NCIS Los Angeles s13e20 Episode Script

Work & Family

1 Previously on "NCIS Los Angeles" CALLEN: Arkady, I really need to talk to you.
(SCOFFS) You'd have to call me Papa.
My dad's gotten to the point where he can't live alone.
You're buying a house so that your dad can move in with you? - Yeah.
- And he's okay with that? Haven't told him yet.
Getting the house first.
(SIREN CHIRPS) Is that for us? I'm a federal agent.
- Where's your badge? - I don't have it.
- (GRUNTING) - JORDYN: We didn't do anything wrong.
You're not cooperating.
- Put your hands up! - I'm - What are you talking ab - Ow! - You're hurting her! - Stop moving! - Hey.
- JORDYN: Stop! - (GASPS, SCREAMS) - (GUNSHOTS) You okay? This is Rosa.
I'm Elliot Reynolds, Rosa's case manager.
She's with family and has a good case for asylum.
She gave one of the other children something to pass along to you.
Pilar? That's a muñeca quitapena, a worry doll.
We make them in Guatemala.
Rosa and I learned we came from the same town and became friends.
♪ (ALARM BLARING) Fall back! Cover me! (SCREAMS) (GRUNTING) You doing okay, Dad? You know, your mother and I bought our first and only house in, uh Uh Ah! Tha-that's right, that's right.
She said that was one of the happiest moments of her life.
And I thought we'd live there forever.
I thought the same thing once.
Too much house for one person.
Hmm? Yeah.
That coming from a man who lives on a boat.
(SIGHS) Well we don't live on a boat anymore, Dad.
You know, I can't imagine what your mother would think.
She would think it's time to pass that house on to the next generation.
The buyers have two kids.
They'll enjoy growing up there, just like I did.
I think she'd get a kick out of us living together.
- Yeah.
- It'd make her happy.
I suppose.
You need anything? No.
I'm good.
We came as soon as we could.
Are you okay? Okay? DEEKS: So, wh-what happened? Her aunt is quite elderly, and she had a stroke.
She's in hospice care, and without a family member to support Rosa, it changes her status.
Yeah, of course.
Um, hey.
Why don't we sit down? Come here.
Come here.
I don't understand.
How did they deny her asylum? I mean, she was almost killed on the way here.
Kensi was there with her, she was damn near killed herself.
By people in this country, not hers.
(SIGHS) They're going to send me back, aren't they? We're gonna do everything in our power to prevent that.
DEEKS: Her friend Pilar's parents were both killed by Guatemalan gangs.
Yes, and Pilar has a case for credible fear if she's returned.
And even those are tough to prove because the court hears them all the time.
Rosa came here on her own after her father disappeared and her mother fell ill.
I don't want to go back there, Kensi.
I know, honey.
I know.
DEEKS: So, just to clarify, because her case isn't as tragic, she gets sent back? I mean, come on, her dad could've been murdered by the same gangs.
Or he left to start a new family.
I'm sorry, but these are the kind of things the court will consider without hard evidence.
Yeah, but how are we supposed to find evidence when the country is actively trying to cover up that they have a gang problem? ROSA: I knew it was too good - to be true.
- No, Rosa.
You are not going to give up, 'cause we certainly aren't.
Right? We are going to find a way.
All right.
So, we file an appeal, and we put a motion to-to reopen the case.
We do a continuation that buys us time to find the evidence.
Does that work? - We can certainly try.
- All right, okay.
So, how much time do we have before they deport her? Well, due to the number of migrants from her country, there are weekly deportation flights back to Guatemala.
I'm sorry, what? W-Weekly? I'll be right back.
DEEKS: This is ridiculous.
There-there has to be something else that we can do.
I wish there was.
Okay, so, what are our options? We don't really have any options.
I mean, they could deport her within the week.
BOTH: What if we adopt her? - A-Adoption? - Yeah, I mean, through the orphan process we could adopt her.
W-We don't even know where her father is, and there's no proof that her mother died.
You would have to prove that she was actually an orphan, and even then Yeah, but we can do that.
Right? This from last night? Afraid so.
Where the hell is everybody? Agent Blye and Investigator Deeks got an emergency call from ORR about the refugee they're helping seek asylum.
Uh, Agent Hanna is moving his father today, but he'll be in later.
Agent Rountree and his sister are giving their deposition about their recent run-in with law enforcement.
And Agent Namazi is taking her mother to a medical appointment.
Not sure where Agent Callen is.
Probably some other personal drama.
Maybe we should just shut down for the day for one great, big family picnic.
I make some mean deviled eggs.
(SIGHS) Get 'em on the horn, tell them to get their asses in here before I am even grumpier than usual.
You're never grumpy, sir.
You're just passionate.
Keep it up, Dahr.
I'll be sending you back to Washington.
In a mailing tube.
♪ (MUTTERING) Morning.
What are you doing here? - Looking for you.
- Why? Is everything okay? You haven't answered any of my calls.
- You called me? - Yeah, about a dozen times.
Must be old phone number.
It's the only number that Anna and I have, and it was working two weeks ago.
Well, like I said, old phone number.
I change it every month for security purposes.
That really necessary? Well, apparently, it's working.
Is Anna okay? She is okay, and that's actually why I'm here.
- Do you mind if I - Yeah, yeah, sit down.
Okay, please tell me you're not having vodka for breakfast.
Of course not.
It's nastoyka.
Which is basically flavored vodka.
No, it's good for digestion.
You want breakfast? Syrniki? Draniki? Zapekanka? No, no, I'm fine.
- Honestly.
- Are you sure? Always so serious.
You need to loosen up, Grisha.
Stress kills.
I'm not stressed.
(CHUCKLES) No, okay.
I-It's like your head is like thermometer.
Uh, I don't even know exactly what that means.
And, by the way, since when-when do you call me Grisha? That's your name, is it not? Or you prefer "G," one letter, like "Ye.
" "Ye" is two letters, but How can I help you? It's about Anna.
- I thought you said she was okay.
- She is.
She's more than okay.
She is She's amazing.
And I love her.
Ah (MUTTERS) You need money.
- No, it's okay.
I mean, every now and then people need help.
How much? No.
I don't need money.
I'm gonna ask Anna to marry me.
And I would like your blessing.
(LAUGHING) (MUTTERS) Seriously? - Yes.
- No, is terrible idea.
Absolutely not.
I forbid it.
How'd the deposition go? - Okay.
- Yeah? Yeah, part of me just wishes all this would go away, but I know if we don't do anything, nothing will ever change.
Just wish Jordyn didn't have to keep reliving it over and over.
Well, she's a tough cookie, just like her brother.
Never really saw myself as a cookie.
(CHUCKLES) How's your mom? She has to get foot surgery, but it's nothing serious.
Just means she has to ride around on one of those little scooters for a while, you know, wear a boot.
- Oh, that sucks.
- Oh, you have no idea.
She's gonna be unbearable.
SHYLA: Hey, guys, you might want to take a look at this.
Oh, is that the Navy base from last night? Yep, at approximately 3:30 this morning, two men cut the perimeter fence and opened fire on security lights.
Then they detonated an explosive device that left one of them dead and the other with life-threatening injuries.
He's in the burn unit at Ventura Memorial.
Any motive? - Not yet.
- They have identification? No, neither man was carrying ID, and we weren't able to gather prints, due to their injuries.
Well, what about their weapons? Working on them, too, but there's a chance they were ghost guns.
Any vehicle? Nothing's been located in the area.
Either there was another player that took off or there's a vehicle in the area waiting to be discovered.
Or they Ubered.
CALLEN: You're joking.
I'm being serious.
I am not joking.
I cannot give you my blessing.
Is disaster waiting to happen.
Especially for you two.
We love each other.
So why ruin it? Live together.
Make baby.
No, I cannot recommend that, either.
Is best for both of you.
Because it didn't work for you? - Doesn't work for anyone.
- That's not true.
Mostly, it is.
You do realize this is just a considerate gesture? We don't need your blessing to get married.
- Of course you do.
- Of course we don't.
If not, then Then what? Brak budet proklyat.
The wedding will not be cursed.
You should know more about these things than anyone.
Why should I know this? You're Romani.
Who knows more about curses than gypsies? Okay, well, aside from being grossly inappropriate, - that is ridiculous.
- Says you.
You don't believe me, ask Anna.
She won't get married without my blessing.
Yes, she will.
Want to bet? Enjoy your nastoyka.
I will.
You enjoy bachelorhood durachock.
SAM: I'll be there as soon as I can.
All right, I'm getting everything together.
Have Callen meet me there.
All right, thanks.
What do you think? Dad.
I think it needs some furniture.
I don't know.
I think I like the space.
My butt needs a comfy chair.
(CHUCKLES) Maybe a new recliner.
Ah, now you're getting it.
One with a cup holder.
Built-in heater, massage.
You're mocking me.
I'm not mocking you.
Yeah, but now that you said it, I'll take nothing less.
Got any beer? I made coffee.
I don't drink caffeine.
You're not supposed to drink alcohol either.
Nobody's supposed to drink alcohol.
It could interfere with your meds.
Well, God forbid I die happy.
(SIGHS) Look, I got to go to work, all right? Um, on my way back home, I'll grab some light beer.
Light beer? My God, son, what's this town done to you? You a Navy frogman, for God's sake.
Yeah, okay.
Well, you want me to come with you? No.
Dad, I want you to stay put.
Do not go outside.
What, I'm under house arrest? No, no.
More like house detention.
Until Mrs.
Ortiz gets here.
- Oh, you got me a babysitter.
- She'll help take care of the place.
And me.
If you need anything, yeah.
How old is she? I don't know, I didn't ask her.
What's she look like? - What difference does it make? - I'm just curious.
- I didn't find her on Tinder.
- Well, maybe you should have.
Call me if you need anything.
All right? I won't.
Love you, too.
DEEKS: Yes, Shyla, yeah, no, we're-we're heading in.
We'll see you in 20.
Okay, all right.
Okay, bye.
Ooh, Kilbride's on the warpath because no one showed up to work today - except for Rountree and Fatima.
- Oh.
Were you serious back there? About the adoption? Were you? - I asked you first.
- Yeah, but we answered the same time.
(SCOFFS) What? I think Rosa needs our help.
If she gets deported, God only knows what'll happen to her.
Well, nothing good, that's for sure.
And this may be our only way to keep her safe.
I mean, here's the way that I look at it.
At the very least it gives us time to bolster her asylum case, right? Mm-hmm.
- But - But We could also end up - adopting a child.
- (SNORTS) She's not a child, she's a young woman.
She's a minor.
But even after she turns 18, she's still legally our daughter.
Like, a living, breathing human being that we are responsible for for the rest of our lives.
You believe things happen for a reason, right? I do.
I think this is our reason.
(CHUCKLES) I'm a little confused here.
What were these guys trying to do? They were carrying IEDs, so my first guess would be sabotage.
But why? Who knows? Then again, maybe they were trying to steal some weapons.
IEDs were there to cover their tracks? I mean, two guys on foot? How many weapons did they think they could carry out of here? That's the thing, is we don't know it was only two guys.
So, yeah, they had to have a vehicle.
If we can't find that, then that suggests there was at least one other suspect, maybe even more.
Well, hopefully, their buddy who survived will have some answers for us.
You'd think they would have parked closer as well, you know? Have a quicker ratline out of here.
Well, PCH is close and fast.
Yeah, but you're risking too much oncoming traffic.
Well, the base is surrounded by agricultural land.
Maybe, like, a farm vehicle wouldn't raise too much suspicion? Especially if it was parked on the other side of the highway.
There are a lot of campsites around.
- An RV could be a good choice.
- That's true.
Shyla's checking up CHP cameras, see if we can find anything.
Somebody's gonna claim that body soon, too.
We should ask the coroner to let us know when they do.
Good call.
I was kind of hoping you decided to retire.
Oh, you hoping for my sake or for yours? - Both.
- I'm afraid you're not that lucky.
You get your dad all settled in? - Unfortunately.
- That good, huh? Yeah, I think it's a fifty-fifty chance that one of us will kill the other by the time the week's out.
(LAUGHS) - Well, my money's on Raymond.
- Thanks.
(CHUCKLES) If it's any consolation, I may be giving Arkady a little dirt nap as well.
Yeah? What'd he do now? It's more what he didn't do.
I asked for his blessing to marry Anna.
You did? Wow.
Congratulations, man.
It's about time.
He said no.
What? Come on.
I'm serious.
He is forbidding me to marry her.
That's ridiculous.
Why? He doesn't think it's a good idea.
Well, it's Arkady.
He's half crazy.
- Just half? - What did Anna say? - I didn't tell her.
- She won't care.
She'll either laugh it off or tear him a new one.
Probably both.
He said that the marriage will be cursed if we don't have his blessing.
But wh-what is that, Russian? I've never even heard of that.
You're asking me? Sic Anna on him.
She'll scare him straight.
Excuse me.
Federal agents Callen, Hanna, NCIS.
You called about the John Doe who was brought in last night.
- Yes.
Did he regain consciousness? - Afraid not.
Can we see him? His lawyer said he's to have no visitors.
- His lawyer? - He was identified? - No.
- Then how's he have a lawyer? I just know what I was told.
Could be an ambulance chaser.
- Have you seen him around before? - No.
- He leave a name? - Let me check.
If our boy hasn't been identified, then no one's been notified he's here.
Well, if nobody knows he's here, how does his lawyer show up? He left his card to call him when is client wakes up.
Jeremy Chambers, Esquire.
Yeah, well, looks like Mr.
Esquire has some explaining to do.
Thank you.
Jeremy Chambers is a partner with Meyers, Masters and Chambers.
Chambers himself is a bit of a specialist in civil liberty cases, especially those being bankrolled by the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund.
Sounds like Mr.
Jeremy Chambers needs an invitation to the boatshed.
Will do.
How are Fatima and Rountree making out? They haven't called anything in, and I'm still searching through CHP cameras, - but nothing so far.
- (TABLET BEEPS) Hold on, I got something.
Not a camera hit, but some family members have identified our dead suspect in the morgue.
Get a name.
Send Kens and Deeks down to speak with them and update the team.
Apply for a warrant, too.
Have, uh, Fatima and Rountree search his home and vehicles.
You got it.
So, your sis ever talk to Nate? She did, and, uh, it really helped.
Thank you for that.
She was rock-solid at the deposition.
What about you? - I thought I did well.
- With Nate.
You didn't talk to him.
Been very busy.
Busy with your super denial - and your super excuses? - (SIGHS) I talk to you.
I'm not a professional.
Yeah, but you're my friend.
That matters to me.
You're a piece of work.
Well, as a friend, you do me a favor? Will you talk to Nate? Even if it's just once? Okay? Sure.
You know, maybe we should have brought some trash bags and some litter picker-uppers to do something useful.
You giving up? You really think we're gonna find anything? Not if we stop looking.
You don't think this is a big, colossal waste of time? Not if we get crab cake burgers from Neptune's Net after.
That's the best idea you've had today.
(PHONE VIBRATING) What's up, Shyla? No, so far we've been skunked.
We're on our way.
Well, somebody's gonna ID the suspect who was killed.
If we're lucky, we'll get a search warrant by the time we get to his place.
Sounds like we're getting crab burgers to go.
- Sounds like it's a rain check.
- Damn it.
I knew it was too good to be true.
You finished? You have to forgive me.
I thought I was walking into a Hardy Boys novel rather than a federal law enforcement agency.
You guys are like the grown-up Goonies.
Who's your client? Afraid I can't tell you.
- He broke into a Navy base.
- Allegedly.
You have any witnesses? He was found on fire outside the hole him and his dead buddy cut in the fence.
Sounds like the victim of a tragic accident.
No, it sounds like obstruction of justice.
Now, who's your client? I can't tell you his name because I don't know it.
- He's a John Doe.
- (CHUCKLES) So this John Doe, who's unable to talk, let alone move, called you to represent him? Of course not.
Somebody called to render my services on his behalf.
Who? They prefer to remain anonymous.
(LAUGHS) So your anonymous client retained your services without revealing the identity of the person you're representing? Exactly.
And that doesn't seem the least bit unusual? We're living in unusual times.
So you're representing someone and you have no idea who they are? The doctor and nurse who treated him had no idea who he was.
So, you guys are the detectives, right? So detect.
You figure it out.
Hey, don't get up.
I will see myself out.
- Hmm.
- This guy.
He's analyzing our cards like American Psycho.
I don't like this.
I don't like any of this.
(KNOCKING) Man, I hate this part.
Uh, hello, Mr.
I am Special Agent Kensi Blye.
This is my partner, Investigator Deeks, and we're from Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
We are so sorry for your recent loss, sir.
Would it be possible to ask you - a few questions concerning your son? - No.
Wait, sir, we have reason to believe Okay.
The man just lost his son.
I can't imagine losing a child.
Oh, oh, thank you for changing your mind.
If you have any questions, ask my attorney.
Jeremy Chambers, Esquire? That's the same lawyer representing - the guy at the hospital.
- (SIGHS) Not many dead guys have lawyers.
Not many dead guys need them.
Where we at? Just this side of nowhere.
Kensi and Deeks got shut out by the family of the deceased, one Ralph Langston.
He's also being retained by our friend Jeremy Chambers.
What about Fatima and Rountree? Unfortunately, they found nothing more at the crime scene, nor any evidence of a vehicle.
What do we know about this guy? He's a bit of a drifter.
Uh, works as mechanic, construction.
Couple of years with a welding company.
He doesn't seem to stick in one place for too long.
He did a short stint in the National Guard, but was dishonorably discharged - for a drug violation.
- CALLEN: We get a warrant - to search his place? - Yes, but he has no fixed address.
He does own an RV, however, that's been registered for the past three months at Mugu Canyon RV Park.
You couldn't get much closer to the naval base without being enlisted.
Agents Fatima and Rountree are on their way there now.
You might have been right about an RV.
Would be a good Trojan horse to drop off our would-be insurgents before the base.
This guy blew himself up with an IED.
Got to get the bomb squad to check it out first.
- Fatima, pull back! This thing could be booby trapped.
No! SAM: So, the bomb squad said that the explosives are the same configuration that blew the two of them up.
All right, so this is either a paranoid psychotic security device, or someone rigged it after what happened to the two suspects so we couldn't find any more evidence.
I'm not sure either version is really that encouraging.
- Mm.
- How's Fatima and Rountree? Well, they got their bells rung pretty good.
They'll be fine once they get their hearing back, - but I'm gonna send 'em home.
- Good luck with that.
They're not gonna take a knee, especially now.
CALLEN: Well, we're not gonna find any more evidence.
It's all been shredded at this point.
Whatever physical evidence was in that RV may be lost, but his digital footprint lives on.
I was able to secure records of calls and texts, along with his online activity.
Divorced, surprise, surprise.
No children.
Thank God for wee miracles.
Looks like he's never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like.
I'm sure there's a flat-Earth membership somewhere in there.
Is he a gun owner? More like a gun collector.
Dumb and dangerous.
Which sadly describes most of my recent dates.
CALLEN: We didn't find any signs of weapons in the wreckage.
Which suggests somebody cleaned out the place first, took any real evidence before booby trapping the place.
I sent screen grabs to your phones from last night.
His most recent phone and text conversations were with two local individuals: James Miller and William Baker.
This reads like they're all in this together.
James Miller's been offline since last night.
William Baker, however, has been making calls.
GET THIS: he set up a GoFundMe page for his friend, who was badly burned in and I quote "a military training exercise.
" So there's a very good chance James Miller is our suspect in the ICU.
And what do we know about William Baker? Baker owns a ranch.
Well, it belonged to his parents.
They raised horses and cattle back in the day.
It was left to him when they died.
From his online photos, the only thing I think he's raising there now is hell.
It looks like an insurgent training ground.
I requested a warrant and sent the address to your phones.
All right, tell Kensi and Deeks to sit tight.
There's no telling how this guy's gonna react when we roll up.
You got it.
KENSI: Copy that, Shyla.
We'll stay put until Callen and Sam get here.
They want us to hang tight.
Must be their war games playground.
Yeah, lucky, lucky us.
("JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS" BY TONY BENNETT PLAYING) It was just ♪ One of those things ♪ Just one of those crazy flings ♪ This better be good, Dahr.
One of those bells that now and then rings ♪ I didn't mean to wake you, Admiral.
I was not sleeping.
I was meditating.
My doctor says that it will help to center me.
Just one of those ♪ Do I look centered? Oh, yes.
Dead center, sir.
On gossamer wings ♪ As someone who has practiced meditation her whole life, I might offer a suggestion to try doing so without the music.
You meditate your way, I will meditate with Mr.
He centers me.
Sir, I'd like to request to go into the field.
Love affair was too hot ♪ Not to cool down.
♪ Making a Starbucks run? With agents Namazi and Rountree out of commission, and knowing the nature of these suspects, I think the team could use the backup.
What about Ops? I've already tasked another operational manager to cover for me.
The ranch we're investigating is off the grid, so there's little for us to offer from here.
- All right, let's go.
- You're coming, too, sir? - Is that a problem? - Uh, no, sir.
I didn't mean to drag you out there.
Let you guys have all the fun? No.
Secure us a chopper.
You want to take a helicopter? Oh, you're damn straight.
The only thing I hate worse than armed insurrectionists is the L.
traffic that keeps me from them.
It's awful quiet.
Maybe nobody's in there.
So, I was thinking that since we're going through the adoption process already, uh And we are going through with it.
That's what we said, yeah.
That didn't sound like a lot of commitment.
Are you having second thoughts? No.
Wait, are you? No, not at all.
Are you sure? I'm 100% sure.
I want us to adopt Rosa.
- Okay.
- I'm in.
- (LAUGHS) Okay.
- Yes.
Um, well, as I was saying, since we are already going through the process, Yeah.
I was thinking that maybe we could do the same thing for Pilar.
You know, in case they reject her asylum request.
I'm sorry, wait, what? Y-You want to adopt two children? I mean, they're minors I wouldn't exactly - call them children.
- Who Are the DeBolts? - and Where Did They Get 19 Kids? - W-What? Who Are the DeBolts? and Where'd They Get 19 Kids? I have no idea what you're talking about, Deeks.
What I'm talking about is two young, well-adjusted women.
It's a '70s documentary.
It won the Oscar.
- It doesn't matter.
- Deeks, what are you s Okay.
- So, just to clarify it then, again, - Mm-hmm.
One, not enough, just, the One is not enough.
- They both need a home.
- Okay, yeah.
We have enough space.
- We've got, eh.
- And this way, they would have each other or support as well.
Okay, so just instant family.
Just add equal parts responsibility and sheer panic.
Well, I have my bond with Rosa - because of our whole ordeal.
- Right.
And you have a bond with Pilar because of your whole, like, "Team Vampire" thing.
Okay, just for the record, it's Team Werewolf.
- Sorry.
- But also, I don't think that's a foundational argument, for adoption.
- Look, they're both at risk - I know.
- at being sent back.
- Okay.
Pilar, probably at a greater risk than Rosa.
And we can do this, we should do this, so what is your hesitation? Uh, e Besides the prospect of being responsible for the lives of two young women you mean besides that? If not us, then who? I mean, not even to mention the whole white savior optics of it all.
Since when do you care what anybody thinks? When it's a racially complex and complicated situation.
- That is a fair statement.
- Deeks, all the more reason to keep them together.
I can see it in your face that you know I'm right.
- I It I-I'm not - You know I'm right in your mushy, mushy heart.
I know you know.
- Two.
- Two daughters.
Two "da-haugh-ter-ters.
" We will give them so much love.
(WOMAN SCREAMS) Shoot, that's a woman in trouble.
Shyla, we're moving in.
Let's go.
Federal agents.
Is there anybody in here? We're here to help.
Hello? - Hey.
- Oh, geez.
We're here to help.
What's your name? Miss, it's okay.
- Not for you.
- Whoa.
No, drop it.
Look at me.
Drop it.
Drop it.
I think you're the ones should drop your weapons.
Party's over, sports fans.
Look, you're already in enough trouble.
- You don't want to do this.
- (LAUGHS) Don't want to what fight for my right for freedom? I think you're the ones in trouble.
You're trespassing on my land.
- We thought your friend was in trouble.
- Ah.
CALLEN (ON COMMS): Keep him talking.
We're here.
How many we looking at? You and your four friends know that we're federal agents, right? We don't recognize your authority.
Don't recognize your government, neither.
Ignorance isn't the best defense.
Although, I got to be honest, I really do love the interior of this barn.
Did your designer pay extra for those two and three-quarter panels of reclaimed wood? CALLEN: We're coming in.
Get out there, now! (GUNFIRE) That was our team surrounding this place.
You throw down your guns, you surrender peacefully, everybody walks out of here.
But if you make a stand it's gonna be your Alamo.
So be it, then.
Some things are worth fighting for.
Yeah, but is it worth dying for? Damn right it is.
(HELICOPTER APPROACHING) They got a chopper.
Looks like the cavalry's arrived.
It's not gonna end well for you guys.
- You think so? - Yeah, I do.
Uh-huh? (LAUGHS) DEEKS: Oh, my God.
Where'd you get an AT4? Wouldn't you like to know? Who the hell is that? (GRUNTING) (BEEPING) Willie! You hear that? That's the sound of defeat.
Karma's a bitch.
Drop it! Now.
Hands on your head.
Interlock your fingers.
Get up.
Get up! All right, easy, easy, easy.
Stay down, hippy boy.
Federal agents.
Drop the weapon.
You ain't taking me alive! Oh! - Stay down.
- DEEKS: Way to sweep the leg, Daniel-san.
I mean, I would have done the crane kick, but I like it.
- You like that? - Yeah.
I mean, not for me, - but for bad guys, for sure.
- Oh, okay.
We all good in here? - KENSI: Yeah.
You? - We're solid.
Let's clean up this mess and go home.
- Thank you, sir.
- Shotgun.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) Your ears still ringing? Oh, yeah.
How long's it supposed to last? Well, it took three days after my last Prodigy concert, so Great.
But you know what this is good for? Long-term hearing loss? What is that? Kurosawa.
Toshiro Mifune.
Oh, you sweet, sweet man, you have so much to learn.
How am I supposed to watch a movie if I can't hear? Well, it's subtitled.
That's the beauty of it.
You're gonna love it.
It's, like, one of the greatest samurai movies of all time.
You do like martial arts films, right? - Like what? - Like Shogun Assassin, Five Deadly Venoms, uh, Executioners from Shaolin? Are these real movies? - You poor, misguided soul.
- (SCOFFS) We ought to get some Postmates because you are, sir, are in for a very long night.
CALLEN: Call me back, Arkady, I mean it.
I really wouldn't sweat this, all right? Anna's Arkady's only daughter.
Well, that we know of.
If he doesn't give his blessing, Anna's not gonna let him come to the wedding.
And you know he won't be able to live with that.
That's not a bad strategy.
You're damn right it isn't.
Grab a beer? (SIGHS) I'd love to, but I've got to get home to my dad.
Maybe come by this weekend, we hang out? - Yeah.
I would like that.
- Okay.
- Night.
- You too.
DEEKS: So, every time we order pizza, I try to save two pieces, and then I put them in the refrigerator for the next morning for breakfast.
But somehow, every single night I go to bed, and then she sleepwalks, and somehow then sleep-eats my pizza.
In the morning, it's completely gone.
Not your favorite? I'm not very hungry.
We are taking several steps to ensure that you get to stay here, and we're not gonna give up until we find one that works.
You hear me? There is one other thing we can try, Rosa, and we would need your blessing.
And there's no guarantees that it would work, - so we didn't want to get your hopes up.
- That's okay.
I don't have much hope left anyway.
KENSI: Rosa.
How would you feel if we adopted you? Um, obviously, it would-it would be what you wanted to do, - and we'd st Oh.
- (CHUCKLES) Gonna take that as a yes.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah? Yeah? ("JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS" BY TONY BENNETT PLAYING) It was just ♪ One of those things ♪ Just one of those crazy flings ♪ Hey.
Yeah, yeah, I found something resembling furniture.
(CHUCKLES) Where'd you get the beer? Grocery store.
I thought I told you not to leave the house, Dad.
Excuse me? I asked you nicely, for your own good, not to leave the house.
Well, I know what's for my own good.
For your information, I didn't leave the prison yard.
I found one that delivered.
Want one? Oh, hell yeah.
One of those things ♪ Notice anything else missing, besides furniture, from this picture? Started to paint that town ♪ you don't own a TV, do you? No, I prefer to read at night.
Yeah, my warrior monk.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I'm buying us a TV.
And a big one.
Knock yourself out, Pop.
Guess we'll have to establish a few new house rules.
I had 52 Hanna house rules growing up.
I'm not sure I could take any more.
Well, different living arrangements now, if you if you know what I'm saying, son.
I don't.
We're gonna have to come to an arrangement - about the ladies.
- What ladies? I'm old, son, I'm not dead.
(LAUGHS) Come on.
Are you serious? Have 'em running through here, just - Just like that, huh? - Just like that.
♪ - Okay, ready? - No, that's yours, take it.
Take it.
Aah! Go.
- That's yours.
- Take it.
- What is the Joker? - How do you Joker? What? One, two, three.
Oh! One, two, three.
If we'd thought of it, 'bout the end of it ♪ When we started to paint that town ♪ We'd have been aware ♪ That our love affair ♪ Was too hot not to cool down ♪ So goodbye, goodbye, dear, amen ♪ Here's hoping we'll meet now and then ♪ It was great fun ♪ (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) It was great fun ♪ But it was just one of those things.
♪ Wow.
Wasn't she pretty? - She really was, man.
- Yeah.
SAM: She really was.

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