right now.
One in the Hollywood Riviera, - one in the Bird Streets.
- We think you're helping Amantas buy top secret U.
military intel.
With all due respect, Deeks, I could probably make way more money off the guy selling him real estate in Los Angeles than any U.
military secret.
- Hmm.
- That's so sad.
In order for you to thank us for putting you in that beautiful ocean side jail cell - Remember that? - Yeah, it was beautiful.
You're gonna help us find Amantas.
- Yeah.
This is gonna be fun.
- Let's go.
- In the car.
This is great.
- This is gonna be so fun.
This is gonna take time, guys.
Come on.
No, it's gonna be great.
That is one hell of a haul.
We just stole a shipment from Vander's main competition.
He had to hear about it by now.
Should definitely bring him out of the shadows, huh? Got to document this for evidence.
Vander already? - Yeah.
Dropped a GPS pin.
- Well, let's go find him.
Thank you, Agent Castor.
My pleasure, Admiral.
O-Okay, th-this is ridiculous.
Okay, I have things to do.
What am I doing here? We just have a few questions for you.
Sure, fine.
Just come on, make it quick.
Why did you check into a motel near your house? Neighbors are doing construction, and I needed to sleep.
Needed to sleep so much that you couldn't report to work for the past - two days? - Yes.
- Ah.
- Why'd you no-show? Why didn't you just call in sick? Because I wasn't sick.
I was tired.
These are the questions that you brought me here to answer? Would you rather talk about Naval Special Warfare N9 schematics? We could, but it's a lot of advanced physics and engineering.
And let me guess.
You two topped out at state universities with undergrad degrees? Mm.
I don't believe that this is a day you're going to remember fondly.
So, when was the last time you saw this guy Vander? At least four years.
It was at a club.
West Hollywood.
I was deep in this money laundering case, and I was a little nervous my cover had been blown.
Vander comes walking in with this bottle of champagne, and he pops the cork.
Flies right into my suspect's eye.
His eye blew up so fast.
Nobody could stop laughing.
I knew in that moment my cover was still good.
- Sounds like a fun night.
- Man.
I still remember how loud Vander laughed.
Sam, if, uh Vander was in any way responsible for Agent Reid's death, I'm not gonna hesitate.
I need to know you got my back.
I hear you.
I got you, Lance.
"'I'll find a way to use them.
Never fear.
' "'But how about my courage?' "asked the Lion anxiously.
"'You have plenty of courage, I am sure, ' answered Oz.
'All you need is confidence in yourself.
'" How long do we let her sweat it out? She'll break.
She's too much of a thinker.
Why didn't you let on that the FBI has proof she's been secretly downloading the classified schematics? 'Cause we always have that chip to play.
It's not gonna go anywhere.
What we don't have is proof that she's trying to sell the schematics.
See, people like her will play it back over and over again in their minds.
They'll make themselves crazy wondering if they slipped up somewhere along the line, maybe left us a clue.
And when her brain finally says that she didn't do every little thing just perfectly, - then she - Okay.
I'll talk.
What she said.
Back to work.
You in the position? Approaching the over watch vehicle.
Should be set up in 30 seconds.
You got five.
Yo! Vander! Do my eyes deceive me, or is that my main man - Switch? - Vander, what's good, baby? You've been making some waves since you've been back in L.
Yeah, well, I heard people in town saying they do what you do, just better.
I ain't cool with that, you know what I mean? My man.
Can I come on board? Man, get your ass on this boat, man.
My dude.
I'm in position, - Sam.
I got you.
- Okay, look.
I know I owe you guys and everything, but come on, man.
This is, like, a big ask.
Amantas is never gonna forgive me for - bringing the fuzz to his house.
- Never.
A Which means I could lose my biggest client.
" You know I had a ten-month plan for going completely legitimate? Then you guys had to walk up the driveway.
This guy never stops talking.
Oh, that's a big statement coming from you.
That's my point.
- It's just so ironic.
- What's ironic? - Let me tell you what's ironic, okay? - Oh, I can't wait for this.
That helping law enforcement is gonna make it that much more difficult for me to earn an honest living.
Let me just break this down for you.
You are selling multimillion-dollar houses to criminals - because you are a criminal.
- Wait a minute.
Was a criminal, okay? Was, coz.
You ever hear of the concept of reform, my man? Okay, I think somebody needs to explain the concept - of an honest living to you.
- Oh, please.
Okay, like, wh-who's to say any profession is an honest living anymore? Society.
Department of Justice.
- Moses.
I can keep going.
- Yeah.
- Never heard of any of 'em.
- Dear God.
Trying to get me drunk.
Appreciate you.
My man.
You been in México this whole time? Yeah.
Lot of things to get done down there, you know? I got to put systems in place, a way of doing things.
That'll take some time.
For sure.
You know, I appreciate what you did.
Stealing this shipment's gonna set them Koreans back - in a big way.
- Hmm.
Well, you can get the product back to the owners, buy yourself some credit.
That deal's already set in motion, baby.
Everybody wins.
So, this play in México.
That's all yours.
Tell me about it.
There's a lot to tell.
Good thing I got a lot of bottles to pop on this bitch.
Definitely got a lot of bottles to pop, huh? Okay.
I'll admit to downloading those schematics.
- I But I won't admit - So, you will admit to doing something that we already have irrefutable proof that you did.
You're looking at real federal prison time.
Have you given any real thought to how someone with your physical attributes and survival capabilities would fare in federal prison? What do you want from me? Who is Bohdan Amantas, and how did you meet him? Does-does Amantas know that-that I'm here with NCIS? That depends on your level of cooperation.
Please, you have to help me.
This-this was all his plan.
I was coming home from a sports bar one night after the game, and two guys that worked for Amantas, they came up to me.
- When was this? - I-I I don't know exactly.
- Well, think.
This is important.
- Uh - When did he contact you? - It was, uh, a week ago.
Thank you.
They told me that if I didn't steal those schematics they'd kill my family.
You're not married.
No kids.
Who did they threaten to kill? Your-your father? - Your mother? - My mother died - two years ago.
- Aw.
I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- So, they threatened to kill your father.
- Yes.
- And where is he? We will get a protection detail there right away.
He-he lives in, uh, Minnesota.
And what's the address? I don't know.
It's a It's a care facility.
Uh Shore Lake Assisted Living.
All right.
Um, who was playing? - Excuse me? - Well, that night at the sports bar.
Just curious.
I mean, I've never known a Kings fan with roots in Minnesota.
Oh, yeah.
I'm a big Minnesota Wild fan.
The Kings game was on, but it was just something to watch.
Yeah, yeah.
Nice work, kid.
Painting that federal prison picture.
That got her talking.
Yeah, but that was amazing, what you did in there.
I mean, let me guess.
There wasn't even a Kings game on that night.
Not in the entire week.
- Wow.
- Devil's in the details.
And remember, she's a thinker.
She thinks that the story sounds better with details.
But mainly, she just thinks she's smarter than us.
Yeah, and when she starts spitting out details without thinking - Then holes get exposed.
- Hmm.
Anything else about that story seem odd to you? Shore Lake Assisted Living is a hospice facility.
So, why would Amantas threaten an old man that's already dying? Mm.
That old man, if he even exists, would probably welcome Amantas' bullet right about now.
Right knee.
Right elbow.
Left knee.
I told you not to disturb my workouts, Henrik.
Uh, I am sorry, sir And who are these strangers? We're federal agents.
Investigator Martin Deeks, this is Special Agent Kensi Blye with NCIS, we're here to ask you a few questions.
I've got this.
Take a walk.
Bye, guys.
Henrik, this is a breach of my trust.
You'll never do another real estate deal for me.
I-I'm sorry, I I understand, sir.
Go with the guys.
We've got Sugar fish in the truck.
Help yourself.
Thank you.
Do you know a woman named Ryan Logue? Why am I supposed to be answering your questions? Because we're asking nicely.
And the fact that you have three houses in escrow across Los Angeles, and if you don't want to answer the questions, that's fine, gives us all sorts of extra time to investigate where you got the money for those down payments.
So don't answer questions, just send us tax returns for the past three years.
PDF files are fine.
You two are hilarious.
- Ah.
We're funny.
- Thanks.
I know that name, Ryan Logue, but I don't know her.
That's interesting, 'cause she said that you threatened to kill her father if she didn't steal top secret military files for you.
Is that what she said? That is what she said.
Logue contacted my people, wanted to sell us some U.
military engineering schematics.
- How much did she want for it? - Never got that far.
My people shut her down, told her we weren't interested in doing business with people we don't know.
You weren't interested in what she was selling? My people are well-trained.
They didn't let her say what she was selling.
So, engineer with a top secret clearance says one thing, Eastern European criminal says another, so why "Eastern European criminal"? Ouch.
I am a legitimate arms dealer.
Well, that's debatable.
So, why should we trust you over Logue? You got good computer people that work for you? - Yes.
- The best.
Have your people hack into this site on the dark web.
You will find that Logue is the one trying to drum up a buyer for what she's selling.
Thank you.
You have a card, Agent Blye? I'm sorry? You know, in case I think of anything else? That's okay, you can just call me.
Just call him.
I'm gonna go grab some Sugar fish.
- Hey - He called us "sirs.
" - Sirs!" - Sir," remember? Oh, man.
Oh, man.
I forgot about that.
That was crazy.
You know, on a sidebar, man, you-you you did me a real solid, man.
So what can, uh, Big Vander do for the O.
Switch? Okay, Big Vander, well I've been hearing rumors on the street.
There's a notebook floating around.
All right? This notebook has the names of a bunch of dirty federal agents.
If you're part of that, I want in.
You feel me? It would be really helpful for what I'm working on in Mexico.
Damn, Switch.
What's up? I not only liked you, I trusted you, fam.
Hey, yo, yo, yo.
- Guys - I only got a shot on one of the gunmen, Sam.
Vander, what's going on, man? Switch, you screwed up, son.
Sam, you need to get out of there now.
I don't have the shot, Sam.
You got to move.
Come on, Sam.
Search him.
Vander just went to the lower deck.
Vander! Vander.
Drop the gun.
No shot.
I repeat, no shot.
You got to get Vander to move outside.
You need to put the gun down.
You know me, I can't go out like that.
Only the cops know I had that notebook.
How you know about it, then, Switch? Move him into view, Sam.
Give me a clear shot.
Vander, I can help you, but you need to put that gun down.
The cops want that notebook.
You're a cop, Switch, you a damn cop.
Vander, there's a sniper across the parking lot! It's over.
Put the gun down.
I loved you like a son.
How you gonna do me like that? Vander, we can deal with this.
Okay? Just put the gun down.
I can't do jail time.
Vander, don't go outside.
Don't go outside! Come back, come back.
Vander, don't go outside! I can't go out like no bitch.
No! Yeah, Amantas was telling the truth.
I unlocked the encrypted name and traced it back to an I.
address that Ryan Logue was using.
Logue was trying to find a buyer on the dark web for the schematics, but, uh, it doesn't look like she was having much luck, though.
This whole "being a criminal" thing is harder than it looks.
Well, she probably figured she'd done the hard part by stealing the schematics and getting away with it.
But no pro is gonna want to do business with someone they've never met, someone who just contacts them out of the blue.
That's got "law enforcement operation" written all over it.
Fill in Kilbride, and hopefully he can use all of this as leverage to get Logue to turn over her copies of the schematics.
Copy that.
Were you able to get anyone to check on my dad? Nah, we didn't even try.
What? Your whole story was a lie.
Railroading innocent people.
Yeah, this is exactly why everyone hates law enforcement.
Oh, I don't think everyone hates us.
No, I would actually argue that it's a very small percentage of Americans who really hate us.
You need to let me go right now.
No, actually, we don't.
What we do need from you is your copy of the Naval schematics that you stole.
I didn't steal any And your friend Bohdan Amantas is happy to go on record that you approached him, unsolicited, to sell him those schematics.
I'm feeling pretty good about my state university undergrad degree right about now.
I'm sorry, Sam.
Don't be.
You did your job.
It was my fault getting so attached to a mark.
It ain't a fault.
Just means you're a human being.
He wasn't a good dude.
Had Agent Reid killed, left a two-year-old toddler without a dad.
He was gonna take that list of dirty agents, blackmail them and make them work for him.
That never could happen.
And it won't.
My task force just found the notebook.
Vander's crash pad in Tarzan a.
It still hurts.
Vander wasn't only a mentor to Switch, he was I know, man.
I know.
Leaving already, are you? Admiral.
Yes, sir.
I can only take L.
in 30-hour chunks, so back down to San Diego.
Yeah, I can remember fondly the days when I didn't call this plastic town my primary residence.
You know, Admiral, I-I just wanted to say thanks.
Thanks for bringing me in.
This new training company I started, it's a big financial risk for my family, I-I just wanted to say Stop.
After Ramadi, uh after your service, it's a pleasure to support your training company.
To that end, the director of NCIS agrees with me.
You will be providing monthly training to all NCIS agents under my purview on the West Coast, with hopes of rolling this program out nationwide.
Sir Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
It's gonna be fine, okay? It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be okay.
Okay, let's just go out.
There he is.
- I don't want to go.
- It's okay.
- I'm gonna miss you.
- We should go.
Okay, baby, go ahead.
It's gonna be all right, kid.
I promise.
Where are we going? To introduce you to that woman in the car.
She's very nice.
She's wanted to meet you for a long time.
What's her name? Henrietta.
What's her name? Henrietta.

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