NCIS Los Angeles s13e14 Episode Script

Pandora's Box

1 - You okay? - This is Rosa.
She's gonna be assigned to a case officer.
She might need foster parents.
The warrant just came through for Katya's safety deposit box.
It seems that she's keeping something with Crusciel & Crusciel.
They handle fine art investments.
Really? Another balloon dog? Any more of these and we're gonna have an entire balloon kennel.
- Put it over there.
- All right.
Oh, the plumbers are here early.
Can you unpack it while I get them settled? Of course.
I'll be right back.
Grab what you can! Wrap it up! Come on! Time to go! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up.
Didn't that just come in? We made a pickup as well.
Don't have that listed.
I'm gonna have to take a look inside.
Imbécile! Call the police! I've been shot! We're being robbed! Admiral Kilbride.
How's it going? Uh, about as well as can be expected from someone who is forced to continually wake up in this tear-stained yoga mat you all choose to call home.
Sounds good.
I think.
Gonna be a minute.
Great weather today.
They said it looks like it could rain, but, I don't know, doesn't look like it to me.
Sure wouldn't hurt.
Wouldn't hurt, wouldn't hurt, wouldn't hurt.
You know? 'Cause of the drought.
I understand how droughts work, Agent Rountree.
What I don't understand is what you're doing right now.
Making small talk.
And I'm making a concerted effort to forgive you for that.
Just figured we got a few extra minutes.
Could get to know each other.
Shoot the breeze.
Chew the fat.
- Mm.
- Agent Rountree, I came down here for hot coffee, not a hot take on climate change.
But I'll tell you what, the next time I feel the need to have a weather forecast, I'll make sure to track down whatever improv team you're with currently and let you know.
What about your coffee? I'll take care of that, sir.
- Oh, and don't forget the, um - Don't worry.
I've got it covered.
More of an Admiral Killjoy before his first cup of joe, am I right? Right.
Who are you? Shyla Dahr.
Kilbride's assistant.
Mm, sort of.
Nice to meet you, Agent Rountree.
Didn't realize Admiral Kilbride had an assistant.
I'm usually back in Washington, but the director thought that Kilbride could use the help.
Though he'd never admit it.
He can be very stubborn.
Didn't notice.
Not sure why he complains about L.
, though.
is all backstabbing all the time.
At least here you can squeeze in Pilates between your betrayals.
Uh, what's with the box? A humidor.
Gift from the director.
Didn't realize Kilbride was a fan of cigars.
That's weird.
You should really try to get to know him better.
I don't want to circle back.
And I don't want to hear how much you do or don't have on your plate.
I want answers, not corporate buzzwords.
I got to go.
Warm thanks for nothing.
Callen, where are you? Driving in.
I got your message.
Do we have a case? You might want to sit down for this.
Well, I tend to do that when I'm driving.
I just got a report from LAPD about a robbery at Crusciel & Crusciel.
That's the art storage facility where Katya Has a storage vault.
Yeah, I remember.
- Was it broken into? - That's the thing I don't know.
I just got off the phone with them, and they're not telling me anything.
Yeah, well, they have a lot of wealthy and powerful clients.
They'll do whatever they can to keep what happens there quiet.
Can't be a coincidence that they get broken into while we're waiting for our warrant to go through.
But, either way, we may have just found a way in without needing one.
Well, LAPD's on the scene.
Just waiting for an update as we speak.
All right, keep digging.
I'll head over there.
Should I have Sam meet you? No, he had to head out of town last second to, uh, go see his father.
Is everything okay? I don't really know.
But I got this.
Just, um let me know when you have more.
Will do.
I think I'm just a little nervous.
What if she doesn't want to talk anymore? I spent the last two weeks watching every vampire, zombie and sorcerer movie I could find.
So I'm not nervous at all.
Yeah, not all teenagers want to talk about vampires, sorcerers or witches.
I know that.
I do it for my own nerves.
- Kensi Blye? - Yes? I'm Elliot Reynolds, Rosa's case manager.
Um, this is my husband, Marty Deeks.
- Hi.
- Is everything okay? Everything's fine, but Rosa's not here.
The request was confirmed two weeks ago.
Um, where is she? Barstow.
We found a distant aunt that lives there.
She picked her up late last night.
That's great.
About the aunt.
- Yeah.
- Not that Barstow's 'Cause Barstow's beautiful this time of year.
I meant to call you, but I've been slammed.
I'm sorry you had to make a trip for nothing.
- Right.
- Have a nice day.
Is she gonna be okay? These kids have all been through hell.
They relive it every night as they're falling asleep.
Then, when they wake up, they explain every horrible detail again to us.
I can't tell you that Rosa will be okay.
But she's with family and has a good case for asylum.
That's the closest to okay most of these kids can get.
I'll tell her you said hi.
Please do.
Thank you.
Fatima, we have a situation.
Kilbride has an assistant! Uh, sort of.
I don't Okay.
You know I love your passion, but we work in the Office of Special Projects.
So when you say we have a situation, I am mentally preparing for explosions.
All right.
I'm sorry.
But this is explosive information.
Oh, no, it totally is.
Spill the tea.
All right, so I looked her up.
She technically works for the director in Washington, but she's also an NSA analyst.
And she loves Pilates.
W Oh.
Agent Namazi, meet Reserve Agent Shyla Dahr.
Dahr is in town to help me with a few things.
Well, in that case, why don't you follow me? Early this morning, there was a robbery Uh, scratch that, a full-on heist at the high-end art storage facility Crusciel & Crusciel.
Art storage is a popular business.
People buy art just to store it away while it appreciates in value.
- Any suspects? - Not yet.
Two of the men were masked, and facial rec is working on the third.
But he did a really good job of keeping his face obscured from the camera.
Place like that has to have security systems.
How did three men get through? With a Trojan horse.
Or crate, rather.
A delivery guy shows up claiming to have a priceless statue from a client in Pasadena.
Turns out he's got two buddies inside.
And while I'm sure it's a sad day for the art community, I'm still not sure what it has to do with us.
Priceless art does have a price.
A big one.
Stolen art is sold all the time to finance crime and terrorism.
And, also Katya Miranova had a storage vault in the facility.
Callen found an invoice in her safe-deposit box a few months ago.
Katya? That's the sociopathic powder keg with a murderous appetite for love? Well, it's kind of hard to keep up with exactly who she is anymore, which is why I prefer to describe her as just a giant pain in my ass.
Crusciel & Crusciel will only provide us with the client numbers for the five stolen crates, not what was inside.
But, luckily, we have Katya's from the invoice.
Whatever she was storing in there is now in the wind.
Callen's at the scene now to see what he can find.
Meet him there.
Agent Rountree and Ms.
Dahr can handle things on this end, beginning with looking into our warrant request.
In order to delay the warrant, Katya would need to have someone on the inside.
Or be able to pose as someone on the inside.
It's all right.
You can go ahead and say it.
Dahr has been fully read in.
Well, since Katya has the ability to employ Callen's deep fake, posing as someone might not be a problem.
So, we're either dealing with three very soon-to-be unlucky thieves Or Ms.
Miranova is pulling out all the stops to get at whatever is in that vault.
Who let you out of Ops? Kilbride has someone in from Washington.
She's helping Rountree, so I can give you a hand.
How's it looking over here? Uh, I checked out Katya's vault.
It's empty, but so are some of the other ones, so it's hard to tell whether or not it was targeted.
Well, Katya's smart.
If she was behind this, she'd want it to look random.
What I don't get is how the thieves had the time alone to pull this off.
Yeah, I was just on my way to find that out.
Elena Maldonado? Please, I already told the other officer everything I saw this morning, and I really need to find something in here that'll help me forget it.
We're actually gonna need you to remember a bit longer.
You don't look like cops.
Yeah, that's because we're not.
I'm Agent Callen.
This is Agent Namazi.
We're NCIS, and we're gonna need you to answer - a few more questions.
- Like I told them, one second, I'm taking a delivery and the next Ross is shot, and everything's gone.
You were the only registrar working this morning.
Is it normal for you to leave delivery persons unattended? It's not preferable.
But-but it happens.
We're currently understaffed, and our bathrooms are currently underwater.
So when the plumber got here at the same time as the delivery, I had to make a choice.
Who called the plumber? I did.
This morning, when I got in.
All they would give me was a window of when they would be here.
Do you have the name of the plumber or the company that sent them? May wood Plumbing.
Look, I have a board meeting in 20, client call in 40, and if I don't have a Valium in the next ten, I'm not gonna survive either.
Just go.
But stay close, all right? Thank you.
I imagine you know why you're here.
He's gonna make us say it.
This guy.
Sir, don't listen to him.
He's, uh Well, you've met him.
So, why are we here, sir? Because I'm old.
And I'm tired of chasing this team around the office like I'm some kind of a groupie for the Grateful Dead.
I assume you're up to speed with our case.
Uh, yeah.
Rountree filled us in on the way here.
It seems that Katya or whoever stole the art will want to move it fast? You can't just sell stolen artwork at a gallery, - so it's gonna have to move off-market.
- Exactly.
And I believe, Agent Blye, that you previously made a contact in that same off-market art world.
Kim Cho.
I met them when I was undercover as Keith looking for the painting The Cube.
So let me get a hold of Castor.
Maybe he can bring them to the boat shed and they can help.
That's mahogany, right? That's a funny word.
" Is it teak? I'll see myself out.
Toodles! I just left another message at May wood Plumbing.
These people have been impossible to track down.
Same with the alleged client from Pasadena and the delivery company that the thieves were pretending to work for.
But that's because, unlike the plumber, both of these are fake.
Hopefully the plates on the delivery van aren't.
Kaleidoscope's looking for 'em now.
But if the delivery service is a fake, why would the thieves coordinate a plan with a legit plumbing company? If they call me back, I'll be sure to ask 'em.
In the meantime, I was able to get in touch with Judge Eleanor Kline.
The judge that delayed the request for the warrant to search Katya's vault.
Technically, she's the judge Agent Callen asked to hold the warrant, claiming that it might interfere in another ongoing investigation.
Only Callen never said that.
You know that.
I now know that.
But, unfortunately, Judge Kline never knew that.
So Katya did use Callen's deep fake.
She posed as Callen and convinced the judge to hold up the warrant that the actual Callen requested.
That's so messed up.
I agree.
And if I know Kilbride, - he will, too.
- We get it.
- You know Kilbride.
- What was that? Nice work.
Keith? Castor.
Come on.
Keith, what the hell is going on? And who's this normcore on your arm? I hate to disappoint you, but my name is actually not Keith.
It is Kensi Blye.
I'm a federal agent.
And this normcore is my partner Deeks.
For the record, I consider my style - abnorm-core.
- Okay.
I've seen performance art before, but, bitch Oh, my this is next-level.
You played me.
Unless you brought me here to arrest me.
I appreciate that.
And, uh, no, you're not in trouble.
But we do need your help.
Have a seat.
Will it put me in danger? No, not at all.
Can it? Wow.
Yeah, no, we'll see what we can do.
Are you familiar with the art storage facility - Crusciel & Crusciel? - Ah, yes.
Good ole C&C Art Factory.
Well, somebody broke into it this morning, and the thieves made off with about five crates of artwork.
And we're really hoping you can help us find out where that ended up.
What makes you think I'll be able to do that? 'Cause the last time I was with you, that is exactly what you did.
This time, though if you don't, I will arrest you.
New Keith is feisty.
Yeah, no, the kitty can scratch.
I hate you both.
And I love it.
I'll make some calls.
Shyla just talked to the judge who's reviewing our warrant request.
Do you want me to sit down for this? I think I might want to sit down for this.
I won't.
The reason the warrant request was pending was because of you.
Apparently, you called the judge.
You mean my deep fake did.
All right, well, at least now we know it was Katya.
Longer she has control of our deepfakes, the more sophisticated they'll get.
She'll never stop.
Unless we make her.
Whatever she had in that vault had to have been personal.
She wouldn't have gone to this kind of trouble.
She probably found out that you had access to her safe-deposit box, and she knew it would lead us here.
She couldn't come get it herself, it'd be too risky.
She knew we would need a warrant to get inside.
So she poses as you, contacts the judge.
Buys herself a little time, she puts together a crew, they come steal it themselves and get out of here.
What do you got, Rountree? We have a situation.
I finally heard back from May wood Plumbing, and they confirmed that they did dispatch one of their plumbers to Crusciel & Crusciel this morning.
We already knew that, so again, not technically a situation.
Don't worry, I'm about to drop the bomb.
Turns out they didn't provide a window of time of when they would arrive.
It was the opposite.
So you're saying Elena told them when to be here? She paid double to make sure it would happen.
The heist crew was never working with the plumber.
They already had someone on the inside.
Thanks, Rountree.
Going down? One of us is.
You got this all wrong.
No, technically, you did when you lied to us.
Okay, do you realize how much pressure I'm under? I am responsible for millions of dollars' worth of art.
Yeah, and you wanted a piece of the pie.
I would have settled for a piece of actual pie.
No one cares how much I do here.
Okay? My paychecks are a joke.
With rents in this damn city, I'm barely scraping by.
When did you meet Katya Miranova? Uh, is she a painter? More of a performance artist.
Look, we know she hired you.
I-I don't know who hired me, but it wasn't her.
Some guy offered me 15K and I stopped asking questions when I got the cash.
- Great.
We need a name.
- I never got one.
He was a little taller than you.
Gray hair.
These piercing blue eyes that made me feel seen for the first time in years.
And, um, he was French.
Sexy French, not mean French.
Well, that'll narrow it down for us.
Too risky.
Andre is out.
Pico was never in.
See you tonight.
So, what did you find out? Hard to find anything when you don't know what you're looking for.
Well, the robbery was six hours ago, so anything being floated today is considered a lead.
The town is dry today.
That was a waste of time.
Depends how you look at things.
And how do you look at things? I'm already over this metaphor.
If no one's talking yet, then no one's selling yet.
Which means the thieves might be sitting on everything waiting for Katya to tell them their next move.
Or they already had a buyer lined up and we're too late.
Thieves could be halfway out of the country as we speak.
Oh Ooh.
We may have just got a way to find out.
Fatima got a description.
Charming Frenchman, 50s, blue eyes, medium build.
Sounds more like a Tinder profile.
Hold up, you said old and French? Like a fine wine.
That ring a bell? Could be Gerard Dupont.
He's a legend.
I heard he was in L.
, but thought he was out of the game.
Do you know where we can find him? Damn, you're the federal agents, not me.
We are talking about centuries of war.
Millions given the strength to fight, to persevere, to wake up every morning and go to battle.
Entire civilizations have sprung from the earth because of it.
And you want me to give it up? I promise you, Doctor, I have made it this far by avoiding things like bullets and bayonets and artillery.
I have no intention of adding gluten to that list.
Am I, uh, interrupting anything? Always, Agent Rountree.
Uh, apologies, sir.
Are you gonna speak, or do I have to like and subscribe to your YouTube channel first? Right.
We were tracing the delivery van from the robbery this morning, but we lost it when it pulled into a blind spot.
But the good news is, Kaleidoscope 2.
0 found an SUV pulling out of that same blind spot minutes later with no record of it entering.
Which is the long way of saying They switched cars.
The SUV's parked in an alley behind a closed shop.
Request is in for the warrant.
Fatima and Callen are on their way.
That is good news.
It will be better news when you come back later and tell me if they found anything.
Copy that.
It's called a knock.
Learn how.
Kensi, Deeks, I've got more information about our French connection Gerard Dupont.
- What do you got? - Well, his career was nothing if not prolific.
He was able to pull off nearly 50 heists, all in broad daylight, all without violence.
He was finally caught trying to steal an ancient statue of Mercury from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Belgium.
Been there.
Art Basel it is not.
He was sentenced to five years, released after three for good behavior, shortly after which, he moved across the pond to Los Angeles.
And do we know what prompted that change in scenery? Could be his daughter.
She moved here with her husband while Dupont was still in prison.
According to records, they've just had a child.
Okay, so what are we feeling about that retirement being real? Well, he's been a person of interest in a few high-profile robberies.
Including the theft of the very same statue he was arrested trying to steal in Belgium.
He was questioned but never charged in any of the cases.
So I guess the question is, Dupont's stealing, is that just a job, or is that an addiction? His last known address is a rental in Larchmont.
Sending it to you now.
Thank you, Shyla.
Appreciate it.
Sounds dangerous.
The only danger in your future is Castor's barely suppressed road rage.
It's not my fault no one knows how to drive in this city.
Said every L.
driver ever.
Ten and two, baby.
And when you merge, merge kindly.
Entering the shop now.
There's something coming from the back.
Federal agents! Wait a minute.
You're Gerard Dupont.
At your service.
So, what do you know about Crusciel & Crusciel? They are an high-end art storage firm.
Emphasis on "high-end.
" Hmm.
Is that why you paid them a visit this morning? I'm afraid I know them by reputation only.
That's odd, because a highly-skilled Frenchman just pulled off a heist there.
Has anyone checked on Gérard Depardieu? How did you There's always an escape.
Give me that.
Handcuffs cannot hold Gerard Dupont.
Oh, yeah? What about zip ties? Ooh.
Rest of the building's clear, but still no sign of the art.
What art? Oh, welcome to Gerard Dupont's TED Talk on playing dumb.
Look, I won't deny my past transgressions, but I can assure you that I've been here all day.
You see, I'm helping them get ready to reopen.
I've always had a deep love of pottery.
How do you explain this? Let me see.
I double-checked he was secure, I-I swear.
Like I said.
They look like generic work overalls to me.
Well, they just happen to be an exact match for the ones that were used at the Crusciel & Crusciel heist.
There must be a thousand others floating around the city as we speak.
This evidence is how you say, uh, circumstantial? Then, of course, there's still the dock master who was shot.
He's gonna make it, thank God, but that's still attempted murder.
You know, you never used guns in any of your past heists.
So why start now? Unless you didn't pull the trigger.
Like I said, I've been here all morning.
Got it.
All right, thanks, Shyla.
Callen and Fatima found Dupont at the van's location, but he's not talking.
And the warrant? Expedited, signed, sealed and delivered.
Hopefully we can find something useful inside.
Federal agents.
We have a warrant.
Wow, I mean, I'm no handsome Property Brother, but even I can tell there's too much going on in here.
So, update.
Callen and Fatima found Dupont at the pottery shop.
The only problem is he's not talking.
And Kensi and Deeks are looking through his house, but they haven't found anything.
Anything else? Not yet.
That strains the definition of what I'd call an update, Agent Rountree, but I do appreciate your knocking.
Bless you? It's a Japanese fried chicken spot downtown.
It's gluten-free.
Just as good as the real thing.
Maybe even gives Church's Chicken a run for its money, and that's a lot coming from a boy raised in Texas.
You know, if you know anyone interested.
I think you know why, if you choose to share this information, that I will not hesitate to end you.
The last thing I need is for people to think that this city has gone to my head.
Of course, sir.
Agent Rountree.
Thank you.
This is so messed up.
I mean, it wasn't the cleanest place when we started.
No, not that.
This guy Dupont, right, he's a convicted criminal, and he's able to get into the country easy enough.
And then you have kids like Rosa, who are actual victims of crimes, and they're locked up in shelters just trying to fight for a chance to do the same thing.
I mean, you're absolutely right.
Right? Nothing that happened to her is fair, but at least she's with a relative, distant or not.
She's got a better chance than most.
Yeah, but sometimes those placements don't work out, though.
- And-and if it doesn't - Then we will do everything we can in our power to help her.
Come hell or high Hat rack.
I think it's "high water.
"No, no.
I think I just found the world's most expensive hat rack.
What? - Huh.
- Hmm.
Seems Dupont didn't hang up his hat after all.
Or he did, and-and didn't.
I guess it's kind of a SchroÃdinger's hat scenario.
I think the statue might be the answer to getting him talking.
Tell me more.
Well, think about it.
What does somebody who moved around the world to be closer to his family fear the most? Being sent back.
Thanks, Deeks.
Look familiar? Yes, I picked that up at a garage sale in Reseda.
Really? Well, I'm sure the Fine Arts Museum in Brussels would find that very interesting.
Belgium is where you were arrested, isn't it? Five years and early release does seem like a pretty gracious sentence, given your record.
I'm not sure they're gonna go that easy on a repeat offender.
Being extradited to a Belgian prison when you're trying to patch things up with your kid in L.
? That'd be a shame.
But if you were willing to work with us, cooperate, maybe we could find a way to keep you here, close to your family.
Mon Dieu! Okay, I was just the middleman.
I was hired by a woman.
I never met her, she said her name was Irina Fedorovna.
That's one of Katya's aliases.
Irina, Katya, whoever she is, she was very familiar with the facility.
She gave me specific instructions which vault to hit.
What was in the vault? Art, I guess.
Uh, it wasn't anything I recognized.
Where is it now? - Where is it? - Here's the thing.
This Katya she didn't think big enough.
All she wanted was the contents of this one small vault, and it would have been a shame to waste this opportunity.
There was so much more there for the taking.
You double-crossed her.
I made a better deal.
This woman who hired you is a Russian spy, amongst other things, and she has a penchant for removing limbs from her enemies.
This is not somebody you want to double-cross.
Who was the buyer? I don't know his actual name, just a pseudonym.
This is what's gonna happen.
You're gonna call him, you tell him you have someone interested in buying some of the pieces, and you set up a viewing.
He'll never let someone he doesn't know set eyes on them.
Then it sounds like you're coming with me.
Have Rountree meet us there.
Tell him to bring me a suit.
He says to "come inside.
No weapons.
" How we looking? Remote camera's in place, perimeter's empty.
All right, we can keep an eye from here, but once you're inside, it's audio-only.
Copy that.
We're going in.
We're, uh, here for the viewing.
I didn't think I'd see you again so soon.
Neither did I, but then I learned that my good friend is in the market.
You can call me Mr.
Um, we may have a problem here.
We've got more guests arriving.
I like your style.
I like yours.
I was under the impression that this was a private viewing.
Well, apologies for the misunderstanding.
This, my friend, is an auction.
Crypto only.
But rest assured, you'll have the same chance of picking up one of these pieces as anyone else.
Provided your pockets are deep enough.
Don't have to worry about that.
Then a word of advice.
Don't hesitate.
I expect the proceedings to get quite, uh, aggressive.
All right, that's all of them.
Everybody's inside now.
Ooh, this is a real who's who of L.
's underworld.
You got the Morelos Cartel, Chinese Triad, weapons traffickers.
Should we move in? When do we get to see the items? Negative.
Do not move in.
Callen doesn't have eyes on the art yet.
REACT team's 15 out.
But they'll still get there before Kensi and Deeks could.
If these pieces fall into criminal hands, who knows what they could fund.
Do what you have to do, Agent Callen, but be smart.
I do not want to be left footing the bill for million-dollar paintings all turned into Jackson Pollocks because of blood spatter.
And now, what you came here for.
Which one was in Katya's vault? It's not up there.
Are you playing me? No, I swear.
What is this? This is 19th-century rubbish.
What did you do? I'm sorry, it seems that one of our pieces is counterfeit.
Supposedly 17th century, but according to Mr.
Wen, clearly 19th, at the earliest.
We should maybe go.
Not so fast.
REACT team's still ten minutes out.
We can't wait.
Oh, Hieronymus, - I can explain.
- Please do.
Because now I'm curious.
Why would someone who ripped me off show their face around me again? And not only that, but bring a stranger into our midst? You don't like strangers, you're gonna hate this next part.
Federal agents! Drop it.
How do you like my style now, huh? REACT arrived just in time to nab the buyers.
Well, not all of them.
No sign of Dupont.
Guess he was right.
There was an escape after all.
Well, he's not gonna get very far.
He better hope that Katya doesn't find him first.
Think he was playing us the whole time? Let's find out.
Bring him here.
Which one of these pieces came out of vault 31? None of them.
The contents of 31 were worthless.
They're over with the crating.
" Mean anything to you? No.
But it must have meant a lot to her.
Don't worry, I'm sure everything is fine.
Then why didn't she tell us what this was about over the phone? Because she's incredibly busy.
- Ms.
- Yeah.
Thanks for coming back.
It's okay.
Um, is-is Rosa all right? Oh, yes, absolutely.
Sorry for contacting you like this.
It turns out, she gave one of the other children something to pass along to you.
Oh? Said it was important.
Pilar? - Hi.
- Hi.
I'll give you all some space.
Thank you.
Oh, wow, that is beautiful.
Can you, can you tell us about it? That's a Muñeca quit a pen a.
A worry doll.
Uh, we make them in Guatemala.
Rosa and I learned we came from the same town and became friends.
Can I? Um, yeah.
Of course.
They say if you tell your worries to the doll and put it under your pillow, it will help you solve your problems.
I had one, too, but I lost it on the way.
Why don't you keep that? I think that's what Rosa would've wanted.
Is it true what she said about you? Um that you're a superhero? Oh Um, I-I don't know about that.
- I - Oh, come on.
I have seen her dodge bullets, I've seen her outrun locomotives, I've seen her leap from the tops of buildings in a single bound.
I mean, and that was just on a slow day.
She is, for sure, a superhero.
Um Uh, we don't have to leave right away.
Do you want to sit down and talk? Uh, I'd like that.
Have a seat.
So, what's going on? How are you? What are you up to? Well, they showed us a new vampire movie today.
H-Have you seen Stake-red Heart? Have I? Oh, my gosh, and I have so many opinions about this movie.
He has opinions about everything, by the way.
You know, but, uh, she knows.
- No matter what - So, there's a love triangle, right? Between a-a vampire and a sorcerer and a, and a - A werewolf.
- Right, but the dude's - Werewolves? - never wearing a shirt.
Like, why is he not wearing a shirt? LAPD picked up the other two art thieves, but still no sign of Dupont.
I put eyes on his family just in case Katya got any ideas.
- Great.
Thanks for your help today.
- Mm-hmm.
Always nice having a friendly face in new surroundings.
Sir, while this city can be more draining than the one-man shows it turns out I think you know that these surroundings aren't so new anymore.
It is okay to admit a tiny part of you doesn't hate it here.
Well, that'll be a cold day in hell.
Uh, listen, there's one more thing I need to check on.
So, um, have a safe flight back.
Figured out what was so important about this reel? Well, hopefully I'm about to find out.
Young Noble Maidens? If this is what Katya went through, no wonder she turned out how she did.
But why'd she want something like this back so bad? Hell, why keep it in the first place? Blackmail? Motivation for revenge? I I'll send it to the lab, make sure we didn't miss anything.
You know, my son could never sleep as a child.
- The dark.
- Yeah.
I lost count of the number of nights I spent trying to convince him that monsters aren't real.
Worst part about this job knowing that's a lie.
Pain is just a state of mind, Seventeen.
Finish the job.

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