NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e04 Episode Script

Dead Man Calling

1 And here, on Royal Street, in the famous French Quarter, on your left you will see America's first pharmacy, from the late 1800s.
Bloodletting, experimental surgeries, potions-- some say it was actually more of a torture chamber.
Truth is, New Orleans had the highest mortality rate than any city in those days.
'Course, when you mix all that death in a town born in chaos, crime and culture, spirits tend to roam.
Spirits like Confederate sailor Cornelius LaRue, who plunged to his death from that very rooftop on All Saints' Eve, 1867.
Now, some say Cornelius went crazy and jumped 'cause of the fever, but trust me, he isn't roaming the streets till this day 'cause he was sick.
He was murdered.
(people gasp, shriek) (screams) NCIS:New Orleans 4x04 Dead Man Calling Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Tough in the center Never questioned I got spine Walk in to the room Heads turning on a dime Diamond in the rough Workin' my way up No, you never thought that I would rise to the top Percy, hold up.
Yo, Son.
Huh? (music quiets) I tried calling you.
Could have swooped by and picked you up on the way here.
No, the new apartment's right around the corr, so Oh, right, of course.
You guys are all moved in.
You need some help, maybe hanging pictures or something? No, we're good, thanks.
Morning, Sonja, Chris.
Don't give a damn how you feel I'll get there on my own Armor made of steel on the fire.
Thank you.
Witnesses? Ghost tour.
Rotary club from Minnesota.
They all saw the same thing and thought it was part of the act, at first.
Tour guide knew better, though.
What do we know about our victim? GREGORIO: Jacob Anderson, Petty Officer Third Class.
Hospital corpsman from Norfolk.
Arrived in town three days ago on emergency leave.
Any idea why? No, I'm still waiting to hear back from his command.
Witnesses say whether they think he, uh, fell or jumped? They don't know.
They're all just freaked out.
SONJA: Yeah, I don't blame 'em.
On a ghost tour, and a guy falls from the same building a Confederate sailor jumped from 150 years ago? Or was pushed.
That's why Cornelius LaRue still roams the streets of New Orleans today, looking for justice.
- Ain't that right, Percy? - Stop.
What are you talking about? Who's this, uh, Cornelius LaRue? This happened before? PRIDE: Right after the Civil War.
Part of New Orleans history.
City lore we take seriously, and rightfully so.
Yep, including ghosts.
Yeah, well, that probably explains all the extra creeps that have been hanging around.
See this one right here? Had to tell him twice to stay away from the Vic before they put the tape up.
Said he's some kind of spirit chaser or something.
Still, Gregorio, hey, you should check out the ghost tour.
I mean, it's part of the city's history.
You don't know much about it.
Hey, free daiquiris, too.
Daiquiris, I'm good with.
Ghosts, not so much.
Oh! Hello! What did I tell Don't you have any respect for the dead? (laughs) PRIDE: Talk to me.
Well, it's a fractured skull, broken ribs, legs, internal bleeding.
It's all consistent with a four-story fall onto unforgiving stone.
Corpsman Anderson died on impact.
Any idea if it was an accident, or Suicide? No, not yet.
Uh, however, there is a third option.
I found abrasions and contusions on the arms, uh, hands, face, not consistent with the end result.
Defensive wounds-- from a fight? If so, it was a recent one.
Semisolid state of coagulation indicates it began before the injuries from his fatal fall.
Question is, what was Corpsman Anderson doing up on that roof? And if he was in a fight, was the fall an accident or intentional? Or maybe he was pushed, just like Cornelius.
You want me to check the roof? No, Sebastian's up there already, I'll go.
Find out everything you can on our victim.
Especially interested in what brought him to New Orleans in the first place.
Copy that.
Copy that.
What's with them? Not sure.
But whatever it is not getting any better.
SEBASTIAN: It is not a good situation.
Lot of construction materials up here, the building owner's remodeling.
Careful of all this slippery plastic right here.
Access unlocked when you got here? No, actually, it was propped open.
Explains how our Vic got up here.
Yeah, but not why.
Loretta thinks he was in a fight.
From the looks of things, seems she's right.
Yeah, definitely.
I'm thinking Jacob Anderson and one person, based on the footprints in the tar there.
A lot of slipping and sliding, but if you, um, if you look closely there, you can see, uh, two distinct sets of shoe prints.
Right over there by the ledge.
You're gonna have to get over your fear of heights sooner or later, Sebastian.
Yeah, no.
(scoffs) Totally.
Figure that's why you sent me up here, you know? Just to work on it, help me out.
Either that or you just hate me.
Anyway, uh, I found some fresh traces of blood trailing from that pallet.
Meaning Jacob made it halfway across the roof before the fight started.
Yeah, I'm thinking he was surprised by his attacker, too, because the shoe prints don't join up until right here by the pallet.
Yeah, attacker was waiting for Jacob.
Question is why? And why here, of all places? Just what this town needs: another ghost story.
(The Twilight Zone theme playing) Okay, tell me you hear that, too.
Brandy Anderson.
Hello? BRANDY (on phone): Jacob No, no, no, wait.
Slow down.
No no This is not Jacob.
I'm a federal agent.
Are you okay? Ms.
Anderson? Special Agent Pride.
I'm the one who answered your brother's phone when you called.
You all right? Yes.
I just I don't understand what's happening.
My grams-- she was very sick.
She just passed.
I came down to help Jacob with the arrangements, and when I got here, the door was wide open and the place was was torn apart.
Well, it's okay, we're gonna figure this out.
Where is Jacob? Why did you answer his phone when I called? Excuse me for just one second.
What's NCIS doing here? I'll explain later.
Anything? Nah, other than somebody did a number on the place; it's clear.
You want us to send Forensics? No, we'll handle it from here.
Thanks, G.
Something happened to my brother, didn't it? I'm so sorry.
(inhales shakily) Do you think this was connected to Jacob's death? Brandy, you shouldn't be No, I I'm okay.
Agent Pride, I want to help.
I want to help figure out who killed my brother, I need to.
Jacob came to town before you did, was staying here? Grams and Jacob were very close, they talked all the time.
Jacob came back to help her organize her things, get the family stuff back together.
That's what meant most to Grams.
And you're sure she didn't have anything of monetary value? Mm, just some family heirlooms.
(sniffles) Photos.
Sentimental value.
(sniffles) All the money she ever had, she used to put me through med school.
And Jacob helped her with what the Navy paid him.
Grams was the only family we had left.
I can't believe he's gone now, too.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
Let me take you back to your hotel.
(air whooshing) BRANDY: What is this? (shrieks, gasps) LASALLE: So, what, was someone trying to conjure a ghost with a séance? I mean, Jacob was trying to check in with his grams or something? Everyone grieves in their own way, Lasalle.
Don't mock it.
Yeah, you don't want to mess with that.
Wait a second.
Are you scared of ghosts, Gregorio? What? No, of course I'm-- no.
I'm just saying we don't know what we don't know, so let's just focus on what we do know, all right? Okay.
SONJA: Well, the problem is we don't know that much.
Background on Jacob Anderson came back cleaner than clean, and his commander said his request for emergency leave was because of his grandma's passing.
So, wait, he came into town to bury his grandmother, but got killed instead? It's got to have something to do with her place being tossed.
Was there anything on surveillance? Camera on top of the Pharmacy Museum across the street was inop, and no other angles on the rooftop.
All right, then we're gonna have to backtrack his last three days in town, figure out what drove him there.
Yeah, and who was waiting for him when he got there.
Unfortunately, the séance seems to be our only lead so far.
Lot of shady people in this town willing to take advantage of people's grief, and Pride said Jacob took his grandma's death pretty hard.
Yep, and maybe somebody was trying to take advantage of him.
Still doesn't explain why he was up on that roof.
No, but maybe this'll help.
I digitized the photos that Pride took from the séance, which, scientifically speaking, is a total quack.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I love, uh, The Haunting, I love Poltergeist-- the originals, I mean, not the remakes.
- You guys want to talk about quacks? - Sebastian.
They're not good movies.
What do you want me to say? The photo.
Okay, yeah.
I was able to isolate a, uh, fingerprint smudge on one of the candles-- you see it right there? Any matches? Oh, yeah.
No surprise-- a, uh, con artist psychic who is on probation for taking tourists for everything they got.
Got a name on this joker? Name and an address.
Otis Bartholomeus the Third.
He, uh, works at one of those haunted mansions called The Mortuary.
Wait a minute.
Isn't that the creep from our crime scene? - Mm.
- Yeah, spirit chaser, my ass.
That's probably our perp.
All right, call Pride.
He's with Jacob's sister.
Tell him we got a legit suspect.
Gregorio and Sebastian, y'all go through the front door.
Percy and I'll go around back in case y'all scare him out.
Or maybe you and Sebastian can chase Otis out to us.
Come on.
Go around back.
Why? What difference does it make? GREGORIO: Well, maybe we should just wait for Pride anyway.
We're here.
Let's do this.
Percy, you're with me.
Comms open.
(groans) (bird hooting, wind chimes tinkling) Okay.
All right.
(loud growling, screaming sounds playing) (skeleton prop laughing) (laughter continues) Hey, don't worry, it's all right.
Got my proton pack.
That's from Ghostbusters.
You ever seen that? All right, just go.
Just go.
(skeleton continues laughing) (organ playing scary music) (eerie laughter, thunder rumbling) (whispering): Okay, you take the stairs.
I'll go this way.
All right.
(women screaming) Uh you know what? (wind howling) Probably shouldn't split up.
Protocol, so (prop gasping) Torture chamber.
How appropriate.
What's that supposed to mean? (spooky sounds continue) (eerie melody playing) (screaming sounds playing) (growling) (screams) You are afraid of ghosts, aren't you? (whispering): Shh.
I hear something.
(piano plays upbeat tune) Cliché, but cool.
Shut up.
Welcome to these Haunted Halls, where sprits roam and We're not on the tour, pal.
We're federal agents.
Turn around, hands up.
Go ahead.
I'm going! SEBASTIAN: NCIS! Freeze! Con on the run.
He's coming at you.
LASALLE: Copy that.
MALE PROP VOICE: Argh, me think you're gonna die! (spooky sounds continue) (screaming sounds playing) CHILDREN: Ring around the rosy Sebastian?! A pocketful of posies No! No! No, no! Ashes (screaming) NCIS! Stop! OTIS: I didn't do anything! I'm innocent! Yeah, well, why'd you run? Huh? Hands behind your back.
Hey, where is Gregorio? That's a good question.
GREGORIO (screaming): Sebastian?! (spooky female laughter) Found these items in his car.
Watch is engraved with Jacob's grandmother's name on it.
Shouldn't be hard to get her granddaughter to identify the other items, too.
OTIS: Okay, wait.
I-I told you I didn't ransack the house.
I-I only took those i-- heirlooms to try and connect with her after she passed.
That's that's how it works.
That's why you came to Jacob's crime scene, too? No.
No, I-I was there to try to connect with him directly, you know, before he he moved on.
PRIDE: We got your fingerprints at the house.
Part of a séance that you no doubt conducted.
Add these stolen goods, couple that with your criminal record Hard not to think that you conned Jacob's grandmother into a séance, robbed her.
Then when Jacob came to town and found out what you did, he came after you Which is why you killed him.
OTIS: Just hear me, okay? F-First of all, the old lady came to me asking for a séance.
Okay? It's not uncommon.
People tend to be more open to the other side when they are close to it themselves.
You seriously trying to tell us you're a legit psychic? A medium.
There's a, there's a a difference.
What a crock.
Really, Gregorio? What? First it's ghosts.
Now it's psychics? You can't really be believing this stuff? Really? I'm not alone in this.
Half this crazy town believes in this stuff.
(scoffs) Am I freaked out by it? Yeah.
I'm Catholic.
Do I dismiss it? No, because if I can't control it or explain it, I don't like it.
PRIDE: Okay, Otis.
For the sake of argument, let's say we believe you.
Why did Jacob's grandmother come to you in the first place? I don't know.
She just said that she was trying to solve a family secret, one-one that she'd been trying to solve her whole life, but that she was, she was running out of time.
LASALLE: Secret? What secret? Well, the séance was to figure that out.
But I-I figured I'd humor her, you know, make a few bucks, and-and then bolt, but, um, then, uh, after she died, she started talking to me.
Oh, boy.
Here we go.
Look, man, I-I didn't believe it, either.
(stammers): I've I've faked this for a lot of years, and, uh, and I made some decent dough doing it, too, but this time, it (sighs) it-it really happened.
Look, all the old lady said was that she was right about whatever the secret was, and that I had to find her grandson and-and tell him, because he'd understand, he would, he would do something about it.
And so I did.
I-I found him, and I told him, and the next thing I know he's dead.
You hear this? This whole case has the Malocchio on it.
The ma ma? This whole case is cursed.
Name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
Give me your hand.
What are you doing? Any spirits to us You'll thank me when I'm done.
Don't attach any spirits to us.
We just got a brand-new apartment.
Listen, I swear I'll never-- I'll be good.
Well, I got to admit, that's a first.
Yeah, maybe we ought to get ourselves a Ouija board.
Hey, joke all you want, but like I said, I don't recommend it.
Listen, there's got to be something to this family secret thing, because, whether we believe Otis or not, Jacob apparently did.
Yeah, and it was probably what got him killed.
Yeah, well, Gregorio's right.
We need to figure out what Jacob knew, and what he was trying to do.
You saying you believe Otis? What I believe is, we need to investigate this case just like any other.
Follow facts, see where the evidence leads.
Yeah, what are we gonna do with Otis? GREGORIO: He said he was with his probation officer the night of the murder.
Easy alibi to check.
Gregorio, make the call.
- Okay.
- Then get his phone records, see if his story about Grandma Anderson calling him checks out, too.
There's also the issue of who ransacked the house if it wasn't Otis.
Yeah, and what they were looking for.
Well, I might have a lead on what Jacob was looking for, or at least where he was looking for it.
Pulled this from his cell phone; it tracks every last location that he went to between the time that he arrived and the time that he died.
Well, you want me and Gregorio to retrace his steps? PRIDE: No.
No, I want you and Christopher to do it.
That's an order.
Look, I don't know what's going on between the two of you, but it's not affecting just you anymore, so work it out.
(phone beeping) Loretta thinks she might've found something on Jacob's body.
I'll let you know what.
Come on, people, learn things.
Prelim tox screens came back negative, and the blood samples on the rooftop all match Corpsman Anderson.
None from the killer? Could've used gloves, or maybe just overwhelmed Mr.
Anderson, caught him off guard? Adds to the theory the assailant was lying in wait.
Still, how did he even know that Jacob Anderson was gonna be on that roof? Hell of a coincidence, if you ask me.
Cornelius LaRue.
Loretta, please don't tell me you believe in those ghost stories, too.
I've been on every one of those tours in this town twice.
I'm a coroner, Dwayne.
I'd like to think that this is not necessarily the end.
Call it a coping mechanism.
Learn something new every day.
Ah, speaking of something new-- I found a strain of bacteria in Mr.
Anderson's lungs which I've never seen before, which is curious.
Curious how? Well, aside from the fact that I can't identify it, Mr.
Anderson's postmortem body temperature-- normal, no fever.
Means how or where he contracted it had to have been just before he died.
It could help us figure out what put him on the roof.
You sure you can't identify it? No, but Sebastian might be able to, if you can spare him.
Long as Christopher and Sonja don't blow up on me, I can.
Ever find out what's going on with those two? No, but I know I need to nip it in the bud, both for the sake of the team and because of HQ.
HQ? What's NCIS got to do with it? Maybe nothing, but can't kick the feeling they're still trying to break up the team.
Just don't want to give them any way in, any reason to come back down here Do I sound paranoid? SONJA: All right, got it.
We'll-we'll keep you posted, too.
So, Gregorio says Otis's alibi checks out, so he's definitely not the murderer.
Well, that doesn't mean he's not a con, though.
Could you believe that crap he said? I don't know.
No, I guess.
But we are in the cemetery, one of Jacob's last stops.
Just one more weird thing in this case to make you wonder.
LASALLE: Nah, it doesn't make we wonder.
I mean, I believe there's more out there than just us-- always have-- but talking to the dead? Nah.
As far as we know, we're just on BOTH: A wild ghost chase.
(both laugh) Percy Let's not.
We got to talk about this.
(groans) This tension between us is affecting more than just us.
Team, too.
Yeah, and the team's all that matters, right? I'm sorry.
I-I didn't mean that.
Wh-What I mean is I understand why we decided not to be more than just friends, but I don't know how to go back to being just friends.
It's not easy.
Well, it's not like anything's changed, though.
Has it? I mean, Country Mouse and City Mouse (laughs) all preceded that, too.
Yeah, and it's also what led to it, too.
Or almost did, anyway.
(sighs) Maybe it's time to retire the mice.
I don't believe it.
No, hey, I'm sorry.
We just got to figure this out.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Not us.
LASALLE: “Cornelius LaRue.
” A Confederate sailor.
And why would Jacob Anderson come here? Just to get pushed off the same roof Cornelius did 150 years later.
GREGORIO: Look, all I'm saying is that coincidence is the least likely explanation as to why Jacob Anderson died the same way, and in the same place as Cornelius LaRue did.
Well, now that we know that Jacob visited LaRue's crypt just before he was killed, I admit, there could be a connection A crypt, which, by the way, we now know is a stop on the Cornelius LaRue Ghost Tour.
Still doesn't mean the connection we're looking for is supernatural.
Hey, Pride, if it walks like a ghost and talks like a ghost, right? Gregorio.
Yes? All due respect Mm.
this is a hard enough case to solve without wild theories.
Besides, last I heard, courts require natural evidence to try the cases that we bring them.
So let's just please focus on what we know, all right? Well, unfortunately, we don't know much other than Jacob was probably killed investigating a family secret which somehow connects to Cornelius LaRue.
Question is, what? Shouldn't have let Otis go, could've asked him.
I know, it's not admissible in court.
I get it.
(eerie voice): Boo It's a little thematic humor, 'cause of the whole, um you know, the ghost thing.
What do you got, Sebastian? SEBASTIAN: Uh, I got test results from the bacteria that, uh, Loretta found in the victim's lungs.
Turns out that it's a kind of mold, but not just any kind of mold.
It's a very specific spore that hasn't been seen or heard from since the 19th century.
Any idea where Jacob came in contact with it? No, but according to Loretta, it must have been at one of his last stops.
I just haven't had a chance to figure out which one yet.
GREGORIO: Well, you know, Cornelius LaRue died in the 19th century.
Just trying to make a natural connection here, so.
SEBASTIAN: Well, I mean, you might have a point.
Crypt, rooftop across from the pharmacy, the 150-year-old mold spores-- there's no denying that all roads so far lead back to LaRue.
Grandma Anderson's family secret.
It does look more and more like Cornelius LaRue's death was what Jacob was investigating before he got killed.
SEBASTIAN: Well, if so, then he must have found something that somebody didn't want found.
Contact Chris and Sonja.
Tell them to keep tracing Jacob's last steps, but to be careful, the killer is still out there.
Sebastian, find out where exactly Jacob inhaled those spores.
Might just lead us to what this case is all about.
Where you going? Jacob's sister, see if she knows anything about her brother investigating Cornelius LaRue.
Lasalle We're at the next stop now, Gregorio.
We'll let you know.
(phone beeps) This case keeps getting nuttier and nuttier all the time.
Even King is starting to believe in this crazy ghost story.
It's hard not to.
Pretty much every one of Jacob's last stops matches up with LaRue's Ghost Tour, including this one.
- The Edgar Mansion? How so? - Mm-hmm.
Apparently, Cornelius LaRue's ghost has been spotted knocking on the door over the years.
(chuckles) Well, if he was a ghost, why wouldn't he just walk through the door? Good question.
Are you one of the owners? Didn't you read the sign? No trespassing.
Ghost Tour stops at the sidewalk.
Hey, we're not part of the Ghost Tour.
Special Agent Percy, Lasalle, NCIS.
We're here about a murder.
For God's sakes, we're already telling your other agent everything we know.
SONJA: W-W-Wait.
What other agent? Here he is.
(scoffs) Otis.
What are you doing here? What? Whoa.
Before you get upset, in-in fairness, I only said I was helping NCIS.
That's Is there a problem? And you are? Uh, Tate Prescott, Tess's husband.
OTIS: A-And someone who's graciously taking time to help us figure out what Jacob was doing here yesterday.
Us? Yeah.
Uh, come here.
- Sorry.
- Mm-hmm.
Have you lost your mind? LASALLE: What are you doing here? What's happening here? SONJA: Other than impersonating a federal officer, which, by the way, is not just a con, it's a felony.
Listen, I started thinking, it can't be a coincidence where and how Jacob died, right? So, I went on the Ghost Tour.
Please, I can't just do nothing anymore.
I need to figure this out just as much as you do, because i-if I don't, I'll never get them out of my freakin' head.
You're under arrest.
Just stop.
You can't both talk at the same time! I take it he's not talking about you and me.
(exhales) Okay, I'm listening.
(eerie music plays) It's what? What? Where? It's, uh Hmm.
Uh uh There.
What? May I? Of course.
Recognize anybody? That's my great-great- grandfather, Whitman Edgar, on the left.
Shaking hands with the one and only Cornelius LaRue on the right.
Whoa, wait.
LaRue looks just like Jacob Anderson.
OTIS: Right? Coincidence? I think not.
PRIDE: Your grandmother ever mention the name Cornelius LaRue? I mean, other than as a part of New Orleans lore? Not that I know of.
Why? Well, I'm not sure, Brandy, but it's possible she thought he was somehow connected to some sort of family secret.
(laughs) God love her, but Grams always loved to spin her tales.
She always thought the family was more important to this town than people knew.
What does this have to do with what happened to Jacob? (sighs): I'm not sure about that, either.
But again, it's possible that your brother thought there might have been some truth to the family secret and was looking for proof.
And you think that whoever killed him was looking for proof, too? Maybe.
Well, I don't think there's anything in there that's gonna help you much.
It's just a bunch of old journals and newspaper clippings and old photos that Grams kept over the years.
And you're sure that this wasn't touched? I mean, by whoever broke in.
It's always just been buried beneath PRIDE: Huh.
What is it? Newspaper clipping about Cornelius LaRue's death.
November 1, 1867, right on top.
Like she was just looking at it.
Says LaRue jumped because of the yellow fever, but the part that's underlined says that his wife tried to get the police to open a murder investigation.
Why would Grams care about any of that? Well, this might be why.
Looks like she was putting together a family tree going all the way back to the Civil War.
Seems your grandmother believed that someone changed the family name after the Civil War to Anderson, from LaRue.
We're related to Cornelius LaRue? It might be the family secret she was trying to piece together.
SEBASTIAN: If so, maybe Jacob was trying to prove that LaRue was murdered, too? Although, I'm not quite sure how he planned to do that 150 years later.
Well, I don't know, somebody obviously thought he could, otherwise, why would they be up on that roof waiting for him? What end, though, you know? I mean, LaRue's killer is long dead, so what's the point? Oh.
You know what we should do? Get Otis, have him conjure the ghost of LaRue, and then we can ask him.
You know what? Enough already.
You don't want to believe in this stuff? That's fine.
That's your choice, but stop teasing me.
I'm not teasing you.
Yes, you are.
I totally am teasing you.
The point is, that I'm a scientist, okay? You got to show me proof if you want me to believe that something exists.
Can you prove that love exists? Hmm? No? Hmm? Hmm? No? Okay.
I rest my case.
We're here.
You think this is where Jacob inhaled the old mold spores? SEBASTIAN: The basement archive was his last stop before he died.
Basically the Four Seasons Fungus down here.
1860 to 1880.
I bet you this is what Jacob was looking for.
Hurry up.
This place creeps me out.
You know this is like a total role reversal, right? I mean, usually I'm the nervous one and you're cranky pants.
Just focus on the archives.
All right.
(whispering): What was that? What? Did you hear that? (gasps) I'm not kidding.
You wonder why I tease you.
Oh, crazy.
What? There's something on a-a Benjamin LaRue, he's Cornelius's son.
It's a court approval for a name change.
Yeah, well, he didn't want to be associated with a ghost; I don't blame him.
Yeah, well, you're never gonna guess what he changed his name to.
What? Anderson.
(scoffs) Grandma Anderson was right about the family secret.
But not why Cornelius and Jacob were killed to protect it.
Oh, God.
What was that? What was that, Sebastian? I don't hear anything.
Sebastian, shut up.
You're out of your mind.
(Sebastian and Gregorio shouting) (Gregorio coughs) Hey, I still think you should go to the ER.
No, I'm fine.
Don't worry about it.
SONJA: Are you kidding me? The fire department is still putting out the fire.
You and Sebastian are lucky you made it out at all.
Just got a little scared is all.
Par for the course on this case.
You sure you're all right? I will be, once we find out who tried to make us ghosts.
I mean, we're obviously not the only ones following in Jacob's last steps.
SONJA: And whoever it is doesn't want us finding out what they found, either.
Looks like they left tire tracks at the scene, though.
Sebastian's cross-checking 'em to see if he can get a car match.
Well, that's about our only hope.
No surveillance cameras in the area.
Well, somebody's going to an awful lot of trouble to keep the truth from us.
But why? Can't just be to solve a 150-year-old murder.
Well, means it's got to be connected to the fact that the Andersons are related to Cornelius LaRue.
Again though, why? What's to gain and what's the motive? What do we know about Cornelius LaRue, other than he was a Confederate sailor? Born in New Orleans to a family of doctors, attended Harvard Medical School before returning home to enlist.
PRIDE: Medical school.
You got that picture of LaRue and Edgar? Thank you.
LASALLE: What is it, King? Whitman Edgar was the founder of the first pharmacy in the States, right here in New Orleans, if I remember correctly.
Yeah, the museum.
Which the family then turned into one of the largest chains in the country.
I don't know why I didn't notice this before, but this photo was taken right in front, across from our crime scene.
Businessman and doctor, shaking hands.
Almost like partners.
SONJA: Wait, are you suggesting Cornelius LaRue and Whitman Edgar started the pharmacy together? Definitely not what the Edgar family lore says.
Might be they don't want anybody finding out.
Company like that's got to be worth hundreds of millions.
Half of which would belong to the Andersons, if it was true.
Sounds like a motive to push Cornelius off the roof.
And Jacob.
Yeah, but how do we prove it? Maybe with a certain Mercedes G-Class.
Those tire tracks we found at the library, pretty unique.
Also expensive.
LASALLE: Edgar Mansion had a G-Wagen parked out front.
SONYA: He's right.
We saw it there.
All right, Gregorio, Sebastian, let's go pay them a visit.
Chris, Sonya, we need proof of the partnership if we're gonna make any of this stuff stick.
All right, Pharmacy Museum will be the place to find it.
We're on it.
(sighs) Thought we were gonna wait for the curator.
No time.
Folks trying to kill Gregorio and Sebastian means we're getting close.
I don't even know what we're looking for.
LASALLE: Museum's a window to the pharmacy's beginnings.
We're looking for anything to connect the dots to its founders.
Yeah, but that's still pretty much a long shot.
I mean, the Edgar family would've removed all the evidence by now.
Yeah, except they didn't know anyone was looking until Jacob started sniffing around.
Maybe they didn't have time.
SONJA: Wait.
There's that same photo.
All right.
What about it? I never noticed it before, but the angle.
Like it was taken from high up, like from across the street.
LASALLE: From the rooftop.
Maybe that's why Jacob went up there, thinking he might find something.
Like maybe proof? I don't even know what you're talking about.
I was at home all night, in bed.
And I don't appreciate the implication that I was If you don't have somebody who can back up your alibi, ma'am, it'll be more than just an implication.
It'll be probable cause.
We think your Mercedes was parked near the scene of an attempted murder today.
Of me.
So either you hand over the car keys or you're under arrest.
All right.
I have nothing to hide.
The car's gone.
It's not in the garage or on the side street.
Where's your husband? (gun cocks) Your gun, slide it over to me slowly.
You, uh you've been pretty busy tonight, haven't you? Following us all over town.
Well, I had to figure out what Jacob was looking for, what he had.
Because he told you the family you married into stole the company from his.
And when you couldn't find the proof at his house, you followed him here.
Killed him before he had a chance to expose the truth.
I wasn't sure what he had, exactly.
I still don't.
But he obviously knew that he had something.
LASALLE: Percy! What are you doing? So, what are you gonna do? You can't push me off the roof like you did Jacob.
I'm not alone here.
Percy, come on, already.
Do you see anything or don't you? Tell him there's nothing here and you're coming down.
Nothing's here, City Mouse! So, now what? The secret's out, Tate.
We won't be the last agents to figure out what really happened.
Yeah, maybe.
But maybe not.
Absent proof, it's just another ghost story.
And you'll just add to it.
Don't do it! (grunting) (Tate shouts) (grunting) Here! Give me your hand! SONJA: Come on! Take his hand! It's not worth it! (panting) You're right.
(yelling) (body thuds) (siren wailing in distance) (horn honks) (indistinct chatter) (horn honking) (siren wailing) (indistinct police radio transmission) Should've seen that Jacob was up there looking on the mosaic.
Figured out what Tate never did: proof was there all along.
Yeah, well, luckily, you were too busy saving my butt.
Country Mouse.
I thought you wanted to retire the mice.
That was before they saved my life.
PRIDE: Think I might've found something.
(grunts) Looks like a time capsule.
She's all right.
They used to be fairly common in New Orleans, used to mark the opening of things, especially new businesses.
Anderson must've figured it out.
A newspaper clipping from the opening of the pharmacy.
Old photos.
“With this indenture, I, “Merchant Whitman Edgar, “and I, Physician Cornelius LaRue “pledge to found and uphold this business “in mutual partnership.
“Shall it heal the city for generations to come.
” And it is signed by both men.
LASALLE: It's too bad it didn't work out that way.
I-I had no idea.
Past is what it is.
Just have to find a way to move forward.
(knocking on door) I'm Tessa Edgar.
Can we talk? (quietly): Hey.
I-I was totally exonerated.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, I'm not here as a cop.
Matter of fact, if anybody asks, I'm not here at all.
So So, what? What do you want? Let's just say, uh my father's driving me nuts.
Wouldn't mind taking care of it once and for all, if you know what I'm saying.
Nah He's dead.
I need to talk to him.
It's okay.
Have, um have a seat.
No, I can't sit.
I got a reputation to keep, you know what I'm saying? Follow me.