NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e10 Episode Script

Mirror Mirror

1 (loud buzzing, grunting) (yells, groans) (grunting) (yelling) (buzzing, yelling) Help! (grunts) (grunting) NCIS:New Orleans 4x10 Mirror Mirror Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Running out of questions, Doc? No, just writing down notes.
More notes than questions lately.
Must be making progress.
Do you think you're making progress? Don't you? I've admitted to going off-book, trying to make things right, both at mine and my team's expense.
Talked about my childhood, fears, dreams, Mom, Dad and my divorce.
Are you in a rush to get rid of me, Agent Pride? No.
But I am looking forward to getting HQ off my back and moving on.
Well, look, as far as I'm concerned, you're definitely making progress, okay? Okay.
In fact, I've been impressed.
You've been diligent about meeting, answering questions, identifying areas to improve.
But? But I think HQ's gonna need something a little more concrete before they feel more confident.
What does that mean? I don't know.
I can't answer that for you, but I'm sure you'll figure something out.
See you next week.
Oh, by the way, speaking of your father, HQ got a call from Slidell? Apparently, the prison board's been trying to get in touch with you? Yup.
My dad's up for parole again.
Been in prison a long time, hasn't he? Are you gonna help him get paroled? I wrote a letter last time, and it didn't help.
Might help if you showed up in person next time.
(phone beeps) Got a case.
Of course.
(camera shutter clicking) Oh, brace yourselves.
Here he comes.
I'm telling you, Percy, you're blowing this way out of proportion, all right? King's gonna be fine.
Really? Pumping station right next to the levee Mayor Hamilton tried to blow up last year, and a victim connected to that whole mess? Last thing Pride needs is another trigger.
How's everybody? - Good.
- Great.
- Never better.
What have we got? Well, Seabee was apparently checking canal pumps last night, releasing the water, slipped and fell in.
Must have gotten sucked under, then trapped against the debris grates next to one of the pipes.
Who found him? SONJA: Supervisor.
Turned off the pumps when he showed up for work this morning, body floated up.
WADE: Which would mean he'd been dead at least eight hours before.
Drowning victims usually stay submerged until bacterial decomposition of the tissue excretes gases, makes 'em buoyant.
Sounds like our sailor never had a chance.
You said he slipped? Thinking it was an accident? Maybe, maybe not.
He's got a three-inch gash on his forearm.
Can't tell what caused it yet, but it could be consistent with a defensive wound.
LASALLE: And we found bloodstains on the floodwall over by his tablet.
Tell him who the victim is.
Seabee's name is Isaac Newell.
Same Isaac Newell that worked here before Clearwater.
But that's impossible.
Newell was convicted, along with everyone else who helped Hamilton try to flood Clearwater.
He's supposed to be in prison.
LASALLE: Yeah, well, somehow he got released.
And got his old job back, too.
GREGORIO: He made a plea deal.
I just got off the phone with the U.
Attorney's office.
Said all charges against Newell were dropped in exchange for a testimony against somebody higher up on the Clearwater food chain.
So, wait.
Newell got off Scot-free? The man took bribes, he told Hamilton's explosive experts exactly which levee to blow.
- Who's he testifying against? - He wouldn't say.
Said he didn't want to compromise the case.
The case?! The case is closed! I helped them close it! They must have reopened it to go after somebody else, somebody obviously worth cutting a deal for.
Yeah, and somebody who obviously has motive to kill Newell, shut him up.
Well, I should've been told about this.
I worked too damn hard to put those people away.
I'm gonna find out what the hell is going on.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, I don't think you're gonna have much luck.
Soon as we heard, we took the liberty of trying to do a workaround DOJ's Clearwater files.
All right, and what did you find out? PATTON: That's the thing.
Which is unusual, 'cause DOJ isn't typically known for having high levels of encryption, but for some reason, the Clearwater case-- it's PATTON: Untouchable.
And that says a lot, coming from me.
Well, that doesn't make sense, Patton.
Look, King, we know how much you went through on this case.
All right? Especially 'cause of Hamilton and all.
PRIDE: You're right, Chris.
You're right.
But what I went through to bring Hamilton down affected you, too.
I know that.
And I'm working hard to rectify it, to move on so that we all can, so, let's just try to treat this like any other case, investigate Seabee Newell's death.
If it leads us to Clearwater, so be it, but if not, all the better, okay? Okay.
Sonja, Chris, check surveillance cameras at the floodwall.
Sebastian, see if you and Loretta can figure out what caused the gash on Newell's arm.
Patton, dig into his life, but no hacking.
Let's keep this aboveboard.
Copy that.
What do you want me to do? Contact Isler, see what the FBI knows.
It's got to be something.
SEBASTIAN: Whoa, wait.
Hold on.
Where are you going? To talk to the lead investigator on the Clearwater case.
He might know something, too.
Yeah, but I thought you said And then, I'm gonna call Rita in D.
She's in national security now.
She can backchannel DOJ, find out who Newell was about to testify against.
Come on, let's learn things! So much for treating this like any other case.
We can't talk about Newell here.
Let's take a walk.
- Got prying eyes and ears everywhere.
- Okay.
Almost like it was back when you and I helped bust the first Governor Edwards.
Why? What's going on, Charlie? What How did Newell get out? Just like they all do-- cut a deal.
He's not the only one, either.
What do you mean he's not the only one? Who else got out? Mr.
Fournier, you owe me a call.
Sorry, Ms.
, uh, Schumaker.
I ran into a friend.
Dwayne Pride, Assistant U.
Attorney Schumaker.
Down here from D.
, helping out on a case.
I think you can say “Clearwater,” seeing as how Agent Pride here was so involved in helping us prosecute the case in the first place.
Read all your briefs.
Feel like we've already met.
Nice to meet you, Ms.
Something going on with Clearwater I don't know about? I'm afraid that's on a need-to-know basis.
Well, I might need to know.
Investigating a possible murder.
Sailor was a coconspirator.
I didn't hear about that.
Let me look into it, and I'll get back to you.
I'll expect your call.
Newell got killed? When? Last night, and I'm not sure he was killed yet, but if he was, my chief suspect's gonna be whoever he was willing to testify against.
I need a name, Charlie.
Everybody wants that name, Dwayne.
That's why Schumaker's here, what this whole thing's about.
Hamilton's mystery partner? Hamilton had the ego and connections, but you always suspected that the deep pockets and the muscles had to come from somebody else.
We just couldn't prove it.
Yeah, but Newell? He knew who it was? Newell had a piece of the puzzle, maybe, but two other coconspirators had pieces, also.
They used them to cut deals and get out, too.
Who? Doesn't matter.
They got killed, too.
Mystery man is taking them all out, making it look like accidents.
Obviously doesn't want to be found, but the Feds aren't leaving town until they do.
I ain't gonna lose any sleep over Newell's death, Dwayne.
Or the others.
I know we both feel the same.
You almost lost your job because of what they did.
I lost my wife.
I remember, Charlie.
If Hamilton walks, Dwayne, I swear to God, I'll kill him myself.
I know, Charlie, I know.
But he's in for life, and that's gonna have to be enough.
It's not enough for me.
Anything to connect Newell's death to the other coconspirators I called you about? Uh, no, nothing yet.
Uh, Sebastian's with Wade, but she hasn't finished the autopsy yet.
And nothing NOPD sent on the other two vics indicates anything other than accidents.
Well, then we're missing something because they're not accidents.
They're connected to Clearwater.
King? What about Gregorio? Has Isler or the FBI called? Have they given us anything to go on yet? - Not that we're aware of.
- Well, come on, people! We got to move faster, then, we got to dig deeper.
Too many bad people who are supposed to be in prison are getting out, and if we can't figure out who's killing them, who Hamilton's mystery partner is, we're never gonna figure out WOMAN: Dwayne? Surprise! (laughs) What? Rita! (kissing sound) Hi.
Weren't you in D.
when I called you this morning? - Yes, I was - Okay, so then, I don't understand.
So you just flew in then? Not that I'm complaining, but What's going on? What happened? Um, I didn't want to tell you this over the phone.
(sighs) Hamilton's about to make a deal.
He's turning state's evidence.
He's getting out of prison, Dwayne.
(typing) (sighs) - Sorry.
I wake you? - No.
Maybe, but it's okay.
I understand.
You up? You want some coffee? No.
I'm fine.
(chuckles softly) I mean it.
I know you, Dwayne.
I know if you don't find a way to keep Hamilton behind bars, you'll be a pain.
Well, gee, thank you for your support.
(laughs) Trying to figure out who Hamilton's mystery partner is? (sighs) Yeah.
That's the only way they'd let him out; he's got to be a pretty catch for DOJ, too.
If I can figure out who it is before he gives up the name, he loses his bargaining chip, stays in prison.
And then everything you've gone though won't be for naught, right? Something like that.
That a bad thing? Depends on how far you're willing to go to keep Hamilton in prison.
Hopefully not as far as you nearly went to put him there.
I can't just let him walk, Rita.
I know you don't want to lose him, Dwayne, but I don't want to lose you, either.
When do you have to go back? (sighs) When I know you're okay.
(dog barking in distance) SONJA: Oh, my gosh.
Will you stop barking like this? You stop it! PRIDE: Sonja? Huh? Ooh! I'm sorry.
Look at what you did, girl-- you woke up my boss.
I had to bring her.
Unfortunately, she listens better to Gregorio than me.
What are you doing here? It's 5:30.
PATTON: (grunts) Got a bad guy to find, no time to find him, man.
Good to see you again, Rita.
You, too, Patton.
Sooner we find Hamilton's partner, the sooner we don't have to worry about you.
(clears throat) Coffee on? It's brewing.
ISLER: Good.
'Cause I could use a cup myself.
(barking, growling) Really? GREGORIO: Oh, don't mind her-- she doesn't like cops.
But you're cops, too.
GREGORIO: Hey, Rita, welcome back.
RITA: Glad to be back, and glad to see you guys have his back.
All right, come on, let's learn things.
(clapping) Thank you.
There you go.
All right.
Thank you.
So I just got off the phone with the warden at Slidell.
Hamilton's scheduled to be taken to the federal courthouse at noon tomorrow, under heavy guard.
Okay, so we have until then to find out who's behind all this before Hamilton walks.
Must be quite a prize.
I've got all my D.
contacts trying to figure out who it could possibly be, but DOJ's pretty tight-lipped.
FBI's looking into the other coconspirator deaths, right? I mean, see if they were murdered, too? I have the FBI working with NOPD right now.
Good, 'cause if we can find out who killed both them and Newell We can get the partner's name, and beat Hamilton to the punch.
PRIDE: Really appreciate you helping us out on this, Raymond.
I'm not just doing this for you, Pride.
IDing Hamilton's partner without losing Hamilton's a big win.
Might just get me back to D.
(Skype ringing on multiple phones) ALL: Sebastian! Aw, man, you hit Group Skype, dude.
It's a crazy Brady Bunch flashback.
WADE: Dwayne, think we might've found something.
Your sailor had traces of carbon fiber in his wound.
Yea, high tech, too.
Very specific.
Designed for high-speed flight so that the composite doesn't break apart.
It's usually found in propellers.
Propellers? Right, sorry, that's I'm burying the lede.
Um, we think that Newell was hit by a drone propeller.
WADE: Right, if it was a defensive wound, it was because somebody was attacking him with a drone.
Then somebody was trying to make him fall into the water.
Sounds like murder to me.
And a very specific murderer.
You know, drones are not easy to fly, especially when someone is using it as a weapon.
You want me to revisit your Clearwater files and see if any players have that kind of expertise? Yeah, that's a good idea, thanks.
Hey, Sebastian, get with my forensics agents.
See if drones could've been used with either one of the coconspirators, too.
Copy that.
Bobby Brady out.
(chuckles) What's the matter, Chris? I don't know.
I mean, I get how solving the sailor's murder gets us closer to Hamilton's partner, but if he's that big a deal SONJA: He wouldn't get his hands dirty with drones, let alone murder.
So, then, we're looking for a gun for hire.
It still should lead us to the partner's name.
But maybe not in time.
ISLER: Hey, Pride where you going? To have a chat with the one person who does know the name.
Who, Hamilton? You're gonna go and see him? Pride, that's a bad idea, if you know what I'm sayin'.
SONJA: Besides, he wouldn't tell you anything anyway.
That name is his Get Out of Jail Free card.
Well, he might not be in such a hurry to get out, though, once I tell him somebody's gonna kill him.
GREGORIO: You can't Go.
(Isler exhales) (lock buzzes, latch clicks) Oh, God.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) Thank you.
Well, well (chuckling): well.
What a surprise.
It's Dwayne Pride and the lovely little lady who stopped you from shooting me.
Tell you what, when I get out of here, I'd really love to buy you a drink, you know, say thanks.
Two strikes.
I'm gay and I hate your guts.
Oh Cut the crap, Douglas, sit down.
I'm here for one reason, one reason only.
I want you to tell me who your partner is.
Yeah, well, you're just gonna have to wait, Dwayne.
'Cause, as I'm sure you've heard, my entire future depends on You don't have a future.
Douglas, your partner is gonna kill you, just like he killed everybody else who was stupid enough to think that they could make a deal, too.
Yeah, I don't believe you.
Then you're an idiot.
You sure you don't want to have those drinks? You don't want to believe me? Fine.
You can rot in hell, as far as I'm concerned, for everything you've done.
Yeah, well, first, I'm getting out of here.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
Well, empty threats ain't gonna stop me.
They're not empty threats.
People died because of you.
They trusted you, and you used them, just like you use everybody else.
Pride You don't just get to walk out of here, you don't get to get away with it.
- You gonna finish what you started, huh? - You don't get to get out of here.
- You gonna finish what you started? Yeah? - Yes, I am! You gonna take me out yourself? If I have to.
Is that right? That's right.
Well, that's tough talk.
Let me tell you something, we both know better, don't we? Guard! And we both know.
that tomorrow, whether you like it or not, I'm a free man.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) So deal with that.
(door closes) Pride.
You know, there's still a chance Hamilton doesn't get out.
We still have time Maybe we ought to just let him walk, let his partner take care of him.
Come on, you don't mean that.
That's not right, that's not what we do.
That's what he would do.
Who is that? My father.
Dwayne? Let's go.
You're not gonna like this, King.
We think we know who killed our sailor and the other two.
SONJA: Which means he's got to be working for Hamilton's partner.
So why won't I like it? Wait, Fournier? Are you sure? SONJA: DA asked him to assist DOJ's investigation into Clearwater last year.
He knows all the players.
And he requested to help this time, again when they started cutting deals.
Plus, Patton checked the car and cell GPS, so we can place him at each location around the time of all three murders.
LASALLE: Expert investigator, knows how to cover his tracks.
Not exactly hard evidence.
Maybe not, but his hobby is drones, Pride.
Races them recreationally.
Supposedly, he's good at it.
LASALLE: Even worse, Fournier's bank account-- a lot of money has been deposited into his account the last couple of weeks, including $9,000 just yesterday.
Right after Newell was killed.
And when you factor in what happened to his wife He's got motive.
Think it's safe to assume he's supposed to kill Hamilton too, soon as he gets out of prison.
GREGORIO: If Fournier's motive is revenge, why would he work with the partner? why wouldn't he just kill him? Well, knowing Charlie, he wants to make sure he gets everybody responsible.
He's always been methodical that way.
Sorry, King.
Know how close you two are.
Stay here, we're gonna go make the arrest.
We can't arrest him, not yet.
SONJA: Why not? Newell's our case.
We know who did it, don't we have to No, but if we arrest Charlie now, he'll lawyer up.
Which means there's no way he'll tell us who the partner is before before Hamilton walks.
And that's not happening.
MAN: Let me get this straight-- you're asking to go rogue? Oh, no, it's not really rogue if NCIS approves it.
It's more like, um undercover.
To do what, exactly, again? To make Fournier believe that I want to kill Hamilton just as much as he does.
This is crazy, Dwayne.
I know, JJ, it's crazy, but we don't have much time.
And it's the only way to get the name of Hamilton's mystery partner and keep Hamilton in prison.
NCIS has to want that, too.
Of course we do, but it just seems risky, especially considering your history with Hamilton.
I don't like it.
I don't like it at all.
And, just for the record, if this backfires, you're not gonna like it, either.
Is that a yes? (clicks tongue) All right.
What do you want me to do? I want you to fire me.
You do realize everybody's talking about you getting fired, right? Oh, glad to hear it's getting around.
Hopefully, Charlie's heard about it, too.
What Charlie.
Fournier? This is-this is the man that you're going to, what, team up with to kill Hamilton, if I understand this plan correctly? Relax, Isler, it's just a ruse.
It's not like I'm going off-book again.
HQ has sanctioned it.
Besides, I'm not actually gonna kill Hamilton, just threaten him, so stop worrying.
Worry? Why-why should I worry? It's a perfectly reasonable plan, except for the fact that you almost did kill Hamilton, or have you forgotten that little incident? Nope, I remember.
RITA: Sorry, I forget-- do you want the shotgun or the .
45? PRIDE: Uh better take both, just in case.
Since I'm no longer NCIS, decided I had better leave my service weapon behind.
Don't want Charlie to get suspicious.
ISLER: What? Look, it's a tall order, expecting him not to be suspicious.
And you're okay with all this? No, of course not.
I'm worried sick.
But if Dwayne can get close enough to Charlie, convince him that they're on the same side Then maybe he'll tell me who Hamilton's partner is before we have to kill him.
Which you're not gonna actually do.
Remember? Right.
But the good news is that even if Dwayne doesn't get the name first, he'll be in a position to save Hamilton from Charlie if it comes down to that.
ISLER: Ah, so, now you're gonna actually save Hamilton.
Is that right? Hamilton's due in court at 3:00 to give up his partner's name, which means we have until then to get that name first.
I'm still working my D.
contacts, but I'm not optimistic.
Keep trying.
Isler, I'm hoping you can coordinate my team from here.
Patton's working Charlie's cell, laptop, and routing numbers, trying to get the name that way.
And where's the rest of your team? Setting up at the courthouse in case we don't ID the partner in time.
Which means I've got to get to Charlie first.
(sighs) Hey! Whoa! Dwayne, what the hell are you doing? Just drive, Charlie.
Go! What's the matter? Somebody after you? No.
Somebody's after you.
My team knows that you killed Newell and the others.
You got to be kidding, man.
Skip it.
They know because I know.
I know about the money, the drones, covering your tracks.
Did you think I wouldn't figure it out? You screwed up, Charlie.
I don't care.
Those bastards deserved it, and you know it.
I'm not saying they didn't.
I just can't believe it's you doing it.
Yeah, well, believe it, 'cause there was no way I was gonna let them get away with what they did, what happened.
No way.
So, what, you gonna bust me? Is that it? That's how you plan on getting your freaking badge back.
You gonna throw me to the wolves.
You heard about that? You kidding? The great Dwayne Pride getting his ass canned? It's a small town, brother.
That's big news.
Listen, man, if you think I'm just gonna let you turn me in I'm not gonna bust you, Charlie, that's not why I'm here.
I don't want my badge back, anyway, not if NCIS is willing to let Hamilton walk.
All right, then.
So what do you want? I want what you want.
I want Hamilton.
GREGORIO: Showtime.
Hamilton just arrived at the courthouse.
He's already wearing a suit, too.
Think he knows he's gonna walk or what? GREGORIO: I wouldn't doubt it for a second.
Any sign of Pride? LASALLE: He's just arriving now, too, with Fournier.
Good news is marshals won't let any weapons past, so at least Fournier's unarmed.
But still, he's got to have some other way of trying to take Hamilton out.
If he does, Pride'll stop him.
ISLER: Let's hope so.
All right, let's stay focused.
Let's wait and see what happens.
BAILIFF: All rise.
While court is in session, there will be no audio or video recording devices allowed in the courtroom.
Please remain silent during the proceedings.
If you have a cell phone, please silence it now.
Honorable Chief Judge Edwin Miller, U.
District Court for the Eastern District He won't be smiling for long.
of Louisiana presiding.
Be seated.
Aren't we supposed to take out Hamilton before he reveals the name? I mean, isn't that the whole point? How are we gonna do it in here? You want to go through with this or don't you? More than anything.
But I also want to get away with it.
Trust me.
We will.
I've got friends in high places.
I understand the defendant, Douglas Hamilton, and the U.
Attorney have reached a plea deal, Ms.
Schumaker? Yes, Your Honor.
We have.
In exchange for the identity of his coconspirator, of which Mr.
Hamilton has provided fully vetted evidence to support our belief that once he provides a name, we'll be able to prosecute the entire I have it all in front of me, Ms.
Thank you.
But what I don't have is Mr.
Hamilton's signed release papers in the event of judgment.
I, uh must have left them in the conference room.
May I? Go on.
Please hurry.
(fire alarm blaring) GUARD: Ladies and gentlemen! Please make your way to the north hall.
(frightened chatter, alarm continues blaring) GUARD: Once outside With me, Mr.
What's going on? What do you mean, someone pulled the fire alarm? That's awfully convenient.
(alarm continues blaring) Please continue to exit They're taking Hamilton away.
What are we waiting for? You'll see.
This way.
Sit here.
All right, uh, hold-hold on.
Now, shouldn't we be getting out of here? What if there's really a fire? I don't understand.
Grab his gun.
Dwayne? The hell is going on? Hurry up.
Shoot him.
What are you waiting for? Shoot him! Who are you working for? Who's his partner? Wait, what? You're under arrest, Charlie.
Three counts of murder, conspiracy to commit.
Give me a name.
Maybe you can cut a deal, too.
It's your only chance.
You're kidding me.
You're playing me? For what? To help that piece of crap? (gunshots) Really? I'm the biggest threat right now? Roger, copy that.
Third floor clear.
Going to fourth floor.
Headed to fourth floor.
Ma'am? Dwayne Pride.
He shot Charlie.
He kidnapped Hamilton.
What? What? No, what? (screams) What are you doing? Just move.
Excuse me.
Have you seen them leave? No, did you? We lost 'em, Isler.
Both of them.
Damn it.
It's all over the news, Isler.
That, coupled with APBs and BOLOs out for Pride-- it's a full-on manhunt.
It's more like a witch hunt.
I mean, it's just like last year with Hamilton, only worse.
This time they think Pride killed a man.
What a mess.
(sighs) Leave it to Pride.
I just don't get why he ran.
I mean, if he's innocent, then “If,” Sebastian? Well, I mean You know what I mean.
Yeah, Sebastian's right, though.
I mean, why take off with Hamilton? Why not just stick around and say what really happened? RITA: Only one explanation.
Dwayne was trying to save him, just like he said he was going to do.
Yeah, but save him from who? Whoever was lying in wait, working with Fournier.
Which means he was working for Hamilton's partner, too.
Obviously at the courthouse to take both Hamilton and Fournier out.
To cover his tracks, which is apparently what he does best, or we'd know who he is by now.
Uh, no luck with your D.
contacts, I take it? No.
And I have tried everyone I know, too.
SEBASTIAN: Okay, but if we can figure out who pulled the trigger, then we can at least figure out the partner's name.
Which exonerates Pride and puts Hamilton back in prison.
ISLER: All right.
I already told the FBI that I'm taking lead on this.
The courthouse surveillance cameras are coming here first.
I want you two to pour over them.
We got to find that killer.
You got it.
Let's roll.
Are Gregorio and Percy still at the courthouse? Yeah, trying to figure out how Pride and Hamilton escaped.
Help them.
We got to find Pride before NOPD.
We can't save him or Hamilton unless we do.
I'm on it.
(sighs) What? You're not just doing this to try and get your old job back.
You care about Dwayne, don't you? (scoffs) I can neither confirm or deny that, Counselor.
(chuckling): Okay.
Uh, excuse me.
Where are you going? See what I can find out at the courthouse.
I'm DOJ, too.
Besides you're not the only one who cares about Dwayne.
Uh, Counselor? Hmm? Be careful.
Killer could still be there.
HAMILTON: You're just driving around in circles, aren't you? Well, sooner or later you're gonna have to stop for gas, somebody's gonna spot you, and I am just gonna scream for help.
Or I could just shoot you instead.
I got plenty of bullets left.
Yeah, give me a break, Dwayne.
You could have shot me by now and you know it.
Come on, man.
Let's eat.
I'm hungry.
Tell me who your partner is, I'll turn around.
Yeah? Turn around, take me back to prison? I don't think so.
I told you, I'm not going back there.
And I'm not giving you a name, either.
Sorry, I know that's the reason you saved me back there in the first place No, I saved you because I knew your partner was gonna try and kill you, and I was right.
You owe me.
I owe you? Yes.
The same guy that put me in prison in the first place? You put yourself there, Douglas.
You say tomato You know what? You ought to be more worried about me rightow than prison.
Just give me the name, all right? Who do you think you're kidding, huh? You don't got the upper hand, Dwayne.
I got the upper hand.
Cops think you shot Fournier.
They're after you, not me.
You might even have to share a cell with your old man.
Won't that be fun? I didn't shoot Charlie, and you know it.
Well, I'm not vouching for you.
No way.
No way, baby.
You the dead man here, not me.
Dead man.
We'll see about that.
(tires squeal) What the hell are you doing? Dwayne? Found out how Pride escaped the courthouse.
Somebody stole a fleet car from the garage.
Disabled the security cameras, too.
You get a plate? Better.
Got the VIN number, but already sent it to Patton to see if he can hack into the GPS.
Good work.
But not good enough.
Look, if we don't find Pride before he goes off the rails and takes Hamilton Look, don't-don't say it, okay? I mean, we all know what the stakes are by now.
All right, enough already.
You got anything from the courthouse cameras? Well, not until now.
Check this out.
All right, that's the corridor outside the holding room where Fournier was killed.
Everyone is evacuating from the fire alarm, right? Except her.
Who's she? Here, allow me.
Assistant U.
Attorney Schumaker.
Sounds legit.
Except it's not.
Everyone is looking for her at the courthouse, especially since she allegedly witnessed the shooting.
Let me guess, she disappeared? Yeah.
So I called D.
, and I had the police go to Joyce Schumaker's apartment, where they found her murdered.
The killer stole her identity.
RITA: But I stole the killer's phone.
She left it in the courtroom in her hurry to get out of there.
Oh, good work, Rita.
Get this to Patton, have him tear it apart.
If that's the killer, then she definitely had to have contact with the mystery partner.
Then I'll take over trying to find where Pride's car's at.
Already found it.
Not gonna like where it is.
Looks like he's on his way to the levees they almost blew up last year.
The levees.
Why? Hopefully not to finish what he started.
PRIDE: Keep moving! So, what, you're too much of a coward to pull that trigger? Are you gonna push me in, drown me? Is that it? This is where your partner killed Newell.
Right here.
Yeah, well, you're not him.
And you know what? I'm gonna call your bluff.
Because you're too much of a freaking Boy Scout.
You talk tough, you want to cross that line, but you can't.
I'm not gonna let you walk.
You have no choice, 'cause you got nothing! (chuckles) Look at you.
I bet you wish you were your old man right about now, huh? 'Cause old Cassius, he'd have the balls to pull that trigger.
He'd push me in there without a second thought.
But you? You can't.
Yeah? (laughs) You're right.
I'm not.
I'm not my old man.
I'll find out your partner's name another way.
After he kills you.
You think I'm afraid of him? Huh? You think that I don't know exactly what I'm gonna do? How I'm gonna get away with this? Well, screw you! Screw you, Dwayne! Screw you (shouting) (gasps) Dwayne! Dwayne, help me! Help (gasping) Come on! (panting) (groans) (coughing, laughing) (groans) What's so funny? I'm just so confused, is all.
Did you just actually save me? Don't flatter yourself.
It's just instinct.
You'll do anything to get me back into prison, won't you? Just so you know, it doesn't matter.
I'm not giving you my partner's name.
ISLER: That's okay.
We already have it.
Got it off the cell phone from your partner's hit man.
Actually, hit woman, who was hired by your partner to kill you.
But thanks to Pride, she didn't.
SEBASTIAN: That's the good news.
You want to know what the bad news is? LASALLE: Now that we know the name, deal's off.
You're going back to prison, Hamilton.
(grunts) Now I'm sad you saved me.
Now I'm glad I did.
NEWS ANCHOR: The FBI arrested Chief Judge Edwin Miller this morning for conspiracy, extortion, fraud, and contract murder charges in connection with the Clearwater shipyard scandal last year.
Sources say that Miller was working with the previously convicted Mayor Hamilton as well as organized crime, which was allegedly funding the illegal project.
Now PATTON: Going out on a limb here.
I'm-a say that's a big win for you.
For all of us.
For all of us.
A big win for all of us.
Although I will say I would feel much better if we had nailed Miller's hired gun, too.
You'll find her.
And if you don't, we will.
Nobody messes with NCIS.
(chuckles) (growling) Do you guys have a license for that dog? Do you have insurance for your kneecaps? I think that's my cue to leave.
(barks) Hey, Isler, thanks for helping us.
I mean it.
LASALLE: Yeah, especially for helping us save Pride.
Just doing my job.
Besides, as far as I'm concerned, Pride saved himself.
At least, that's how I hope his bosses see it.
PRINCE: Everything looks in order to me, Agent Pride.
Thank you, sir.
Didn't go off-book at all.
I'll be the judge of that.
And my judgment is you don't have to worry about us looking over your shoulder anymore.
Congratulations, you're officially cleared.
(chuckles softly) What about my team? What about them? Are they cleared, too? They were never under investigation, Dwayne, just you.
Fair warning, though-- stay off my radar.
No second chances here.
So, what are you gonna do to celebrate? RITA: Are you sure about this? PRIDE: It's long overdue.
Do you want me to come in with you? No, no.
I just.
You got a plane to catch.
You got to get home.
How are you getting home? I'll figure something out.
Come on.
Don't worry about me.
I'm gonna be okay.
I know.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for being here for me.
My pleasure.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) We're fine.
If you're here for a thank you, you can just forget it.
Well, I didn't help get you paroled for you, Dad-- I did it for me.
Oh, yeah? How's that? You wouldn't understand.
Or probably care, for that matter.
Oh, poor Dwayne.
Your big bad daddy hurt you that much, did he? Tell me something: how did you turn out to be so good, then? I don't know how good I am.
But, uh, however much it is, I owe it to you.
You probably never knew this, but I grew up wanting to be just like you.
I admired you.
Everybody did.
They loved you, looked up to you till they didn't.
Till I didn't.
Yeah? When was that? Today.
When I realized I had to stop trying to make up for all the damage you've done, for all the people you hurt.
Took me long enough.
But here I am.
Looks like we're both free now.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks)