NCIS Los Angeles s13e21 Episode Script

Down the Rabbit Hole

freeway this morning heading into downtown, a little bit of a mess.
Three crashes on the 110 near Pico, that's in both directions.
Come on.
a slowdown in the northbound direction this morning.
Give yourself some extra time if you are in the southwest part of town.
Fatima, tell me something good.
Hey, just looping in Sam.
I'm on.
Sam Hanna, greatest partner in the world.
Somebody took a happy pill.
What's going on? We just got information from our wiretap that Marshall Davis is back in town and the deal for the weapons is going down today.
That was supposed to be a month away, what happened? Don't know, but on the tap, Davis said that he was arriving in L.
and wanted Stewart Grimes to meet him at his office at 9:30 to work out the details.
Well, it sounds like they moved up the time frame.
Well, we've been staking out Davis's office for a month.
We're ready to roll.
All right, we need to move fast.
- I'll meet you there.
- Okay.
My main G man.
Sam Hanna, greatest partner in the world.
I love you, too.
You didn't call me just now? No.
I just got a deepfake call from you and Fatima.
Both of us? That's got to be Katya.
Whatever she's been planning, it's starting.
That means she could have built deepfakes on all of us.
Kilbride, Anna, SECNAV.
Good news is, she doesn't know our verbal codes.
I said, "Sam Hanna, greatest partner in the world" - She didn't know the reply.
- No.
Who would've thought you saying you love me would save my life? All right, I'll talk to Fatima, get her to put our comms on a closed encrypted loop.
We got to know we're not talking to deepfakes.
It gets worse.
She tried to lure me into our stakeout we've been having for Marshall Davis.
She knows about our case? - Apparently so.
- That's scary.
We've been on that stakeout for a long time.
That means she was running surveillance on us.
If Katya wants us to go to the stakeout, I think we follow her lead.
Maybe we get lucky, end this thing, huh? Okay, let's set a meetup three blocks south of the stakeout on 4th Street, in the alley between the blocks, all right? See you there.
Get the kit.
Hello? NCIS.
You got me boxed in here, Captain.
I need you G, where are you? I'm at the meet, I'm here.
The caller you are trying to reach is currently unavailable.
Hey, Kensi and Rountree are up to speed.
They're five minutes out.
Callen's not answering.
He should have beat me here.
What? Sam.
His comm went off-line ten minutes ago.
Not looking so good, bud.
Rough morning there? Katya.
We've got a great show for you today.
Have you ever seen This Is Your Life? Really moving.
Well, this is like that, but I call this one This Is the End of Your Life.
Where's Callen? No idea.
His comm's off-line.
That's not good.
Sam? I found Callen's car.
It's eight blocks north of you on Hoover.
I also pulled a traffic camera of Callen parking.
He's getting out and heading in the direction of the stakeout location.
That doesn't make any sense.
We were We're supposed to meet here.
You know, when one becomes obsessed with another person, and you begin to get inside their life, you learn their habits, their desires and it becomes very intimate.
Almost sexual.
How did you know about our case against Marshall Davis? I didn't know about the case, I created the case.
Come on, all I had to do was throw a few details out there on the dark web about a weapon sale that matched the items stolen from Naval Base San Diego and you all came buzzing back like good little bees to service your queen.
Yeah, you staked out that office over and over.
Ample opportunity to put trackers on your cars.
Follow you, photograph you, record your conversations.
It helped me to become very intimate with you.
And what'd it get you? Oh, does Anna know that you've been seeing that little one-legged bitch? I'm not seeing Joelle.
I know that you've been secretly meeting with her.
Speaking of dear Anna, do you ever think it's kind of funny that you and I are in love with the same woman? I mean, think about it.
We've had sex with the same human.
We've shared that, uh, that intimacy.
Who's we? 'Cause all I see is someone hiding behind a computer.
You're like a desperate little 14-year-old hacker sitting in her room trying to play practical jokes.
I'm not hiding.
I'm right here.
Believe me, I've wanted to look you in the eye since the moment you took what I wanted most in this world.
What's that, your Minecraftaccount? The only person I ever loved.
There is something you want more than Anna.
There's nothing I want more than her.
She was my chance at having some happiness in this miserable life.
You don't feed off happiness.
You feed off hate and revenge.
Katya, you and I want the same thing.
And what would that be? To see Howard Pembrook dead.
Hey, Fatima, will you get in touch with Anna? See if Callen called her.
Maybe he told her something.
I'm on it.
So, I'm looking at traffic and security cams from the street across from the stakeout location and I'm not seeing Callen anywhere in the area.
What about upstairs in the office we used for the stakeout? - We have a camera in there.
- Checking.
I-I can't see anything.
It's like the power is out.
Something is profoundly wrong.
We can no longer play this safe.
Agent Hanna, I'm sending in the REACT Team.
Meet them at that office.
- Music to my ears.
- Let's do it.
Deeks not back yet? Still in Guatemala gathering information for the adoption.
Yeah, that's just great.
Anything? No, we got nothing.
There's hundreds of windows.
Katya could be anywhere.
Here comes the cavalry.
Agent Hanna, REACT Team Tango arrived.
She's not messing with this.
We're in position.
Area secured.
Coming out.
Let 'em in! Eyes on a swivel, weapons tight.
On my count.
Three, two, one.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Guys, Marshall Davis's office is empty.
The lights are off.
This was a setup.
It has nothing to do with the case.
The breaker was flipped.
Hey, Fatima, the power just came on.
See if we have access to our cameras.
I'm in.
Sending you the footage now.
Looks like Callen entered the office at 8:41.
What was he doing up here? They cut the power - in the middle of the video.
- Yeah.
Okay, we know no one's here.
Let's check the cameras outside, see how they left, what cars they used.
Okay, I'm already on it, but it seems like the cameras outside the building have been disabled.
She's covering her tracks.
We're gonna need intel on this woman and fast.
Two months ago, Callen showed us the photo of Katya.
He said he thought she had plastic surgery.
- Right.
- He said he got the photo from Joelle.
I'll have her picked up and brought in.
I want to talk to her.
I'll meet you at the boatshed.
- Turn this place inside out.
- Yeah.
There's been no trace of Howard Pembrook on this planet in 25 years.
That's not true.
I've spoken to him in person.
He's been living under an alias.
What was the name he was using? Talk to me face-to-face and I'll tell you.
You're lying.
I'm not.
Watch him.
I love to watch.
Who are you? I'm the one who made your face not so pretty.
You lie to me about Pembrook, you will be playing with fire.
Literally, the pain of burning to death.
What, no hello? No "how you been?" "How do you like my new face?" You think my rage is a joke.
We were disciplined under the same hand.
Trained to endure pain.
Do you think hitting me is gonna do anything? Whatever you're feeling, I have felt it.
How many people on this Earth can say that? And no, I don't think your rage is a joke.
I know it more than anyone.
Let's see how much we're the same.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Just tell me what comes into your head as I do this.
Don't cry.
Crying causes pain.
How do I not cry? Like I've been telling you.
Don't feel.
Remember? Feelings cause pain.
Tell me, what are you thinking now? You're wearing his cologne.
Shulton Pierre Cardin.
You found it? It took a while.
That smell haunted me.
I wear it every day now.
Why would you do that? So I got used to it.
I can't smell it anymore.
I understand.
My God.
I haven't cried since I was a child.
"Feelings cause pain.
" You are my brother.
What you're saying doesn't make any sense, Joelle.
You've been studying this woman for years, and you know nothing about her? I'm telling you the truth.
No, you're not.
Your old colleagues in the CIA tell me that they've been feeding you intelligence on Katya Miranova for years.
Look, I I did search for her.
But it was destroying me.
The agency has had me talk to some really good people.
They're trying to help me.
Psychiatrists? Yes.
I am fighting really hard to try to put this all behind me.
Sorry to interrupt, but I need to show you both something.
Yes, Agent Namazi.
What do you have? So, a block away from the stakeout, I found this van leaving ten minutes after the power went out.
Now, it's the only van I've found without windows.
And I ran the plates.
It was reported stolen two days ago.
We need to find that van.
Kaleidoscope's working on it, and a BOLO with LAPD.
Let us know as soon as you find anything.
There's something else.
Okay, I've been trying to reach Anna, but she's not responding to her calls or texts.
Arkady has an emergency code set up with her, but she's not responding to that either.
Keep trying.
Of course.
I, um not sure I'm buying Joelle's story.
Maybe we should cut her loose.
Put a tracker on her car.
- See what she does.
- Yeah.
I'll take care of it.
Agent Hanna.
I know that you lost your wife in a situation like this.
We're gonna get your partner back.
Of course.
Think about it.
We could find him together.
You'd never work with me.
You'd never just let me walk away.
The things I've done can't be excused.
If we find Pembrook, you know what I'll do to him.
Of course.
It means I'll have blood on my hands, too.
Katya, you and I will put the gun in his mouth and pull the trigger together.
You'll have that over me forever.
I'll not only let you walk away, I'll help you start over.
It will be a way for both of us to be fixed.
I can never be fixed.
I still want to hurt you too much for taking Anna away from me.
I'll find Pembrook myself.
This is where I found the black van.
Parking lot on Spring and West 4th.
Everybody on the way? As we speak.
Talk to me.
Already scanned for explosives.
Ready? There's cameras.
They can see us? We're watching.
Hey, party people.
Where's Deeks? And the chick with the keffiyeh.
She's sexy.
It's not a party unless everyone's invited.
Fatima, can you trace the signal coming to the van? Uh, tell Sexy Keffiyeh not to bother.
You have to understand, brother you just fell down the rabbit hole.
Signals can't reach down a rabbit hole this deep.
Can you trace the origin of the signal that was sent to the van? No.
They stopped too quickly.
Katya's taken this deepfake to a whole other level.
We cannot trust anything going forward, guys.
The tracker you put on Joelle's car just led to a building on East 24th Street.
Send me the address.
Get into the security cameras, try to pinpoint the floor and the exact office she went to.
Check this van, see if you can find anything.
Anna, can you hear me?! What do you want? Anna.
You must know that.
I know I'm a broken toy, but if my love for you, my complete desire for you isn't clear, then I really have no insight into human relations.
And you think that kidnapping me and handcuffing me is love? Maybe the handcuff part.
Katya, we were together for a short time, in prison, a long time ago.
The happiest time of my life.
I'm sorry that the rest of your life has been so hard.
You can change that.
Play her.
I have a life.
I can't just Why has it taken you so long to say yes to Callen? I know you want to separate from him.
It's always on-again, off-again.
Why can't you just embrace that you are still in love with me? It's not about love.
It's I've had a hard time coming to terms with my bisexuality.
I I did love our time together.
You loved our time together? Or you loved me? Did you? Do you love me? I did.
I I do think about you.
I have her entering and heading to the fourth floor.
Talk me up.
Which office is it? First door on your left.
You sure she's in there? She's in there.
We haven't seen her exit on any of the cameras.
Joelle, I'm coming in one way or the other.
How'd you find me? I pulled two of your trackers off my car.
That's because I put four trackers on your car.
You're not getting out of my sight again.
Please, even with one leg, I can get away from you.
How long you been tracking Katya for? Two months.
Let me guess, this is my partner's side hustle.
Why the secret? Something else going on here? What, are you jealous? Callen's in a seriously bad place.
Answer the question.
We weren't just tracking Katya.
We were tracking Pembrook as well.
Of course.
'Cause you want to handle the situation yourselves, outside of the oversight of NCIS, huh? The law can get in the way of a really good time.
Kind of like you.
Yeah? Katya's in L.
? Give me everything you got.
All right.
We got hits on Katya's aliases from credit cards.
- Mm-hmm.
- That led to vehicles, which led to traffic camera footage.
She changes her look, she dyes her hair.
She changes vehicles every day or two.
One connection I was just working on was looking at the types of businesses in the vicinity of where Katya parks her car.
She was spotted twice within two blocks of a shipping container rental company.
Katya's operatives kept you in a shipping container.
Also where they kept Anna.
I mean, it's good a place to start as any.
What's the name of the company? Cargo Blue Incorporated.
Cargo Blue.
There's nothing here.
I'm not surprised.
She's smart.
She wouldn't leave anything behind.
Okay, everything we've found so far is most likely a deepfake.
- Right.
- The footage of Callen walking away from his car.
Callen's beatdown.
It-It's all manufactured.
Katya led us to the office.
She led us to the van.
This whole thing is planned.
So the more we follow her, the further away we get.
Okay, well, if it's all made-up, then what do we look for? I think the point is we don't move forward, because that's her leading us.
Exactly, Agent Blye.
We go backward in time until we find something that we assuredly know is real.
Searching for security or traffic cam footage of Callen before he parked the car.
Okay, if we find that, then we move forward from there.
Let me know as soon as you find something that wasn't generated by a computer.
I want to tell you something, my love.
I have another container like this one.
Inside that one, I have Callen.
Your Callen.
I don't believe you.
Let her see him.
Callen! Anna! Don't listen to her! Don't-don't believe a word she says! Why can't I hear him? I don't want you to.
Then how do I know he's real? You know his naked body intimately.
Six bullet holes in the chest, yes? Why are you doing this? Be with me.
I'll let him live.
I have a private plane that will take us to Venezuela.
Once we're there, I'll message NCIS and tell them where he is.
And you'd trust me? You said you think about me.
Is that true? Yes.
Then give me a month.
You and me, alone.
One month? Together.
If you want to leave after that, you can go.
But I just want to know if this is real.
Okay, I'll come with you.
I knew you'd say anything to save him.
I knew you'd lie to me.
No, I'm not lying! I thought it would make me feel better to hear you say it, but it doesn't.
It just makes me feel like I'm with a prostitute.
No, I'm not I'm not lying.
Do you think what we had was a lie? Do you think I'm making all this up right now? - Come on.
- Give me the gun.
No, this is No, Katya.
The kiss wasn't real.
Your words aren't real.
And if it's not real, it doesn't make me feel better.
It just makes me feel more rage.
Goodbye, my love.
Don't shoot her! No! That feels real.
That feels good.
Please tell me you know this is real, Agent Namazi.
I believe so, sir.
I began searching security and traffic cam footage of Callen from the time he got the deepfake call up until the video of him parking his car, and I found this.
Okay, it's 40 minutes after the deepfake call, a few blocks away from the stakeout location.
Katya would've known this would be his route.
Look, he turns here and then a firetruck comes and pulls up into the alley behind him.
An ambulance and a fire department SUV come down the same street going the wrong way.
And that would've blocked Callen in.
And there is no 911 record of a fire or emergency in that area.
That's where she got him.
If we keep looking, I bet we'll find them moving his car to the location where we found it.
All right.
Let's get Kensi and Rountree to that location fast.
Somebody must've seen what happened to Callen.
She's wearing a wig and sunglasses, but that's Katya.
And she's getting off at the fourth floor.
That's where Cargo Blue, the shipping container company, is.
Show me the company's phone number.
And grab these frames of Katya and send them over to the company.
This should help someone find out which container she rented.
Each container has a unique ID number.
Cargo Blue is located exactly halfway between the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles.
With the shipments backed up, there's tens of thousands of containers in and around that port.
Good place to hide them.
Terrible place to find 'em.
Needle in a haystack.
Cargo Blue.
Yes, this is Special Agent Sam Hanna, NCIS.
I need to speak to the owner of the company, quickly.
It's Anna.
Could be a deepfake.
Anna knows the codes.
All right, put it on the screen.
Hey, what's up? Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Mister Rogers was the man.
That's the code.
It's her.
Where have you been? On a run.
Topanga has no signal.
What's going on? For three and a half hours? Yeah, it's 16 miles.
I'm training for a marathon.
What's up? Agent Callen is missing.
We believe that Katya Miranova is responsible.
Just tell me if he's alive.
We don't know.
Okay, I am I'm coming in.
I'll be there in 15.
I'll brief you en route.
- Admiral, Fatima.
- Go.
We have several witnesses who were here when the fire department arrived.
Yeah, one of them described Callen, and said that he collapsed and he was put into an ambulance.
They thought that that's why the fire department was called, because of a medical emergency.
It shouldn't be that hard to find an ambulance.
I found it.
Tracking it as it moves away from the scene.
Okay, the list just came in of the container that she rented.
Let's get that to Ops.
I want to get it to the Port Authority, too.
They should be able to locate them.
Only if they're inside the port.
Okay, two blocks away, the ambulance pulls into an alley.
You got anything on the other side of that alley? Um Come on.
They're not coming out the other side.
They're switching cars.
White van out the other side.
We need to find that van, fast.
All right, I'm sending the plates.
Kaleidoscope's working on it.
Also sent it to LAPD and the sheriff.
Callen was taken from the scene in a white van.
Problem is, they could've switched vehicles again somewhere else.
What's the license plate on that van? Kilo-four-Niner-one-November X-ray-Romeo.
It's right here.
I'm looking at it.
All right, this is a security camera from the Port of Long Beach, the northernmost entrance.
So, either we just got really lucky Or Katya set this up.
The van is parked just outside the main gate.
Either way, we have to follow up this lead.
Let's get the whole team over there and also send REACT.
I'm out.
Let me know if you get anything else from the Port Authority.
Of course.
Okay, you arrived.
You drove in and put Callen in a container.
Then you came out and parked.
Means you had to leave in another car.
There you are.
- Kensi.
- Hey.
We are going to find Callen.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Was there anything in the van? Uh, no, it was empty.
I'm sorry.
The Port Authority sent the location to Joelle for one of the containers inside.
They're waiting for us.
Follow me.
Got it.
Agent Hanna, right here! Let's do a sweep! Move, move, move! This is it.
Stay alert.
No explosives.
She's made us follow her every step of the way.
Are you sure we should be opening this? What choice do we have? Do it.
Three, two, one, go! Anna, you're alive.
Yeah, Callen.
I'm okay.
She's got a camera on us.
Yes, I do.
It's so much more fun if you get to watch.
This only ends two ways.
A, shut up.
I talk, you listen.
And B, that's not true.
The future bends to the will of the strongest.
Only way this ends, you're either caught, or you're dead.
Inside here are potassium cyanide pellets.
When I drop them into the bucket, they'll dissolve, producing hydrogen cyanide gas.
It's how Stalin killed criminals during the Great Purge.
What do you want? I want you to see this.
Like I said, it's so much more fun when you get to watch.
I don't buy it.
It's a deepfake.
I don't buy it.
It's not real.
- You don't know this.
- Yes, I do.
Listen to me, she wants you.
Until she has you, she needs Callen alive.
Stop looking at it, look at me.
Look at me.
Callen is alive.
- You understand? He's alive.
- Good.
Don't believe it.
Disconnect the battery.
Listen to him.
Sam Hanna.
Greatest partner in the world.
Enjoying their suffering? They don't believe you.
They looked pretty scared to me.
Why are you doing this? Why don't you just kill me? You took everything from me.
So I'm going to take everything from you.
And then kill you.
I believe after what Pembrook did to us, part of us wants to die.
By making our emotions irrelevant, he made our lives irrelevant.
But your team or should I say your friends? really the only friends you've had in this dysfunctional life of yours.
Their lives matter to you.
A lot.
- You overestim - You barely see your sister or your nephew.
Sam, Hetty, Kensi, Deeks.
They are your family.
To see them torn apart by an explosion as they try to save you Now that's what I'm talking about.
If they believe you are dying from the gas, even a little, they won't be thinking.
They're going to rush in here to save you.
Their love for you is what's going to kill them.
All good.
The door opens, boom.
Thank you.
Turn on the camera.
Oh, and the best part you're going to get to watch.
Let's go hot.
Agent Hanna, Agent Blye.
- Go.
- Follow us on this.
We found the van empty, which means they took Callen out sometime before it was parked there.
Okay, so I had Kaleidoscope gather all the footage on the white van prior to reaching the south gate.
It pulled into and then out of a private container storage facility 12 blocks north of you.
Send us the address! Let's go, guys! Let's go! - Go, go, go! - Come on! Okay.
Everybody, take a row, look at the container numbers we sent you.
- We need to move.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
How does it feel to finally kill him? I thought it would feel good.
But it just brings me as much emotion as drinking a glass of water.
Ironically, Callen is one of the only people who really knew how dead I am inside.
We should go.
You won.
It's over.
I have to hear the explosion.
No, no, no.
I found one.
West side, furthest row.
- Coming to you.
- On our way.
Anna, get away from the door! Don't open it! Callen? Callen! Don't open it! Stop shooting! There's a bomb! Don't shoot! Callen! Callen, can you hear me? Don't shoot! It should've gone off by now.
Something's wrong.
We need to go back.
We can't.
There are NCIS agents all over there.
Thank God.
Don't open the door! - Anna! - No! Callen! I'm coming.
Anna, no! Anna, no.
Let me check it.
Let me check it.
Let me check it.
Sam! Don't open the door.
- There's a bomb! - I see it.
Just sit tight.
I-I don't really have a choice.
She's got me strapped to a chair.
I'm-a need my bomb kit.
Copy, coming in.
Anna, get out of here.
Sam - Just go, just go.
- Sam.
There's no way I'm leaving.
I'm not gonna argue with you, Anna.
Get out of here.
All right.
I'm opening the door, but the bomb is not defused yet.
All right, opening the door.
All right, go in there.
Get him out of there.
Easy, easy, easy.
The bomb is defused.
You're welcome.
Agent Callen.
There you go.
Is that her? Positive ID.
That is Katya Mironova.
I don't know who the other one is.
Agent Callen.
You have any idea who might've done this? Not a clue.
It's over.
It's over.
I love you.
I love you so much.

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