NCIS Los Angeles s13e16 Episode Script


1 To be honest, yeah, I don't know how ♪ But I don't know how ♪ Stop by a bit ♪ To me now ♪ But I'm turned around ♪ Yeah, I'm turned around ♪ I want to ♪ Find my way down ♪ To be honest, yeah, I don't know how ♪ Well, even you ♪ What happened to our power? Boomer? Into me now ♪ But I'm turned around ♪ Los Angeles 911.
Do you need police, fire, or medical? Police.
What is the nature of your emergency? Someone broke into my house.
Are you in the house now? It's been a kidnapping.
Who was kidnapped, ma'am? Ma'am, are you still on the line? Hey.
Getting some early morning shooting in, hoss? Yeah.
You put any more rounds in that thing, you'll melt the barrel off.
So what's up? Nothing.
Still one-word answers, but at least we're moving up to two syllables.
You've been hanging out with Kilbride too much.
You're starting to talk like him.
Oh, my God, you're right.
That was a very Admiralesque thing to say.
Do we have a case? Oh, I don't know.
Since Shyla's here, I am steering clear of the cyber tower.
You want to talk about anything? - Like what? - Well, I don't know, as someone who's suffered a pretty frightening trauma, I can understand what you're going through, and I know that no matter how hard you try to let it go, - it's not easy.
- If you're talking about my stop with the police, I'm over it.
I put it behind me.
I'm good.
Honestly, it's somebody else's legal problem now.
Then why does it look like Assault on Precinct 13 in here? What? The John Carpenter film Did you even have a television as a kid? I mean, most of the time, no.
Well, I'm putting it on the list.
Look, please don't, okay? I don't know why everybody wants me to watch these old movies.
Deeks made me watch Hair, and he sang every single song.
That was more traumatizing than Get Out.
Well, if you want to experience something traumatizing, let Kilbride come in here and see this place looking like the Tet Offensive.
Then you'll seriously have some explaining to do.
- Yeah, I'll get a broom.
- Yeah.
You do that.
Please don't tell me that you stood me up this morning so you could get here early and nab Kilbride's parking spot.
For the record, it's no one's official spot.
Well, I'm pretty sure the admiral sees things differently.
Look, I told you I was sorry I forgot you were picking me up this morning, right? You hate my driving, don't you? With every fiber of my being, but has nothing to do with that.
You didn't come home last night, did you? You hooked up with that rheumatologist.
Endocrinologist, and I did not "hook up" with her, frat boy.
Oh, it was the stunt woman.
Yeah, that-that makes sense.
She was a little more your style.
Not my style and no.
Please don't tell me it was the bartender with the tattoos and the piercings.
I mean, she was cute, but a little circus scary.
What's wrong with you? I'm just, I'm just being a friend.
This is your idea of friendship? No wonder you don't have any friends.
I have tons of friends.
- Name three.
- You - That you don't work with.
- Anna Or date.
Maybe if you had gone home with somebody, you wouldn't be in such a foul mood.
Okay, okay.
Honestly, what's going on? Your boat? - You're selling Michelle? - Why? I got to get a house.
I'm pretty sure you told me you were never gonna own a house again.
Got no choice.
My dad's gotten to the point where he can't live alone.
You're buying a house so that your dad can move in with you? Yeah.
And he's okay with that? I haven't told him yet.
I'm getting the house first.
That seems a little backwards, if you ask me.
It's precisely why I didn't ask you.
How's he doing? - He's had better days.
- Yeah.
Any idea what you're dealing with? Not yet.
Uh Tried to get him in for testing, he refused to go.
He's stubborn.
Ah, imagine that.
Well, seriously, if there's anything I can do You could let him move in with you.
And that is precisely why I don't want friends.
Good morning, gentlemen.
- Good morning.
- The admiral would like to see you, - Agent Callen.
- Thanks.
Hm, nice boat, Agent Hanna.
You like that? It's for sale.
I'm more of a city mouse, but if you've got a two-bedroom in Chelsea you want to unload for a steal, I'm your girl.
So, you don't like the ocean, huh? You wanted to see me, Admiral? Yes, uh, come on in, have a seat.
The, uh, request that you filed under the Freedom of Information Act has been denied.
How did this come across your desk? This was a private and, uh, personal inquiry.
Why was it denied? Use your imagination.
'Cause of you? No.
This is above my pay grade.
"Exemption 1, the requested "information is classified to protect national security.
" They're gonna hide behind national security? They're funny that way.
I know that this is a big disappointment for you, and that you would very much like to speak with Henrietta about her involvement in the Drona program.
So, you do know about it.
I know of it but not to the extent to help you find the answers I believe you're looking for.
On another front, NCISHQ-MTAC and CYBER have been working around the clock to hunt down any more of your deep fakes.
They have also put a security perimeter around your digital life, so if this Katie Miller, aka Katya Mironova, tries anything, they'll shut her down.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
I have also made arrangements for operational psychologist Nate Getz to meet with you today.
Nate? Why? Because this job is a lot to deal with, and I need the entire team to be operating at peak performance.
Well, I don't need to speak with Nate for that.
He's also been working with Henrietta in Syria.
In what capacity? He was profiling some of the al-Qaeda terrorists she was negotiating with.
I just thought you might want to speak with him.
Deeks is giving a deposition in court today, so Sam can work with Kensi.
Take as much time as you need.
Thank you.
What's up, Shyla? Well, 911 received an emergency call at 1542 yesterday from this woman.
Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Mary Smith.
She came home from a workout at her local gym and grabbing some takeout to find that her home had been broken into.
And this concerns us because Because, according to Smith, it was a kidnapping.
Who was kidnapped? Recently retired Marine Master Sergeant Boomer Hayes.
That's a nickname, right? Like No dude's real name is Boomer.
Meet Marine Master Sergeant Boomer Hayes.
That's a dog.
Is this a case or a missing pet? Master Sergeant Hayes is an MWD, or military working dog.
She's punking us.
This has got to be a joke.
I assure you this is no joke, Agent Rountree.
So we're looking for dog-nappers now? No, we are looking for those who may have kidnapped a Marine Corps Master Sergeant.
Now, Agents Hanna and Blye will be speaking with his former handler and now owner, Gunnery Sergeant Smith.
I want you two to visit the crime scene, see if anything was missed.
- Copy that.
- Okay.
I've worked with Boomer for over three years as a Marine and now two years as a reserve deputy sheriff.
I was allowed to adopt him when we both retired.
We've worked for the L.
Sheriff's Department in the reserve unit and in the private sector ever since.
Doing what? Helping out wherever we're needed with various law enforcement.
These dogs are brilliant.
What makes you think that anybody would want to steal him? Well, not just anybody.
My ex-boyfriend, Dennis.
Why would he be doing this? He was always jealous of Boomer.
He never really warmed to him.
So I take it it was a bad breakup? You could say that.
Did you try calling him? He's blocked my number.
I went to his house, he wasn't there.
I'm, uh, trying not to worry, or let my thoughts get away from me, but Do you think he would hurt Boomer? I don't know.
I've heard stories of really ugly divorces where someone fights for custody of the family pet and wins, and then has the animal put down just to hurt the other person.
Mm, that's horrible.
Don't worry, if your ex has him, we'll get him back.
Hey, man.
Sorry about that.
I, uh had to give a little pep talk to a patient, you know, needs to get on a plane.
What do you think? Well, it's a lot bigger and nicer than your old broom closet back at OSP.
You sure this is your office? You were expecting a bookcase of psych books, framed photo of Freud, and, uh, ink blot wallpaper? I don't know, it just feels more like a day spa.
That's the idea.
I want people to feel relaxed and safe when they walk through those doors.
Can I get you anything? Uh, coffee? Water? Herbal tea? It really is a spa.
Have a seat.
So how are you doing? - I am well.
Real well.
- In fact, I don't want to take up a lot of your time 'cause I know you're very busy, but Kilbride mentioned that you have some information pertaining to Hetty in Syria.
I have a little, um, but nothing recent.
As you well know, Hetty only allows you to know as much as she needs to serve her purposes.
Only too well.
So, what are we thinking, they came through the broken window, grabbed the dog and went out the glass door? Yeah, but they had to cut the power first.
Her security alarm system has backup battery power.
Which means they circumvented the alarm.
That's pretty sophisticated for a smash and grab thief.
Yeah, and our Master Sergeant is also highly trained.
We're referring to him as Master Sergeant now? What? That's his rank.
Yeah, okay.
He would've protected this home with his life.
Unless he knew the person that broke in.
And actually liked them.
Or they drugged him first.
They toss in some food laced with a sedative, wait an hour or so, come back in, carry him out.
That would explain the glass sliding door.
- How so? - So, you climb in through the broken window 'cause it's hidden from view, but then you want to go out the back through the glass sliding door because you don't want to go back out through the window with a sedated Master Sergeant.
Yeah, that dog's got to weigh I mean, Master Sergeant, he's got to weigh about 60, 75 pounds.
That's a pretty heavy carry.
That would explain why the sliding door was left open.
All right, so we're looking for someone who's really strong or it was a two-person team.
And they would need to get Master Sergeant into some sort of vehicle with a restraint, like a muzzle, because the last thing you need is a military K9 waking up while you're kidnapping him.
Damn right, that'll ruin your day.
Well, we know when Mary discovered the break-in, so we just backtrack for vehicles in the area, see if we get lucky.
Why would I want her dog? He didn't even like me.
Is that true? Yes.
Boomer was a better judge of character than me, obviously.
Why didn't he like you? Because I'm a Taurus, and-and he's an Aries.
How the hell would I know? He's a dog.
Maybe he was jealous that I was sleeping with his girlfriend.
Or I can walk on two feet.
He's such an idiot.
Boomer's not even an Aries, he's a Sagittarius.
He doesn't even know his birthday.
Or maybe you were jealous of Boomer? Saw him as competition for Mary's affection.
I can't believe you can say that with a straight face.
Did it ever cross your mind that maybe Boomer and I had developed a forbidden relationship? Mary found out about it, and she killed him in a jealous rage.
He's not taking this very seriously.
He doesn't take anything seriously.
He's about to.
Or maybe you decided to get back at Mary for dumping you.
She did not dump me.
Is that what she said? I kicked him out, and he knows it.
Okay, look, I apologize for the sarcasm, but you and I both know that I don't even have to talk to you without legal representation.
I have nothing to do with this, but I-I'm still trying to help.
If you keep wasting my time and yours by pursuing me as a suspect, however, I'm gonna have to lawyer up and put an end to my cooperation.
If you didn't take him, where is he? Who am I now, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective? I have no idea, - and I'm starting not to care.
- This dog is considered a Marine, which means he is afforded the same legal status.
Yup, if I hear that one more time, I am going to puke.
Look, if that dog is so damn smart, he probably ran away, just like I did because his owner is cuckoo.
Boomer would never run away.
Who else would want him? Everyone who met him loved him.
Except for the criminals he helped you catch.
I take it we're looking at some of Gunny Smith and Master Sergeant Hayes' work? They make a formidable team.
Together, they've taken over $300 million worth of illegal drugs off the streets.
Reason enough to kidnap him.
Bad guys want him off the job.
That's what Agent Hanna suggested, but if that's the case, then why not just kill him? If they knew where he lives, they could've just poisoned him or tried to shoot him during a drive-by.
Well, perhaps they felt it too risky, or maybe they wanted the Master Sergeant for themselves.
Drug-sniffing canine could help eliminate your competitor's product.
No product, no competition.
But Boomer's not a Roomba.
There's much more interaction and nuance between the canine and his handler.
I am not suggesting that those who stole him are geniuses.
I'm sure they'll find out the hard way that a Marine is not someone you want to tangle with, whether he's got two legs or four.
Have you and Boomer ever been the subject of any death threats? Not to my knowledge, but it's not like people really knew who we were.
Mm, not necessarily.
I mean, some of the cases you helped on, they did end up on the news.
So you think someone targeted Boomer to get him off the street? He cost a lot of people a lot of money.
People have been killed for far less.
I mean, he was just doing what he was trained to do.
Right, and you know that, and we know that.
But, look, it's also possible that somebody just thought he was beautiful and decided to steal him.
I mean, it's not uncommon with expensive breeds.
Or maybe they kidnapped him for ransom, if They knew how valuable he was.
I guess, if that was the case, we would've received a ransom note by now, huh? It's difficult to say.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah, of course.
Hey, Dad.
What's up? I'll be damned if I know.
Somehow, I got turned around, and I don't know where I am.
Are you driving? Not at the moment.
There's so much new construction everywhere.
Every time you turn around, there's a new building.
Where's Mrs.
Ainsley? Got me.
- She's supposed to be with you.
- Well she's not.
All right, Dad, do you have your keys with you? Okay.
Uh, that - Dad? - Hold your horses, I-I'm looking.
Yup, yup.
I-I got my keys.
I don't know where I parked, though.
All right, Dad, listen to me.
I need you to find a place to sit and stay put, all right? Just leave your phone on, don't go anywhere.
You understand? I was probably so busy thinking that I walked right past the car.
- Unless - Dad.
Unless it's in the next block.
Dad, I need you to stop walking, stop talking.
Find a place to sit and stay put, okay? - Leave your phone on.
- Don't tell me to stop talking.
Sorry to have bothered you.
Oh, man.
You've reached the Major.
Leave a message.
- Is everything okay? - No, it's my dad.
He went out without his caretaker, and he's lost.
- I need to go to OPS and trace his phone.
- Yeah, go, go.
- You sure? - Yeah, yeah, of course.
Go, go.
I received a cryptic text on an open line a few weeks ago.
It simply said, "The game's afoot.
" Sherlock Holmes.
Shakespeare, originally.
Henry V.
It's from his, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends" speech.
- Sounds like Hetty.
- It does.
And I think she also meant she's actually on foot with, or going after, Al Kalmira.
I've heard nothing since.
Hetty wasn't alone over there.
Harris Keane was with her.
How do you know that? Because I spoke with him on the day of the bombing.
I sent someone to look for Hetty.
Who? You don't know them.
Foreign operative who was burned.
Helping each other out.
Thank you for that information.
Please let me know if you hear anything else, and, uh, I'll do the same.
What about Katya and the deep fakes? What about it? Doesn't have anything to do with this, does it? I have no idea.
They certainly don't help.
Any word from her since you recovered the film reel from her vault? No.
Um And the deep fakes have gone quiet as well.
I The film may be the key to tracking her down.
Either that or she's just decided to lay low for a while.
Or she's taking a break to regroup.
Prepare a larger response.
Not exactly the reassurance I was hoping for.
But Kilbride has all the men he can muster working to find them, take them down.
Hopefully, Katya will slip up, and we'll be able to track her down.
Thanks again.
What about the Drona Project? What do you know about it? Not as much as I'm sure we'd both like me to.
How do you know about it? The admiral told me.
So, that's why I'm really here.
There's no new information about Hetty.
He just wanted you to assess me.
It was both.
If I walk out? Well, Kilbride will probably send you right back.
I have cases.
More important than this? And a partner who relies on me.
To operate at the best of your abilities.
You find anything? Uh, well, I'm pretty sure two of Mary Smith's neighbors are having an affair.
- Really? - Really.
This woman goes for a jog at the same time her neighbor three doors down leaves the driveway, and it's like clockwork.
She runs around the block, and then up the alley into the back of the house.
Oh, well, that gives a new meaning to "love thy neighbor.
" Tell me about it.
But, unfortunately, no suspicious vehicles near her house around the time of the kidnapping.
Should we be checking animal shelters? I mean, maybe they dumped our Marine if he proved uncooperative.
Yeah, they're already on the lookout.
Hey, how's everything going over here? - Not so great.
How about you? - Nothing so far.
Where's Sam? Uh, Sam was trying to locate his father.
Sounds like he wandered off and got lost.
Oh, no.
Does he have Alzheimer's? Mm, he didn't say, but sounds like it.
- Man, that's tough.
- Yeah.
Uh, I'm gonna check in with Shyla and the admiral.
You guys let me know if you have anything.
Yeah, for sure.
- Oh, no.
- Wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Geez, I'm so sorry.
No, you're okay.
I was in a hurry, too.
Did you find Sam's dad? Yeah.
Sam's on his way to get him.
But this is not good; I was just going to alert the admiral.
Alert him to what? I was wistfully looking for lost and found pet postings, hoping we'd get lucky, but of course not.
Then I made the mistake of checking the dark web.
That's where I found this.
Someone put a bounty on Boomer.
Ten thousand dollars dead, 25 if he's taken alive.
Well, you're right about one thing, this isn't good.
In fact it is very, very bad.
All right, pull some of Cyber off of Callen's deep fakes.
See if they can trace who's posted this.
And get Nancy Ross at NSA to help.
- Tell her it's a personal favor to me.
- On it.
Even if we found who posted this, we still don't know exactly who took Boomer.
But hopefully we'll know where they're taking him.
All right.
Let me know if you find anything.
- Copy.
- Okay.
- Hey, Kensi.
- Yeah.
Take a look at this.
We caught this about a block away from Mary's residence.
This guy only passes by this camera once.
I mean, could be nothing Or it could be how they transported Boomer out of the area without raising any suspicion.
You think it's worth canvassing the neighborhood? I mean, if it's Boomer in that shopping cart, they'd have transferred him to a vehicle at some point, right? So if you can find surveillance footage of that, we're back in business.
All right, I'll get Rountree, see what we can find.
Good work.
I remember doing puzzles and memory games.
Just flashes and slivers here and there.
It's hard to tell what was real and what I just imagined.
Our memories can be notoriously unreliable at times.
I tried to use my professional contacts to learn what I could, but as you know from your Freedom of Information Act request, uh they threw this one in the vault.
What about Kilbride? He's just looking out for you and the rest of the team.
Sure about that? 'Cause I'm the only one here.
He's worried about you most of all.
Why is that? He doesn't want you melting down when you realize you're the guinea pig of your adoptive mother.
His words, not mine, so A little harsh.
And what do you think? I think you deserve to know the truth of your own existence.
- Hey, Kens.
- Hey.
Anything? Not yet.
Either people aren't home, or they don't have surveillance cameras.
What about Rountree? It appears he scored some cookies.
- Sorry, what? - I'll call you right back.
Seriously? Nice elderly old lady insisted.
They're really good.
You want one? They do look good, but no, I don't want a cookie.
We're supposed to be finding out who kidnapped Master Sergeant Hayes.
- Ah, did that, too.
- Oh.
Turns out my cookie mama had a surveillance system.
"Cookie mama"? More like cookie grandma.
Let's go.
They're really good.
Show me your license, puppy poacher.
Oh, come on! That's so lame.
You can't even give me a full plate? Didn't know God hated dogs.
"But I've got thousands of endangered species to worry about thanks to your kind.
" Whose fault is that? I would think you could multitask.
No worries.
You do you.
I got this.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How we doing? - Good.
You? - Solid.
All right, so the guy that owns this auto shop may have been the one who grabbed our MWD.
He the one who unloaded the duct tape sleeping bag from his shopping cart? If you are transporting a sedated canine, that would make sense.
A canine that's worth 25K? He's not even best in show.
Yeah, well, this dog has cost them hundreds of millions of dollars of seized narcotics, so it's no small wonder that they would put a price tag on his head.
So who are we looking for? We are looking for a Joseph Jones.
Oh, voted most like to bury his loved ones alive? Yeah, probably.
This guy's got more mug shots than the Kardashians have selfies.
He's been in and out of trouble, mostly in, since he was a minor.
And his history of dognapping? Actually, this one's a first, but he's a freelancer who seems to be willing to do anything for money.
Well, maybe that's a good thing.
I mean, if it's all about money, maybe he won't risk his life over a dog.
Well, he might risk it if he knows he's facing some serious jail time.
We, uh we got backup? Yeah.
You two.
Sheriff's assisted walking a search warrant downtown as we speak.
Let's go.
Agents Kensi, Namazi and Rountree are outside the suspect's workplace.
Wish you were with them? Sometimes.
Me, too.
They're good to go on their call.
You see anything? No movement.
Got it.
I'm moving in the back.
Fatima, Rountree, what's your status? We're at the front gate.
It's locked.
Copy that.
Hold your position.
I got eyes on the suspected vehicle.
I'm moving in.
Joseph Jones? Federal agents.
We just need to speak with you.
Come out with your hands where we can see them.
What's happening? Agent Blye, Agent Namazi? - Hang on.
- Hang on? You see what I deal with? Hang on.
No problem.
Have I hung on long enough, Agent Namazi? Uh, yes sir.
Sorry, Admiral.
Uh, we had an uncooperative suspect, but we're good now.
And our master sergeant? We're all clear back there.
- Any sign of our MWD? - No.
- Can you - Yeah.
Got it.
Agent Blye? He's not here.
- Where's the dog? - What dog? The dog you kidnapped.
- Why would I kidnap a dog? - I don't know.
Why'd you do half the stupid things you got arrested for? We have evidence of you putting a sleeping bag into the back of your SUV.
Is that a crime? If there's an abducted canine inside.
Inside what? Now I'm confused.
Oh, you're confused? Let me explain it.
You attacked a federal law enforcement agent.
That's a big no-no, especially for somebody with a record like you.
But it can get a lot worse.
Because that dog that you kidnapped is a Marine master sergeant, so if anything happens to him you can be charged as if he were a human being.
That means you're looking at a felony murder charge if we don't find him alive and well.
- I think you're making that up.
- Am I? You better hope we find that dog safe and sound at your house.
You're not going to find anything there.
Why not? Because I told you I don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh, my God.
- You break into my shop with guns.
I was just trying to protect myself.
- How did you get paid? - I didn't.
You better stop playing games or I'm gonna light that torch and turn it on you.
Did you just threaten me? She just threatened me.
- You heard it.
- Why don't you get some air.
- I got this.
- It's your lucky day, buddy.
Your partner's a little high-strung.
Shut up! That's just rude.
Hey, Shyla, you find anything useful on this guy yet? I see no signs of any money transfers into his bank account.
Yeah, well, I'm sure it was a cash deal.
I have his recent cell activity but unless we know exactly where he was going, it's a bit of a wild goose chase.
Well, good thing this warrant covers any and all vehicles on the location.
I am now accessing the SUV's GPS to see where it's been lately.
That could certainly help.
Any word from Rountree? He's searching Joseph Jones' house now.
He's recovered several weapons, drugs and cash.
But still no sign of our missing master sergeant.
Wait, how much cash did he recover? 'Cause that might be the bounty that Jones received.
Also, we may be able to pull prints off of it.
I'll have him use some ninhydrin spray to see if he can develop any prints in the field.
Thank you.
Okay, I'm done here.
I'm uploading the SUV's computer diagnostics to you now.
Let's see where Jones has been after grabbing Boomer.
I'm on it.
You find anything else, Agent Rountree? Oh, yeah.
This is definitely our guy.
Found evidence that he bought a dog muzzle.
Which is hard to explain, because he doesn't own a dog.
Too bad he's not talking.
Well, maybe he won't have to.
Yeah, boom.
We got some good prints.
Let's just hope they're not from a random bank teller.
The prints on the money belong to a lowlife named Brian "Buster" Miller.
Doesn't seem like the brains of any operations.
My guess is he's muscle.
His home address is out in Barstow.
Any known associates? - Oh, crap.
- What is it? He's been charged and convicted twice under penal code 597: animal cruelty.
Both times it was knocked down to a misdemeanor.
Okay, when you say animal cruelty He was linked to a dogfighting ring.
Okay, definitely check his known associates, especially those with ties to dogfighting.
- Already on it.
- Then cross-reference them with the areas Jones was in in the SUV 12 hours ago or so.
Chances are he delivered the dog and received the money in the same location.
Also, get Rountree back here and check Callen's status.
We might need some help before this is over.
Copy that.
The idea of repressed memories is a controversial one to say the least, but if you keep an open mind No pun intended and a healthy skepticism, there might be something worth exploring, in your case.
Is everything all right? Unfortunately, no.
You need to go? I should.
Duty calls.
So you can help me remember things I've forgotten? I can certainly try.
But give it some serious thought first.
Some memories are forgotten for a reason.
Everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
It's just my sister.
Oh, how's she doing? She's good.
She just worries about me.
Has she, uh, spoken to anyone since what happened to you two? Like a counselor? I don't think so.
Well, maybe she should.
You don't want her carrying that around.
Maybe if, you know, she knew you were talking to someone, She'd feel more comfortable doing it.
What's up, Shyla? Brian Miller.
He's a known member of the Aryan prison gang the Ghost Soldiers, run by a real charmer named Nick Reed.
The gang's been taking big risks and making big coin running drugs for the cartels.
Until Sergeant Smith and Master Sergeant Hayes caused several large shipments to be seized.
That explains why they targeted Boomer.
There's something else.
This gang is into a lot of nasty things, including dogfights.
They paid to have Boomer kidnapped to get him off the streets, but really, they wanted him alive Don't even say it.
Any idea how many we're dealing with? No, but Kilbride has a react team on standby.
Okay, whoever's in there is most likely gonna be armed and won't hesitate to fight back, so you got to be extra sharp and be careful.
- Copy that.
- All right, Callen how do you feel about us luring them out? Might give us an idea of how many we're dealing with.
You got a plan? - What the hell, lady?! - Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry.
- What just happened? - You backed into my truck.
What? Oh Fatima, Rountree, you're good to go.
Moving in.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Okay, Maybe we should call the police.
- I'm so sorry.
But I - No.
No! It was my fault.
- I should call the police.
- You don't need to call the police.
Just pull your car forward.
I can't pull the car forward until the police arrive.
- You don't need to call the police! - Okay.
What's going on in there, Fatima? No joy yet.
Hands up! Way up.
Federal agents.
Do it.
We got two here.
Don't even think about it.
We got trouble.
Get out of the car.
I-I really don't think that I should.
Get out of the damn car, lady! Get out of the car! Maybe we should just exchange information.
Federal agents! Drop your weapons.
Do as he says now.
If there was ever a time to stop making bad decisions, this would be it.
Put it down.
- Hands up.
- On your knees.
Sitrep? Four suspects apprehended.
Drugs and weapons found on scene.
And our master sergeant? We're gonna need Animal Control down here.
Master Sergeant Boomer Hayes? Think we found him.
You ready to go home, Marine? I know, buddy.
She's coming.
- Boomer! - Who's that? Boomer, Boomer, hi! Look at you.
Are you all right? We can arrange for a vet to look over him if you'd like.
Oh, no, no, no.
He looks so good.
He looks good.
I'll have my vet look at him tomorrow.
Oh, thank you so much.
I know people think it's kind of stupid how much we bond with these furry guys.
I don't think it's stupid at all.
I think it's really special.
In fact, I married my furry partner.
Though he's more of a mutt.
It's an inside joke.
I'm talking about my husband.
Hey, do you do you think I could talk to Nate about what happened to me and Jordyn? Absolutely.
Yeah, that's that's what he's there for.
Wouldn't hurt.
- You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
- That was a nice tackle.
- Thanks.
You both did well today.
- On all fronts.
- Thanks, Callen.
How'd you make out with your father? I heard he had, uh, an incident today.
I found him.
He, uh He went to the store, forgot he drove and walked home.
Got turned around.
Oh, man.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes, even when we win it doesn't feel like it.
We keep swinging.
Hey, you think I ought to get a dog? Absolutely not.
Why? You're not a dog person.
How do you know I'm not a dog person? Have you ever owned a dog? You don't have to have a dog to be a dog person.
- Pretty sure you do.
- Okay, so the minute I get a dog, I'll be a dog person.
Start small.
A cat? No.
I am not a cat person.
I'm thinking smaller.
Maybe some sea monkeys.
Pet rock.
You know, baby steps, G.
Baby steps.
Yeah, you're funny.

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