NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e05 Episode Script


1 (upbeat music playing) (tires screeching) Sorry to cut your evening short, ladies.
Don't be.
Who's this high-value fugitive? Hans Mattis.
GREGORIO: Hit man, right? Prime suspect in the assassination of that SEAL commander.
Yeah, Mattis arrived at the airport under an alias.
Homeland caught him on surveillance.
He took a cab and was dropped off here ten minutes ago.
- So he's close.
- Yeah, and dangerous.
All right, we got to get a visual on him and follow him.
Is Pride coming? He's coordinating with Homeland.
He'll be here soon.
Let's gear up.
No body armor, Sebastian.
We need to blend in.
Look, we're gonna have to split up, all right? Keep the comms open.
If you spot Mattis, don't engage unless provoked.
- Understood? - Got it.
- Let's roll.
- Okay.
I-I'll just go this way.
SEBASTIAN: Suspect spotted on Toulouse.
Ah, he made me.
He's heading east down (car horn honks) he's heading east down Royal.
I'm in pursuit.
All right, keep your distance.
On our way.
(tires screech) (horn honks) MAN: Hey! I'm on St.
Federal agent! Freeze! Where are you, Sebastian? SEBASTIAN (over comms): Mattis ducked down an alley.
I'm in pursuit.
SONJA: What alley, Sebastian? Where are you? GREGORIO: Hold up! Wait for backup.
SEBASTIAN: Oh, my God.
I'm taking fire! Where, Sebastian? Where? SEBASTIAN: Stop! NCIS! (two gunshots) (gasps) (bystanders screaming) Sebastian.
You all right? He's dead.
That's not Mattis.
He had a gun.
He had a gun, he was gonna shoot me.
Okay, okay.
So, then, where's the gun? WOMAN: Dave?! Dave! - Dave! - No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What are you doing? Dave? Dave! - Get her out of here.
- Dave, no! Dave! Dave! NCIS:New Orleans 4x05 Viral Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
(siren wailing) (sobbing) (indistinct radio chatter) Don't torture yourself, Sebastian.
That's-that's his wife.
Should I say something? No.
Let NOPD do their job.
You find, uh, you find gunshot residue on him? You know we can't talk about this.
I saw you swab his hands, though.
Yeah, too early to be sure.
That's a no.
Just just tell me that you found something.
Okay? Please.
Some fibers, maybe a little plastic, under the fingernails.
And again, we can't be talking about this.
I've been speaking with every NOPD officer on the scene.
They know how important it is to recover that missing weapon.
I'm gonna wrap this up.
Then I'm gonna take you home, Sebastian.
You okay? I was, uh, I was in pursuit of Mattis through the-the courtyard.
He ducked into this alley, then, uh, he took a shot at me as I was rounding I tried to round the corner.
Then I felt a bullet whiz past my head, but But, Sebastian are you okay? No.
I-I shot someone.
I know.
I, uh, moved over to to this corner and I identified myself.
That's when I saw the gun.
He was, he was pointing it right at me and I took two shots, but it wasn't Mattis.
They said his name was Dave Dawson.
(sobbing): No, please, please, please, please, no! No! What did I do? You did what you were trained for.
All right? Let's get you out of here.
Get you away from this.
SEBASTIAN: So what now? PRIDE: You go home.
You're on administrative duty until NOPD clears the scene and FBI starts their investigation.
FBI? It's routine.
And it's okay.
'Cause you saw a gun.
Yes, I-I did, Pride, I swear.
I know.
Wade's parked around the corner waiting for you.
You know, away from the crowd.
Um NOPD's gonna need your weapon.
It's it's evidence now.
(sighs) Come on, baby.
Walk you out.
This is on me, King.
We should've went in pairs.
I mean, Mattis is a dangerous assassin and Sebastian's still a probie.
Don't Monday morning quarterback, Christopher.
Y'all did your job.
And we're gonna continue doing it.
Keep gathering evidence.
SONJA: Yeah.
That's a problem.
There's no gun on the scene, King.
And we couldn't find the slug in the wall where the bullet should be.
I mean, there's not even a mark.
Well, what about surveillance? None of that, either.
No cameras.
All we have is Sebastian's story.
Well, the gun's got to be somewhere.
Unless it's not.
It's possible Sebastian made a mistake.
WADE: You need to stop obsessing about this.
Honestly, I-I don't think that I can.
I mean, every time I close my eyes, I just I see Dave Dawson's face.
Well, you've been involved in a shooting, Sebastian.
It's gonna take time to process.
Okay, I'll make that tea.
I just You know, all that-that FLETC training and the manuals and the target practice I had no idea that it would, it would feel like this.
How could you have? Training isn't real.
It doesn't take into account adrenaline or fear or a dozen other variables.
But it prepares you, like it did last night, to take action when you need to.
See, that's what I keep wondering.
You know, did I need to? Or am I just another one of those cops that you see on the news, who-who overreacted and made the wrong call? You defended yourself, Sebastian.
End of story.
(sighs) I guess.
Look it's gonna take time to cope with these feelings.
It it won't happen this morning.
(Sebastian sighs) Maybe you need a little distraction.
Watch a movie or play a video game.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
(sighs) Details of the incident are forthcoming, but we can confirm that a man was shot and killed last night by a federal agent.
It's being said that the victim was a tourist.
I cannot confirm that information yet.
However, as acting mayor, my promise to the citizens of New Orleans is that the truth of what happened here will come out.
PRIDE: NOPD had no luck finding the gun Sebastian saw.
I'm hoping that you all did better.
Well, we were out there all morning.
Didn't find a gun or any evidence there ever was a gun.
Interviewed dozens of witnesses.
Plenty saw Sebastian chasing Mattis.
No one saw the shooting, let alone Dawson with a gun.
But they all agree on one thing.
They heard two shots out there.
That's all.
Number of times Sebastian fired.
SONJA: Hey, we're doing the best we can right now.
If there is a gun, we'll find it.
We all know how exacting Sebastian is.
He says he saw a gun, no ifs about it.
It was there.
We need to go back out to the crime scene and reinterview the witnesses.
All right, we can do that, but Clock is ticking, okay? High-profile shooting involving a federal agent.
We've all seen how the media plays this out.
Conclusions are gonna get jumped to real soon if we don't find something to back up Sebastian's story.
Okay, but there's two dozen cops out there.
All due respect, you go out there now, you're only gonna get in the way.
SONJA: We got other problems, like a hit man that's still at large and a trail that's gone cold.
All right.
All right, what do we know about Mattis? He's wanted in seven different countries for a dozen assassinations.
If he's in New Orleans, he's got a target here.
Any known accomplices? He travels with a forged passport, gets his equipment in whatever city he's operating.
He has to have help.
Maybe Dave Dawson.
Dawson's a 37-year-old machinist out of Fort Worth.
No criminal record.
He and his wife were in town on a romantic getaway-- the farthest they've been outside of Texas.
Not exactly international assassin material.
The only thing Dawson and Mattis have in common is that they were in the same place at the wrong time last night.
But Dawson pulled a gun on Sebastian while he was pursuing a wanted fugitive.
Now, may be a coincidence, but it just feels like there's more to it than that.
And I have a feeling you're too close to the situation.
What are you doing back in town? And a pleasant hello to you, too, Percy.
You're here for Sebastian? Can we have a word? PRIDE: Hey.
I want to make this as easy as possible on all of us.
- All right? - Okay.
No games.
No funny business.
We go by the book, to the letter, and we get it over with.
sends a deputy director to investigate a shooting.
Does that sound "by the book" to you? 'Cause to me i-it sounds like an overreaction.
I'm not a director anymore.
I'm a special agent, just like you.
They demoted you.
After our Russian misadventure the last time I was down here.
Now, they gave me two options.
Resign or reassign.
And I'm not ready to give up my career, not yet.
I'm sorry for your troubles, Raymond.
But I can't say I'm sorry you're here to work on Sebastian's case because together we can clear him fast.
Look, you're not listening to me.
We're not working together.
I'm here under official capacity under strict orders: collect evidence and hold Special Agent Lund accountable.
Well, that won't be a problem 'cause Sebastian acted properly.
Yeah, well, for his sake, I hope you're right.
What do you mean? That means leave the Dave Dawson shooting to me.
He could be connected to our fugitive hit man.
That's why he pulled a gun on Sebastian.
There's a lot of assumptions in that statement.
There's something you need to see.
(sighs) SEBASTIAN: Stop! NCIS! This footage was shot behind Dawson's back.
You can't see a gun here.
Play it again.
Slow motion.
(slowed): NCIS! Play it as many times you want at any speed you want.
You still won't see a gun.
Doesn't mean it's not there.
We got another big problem.
This has been viewed over 25,000 times already.
It's going viral.
Federal agent shoots an unarmed tourist in the French Quarter.
I don't need to tell you the damage that this footage No, you don't.
PRIDE: Did you get some rest? SEBASTIAN: Not really.
You know, there's a lot on my mind, like what's about to happen in here.
Nothing to worry about.
Isler is gonna ask you some questions, you'll answer 'em.
Any advice on how to answer? Honestly, Sebastian, that's how.
Nice to see you again, Special Agent Lund.
I'm sorry it's under these circumstances.
You're welcome to watch from observation.
You're nervous? SEBASTIAN: Yeah, I am.
I'm sorry.
ISLER: It'd be weird if you weren't.
Now in your own words, what happened last night? Okay, um, it was a surveillance operation of Hans Mattis in the French Quarter.
Um, the suspect made me and then fled.
I chased after him.
Um, when I announced myself as a federal agent "Hans Mattis took a shot at you.
You pursued him into an alley where you shot Mr.
" It's from your official statement, Special Agent Lund.
I want to know what happened.
I I don't understand.
I remember being in your shoes.
Was fresh out of Quantico, my first pursuit, chasing the suspect, adrenaline starts pumping, the bullet starts flying, and your whole world turns upside down.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
You say that Hans Mattis took a shot at you, but you don't actually remember seeing that happen, do you? No.
I-I felt the bullet pass by my ear, but I didn't see Mattis pull the trigger, no.
So, you turned into an alley, having just barely escaped a bullet to your head, you say Mr.
Dawson was holding a gun on you.
Yeah, he was.
You sure? I am.
As sure as you are that Hans Mattis took a shot at you in the first place? I mean, I-I know what I saw.
I assume that you have seen this.
Stop! Freeze! Yeah, I've seen that.
You don't see the gun, but-but Dawson has it.
See, that's the problem.
I have forensic analysis here.
No GSR, no bullet casing, no slug.
I have two dozen witness statements.
No one saw Dave Dawson with a gun, except you.
You, Sebastian, the one person who shouldn't be expected to remember this.
I'm telling you, Dawson had a gun.
And the evidence doesn't support that.
From what I see, or more precisely, what I don't see here, it appears that no one fired on you.
It's not true.
Are you willing to swear to that under oath in front of a jury? A jury? Are y are you bringing me up on charges? I'm collecting facts.
And the facts say that you shot a man who appears to be unarmed.
And if that holds up, you will absolutely be brought up on charges.
Nothing anyone can do about that.
Wh wh-what does that mean? It means that until this inquiry is resolved, NCIS has authorized me to collect your badge.
What the hell was that? I'm surprised I made it out of the squad room without you jumping me.
You just ambushed Sebastian.
I was just doing my job.
I got nothing personal against your boy.
That was all kinds of personal.
Lund is green in the field.
He was in a heightened situation, alone, without backup.
He was scared and he shot an unarmed man.
Now, that's not personal; that's reality.
You need to back off.
- Why? Because we worked a few cases together, bent a few rules, because cops look out for cops, why? Because Sebastian says Dawson was armed and I'm gonna prove it.
Pride, no Pride, Pride.
You're gonna pursue your missing assassin and you're gonna leave the Dawson shooting alone.
Do you hear me? I know what this is.
You're pissed at me, right? You lost your job.
You think it's my fault.
That's fine.
But leave Sebastian out of this.
Hey, hey, I'm not the one that you need to be worried about here.
What do you mean by that? That means stay out of my way.
Now, you want to help Lund, you get him a good lawyer.
You stay in your lane and do not interfere in my investigation.
Where's Sebastian? He ducked out when you chased after Isler.
Didn't say a word about the interview, but I'm guessing it didn't go well.
We've been officially warned off the Dawson investigation.
Wait, so we're supposed to stop trying to clear Sebastian? No.
We'll do it on the QT, right, Pride? Well, we're not giving up.
We're also not gonna get in the FBI's way, officially or unofficially.
Well, whatever we're gonna do, we'd better do it fast.
The video of Sebastian shooting is spreading like wildfire.
The city is gonna start calling for his head.
And if I'm right and Dawson is connected to Hans Mattis We find Mattis, we prove the connection.
And exonerate Sebastian.
LASALLE: Finding Mattis is the problem.
Patton's been going through surveillance cameras in the Quarter all day, no luck.
That's Mattis' M.
Got a well-protected target impossible to get, Mattis is your guy.
He slips in, he slips out.
I mean, how is it this guy never leaves any evidence? He's like a ghost.
But he's not a ghost.
He's a man.
And every man leaves a trace, especially when you disrupt his plan.
Give me good news, P.
Surveillance cameras came up nil, so I dove into the NOPD's radio chatter after the shooting.
I figured someone might've reported Mattis fleeing the scene.
- You got a hit? Not on Mattis but on a black Camry that was stolen two blocks from the scene.
What, you think Mattis stole the car? If that's the case, he'd be halfway to Mexico by now.
No, actually, he's still in New Orleans.
NOPD's license plate reader just tagged the black Camry in the Marigny.
Plate doesn't match make or model.
Got to be Mattis.
Steals a car and changes the plates to a different one to cover his tracks.
If he stuck around knowing we're chasing him, he could be staying to complete his mission.
Then we got to stop him from pulling that trigger.
Where's the car now, Patton? On Esplanade.
Let's roll.
MAN: Yo, check it out.
It's NCIS.
What y'all doing here? Sir, gonna have to ask you to move on.
No way.
Listen, we're on official business, so we'll need you to leave.
MAN: Or what? You gonna shoot me? Come on, everybody, get your phones out.
Gregorio, forget about it.
Help us out with the car.
We're not gonna forget about what's going on.
Everyone needs to see this.
Car's engine is still warm.
All right, search the area.
He's got to be around here somewhere.
Yeah, it's gonna be a problem with our little fan club over here.
MAN: Come on, man, take your phone out.
They're up to something.
All right, everyone, you need to disperse now.
We're not going anywhere.
This is not a request.
There's a dangerous fugitive in the area.
- Yeah.
Okay, you made your point.
You got your videos.
Please move before anybody gets WOMAN: Get out, get out, get out! (woman screams) Get out of the way! Out of the way! Go up.
Come on, come on, come on.
Let's go.
Everybody out.
Shh, shh, shh, quiet.
If Mattis was here, he's gone now.
Yeah, he was here, all right.
Come take a look at this.
PRIDE: Laura Dawson.
Dave Dawson's widow.
GREGORIO: Why would Mattis kill Dawson's wife? 'Cause Pride's right.
Dawson's connected to Mattis.
Still no idea why.
But we're one step closer to clearing Sebastian's name.
Laura Dawson's throat was slit from ear to ear, severing her carotid artery.
She bled out instantly.
Gonna assume you didn't find any forensic evidence pointing to our missing hit man, Mattis? Aside from expert knife work, no.
Uh, I did, however, find trace fibers underneath Mrs.
Dawson's fingernails, similar to that of the ones found on her husband's body.
What kind of fibers? Some sort of industrial plastic, but without Sebastian, I had to send the sample to outside experts for more details.
Be nice to get him back, Dwayne.
Working on it, Loretta.
NOPD cordoned off a mile radius of the crime scene after we found Mrs.
Mattis still managed to escape.
We were on top of them, how did they get away again? Well, the lookie-loos didn't help.
Mattis could have slipped off into the crowd.
Why would he go out of his way to kill Dawson's wife? No idea, but it makes the connection between Dawson and Mattis.
Yeah, but it's not enough to prove Sebastian was justified in shooting him.
We need evidence.
Like the gun Sebastian saw Dawson holding.
All right, well, what if Laura took the gun? In the chaos of the shooting last night? Well, I was at the scene, King.
I mean, she didn't go within ten feet of her husband's body.
Yeah, but you weren't there when he went down.
The gun could have skittered in her direction.
Even if she took it, she would have tossed it as soon as she had a chance.
Well, maybe she never had the chance.
She was with the police all day being interviewed.
They wouldn't have gone through her purse.
And then she was escorted back to her hotel just before we showed up.
Is that why Mattis went to her room? What's so special about this gun to risk getting caught? Well, Mattis has a job in town.
That's why he's still here.
And if he killed Laura Dawson for that gun, it means he might need it to complete his mission.
A lot of ifs and maybes.
So let's prove it.
Somebody out there has a target on their back, somebody worthy of Mattis' skill set.
Means a VIP.
High security.
- We'll look for matches.
- Yeah, I'll dig into the Dawsons again and see if we can find a connection to Mattis.
No, leave the Dawsons out of it.
Isler made it clear it's not our case.
We'll honor that.
Understood? - Yes.
- All right.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Miss Loretta.
Something tells me you're not gonna leave the Dawsons alone.
Sebastian said there was a gun.
But there's no forensic evidence.
Going back to that crime scene.
NOPD and FBI forensic agents were all over that scene.
What do you think you're gonna find? Not me.
He's the one expert who hasn't been all over it and the only one I trust.
Sebastian's shaken up, Dwayne, and you know that.
And I don't blame him.
There's video of the shooting on loop everywhere he turns.
I know, Loretta.
I'm sure he feels like the entire city's turned against him, like they just see him as another cop with an itchy trigger finger What? The city doesn't know him like we do.
Maybe that's something I can help with.
Timing couldn't be worse for a surprise visit, Loretta.
Husband and wife tourists were murdered within a day of each other.
I need to make a statement.
Husband hasn't been ruled a murder yet.
I'm not so sure they're tourists, so keep that in mind.
You've come to convince me that Special Agent Lund's not liable for Dave Dawson's killing.
No, that's not my place, Zahra.
I've come to convince you not to prosecute him on television.
You've seen the video? Your friend shot an unarmed man.
I know what it looks like, but it's not the full story.
It's a familiar one these days.
Dawson was a machinist; his wife, a bookkeeper.
They were on vacation.
Got caught in your friend's crosshairs.
What am I missing? Laura Dawson wasn't caught in anyone's crosshairs.
She was killed by a dangerous person, an assassin planning to murder someone else in the city, the city you're charged to protect.
We think the Dawsons were connected.
Of course, you can prove this? A lot of people are angry, Loretta.
I'm angry.
You, of all people, should understand that.
I do.
- There is a long list of victims like Dawson, many of them people of color, who need us to take a stand.
I'm very aware.
But you don't want me to talk about the erosion of public trust.
No, you want me to spin a tale about an international assassin.
I want you to stop fanning the flames until all the facts are in.
Give Sebastian the benefit of the doubt.
Because he's your friend.
You're right about one thing, Loretta.
It's not your place.
You can't come asking for special consideration.
- I'm not asking for special consideration.
- Well, what do you call it, then? A favor? A debt because you supported me? I'm not a dealmaker.
That was my predecessor.
And you see where it put him.
All I want is for you to do the right thing.
Never been a challenge before, until you started running for mayor.
The right thing's to acknowledge the public's trust, hold law enforcement accountable.
And if you can't see past your loyalty to your friend, we've got nothing left to discuss.
Is anyone staring? Yeah.
Get in here already.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying not to stand out.
Trying not to stand out kind of makes you stand out, Sebastian.
I mean, Isler took my badge.
He told you not to pursue the investigation.
Isler's tied up with Laura Dawson's murder.
I'll worry about him.
You just worry about finding evidence of a gun.
- Well, hold on, hold on.
FBI's on the cutting edge of forensic technology.
High density metal detectors, sonar imaging.
What if Isler's right and I'm wrong? Sebastian, I can't be the only one here who believes you.
You got to believe in you, too.
All right? Let's walk the scene.
Not as a participant in a shooting but as a scientist.
We're missing something.
(sniffs) Okay, so, uh I was chasing Mattis.
I came around this blind corner here.
That's when I I felt the bullet pass by my ear.
Did you see Mattis shoot? No, I-I mean, I didn't see anything.
I-I leapt back for cover, here.
And then everything after that was-was pure instinct.
I-I moved to this wall, here, and then I, uh, I spun around.
And Dawson was right there, pointing a gun at me.
You did what you had to do.
If Dawson shot at you, there has to be a bullet.
Why haven't we found it? The trajectory of the shot would've had it slamming into this wall, but-but, even if it ricocheted, it would've left some kind of a strike mark or GSR, some kind of a some kind of a sign.
What is it? Sebastian.
Of course.
Yeah, we're thinking about this all wrong.
Those-those forensic experts and-and their equipment, they were looking for a traditional lead slug.
That's why they never found the bullet.
Because it wasn't made of metal.
(chuckles softly) Glass bullets.
Say again? I was shot at with a glass bullet.
Similar idea to what sky marshals use on airplanes so that they don't pierce the fuselage.
Wouldn't that still leave gunshot residue on Dawson's body? Well, not if he shot at me with an air-powered gun.
See, these bullets, they're designed to shatter on impact, but they can be lethal in the hands of the right shooter.
Like Mattis.
How did Dawson end up with Mattis' special gun? Dave Dawson is a machinist, with a workshop and materials capable of manufacturing a weapon like we're talking about.
Yeah, actually, we think that he printed it.
From, uh, graphene carbon fiber.
That's the trace that Wade found on the Dawson body.
See, it's stronger than metal, but it's easy to pass through security.
Perfect for our killer.
Mattis goes to meet the Dawsons in the Quarter to collect his weapon.
Sebastian gets in the way.
Laura scoops up the gun to protect her husband and herself.
Mattis kills her to tie up loose ends, then takes the gun to finish the job.
We locate Mattis, we find the weapon.
So, all you guys need to do to clear my name is to catch an uncatchable assassin before he uses an undetectable gun to kill an unidentified target.
Piece of cake.
Let's get to work.
You took Lund back to the scene of a shooting he's being investigated for? I know it looks bad No, I don't think you do.
Or maybe, maybe you just don't care.
You're operating under a microscope here.
Every move you make is being scrutinized.
Dawson was armed, he shot at Sebastian, and we found evidence.
No, no, no, you found a theory.
Glass bullets and an air-powered gun.
You're gonna need a weapon to prove it.
Mattis killed Laura for that weapon.
Which proves a connection between all of them.
Dawson crafted a gun so that Mattis Yeah, so that Mattis could-could pull off some sort of high-profile assassination, yes.
It fits his M.
Explains why he's still in New Orleans.
Yes, and it conveniently clears Sebastian of any wrongdoing.
You can accuse me of a lot of things, Raymond.
I bend the rules, I improvise, I go my own way.
(chuckles): Yeah.
But I would never lie to protect Sebastian.
If I thought he wasn't justified, I would've taken his badge myself.
Mattis has the gun.
He intends to use it.
Help us stop him.
Save two lives and take down an internationally wanted killer.
We can both get a win here.
Clearly, you're about to ask me for something.
My team's been working nonstop to locate Mattis' target.
Scoured every piece of chatter coming in and out of the area.
No high-value VIPs deserving of a Mattis hit.
At least none that we know of.
Well, if you think I know, I don't.
But you can find out.
Deputy director of the FBI has access to Intel that I don't have.
I'm not a deputy director anymore, just a field agent like you.
Who can access the FBI database.
I know it's a big ask It's an impossible ask.
Look, even if I wanted to, my clearance has been revoked.
You're a political animal, Raymond.
You spent your entire career cultivating relationships.
You have friends.
Yeah, which I intend to keep.
Unlike you, I still have a chance of saving my career.
You keep saying things like that.
Unlock the door, Pride.
You know something about my career that I don't? All I know is that this conversation is over.
Now, unlock the damn door.
We're not done.
This isn't happening, Pride.
I'm not calling in a favor to save your agent's ass.
You have to.
- Why's that? Because it won't just save Sebastian.
It'll save Mattis' target, too.
And quite frankly, Raymond, it's the right thing to do.
All right.
Back in business.
Got us an I.
on Mattis' target.
How'd you come by that, King? Friends in high places.
GREGORIO: Colonel Rafiq Kassar.
Who is that? Former Syrian intelligence commander.
He cut a deal with the U.
PRIDE: CIA's bringing him to a black site at a nearby base for questioning.
Former bosses must've hired Mattis to take him out before he talks.
Yeah, where's the colonel now? On a CIA charter inbound for Louis Armstrong International.
- Landing in 30 minutes.
- We need to get to the airport and take Mattis down.
Wait, what-- hold on.
That's-that's too risky.
Just contact the pilot, get him to divert.
No good.
Plane's on a closed circuit communications blackout.
Then, I don't know, h-hack their communications.
I already tried.
It didn't work.
This is our chance to find the gun and clear you.
I know.
It's I was thinking about it, all right? And-and if one of you guys gets hurt trying to get my badge back Sebastian, appreciate the sentiment, but if we don't stop Mattis now, who knows how much more blood he'll spill? Let's go.
(security wand beeping) SONJA: Air traffic control just cleared a private jet for final approach.
LASALLE: We're still five minutes out.
(tires screech) Air-powered gun, glass bullets.
Mattis will have to get close to his target.
There, Gulfstream taxiing to a stop.
Any sign of Mattis? Got him! He's behind the nose! (gunshot) NCIS! Get him in the car! (gunshots) Go, go, go! (engine revs, tires screeching) Find him, find him.
Go! What the hell? Where did he go? - Hey.
Check it out.
We've lost him.
LASALLE: No sign of this joker, Gregorio.
Copy that, Lasalle.
Mattis must've made it into the terminal.
I'm inside now.
(woman speaking indistinctly over P.
) MAN (over P.
): Bravo three red, Concourse D.
Bravo three red, Concourse D.
GREGORIO: Just spotted Mattis, B Concourse.
Don't move.
That's how you always get away, huh? It's pretty clever, actually.
After an assassination, the only people who don't get scrutinized at the scene are the cops.
Put your hands up.
Now! Get down on your knees.
Move, move.
We've been looking for this.
My phone has been ringing off the hook.
A whole lot of attaboys.
Can't say I'm surprised.
Agencies across the globe extending their thanks to the man who brought down Hans Mattis.
Ah, apparently, that's the word going around.
Someone out there decided to give me all the credit.
All I care about is giving you Mattis' gun.
Sebastian's shooting is cleared.
He's cleared.
And you can give him this.
Well, that calls for a toast.
I'm good.
Looks like everybody won.
And you get to go back to your bosses a hero.
You know, you were right about a lot of things here, Pride.
But there was something that you got wrong.
I didn't come out here to investigate Sebastian's shooting to cover my own ass.
I did it to cover yours.
Someone in D.
has it out for you.
Someone powerful.
Who expected this whole thing to go the other way.
I'm guessing you don't know who it is.
I don't.
But I was told to end your career, whatever it takes.
That's why you backed me off the Dawson case.
Looking out for me.
Trying to.
Didn't make it easy.
I do what I have to.
(laughs softly) Well.
You might want to learn to make adjustments.
I'm on your side, but next time you cross the line, you won't be able to cross back.
Raymond? Everyone's going to the bar.
You sure you don't want to give this back to Sebastian yourself? It'll mean a lot more coming from you.
Watch your back.
(guitar playing) I was born on the river I was born a sinner No Dwayne? No, he's grabbing Sebastian.
But don't worry, I minored in mixology at Quantico.
What can I make you? (both laugh) I'll have a beer.
And keep 'em coming.
It's been a long couple of days.
Yes, ma'am.
Uh, make that two.
And they're on me.
May I sit with you? Hmm.
To wash us all away Lord, come and save us all My people tell me Sebastian was cleared of any wrongdoing.
And I wanted to look you in the eye and say you were right.
Mississippi risin' Thank you.
I also wanted to tell you I wasn't wrong.
I did what I thought was best, Loretta.
I held law enforcement accountable.
And I'd do it again.
You have always been stubborn.
I have.
That's why I need someone like you around me.
Someone to challenge me.
Give me perspective.
And I've always been contrary.
More than that, I want you to believe in me the same way you believe in Sebastian.
What are you asking me, Zahra? Join my campaign.
Help me run for mayor permanently, help me win.
We could do so much good for the city.
(laughing): I'm very flattered.
That's not a yes.
Okay, yes, but I'm not gonna pull any punches.
If I think you're wrong, I'll tell you to your face.
And if you go after my family again No, I understand now.
I-I won't make you choose between us.
Thank you, brother.
All right, who's ready-ready to get their drink on here? Hey! - Hey! Pride said first round's on him.
Sebastian's got the second round since we cleared his name.
Where is he, by the way? Pride's grabbing him, but they're not here yet.
Guys, I think we're gonna have to give Sebastian a little more time.
Risin', risin' Yeah.
Risin', risin' Yeah, risin', risin' Oh, oh, oh, oh.
(knocking) Hey.
Can I come in? Oh, yeah.
Of course, yeah, come on in.
I know everyone's probably waiting for me at the bar.
Obviously, you know, I'm so grateful for what you guys did, you know? I'm just, uh Not in the mood to celebrate? Yeah.
That's okay.
You feel like talking? It's just, no one ever mentioned to me what it would feel like, you know? Well, it's not something you can describe or plan for.
You took a life.
No matter how justified, you carry that weight with you forever.
Does it get any lighter? With time, you learn how to shoulder it.
That much I can promise.
It's a constant reminder of what this work costs, why it's important.
Yeah, the responsibility we have carrying a badge and a gun.
Can you carry that weight, Sebastian? Continue to do the job?