NCIS Los Angeles s13e15 Episode Script


1 Ooh, all right ♪ Got me feeling rude ♪ 'Cause things ain't been right ♪ Searching night and day for that sugar and spice ♪ Clinging onto tomorrow ♪ To change up your life ♪ So here's the antidote to the lack of a vibe ♪ To arrest all the stress ♪ Trying to get your likes up? I told you, I'm an artist.
And I told you to stop taking pictures without asking.
If I ask, it loses authenticity.
Erase it.
It's just a picture.
It's creepy, rude exploitation.
All she has to do is ask, but she feels entitled to just take.
Erase it.
Great moves, by the way.
Yo, one day, you're gonna take the wrong picture of the wrong person, and it won't end up well.
It's about that time ♪ 'Bout the time to ignite your life ♪ Tell everybody ♪ Ko ma bo, ko ma bo, ko ma bo, ko ma bo, ko ma bo ♪ It's about that time ♪ 'Bout the time to ignite your life.
♪ Nice.
You going in to work? No.
I'm on a special assignment.
One I can't talk about.
I didn't ask for details.
But sorry for interrupting your work.
I promise I won't ignore my "check engine" light again.
Ah, yeah, sure.
How many times have I heard that one before? I've been so busy studying.
Last time I checked, Afro go-go parties don't count as studying.
I study, then party.
You gonna ace it? Absolutely.
Organic chem is my thing.
- I'm gonna kill it.
- There we go.
Which reminds me.
What is it? - What's what? - Don't think I forgot.
You told me, if I get all A's this semester, you'd get me a surprise.
Emphasis on "surprise.
" Come on, tell me what it is.
It doesn't matter, all right? What matters is we are healthy, we We're happy, we have dreams, we have goals.
And we are accomplishing them.
All right? Okay.
That's what matters.
- What if I guess it? - Jordyn.
All right, fine.
One guess.
- Two.
And two hints.
- All right.
UH, HINT ONE: Uh, I can't wrap it.
Hint number two: It gets you places.
A new car? I knew it! Yo, thank you! Mm-mm.
Girl, I'm proud of you.
I'm not new-car proud.
Best big brother ever.
I love you.
I literally just said it's not a new car.
Now you're just trying to trick me to throw me off, but then surprise, a new car.
Fatima, hello.
What's your ETA? I'm almost to the university.
I'm gonna drop her off and, uh, head to the meet, and I'll be in.
Hmm, busy day.
Well, we'll get started without you.
Tell Jordyn I said good luck.
Fatima, how's it looking? Well, it's looking like perfect timing.
- We got a case.
- Mm.
That works.
Yesterday, Naval Mass Communication Specialist Second Class Andrea Bishop was murdered - in her downtown apartment.
- Mm.
Navy's resident photographer.
Neighbors heard nothing, and surprise, surprise The building has no security cameras.
Uh, what was she documenting? She was assigned to the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, capturing everything from daily life to special events.
Yeah, they're undergoing a multimillion dollar ammunition pier replacement project.
It's actually a big deal.
Well, I've scoured her phone records, socials.
Nothing stands out.
She's got a good eye.
MC is a very competitive field.
People wait years to get this position.
Documenting history in the making.
It's a pretty cool gig.
Yeah, but is it a cool enough gig to want to kill somebody? People have certainly killed for less.
Crimean War.
"Valley of the Shadow of Death.
" Robert Fenton, 1855.
Boy, you Angelenos have the world's foremost war photograph hanging not 15 minutes away at the Getty, and I'm willing to bet that none of you have ever laid eyes on it.
- Can't say that you're wrong, Admiral.
- Hmm.
Proceed, Agents.
All right, just have Kens and Deeks go to the crime scene.
Sam and I will go talk to Andrea Bishop's colleagues.
The head of her department, Commander Oscar Northcutt, is in L.
for meetings.
I asked him to meet you at the boatshed on his break.
We'll meet him there.
Is that for us? Put your hands on the dash.
Hey, how's it going? License, registration and insurance card, please.
Why'd you pull me over? License, registration, insurance.
Stop reaching.
- What? I'm-I'm just - Hands up.
- Out of the car.
Now! - Hey! Wh-Whoa! whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm gonna step out of the car.
It's all right.
I'm a federal agent.
Where's your badge? I don't have it.
- Turn around.
- All right.
I was trying to say that my name is Devin Rountree.
I'm with the NCIS.
- Whoa, whoa, hey! - Why are you doing this? Why are we being treated like this? Jordyn, look at me.
Look at me! Do what he says.
- We didn't do anything wrong.
- You're not cooperating! - Put your hands up! - What are you talking ab Ow! - Hey, you're hurting her! - Ow! I'm not resisting.
Hey! No! Whoa.
Where are we, the LACMA? What do you expect? She was a photographer.
Yeah, but if I knew that taking photos for the Navy was a job, I would've gone down that route.
You hate taking pictures.
You don't even like taking selfies.
What are you talking about? I love taking pictures.
I am the one who takes all the pictures.
If it wasn't for me, we would have no memories whatsoever, none.
Uh, excuse me, but as I recall, I took some pictures of you last night.
- Oh, my God.
- What? You want me to You want me to pull 'em up right now? Uh, sorry, he's kidding.
- I love - What are you - Taking pictures of you, baby.
- This isn't funny.
Deeks, you got to stop it.
- No, no, no - Zoom, enhance and - Oh, my God! - Look at the pictures.
- She is such a talented photographer.
- Yes.
No, that is lovely.
The striking, canted angles, the excellent balance between negative and positive space.
- Deeks.
- What? See what I see? Could be a laptop.
Maybe a desktop.
Also, where's all her equipment? She's a photographer.
There should at least be one camera lying around.
Yeah, there's no camera.
Although I do see these.
- Ooh.
- Very pretty.
"Let's say we forgive and forget, sweet Drea.
"The show must go on.
"The gallery loves you, and so do I.
Your biggest fan, Gwen.
" What if sweet Drea didn't forgive and forget? Well, then her biggest fan might have motive.
Stories tend to fade away if there isn't someone there telling them.
Petty Officer Andrea Bishop was an effective and pleasant young photographer doing just that.
Did she have any problems with anyone in the weapons station? Lieutenant Walsh can answer that better.
Personnel disputes go through him before they get to me.
She could be persistent and passionate, but, um That might have bugged some people, but I never received any complaints.
So you can't think of anybody that may have wanted to hurt her? Oh, no, no.
Not at all.
Is there a transfer list citing her billet? Maybe someone pending orders wanted to speed things up.
I'm sure there is.
Seal Beach is a great duty station.
You know, rotations are advertised Navy-wide.
MC personnel are all over the country waiting on assignment, so it wouldn't be someone at-at this station necessarily.
And what were her assignments? She was a journalist, lithographer, uh, illustrator, draftsman and photographer all in one.
That sounds like an important role.
It is.
Much of her recent work was spent documenting the new pier construction.
I gave her free rein to take photos as she saw fit.
Most MCs stick to formal, staged pictures, but Petty Officer Bishop, she-she thought outside the box.
She photographed every inch of that weapons station.
We believe her killer stole her camera and her laptop.
Could they contain sensitive information? Uh yeah.
Almost certainly yes.
And none of it would have been approved for release by the Public Affairs officer.
It's alarming, to say the least.
The new pier is critical to our ability to address China's growing naval presence in the Pacific.
If you'll excuse us, we really need to be getting - to our next meetings.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Let us know if you need any help.
- Will do.
- Thank you very much.
- It's - possible this is espionage.
Well, they broke into her apartment to gather classified photos of the station.
Then she walks in.
Espionage turns to murder.
Hey, Fatima, look for anyone unusual following Andrea Bishop during the days leading up to her murder.
One step ahead.
So far, no unusual calls, posts or messages.
No creepy stalkers.
Keep digging.
Let us know what you find.
Will do.
Just, uh, give me a sec.
Rountree still isn't here, and I'm holding down the fort solo.
What, Rountree's still not here? You think he's having trouble playing his part? Well, he hasn't checked in, but I'm sure he's fine.
Just because he's meeting with a nuclear physicist and not some violent drug kingpin doesn't mean that he's safe.
Confirm his status, please.
I tried.
He's not answering.
Oh, should I Do what you do best, Agent Namazi.
Track him down.
One thing.
All it takes is one thing to ruin somebody's life.
Your life's not ruined.
Organic chem, fail.
That means no scholarship, no ball.
Everything's just ruined literally because of what we look like and what kind of backwards world we're living in.
Thought your name was Devin Rountree.
It is.
So who's this? Andrew Hughes? It's my undercover persona.
I-I'm gonna fix this.
You know I will.
- Let's uncuff 'em.
- Yeah.
All set.
You're good to go.
What was the reason for the stop? - Armed burglary suspect in the area.
- Let's go! Have a nice day.
She was a brilliant artist.
Just look at these.
- I mean, they're great.
- They are.
She understood the beauty in nature and the truth in humanity.
I should never have tried to change her.
Is that what you argued about? Oh, we didn't argue.
We disagreed.
About what? Oh, her-her life.
Her career.
You name it.
We didn't exactly see eye to eye.
What exactly didn't you see eye to eye on? Her debut solo show opens this week at my gallery.
Shame she won't be there to see it.
Drea respected the military, but it was really just a means to an end.
It's like that for a lot of military personnel.
Art was Drea's true calling.
About this disagreement Yes, yes.
I-I just wanted her to concentrate on the art.
To commit.
- But she had a day job.
- A very demanding one.
A very admirable one.
Working on the website, the brochures, the newspapers.
Uh, designing this, editing that, all for the Navy, but guess what.
I can't put any of that in the show, now, can I? I see.
But she had such talent.
I mean, she engaged so well with the community.
In fact, yesterday, she sent me what I'm now realizing must be the last photo she ever took.
I have it on my phone.
- Do you mind if I take look? - Mm.
Oh, my gosh.
She sent it around her estimated time of death.
- Fatima.
- Yep.
Hey, Fatima.
Hey, Kens.
What's up? Uh, I'm going to send you one of Andrea Bishop's photographs.
See if you can locate the subjects.
They're possibly the last people to see her alive.
- I am on it.
- Thanks.
Also, uh, any luck finding Bishop's cloud files? Looks like they were wiped clean.
If her images were backed up, they're gone now.
So the killers took her cameras, her laptop and possibly erased her files.
They're being pretty thorough.
Well, I'll try to ID the skaters, and if I can find them, I'll have Sam and Callen round them up.
Thank you.
Oh, no.
Excuse me, Agent Sir, I figured out what's keeping Rountree.
LAPD pulled over a Range Rover with his UC plates.
Dispatch audio recordings say that the driver matches a robbery suspect.
Which station responded? West L.
Sir, he's driving with a license that doesn't have his name on it.
All right, I'll make some calls.
And next time, knock.
I left your mans on read last weekend ♪ Come on, right now Should feel bad but I don't like to pretend ♪ Come on, right now ♪ Me not cute, now that's a false statement ♪ So for next time, here's the commandments ♪ Here's the commandments ♪ No jeans in the club, that's a no-no ♪ 'Cause when the jeans rip, that'll be a show-show ♪ Unless you're out here trying to be a ho-ho ♪ Then if that's the case, then let's go, ho ♪ Peep this face ♪ Ladies.
Okay, come on, ladies.
Okay, okay, that's very cute.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, ring around the rosy.
Very cute.
All right, show's over.
What did he say? Show's over! We have questions for you! Hey.
Listen up! We're NCIS.
We have questions for you.
- NCI who? - NCIS.
We're federal agents.
Look, will you s-stop moving, please? You had your picture taken yesterday.
A female photographer.
Do you remember her? That annoying photographer? Yes.
What about her? She was killed.
All right? She was killed.
Do you remember anything about her? Anything unusual? Was she being followed by Wait, she's dead? I feel so bad now.
I kind of got loud with her.
Um, here.
This is hers.
She dropped it.
Thank you.
Lea Anderson.
No priors.
She's totally clean.
Well, she had a thumb drive on her that belonged to Andrea Bishop.
Maybe we can find something on the drive that tells us what the killers were after.
Find out what they're after, we may find out who they were.
We'll see you back at Ops.
I want names.
Badge numbers.
A full report! I want everything! The hell's that all about? Better just show you.
Rountree got pulled over by LAPD this morning.
Someone posted this video online.
- Ouch! Okay! - Stop moving! - Take it easy.
- I'm not moving.
- Stop resisting! - I'm not resisting.
- Please.
Oh, my God.
- You're hurting her! - Hey! - Stop! No! There better be a good explanation.
Unless Rountree murdered somebody this morning, there's no explanation for this.
Hey, everybody.
You okay? Yeah.
We're good.
Jordyn's good.
Everything's fine.
Not after what I just saw.
Those officers can't get away with this.
And they won't, but we need more information.
What we need is to transfer this case so we can go down there.
Look, I appreciate it, but I'm handling things.
You guys just go back to doing whatever you were doing.
Agent Rountree, head on over to the boatshed.
- Yes, sir.
- I'm getting tired of this.
Real tired.
Okay? Should I be? No.
How is this progress? I mean, you went through this exact same thing.
How are we back here again? The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh? Look, Rountree's sister means everything to him.
We are not letting this slide.
I feel like a hamster running on a wheel getting nowhere.
Tell me what you want to do.
Rountree's taking the lead.
Let's just be ready.
The meantime, we're gonna focus on the case.
Okay, so Andrea Bishop used the thumb drive as backup for her projects at the station.
This is a time-lapse video of the pier restoration, uh, slice-of-life videos of Navy personnel at work.
And then there's this: a file labeled "Northcutt.
" Now, this is an enhanced section of a time-lapse video from the construction site near the pier.
Now, the time stamp says 1:00 a.
Odd hour to be doing work, wouldn't you agree? Is that the only clip? No, she has clips of this going down one night every month.
How do you explain the repetition? Well, I thought the dates were random at first, until I realized that this is happening the same night the security system undergoes routine maintenance.
And is Bishop's camera the only one - that this van appears on? - It is.
We have no evidence that anyone's been targeting her.
Maybe this isn't about foreign interest in the pier construction.
Maybe she was killed to cover up a theft.
Has the weapons station reported any missing inventory - since Bishop's time-lapse began? - I was just checking that, and bingo.
Last week, NCIS Resident Unit Seal Beach opened an investigation into the missing inventory at the station.
Oh, tactical gear, avionics, electronics.
All right, send this report to Sam.
You got it.
So, Andrea Bishop recorded someone stealing from the weapons station.
Someone who knows the time and dates that the security system undergoes maintenance.
Appears to be an inside job.
There's no chance that you could ID them or the van, perhaps? Hmm.
It's too dark to ID off their faces, but I can get the plate.
That would work.
Bishop labeled this file "Northcutt," but Northcutt and Walsh never mentioned anything about it.
Which suggests that she got killed before she could tell them.
Or that one of them's covering up.
We got a hit on the van.
It's registered to a Jake Hanson.
Is he weapons station personnel? No, it looks like he's unemployed.
All right, send this info to Kensi and Deeks.
Sam and I will get Northcutt and Walsh back on the line.
Detective Whiting? Agent Rountree, thank you for coming.
- Hmm.
- Admiral Kilbride thought we should speak one on one.
The video's already been viewed thousands of times.
We need to get ahead of this before Before it becomes a PR nightmare? Before the wrong story is told.
I'm a federal agent driving my little sister to a science exam.
The video speaks for itself.
I'm sorry it got to that point.
But you didn't have your badge, and My badge? Badge or no badge, that wasn't cool.
Listen, sit down with the officers.
This is bigger than those officers.
Let's hear what they have to say.
I already know what they're gonna say.
They're gonna say that they were doing their jobs.
Which is the problem.
So a conversation is a good idea, then.
A good idea is changing the system.
The culture.
How does that happen without talking? Look, I don't want to talk, all right? I don't want to march in the street holding hands.
And I damn sure don't want a viral video or a hashtag.
What do you want? Change.
Come on.
We've made enormous strides in that department.
Implicit bias training, new regulations.
How about a new narrative? Hmm? How about I should be able to get in my car, drive my little sister to school without being perceived as a threat! I've been a woman working in this department for over a decade.
I got a long list of "I should be able to.
" Well, you start addressing your list, Detective.
I'll be addressing mine.
Starting to look like you're holding out on us, Commander.
Not at all, Agent Callen.
Then why didn't you mention the recent thefts at the station? Our inventory shows discrepancies, and we're working with the resident NCIS agent to resolve the matter.
I certainly didn't think it was relevant to Petty Officer Bishop's murder.
It is if she came to you with video evidence that someone was burglarizing the station.
Well, I assure you, she did not.
Uh, with all the construction going on, our assumption was that the items had they'd just been misplaced.
Well, the video seems to indicate otherwise.
Like I said, I gave her free rein to document the pier construction.
And now I'm glad I did.
Hopefully, this video will show whoever's responsible both for the thefts and Petty Officer Bishop's murder.
Please find them, Agents.
We will.
So you starting to get the feeling there's more to this story? Yeah, and we're getting the Cliff Notes version.
So the resident NCIS agent opens the investigation last week.
Bishop realizes her clips of a van entering the base may be connected to the missing inventory.
If I'm her, I'm not waiting to show those clips to Northcutt.
- Nah, I'd do it right away.
- Someone's lying.
Well, let's find out where they were on the night of the murder.
Well, that was clearly racial profiling and an excessive use of force.
Yeah, we got to pay the precinct a visit.
Yeah, we should, but Rountree wants to handle it on his own, so God, it pisses me off.
Anything like this ever happen when you were on patrol? No, 'cause no one's gonna try this with me around.
Just don't understand why this keeps happening, you know? Or better yet, how can we stop it? Those are great questions.
I usually like to have a few beers before I start solving the world's problems.
Just hope Rountree's okay.
You know what it makes me think about? - What? - My dad.
What a sad, sad, scared man he must've been to treat people the way that he did.
That he thought he was superior to anyone is just laughable.
That's the kind of complex that destroys families.
And nations.
And nations.
Kens? Jake Hanson, federal agents.
We'd like to speak to you.
No! Out of the car.
Come on, dude.
We've been doing this for a while.
So help us understand why your van was repeatedly seen breaking into the weapons station.
I park it right here every night.
Somebody could've easily stolen it.
And then returned it to you? Car thieves can be very thoughtful.
And now for the truth.
The truth is I need a lawyer.
Oh, that's fine.
You can get your lawyer.
Why don't you get a homicide charge while you're at it? - Yup.
- Whoa.
What? Yeah.
You killed U.
Navy Petty Officer Andrea Bishop.
I was just transportation.
I didn't kill anybody.
I don't even know who that is.
She caught you on video stealing from the weapons station.
Oh, man.
Yeah, so what do you want to do? You want to get a lawyer or you want to clear this up right here, right now? Let's start with the operations.
How big was the team? Uh, me and one other guy.
I drove, took stuff where he told me.
I don't know what it was.
- What's his name? - Don't know that either.
He hired me to do a job, not to make small talk.
What can you tell us about this guy? Didn't see his face.
He wore a mask.
I think he worked at the weapons station, 'cause he was at the security booth letting me in.
So how did he find you? Online.
Look, like I told you, I'm just transportation.
My nickname's "Wheels.
" You know, boom, point A to point B.
So if point A is weapons station, then where is point B? Warehouse way out in Indio.
Address is on my phone.
I'll send it to Callen and Sam.
Where are we with the case? Don't worry about it.
Go home, regroup.
No, I'm good.
Catch me up, please.
Okay, fine, but first, I got to do something.
So, Jake Hanson was hired to transport the stolen equipment from the weapons station by someone using the service platform ChoreChart.
Now, ChoreChart is helping us track down the IP of the user that hired Hanson.
So, could you cross-reference the missing inventory with known dark web markets, see if anything pops up? - Yeah, you got it.
- Great.
Well, takes two hours to get to Indio, and the magistrate signs the search warrant in ten minutes.
Guess they want to recover the stolen gear as much as the Navy does.
I got shipping labels from all over the world.
Delaware, West Virginia, Khartoum, Rangoon, Burma.
Looks like the missing inventory.
What, are they running an international resale business? Smuggling courtesy of the United States Government.
What is that? I don't know.
I love you, too.
Now, what is it? The stuff that bees make.
So the thief sells stolen naval equipment and honey? Hold up.
Smuggling is all about odds, right? So if 90% of this stuff is legitimate, ten percent doesn't have to be.
G? Wow.
It's a Ghost Dog.
Yeah, Naval Special Warfare Command developed those.
It's my first time seeing one of these up close.
It's amazing.
Thought you hated pets.
The ones you have to clean up after.
These serve a function for perimeter security, explosive disposal, nuclear defense.
Others are weapons, robot security dogs.
Yeah, now I know why Northcutt didn't mention the, uh, theft.
Missing Ghost Dog is not a problem you want to have.
If one of these fall in the hands of a foreign military regime, pose a major threat to civilians.
If I'm remembering it right, there were two robotic autonomous systems listed in the investigation report.
Yeah, well, I see one.
Where's the other? Well, if it's not here Means the thief either sold it Or about to.
Fatima? You got anything good? The IP of the ChoreChart user that hired Hanson traced back to Lieutenant Daniel Walsh.
It's Commander Northcutt's assistant.
Nice work.
Is he still in L.
for meetings? No.
I just contacted Northcutt, and Walsh isn't with him anymore.
He said he left after your call.
He might be trying to run.
- Find him.
- On it.
So, Andrea Bishop did try to tell somebody about the videos catching thefts.
Except that someone was Walsh.
Yeah, he probably said that he'd open an investigation, but instead, he breaks into her apartment, tries to steal the footage.
Yeah, but stealing the footage wasn't enough.
Andrea Bishop knew too much.
Walsh killed her to cover his tracks.
We need to find him and the missing Ghost Dog.
Hey, Walsh's cell phone is off, but Kaleidoscope was able to find a specific block that he frequents in Hollywood.
Credit card records show several charges at a liquor store on that block.
Why Hollywood if he lives in Long Beach? I mean, either the beer's really cheap, or there's something more to it.
Check what else is in the area.
Okay, we've got a laundromat, check cashing, accounting firm.
Oh, here we go.
There's an international shipping agent across the street.
That's probably where he ships the stolen equipment from.
Check traffic cams, see if you can get his exact location.
You got it.
If Walsh sells a Ghost Dog or any other intel to a foreign military, I mean, the unchecked power Could be catastrophic.
We have to find that shipment, and fast.
Yeah, well, Callen and Sam are over an hour out.
So are Kensi and Deeks.
I'm closest.
I'll go.
Traffic cams caught him pulling into the parking structure next to the shipping center.
I'm entering now.
All right, I'm trying to find him on surveillance.
Walsh is on the top level.
Federal agent! Hands in the air! Hands in the air.
I'm stepping down.
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground now Walsh is running! - Okay, got him on surveillance.
- Copy that.
All right, he's behind the blue car.
Be careful.
- Hey, get back! Get back! - What? Okay, come on.
Come here.
Come here, come here, come here! Right there, right there, right there.
Stay here.
Just Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
Let her go, Walsh.
We're a block out, Rountree.
They're on level seven.
LAPD SWAT is five out.
Copy that.
Shh, shh, shh.
Hey, listen, you let me walk, no one gets hurt, all right?! Do you hear me? I will shoot her.
- I will.
- No! No.
Look at her.
She's scared, and I know you're scared, too.
You put that gun down, and life goes on.
I promise.
Ah, you listen.
You let me walk! No one gets hurt, all right?! Let her go.
Put the gun down, and life will go on, I promise you.
Let her go, Walsh.
No! Get back! You get back! - Back! Back! - All right! All right! Okay! Okay.
- Stay there.
- All right.
Stay there.
Look, man, we're only on this planet for a little bit of time.
Let's make it easier, not harder.
Let her go.
Come on, Walsh.
Put the gun down.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Oh! Come to me.
Come to me.
You're okay.
You're okay.
On your knees.
Hands behind your back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What did you, uh what did you find out from Walsh? Well, he, uh, confessed everything, the theft and the murder.
Said he didn't want to kill her.
Just that he wanted to steal the footage and then bury the investigation.
Right, except she caught him burglarizing her place.
Good job.
Thanks, but, uh, actually, it was all Rountree.
Speaking of Rountree, is he around? Sam went to check on him.
Oh, somebody, uh, had this delivered to the boatshed for you.
"Sweet Agents, "thank you for all your hard work.
Drea would have wanted you to have this.
" Wow.
- "Love, Gwen Archer.
" - I love it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, it's totally our style.
What's that, surfer chic? I think the kids are calling it "California casual.
" Where should we put it? I think it goes in the nursery.
It's a great idea.
Why did you just sound so surprised by that? - I have lots of great ideas.
- No, I'm not surprised.
- It's just very - No, I do.
I have lots of great You just sounded very surprised.
- It's very thoughtful.
- Hmm.
I think the nursery is the perfect place.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Talk to me, man.
How you doing? You know how many times I've fit the description? Yeah.
Well, here's the thing.
There was no description.
I checked with the department.
At the time they stopped you, they didn't know who they were looking for.
So I just look suspicious, right? It's a problem.
It's a real problem.
Yeah, one that I hoped my little sister would never have to experience.
I protect her, Sam.
From hate, the world struggle.
I've always been the fixer.
You can't fix everything.
Well, if not me, then who? All of us.
How? Internal Affairs is a great start.
Oh, man.
Bias training? Desk duty for a month? Then what? You saw how they treated me, and I'm a Fed.
What about the regular guy who fits the description who doesn't get to walk away? You're right.
You're right.
Enough is enough.
Can't turn the other cheek on this one.
Hell no.
This inequality has to stop.
The system needs work.
So let's work it.
Now I'm starting to think that the best place to do that isn't from the field.
So where better? Behind a desk? A podium.
So you could rewrite the rules? And the narrative.
I'm with that.
Stay strong, Rountree, all right? And remember, we don't wait for change.
We make it happen.
Hmm? Stay strong.

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