NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e18 Episode Script

Welcome to the Jungle

1 (phone ringing) (phone continues ringing) This is Pride.
Deputy Director Sanchez here.
We got a situation.
Do I need to move to a secure phone? No time.
A lieutenant commander was killed.
I need you to report to Belle Chasse for immediate transport to South America.
Shouldn't the Southeast Field Office be handling that? You've been personally requested.
You're authorized to bring two agents with you.
No one else.
Well, all right.
Uh, who's Who requested me? Who's the victim? It's classified.
You'll be read in on arrival.
You've got 90 minutes until wheels up.
That is all.
Uh (line ringing) SEBASTIAN: Hello? Sebastian, sorry to wake you.
Is everything okay? Eh, no, e-everyone's fine.
Need to call Sonja, pack your bag and your gear.
We're headed to South America.
South America? Belle Chasse in 90.
SEBASTIAN: Hey, sorry I'm late.
Sebastian, what the hell? I know.
I know.
I overpacked.
I-I get travel anxiety.
Forgot one.
- Okay.
- Where's Sonja? Is she okay? Yeah.
She had a prior engagement.
It's 3:15 in the morning.
What kind of prior engagement? It's for tomorrow morning.
That's all I can say.
What do you mean that's all you can say? I wanted Sonja here for a reason.
SOLDIER: Ready for you, sir.
Come on.
We got a plane to catch.
(grunts) Oh, God.
(indistinct shouting) Special Agent Pride, I'm Colonel Stanley Parker, commanding officer here at Camp Apache.
Special Agent Gregorio, Forensic Agent Lund.
Where is "here," Colonel? Triple Frontier.
Most dangerous place in South America.
Didn't know we had a base in the Frontier.
Officially, we don't.
I'll fill you in on the move.
It's not secure to stay in this area too long.
Wait, wait.
Not secure? Why? 'Cause 'cause of, like, snipers? Come on, Sebastian.
It's snipers.
Okay, that's fine.
Knew I should have packed camo.
PARKER: The Triple Frontier is the tri-border junction of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.
No law.
No government.
Breeding ground for organized crime, militias and cartels.
Our mission is drug interdiction.
A JSOC task force comprised of Green Berets, Navy SEALs and various alphabet agencies.
(indistinct chatter) SEBASTIAN: A lot of military resources to be thrown at some drug dealers.
We're not hunting down street pushers, Special Agent Lund.
Our target's the most wanted man in the Southern Hemisphere.
You're after Sergio Rivera? Heavyweight champion of drug lords.
Unified half a dozen cartels to become one of the biggest players in the trafficking world.
Until his lieutenants staged a coup.
Tried to kill him.
He went into hiding.
For the past two years nobody could find him.
Until last night.
You found him? PARKER: We knew he was somewhere in the frontier.
Confirmed his location a few days ago.
Sent in a unit to extract him-- alive, if possible.
Walked right into an ambush.
Rivera was wounded.
Unit leader was KIA.
I'm sorry, Colonel.
But where does NCIS fit in? Dead officer is Lieutenant Commander Daryll Watkins.
Lieutenant Comman I know Daryll.
From a lifetime ago.
That why you requested me? I didn't request you, Agent Pride, Commander Watkins did.
I've got Rivera.
We've been compromised.
They were waiting for us.
If something happens to me, contact Dwayne Pride in NCIS.
Tell him we have a mole.
Come on.
(Watkins grunting) NCIS:New Orleans 4x18 Welcome to the Jungle Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
I know, I know, I'm late.
Hey, what's going on, Percy? You skip out on a secret trip last night, then you show up at lunchtime looking like that.
I had a meeting.
Couldn't be helped.
- What kind of meeting? - The personal kind.
Hey, it's not me you're gonna have to explain yourself to.
PATTON: Secure link.
Pride's coming online.
PRIDE: Sonja.
Hey, Pride.
Look, about last night As long as you're okay, no need to explain.
Not now, at least.
Assume the others got you up to speed? Yes, yes.
Um, Lieutenant Commander Watkins, killed in action while pursuing drug kingpin Sergio Rivera, left a dying message for you.
Watkins believed a mole compromised the mission.
Why reach out to you, King? My first overseas post was in the Philippines.
Murder near the base.
Watkins was involved.
Well, um, do you think Rivera's responsible for this mole? Or the cartel.
They wanted Rivera dead, almost succeeded.
He was wounded, still being operated on.
How did Watkins figure out there was a mole in the first place? Not sure.
Sebastian found encrypted files on Watkins' laptop, but he couldn't open them.
He's uploading them to you now, Patton.
All over it.
Oh, we can do a deep dive of the cartel, and see if we can find a link between them and anyone at Camp Apache.
Gregorio and Sebastian are questioning everyone who went on the mission to see where it went wrong.
Time is of the essence.
If there is a mole, the entire base is vulnerable.
Hey, we'll reach out to you as soon as we find anything.
And Sonja-- when I get back, we're gonna talk.
PARKER: Mission should've been a cake-walk.
Rivera was barely guarded in his compound.
Sent in a small unit with drone support.
Then the cartel attacked.
It's like they knew you were coming.
But if that's true, why didn't they just take out Rivera before your team arrived? He had an insurance policy.
Hard drive with every detail of the cartel's business.
The cartel would want to get that back.
Attack commenced after Watkins took possession of Rivera and the Intel.
Both Watkins and the Intel are still in there.
Personally, I could give a crap about the hard drive.
But in 20 years of combat operations, I've never left a man behind.
But you can't go back in until we find the mole.
Gonna need you to work fast.
I got drones covering the area, keeping the cartel at bay for now.
- Who else knows about this, Colonel? - No one.
Keeping it on the DL until you get more details.
Any chance I'll be able to speak to Rivera? Depends.
You a praying man? Colonel Parker tell you why I'm here? Absolutely not, ma'am.
Just said to answer your questions.
No need to call me ma'am.
I'm gonna you to walk me through the mission.
We escorted the unit to Rivera's compound.
Set up a perimeter when the commander went in to extract the target.
Just two guys, huh? Not a lot of backup.
Two Navy SEALs, ma'am, all the backup you need.
Fair enough.
But again, please don't call me ma'am.
We also had the eye in the sky.
Drones scanning for heat signatures.
So what went wrong? Everything.
We lost radio contact.
The drones malfunctioned.
didn't pick up the crap storm coming, and then all hell broke loose.
Did you see Commander Watkins get shot? No, ma'am-- uh, no.
We were laying down suppressing fire trying to give the team inside cover.
So who was inside? Luis Benicio.
Scout and translator.
And you, uh, you led the unit to Rivera's compound.
I went in to cover the exfil point.
I was not allowed to make contact with Rivera.
Why not? I'm Argentine Army.
I eat with the unit, I march with the unit, and I fight with the unit, but I am not part of the unit.
I didn't have the clearance.
I didn't see what happened.
Well, who did? Three soldiers went in to extract Rivera.
Commander Watkins, Sergeant Halliday, his Green Beret liaison, and a third man, Connolly.
Who's Connolly? CONNOLLY: I'll give you three guesses.
Judging by the attitude, I'd say you're CIA.
Special Activities Division.
What's covert ops doing on a JSOC drug interdiction? You see what base you're on? The resources the government is putting into finding one man? It's got nothing to do with drugs.
What else was Rivera into? Cartels are flush with cash.
Nowhere to spend it.
They want influence on the world stage.
One surefire way to get our attention is to blow things up.
The cartel's funding terrorists? Rivera was their point man for years.
When he went into hiding, he took his contact list.
A who's who of top players in the terror game.
Did you see what happened when the compound was attacked? I was on the other side of the building.
But I will say it seemed less an attack and more like a hit.
Why would you say that? When the shooting started, that part of the compound was lit up like July 4.
Fighters knew exactly where Rivera was.
Anyone next to him didn't stand a chance.
Meaning Commander Watkins.
And Sergeant Halliday.
It's a miracle she walked away.
Only took a bullet to the arm.
Really want to know what happened? Talk to her.
No one person in the unit was anywhere near Commander Watkins when he went down.
Yeah, except for this Sergeant Halliday.
Yeah, but we haven't seen her.
She took a slug to the arm.
She's been in sickbay.
I was just in sickbay.
The only patient there was Rivera.
All right, then where is Sergeant Halliday? (indistinct shouting nearby) (Halliday grunts) Sydney, what the hell? (Halliday yelling in Spanish) Stand down, soldier.
Stand down now! (panting) Who the hell are you? I'm the guy who's telling you to pull it together now.
You want to explain yourself, soldier? Yeah.
This son of a bitch murdered Watkins.
(spits) PRIDE: You did a number on those SEALs, Sergeant.
They were mouthy.
Not anymore.
I'm pretty sure you broke the big guy's jaw.
You say Benicio killed Commander Watkins.
- Any evidence? - Evidence is out there with Daryll's body.
With Daryll.
Commander Watkins.
He was a mentor, okay? Nothing weird.
We need to bring him back.
After you calm down.
And tell me why you think Benicio did this.
He's Argentine Army.
Seventh Jungle Brigade.
What, can't trust an outsider? (scoffs) We're all outsiders here.
Don't give a crap what country he's from.
Seventh Jungle Brigade is basically owned by the cartels.
That all you got? We were in the compound when the attack started.
Sergio Rivera in custody.
Benicio was supposed to cover the exfil point.
Watkins sent me to get him.
He wasn't there.
Abandoned his post.
Next thing I know, bullets are flying from inside the compound.
Why would Benicio go after Commander Watkins and Rivera? Commander Watkins trusted me.
I let him down in that compound.
I will not betray his trust.
You talking about the mole? How? Daryll recorded a message for me before he died, and that's why I'm here.
Then you should see what I see.
Benicio is working for the cartel.
He's feeding them Intel.
He drew them to the extraction to make sure Rivera didn't get out alive.
You saw him pull the trigger? No.
I was shot the moment I walked into the courtyard.
I barely got out with Rivera.
Gonna need more than that.
Satellite phone.
I found it hidden in Benicio's quarters.
Strictly prohibited.
It's how he communicated with the cartel.
Pretty good investigating instincts for a soldier.
Someone's got to.
But bad judgment.
You can't prove you found that phone there.
You need to back off and let NCIS do our job.
Watkins trusted me.
You should, too.
GREGORIO: Benicio, can you explain this? - It's a phone.
- It's a satellite phone, actually.
LEO capable with global coverage and encryption technology.
This? That's what spies use.
And just having it in your possession could get you transferred to Guantanamo.
I don't know what to tell you.
Why don't you start with why it was hidden in your mattress? Then we'll work our way up to you killing Watkins.
Why would I kill Commander Watkins? Because you're working with the cartels.
Is that what Sergeant Halliday said? Oh, she said a lot of things, Benicio.
Yeah, like the army unit you came from is corrupt.
You abandoned your post during the attack on the compound.
You shot Commander Watkins and Rivera in cold blood.
Well, do you want to hear my side, or have you already made your decision? By all means, talk.
Halliday is right.
My unit is financed by drug lords, which is why I left and offered my services to your government at great personal risk.
Then what happened during the attack? My position was compromised.
I had to find another exfil point.
Then I led Halliday, Connolly, and what was left of Rivera to safety.
That's a very nice story, but it still doesn't explain the phone.
Do you know what the cartel does to people who work for the other side? They don't kill you.
They kill everyone you love.
Your family.
BENICIO: They're in hiding.
I can't see them or I can't contact them except for that phone.
All because I swore loyalty to your cause.
LASALLE: Petty Officers Carter and Henley have perfect records.
Both served under Watkins for years.
Completed a dozen classified operations.
I mean, they're heroes.
It's hard to believe that they would work for the cartels.
Well, Benicio checks out, too.
He got himself demoted in Argentina because he wouldn't take a bribe, and when he went public, the cartels tried to shut him up with a car bomb.
Now, Connolly's trickier.
Our friends in Langley didn't want to say much.
Yeah, well, that's CIA being CIA.
They did say he's been running successful ops in the Frontier for years-- so much so that the cartels put a bounty on his head.
That leaves Sergeant Halliday.
Oh, well, she's one of the first women to graduate Green Beret school.
Top of her class.
And the first to be assigned a forward operating post.
How'd she score that? Watkins personally requested her.
He was an instructor of hers at Fort Bragg.
Before Green Berets, she was military intelligence.
Served in West Africa, Jordan, South Korea.
You sound a little envious.
Yeah, well, the farthest I've been from New Orleans is El Paso.
Well, if adventure's what you want, you shouldn't have bailed on that plane last night.
I didn't bail.
Okay? I had something to deal with.
Look, I know you've been feeling a little restless and unsatisfied, and you and Pride have had your issues.
Not issues.
I've just questioned some of the risks he took.
All that's sorted out now.
I mean, Pride's on the straight and narrow.
I know.
And you're right.
I have been feeling restless.
And then an opportunity came up.
What kind of opportunity? Job interview.
FBI International Operations.
Isler recommended me.
The head of the division came down from D.
I I couldn't cancel.
Well, why didn't you tell Pride? I didn't tell anyone.
Other than Gregorio.
She knows.
And me? I-I-I didn't know how you'd react.
Hey, well if leaving's what you want, I'd be happy for you.
Is leaving what you want? Hey.
I've been waiting for y'all to wrap up your special moment, but I know you're gonna start declaring your undenying friendship, and we don't have that kind of time.
What's up, P? Decrypted files on Watkins' laptop, and I found something.
Transfer orders for Sergeant Sydney Halliday.
Effective immediately by Commander Watkins.
Now, why would he send her home? And why would he have the orders encrypted on his computer? Guess it's something to do with the other files I found.
Well, that's not good.
PRIDE: Sergeant Halliday met with Sergio Rivera.
Well, looks like we found our mole.
"Maybe"? Um, she's hanging with the most wanted fugitive in the world.
This is surveillance.
Who took this photo? I don't know.
But Commander Watkins knew what it meant, and that's why he had her transferred.
Yeah, well, not before he took her on the mission.
Pieces don't add up yet.
All right, then let's go talk to her.
- Let's finish the equation.
- No, no, no, no.
We need more information.
Pride, I know you think you made a connection with this girl, but she played you.
And what if she did? Wouldn't it make sense to know as much as we can before we go at her again? Okay, how are we gonna do that? Guys, Rivera just woke up.
He's weak but lucid.
Rivera's the only one who knows what happened in that compound.
Well, he has no reason to be honest with us.
Yeah, well, a lifetime in prison will help.
We'll get answers.
(gunfire) Gun, gun! (cries out) Man down! Medic! Medic! Medic! Get a medic! SEBASTIAN: What the hell is happening? Cease fire! Cease fire! (alarm blaring) Could be a cartel attack.
The base is on lockdown.
Get him.
Get him.
Take care of him.
We got to get to Rivera now.
See any movement? SOLDIER (over comms): Negative on infrared, sir.
(woman panting) Back away, Sergeant, right now! Immediately! If I move, he dies! (gasps) It's too late.
He's already dead.
PARKER: Sergeant Halliday's secure and under guard.
Your wounded soldier? He'll pull through.
No other injuries.
Well, except for Rivera.
He's dead.
All the more reason to get out to the compound and bring Watkins and Rivera's Intel back now that we've got our mole.
Well, I'm still not convinced that we do.
Pride, we literally found her standing over Rivera's body with a bloody knife.
You heard what she said.
Someone else opened up his wounds, and she was just trying to save his life.
(sighs) Swept the perimeter.
Searched around the building, found this stashed outside.
Sergeant Halliday's.
Sebastian Yeah, yeah.
She stages the attack to draw attention from Rivera, then goes back in to finish him off.
Not sure what more evidence you need, Special Agent Pride.
Yeah, no, it's all tied up in a bow.
I got to be honest.
At this moment, I'm wondering what the hell Watkins was thinking when he asked for you.
He did it because he knew I'd be thorough.
You can send me back anytime you want, Colonel.
But until then, I'm gonna conduct my investigation my way.
You have till 0600 to sort this out.
You damn well better have an answer for me.
Pride, you really think there's any question of Halliday's guilt? (sighs) HALLIDAY: I heard the gunfire.
I knew it was a distraction.
I rushed to Rivera.
Figured someone was making another attempt on his life.
I got there too late.
So in a final act of altruism, you stabbed him in the neck and bled him like a pig.
He was choking on his own blood.
I attempted a tracheotomy.
How do you explain your weapon strafing the courtyard moments before you killed Rivera? Well, someone stole it, obviously.
Well, you can't blame Benicio for this one.
'Cause he's been detained since you found that phone in his quarters.
Then I was wrong about him.
Oh, okay.
- Or he's working with someone else.
- Or, or, or, or, or! You got an answer for everything.
Why don't you explain this? You're the mole, Sergeant Halliday.
You met with Rivera, fed him Intel.
Watkins found out, was having you transferred.
So you killed him and killed Rivera.
Want to give us the room? Everyone on the base believes you're guilty.
I'm the only one standing between you and prison.
'Cause you believe I'm innocent? You want to know why Commander Watkins reached out to me before he died? Met in Manila.
Philippine Army officer was killed.
Son of an influential politician.
Last time anyone had seen him, he was arguing outside a bar with a young SEAL lieutenant.
Watkins? Everyone knew he was guilty.
There was pressure to wrap it up.
I was sent in to cross Ts and dot Is.
And then I met Daryll.
And everything in me said he was innocent.
I went up against the Navy, my bosses, the Philippine government.
And I won.
Saying you'll do the same for me? If you tell me the truth.
(sighs heavily) I've been in country for 18 months.
Building trust with the locals.
Watching it fall apart on every failed mission to find Rivera.
We lost a lot of good men.
There had to be a better way to bring him in.
I went in alone to contact Rivera.
At least, I thought I did.
I offered Rivera safe passage to the U.
in return for Intel.
He'd go to prison, but he'd live.
You told Watkins? (scoffs) He was pissed.
I broke regulations.
That's why I was being transferred.
But after we brought Rivera in.
Because Rivera trusted you.
He knew you.
Plus, you were the only one Watkins was sure wasn't the mole.
So you see, Special Agent Pride, I am screwed.
The only person who believed in me is lying dead in the jungle.
GREGORIO: So you're taking her side on this? Even though you got the knife.
You got the weapon.
And you got the photo.
And I got her story, too.
(scoffs) She was single-handedly bringing in the most wanted man in South America? Well, I-I ran Sergeant Halliday's weapon for prints and DNA.
It was wiped clean.
It could be a frame-up.
Or maybe Sergeant Halliday's playing Pride.
Damn it, Gregorio.
You know how I work a case.
I trust my instincts about suspects, and I'm usually right.
Yes, you are.
But it would be nice if you gave the same consideration to the people who work for you.
You're upset because I sent you out of the interview.
No, I'm upset because Sonja's slipping away and you're not lifting a finger to stop her.
(sighs) You feel this way, too? I have no idea what's happening right now.
What? Okay.
Okay, Sebastian.
I want you to contact Loretta.
I want her to do an autopsy on Rivera's body.
Might be the only way to prove Sergeant Halliday's innocence.
Yeah, but I want to find out Sebastian.
You think I'm pushing Sonja off the team? No.
I just don't think you realize she's got one foot out the door.
Because she didn't get on the plane? Like I said, it's not my story to tell, Pride.
Sonja's unsettled.
She isn't comfortable talking to me lately.
And I, honestly, I I don't know why.
But it's one of the reasons why I wanted her on this case.
13-hour plane ride gives us a chance to talk.
Might be past the time to talk.
SONJA: So, how exactly does a virtual autopsy work? Oh, with good equipment and a trained technician on-site, an M.
can execute as good an exam as if she were there in person.
Yeah, well, you got my, uh, third generation camera phone and a tech who gets squeamish at the sight of internal organs, so We go to war with the army we have, Sebastian.
Now, if you could just hold the phone steady and guide it across Mr.
Rivera's body.
Multiple contusions on the chest and abdomen.
Significant trauma.
There's a jagged knife wound just above the clavicle Is everything all right? I mean, there's a lot of blood.
I'm speaking to Sonja.
Hmm? Oh, I'm fine.
Why? Well, because you asked to take notes on an autopsy and you're doing anything but.
I'm sorry.
I I got it all.
I got it.
Uh, Sebastian, I need you to move the camera towards Mr.
Rivera's left flank.
Uh, okay.
You want to tell me anything? SEBASTIAN: Ugh.
I, um figured by now everybody knows why I didn't get on that plane.
Actually, I don't.
I've-- I kind of been wondering that.
Maybe you could I just muted him.
It's just us.
And I can assure you I have no idea why you chose not to go on the trip.
I had a job interview.
For something really exciting that I I didn't even know I was interested in until it presented itself.
That is exciting.
Yeah, but I-I should've told Pride instead of being a no-show.
He would've understood.
No, no.
Not about the interview.
About the job.
If I get it.
You know, we've had a lot of conflict in the last few months.
And I questioned a bunch of his choices.
Dwayne Pride is a grown-up and so are you.
If they offered you a job and you wanted to take it, the decision can't be about him.
It's got to be about you.
(comm beeps) Uh, Sebastian, hold that spot right there.
Oh, yeah.
Good call.
It's extra disgusting.
I need you to grab a scalpel and a bone saw.
We're gonna take a look inside now.
Seriously? Judging by my examination, Sergeant Halliday's story holds up.
So she didn't kill Rivera? No.
Rivera aspirated on his own blood.
There was massive bleeding, most likely caused by the introduction of an anticoagulant.
Probably injected just before the trauma started.
Sergeant Halliday didn't have a syringe.
There was no syringe in the room.
That means someone else injected Rivera.
Plus, I just checked Watkins's computer.
The surveillance photo of Sergeant Halliday and Rivera was put there after Watkins was killed.
It was planted.
Colonel Parker's gonna say it still doesn't clear her of being the mole or murdering Watkins.
And the sun's almost up.
What are we gonna do? - Colonel.
Colonel, hang on.
- Time's up.
Prisoners are being transferred for interrogation.
Colonel, you got to listen to me.
It's done.
And I'm preparing a unit to go back in for Commander Watkins.
Don't try to stop me.
I'm not gonna.
But I'm coming with.
Sergeant Halliday didn't kill Rivera and neither did Benicio.
But the only way to figure it out for sure is to examine the original crime scene and Watkins's body before it's moved.
You want me to authorize NCIS to go into a war zone to collect fibers? If you want to positively ID the person who killed Watkins, yes.
And find your mole.
Look, Colonel, I've done this job long enough to know when a case is finished.
This one isn't.
Let's both get this done right.
You and your team can accompany the mission.
Thank you, Colonel, but it-it can't just be my team.
I need everyone who was in the compound on the day that Watkins was killed.
That means, Sergeant Halliday and Benicio, they need to come, too.
You're saying we can monitor the mission from 4,000 miles away? Oh, yeah.
Sebastian is rigged with a body cam.
So we can give real-time support to the crime scene examination.
Yeah, I am impressive.
But that's not why you're sitting over there, watching me untangle these wires.
And not helping, by the way.
(sighs) Sorry, man.
It's Sonja, right? Big job interview got you off your game.
You heard about the interview? Come on.
I overheard you two talking yesterday.
Don't worry.
My lips are sealed.
What do you think about the whole thing? I never fault anyone for following their bliss, bro.
Me neither.
But what if it's not? All right, Percy and I are close, you know? We've had some complications in our partnership.
So you're worried she'd leave because of you? Not worried.
Just, um wondering.
Listen, baby, we're family.
Complications happen, par for the course.
Whatever journey Sonja's on, might just take her on a new road.
(indistinct radio chatter) Pride, you always take us to the best places.
PRIDE: Like to keep things interesting.
You know I'm a woman of her word, but since one of us might not make it home, I Wait, what? Just gallows humor, baby.
(radio feedback) Aah.
Sonja had a job interview with FBI.
Couldn't miss it, so that's why I'm here.
I know.
Had a message from Isler on my phone after we arrived.
Didn't want me to think he was trying to poach one of my agents.
I still think you could have said something.
Sonja could have said something, too.
Well, figured at this point, everyone else knows, so Everyone knows what? PARKER: 30 seconds from the LZ.
Area is secure best we can tell.
Connolly and I will escort you into the compound.
We got close air support from the drones, constant radio contact with the base.
Didn't do us much good last time, sir.
Techs have worked out the kinks.
Still, this area is hot.
We got to be fast and quiet.
Let's move.
CONNOLLY: Rivera's hard drive's in Watkins's left arm pocket.
PARKER: N-N-No, don't.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, yeah.
Please don't touch the body.
Need to secure the Intel.
You need to let my team do their job.
SEBASTIAN: I'll upload the data from the hard drive to the NCIS database.
It'll be secure there.
That Intel is CIA property.
Right now it's evidence in a double murder.
Identity of the mole could be on it.
You'll get it soon enough.
- Colonel.
- That's why they're here, Connolly.
Let them do their job.
You got ten minutes.
What is all that? Remote fingerprint processor, digital DNA analyzer, field ballistics test.
We can examine the entire scene, send it back to NCIS for immediate results.
SEBASTIAN: All right, Patton.
You with me? Hey, we're live.
Hard drive receiving data from Rivera's Intel.
Yep, looking for any evidence of the mole.
All right, I'm gonna run the victim's body for biologicals.
There's a bloody fingerprint here I'm sending your way.
All right.
We'll scan for matches in the database and cross-check DNA.
The prints belong to Rivera.
He grabbed Watkins when he was shot.
Watkins tried to shield him from the gunfire.
You seem to know a lot about it, Sergeant.
I saw it go down.
But not who pulled the trigger.
How convenient.
All right.
Where'd the gunfire come from? Entryway on the other side of the courtyard.
Automatic weapon.
I tried to get to Watkins, but he pushed Rivera toward me.
Ordered me to get him out, Watkins went down.
I got shot.
We went for the exit.
I dragged them to safety.
Everyone's a hero in this story.
Where were you, Connolly? Engaging the enemy outside.
CARTER: Colonel, we've got movement in the tree line.
Command, this is Colonel Parker.
Possible enemy contact.
Need confirmation from the eye in the sky.
COMMAND: Colonel, that's a negative from the eye in the sky.
No contact detected.
That's exactly how it happened last time, sir.
We are about to be hit hard.
Gonna have to shut this down.
Let's get Watkins out of here.
All right, Patton, sounds like we got to get going.
SONJA: Sebastian.
I think I found something in these files.
Hold on a second.
SEBASTIAN: We don't have a second, Sonja, sorry.
What'd you find? Cash payments to some kind of informant.
Goes back at least five years, when Rivera was still running the cartels.
You got a name? Better.
I got a photo.
PATTON: Hey, Sebastian.
(staticky): We got an ID on the mole.
What? Patton.
Come again.
What happened? I lost comm.
(gunfire, explosions) PARKER: Command, come in, this is Colonel Parker! Come in! Over! Someone's blocking the signal.
Not someone.
Don't move! Gonna try and make this quick.
Explosions are getting closer-- gonna be here any moment.
Henley and Carter won't be able to hold the perimeter for long.
I'd say we got about two minutes.
Agent Lund, my hard drive, please.
PRIDE: You planned all this-- you killed Watkins and Rivera, planted the surveillance photo so we'd blame Sergeant Halliday.
But what's the end game? (explosions continue) Huh? The intel's already been transferred to NCIS, right? Even if you get out of here, you're finished.
Maybe back home-- but this hard drive buys me a whole new start when I give it to the cartel (yells) Put it on the ground and get back on your knees.
What, are you gonna kill us all? There's about a hundred guys out there-- I was planning on letting them do it.
Never gonna make it, Connolly.
I spent a lifetime learning how to disappear.
No one will find me.
No, I mean you're never gonna make it out of here.
It's over for you, whether you realize it or not.
You do realize those grenades are from the guys on my side, right? This whole mission was set up to draw out the mole.
All right? You think I wasn't gonna have an insurance policy? Your only way out is to surrender.
What the hell are you talking about? Put it down, Connolly! Benicio? I'm okay.
Can you walk? Gonna have to-- got to get to Henley and Carter now! It worked out like you said, Pride.
Let's save the celebrating till we get back home safe.
Sergeant, let's go work.
All right, I think I can get comms back on.
Patton, you there? Hell yeah, we are.
Hey, it looks like Connolly's the mole.
Yeah, we know-- he just tried to kill us.
It's all right now, though.
Except for the hundred other guys outside that also want to kill us.
We need a way out.
Unit radio's down.
We lost contact with the base.
Don't fear, Triple P is here.
I have access to the drone feed.
I'll give you a bird's-eye view.
PRIDE: Yeah, well, make it fast.
They're zeroing in.
Hey, King, it looks like your best extraction point is south of the compound.
Yeah, but you only got about a minute before it's cut off.
All right, can you get word to the SEALs? Have them meet us there.
I'm on it.
Sergeant Halliday, lead the way! Yes, sir! Come on.
(gunfire continues) (indistinct radio chatter) I don't mean to interrupt.
(sighs): Mm.
You're not.
I wanted to say good-bye, but I don't have the words.
Maybe you don't need words.
Commander Watkins is being returned home.
The man who killed him has been brought to justice, and you played a big part in all of that, Sergeant Halliday.
You can call me Sydney now.
I'm being processed out.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I know how much the Army means to you.
Do you? I'm not sure anymore.
I joined to make something of myself, I guess.
And so you did.
Yeah, not according to chain of command.
Guess I never got comfortable with that part of it.
Following orders even when I don't agree.
Yeah, well, I might have some trouble with that part myself from time to time.
All I ever wanted was to serve.
Make a difference.
It's all over now.
(sighs) There are other ways to serve.
The State Department? Peace Corps? Law enforcement.
(chuckles) Yeah, I don't know if you noticed, I don't play well with others.
You'll figure it out.
(softly): Yeah.
Commander Watkins was right about you.
You are a good soldier.
He was right about you, too.
You're a good man.
I'm so near to you I'm so near to you You all right? As near as a bone is to me Hey.
I thought, uh, everyone else was gonna be here.
They will.
We need some time.
To talk.
Gregorio feels like we have a lot to say to each other.
Well, yeah, she gave me an earful, too, the other night.
She's right.
Look, I I should have told you about the interview.
You should've.
But I get that it's complicated.
You've had a a lot of mixed feelings about the team recently.
About me.
I don't know, I'm just I'm just trying to sort out where I belong.
As far as I'm concerned, you belong here.
Not just as an agent, but as a friend, too.
But I won't stand in the way if an opportunity comes up.
It did.
The FBI called me this morning.
And you're the first person I'm telling.
The job is mine if I want it.
Whatcha gonna do? Honestly? (exhales) I have no idea.
Don't you fear me now Because fear is the darkest