NCIS Los Angeles s13e18 Episode Script

Hard For the Money

Previously on "NCIS Los Angeles" We need to prep our house for the foster inspection.
That means baby-lock the cabinets and get rid of excess clutter.
She is never gonna stop.
You've been obsessed.
The director is worried about the damage that Katya has already done, and he has asked me to remove you from the field until these deepfakes stop.
Time to move along, Angus.
You know the drill.
All right.
All right.
I'm moving.
New day, new choices.
Just got word of a couple vacancies at the pallet houses in Redondo.
I'm already on that list.
Plus, wouldn't want to lose this view.
Ma'am? Ma'am? Oh, my God.
Oh! Max, I'm home! Oh.
Oh, this is my jam! Oh! Holy cow! How in the names of Santa's elves did you get this done in an hour? I'm a licensed contractor, Deeks.
Yeah, well, thank God, 'cause I never could've done this alone.
Yeah, well, what are surf buddies for? Thank you.
But, um, this is definitely a two-burrito job.
Burrito Hut delivers.
Oh, don't hate me.
I have a new spot.
They're on Postmates.
Prepare to have your mind blown in 12 minutes.
It's Kensilina.
How's the deposition going? Yeah, that's because you love torturing defense attorneys.
Yeah, closet's, uh closet's coming along great.
Yes, that is thanks to Max.
Kensi says you're a lifesaver, and she loves you.
Hey, Kens.
My pleasure.
Um, yes, Ms.
, uh, "Don't Call Me Janice" King is coming over later this afternoon to grab her sweater.
No, I'll look for it later.
Relax, all right? It's not another thousand-point inspection.
She's just coming in, grabbing the sweater and leaving.
Trust me, it's gonna be great.
I promise you.
Love you, too.
Okay, bye.
All right.
So I know I only have you till noon, so put me to work.
What do I do? Some-some hacking, some tacking, some spackling? - That's a thing, right? - Sure.
Uh, you're gonna grab a hammer Ooh.
That's Postmates, and they're early.
Prepare to have your mind blown.
As long as it's not my appetite.
Oh, Ms.
- Hi.
- You have my sweater.
I left it here last time.
- It's not a problem.
- Okay.
I have it right h-here.
What did I? I just had it.
Just, I literally just had it.
I-I see you haven't changed much.
Uh, I mean, yet.
We're-we're still we're still working on it.
We just - Uh-huh.
- We're actually finishing the, uh the-the closet in the bedroom right now.
It's gonna be It's gonna be fantastic.
Oh! There it is.
I found your sweater.
It's such a pretty lavender.
You want to go now? Oh, actually, can I take a few more quick measurements? Dotting I's, crossing T's kind of thing.
Yeah, no.
Of-of course.
Whatever-whatever you need to to-to do.
- Thank you! - Yup! What is all this stuff? Rountree said you left it on my desk.
That, G, is all the stuff you left on my boat.
What? I would never buy this.
Stakeout in Burbank last year.
You bought it so you could see it in the dark.
You left it on the boat.
This This was a Father's Day gift.
Do I look like the kind of guy that would drink out of a cup that says "Who's Your Daddy?" No, and that's why it's a great gift.
Wha? What's with this purge? A couple of brokers are gonna show the boat.
So you're really gonna sell it, huh? You love that boat.
It's settled, G.
First offer I get Finito, bye-bye.
Looks like we got a case.
Not for me.
I'm still in detention, remember? Good morning, gentlemen.
Looks like the admiral's doing everything he can to keep you here.
Hey, as far as I'm concerned, you can stay as long as you want.
Well, what do you have for us? Petty Officer Third Class Nikki Lee, junior intelligence specialist stationed at Seal Beach, was found at the Long Beach Pier this morning.
Pier cameras came up empty, but Long Beach PD is canvassing for witnesses.
She still had her jewelry on.
Doesn't look like a robbery gone bad.
Coroner found marks around her neck.
Preliminary determination is, she was strangled.
TOD was around midnight last night.
Okay, well, the killer could have disposed of her body in the ocean.
So, check with Harbor Patrol and see if there was any unusual activity.
And what area of intelligence was she involved in? Ballistic missiles.
Her team is working with DARPA to develop a highly-classified Next-Gen missile defense system.
Why don't you reach out to the Seal Beach NCIS Office and see if they've had any security breaches? You got it.
She's so young.
She had her whole life ahead of her.
Is it possible there are any other motives? Maybe something in her personal life? I'm still looking, but I did find a recent court document giving her full custody to her two-year-old daughter Lily.
Custody battles bring out the worst in people.
See what you can dig up on the father.
Copy that.
Yeah, and, Fatima, why don't you and Rountree go talk to Petty Officer Lee's department head? Let's find out if there's been any suspicious threats recently, or if he knows why she was in Long Beach.
Sam and I'll go Nowhere, for the moment.
I need to speak with both of you.
On our way.
Well, look who it is The dynamic duo.
Bet you weren't expecting to see this handsome face today, huh? CIA finally kicked you out, huh? Eh, not exactly.
Allow me to introduce the newly-appointed Special Deputy U.
Marshal Vostanik Sabatino.
Now I can work on U.
soil and carry a gun without all the logistical hoops.
I can tell you're excited.
Does this mean we actually have to pay attention when he speaks? Uh, more than that.
Now you have to care.
Why are you here? I'm working with a multiagency task force that's tracking down Libya's recent covert attempts at procuring stolen Navy tech.
In particular, missile technology.
Libyans are under an international arms embargo.
This could be signs that they're looking into replenishing their military forces.
And you think this is connected to Petty Officer Lee's murder? Too soon to say.
Our intel suggests the Libyans found vulnerabilities within the Navy ranks.
Petty Officer Lee's access and murder felt a little too coinky-dinky to ignore.
Sam, Sabatino will be joining you in the field today.
Copy that.
I always wanted a partner.
Maybe one day you'll get one.
Agent Callen, a word, please? Check this out.
The father of Petty Officer Lee's daughter is a man named Martin Thomas.
He's had four arrests in the last four years.
The arrests were mostly alcohol-related until the last one, which was for domestic battery.
Let me guess.
This was during his relationship with Nikki.
And during her pregnancy.
Also, he just moved from Orange County to an apartment in Carson.
That's only a couple miles from Long Beach.
Maybe they met up.
Maybe he took the domestic violence one step further this time.
Yeah, and Nikki's not much older than Kam.
If anybody ever laid hands on her, I'd make him wish he never had hands.
Ah, knowing Kam, she'd take care of him herself.
You know, I went to a lot of trouble picking out a sick ride from the Marshals Service motor pool.
Now, I'll be the first to admit, the pickings were slim, but what it lacks in style, it makes up for in speed.
Don't you want to at least see it? No.
Does he ever let you drive? Let's not open old wounds.
Director clear you? No.
Ah, geez, what did you do? None of your business.
Look, if we're gonna be partners - We're not partners.
- Agree to disagree.
What are you gonna do? Kilbride suggested I take a few days off.
I don't know.
Alex and Jake are going to the mountains.
May join them if that's good with you.
Sure thing.
We got you covered, partner.
I was talking to Sam.
- Mountain air'll do you good.
- It would.
Ocean air would do me good, too.
I was thinking maybe I'd spend the day on your boat.
Nice try, G, but I-I have a showing this afternoon.
Wait? You're-you're selling the Michelle? Yeah.
Know anyone in the market for a vintage, 70-foot motor-yacht? Yeah, I might know a guy.
Good luck today.
Oh, thank you.
She's been back there a while.
This is nothing.
You should've been here last time.
I swear, nobody tells you how difficult this whole foster parent process is.
- Come on.
It can't be that bad.
- Ugh.
I'm glad I rechecked the stairs in your backyard.
That definitely needs to be replaced before next week's home study.
The stair You have a permit for this, right? Um, did I give you your sweater back? I can be so forgetful.
I put it in the Here.
It's in the it's in the front house of the house.
Good luck with the stairs.
Remember, the devil's in the details, okay? - I'll see you next week.
- Yeah, okay, we'll see you.
- See you next week.
Thank you.
- Bye-bye.
You're welcome.
Stairs? I don't know the first thing about how to fix stairs.
- I've got nothing to do this weekend.
- No.
I-I can't.
I can't.
That is very kind of you, but I just I can't ask you to You're not asking.
I'm offering.
If we get Burrito Hut? Right.
Thank you.
It's been a rough morning.
I bet.
How are, uh, Petty Officer Lee's coworkers taking her death? Not well.
We brought in counselors to talk with the team.
Was there anyone in particular she was close with? Someone who might have known where she was last night? Well, Petty Officer Lee was friendly with everyone.
Kind, generous, hardworking.
She was part of our R&D team, and proved integral to the development of this Next-Gen missile defense system.
It's a shame she'll never get to see the fruits of her labor.
How close are you to completing it? Start testing next week.
Everyone's excited.
This will be the most sophisticated anti-missile defense system in the world.
Have there been any threats or attempts at stealing the technology? Threats? Constantly.
Our security is top-notch.
Though you know how it is.
You got to keep on it to stay one step ahead of the enemy.
And what would happen if it fell into enemy hands? It could be used against us.
Then, instead of the enemy's missiles being shot down, it'll be ours.
All right.
Another "no"? Yeah, what can I say? Everybody bought a pandemic boat.
Plus, according to my cousin Damien, yours isn't exactly competitively priced.
One might wonder whether you're really trying to sell it.
It is for sale.
Did I strike a nerve? Martin Thomas? Federal agents.
We got to ask you some questions about your ex-girlfriend Nikki Lee.
Hey, if this is about child support, I already sent in the paperwork, all right? She'll get her money.
- Now, move.
You're blocking me.
- Whoa.
Nikki got killed last night.
You mind shutting off the bike? Oh, my God.
What happened? That's what we're trying to find out.
When was the last time you saw her? I don't know.
Uh, two months ago maybe? Wait.
Hold on.
Do you think I killed her? I would never hurt Nikki.
Well, the domestic battery charge on your rap sheet begs to differ.
Look, I never touched her, all right? We were broken up.
I went over to her place to talk.
Found some dude there.
He and I got into it, and-and then she stepped in to break it up.
When the police came, they blamed it on me.
Sounds like you two had a rocky relationship.
Look, we were good until she got pregnant and started tripping.
Told me to clean up and get a job.
I mean, I-I can't even take care of myself.
You know, how am I gonna take care of a kid? Yeah, and that's why she sought full custody.
Yeah, and I would've been cool with that, but then she wanted child support, too.
I mean, why-why would I have to pay if I don't want the kid? Because that's the law.
And the state cares for the child, whether you want to be there for her or not.
Yeah, well, I I said my piece in court, all right? The judge wasn't hearing me.
Just listened to whatever her fancy lawyer had to say.
Where were you last night? I was volunteering at a rehab center.
Part of my community service.
Do you want to ask my PO? He was with me the whole time.
Go ahead.
Thanks, Shyla.
Log-in records show Petty Officer Lee left at 6:00 p.
and then came back at 8:30, stayed for half an hour, and then left for good.
Were you aware? No, but it doesn't surprise me.
She always worked late.
Mostly because she had to make up the hours.
Why is that? Well, Petty Officer Lee had a tough time finding child care and often left work early.
I tried to be supportive, but at the same time, we work off of deadlines.
Got to the point where I had to tell her, if she didn't find some solution, I would have to reassign her.
Then, a few days ago, she came in, said she'd found a solution to her problems.
Well, what did she mean by that? Wasn't my place to ask.
Now I wish I did.
Maybe she'd still be alive.
Martin's alibi cleared.
We got no leads, no crime scene.
We don't even know where she was last night.
I'm telling you, it's the Libyans.
We don't even know if they're involved yet, all right? We don't know if her murder's related to the missile tech.
I'm just trying to solve a major international case here.
They didn't make me Special Deputy U.
Marshal for nothing.
Yeah, you're special, all right.
You heard, uh, what he said about the lawyer? Yeah, guy schooled him on child support 101.
Because he's a lawyer.
I'm not following.
Lawyers cost money, especially if you want a good one.
With her Navy pay, she could barely pay for her living expenses.
How's she gonna afford a lawyer? - Maybe he was pro bono.
- Maybe.
Or maybe she has other means to pay him.
Hmm? Shyla, what's the status on Nikki's financials? Still working on it, but I have an update from Seal Beach.
Cyber Operations Field Office analysis shows the missile technology was downloaded from Petty Officer Lee's work terminal.
So, if she did steal it, she probably already has a buyer lined up.
You know who'd pay a pretty penny? - Who? - Libyans.
Admiral Kilbride, I was on my way I'll save you the trip.
I just got off the phone with the supervisory special agent at the Cyber Operations Field Office.
She confirmed that the download from Petty Officer Lee's terminal was the only security breach that they identified.
That's good news.
I'll add to it.
I found Petty Officer Lee's car at a parking lot in Hermosa Beach, 17 miles from where her body was found.
- Hmm.
- There's also a marina nearby.
Agents Namazi and Rountree are checking it out now.
If she had the stolen technology, she'd want to sell it as quickly as possible.
Have you been through her phone records? Yes.
Didn't find anything there, but I did find something interesting in her phone's e-calendar.
For the past three months, she's earned money as a gig worker.
Each of those jobs presented a security risk.
We need to know every person she's been in contact with.
That could take days.
A luxury we do not have.
But if she was that desperate for money, then one can assume that anything she spent it on was important.
Go through her expenses.
Maybe we can learn what we need to that way.
Pizza shop, sushi bar and a vintage clothing store.
But none of their cameras have a clear view of the lot.
What about you? You find anything? Uh, just this parking ticket.
Shows when she got here 9:48 p.
Man, all these places were open late.
- She could've gone anywhere.
- Yeah.
Or met anyone.
Hey, hey, check it out.
Doormat, lawn chairs.
Look like she been posted up for a minute.
Let's hope so.
I think I figured out what Petty Officer Lee was doing last night.
Her credit card shows two transactions made at the SkyWest Beach Club.
It's a private social club in Hermosa Beach owned by a man named Wesley Roberts.
Apparently he goes by Big Wes.
Isn't that the same guy who threw that fake island music festival? Among other scams.
All of which involved one thing: separating rich people from their money.
What if Nikki went there last night with the stolen missile tech to meet someone? There's only one way to find out.
Federal agents.
Coming! Hold on.
Hey! You kids ready to see how the sausage gets made, huh? The contest? Grand prize? You're not here for the tour, are you? We're NCIS.
We're actually investigating the murder of a woman, a Navy petty officer.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
She, uh, parked her blue sedan here last night around 10:00 p.
Hoping you might have seen something.
No, I'm sorry.
I was working all night.
- Working? - Yeah.
I'm a content creator.
Uh, some might say an influencer.
I really think of myself more as an entertainer.
I have a website.
Roving Rosie's Roaming RV Adventures.
I'm Roving Rosie.
Is that the camera you use to, uh, record your content? Yeah.
Streaming 24/7.
Unlimited access for only $9.
But I like you two.
You're very attractive.
I'm gonna give you a discount.
I'm gonna throw You know what? It's okay.
We were just hoping we could see the footage from last night.
No can do.
I'd have to shut it down.
Oh, it won't take long.
We'll just hop in Uh, let me tell you the difference between me and everybody else.
I don't crash ever.
Did you just quote The Social Network? Maybe there's a way we can both win.
Drawing a blank.
Look closer.
Petty Officer Lee was at SkyWest last night before she was killed and dumped in the ocean.
And you think one of my members was involved? Well, she drove to your club, went inside, never made it back to her car.
Sure looks that way.
So I'm asking again.
Did you see Petty Officer Lee last night? You know, I'm so busy running around, talking to members, making the magic happen.
I mean, it ain't easy being Big Wes.
You know what I mean? I'm still waiting for an answer.
No, no, I did not see her.
Look, I feel terrible about what happened.
I mean, a young lady lost her life.
Even worse, she was military.
My people.
You're military? No, but I respect those who are and I show my appreciation any way I can.
Like a a big thank-you from Big Wes.
And cops, too, so if you guys need anything, just ask.
- Anything? - Anything.
Want to buy a boat? Don't you own a boat? Sold it during the pandemic.
Anything else? Yeah, I'd like the guest list from last night and the security footage from the club.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Why don't I just give you the location of my offshore accounts, too? Look, I mean, if you're feeling generous.
Sorry, fellas.
Bad for business.
What happened to "anything"? Anything that won't piss off my members.
Well, I'm glad I could help, but, uh, I got to get back.
This money don't earn itself, right? So soon? Uh, we-we were just, you know, beginning to like you, like, a little bit.
Look, fellas, why don't you come by the club tomorrow, let Big Wes take care of you? All right? You'll see I'm not such a bad guy.
Gonna be an amazing Japanese whiskey distiller there for a promo event.
Free shots all night.
Yeah, we'll think about it.
- Good.
- Agent Castor, - make sure he gets back safe.
- You got it, Sam.
Oh, and, uh, Big Wes.
Stick around town in case we have any more questions.
Just hit me, baby.
Yeah, yeah, we'll we'll hit you.
My God, I can't wait to hit him.
You do know he had something to do with Nikki's murder, right? Problem is, we got to figure out how to prove it.
We got to find out who was at that club last night.
Shyla, keep tabs on Big Wes.
Send us over everything you have on him.
On it, Sam.
I've got oatmeal on my face Man, Rosie's a strange woman.
I can't believe anybody would pay to watch this.
We just did.
Okay, well, let me rephrase.
I can't believe anyone that's not investigating a murder would pay to watch this.
There's Nikki.
I wish we could see that guy's face.
It's obvious they knew each other.
Yeah, it's obvious she wants nothing to do with him.
Why do you think that is? The arguing or the cowboy hat? Whoa.
Check it out.
Something tells me that wasn't part of the plan.
All right, keep me posted.
All right.
Rountree and Fatima They got a hit on the van that took Nikki.
They're tracking it down now.
Oh, the killer had to have been inside the club and followed her out.
What's taking so long on the warrant for the security footage? Director's being extra careful.
This guy Big Wes has beat everything from fraud to RICO.
Nothing sticks.
Oh, he should change his name to Teflon Wes.
- Yeah.
- By the way, he had three boats.
Sold 'em all.
Uh, maybe you ought to maybe you ought to ask him for some tips.
What is it with you? I don't believe you want to sell.
Have you seen the housing prices in L.
? You're saying you need the money? Maybe.
There's a lot you need.
Better taste in music, a shirt that fits, a soft side.
- Callen back? - Money for a house? I don't think so.
I've known you a long time.
You're a saver, and you invest.
You don't need to sell the boat.
There's some other reason.
If I tell you, will you drop it? Okay.
When Michelle died, I needed to find some time and figure things out.
The boat gave me that.
Gave me peace.
Now I need to look after my father, and he can't live on the boat.
It's not safe.
So I'm gonna look out for him and do what's best for him the way he always did for me.
Well, I think we may have left partner land and are rapidly approaching the friend zone.
Bring it in.
Come on.
Come on.
Bring it in, big guy.
- You're staying in friend zone.
- There you go.
I'll take that.
I'll take that.
You know what we should do? We should celebrate with Big Wes.
You know, I do love me some good Japanese whiskey.
Those promo events.
- How often do they happen? - All the time.
You really need to get out more.
So a liquor company may have been there last night.
Yeah, with free shots and models and And photos.
- Lots of it.
- Yeah.
Killers must have wiped it down.
No blood, no prints, no way to find out where they went.
Maybe we can find out where they've been.
Just got off the phone with the tequila company's owner.
She said she gave us everything from the photographer who was there last night.
Thank God.
I don't know how much more "This is amazing" I can handle.
I'm starting to think there's a whole segment of the population whose whole function is just to YOLO.
I mean, don't these people have jobs? Oh, all right.
Here we go.
You ready for this? What is it? I mean, who's that look like to you? Someone who woke up with a bad hangover and a slew of regrets? Bingo.
But I was actually referring to the person behind her.
Lieutenant Commander Hudson.
Wearing a cowboy hat in a club in Los Angeles even though it's not Country Western Night.
What is happening here? The photo's time-stamped 10:26 p.
Petty Officer Lee was there.
It's a small club, two bars, which means he definitely saw her.
And she saw him.
Yeah, 'cause he's wearing a freakin' cowboy hat.
He never said anything to Fatima and Rountree about being there.
CSU's on the way.
- Find any cameras? - Two in this entire old structure.
And they were dummy cams just for looks.
Please tell me you're having better luck with this GPS.
Yeah, well, define "luck.
" I mean, we have the van's location history, but I'm not sure how much it helps.
This van's been all over L.
A Commercial properties, airports, hotels, I mean, even a Costco.
Think we can narrow it down? I don't know.
Unless we can find a way and soon, all this info is meaningless.
Commander Hudson.
How can I help you? You can start by coming with us.
There's nowhere to run, Commander.
Don't even think about it, all right? Oh, he's thinking about it.
I say he's going left.
Look, don't make this any harder than Uh-oh.
Forgot your bag.
Told you he was going left.
Yeah, except he went right.
Well, his left.
I don't know why I lied to your agents.
I just I panicked.
Were you involved with the of murder Petty Officer Lee? Of course not.
Oh, I think he's panicking again.
I had some drinks, that's it.
The-the Navy's got me under a lot of pressure.
Sometimes I-I go out, have-have a few.
Takes the edge off.
This is my credit card statement.
It's also great marketing material for AA.
How to obliterate your credit score in a breezy 18 months.
A lot of those charges were made in clubs owned by Big Wes.
Any reason why you prefer those places? Not really.
I just know him.
Know him? The way you've been lining his pockets, I'd say you two are as thick as thieves.
Yes, I have a problem.
And because of it, I owe a lot of money, but that doesn't mean I had anything to do with Petty Officer Lee's murder.
But it does mean you wanted to pay off the debt before the Navy came in and started asking questions.
Hmm, let me think.
A few decades of O versus stealing something highly valuable like the Navy's missile technology.
That's a toughie.
It was you who downloaded it from her terminal, wasn't it? Then you took it and sold it to Big Wes? I just thought he was a guy who loved the military.
He kept inviting me to his clubs.
Booze, drugs, women.
I couldn't stop.
But that kind of fun came at a price.
Like, 700 bucks for a bottle of tequila, the cheap stuff.
The ladies don't like the cheap stuff.
Ran up your tab, then Big Wes called in the debt.
You couldn't pay.
He threatened to report me.
I would have lost everything.
So I told him about the project.
He said he could sell the technology to cover what I owed, even give me a few bucks on-on the side.
I ga I gave it to him last night.
What was Petty Officer Lee doing there? When she came back to the office, she must have found out what I did, followed me to the club.
She confronted me.
I didn't know what to say.
But she already knew.
I tried to stop her from leaving, but before I could Big Wes grabbed her and had her killed, a Navy petty officer, your subordinate murdered.
You said nothing, you did nothing, like a coward.
Who's he selling it to? Look at you.
Scared of him.
You know who else is scared? That little girl that she left behind.
Wondering where her mom is right now.
That was all that little girl had, and you took that from her.
I don't know any names.
I just know the people he's selling it to are really dangerous.
Oh, yeah? How do you know that? The way he talked about them.
I've never seen him so nervous to meet anyone.
We got to find out where this deal is going down.
Shyla, we need a location on Big Wes.
That may be a problem.
I've been tracking his cell phone all afternoon.
Then, about 20 minutes ago, the signal went dead.
If he's shutting his phone off It means he could already be on his way to meet the buyer.
Where was his last location? Heading north on the 710 Freeway, just past Imperial.
This guy owns clubs all over L.
They could be meeting at any one of them.
Private club, private security, it's as safe as it gets.
Except we know where all those clubs are.
More importantly, he knows that.
This guy would only meet somewhere safe that we don't know about.
So I looked into his ties to companies that own or lease real estate.
He severed 'em all last year.
What about his lawyers? One of his lawyers is the registered owner of an LLC that leases multiple properties around L.
Most of them are in the area where Big Wes was before we lost him.
So, we got a couple of, uh, apartments in Downey, two offices downtown, we got a warehouse in Commerce.
The warehouse.
The van that kidnapped Nikki made several trips to a warehouse just off Washington and Garfield.
Yeah, that's the one.
We'll send you the coordinates.
All right, Fatima, Rountree, meet us there.
Let's go.
We're on our way.
In position.
Front entrance is clear.
Copy that.
Shyla, how we looking? All clear, Sam.
No vehicles in or out.
Guys, we got a blueprint for the warehouse.
Looks like the main office is in back, which is probably where they are.
I'll guide you once we're inside.
On me.
One, two, three.
Take cover! Elvis has left the building with the missile tech.
Fatima, Rountree, they're headed your way! Hey, yeah, we're a bit tied up right now.
Cover me! You don't happen to have a grenade on you, do you? Maybe one better.
Federal agents! I got him.
That's 4.
3 speed you was up against there, my boy.
We're clear.
Nice of you guys to show up.
Oh, man, it's all here.
The entire missile defense program.
I still can't believe Lieutenant Commander Hudson tried to frame Nikki for this.
He would've got away with it, too, if it wasn't for her instincts.
She's the real hero here.
Good work.
We'll finish up here.
- All right.
- All right.
All right, my people looked into both Big Wes and Hudson.
- There was no connection to Libya.
- What about the buyer? - His name is Hassan Barakat.
- Never heard of him.
He owns a shipping company that became a government contractor in 2016 for the Libyans! - Hmm.
- Libyans! I get it.
Even a blind squirrel, you know, can find a nut sometimes if he gets lucky, huh? Seriously, though, working with you today It was, uh entertaining.
We make a good team, you know.
You know, maybe when Callen gets back, you and I and him could partner up on, uh, some cases.
What do you think? I'll put you down as a "maybe.
" Yeah, put me down as a "maybe," all right? Yeah.
You know, Michelle was one of my closest friends.
And if she knew how much this boat meant, she'd shoot you if you tried to sell it.
Something tells me your dad would feel the same way.
Oh, wait.
You drove.
You drove! I got to go with you! Son of a You know, I've known you long enough to know that there are few things in this world that you like more than your work here and, uh and talking incessantly.
Now, that being said, only a fool like me comes in on his day off.
- You are not me.
- Yeah.
It's just this whole process for being a foster parent.
They got Kensi and I jumping through all these hoops just to prove that we can provide a loving home.
So every facet of our lives has been probed and prodded and dissected.
It's like a white-glove inspection on steroids.
And just when you think that you've done enough, right, that you're good, and then this social worker came by today and just took a wrecking ball to everything.
I have dedicated my life to the Navy, and I am proud of the career I've had, but I would be remiss if I didn't, uh, acknowledge the other side of that coin.
My wife wanted a husband, my son wanted a father, and I was neither.
At least my wife knew what she was getting into.
My son didn't have a choice.
And there is not a day goes by that I don't question whether it was all worth it.
If only the process for biological parents were half as stringent as what you and Agent Blye are going through, then perhaps my son could have enjoyed his teenage years instead of spending them in rehab.
I'm sorry.
Is he okay? I wouldn't know.
It's been ten years since we spoke.
Well, it's not too late to fix it.
No, no.
Afraid that ship has sailed.
I guarantee he doesn't hate you half as much as I hated my father.
I mean, I shot the guy.
In all fairness, he was pointing a gun at my mother and I, and I was 11 years old, but I still shot him.
And then I stopped talking to him.
And now he's dead.
What's crazy about that is that, despite all that, if he would have asked for a second chance, I would have given it to him in a heartbeat.
You know, just to see As hopeless as it may have been Just to see if there was any way to salvage that relationship.
My point is, I think you should call him.
Like it or not, you're still his father.
Hey, how was your, uh, day with Sabatino? Team up, huh? All right.
Well, maybe I won't come back.
The trip is good, yeah.
Spending, uh spending time with Alex and Jake has kind of taken my mind off Katya.
Uh, well, today we went on a hike.
Yeah, who knew there was smog-less air two hours outside of Los Angeles? Oh, you know what, I got to, I got to run.
I'll talk to you later this week? Great.
Hey, I'm here.
Yeah, this'll work.
I did.
Well, you were right about one thing.
Looks like she's had some serious plastic surgery.
Well, at least now we know what she looks like.
I'll see you soon.

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