NCIS New Orleans (2014) s03e24 Episode Script

Poetic Justice

1 I'm gonna make damn sure you spend the rest of your miserable Ah! corrupt life in prison.
You are finished, Dwayne.
You are done! It's my hope to convince you why Clearwater is the best candidate for the first naval shipyards to be built in our country in decades.
You want to break ground next month, but people are still living on the very site.
It's not even cleared.
PRIDE: Well, I should've stopped Hamilton a long time ago! He's killed people, and more people are gonna die if I don't do something right now.
He needs to be dealt with.
WADE: It's not Pride.
Maybe he wants everyone else to think he's dead.
Especially Hamilton.
Just wanted to make sure you were still breathin', Mr.
(Stone panting) Ah Who are you? I'm Mr.
I know that's what you call yourself, but I want to know who you are.
Does it matter? You tried to kill me.
Least you can do is tell me your real name before we proceed.
If you think you're gonna scare me into some kind of confession with all of these theatrics, then by all means, let's proceed.
(grunts) Hamilton is gonna empty Clearwater and build a Navy shipyard.
And I'm gonna stop him.
Ah! Eliza West.
Javier Garcia.
Henry Morgan.
Five FBI agents.
(laughs) Oh, you're not going to scare me.
Or shame me.
Even if you could, it wouldn't change anything.
Plan's in motion.
You can't stop it now.
(groans) You know, you got a great opportunity here, Pride.
Everyone thinks you're dead.
You got nothing to lose.
I mean, you can be anyone, do anything.
You're right about one thing, Mr.
I got nothing to lose.
(Stone screams) (splashes) NCIS:New Orleans 3x24 Poetic Justice Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
SONJA: What's going on here? I don't have a clue.
I got word from Swanson to come down here quickly, so I called you.
SWANSON: Lasalle, Percy.
Oh, my God.
I was just so shocked to hear about Pride.
I mean I I can't believe it.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, we can't believe it, either.
You have any idea who did it? It's complicated.
Well, I might be able to help.
Victim took a flyer off a nearby roof, we think.
Been told he's a person of interest in Dwayne's murder.
Well, we appreciate the call, but our team was suspended.
We can't, technically, be here.
Technically, you're not, otherwise my ass is on the line, but I was asked to reach out.
This is not a Coast Guard body.
Okay? We're baby-sitting.
I'd say you've got about five minutes before the NOPD shows up.
Make the most of it.
LASALLE: Thank you.
What's up with the cloak and dagger? You tell me.
(sighs) Stone.
Hamilton's right-hand man.
And the suspect most likely responsible for trying to kill Pride.
What happened? Ligature marks on the wrists, contusions, bruising of the face He was bound, beaten and probably tossed off a roof.
So, not suicide.
No, but I found some evidence that-- I don't know what to make of it.
Right here.
A fingerprint.
WADE: It's Dwayne's.
Does Swanson know? Only the three of us.
Let's keep it that way.
Well, look, you guys.
There has to be a good explanation for this.
Pride's been pushed to the limit, Percy, all right? Going after Hamilton's cost him his job, his team.
It's a lot of bodies.
And you weren't saying this a few days ago, Lasalle.
In fact, you were saying the opposite.
Yeah, well, that was before Pride decided to play dead and disappear.
He had his reasons.
You know that.
Look, I don't want to jump to conclusions.
I still have to get the body back to autopsy, but I wanted you to bear witness.
Because whatever Pride did here, no one else needs to know about it until you find him.
I've never seen so many condolence gifts in my life.
The entire kitchen's filled up.
Half the restaurants in New Orleans sent a platter.
King's loved in this city.
Well, I told Roy to take some of the food home.
He's pretty broken up, too.
I just hate having to pretend that Pride's dead.
Yeah, well, if we want to keep him alive and find him, that's what we're all gonna have to keep doing.
Well, uh, how exactly are we supposed to find him, though? I mean, we don't have any badges, no resources.
In fact, none of you should be here in the first place.
What the hell is he doing here? I asked him to come.
Pride's off the reservation.
Hamilton's declared war.
We're all gonna lose our jobs, or better yet, we're gonna be reassigned to some backwater.
We need help.
So you called the FBI agent that tried to break us apart in the first place? Seems you've been able to accomplish that feat all on your own.
Look, you're right.
Isler's a pain in the ass.
What? He's ambitious and a rule-follower, but you know what? He's incorruptible, and a man of his word, and we can trust him.
Thanks, I think.
He's our only hope at finding Pride, stopping Hamilton and saving Clearwater.
I hate it, but it kind of makes sense.
Well, thank you for your generosity of spirit.
Now, Gregorio downloaded me on the case.
I've got it from here.
I will find Pride.
You can all go home now.
What? No way.
Yeah, we're not sitting on the sidelines.
That's precisely what you'll do and it's non-negotiable.
All right, let's chat.
I agreed to take the reigns and fix what your team broke.
I did not agree to allow you to go rogue along with Pride.
You're 100% right; we should not go rogue.
But you need to get our badges back.
Your own Deputy Director suspended you.
How am I supposed to change that? 'Cause you got pull.
I do.
But I'm not about to waste it for a former agent who decided to give up her career, Ah.
and run away to the circus.
Are you kidding me? You're still mad that I came to NCIS? I spent my life trying to figure out where I fit in, and it was not FBI, it was here.
And I'm not about to let that disappear because of That's really beautiful, Gregorio, but it doesn't change a damn thing.
I'm not finished, Raymond.
If Dwayne Pride doesn't want to be found, he's not gonna be found.
I don't care how many agents you have on the case.
You're saying that I need you.
No Okay.
What I'm saying is, if you really want to finish what you started here, who better to find him than the team he personally trained? (sighing): All right.
I'll make some calls and get your badges back.
Now, the case, where are we with finding Pride? We know he was with Stone last night, Hamilton's right-hand man.
Who he threw off a roof.
We are not sure about that.
We couldn't find Stone's cell phone.
Pride probably has it.
All right, well, I'll work on tracking the phone.
Hoping he's on the same network as the other operatives.
LASALLE: All right, Stone's body is in autopsy.
Since we've been reinstated, Percy and I will go talk to Wade.
See if she's got any more evidence.
How about you? Any clue as to where your boss may be headed? Nope.
But I know who he's after.
You cannot go inside.
The mayor's in a locked-door meeting all morning.
No, sorry, ma'am.
We need to talk to him now.
This can't wait.
It's gonna have to.
And you you need to leave.
Who the hell are you? Captain Estes, NOPD.
I'm takin' over the mayor's protection detail.
Well, I'm Special Agent Gregorio and I need to get in there.
Yeah, I know exactly who you are.
We believe the mayor's in danger.
Yeah, from people like her.
Shoot-out in the French Quarter, car running into a crowded restaurant, all courtesy of Dwayne Pride and NCIS.
He's no longer with us, okay? Have a little respect.
- Yeah? Well, he's not the only one.
- Yeah.
I just found out that the mayor's private security consultant was found dead last night.
As well as Congresswoman Angelou.
Chairwoman of the Armed Services Committee? Had some kind of stroke at the airport, so no one is getting inside, especially NCIS, so let's go.
No, I'm-- Get off.
I'm not NCIS.
I'm FBI Deputy Director Isler.
Now, let me explain the situation.
Screw this.
H-hey! Stop! Stop! He's not here.
He came in at 7:00, never left.
We have a code red, the mayor is missing.
I need all units to search the building.
What's this? Navy shipyard the mayor wants to build in Clearwater.
The reason so many people have died.
Including, it seems, the congresswoman.
Yeah, and if we don't act fast, a lot of others could get hurt.
The entire neighborhood of Clearwater is getting razed.
The mayor's not in the building and his car is missing.
We're gonna activate the GPS now.
I'm gonna need to talk to both of you after we find him.
Stone! Where the hell are you, man? I got a schedule to keep.
Stone, where you at?! (grunts, groans) (groans) Douglas really? Dammit.
Dwayne, you shot me.
You shot yourself.
You're supposed to be dead.
And you're gonna end up that way unless you do as I say.
Get in the car.
(Hamilton groans) Gregorio and Isler are being interviewed by NOPD, but they sent photos from the scene where Hamilton was abducted.
Shell casings, blood.
Who got shot? Hamilton.
I mean, at least, according to NOPD crime scene techs, but I, I can't believe that Pride did it.
We couldn't believe he threw that guy off the roof, either.
Hey, we don't know that he did that.
You were just with me at autopsy, Percy.
Doc Wade said that Stone was forcibly thrown off that roof.
Wait, what? What is it with you, Lasalle? You've known that man for over ten years.
You always have his back, and now all of a sudden you think he's gone off the rails? Yeah, I don't want to.
But if Pride's got a breaking point, it's Hamilton.
So let's find him.
Look, uh, Wade got this foreign substance off of Stone's clothes.
Can you analyze it? Yeah, will do.
But, uh, look, I want to show you guys something first.
It's the tire treads from the Hamilton crime scene.
This could be the car that Pride took him in.
Can you get us details? Yeah, Firestone, deep traction.
Probably from a late model American sedan.
I'm thinking a silver Chrysler 300.
So you got the color of the car off of some tire tracks? Well, I did when I cross-referenced the tire treads to surveillance that was taken about a block away from Pride's bar after it exploded.
I'm guessing that this was Stone's car, and then Pride took it.
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
The man is under FBI investigation for a hot minute, and look how he's treated.
I was gonna mention you.
I'm glad you're back, P.
And better than ever, baby.
Hasn't been the same without you.
Of course not.
But back to business.
I accessed the city's surveillance cameras for this footage.
And can you find more? I'm working on it-- but that's a lot of city miles to cover.
Boss man could be anywhere.
Not just anywhere.
Look, we all know Pride inside and out.
And I don't care how obsessed he is with bringing Hamilton down, if that man is hurt, he's gonna try to fix him.
Yeah, especially if he's got information he wants.
(groaning in pain) I need a hospital, not a Band-Aid.
I know you're pissed, but I never meant to draw that gun on you.
You sent Stone to kill me.
Is that what he said? He's a liar.
Stone's dead.
Add him to the list of people who've paid for your Clearwater plan.
(grunts) I don't have a plan.
I don't have a plan.
(yells) (groans) I am revitalizing a blighted neighborhood.
By razing the area for a shipyard! (phone rings) I literally have no idea what you're talking about.
(beeps) Hello.
Stone, it's Johan.
Team's in place.
Operation's a go.
Three-hour countdown.
Final confirmation.
Confirmation denied.
You're not Stone.
Who's Johan? Huh? What's the operation? Dwayne.
You know, Dwayne Hey.
Dwayne You're gonna tell me.
Dwayne, I'm gonna bleed to death unless you get me to a doctor.
No, no, no.
Not just yet.
(phone rings) Hello? Loretta Dw Hey.
What's going on? Are you alone? No.
The police are everywhere.
Did you kidnap the mayor? No, I wouldn't call it kidnapping.
Yeah, I would.
Okay, listen.
You can't let anybody know that we're talking.
Is Hamilton okay? Hamilton is not okay.
He's got a bullet in his upper arm.
He's bleeding fast, even with pressure.
He needs a doctor.
No, that's why I called you.
To help me remove the bullet.
Where are you? I'll come.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Dwayne, what are you doing? I'm finishing what I started.
Requires Hamilton to survive a little longer.
Now, tell me what to do.
Okay, uh you need to put pressure on the brachial artery.
It's just below the armpit.
Should help with hemostasis.
(groaning loudly) Yeah, it's working.
Now you need to tie off the arm.
Tight enough to stop circulation flow.
Which could cause further trauma if he doesn't see a doctor.
(yells, groans) (groans) What are you doing? Loretta What are you doing? Loretta, you tell anybody I was on the phone? Absolutely not.
Oh (panting) (frustrated groan) You've got a tracking device? Of course I've got a tracking device.
I got maniacs like you following me, don't I? Loretta, tell the others Stone has another team in play in Clearwater.
Something's happening in the next three hours.
Dwayne, wait.
Dway Dwayne! Move! Move! You go right! (shouting indistinctly) Clear! Clear! We got problems.
NOPD used a GPS chip hidden on the mayor to track him to a shuttered medical clinic.
He was gone, along with Pride.
Need to know where they are now.
Patton searched surveillance cameras.
Stone's car was driving away from the clinic.
Then it went off the grid.
I assure you we're not the only ones with that image.
It's only a matter of time before NOPD figures out that Pride's alive and has Hamilton.
Yeah, he'll be harder to find now that he knows he's being tracked.
ISLER: The answer's simple.
We contact Captain Estes at NOPD and tell him everything.
Uh-uh, we do that, they'll assume Pride kidnapped the mayor.
He'll be public enemy number one.
He did kidnap the mayor.
Look, you're under the impression that Pride went off the reservation on some holy mission to save the city-- perhaps he just went off.
He told Wade that there were more operatives in Clearwater.
He's still trying to save the neighborhood.
Problem is, we're no closer to figuring out Hamilton's plan to empty Clearwater.
Actually, we're a lot closer.
I just analyzed the trace found on Stone's clothing.
It's TATB explosives.
It's highly insensitive, which means it's easy to transport, and it's very powerful.
Stone blew up Pride's bar.
Not with that.
That's used to detonate warheads.
Stone's operatives have another plan.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, well, they're taking something out-- something big enough to drive the residents out of Clearwater for good.
Yeah, Clearwater is big-- there's no way we find those explosives on our own.
Then we loop in Captain Estes.
(phone ringing) NOPD can't be trusted.
But I know someone who can.
That's Estes.
I'm done with this charade.
Captain Estes, we need to talk about Mayor Hamilton.
Isler, wait.
I'm sorry, somebody just walked into my office.
Just hear me out.
I'm sorry, I'll call you right back.
Pride's out there trying to get answers from Hamilton.
If you really want to sort this out, you need to give us more time.
By abetting kidnapping? Won't just be your ass on the line, target'll be on my back, too.
All right, let's just be honest-- target's been on your back since you got here.
I know why you wanted me here.
You wanted your badges back, and you wanted me to step aside, but that's not how I work.
I'm calling Estes.
The minute you tell them Pride's alive, it'll be full-court press.
NOPD doesn't give a crap about saving Clearwater.
You will undercut everything Pride's fought for.
(whispers): Come on.
Help me help Pride.
I'll give you two hours to figure out where those explosives are.
All right, thanks.
Dwayne, we got to stop.
I need help.
(groaning) Clearwater Baptist, huh? (sniffs) What is this, another metaphor for my "come to Jesus" moment? You're way past repenting.
And you're way out of options.
Who's Johan? What is the plan? Or what? You're not gonna kill me.
Stone said the same thing, and look what happened to him.
Well, he deserved whatever you did to him.
You gonna tell me that Stone's responsible for all this? Using drug money to buy property in Clearwater, the personal attacks on my team-- Stone's responsible? Taking advantage of my desire to help a struggling area of this city.
Bringing in thousands of jobs.
And the only thing I'm guilty of is caring about this city too much.
(laughing): Even you are not that good a liar.
Then why don't you come in? Come on in, then! And you tell your version and I'll tell mine! And who do you think they're gonna believe? Some fugitive federal agent or the respected mayor of New Orleans? You got no moves left here.
I got one.
I wasn't expecting an epiphany.
Just betting on the only motive that's ever mattered to you.
(groans) Self-preservation.
What are you doing? (yells) I didn't bring you here as a metaphor to Clearwater.
This is ground zero.
Whatever's about to happen here will happen to you, too.
Pride is alive? You got to be kidding me.
I sent flowers.
Yeah, it was a very tasteful arrangement.
And you can have them back if you want.
Uh, no.
I We would have told you this morning if we could.
Is this some kind of undercover operation? Uh, sort of, yeah.
It's-it's a little complicated.
Listen, the more we tell you, the more compromised you'll be.
The situation's not exactly kosher.
Well, give me the Reader's Digest.
Well, we think Mayor Hamilton has a team of operatives planting an explosive device in Clearwater.
Yeah, and I've been working on a list of potential targets.
There is a chemical plant, sewage treatment facility, electrical grid station, or it could be a population center, like a grocery store or a school.
In other words, we don't know jack.
Which is why I'm here-- you need Coast Guard tech.
You've got that FLIR camera that can detect heat signatures.
Yeah, but it's got to be hush-hush.
Because it's not exactly kosher.
And we got to move fast.
Well, I'll get the bird in the air and boots on the ground.
You coming? Yeah, I'll go.
Listen, I'm gonna stick around.
Try and locate Pride and Hamilton before anyone else.
You got it.
(sighs) MAN (over radio): CGIS and NCIS ground, 6592, overhead Clearwater, beginning Sierra Sierra search pattern.
SWANSON: Copy that.
We are in transit.
MAN: Wait a minute.
The FLIR camera's picking up an abnormal heat signature It's from a power and water truck parked off Adelaide and Fulton.
SWANSON: We're on it.
(siren chirps) SONJA: NCIS! SONJA: We got a runner! NCIS! Stop! (gunshot) We got a body.
Some kind of security guard.
But I'm guessing there was a lot more back here.
SEBASTIAN: Guys, we got another problem.
That suspect just sent out a Stuxnet worm.
None of us knows what that is.
I-It's a malicious virus.
It infects programmable logic controllers.
Uh, overrides mechanical processes.
It was specifically designed to take out industrial computer systems.
All right, what's it targeting? They just infected the Industrial Canal.
(alarm blaring) PILOT: CG 6592, we have a visual on the south lock.
Gates are opening.
Water's rushing into the canal.
(alarm wailing) Dwayne.
Dwayne, you hear that, right? Flood warning sirens.
Don't change the subject.
Need to start talking.
But, uh we should leave.
Those sirens go off twice a week in the spring.
Usually a drill.
Uh better safe than sorry, though, right? You nervous? Nervous? Well, I'm bleeding to death, being held hostage by a rogue federal agent, so And yet this is the first time I've actually seen you scared.
You're not gonna push these people out.
You're gonna wash 'em out.
You're flooding Clearwater.
That's-that's ridiculous.
Devastate the area.
Relocate the residents.
Build your shipyard.
Look, if I say yes, will you uncuff me? You found a way to make the river rise.
And yet that's not enough.
After Katrina, they strengthened the floodgates.
Few extra feet of water wouldn't Dwayne, seriously we got to go! You're taking out the floodgates.
Where you going? I'm gonna stop what you started once and for all.
But if we get flooded here I'll be under nine feet of water! Better hope I save the day.
Ah aah! Stone's operatives were able to hack into city infrastructure.
Disable the lock systems across the whole Industrial Canal.
That means water's flowing freely from the river to Lake Pontchartrain.
Yeah, if one of those levees breaches, then the water would change course and start flooding Clearwater.
That's what the explosives are for: to take out a levee, then take out Clearwater.
Can you reverse the hack? I mean, maybe with Patton's help.
Get to it.
And based on the evidence in the truck there are more suspects with explosives.
And the body of a security guard who works riverside access.
Suspects are somewhere on the water.
Probably rigging a levee.
But which one? SWANSON: We have patrols sweeping the waterways.
It's a lot of miles to cover.
And there's no guarantee we find the right levee before it blows.
Evacuating Clearwater just in case, but it's gonna be tough.
We have to go house to house to make sure that people leave, and we have no manpower here.
I'll get you those reinforcements.
Find me those suspects.
King was part of river rescue for the first week of Katrina.
Investigated levee breaches afterward.
He has to have an idea which levee's most vulnerable.
Oh, so you don't think he's gone crazy anymore? I never thought he was crazy, Percy.
He has every right to take Hamilton out.
I just hope he chooses not to cross the line.
Let's head to the river and see if we can't retrace the truck's movements.
(indistinct police radio chatter) (tires screech, siren starts wailing) Oh, damn it.
Dispatch, this is unit 49.
I've got a visual on a late-model sedan wanted in connection with the mayor's abduction.
DISPATCH: 10-4, 49.
Any available 6th district unit, 49 has a vehicle matching the descript of the mayor's abductors in the 2500 block of Felicity, turning onto Terpsichore.
That's got to be Pride.
NOPD just spotted him coming out of Clearwater a minute ago.
No sign of the mayor.
How'd you get this feed? Never mind.
Don't answer.
The bigger issue is NOPD's onto Pride.
And they're bringing in the cavalry as we speak.
(indistinct radio chatter) Driver, turn off the ignition.
Hands out the window.
You're surrounded.
Comply with our instructions or we will shoot.
What the hell is he doing? He's heading to the river.
He must know about the levees.
That's a reach, Gregorio.
He's desperate.
We need to help him.
If we don't do something, we're gonna watch him die on that street.
I know, Gregorio.
I know.
Let me think.
He's reaching for something.
I've got a clean shot.
Standing by for your go.
Hold this.
Who am I speaking with? This is Deputy Director Isler.
You need to listen very carefully to me.
If you and your men don't stand down this moment, all of our careers will be over by tonight.
Dwayne Pride is in that car and he's working undercover for me.
All right.
We're standing down.
(sighs) Thank you.
I truly hope we got this right.
(computer chirps) I just got a text.
So did I.
It's from an unknown number.
All it says is "Florida Street Levee.
" Yeah, that's Pride.
It must be what the operatives are sabotaging.
We need to call Lasalle and Sonja now.
(birds squawking) (indistinct conversation) (gunshots) (gasping) (birds squawking) We've been exposed! Set the detonator now! LASALLE: We're on Florida Street.
We found Stone's car, but no sign of Pride.
He's got to be somewhere there, along with the rest of Stone's men.
Yeah, we're gonna sweep the area.
All right, well, you better hurry up, because those explosives could go off at any moment.
It would help if you could close the locks, keep the water from rising.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, well, easier said than done.
This is gonna take time.
So, in other words, we're screwed right now.
Ball's in your court, Lasalle.
(gunshots) Automatic gunfire coming from up there.
LASALLE: Let's move! (gunshots continue) (gasps) (bullets ricocheting) NCIS! (gasps) King! You're good! NCIS! Drop your weapon! (gunshots) (gunshots in distance) I got him! Lasalle! Don't shoot! He's got the detonator! (grunting) Drop the knife! (gunshot) Percy.
You okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Really? 'Cause, uh, you kinda got your ass kicked.
But I also got the detonator.
What'd you get? Where's Pride? Didn't think I'd forget about you, did you? What more could you possibly want?! (keys jangle) Nothin'.
Clearwater is safe.
Your dream of a Navy shipyard is finished.
(groaning) No more innocent people are gonna get hurt.
Now it's just time to settle up.
So, what, you're gonna kill me? And your reward, ten years in prison for assaulting and abducting the mayor.
Life-- you pull that trigger.
Unless we make a deal.
I don't think so.
You tried to kill me with this gun.
And that's the least of your crimes.
Spent your entire career hurting people for your own personal gain.
And that ends today.
Just, please, listen to me.
I'd be within my rights to take you out, to kill you.
For everything you've done to me, my team, my city.
Our city.
'Cause no matter what you think of me, we both love New Orleans! Did I make a deal with Stone and his employers to bring that shipyard here? Yes, I did.
I did.
For the good of the city! (sniffles) And mistakes were made! And I regret that.
And people did die.
But only because I knew that we could do something great! You have no right to judge me! I'm not gonna judge you, Douglas.
Gonna let the justice system do that.
Douglas Hamilton, you are under arrest.
(indistinct police transmission) Look at me.
Look at me.
Look what he did to me.
He shot me, huh? He abducted me.
He threatened me.
I'm gonna press full charges.
Shut up, Mr.
It's not over! It's not over! Deputy Director, I didn't realize that you were in town.
I take it I have you to thank for getting my team back in the field.
And so much more.
We owe him big-time.
Hey, do me a favor, don't do me any favors.
Lose my phone number.
How'd you track me down? A little profiling.
Figured you'd take Hamilton to the source, make him face everything he's done.
You know me well, for a newbie.
Not that well.
I was wondering whether you'd pull that trigger.
Crossed my mind.
What about Stone? Do I really want to know what went down on that roof? He had a knife.
Was that before or after you took his cuffs off? Either way, you need to get that checked out.
I will.
Right now, I just need to sit.
You just bagged the grand prize.
What's next? Honestly I have no idea.
Says Isler ran a highly classified undercover operation to take down Mayor Hamilton in a conspiracy of corruption and murder.
And not one mention of us.
That's okay.
'Cause we took down the mayor, saved Clearwater, and got our team back.
- Let Isler have the credit.
- Huh? You were investigating us a few months ago, and now look at you.
Part of the family.
Well, I take family very serious.
Well, so do I.
And we got to get going if we're gonna get this thing started.
Patton and Wade are already on their way.
Come on.
(quietly): Hey.
Can we talk for a second? Sure.
Yeah, it's just with all the craziness lately, I never really got the chance to thank you.
You really put yourself on the line for me when I went to jail, and you kept me safe.
You even got the judge to let me out.
You would've done the same for me.
No, no, no.
What I want to say is, I appreciate it.
Your support means more than I can say.
You know, before you do whatever it is you're about to do, just hear me out, all right? This thing between us Ooh, who says that there's a thing? Well, I don't know.
Maybe it's nothin', but Yeah, it can't really happen.
We just barely kept the team from falling apart.
Yeah, I mean, we don't need our personal stuff getting in the way of that.
Yeah, we're a family.
All right? We need to protect that.
For the good of the team.
(exhales) (plays notes) (chuckles) (crackling) (Bruce Springsteen's "My City of Ruins" begins) There's a blood red circle On the cold dark ground And the rain is falling down The church door's thrown open I can hear the organ's song But the congregation's gone WADE: still a mess everywhere.
(indistinct chatter) SONJA: Really good luck.
SEBASTIAN: piece of glass I stepped on, so My city of ruins What are you guys doing here? Hey, you know, we got supplies, beer, food.
Yeah, respirators, too.
'Cause, honestly, this place right now, super toxic.
That's a lot for the seven of us.
It's not just us.
I'm not really in the mood for a for a party.
WADE: Well, that's good.
It's not a party.
It's a renovation.
We're gonna put your bar back in shape.
Yeah, and a lot more people's comin', too.
So sound like we have to make another beer run.
I don't I don't know what to say.
I Don't say anything, King.
You did everything for this city.
They're gonna give you a little something.
Pray for the faithful Hey.
That's not all.
Oh, right.
It's a little worse for wear, but I was able to clean it up.
I figured you gave me my badge.
I could at least give you yours.
Come on, rise up Come on, rise up Come on, rise up Thank you.
Come on, rise up Come on, rise up All of you.
GREGORIO: Hey, we're a family.
It's what we do.
Come on, rise up All right, let's get this show on the road.
Get this bar back up.
Rise up Come on, rise up Come on, rise up Come on, rise up.