NCIS Los Angeles s13e19 Episode Script

Live Free or Die Standing

1 - Go faster.
- I'm trying.
- Please.
- I'm trying.
- I can't see.
- Faster.
They're coming.
Please, God, help us.
Go, go.
They must be tracking your phone.
Hand me that chair.
- I'll hold the door.
- Go.
Now! Go! Don't trust anybody.
They got people everywhere.
Do you believe in the devil? Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
It's about time.
It's 7:58.
We are officially two minutes early.
Yeah, which by my account makes you 13 minutes late.
Listen, you are preaching to the choir.
I love to be early for everything, but I also have the opportunity to, uh, carpool with a human being that has the clock management skills of a tree sloth.
- Ah.
- What? Oh, excuse me if I like to have a mindful breakfast instead of sucking down a jack-juice man-shake like a couple of Neanderthals.
Wow, "man-shake.
" What is this? This is why Hetty made you an investigator.
Ouch, yet acutely accurate.
It's from Beale.
Wonder if it's a Dear John letter.
You think he found out about us? Huh.
It says "Do not open until everybody is present.
" Yeah, which is why we've been sitting here for the last 14 minutes waiting for you to grace us with your presence.
Grace us? Who's us? You got a special friend we don't know about? You got Snuffleupagus back there making coffee? - I think he means me.
- Whoa.
And my man-shake.
Wow, I did not see you there.
More importantly, I didn't even know there were desks over there.
A detective - at the height of his powers.
- Okay.
Okay, this is we're definitely close enough to a quorum.
Let's open them.
- Here we go.
- All right.
Oh, my God.
- $10,000? - What? Beale wrote me a check for $10,000? He says, "In Silicon Valley, "we are all drowning in data that we parade as knowledge, "power's confused with respect, and success with happiness.
" "I miss you guys, "and by sharing my wealth, I hope this brings us both happiness.
Your friend, Eric Beale.
" Wow.
Maybe he was inspired by Gibbs.
"I've also donated the same amount to each one of "your favorite charities, "so the one stipulation on this check is you must spend it.
You can't put it in the bank.
" Wow.
No problem.
The same amount to charities? He's like a modern-day Robin Hood.
Yeah, if the sheriff of Nottingham is riding around on a Segway, talking Klingon.
Shoot, well, I'd strap on those tight tights and be his merry man for $1OK.
Well, let's just mark that down to the ever-burgeoning list of things I can't unsee.
When the, uh, Make-A-Wish fever dies down, get up to Ops.
You have a case.
Admiral, you get a check? I did, indeed, Mr.
Deeks, and I have already ordered the noise-canceling headphones and the soundproof glass for my office.
Impending happiness.
You should head down to your desk.
You got a, uh Check for $10,000? I know, I was just doomscrolling on Etsy until we got a very special guest.
So, what happened to waiting for everyone? God bless millennials.
So, who's the special guest? Patching you through now.
You got the team.
Good morning, Avengers.
Talia Del Campo.
Good to see you.
Wish I were there in person to give you each muffins with extra gluten.
Maybe give Deeks a long and questionably inappropriate hug.
Yes, please.
I mean, no, thank y Rain check.
- What? - How you doing, Talia? Hey, Kens.
I was great 24 hours ago, and then we lost contact with one of our agents who was helping transport a whistleblower for the Mexican government.
Unfortunately, the LAPD found him two hours later.
Sorry for your loss.
Thank you, Sam.
Now the whistleblower's on the run, and we have no way of contacting him.
Martin Henderson, served 20 years in the Navy.
Worked his way up to combat system weapons tech.
He got out, got a job working with Plutus Weaponry, where he's currently in charge of distribution and sales in the southwest.
What'd he blow the whistle on? Straw buyers here in the U.
are purchasing guns legally and then helping smuggle them across the border to cartel members in Mexico.
Pop quiz, any of you know how many guns are sold legally in all of Mexico? Mexico has one legal gun shop, and they average just 10,000 guns a year.
Cupcake for the new lady.
But the Mexican government believes over 250,000 guns are being taken annually from the U.
into Mexico.
That explains why most of the firearms found at the crime scenes in Mexico trace back to the States.
Exactly, you all know this, ATF knows, DEA knows.
I'm sure my grandma's bridge club in Bakersfield knows.
Why aren't we doing anything about it? That is the $64,000 question.
You got any guesses, my little Norwegian weasel? Oh, wow.
Uh, political gridlock? Wrong.
This is actually one of the very few issues that the vast majority of Americans and politicians agree.
Red and blue, north and south, sea to shining sea.
No one wants American guns in the hands of foreign criminals.
Exactly, so now the Mexican government has taken matters into their own hands.
They just filed a lawsuit against the gun manufacturers for targeting cartel members in their marketing campaigns.
Marketing angle.
Like the victims' families in Sandy Hook.
Yeah, I followed that case.
They sued the gun manufacturer, alleging it targeted younger, at-risk males in marketing and product placement.
And they won a $73 million settlement.
Now the Mexican government is using that as a road map for their own litigation.
Martin Henderson was supposed to testify on behalf of the Mexican government in front of a closed-door congressional committee.
That's a dangerous whistle to blow.
This is why we have an agent who got his head severed and thrown eight stories off a building.
I've got two addresses of interest on your phones.
I touch down in 30.
The clock is ticking.
If they find Martin before we do, he's gonna end up in six different body bags.
All right, Fatima, what do we know? Not much.
His family hasn't heard from him, neither has anybody from the DEA's office.
These two addresses are our only leads.
Okay, we're almost there.
Talk us in.
Okay, so, on your phones should be a photo of Martin's boss Carlyle Huntington.
Owner of Plutus Weaponry.
No priors.
No nothing.
He is squeaky clean on paper.
Hard swipe right.
Yeah, and according to his tax records he's been making, like, pro athlete money for the last three decades, and he's got the assets to prove it.
He's got a house in L.
, Manhattan, a ranch house in New Mexico, and a penthouse in Mexico City.
Kaleidoscope caught him pulling into La Bocca Felice valet about an hour ago.
Enjoy that beautiful brunch.
What about us? Did we lose a bet? Why are we going to Lancaster? That was the last thing Martin texted before going off-line.
According to sat images, it looks like a ranch house under remodel.
We have no idea what's out there, so be careful, watch your six.
Got it.
So, you want to talk about how we're spending this $2OK? Mm, I was thinking maybe put it back into the house.
You know, turn the garage into a staycation paradise.
- Oh, please, God, tell me more.
- Mm-hmm.
Pool table.
All right.
- Flat-screen TVs.
- What? - Mini fridge.
- Huh? And a golden shark.
You are a cruel and heartless cross-eyed guttersnipe.
That's just not even cool.
- I'm sorry.
- What? There was this moment, a flicker and joy in your eyes, and then it all drained away.
Yeah, because I thought you were serious until you mentioned my beloved golden shark.
I'm ser What are we For real, though.
I don't know, for real.
I haven't had a chance to think about it.
Why? What about you? I was thinking like a sat phone, iPad, maybe some monogrammed towels.
You know I'm pretty sure you already have those things.
Not for us, I mean for, you know, Pilar.
What? Or not.
I just, I was, I was reading, and this article said that of the most important things about adopting a teen from a foreign country Obviously, you have to make them feel safe - and accepted and loved.
- Mm-hmm.
But also to give them the opportunity to keep in contact with their extended family from where they're from, so Sat phone.
What? I love you.
That's really thoughtful.
You're thoughtful.
But now that you mentioned that beloved golden shark, maybe we just get a pinball machine.
Yeah, you should stop while you're ahead.
- We can get a foosball.
- Oh, my gosh.
Are you still talking? Sorry.
Federal agents.
Keep it running.
I shrug it off like I already know ♪ Bingo.
You drag it on like you're ready to go.
♪ Federal agents.
We just want to speak to Got to be kidding me.
Fatima, we're gonna need LAPD down here.
Copy that.
Wow, espresso martini at 10:00 a.
Well, I don't do coke anymore.
Yeah? Carlyle Huntington? Yeah.
Special Agent Sam Hanna.
Of course you are.
We need you to come with us.
Security detail had a little lapse in judgment, earned themselves a trip back to college.
- I've never seen those men before.
- Okay.
Sure you haven't.
But now that breakfast is over and my pre-lunch sex has vanished Hmm.
let's go see how poorly our tax dollars are spent.
Yeah, let's do that.
I fully understand the circumstances and the protocol, but why didn't anyone get written testimony to put before the committee? Well, anything is better than nothing, and nothing is the scenario we're teetering into.
This man dies and the whole thing falls apart.
No, no, I'm not saying I agree with him, but I do believe in the fundamental right for this man to be heard.
I'll keep you apprised.
I'm not even sure why we say it.
- What? "Federal agents"? - Yeah.
It's like a cue for bad guys to run away or start shooting.
- Huh.
- Maybe we should yell "Jonas Brothers.
" Everybody would be super excited to see a Jonas Brother.
Federal agents.
Search warrant.
Because if we don't, we're the bad guys kicking in doors in three, two Clear.
Well, it seems like we've been sent on a wild goose chase.
Hey, Fatima, what's up? Uh, guys.
I'm looking at footage of you pulling up to the house.
Footage? How? We just got here.
Yeah, we had a video sent to our content manager for Threat Management.
I'm looking at footage of you getting out of Deeks's truck.
- You want backup? - There isn't time.
We're in fricking Egypt.
What angle was the footage taken from? Is it just a hacked surveillance camera? No, looks like it's from the south, across the street.
Oh, my God.
This video is only delayed, like, 30 or 45 seconds.
Guys, somebody's right outside the house.
Son of a bitch.
Oh, man, this is such a bummer.
I really didn't plan on bleeding today.
Yeah, it would be such a bummer to spend that $1OK on hospital bills.
In three, two Go.
Guys? Where is everybody? Somebody wants us to know we're being watched.
Well, that's not, like, foreboding at all.
You know what's interesting? You didn't even ask us why we brought you in.
Let me do us both a favor and skip the part where I act oblivious.
Martin Henderson, the head of my southwest sales and distribution, is missing.
Any idea why he's missing? Maybe he has a second family in Barstow.
- Oh.
- Try again.
Rumor has it he's working with the government.
You two scaring off my brunch with benefits kind of confirms that.
- We're just worried about him.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
I imagine his ex-wife and his two daughters are extremely distressed, except they haven't even approached me.
Now, I have contacts all over, but they didn't ask me, for help bringing him home.
Why do you think that is? 'Cause you can't photoshop personality? Maybe.
Or maybe it's because he's working with the government against me and Plutus Weaponry.
Why would he be doing that? Selling guns and ammunition isn't for everybody.
Maybe he became allergic to a steady income stream and a robust 401.
Hmm, or maybe he knew you and Plutus were knowingly selling weapons to straw buyers, insuring a robust supply of weapons to the drug cartels.
You can get a warrant, go through all the paperwork in our office.
We haven't broken one single law.
We are bulletproof.
Pun intended.
We'll see.
ATF's at your office right now doing a spot compliance inspection.
Well, they better hurry.
Why, you got an enema scheduled? That's-that's funny.
I wasn't lying about not knowing those guys at breakfast.
If they're watching me, my guess is, they're already way ahead of you.
Who do you think they were? Gentlemen, if we do legally sell weapons and they somehow illegally get smuggled into Mexico, then I would imagine the buyers in Mexico would do everything they can to preserve that supply chain.
People who have a very different idea than us about what's right or wrong.
I don't like you.
Well, the night is still young.
I don't like him either.
Yeah, but he's not wrong.
Zero point sorting through his paperwork like meatballs while Martin Henderson is being hunted by the cartels.
I might be able to help with that.
I've got red flag city.
According to these cross-referenced Plutus sales reports, we have one local address in Culver attached to over a hundred gun purchases from multiple buyers.
Talia just landed.
She wants to go check it out and asked for "a wingman to be her Goose.
" Who's Goose? Who's Goose? You Seriously? You never saw Top Gun? Of course he hasn't, unless it's in 30-second clips on TikTok or they've remade it with vampires.
Uh, meet Talia.
I'll handle Carlyle.
Oh, heads up.
Goose ends up dead in Top Gun.
Damn it.
Care to join me? No, no, no, no.
Finish your proctology exam.
Did the AARP special expire at Denny's, or did I just get lucky and arrive on Bring Grandpa to Work Day? You're right.
I am 74.
And I should be living on a beach somewhere in Costa Rica, making sweet time to a cask strength single malt and a cheap spy novel.
But, instead, I am stuck in L.
, where ordinary everyday outfits are Halloween costumes, and everyone reeks of kombucha and their parents' disappointment.
Where no one believes in God, but they will accept advice from their hot yoga instructor.
Looks like you should've taken the red pill.
We need help finding Martin.
I need a name.
Keyser S öze.
That's clever.
That is clever.
How's that working out for you, being clever? Yeah.
Did you see my brunch date? She's half my age, twice as hot.
Martin Henderson is being hunted by the cartels.
Now, when they find him, they will no doubt give him a Colombian Necktie.
To clarify, that's when they cut his throat and then pull his tongue down through the opening, like a bloody necktie.
Wonder if that would count as, uh, business casual, huh? Now, I will ask one more time.
I need a name.
Miguel Flores.
I've seen jellyfish fold slower.
You know, I didn't have you pegged as one of those smug, anti-gun snowflakes.
This isn't about politics.
I have voted red since Coolidge.
And it isn't about guns.
I got more guns than you've got empty bottles of Viagra.
This is about people who choose financial gain over human decency.
Would've been faster if you'd just started with that.
I don't think I've done that since BUD/S.
You still got it.
Yep, Miguel Flores, which was evidently illegally coded as M.
Flores on the distribution history.
This guy fits the profile.
He was born and raised in the cartel hotbed of Reynosa.
He became a U.
citizen after serving ten years in the Navy.
And according to the U.
Customs database, he crosses the border almost daily importing hand-painted tiles.
Where do we find him? No brick and mortar address, but he's got a sailboat docked surprisingly close to Sam's, and the DMV has him registered with a brand-new Raptor and a 25k Ducati.
- On it.
- Sorry, John Wick.
We work in teams here.
Take Fatima.
And bring me back blood, answers or both.
Preferably both.
We're on it.
Still cleared.
What, are you getting paid by the hour? You put this much hardware on a garage, and you are just screaming jackpot.
You know what? Screw it.
Crane kick, Daniel-san.
One, two, three.
Fatima said Miguel Flores has a fancy Raptor.
And handmade Mexican tile.
I'll call it in.
Sorry, back in L.
, had to grab some In-N-Out.
Oh, nice, you get me anything? I was kidding, a man's life's hanging in the balance.
You think I'd grab a pan-fried burger? What kind of sloppy jalopy agent do you think I am? - Sorry, I just - I'm just kidding.
I got a Double-Double in the car for you.
- For real? - God, no, man.
What is this, your first day on the job, Goose? Kick in those afterburners.
I'm DEA Agent Talia Del Campo.
This is Special Agent Squaretree.
- Rountree.
- Potatoes, Goose.
Stay on topic.
It's not potatoes, it's my name.
Sensitive is the new masculine.
- Good for you.
- Also, for the record, I know Goose dies.
Yes, he does.
Because he prematurely ejected.
Now, what is the lesson we learn here? Can I help you? We've got a list of residents that bought over 100 guns in the last six months.
We'd like to see them, please.
Help yourself.
And make sure you knock hard.
After water aerobics at 10:00, this place is like Cocoonmeets Burning Man.
Could've lived without that visual.
Excuse me.
Naughty grandpa.
Come on.
I'm just saying, how you spend your money is an extension of our values.
It's a window into your priorities.
Okay, so what would you spend your $1OK on? Well, something that brings me happiness.
A family vacation, down payment on Kam's car.
So, as a millennial, I should probably stop spending all my money on useless tchotchkes from Etsy? Depends.
Do they spark joy? Ah.
Brand-new Ducati.
Maybe if we put our checks together, we could, uh, split.
Carpool like Harry and Lloyd.
Yeah, maybe.
Miguel Flores? Special Agent Sam Damn.
Now, that sparks joy.
Well, the truck is squeaky clean.
I mean, is it possible that he's just transporting Mexican tile? I mean, I'm not in the import-export business, but I can't imagine that Mexican tiles have margins big enough to afford new trucks and fancy Italian motorcycles.
Okay, well Oh.
Are we doing a remodel? God, I love demo day.
What? You know, your boy Chip Gaines? Shiplap? - You watch Fixer Upper.
- No, I don't, but every time I turn on the TV, it asks me if I want to "continue to watch.
" Well, some guys sneak off in the middle of the night to have affairs.
I sneak off to watch home repair shows.
- One, two - Uh-huh.
Mm, and house-shop on Zillow.
Are you spying on my browser history? No, not at all.
"Two-bedroom bungalow in Kona"? Zillow is the new porn.
- Uh-huh.
- Oh.
Wh Do you need a light? - What's going on? - I got my phone.
It's just not reading with these fingers - in these stupid gloves.
- Oh, my God.
There we go.
Oh, my God! - Uh, Deeks, you okay? What - Fraggle Rock! Do you need something? Dead body.
Oh, God! Oh! This never happened to Chip and Joanna.
Looks like Miguel Flores is transporting more than just Mexican tile.
I hate demo day.
You want to explain why your truck was at a house with dead bodies stashed in the attic? Man, you have no idea who you're dealing with.
I just drive tiles back and forth.
I don't ask questions.
I don't even go into that house.
Martin Henderson's on the run.
And we both know what's gonna happen if your employers find him first.
You know what happens if they find out I even spoke to you? We can help you stay safe.
Me? I'm I'm a corpse walking.
This ain't about me.
My whole family is back in Reynosa.
My mom, my dad, my two little brothers.
My associates hear a whisper of this conversation, and my whole family ends up in the bottom of a barrel.
Seems we got an Annie Oakley on our hands.
Says here Thelma Donstad purchased a pair of .
223-caliber Bushmasters for $1,100 a pop.
Bushmaster? That can fire rounds capable of piercing body armor.
Must have been a Cali-compliant model.
Regardless, she's moving military grade firepower.
- Ah.
- Ah.
Federal agents.
I bet you she's got an eye patch.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'm DEA Agent Talia Del Campo.
This is Special Agent Rounleaf.
Do you have a moment? Come in.
Thank you.
We just wanted to ask you some questions about some guns you've purchased.
Who, uh, has them now? I have them here.
I'm sorry.
You have them here? Of course.
Got to keep the good stuff close.
You want to see them? - Yeah.
- Yes.
We'd love to.
Thank you.
Don't want to get them scratched.
Yeah, smart, but The .
22 pump action was my late husband Curt's.
He wasn't as good a shot as me, but not many people were back then.
Uh, what about the twin .
223s? I don't have any other guns.
These are the only ones I own.
I'm sorry, you didn't purchase two Bushmaster .
223s connected to a Napa address - in December? - Never heard of them.
Do you have an ID showing the Napa address? I do.
But because of a theft last year, the front office holds all of our IDs to keep them safe.
- The front office? - Yeah.
Loretta can help you.
She's the one that collected them all.
Excuse us.
Thank you.
Happy hunting.
Oh, my God.
We need an ambulance right now.
Copy that, Agent Rountree.
Son of a bitch.
Agent Castor.
This is Isabella Cruz, - Carlyle's fancy lawyer.
- Yeah.
I got an alert that the human tapeworm had arrived.
I'm sorry that due process is proving so cumbersome to your witch hunt.
Your client is obstructing this investigation and withholding crucial information.
My client has a flight back to New Mexico at 6:00, so let's wrap this charade up quick.
His employee is being chased by the cartels.
God forbid he misses his flight.
Oh, he won't miss the flight.
It's a private jet.
I just don't want the sushi to spoil.
God, I love L.
So, what do we got? We're clear.
So, you guys want the good news or the bad news? Eh, good news.
Bad news.
You sound like my parents.
Wait, is that the good or the bad? I'm going with her choice.
- Eh.
- The good news is, we found no explosives.
What? That shouldn't count as the good news.
You already established that when you said "clear.
" This is why I asked for the bad news first.
Damn it, what is the bad news? The bad news is, using our subsurface scanning tech, we found something else.
Well, this positively never happened to Chip and Joanna.
- Hmm.
- Whatever it is, - it's throughout the whole house.
- Huh.
Well, how do you think that we should, um Oh.
And this is why we don't have nice things.
Ow! Ta-da! I love demo day.
That's precisely what I said until I fell through the ceiling with a corpse for an airbag.
I think I broke a hoof.
Tell me somebody has something.
All out-of-state IDs in Loretta's possession, they linked up with the purchase of guns from Plutus's sales history.
So, she's the straw buyer, using the residents' IDs to buy weapons and then handing them off to the cartel smugglers.
Listen, even if we connect these guns to the retirement home and Loretta, it still doesn't give us any evidence or leverage against Plutus Weaponry.
But who is behind completing all these 4473s and dealer records of sale? This isn't about finding a guilty party.
This is about Martin Henderson.
We got to find this guy.
He has all the answers, and he's ready to tell the world.
We just need to find him and give him the opportunity to do that.
Listen, Carlyle or Miguel, one of these guys has to know something.
Yeah, we got to dig deeper.
Heart or hammer.
But we got to get under their skin and get 'em to break.
Admiral, you know what to do.
Little hand says "Tick," big hand says "Tock.
" Psyops time.
You're right, you can go, 'cause we don't have enough to hold you.
Told you, Gramps.
Hey, have fun trying to find your car in the parking lot.
Must be fun being on that side of the table, not to care about anything but yourself.
Sociopathic capitalist, a narcissistic civilian parasite just sucking the blood from the dying carcass of the American dream.
We don't have to listen to this.
Let's go.
Wow, there it is.
Sanctimonious military hypocrisy.
How high and mighty you must feel, Captain, flying your moral authority under the banner of American principles.
Don't act like you and your people don't have the blood of thousands of innocents on your hands.
At least we're on the right side of history.
Well, you're lying to yourself.
This is a country born in genocide.
There hasn't been a good war since the Great War.
So you know what? Go ahead and dress up in your fancy military blues, and act like your kills are justified, but you are just another cog in the war machine.
I was a soldier, who fought for your freedom to be a jackass.
Well, here's the truth, soldier.
Your American ideals don't mean crap.
You fight because we want you to fight.
And we want you to fight because we make money when you do.
Of course you do, because you're a war profiteer who only manages to sleep at night because of the illusion of the distance between you and the bodies that fall.
Says the man who bombs children with drones and calls it diplomacy.
What about the 43 Mexican students on a bus going to a protest in the capital? The cartels captured, tortured and killed them all.
That's just population control.
Less mouths to feed.
Your dead mother in heaven know what you've become? - You watch your mouth.
- It's time to go.
Nancy Huntington was the secretary in the church and a middle school music teacher.
She dedicated her life to making the world a better place.
You don't know anything.
I know that she is weeping in heaven because what you are is an abomination - to what she was! - None of this is my fault! None of it! Doesn't matter what I do! I could give you the name of every-every straw buyer, every gun smuggler, every cartel contact.
And then what? You still have to remove every dirty politician, every corrupt lobbyist, every judge.
This is so much bigger than anything you know.
You think this is my lawyer? I didn't hire her.
The system above me did.
They brought her here to keep the system safe! That's enough.
Let's go.
Where is Martin? - You want know where he is?! - I want to know now! On your knees! Castor! - On your knees! - We've got an ambulance on the way.
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
There was poison on that pen.
What was on there? Hold up, hold up, hold up.
Excuse me.
Come on.
Huntington just got stabbed in the neck by his attorney.
They're tying all loose ends.
Help me find Martin.
Help me save him.
We'll protect your family.
- I promise you.
- We can send agents across the border right now.
We'll bring them back here.
We'll help them get asylum.
You guys are living in a fantasy world.
They would be dead before your agents touched the tarmac.
- You guys don't understand.
- I do understand.
- No, you don't understand.
- I do understand.
I understand.
I understand that you probably don't remember a time you weren't working for the cartel.
That they take care of your family, that they put food on the table, that they helped you cross the border.
That they helped you join the military, and through that you got dual citizenship.
That as conflicted as you may feel about what you do for them, it doesn't matter because they own you.
I can't speak to that.
Those sins are tied to the circumstances of your birth.
All I know is, right now you have the power to save an innocent man's life.
And maybe, at the same time, end the flow of weapons going into the hands of the same monsters that own you and your family.
I need my phone.
Yeah, here, here.
Here you go.
Usually, the hardest thing to do and the right thing to do are the same thing.
You can do this.
They found him.
He's at a warehouse in Culver.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, man.
- Thank you.
We're five minutes out.
How far are Talia and Rountree? That's not rhetorical, Agent Rountree.
We need a damned ETA.
On the off chance we live, seven minutes out.
What about Culver City PD? They got anybody in the area? They're ten out.
And 911 dispatch just got a call there's a fire at that address.
Do we have oxygen masks or EEDs in our go bags? I wish.
Budget cuts.
That's the first thing I'm spending my $1OK on.
Well, in the meantime, you better start doing your Wim Hof breathing.
That's funny.
Wait, what? Sam, I've got a full-face respirator.
We're two minutes behind you.
That's two minutes that Martin Henderson might not have.
Sam, save this man.
We're here.
Get down! Cover me! Did you want to wait for the respirator? Drop it.
On your knees.
It's better to die standing.
Shut up and drop it.
Do you believe in the devil? I do.
Tell him I say hello.
Come on, go.
Go, go, go.
Get him.
Get him, get him.
Get him.
Pull him in.
Pull him in.
This man has to live.
Yo, he was recording something.
Come on.
You go, I'll ride with him to the hospital.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Let's go, move, move! Go.
My God.
What are we gonna do? Send it in, pray it was worth the lives of two good men.
Yes, ma'am.
I understand that it can't be used as official testimony, but it certainly has probative value.
No, no, no.
This goes beyond partisan politics.
We have a moral obligation to put this man's dying message before that committee.
I just got confirmation from my agent, they pronounced him dead in the ambulance.
I understand.
I will just bury it until I hear back from the gods on Olympus.
Evidently the soundproof glass has not arrived.
You were never here.
You saw nothing.
Said all murderers right before they murdered.
That's what I'd spend my $1OK on.
Buy a time machine that would take us back 12 hours.
Great, so we could relive one of the worst days on the job.
No, babe, so we could redo it.
A little bit better, a little bit faster so that Martin Henderson would still be alive and his voice could be heard.
It'd be worth it just to not ride that corpse-coaster through the ceiling.
Huh? It's a video message from a blocked number.
- I got the same one.
- It's to the whole office.
There's like 200 numbers on here.
You want to throw it on the big screen? Yeah.
Oh, my God.
For anybody listening to this, the Mexican government is right.
These gun manufacturers designed and marketed these guns at the cartels by doing things like engraving quotes of famous Mexican national heroes on the slide, and then distributing the guns to us with the knowledge that we would be selling them to a network of straw buyers, who would smuggle them across the border.
It's an orchestrated pipeline to sell guns to cartel members.
Believe me, I did not want to be a whistleblower, but I can't look at another picture of a burned corpse, or a bus of dead students, or bodies hanging off the side of a bridge without acknowledging that I played a role in this.
I'm the son of a pastor and a preschool teacher.
I'm the father of two beautiful girls.
I spent 20 years in the Navy fighting for this amazing country.
But I've spent the last ten years justifying my silence in the face of something I knew was wrong.
We all know that feeling.
It's that cold, dull guilt that eats away at your soul when you try to fall asleep.
Money doesn't set you free from that.
Only the truth does.
Speak the truth and the dawn will come.
And to my-my two beautiful girls, Zoe and Kristen, I'm so proud of you.
And I love you so much.
Do you believe in the devil?
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