NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e11 Episode Script


1 (siren wailing in distance) (indistinct radio transmission) What do we know, Mary? Vehicle was spotted fleeing an industrial warehouse after robbing it.
It's been leading units on a high-speed chase throughout the city.
- Any injuries? - No.
But not for lack of trying.
27 to 531.
Roadblock is in place.
OFFICER (over radio): Suspect vehicle coming your way.
Almost here! Let's go! (engine revving, siren wailing) (tires squealing) ESTES: Here they come.
Driver, turn off your ignition.
Place both hands, palms out, on the windshield.
You are completely surrounded Comply with our instructions, or we will take you by force.
All right, move in.
Move in.
OFFICER: The driver's moving! OFFICER 2: We got movement in the back! ESTES: Down, everyone, down! (tires squealing) NCIS:New Orleans 4x11 Monster (gunfire stops) (panting): What the hell was that, Mary? Mary.
(groans) Mary.
Oh Officer down! Look, stay with me.
(stammers) It's gonna be okay.
Stay with me.
I need an ambulance! Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Even on a Sunday morning off, can't help but find some work to do.
Inventory soothes the soul, Loretta.
That's what the poet says.
Though I say turnovers from Brocato's are a close second.
(chuckles) What gives? Now, don't be dubious.
I'm just checking on my friend after the holidays.
Well, work's been slow, but the bar's been poppin'.
I know you were busy with the boys, but you should've seen it on New Year's Eve.
Laurel came.
She says to tell you hello.
Ah, for a good investigator, sometimes you're so dense, Dwayne.
What I mean is What you mean is, after all the drama last year, with HQ probing my performance, the Hamilton situation Yeah.
And your team doubting you.
my team doubting me-- how am I holding up? Yes.
HQ's off my case.
Team's working well.
My demons are at bay.
All is right with the world.
No more drama, for the time being.
All right, let's eat.
If you insist.
(phone ringing) Oh, my goodness.
Hey, Christopher.
What's up? How many injured? (siren whoops) ESTES: Well, I need to know as soon as you.
You understand? Go.
Let's go.
What the hell? You all right? Huh? Yeah, yeah.
No, no, no, this, uh this isn't my blood.
Uh, one of my officers, Mary Crane, she, uh, she got hurt, along with a few others.
Uh, Officer Courtney and Sergeant Tim, uh Tim-- God, what the hell's his last name? I Carl, Carl, hey, hey, hey, slow down.
Yeah, just, it was a high-speed chase.
Son of a bitches, they-they robbed armed robbery at an electronics warehouse, got a few thousand dollars in cash and some computer components.
Suspects had a machine gun? M134 minigun.
Pride, it was like it was like Fallujah out here.
I-I, uh They fled the scene? Any idea where they went? No, no, no.
They, uh We got every officer in town on a manhunt right now.
Okay, NCIS is ready to help.
Now, you said one of the suspects was Navy? Yeah, yeah.
Used to be.
We pulled some fingerprints from the warehouse.
PRIDE: Marcus Tyrell.
Navy logistics specialist.
Dishonorably discharged for stealing military equipment.
Yeah, we don't have an ID on the other suspect yet, but we've got surveillance photos.
How'd they end up with a minigun? SEBASTIAN: Well, from us, actually.
I just ran a ballistics field test on the spent cartridges.
Both gun and ammunition are Navy issue, King.
All right, look, we'll dig into Tyrell figure out who he's with and where they've gone.
Yeah, good.
I-I need to get over to Mercy, check on my officers right now.
Oh, hey, I'm a universal donor, so if they need blood, you know, I'm not the best with needles, but once they get it in, they can pump all day.
You know what I need? I need you to find these guys.
PRIDE: Okay.
All right? Guaranteed, Carl.
Petty Officer Marcus Tyrell was caught selling pistols from the armory on his ship to undercover cops in Virginia.
Did two years in the brig, got discharged.
The machine gun they used today was part of a cache of decommissioned Navy weapons that went missing from the Blue Grass Army Depot a few weeks ago.
Thousands of small arms and ammunition just disappeared.
No evidence left behind.
Whoever pulled off the heist was good.
Can't be Tyrell-- his rap sheet's a study in stupidity.
He's small-time.
Yeah, it could be our second suspect was responsible.
There's got to be more.
You don't just waltz onto a base and steal an arsenal without leaving a trace.
Got an idea who masterminded the heist.
Willard Kurtz.
LASALLE: Who is Willard Kurtz? SONJA: Gunrunner out of Houston.
Smuggled handguns into Mexico.
Know the name from my ATF days.
What connects him to the Blue Grass robbery? He's done it before.
National Guard armory in Texas, gun manufacture clearing house in Arizona.
Always high-end, military-grade weapons and always in bulk.
Which makes him very popular on the international market and number one on the ATF's most wanted list.
Kurtz was spotted in Kentucky about three days before the Blue Grass robbery with two unknown men.
That's Tyrell and his partner.
Kurtz could be here in New Orleans.
Which means we have a chance to take him down.
If we can find him.
Oh, Patton and I can help with that.
So, we've been running photos from the police chase, trying to get facial recognition on the second suspect.
We got a good image from traffic cam, but no hits yet.
We did, however, find something that might help us trace that pickup truck.
Well, NOPD already found the truck abandoned a mile away from the shootout.
We don't need the truck if we can tell you where it came from.
That decal on the driver's side.
PRIDE: Some kind of bar code? Yeah, it allows the truck to access a restricted area; we were able to scan it.
Where does it lead to? Port of New Orleans.
Got a PIN number and everything.
Good work Let's check it out.
SEBASTIAN: All right.
According to port records, the pickup truck is connected to Whitehall Freight.
I've heard that name before.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, they're a small shipping company with one cargo vessel-- can't be a coincidence.
They're planning to head south tonight.
Trying to skip town.
GREGORIO: If that's the case, Tyrell can't be too far away.
Hey, we'll stop him.
PRIDE: Yeah, those suspects have already shot four cops-- they're not afraid to engage law enforcement.
We need to keep it tight here.
Go with Sonja.
Got a visual on Tyrell.
Heading east through the containers.
LASALLE: Copy that, King.
On our way.
Marcus Tyrell! Federal agents! Come out with your hands up! SEBASTIAN: He's armed! LASALLE: Drop the weapon now! He's down.
Who shot him? MAN: It's all right.
Coming out.
SEBASTIAN: Oh, my God.
Is that Kurtz.
Put the weapon down, or we will shoot.
Okay, stay calm.
I'm complying.
KURTZ: It's all right, gentlemen.
I'm on your side.
Surprisingly calm for someone about to be charged with international weapons smuggling and murder.
Makes you think twice, doesn't it? No.
We see shipping containers filled with stolen Navy small arms.
One of those weapons was missing, and it was used to injure four police officers.
We both know Marcus Tyrell pulled the trigger on those cops.
And you pulled the trigger on him.
Saving you and your agents' lives.
You're welcome, by the way.
Why'd you shoot Tyrell? Like I said, I'm one of the good guys.
I'm working for the government.
You're the most wanted arms dealer in the southern hemisphere.
Selling to drug cartels and militias and KURTZ: Smoke and mirrors.
All part of the mission.
What exactly is the "mission"? I've already said too much.
That's not how this works.
You're gonna tell me how you stole weapons from the Blue Grass Depot, why Tyrell was robbing an electronics warehouse, and you're gonna ID the man who helped him shoot those cops.
I would but I'm afraid it's all classified.
It's way above your clearance level.
I've heard a lot of criminals spin a lot of BS, but nothing at this level.
It's not all BS.
Told you I recognize the name Whitehall Freight.
Yeah, shipping company that Kurtz was using to smuggle weapons.
I used Whitehall, too, when I was undercover.
ATF sting operation.
You saying he's telling the truth? No, I'm saying it's similar to the MO we used on that case.
Look, I reached out to an old friend at ATF, runs undercover ops.
He's in New Orleans now.
Could connect to Kurtz.
Okay, go.
See if Kurtz's story holds water.
Uh, what are you gonna do? I'm going back into interrogation.
Alone? I mean, are you sure that's a good idea? Why wouldn't it be? Well, you're upset about the shooting.
Aren't we all? Yes, but you know how you get when a case becomes personal.
There's a lot of tunnel vision, rule breaking It's my job to talk to Kurtz.
It's your job to trust me to do it right.
Grab Gregorio.
Pride says he's got it under control, take his word for it.
Nope, you didn't see the attitude coming off Kurtz in interrogation.
Cop's life on the line, it'd set any one of us on the edge.
You don't think Pride saw that? I just I want him to ask for help from time to time.
We are helping.
By talking to this ATF contact.
Where is he, anyway? MAN: Bonnie! (laughs) Hey, Clyde.
(laughs) Hey.
This is Jake Roman.
Tammy Gregori Yeah.
Yeah, Gregorio, right? - Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah? Former FBI.
Complicated love life.
Sonja told me everything.
- Not everything.
- That's nice.
- Don't listen to him.
Oh, come on, come on.
We were partners for three years.
We confide in each other.
Well, you didn't confide that you were working in New Orleans.
I couldn't tell anyone.
I'm not anyone.
Look, I know.
It's sensitive, all right? Sensitive because of Willard Kurtz? An unrelated case.
You know him, though, right? I know of him.
He's an arms dealer.
You arrested him back in the day.
That was a long time ago.
He's saying he's working for the government.
Using Whitehall Freight to move guns-- That's an ATF front.
I wish I could tell you more.
You're hiding something.
Now, what would make you say that? First of all, you've been sitting here a while and you haven't touched your food.
Secondly, you keep looking at that woman sitting by the window, and not in a flirty way.
I got to get back to work.
Come on.
We need to know what you know.
Like I said, nothing.
We'll catch up soon.
(Sonja scoffs) That was interesting.
Why, 'cause he lied to my face? No, 'cause he couldn't keep his hands off you.
Girl, we are just friends.
No, we are just friends.
That was something else.
Hey, stay on point What? 'cause the woman you noticed is gone now, too.
- Oh You're Pride.
I'm Sutter.
- How can I help you? - Well, you can lead me to Willard Kurtz.
I'm taking custody now.
You don't look like ATF.
I'm not.
I'm CIA.
And you haven't gotten the call yet.
The, uh, wheels of bureaucracy are ridiculously slow.
True enough.
But there's no way I'm releasing Kurtz to you.
You misunderstand.
I'm not asking.
I absolutely understand.
I'm not budging.
Kurtz stole Navy weapons and used 'em on cops.
Bottom line here is, I don't know who you are, Ms.
And I don't have time to find out.
There was no Blue Grass Depot robbery.
It was staged.
A ploy designed to help an operation code-named Colossus.
(scoffs) You guys.
What's Colossus? Originally an ATF sting using Kurtz to sell weapons to criminals.
Very successful, if small in scope.
And how does CIA play into it? I knew if we gave Kurtz better access to weapons, more inventory we could catch bigger bad guys.
Foreign extremist types.
So you're letting a known felon sell military small arms to terrorists? That is It's ambitious, I know.
I was gonna say dangerous.
It's got Dwayne Pride written all over it.
Rewriting the rule book.
(chuckles) I've done my research on you.
Not sure what research you did on me.
But you got it wrong.
I just sat with Kurtz for the last few hours, and I can tell you he cannot be trusted.
I'm not working on trust.
I'm monitoring every sale Kurtz has made.
Guns are under my control.
Money's under my control.
How do you control Kurtz? Let's just say I have leverage.
Well, your leverage failed.
Kurtz's men robbed a warehouse, got into a gunfight with NOPD.
One of the suspects is still at large.
Kurtz hired those men on his own.
They have no idea they were part of a covert operation.
Doesn't make me feel better.
I know.
Look, I'll personally talk to Kurtz.
I'll get a name to go with your second suspect to help you with NOPD.
But I really do need to take him now.
He's shipping out tonight.
Well, those guns are staying exactly where they are and so is Kurtz.
I'm not arguing here.
The decision's already been made, way above our pay grade.
You just don't know it yet.
(phone rings) That'll be your bosses.
Go ahead and answer it.
They're about to tell you that Kurtz and those weapons are mine.
Well, I've sorted through all the 7.
62 ammo so far.
Got enough samples to take back for analysis.
The bullets that hit those cops came from these containers, I'll find a match.
Yeah, there's enough guns here to equip a small army.
There's one more container over here.
(grunts) I think it's broken.
I'm gonna lend you a hand.
I totally knew that.
Scary to think about the contraband that goes through the port on a daily basis.
Guns, drugs, people, bombs.
- We just found something scarier.
- Is that a Predator drone.
With Hellfire missiles? What? ROMAN: I'm gonna ask you to move away from the containers now, please.
And you are? Special Agent Roman.
Oh, it's all right, we're ROMAN: NCIS.
I know.
You're no longer authorized to be on these premises.
According to who? DoD, DOJ, CIA.
You get the point.
Call your boss.
He already knows.
I got to go.
You gave him a drone.
These weapons are being bought by ISIS.
They can get rifles anywhere, but a Predator drone - They're gonna use 'em against us.
- Don't worry.
The navigation system's completely deactivated.
Yeah, just a giant Tonka toy.
You're making a mistake.
James Smith.
That's the name of your second suspect.
He was Marcus Tyrell's friend.
Kurtz doesn't know where he went or where he came from.
But you're free to arrest him if you'd like.
Was that the gun smuggler you texted me about? Why's he leaving? Hey! Hey Carl.
Hold on.
I'll tell you everything.
I wish it was better news.
We're off the case.
We cannot stand down now.
Those men are murderers.
What are you talking about? Officer Crane She's dead.
LASALLE: Four police officers were shot.
One dead.
And our suspects work for Willard Kurtz, gunrunner who's part of a covert CIA operation called Colossus.
What else do we know about our two suspects? They were robbing an electronics warehouse, got away with some computer components.
Not sure why.
And Kurtz killed one of his partners in front of us, and we also don't know why.
And according to the CIA, the other suspect's name is, uh, James Smith.
Yeah, and there's only about 47,000 James Smiths in the United States.
I haven't been able to connect any of them to Kurtzor Tyrell yet.
ESTES: All right, we need to talk to Kurtz, get to the bottom of this.
They're about to leave the country with cargo containers full of military small arms and a Predator drone.
I'm gonna get Kurtz to spill.
No, hold on, Estes.
Think a moment.
I haven't got a moment, all right? He's leaving on that ship.
No, he's not.
Just spoke to Jake at ATF.
He's doing me a solid.
He got CIA to hold off on the operation until we find James Smith.
And you believe it? Absolutely.
We were partners.
Guys, look, if we stand down, we will get all the answers.
From the CIA? Are you kidding? They're the ones that put the machine guns in the killers' hands.
I'm sorry, but we don't have any new evidence to act on anyway.
SEBASTIAN: Well, a-actually, we do.
I mean, we got the ammunition samples we got from the cargo containers.
You know, we match any of them to the slugs that we pulled from the crime scene, and we got a direct connection to Kurtz.
LASALLE: And Patton's doing his digital deep dive as we speak.
Plus, we got Tyrell's body at autopsy.
Yeah, might be some sort of trace there.
SONJA: Okay.
Hold up, guys.
See, we're no longer on this case.
HQ made it clear.
(sighs) Sonja's right.
We've been told in no uncertain terms to leave Kurtz alone.
However, we can investigate his partners.
Wait, what? No.
GREGORIO: He's right, Sonja.
CIA said neither of these guys work for the government.
PRIDE: Right.
We stay in our own lane.
Process the evidence from the shooting.
Trace it back to James Smith.
NOPD still has the suspect's truck.
I'll have it transferred to your lab.
You guys can search it for microscopic whatevers.
Uh, got extra manpower too.
Every cop in the city'sat our disposal.
Thank you, Carl.
- Yeah.
- I talk to you? SONJA: You see what's happening here? You're setting us up, again, to go off book.
We're following protocol.
Investigating the murder of a cop.
It's a fine line to walk It's an impossible line to walk.
Look, you're following protocol now, but the moment that changes-- and it will-- it won't just be your career in trouble.
You're worried about your friend.
Someone should be.
You know, he put his neck out there for us.
And I appreciate it.
But CIA doesn't care about getting justice for those cops, so we're gonna.
No matter the cost? I get it, Sonja.
I wouldn't ask anyone to be involved if it doesn't feel right.
You should go home.
We'll let you know if we find anything.
(knocking at door) Hey.
Thank you so much for coming over.
I know you got your hands full with the operation.
Nah, it's cool.
Everything's on hold anyway until Sutter gets Kurtz to give up more info on James Smith.
So I got some downtime.
Yeah, well, just so you know, NCIS and NOPD are moving forward with their investigation.
I tried to tell 'em it would jam you up, but Look, they lost one of their own today.
I get it.
It'd be a relief if Sutter just had me removed from the case.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
This could be a career-maker, Jake.
You wrap up an ISIS network? Yeah.
That's what I've been told for the last two years.
But all I see us doing is selling weapons to the bad guys while I play caretaker to that scumbag Kurtz.
I guess we're both at the mercy of the bosses, huh? Mmm, no.
Pride's not like that.
No, he's an incredible teacher.
We just can't follow him blindly anymore.
You've been with NCIS for, what, three years? That's about your shelf life, Bonnie.
You start to get antsy.
No, I don't.
Ah, come on, we were kicking ass together for exactly three years.
We made a hell of a team.
And then, all of a sudden, you take a deep cover assignment which lasted - Three years.
- Right.
And then you joined NCIS.
If I wanted to be profiled, I'd get my roommate do it.
She's a professional.
Yeah, okay.
So what do you want? Drown me in your river Sacrifice me on the mountain 'Cause all I need is your lovin' And I'm all right, all right All right Drown me in your river Sacrifice me on the mountain (door shuts) 'Cause all I need is your lovin'.
(whining, barking) We're going rogue again, is that it? We are not.
You want to examine the results of an autopsy for a case you've been told not to pursue.
We're only focused on finding our other murder suspect.
Tyrell's autopsy could help us.
And it keeps us out of the CIA's hair.
They've already taken custody of his body.
I could let you peek at my files.
On the DL.
Uh, we're gonna need the room here, if you don't mind clearing out.
Nope, nope.
No need to clear out.
You're okay.
No need to go on the DL.
We're following procedure, helping NOPD track a cop killer.
And what if the clues you find lead you right to Willard Kurtz, the man you've been told to leave alone? I'll call HQ, lay out the evidence, let them decide how to proceed.
Very enlightened of you.
I'm still clearing the room.
Uh thank you! TECH: Yes, ma'am.
This is just to be safe.
(door shuts) LASALLE: I'm guessin' this means you found something.
A foreign substance on Tyrell's hands, boots, and clothing.
It's concentrated sucrose.
A lot of it.
You thinking he was in a sugar cane field? Could be a hideout.
There's a lot of sugar cane in South Louisiana.
I'll call Sebastian.
See if he can't narrow it down.
Thanks, Loretta.
I know Dwayne means it when he says he's gonna stay on course.
But you really believe he can? Well, I got his back no matter what he does.
But don't think I can say the same for everyone on the team this time.
(whines) Don't give me that judgy look, girl.
I've known him longer than I've known you, dog.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing? Oh, nothing.
Just throwing out that swill you brought.
(laughs) So, how's about I get us an actual bottle of wine.
See, this here is a Cabernet.
(chuckles) Yes.
I'm gonna need you to make yourself useful.
Open it up.
It needs to breathe.
Over there.
Look how fancy you got, Bonnie.
Drinkin' cork top wine.
Oh, and I don't drink (phone buzzing) can beer anymore either.
JAKE: All right, all right.
Okay, okay.
Puttin' on airs like royalty, huh? (chuckles) Yeah.
Oh, man.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Look, uh, you're gonna have to save that for next time, all right? I got to roll.
All right.
(sighs) What have we learned about James Smith? Not a freakin' thing.
His name doesn't show up in either Marcus Tyrell or Willard Kurtz's past.
Not in the military or criminal databases either.
Could be an alias.
What about the sugar cane evidence? Could lead to where Smith is hiding.
Well, all I can tell you about that is that the sugar cane we found on Tyrell's body was rotten.
Means it came from an older, out-of-operation field.
I also found similar traces on his pickup truck.
Guess we can get NOPD to search old sugar plantations.
Hold the phone.
Triple P is here to fill the empty spaces in your heart and on your case.
What do you got, P? $50,000 wire transfer to a Marcus Tyrell.
Came from an offshore account that traced back to Willard Kurtz.
GREGORIO: Millions of dollars in that account.
Guess crime does pay.
Money came from a CIA fund.
How would you know that, unless Oh, man.
Did you hack the CIA? Patton? Don't ask if you don't want the answer.
All this cash came from the sale of Kurtz's weapons.
Sutter said she was keeping track of the money.
Yeah, well, she's doing a lousy job.
Kurtz siphoned off millions for his offshore account.
He's robbing from the CIA? Why? He's a criminal.
No matter how much control Sutter thinks she has over him.
I need to alert her now.
You'll find her at the port.
And you better hurry.
That cargo ship leaves tonight.
Thought it was on hold.
Me, too.
But Jake got a text, and all it said was "Colossus is a go.
" He told you this? No, I-I took a peek at his phone.
Pride, Sutter lied to us.
All right.
Chris, with me.
(buzzing) Ugh (phone beeps off) (footsteps approaching) Hey.
What the hell are you doing? Exactly what you told me.
The cargo ship's en route.
I'll catch up, finish the deal, get you some terrorists.
I mean those two idiots you used to rob the warehouse.
Now that it's just the two of us, tell me the truth.
What were they up to? Hire crooks to run guns, don't be surprised if they commit crime.
I have put too much time into this operation to see it fall apart because of you and a bunch of morons.
Then let me do my job.
I'm coming with you.
We'll both get shot in the head if they see you at the meet.
Oh, well, you don't have a choice.
I make one call and everything you care about gets sucked into a dark hole.
Don't forget, I own you.
(Sutter gasps) I never forget anything.
(gasps) (phone buzzing) (panting) (engine starts, revs) (engine revving) (sighs) Kurtz and the cargo ship are gone, King.
Guess Kurtz played her, too.
PRIDE: All right, listen up.
The leash is off.
According to Director Vance, since Willard Kurtz killed his CIA handler, he is ours to pursue.
Now, what do we know? He stole millions from a government account, a cargo ship of Navy weapons and a Predator drone.
At least the drone doesn't work.
It's missing its navigational system.
SEBASTIAN: Not for long.
NOPD sent an inventory of the components stolen from the electronics warehouse-- SSDS systems, motherboards, CPUs Everything an engineer need to get that drone online.
GREGORIO: So aside from being a cold-blooded killer, Kurtz is an engineer, too? PATTON: Not Kurtz.
His missing partner.
But thanks to this inventory, we finally ID'd James Smith.
Hugo James Smith, actually.
Worked as an electrical engineer at Axis Aeronautics, where he programmed drones.
Popped positive for coke last year.
Got fired.
Financially ruined.
PATTON: Until he received a $50,000 wire transfer from Kurtz ten days ago.
If Kurtz sells an operational drone to terrorists, there's a damn good chance it's gonna be used against the U.
We can't let that happen.
(phone chimes) King, Coast Guard just got coordinates on the ship.
Mustering up a boarding team now.
Okay, take Sebastian.
Hitch a ride with the Coast Guard.
Secure those weapons.
And get me that drone.
You got it.
Sonja, can you contact your friend Jake at ATF? I tried.
He's gone dark.
Well, maybe he told you something last night that could help us now.
Sutter said she had some type of leverage with Kurtz.
Something that kept him under control.
Considering she's in autopsy right now, I'd say Sutter is mistaken.
We're all on the same team.
Patton, can you trace the GPS on Jake's phone? You know it.
SONJA: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let's think here.
There's nothing to think about.
Jake's boss was murdered.
His undercover went AWOL.
He could be in danger, and he's the only one who can fill in the blanks.
We need to find him.
Come on.
This is the place Patton traced.
412 Park Boulevard.
Hey, look, when we get to the door, let me do the talking.
He might be pissed.
His operation went pear-shaped.
It's not like you're spying on him.
I spent the night with him and snuck a peek at his phone.
That's the definition of spying.
All right, I'll grant you the blurred lines, but he'll understand.
There's a lot at stake here.
(sighs) Oh! Oh! Hey! Hey! We're the friendlies.
So much for understanding.
What are you doing here? Look, your operation was compromised.
And we'll explain when you lower your weapon.
What's this place? CIA safe house.
How'd you find it? Tracked the GPS on your phone.
Sorry? Last night, I saw the text you got saying Colossus was a go.
GREGORIO: All right, relax.
She knows it sucks.
She feels bad.
Let's just skip the scolding.
So, look, Sutter's dead.
Kurtz killed her and took the weapons with him.
Holy crap.
Sutter said there was some kind of leverage over Kurtz.
You know what that is? It's not a "that.
" It's a "she.
" Name's Claire.
Kurtz's wife.
CLAIRE: I've made some bad choices in my life.
Willard was one of 'em.
I thought he'd take care of me, but he just wanted to use me.
Use you for what? I'm an accountant.
I handled the money for his deals.
When we busted Kurtz on gunrunning, Claire was keeping the books.
Got charged with ten felonies.
Before I stood trial, that woman, Sutter, came to me.
Said that I was in her custody now and that I'd go free if Willard did everything she told him.
That was two years ago.
CIA detained you for two years? Moved me from safe house to safe house under guard.
No family, no friends.
Just those two agents.
And you knew about this? I didn't have a say.
It's not my operation.
Did you see your husband in that time? Between missions.
We were given a few days here and there.
Any clue he was trying to escape? No, because he knew that would mean I'd go to prison for life.
Looks like he's gotten past that concern.
JAKE: Which means you can be sure he's long gone by now.
GREGORIO: All right, Claire.
Anything you can tell us to help track him down.
Why would I help the same people who've kept me prisoner all these years? Whoa.
We're not CIA or ATF.
We have no intention of locking you up.
You help us find Kurtz, we'll set you free.
CLAIRE: I don't know.
He's my husband.
A bad one.
Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
He left you with that bag.
You don't owe him nothing.
Do something for yourself here.
PRIDE: Give me good news, guys.
Well, Coast Guard intercepted a ship 15 miles off the Gulf.
We boarded half an hour ago.
Yeah, no sign of Kurtz or Hugo James Smith.
We searched every inch of this place.
They never boarded, King.
Yeah, but, Pride, there's something else.
All the weapons are here except for the Predator.
It's gone.
Get back here ASAP.
Kurtz never left New Orleans.
Well, how can you be so sure? He's got unfinished business.
I think he killed Sutter to save his wife.
There's a good chance Kurtz is still in the area and on his way here.
We need to go now.
I'll get Claire in the SUV.
You guys get to your car.
Take point.
Ah! Get in! Get in! (groans) Jake, all right? You okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The bullets hit my vest.
I think my shoulder's busted, but these men need an ambulance.
SONJA: I called it in.
The ambulance is on the way.
Pride, we got ambushed.
PRIDE: What happened, Gregorio? Kurtz hit us hard.
He used that damn drone.
Fired rockets at us.
He drove up, took his wife.
They're gone.
Looking for a gray, late-model Jeep.
I'm having NOPD put a BOLO out.
They can't get far.
Cancel the BOLO.
What? If Kurtz was willing to use that Predator once, he'll use it again.
We can't have him firing off any more rockets in the city.
We can't just let him get away.
No, of course not.
We just got to be smart about tracking him down.
How are we gonna do that? We're gonna follow the drone.
"Follow the drone," the man says.
Like it's that simple.
Like it got a "find my Predator" app built into it.
Well, I mean, it kind of does.
We just have to latch into its navigation system, and since we got all the serial numbers from the stolen computer components I know, Sebastian.
I'm working on it.
LASALLE: How can we be sure the signal leads us to Kurtz? I mean, can't these things be flown from thousands of miles away? Well, military computers can navigate from that kind of distance, but this drone was jury-rigged.
Giving us a chance to find the location of the pilot.
And hopefully where Kurtz is heading right now.
You know, judging from the radio signal and the range, I can tell you that that drone is still in the air.
I might be able to estimate the flight pattern to a ten-mile radius.
You're gonna have to be a little bit more precise than just ten miles, aren't you, Patton? You think you can find any sugar cane fields in that radius? Like the trace we found on Tyrell's body.
Yeah, that could be Kurtz's hideout.
Not a field, but the old Galmont processing plant is there.
Could be ground zero.
I'll call Pride.
Got eyes on Kurtz.
Any sign of Claire at all? No, but Kurtz has a plane.
They're planning their escape.
All right, Gregorio, Sonja, with me.
Take Kurtz, find his wife.
Sebastian, how you coming with that drone? Patton says the control unit's somewhere else on the property, so I'll stay on comms with him while we search.
Take Lasalle with you, all right? We got to ground that Predator before Kurtz uses it again.
Don't move, Kurtz.
Hands up high.
Turn around slow.
Walk to me.
Guess you caught me.
Yeah, we did.
Now wipe that grin off your face and tell us where your wife is.
Inside that building.
His wife's in the sugar mill.
Turn around.
Get on your knees.
Drop it.
SONJA: Uh, Pride? Think I found Claire.
What are you doing, Claire? Getting the hell out of here.
Drop the guns, and we'll leave.
What makes you think you can get away? You're outnumbered.
Yeah, but you're outgunned.
Uh, guys, the drone is back on the radar, and it's moving fast.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, we know, Patton.
Hey, any luck finding the control center? I think we got something.
Some sort of maintenance building.
That's a lot of antennae on there for a glorified toolshed.
Yeah, well, you better hurry 'cause the drone is two miles out.
NCIS! Hands off the controls.
(grunting) Hands behind your back.
Patton, we got him.
Yeah, but the only problem is the drone is still on target.
It's headed straight for Pride and the others.
Okay, uh it looks like it's on some kind of autopilot.
Hey, Patton, just a quick question here.
Um, how do I fly this thing? Why are you doing this, Claire? You're sacrificing everything for a man who's only been using you.
Willard's never made a move without my say-so.
What's the endgame here? That drone's gonna blow us all to bits.
I spent two years as a prisoner, taking crap from people like you.
I'd rather die than go back.
(grunting) PATTON: Sebastian, do something.
I'm in.
Get her out of here.
Get her out.
Did it work? Pride, you there? We're here.
Both suspects are under control.
Good work, Sebastian.
That was terrifying.
That was that was real scary.
I peed.
Just a little.
It's all right.
(jazz music playing) Let me help you out there.
Oh, hey.
Got to be honest, Pride.
I've had my problems with you in the past, but you damn sure know how to throw a cop's wake.
To Mary.
Crane was good police.
The best, yeah.
And, uh hey, thanks for, uh, catching her killers.
We look out for each other, right? (chuckles softly, sniffles) Yes, we do.
Hey, fellas, to Mary.
(partygoers toast) (jazz music continues playing) Now look at that.
You saved the day and got the bad guys, all without breaking protocol.
Threaded a needle for sure.
But there was a price.
Officer Crane.
Washington will want someone to pay for it.
All of it.
Sonja's friend.
It's too bad.
SONJA: They're saying you're responsible? Sutter's dead.
I'm her number two.
(scoffs) And we let Kurtz play us.
So, what are you gonna do? (sighs) I'm resigning.
- I already turned in my paperwork.
- No.
Probably gonna need a lawyer.
You were only doing your job.
No, I'm I'm-a get out of here.
No, no, no.
Look, let's let's both leave.
We can go back to my place.
Any other day I'd take you up on that in a heartbeat, but I kind of need to be by myself.
And not for nothing, but, uh, keep your eyes open.
I don't know your boss at all, but I know his reputation.
More Sazeracs, Johnny.
Look, I told you, Pride is a good person.
Maybe so.
Like I said, three years.
Might be time to move on.
See you, Bonnie.
Later, Clyde.