NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e01 Episode Script

Rogue Nation

1 (jazz music playing) Ten seconds.
(guns clicking) (engine revving) (tires screeching) (truck horn blaring) (tires screeching) (screaming) (shrieking) (grunts) (grunts) Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go now! Go! Go! (horn honking) (horn blaring) Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey NCIS:New Orleans 4x01 Rogue Nation You gotta come on.
(music playing quietly) Ugh! All right.
We're supposed to fill out these witness statement forms now, but I can't find it.
Try Form 5580/26e? I did, but nothing comes up.
Did you forget the "E"? Can't forget the "E.
" I forgot the "E"" Forget the "E" again, Percy, and I'm gonna have to 5580/1 you.
Agent Complaint Form.
Do it and I'll smack you.
I'm teasing.
I'm not in the mood.
She's not in the mood.
SONJA: I'm just saying.
We used to go to the bar after closing a case.
You know, have a little fun.
Now we're stuck here, filling out these stupid forms.
The bar exploded.
That's not her point.
That's not my point.
All right, you know what, you guys have been doing that a lot lately, and it's real weird.
Doing what? - Doing what? Regardless, I still think this is temporary.
It's all gonna go back to normal soon.
I don't know, Sebastian, it's been over six weeks.
This has to be about more than HQ punishing us.
They're not punishing us, they're punishing Pride.
Which is punishing us.
I just wish he'd come back already, and make it stop.
Make our lives easier.
Speaking of lives, you said I could afford the Marigny.
Even the one bedrooms are out of my price range.
- Try the Bywater.
- Try the Bywater.
That is weird.
It is all good.
All right? We don't have to do Cajun again.
Look, next time, you choose.
Surprise me.
I'll call you later.
LASALLE: Boss here yet? Matter of fact, she is.
I swear to God, I don't see how you people stay fit eating this crap all day.
Last field office HQ sent me to at least had jerky.
(claps hands) All right, let's roll, boys and girls, we got us a big mishegas out on the Interstate near Crowder, wherever the hell that is.
Who's driving? (quietly): Wow.
(indistinct conversations, radio chatter) BOYD: All the vics Marines? Active Duty Reservists.
That's why we called you.
Any other casualties, Captain? Other than a few civvies who got injured when the rig slammed into their cars, no.
Wow, what a mess.
- Yeah.
BOYD: Looks more like it does a couple of thousand miles down the road.
NCIS San Diego, my first interim gig way back when, captain got canned, love triangle thing.
Moved on to Okinawa, straightened that office out, too Great sushi, not a fan of geisha girls.
Eyewitnesses? Uh, yeah, pretty consistent.
Panel van came up from behind, forced the big rig to stop, four or five gunmen got out, shot and killed the rig drivers, and then the trailing SUV guards.
So where's the rig? Oh, the gunmen dumped it at the next off-ramp.
Still trying to figure out why they wanted it so bad.
Lasalle, send some agents.
I want to know.
Oh, Sebastian and Percy are already there, Special Agent Boyd.
We checked in with NOPD, we wanted to get a jump on things.
You see, Pride likes us to coordinate with each other as much as possible.
Local knowledge is everything to him.
Too bad following orders isn't, otherwise he wouldn't still be on administrative leave, and I wouldn't be in charge.
Check all the vics.
I want to know what's so special about the rig that it required armed escort.
I like geisha girls.
Tracheas, esophagus, carotid and vertebral arteries.
Bullet hits everywhere.
Appears all four victims met the same fate.
Poor guys never had a chance.
Ballistics? - No.
Based on the bullet hits and shell casings, definitely automatic fire.
Probably MP5s.
You run tests already? No, but unfortunately, I've had far too much experience with the damn things.
Yeah, well, something doesn't add up.
The heist was well-timed and precise.
But the firepower and wild spray pattern was anything but.
Yeah, so they weren't well-trained.
Yet, they executed a plan to get what they wanted.
Question is, what did they want? Well, that's the million dollar question, even after inspecting the big rig's trailer.
Clean as a whistle, as if nothing was ever inside.
So, no indication of anything stolen? Whatever it was, it couldn't have been much, 'cause other than a few trace particles of dust, it was like a lab in there.
Except the outside of the truck was a whole different story.
Yeah, obviously, not your everyday Tonka toy, which, whoa, crazy Christmas flashback.
I remember my Opa gave me his classic AA Tonka Wrecker Tow, man.
Loved that thing.
Until I blew it up with a cherry bomb.
The point is, this rig had, like, countermeasures built into it.
Shock-delivering systems, bulletproof walls, axles designed to explode so you couldn't tow it.
So the only way they could take it was to hijack it.
Well, that explains the armed escort.
Yeah, but not what they were escorting.
Oh, can't you find out? Oh, yeah, we can find out all right.
We just have to follow protocol, and run it up the flagpole and get permission first.
Special Agent Boyd is kind of a stickler when it comes to rules and regulations.
SONJA: And forms.
Lots of forms.
Well, that's ridiculous.
Especially when you have a situation where time's of the essence.
I miss Pride.
(tuning piano keys softly) (chuckles) I still don't see why you went and bought another old, antique piano, knowing good and well you almost went broke trying to fix the last one all the time.
Well, the last one meant a lot to me, you know that.
Lot of memories.
Wanted to restore as much of everything in this place as I could.
History matters, especially in this town.
Yeah, good thing you had a lot of time on your hands, too.
Bar looks good.
Look ready for reopening.
And I got a great band lined up to do exactly that.
You're gonna love them.
Yeah, that begs the question: what's next? What do you mean? - Come on, man, you know you gonna have to make a decision sooner or later.
I'm not signing HQ's Personal Improvement Plan, if that's what you're implying.
I didn't do anything wrong.
No, look, you ain't got to convince me.
If it wasn't for you, people would've died.
And Mayor Hamilton's corrupt butt would be running for governor right now, instead of rotting in somebody's prison.
Still, you did sort of disobey a direct order.
You know, almost getting NCIS thrown out of the city I remember, Patton.
Come on Look, all HQ wants you to do is say you won't do it again.
That's all.
In fact, you don't have to even really mean it.
Patton, I know.
I know you and the team miss me.
And I miss you guys, too, believe me.
But this isn't It's not just about me being willing to follow rules.
It's not that simple.
Why not? Come on, Pride.
It's me, baby.
Come on, man, you know, we've been through a lot together now.
Talk to me, man.
I just I can't go back un until I Until what? You know I almost killed Hamilton, right? Before I arrested him, I almost pulled the trigger.
But the point is you didn't.
No, the point is that I almost did.
How I got to that place, I don't know, even after all this time.
But what I do know is, I don't ever want to go there again.
And I'm not signing any papers until I can figure it out.
Okay? I can't.
(phone beeps) Duty calls? Yeah, man.
Get out of here, would you? You got work to do.
(door opens) PATTON: What the hell? Look what somebody did to your ride.
Did they get the inside, too? No, thankfully.
We might've just chased them away.
It's a damn shame.
Everybody who's anybody knows this is your baby.
Yeah, well, maybe that's the point.
Wait, you know who did this? No, but this isn't the first time something like this has happened, lately.
Started to think maybe HQ's not the only one unhappy with me right now.
Pride - Look.
Bringing Hamilton down cost folks jobs.
Guess I might not as popular as I used to be, huh? Anyway, you, uh you're good from here, right? Yeah.
- Well, go learn things.
Bad guys may not have been trained for weapons, but they obviously knew exactly where and when to attack.
Timed it to take place in between the LSP patrol shifts and traffic cams.
Off-ramp where they unloaded the big rig was under an overpass, too.
Also outside of traffic and surveillance cams, plus the adjacent highway was closed for construction.
Plenty of cover to get rid of whatever it is they took and lots of escape routes to flee the scene.
Can't just be from casing the area, has to be some local knowledge, too, which means homegrown bad guys.
Marines weren't homegrown, though.
They're from all over.
They did have one thing in common.
They were assigned to the Department of Energy? No, not just assigned.
They were handpicked by the DoD, CBRN warfare group.
CBRN? Chemical, biological Radiological and nuclear.
It's not the best acronym, but got even worse news.
So, those, uh, particles that I found in the big rig? Turns out that they had elements of neutrons activated by exposure.
In other words, radioactive contamination.
Nuclear waste.
That's what was stolen.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Are we infected? No, there was only a trace amount and according to my calculations, there wasn't even that much raw waste inside.
But LASALLE: So, wait.
DOE has been transporting this stuff on a public highway? Yeah.
And even scarier, they do it all the time, all over the country.
It's supposed to be a covert fleet, but its obvious vulnerability is that Looks like we're dealing with terrorists, people.
Just in the SCIF with HQ, found out that the big rig was from a subbase and they were hauling Radioactive waste, we already know.
How? I just got read in myself.
We can't always wait to get read in down here, ma'am.
Oftentimes when we do, it's too late to do anything about it.
Yeah, well, it's already too late for us now.
HQ wants me to turn this over to the FBI, DHS.
Wait, what? Why? Well, terrorists, nukes.
It's their specialty, not ours.
Yeah, well, it's our city and our jurisdiction.
Yeah, well, get over it.
is taking the lead now.
Pride wouldn't let anybody else take the lead.
Yeah, well, Pride isn't here anymore, is he? You might want to start getting used to that, too.
(indistinct chatter) Lasalle, this is Agent Lamont, DHS.
He'll be taking the lead from here.
Agent Lasalle is one of NCIS's best and brightest, rising star, great teeth.
He'll get you everything you need.
(laughs) I'm sorry to take over your office like this, Lasalle.
FBI Nola is overloaded.
New Orleans, not Nola.
It matters.
Just saying.
BOYD: Anyway, you want to tell my team here what you just told me? ISIS chatter has been increasing.
They've been targeting the Office of Secure Transportation trucks for a while now.
(chuckles) Obviously not very secure.
They're building a dirty bomb, right? We think so.
How did you know? Well, why else target trucks, steal radioactive waste? SONJA: Yeah.
We got to get it back somehow, too, fast.
If they know what they're doing, it won't be long for them to turn the material into a bomb.
PATTON: We did a mock attack.
Sebastian, show him.
So, as you know, uh, it's not really the detonation that's the problem, unless, of course, you're nearby when it happens.
PATTON: The radioactive cloud is really the danger.
Contaminate the city.
But if we can figure out where they're gonna get They are not targeting New Orleans.
How do you know? ISIS chatter.
- Houston, Dallas, maybe L.
, right? - Yeah.
All we really know for sure is that they've been targeting a major Western city for months now.
Yeah, but if you're wrong about who's behind this, you could be wrong about who the target is.
LASALLE: Right, and based on our preliminary investigations, since local knowledge was key into the attack, it could indicate we might be dealing with a local group.
They could still be ISIS sympathizers.
Look, all due respect, I don't have time to download you all on our Intel, but it is substantial, believe me.
So, priority number one, contain the terrorists so they don't reach their target cities.
DHS and FBI have blocked all the roads out of the state.
Coast Guard already has helos up looking for radiation signatures.
You want me to get the Louisiana National Guard to assist? Yeah, but do it on the QT.
I don't want the media involved on this.
We don't need to create a panic.
Even if they're right and New Orleans isn't a primary target It still could be a secondary one.
Right, 'cause even if they're able to keep the bad guys from getting out of Louisiana, they might have no choice but to target New Orleans instead.
So, you sayin' Homeland is willing to sacrifice us to save what? Dallas? Have they ever even been to Dallas? LASALLE: All right, look.
Let's just think.
All right, what would Pride want us to do? He'd want us to pull the fire alarm, get these people the hell out of the office.
He'd want us to keep investigating and do whatever it takes.
All right? So let's get to work.
But that dude, he is right about one thing.
We got to keep the panic out of the streets, especially with the city's tricentennial festivals and fireworks about to begin.
We should start with the panel van, the one the terrorists used to stop the big rig.
So, a witness found a partial plate that matches a stolen rental, but Patton found a city cam shot of it parked out front of a building on Decatur.
No specific suspects, but one of the tenants has a rap sheet.
All right, you guys go.
See what you can find, but look, be careful.
Full gear.
- All right.
Meanwhile, you two monitor everything that comes in and out of here, all right? We don't want DHS overlooking something.
Something like New Orleans? What are you gonna do? I'm gonna go talk to Miss Loretta.
See if she's interested in getting Pride involved.
What? I mean, A-A-Agent Boyd's not gonna let him get involved, let alone HQ.
Don't ask, don't tell.
Terrance Deleon, apartment 4V.
Assault charges, civil disobedience and spoiled brat.
Trust fund baby, fourth generation local.
, he's not your type.
"My type"? Who said I was looking? Oh, you're looking.
You just need to get things straight with Lasalle first.
Hold up.
First of all, there's nothing to get straight.
We're just friends.
- Oh.
- We're cool.
And second, stop profiling me.
It's creepy.
Okay, whatever.
But just so you know, I got your back.
Just saying.
Terrance Deleon, federal agents, open up.
It's, like, a really nice building.
I wonder what the rent is here.
(scoffs) Dream on.
You Mr.
Deleone? Yeah.
What's this about? This is about a stolen van outside your building two days ago.
Recognize it? Shoot.
Whoa! Ah! Drop it! Hey, you good? Yeah.
That was close.
I put some sauce on it I put my teeth upon it I put some sauce on it Here comes your mother-in-law With that dried-up chicken again Looking underneath the table Calling for the family dogs Spit it out in your napkin Oh, man Got to deal with the situation Firing it up right now I'm picking up, still up I'm breaking out flavor, baby Baby, baby.
Yeah, there it is.
Come on now, everybody.
Put the damn sauce on it.
(Pride laughs) (whoops) Yeah.
Be right back.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, Loretta, what are you doing here? You should've told me you were coming.
I wanted to surprise you.
Well (laughs) Mayor Taylor.
Well, this is a surprise.
Acting mayor, actually, until the special election.
Which Zahra is running for.
Says you.
You'd be a welcome change especially after everything the city has gone through.
Although, seeing as how you put our last mayor in jail Oh, he deserved it.
It wasn't a power struggle.
So you keep telling me.
Look, Zahra, we've known each other a long time, before I was a deputy and before you were a councilwoman.
I'm not a threat to you, Zahra.
I just want what's best for this city.
Hamilton just wanted what was best for him.
I want what's best for this city, too, Dwayne, and to do that, I need to change its history of corruption, which means I need to look at everyone and everybody to make sure they're not part of the problem, and that includes you.
Well, for what it's worth, I'm all for it.
But something tells me that's not what you came here to talk to me about.
Loretta? Christopher called, off the record, said it was important, important enough for me to involve her.
He say what it was? He said the city might be a terrorist target and that they need you.
Okay, but what am I supposed to do? NCIS put me on leave.
Plus, I'm not exactly in the right frame of mind to Still, no one cares more about New Orleans more than you do, Dwayne.
Besides, being on leave doesn't keep you from doing your civic duty, especially when the city asks.
And, since I'm the city now, I'm asking.
What's going on? What's Captain Estes doing here? You didn't tell them? Nah, I figured Pride wanted to.
Mayor Taylor filled me in.
Asked me to help Estes and NOPD investigate.
Sorry I've been MIA lately, I just, you know dealing with stuff.
Hey, we're just glad you're back.
Yeah, does this mean you're not on administrative leave anymore? No, I'm just acting as a civilian here, helping out unofficially.
I'm hoping that you'll help, too, off the record.
Meaning DHS and NCIS can't know about it, for obvious reasons.
Reasons being you'll get fired if they find out, right? Not about me.
Too much at stake here.
I can't just stand by and do nothing.
That's music to our ears, King.
Well (sighs) looks like we're going rogue again.
So how exactly is this gonna work? I mean, isn't Special Agent Boyd gonna wonder where we are? Are you kidding? She's probably happy that we're not there driving DHS crazy with all our nutty ideas.
Look, you'll still be working the case, developing leads.
Don't withhold anything from them.
It wouldn't matter if we did, they don't listen to us anyway.
Otherwise, we wouldn't be here.
Yeah, well, all that matters is we find out what's really going on and we stop it.
Doesn't matter who's right, or who gets the credit.
Yeah, but what if we find proof that New Orleans is the target and Homeland doesn't believe us? Then we'll have to handle it ourselves, with NOPD.
Sebastian, how long's it take to turn radioactive waste into a dirty bomb? I mean, if you know what you're doing, and we have to assume that they do, I don't know, a day, max? But you got to build a detonator, too, though.
You got to build them both together, depending on how and where they decide to explode it over the city.
Question is, how are they building it without being detected? Other than Shreveport, DHS lost their trail right after the heist.
Maybe Deleon's laptop can help give us some answers.
Wait, how did you get Deleon's laptop? Oh, um, we took it after we shot him.
GREGORIO: And forgot to turn it in to Homeland, but it's just - Yeah, I'm not hearing any of this.
- No, absolutely.
Okay, ladies.
All right.
go get it and bring it back here.
And, Patton, you're gonna tear it apart.
You got it, boss.
Crack-a-hacker open for business.
All right, I'll continue to coordinate with NOPD, set up a secure line here at the bar.
Thanks, Carl.
- Yeah.
LASALLE: Hey, one more thing, King.
We're kind of flying blind here without access to all the Intel DHS is getting.
Sebastian and I will head back to the Squad Room and feed it to you.
No, no, no, it's too risky.
If Boyd finds out you're working with me, won't just be my job on the line.
Yeah, but, wait, if we can get into SCIF, then we could set up a secure line back to here, gain access, she'd never even know.
I like it.
Let's go.
Now, hold on.
Stay here, get Patton set up.
I'll go.
Wait, wait, what about Agent Boyd? She's not gonna be very happy to see you.
Yeah, well, there are a few people around town that aren't happy to see me right now.
I'll handle Boyd.
PRIDE: Old remote.
Lost the new one a couple months ago.
Been meaning to replace it.
May I? You got to input VCR first, even though I know it's not a VCR and you're probably too young to know what I'm even talking about.
Anyway There you go.
All set.
- Yeah.
BOYD: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're not supposed to be here, Dwayne.
You need to leave now.
I know, sorry, I'm just-- I'm running out of clothes, I just need a couple clean shirts.
Well, how about a couple quarters instead, for the Laundromat? You're not still mad about what happened all those years ago in training, are you? You mean when you cheated? I improvised.
You broke the rules.
Did what it took.
Apparently, some things never change.
Look, let's be honest, if you really wanted to come back, you would've signed HQ's stupid piece of paper promising to be a good scout a long time ago.
Sorry? I've been around, I've seen it before with other agents.
It's called "burnout.
" (chuckles) I read the FBI report on your last case.
Something happened to you, didn't it? You're not even sure if you really want to come back anymore, are you? You don't know me.
Maybe, maybe not.
I do know one thing: you put together a hell of a team.
They deserve someone who really wants to be here.
Got anybody in mind? I wouldn't get too comfortable.
You got five minutes, Dwayne.
(beeping, trilling) SEBASTIAN: Oh, awesome, you did it, Pride.
That's great.
Did, uh, Agent Boyd give you any crap? Nothing I can't handle.
And you should now have full access, including the fact that DHS did lose the radioactive trail after Shreveport.
Told 'em, decoy.
Let's backtrack.
Check the last hits they got in the city.
See if we can't figure out where they were headed.
PATTON: I may not know that yet, but I do know how and when they knew which big rig to attack.
Apparently, Deleon was a bit of a hacker himself.
He broke into the DOE's classified systems.
And downloaded the nation's entire classified nuke truck routes.
But specifically targeted the one near us, even though we know, obviously, there are more vulnerable routes in the Texas panhandle.
Which they'd do if Dallas or L.
was their target.
More evidence we are.
The question is, where and when are they gonna strike? Might help if we can figure out why the radioactive trail suddenly disappeared.
(computer beeps) Maybe they went underground.
GREGORIO: Underground? SONJA: The old Rivergate.
If we're dealing with a local terrorist group, they'd know all about it.
City had the idea to bring the interstate through the Quarter 50 years ago, but the residents were having none of it.
LASALLE: Yep, so they decided to go underground, instead.
Pumped out the groundwater, buttressed walls, hoping to build a six-lane tunnel.
But the streets above buckled, preservationists complained, so they abandoned it.
When the casino got built, they turned it into a parking lot.
Which would make it the perfect place to hide nuke waste from monitors.
All right.
Good job.
We have, uh, cleared the lot, sealed off both entrances just to be safe.
All right, good.
- This way.
My personal weapon.
Just in case you need to make a citizen's arrest.
Thanks, Carl.
(Geiger counter beeping steadily) That thing better work.
I don't want to stumble across something and start glowing in the dark.
Yeah, but on the plus side, you know, maybe we'll all get super powers.
That's not funny.
GREGORIO: Anything? SEBASTIAN: Uh-- that's like the fifth time you've asked me, all right? You're driving me nuts! Shh! - Hey.
Up ahead.
What's that? (Geiger counter continues beeping steadily) Low levels of radiation.
Well within the safe zone.
We're good.
The bad guys were definitely here, though.
No doubt about that.
Making the dirty bomb? Looks like it.
Ten bucks says that's potassium nitrate.
Sulfur, too.
The detonator? Most likely.
So, what, they're done? Dirty bomb, detonator? What are we supposed to do? Kiss our asses good-bye? (indistinct chatter) Everybody listen up! Sorry, no time for pleasantries or protocol.
Folks, we all need to work together fast.
Who the hell are you? Special Agent Dwayne Pride, NCIS.
Yeah, he's the boss around here.
Not anymore, he's not.
Leave now or I'll report you.
Go ahead.
You in charge? DHS, Agent Lamont.
All right, Agent Lamont, I can download you on the specifics, but I'm telling you, it's not ISIS, it's not Dallas or L.
It's homegrown, it's New Orleans, and it's imminent, otherwise I wouldn't be here risking my career.
Oh, don't worry, Sebastian said the radiation levels probably aren't lethal.
What is this? Proof that we know what we're doing.
Which means, the only question is, do you want to believe your chatter, or you want to believe us? I'm listening.
Let's go.
My team is inputting what we found so you're up to speed, but we need you just as much as you need us if we're going to stop the real terrorists.
Who's coordinating the helos? I am.
Redirect them and their monitors back to New Orleans, stat.
GARCIA: Sir? - Yeah.
Gregorio, work with DHS profilers.
We need to find out who we're up against.
On it.
Tap into Homeland and FBI databanks, get more on Deleon.
We need to know who he was working with.
I'll get you access.
Come on.
My forensic agent is breaking down the detonator materials.
Might make it easier for us to figure out where and when they're gonna set off the bomb.
Can you and your team start working likely local scenarios so that we can narrow the attack down? Yeah.
Jackson, Pierce, with me.
Excuse me.
Good to see you back in the saddle again, King.
I gotta say I missed it.
MAN (on radio): This is CGIS helo 23 Niner.
SARSAT and SAR CM active.
Radiation negative.
GARCIA: Copy that, 23 Niner.
Continue search pattern and advise.
MAN: Roger, base.
Copy that.
(blade rings, man grunts) Get the bomb.
Keep it dry.
We got something.
Sonja's still deep diving Deleon, but we got a hit from the Treasury Department.
Turns out our little trust fund baby, Deleon, has been secretly laundering money to a group called Endnukes.
More than just the funding.
According to DoD's Biometric ID System, he's been linked to an attack at the White Sands nuclear site.
Same place the leader of the group, Armand Pritchett, was arrested.
FBI lists Endnukes as a radicalized domestic terrorist group.
With the stated goal of doing whatever it takes to get rid of the nukes.
Including sacrificing a city to prove how dangerous they are.
Not just any city, our city.
Hey, guys, so talk about karma.
Do you remember that cherry bomb incident that I told you about back when I was a kid? Sebastian! - Sebastian! Okay, he thinks they're gonna use the fireworks to detonate the bomb, Dwayne.
SEBASTIAN: Well, except I don't think, I know.
The powder and materials that we found in the tunnel are the exact elements needed to launch fireworks.
Well, it makes sense.
Exploding the radioactive cloud high in the sky gets maximum dispersion.
Are there fireworks tonight? Yeah, the Tricentennial kickoff on the river.
Less than an hour from now.
I'll call the FBI, SWAT No, you can't.
Any show of force might make them detonate the bomb before we even have a chance to stop them.
He's right.
So what do you have in mind? (fireworks exploding, lively jazz music playing) Excuse me, sir.
Federal agents.
Sorry to do this to you, Captain, but do you see that fireworks barge out there? Yes, sir.
- I need you to get us as close to it as you can ASAP, or we're all dead.
Understand? - Yes, sir.
(fireworks exploding, whistling) If Sebastian's right, they'll wait till the big finale to detonate.
They'll maximize the spread, the wind will take the radioactive cloud right over the Quarter.
Get us as close as you can.
We'll let the current do the rest.
It's a long shot, King.
Still, the fireworks won't last that much longer.
After we leave, take this boat and get as far away from here as fast as you can.
Let's get wet.
(crowd cheering) (whistling, exploding) Pritchett! Go.
(gunfire continues) NCIS.
Hands up! (gunfire, bullets ricocheting) Come with me.
(gunfire continues) (screaming) Thanks.
I never really liked fireworks anyway.
(chuckles) (whistling, exploding) (sighs) MAN: That's a local New Orleans office (indistinct chatter) Welcome back, boss.
Thank you, Roy.
Just hope I'm ready to be back.
There's only one way to find out.
Full of surprises, aren't you, Dwayne? How's that? - I didn't expect you to actually sign the paper.
Promise HQ you'd toe the line, follow orders.
- Yeah, well, the bar's almost done, about to reopen.
I guess I was worried I'd get a little bored.
(chuckles) You and I both know that that's a crock.
You miss the action.
You miss being part of something bigger.
Nothing you can do about it.
You're hard-wired for it, you know? I saw that when we met.
Maybe you do know me.
Oh, I know you, all right.
I know that just 'cause you told HQ what they wanted to hear doesn't change a thing.
Doesn't change whatever rocked you when you took down Hamilton, and it doesn't change the fact that it'll bite you in the ass again if you don't figure it out.
No, it's just a matter of time.
Don't get too comfortable.
Hey, what up? Hey, Perc, thanks for coming, baby.
Yeah, sure.
Just why, though? I mean, the case is closed.
There's nothing more for us to do.
Is there? - Isn't there? Uh, I don't know.
You tell me.
I mean, look at this place.
It's perfect.
Perfect for what? To rent, to live in.
I mean, yeah, there are a couple of bullet holes in the walls and some blood on the carpet, but we'll call a priest in, he'll exorcise the place.
Plus, the landlord said he's willing to re-patch and paint and change the carpet.
Are you out of your mind, Gregorio? What? I mean, aside from the fact that a man was actually killed here Oh, stop.
By us.
Not the point.
Besides, you can't begin to think you can afford a place like this.
No, you're right, I can't.
But we can.
- We? - Don't talk.
Listen for a second.
The landlord's willing to lower the rent.
Because, as you said, who else is gonna rent a place like this where a guy was just shot to death? He's desperate.
- Yeah, but Secondly, there are two bedrooms.
Okay, so if you and I split the rent, it'll still be cheaper than that crappy place you're paying for now.
You starting to feel it? You starting to see it? Ehh Come on, it'll be so much fun.
Forget Lasalle, we'll take this place by storm.
We'll be like Laverne and Shirley.
I mean ehh.
Come on.
Huh? Yeah.
Yeah? - Yes.
But who's Laverne and Shirley? Maybe it's not gonna work, actually.
Thanks for being here.
Appreciate you.
All right, ladies, the bar's not quite finished yet, but it's close enough, all right? So enjoy yourselves.
Thank you so much.
All right.
If you think I'm gonna waive the cover charge for you, Mayor Taylor, forget it.
Nope, that's all right.
Like I said, I don't want anybody playing favorites.
Just feeds the corruption.
Oh, don't mind him and don't believe him, either.
There's no cover charge.
Just trying to start off on the right foot.
You already have.
Not a lot of people will ever know what you did, but I do, and I'm grateful.
Well, I'm glad things worked out.
- Okay, enough chatting.
It's time to party.
(chuckling) All right, hey, hurry up, get inside before the fire department shuts us down.
Who else is out here? Hey.
- Hey.
- You Dwayne Pride? - Yes, I am.
- Ooh Bastard.
You cost us the shipyard! You cost us jobs! Come on.
Come on, man, let's go.
(grunts) I don't smoke, I don't shoot smack But I got this spicy monkey ridin' on my back Don't eat beignets, too much sugar and dough But I, I will play for gumbo You know I will play for gumbo It started in my grandma's in her kitchen by the sea Where she said hey, little Jim You know the first one's free Hit me like a brick Or some Taekwondo But I will play for gumbo You know, a piece of French bread With which to wipe my bowl Hey, King.
Everything all right? Oh, yeah.
Just caught a caught an elbow.
Everybody's excited to see Jimmy.
All right.
We're jammin'.
I'm not talking quesadillas Or a dozen Krispy Kreme Mound of caviar, hey, that's a rich man's dream No banana split or filet of pompano No, I will play for gumbo You know Hey, Jeaux's is fine.
All right! Give it up for Jimmy Buffett! Welcome back Pride and the TruTone!