NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e19 Episode Script

High Stakes

1 Anyone doesn't make the light gets the Captain's Mast.
(shouting) Let's go! (tires screeching) (groaning) (screaming) Oh NCIS:New Orleans 4x19 High Stakes Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
You knew Percy took that meeting with the FBI before anybody else did.
That doesn't mean I know whether she took the job or not.
How could you not know? I mean, y-you're roommates, and plus, it's been a week Lasalle, look, I wish I knew, but I don't, all right? I'm a freaking mess.
I don't want her to leave.
Neither do I.
So, but we want her to do what's best for her, right? Yeah, of course.
All right, so, let's just let it play out, give her whatever space she needs and hope that she stays.
Okay, I know you're right, but, like, deep down, what does your gut tell you? I think she's leaving.
PRIDE: I just want you to know that whatever you decide is fine with me.
All right.
See you soon.
Is that Sonja? Did she make a decision? No, Laurel.
She's coming to town for the long weekend.
We're gonna go apartment hunting.
I mean That's great, she's graduating college soon, she's moving back; you must be so excited.
- Yeah, I am.
- Yeah.
Four years is a long time.
I'm looking forward to having her back in town again.
I missed her.
I'm still mad at her for, uh, choosing LSU over Alabama.
Roll Tide.
She's into music, not football.
Promised I wouldn't hold that against her.
Look, I know we're all on edge about Sonja, okay? We've been a family.
No doubt it'll leave a big hole if she takes the job.
You think she's leaving, too, don't you? I think that it's up to her.
I told Sonja to take as much time as she needed to think it through.
(phones chiming) In the meantime, with or without her, looks like we got a case.
So let's roll tide.
(laughs) All right, I have a better idea.
Why don't you let us do the rolling and you do the dad thing.
Tell Laurel we said hi.
(indistinct radio chatter) LASALLE: Looks like we're lucky this is our only victim.
Morning, Miss Loretta.
Yeah, a better morning for the cyclists than Yeoman Bennett here.
Yeah, Navy Cycling Club on their Saturday morning ride, nearly got mowed down when the truck driver ran the red.
The victim was inside one of the barrels that fell off the truck when the driver tried to swerve to avoid the cyclists.
Might never have found the body if he hadn't.
That means whoever put him in there obviously didn't want him found.
Any idea what cause of death is? It's a single gunshot wound to the back of the head, fired at point-blank range.
But no exit wound? No.
I'm thinking the shooter used fragmentation ammo.
If so, the bullet would've disintegrated the moment it entered the skull.
Maximum damage, no ballistics.
Sounds like a professional hit.
All right, what do we know about this Yeoman Bennett? It looks like Bennett was an office manager at the Naval Research Lab out at Stennis.
Clean record and the prelim background check didn't show anything suspicious, but I got a call out to his C.
- What? - What? What do you mean what? What're you doing here? Well, I got the group text.
I was close by.
- I thought I'd get a jump on things GREGORIO: Oh, stop.
Don't play dumb.
You know what he's talking about.
You've been M.
for days; we thought you took that FBI job.
Yeah, does this mean you didn't? Yeah, I called them this morning and I turned it down.
- I'm staying.
- Oh.
You sure? A girl's allowed to change her mind, isn't she? Does King know about it? Yeah, I just called him.
WADE: I'm sure he also wants to know who killed Yeoman Bennett and why.
Sebastian, any chance you could put the bullet back together and do forensics on it? Yeah, well, fragment bullets are designed to shatter into hundreds of pieces, but could use the 3-D scanner, sort of piece it together like a digital jigsaw puzzle.
All right, do what you can.
Gregorio, head to Stennis, talk to Bennett's C.
, see if you can figure out why he might be targeted.
Percy and I'll head over and check out his apartment.
City Mouse and Country Mouse, together again.
Thought you'd be happy knowing Percy's not leaving.
I am, believe me.
I just hope it's for the right reasons.
PRIDE: I really don't mind setting you up in a hotel if you'd rather, or I can sleep on the rollaway.
Dad, I'm telling you, I'm fine.
Although, I think I'm gonna keep my stuff out here 'cause there's not much room in the bathroom.
Tight quarters, I know.
I don't spend much time here.
I'm usually either working or at the bar.
Yeah, well maybe you ought to be the one looking for an apartment.
I mean, it's a little weird you still living above your office, isn't it? I think we're here to talk about where you're gonna live, not me.
Grab an end.
Can't believe you're graduating in a couple of months.
Time flies.
I know, especially when all you do is work.
Just saying, it'll be good for both of us when I move back home.
After all, somebody's got to take care of you.
Have you lost weight? All right, I'll be the parent here, if you don't mind.
You look at the listings yet that I sent you? I organized them by affordability and crime rates.
Which, by the way, cracked me up.
Don't worry, I printed them out.
I've got five apartments to look at today.
That's my girl.
Ooh, and I knew you'd be looking for work, so I called my friend Angie-- I don't know if you remember her or not-- but she promotes musical acts at local clubs.
Thought maybe we could meet her tonight at the bar.
Unless you don't want to.
Oh, no, don't-don't be silly.
That sounds great.
(phone chimes) I remember that look all too well.
You go save the day, I'll pound the pavement and we'll meet tonight, okay? Love you, Daddy.
I love you, too.
I'm back! Good to have you back, Sonja, but like I said on the phone, I need you to be sure, focused.
I'm sure.
I won't let you down, I promise.
All right, catch me up.
What have you learned about Yeoman Bennett? Well, turns out Bennett was a bit of a gambler, played poker-- a lot of poker according to his roommate.
Yeah, in fact, two nights ago, apparently, Bennett was up late playing at Treasure Chest.
Riverboat casino.
Right, and the roommate said he was winning big, too.
Got himself invited to a private, high stakes game somewhere else.
Roommate also said Bennett left for the game, never came back.
He know where the game was? Not a clue.
PATTON: Yeah, well, I may have a clue.
Didn't take much deep diving to find out that Bennett emptied his savings account yesterday, took out 45 large.
Whoa, that's a lot of dough for a sailor.
Pretty good motive for murder.
LASALLE: Yeah, but still, it's chump change for a high-end game.
PRIDE: Bennett was the target of a professional hit, right? Got to be more to this than just 45 grand.
GREGORIO: Bennett's C.
said he was a regular at the Treasure Chest, so I got the casino to let me check out surveillance.
That's Bennett, two nights ago, playing poker for a couple of hours until that woman showed up.
She stayed, watched him win hand after hand, then whispered in his ear and led him away.
We need to figure out who she is.
Patton, can you run facial recognition? No need.
That's the Dragon Lady.
Wait, what? You know her? Know her? She's a regular at the Treasure Chest, just like Bennett.
I heard a lot about her at my Gamblers Anonymous meetings.
Mostly in testimonies by newbies who lost a lot of money at her games.
What do you mean she's a recruiter? She get high rollers to come to these underground games, where the stakes can get as high as six figures.
Dangerous, though, lot of organized crime types.
You could definitely lose a lot more than just your money.
We got to find a game if we're gonna solve Yeoman Bennett's murder.
The only problem is, she's the only way in, and nobody know who she is.
You got to get her attention, get an invite, but you got to be a hell of a poker player to do that.
Forget it, Patton, there's no way I'd ever ask you to step foot Pride, I am not talking about me.
She played the Southern circuit for almost a year on an ATF undercover deal, brought down a big-time arms dealer.
Well, he did bite his lip every time he bluffed.
Think you can get the Dragon Lady's attention? Not without a stake.
The most our comptroller will authorize is $10,000.
Is that enough? Gonna need to win big if you gonna have any chance of getting her to target you.
I didn't decide to stay just to stand on the sidelines.
Bring it on.
Don't get too cocky.
All right, the last person that lady recruited is laying on Miss Loretta's table.
Now, how many times are you gonna keep bluffing me, huh? Now, I cannot figure out if you are that good, or just that lucky.
Why don't we up the ante and see? Table's limit's 500.
So? Hey.
Y'all want to see a real game? (crowd cheering) SONJA: Come on.
You're already up 15 grand.
All right, why don't you, uh, just take it slow.
Relax, Lasalle.
I'm playing with a bunch of amateurs.
I got this.
I understand, but, uh, you keep betting like that, you're gonna lose sooner or later, and it's gonna lose any chance we got of GREGORIO (over comm): Dragon Lady's heading your way.
Guess you caught her attention.
You were saying? Are we doing this or what? 1,000.
DEALER: Who's in? I'm in.
I'm in.
SONJA: 1,000.
I'll call.
I call.
MAN: I fold.
Percy MAN: Fold.
I call.
Jack of diamonds.
All in.
(crowd oohing) Percy, she just got here.
I know what I'm doing.
He's gonna fold.
DEALER: That's 18,000 to you.
I call.
DEALER: River, ten of clubs.
MAN: Show me your cards, lady.
Three jacks.
Read 'em and weep.
That's a flush.
Club flush wins.
Wait, what? Well, I guess I was not bluffing that time.
Was I? Gregorio, do you see her? Where'd she go? I don't know, I lost her.
All right, well, go look for her.
She may have went outside.
Hey, Percy, come here.
We lost her.
I lost her.
- Morning.
LASALLE: Morning.
You hungry? Nah, I'm good.
Any idea how Sonja's doing? I tried calling her earlier.
She didn't answer.
I think she feels bad about what happened last night.
(exhales) Morning, Daddy.
Good morning, sweetheart.
Hang on just a second.
Let me know when she gets here, okay? And keep trying to find the Dragon Lady.
Copy that.
Hey, Laurel Dragon Lady? Either you're dating someone I do not want to know about, or that's what kept you from meeting me last night? Just a case.
Made your favorite.
French toast, pain perdu, extra cinnamon.
I don't think I've had that since I was, like, 12.
Oh Sorry.
I-I can make something else.
Oh, no, thanks.
Actually, I'm meeting a friend for breakfast.
And then, more apartment hunting.
Anything look promising? Not yet.
But, you know, I'm picky.
How 'bout Angie? Any job opportunities sound good to you last night? I don't know.
But, I got to go.
Um, I'll call you later.
(clattering outside) I am so sorry.
You know, I was sure I had that hand won.
I honestly don't know what happened.
Nothing's sure about gambling.
You know that.
You made a choice.
It just didn't work out.
Yeah, except it was a choice that let everyone down.
And you got to know that's the that's the last thing I'd ever want to do.
That's not why you decided to stay, is it? Afraid to let us down? What? No.
Of course not.
Um, how much trouble are we in for losing HQ's money? (chuckles) Well, not as much as we'll be in if it doesn't lead to a conviction.
Come on.
Let's go fix this.
LASALLE: Finally got an I.
on our Dragon Lady, King.
Gregorio snagged the glass she was drinking from last night-- got a print.
- From the criminal database? - No.
Actually, from the Office of Motor Vehicles.
Her real name is Amy Collins.
Lives in Little Woods with her eight-year-old son.
Soccer mom by day, Dragon Lady by night.
- Are you sure? - Yep.
And it looks like she goes out of her way to make sure nobody knows she lives a double life, too.
That's why she was so hard to find.
Yeah, but now that we've found her, we've got leverage.
(phone beeps) Yeah, all right, well, you and Chris go pick her up.
Threaten to arrest her for accessory to murder unless she gives up that private game.
If we're gonna find out who killed Yeoman Bennett and why, she is the key.
I'll be at Loretta's.
Copy that.
All right, City Mouse, let's go kick some butt.
SEBASTIAN: Turns out Yeoman Bennett wasn't the only murder victim.
After Doc Wade extracted all the bullet particles from Bennett's brain, I then used our boss new 3-D scanner here to scan the particles and recreate the bullet, digitally, of course.
He's rather proud of himself.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, I am.
So, after I very deftly recreated the fragmentation bullet, which, by the way, was a .
380 slug, I then searched the FBI's NIBIN database for any similar shootings, and voilà.
Apparently, a truck driver was shot and killed three days ago in Slidell exactly the same way.
Yeah, local sheriffs just assumed it was another robbery, but look-- I mean, it's way too specific of a hit for it not to be connected.
Which means, if we can find that connection, it might lead us to the killer.
- That's good work, Sebastian.
- I know.
(phone ringing) Yeah.
Get Gregorio, start looking.
All right, I'm on it.
This is Dwayne Pride.
Professor Handler.
How are you? Is everything all right? PRIDE: Well, ha-hang on.
I don't understand why you're not calling her.
No, no, I-I'm I'm glad you called.
I didn't know.
Yes, sir, of course.
I'll talk to Laurel.
Thank you.
Is Laurel okay? Yeah.
Yeah, it-it it's nothing serious.
That was the dean of music at LSU.
He recommended Laurel for an internship with the New York Philharmonic, and, apparently, she got accepted, too.
Dwayne, that's fantastic.
Except, he just said that she declined the offer.
Really? Why? I don't know.
I mean, this is actually the first time I heard about any of this.
I mean, I don't understand why she wouldn't have told me about it-- why she'd hide it from me, it just Well a wise man once told me that our kids sometimes don't tell us things because they're afraid of disappointing us.
You believed it? Not at that time, of course.
But turns out he was right.
LASALLE: You're not an easy woman to find, Ms.
Of course, I'm assuming that's the point, so you could keep getting away with taking high rollers for all they're worth.
Or killing them.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, I never killed anyone.
SONJA: You were saying? Oh, my God.
The last anybody saw Ethan Bennett alive was before he went to the game you invited him to.
Now, common sense would say you know who did this, and why.
It means you could be an accessory to murder.
I didn't know what to do.
I-I just kept hoping it would stop.
I never imagined that anybody would get hurt.
You hoped what would stop? Hey, hey.
Come on, Amy.
If you're in trouble, talk to us.
Help us help you.
Let's start with why you targeted Yeoman Bennett.
Not exactly a high roller.
I was told to.
Kurt knew Bennett played poker, knew I could lure him to the private game.
Who's Kurt? Kurt Young.
Before he showed up, I ran a clean game.
High stakes, but fair.
It's how I made ends meet after my divorce.
Then a few weeks ago, Kurt takes over.
Forces me to do things.
I never imagined that he would kill this poor guy.
They marked the cards, cheated him.
So he wanted Bennett to lose to get leverage on him? Why? All I know is that Kurt wanted me to recruit Bennett because he worked at that Navy research place.
Kurt's taking orders from some guy-- I've never met him, but I've overheard them on the phone.
They're looking for someone else like Bennett.
Someone else who works at the Navy research lab? Well, Bennett wasn't the only one who played poker.
Some of his Navy pals did, too.
Kurt said if I don't find someone else to recruit tonight he's gonna hurt my little boy.
So, it turns out the other murder victim had access to Stennis, too-- private contractor kept their vending machines filled.
And this mystery man, who's Kurt's boss, is pressuring them to find somebody else at Stennis.
So, whatever they're after has to be there.
Have to assume that Bennett didn't cooperate.
Otherwise, they wouldn't still be targeting people.
The only problem is there's no way to know what they're after.
Stennis isn't just home to NASA and naval research.
They test-fire rocket engines, lasers.
NAVO's there, SpaceX All right, then, we got to narrow it down.
Start by figuring out who this Kurt Young is and who he's working for.
There's not much time to do that if he's pressuring Amy to deliver a new target by tonight.
I'll get NOPD to put her son in protective custody.
That's not what I mean.
If you ask me, the best and fastest way to figure out who's behind this and what they want is to get Amy to get us into that private game, and get Kurt to target us.
You mean get him to target you.
Look, I'm just saying we don't have a lot of options.
If Amy has to bring somebody, why not me? I won't screw up again.
SEBASTIAN: Devil's advocate, real quick.
I mean, even if you could get into that game, wh-what would it accomplish? Didn't Amy say that they're only targeting people who work at Stennis? Or people who have access to Stennis.
Private contractor didn't work there.
And Percy's access is NCIS.
It opens every Navy door.
But if Kurt finds out Sonja's NCIS, won't he smell a rat because of Bennett? I doubt he knows that we found Bennett's body.
I mean, let alone are investigating his murder.
Yeah, but you can't be sure.
That's a risk we got to take if we want to solve Bennett's murder and find out why he was killed.
Look, Amy's willing to help us.
She can introduce me to Kurt as a civilian, then secretly tell him I'm NCIS, so he targets me.
PRIDE: You're right, it's our best chance.
That said, they've already killed two people, and we still don't know who we're really up against.
So, it's got to be your call, Sonja.
You scared? Are you kidding me? Doing this type of stuff is one of the reasons I wanted to join FBI in the first place.
Surprised you didn't take the job.
Curious as to what changed your mind.
Yeah, I guess I didn't want to break up the team.
Can we just focus on the plan here? Yeah, it's a plan I'm not too crazy about, either.
At least HQ's on board this time.
Ponied up a lot of dough.
I hope they're okay with me losing it so Kurt gets his hooks into me.
Yeah, I hope he doesn't suspect it's a setup.
Sonja Percy, Christopher Lasalle.
Check your list.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Don't worry, Country Mouse.
I got this.
SONJA: (laughs) Four of a kind, baby.
How's Sonja doing? Just had four to a flush.
Just won a big blind special with a double gutter.
English, please.
The girl is on fire.
She's winning big.
Any progress narrowing down potential targets at Stennis? It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
They got too many classified projects.
We better hope that Sonja gets Kurt's attention.
He goes after her when she starts losing big.
Gregorio, Sebastian, everything still status quo? GREGORIO: Yeah, well, if you call status quo all the firepower they got out front, sure.
Hey, this thing goes sideways, it could get ugly real fast.
PRIDE: Why you're there.
Counting on you to have their backs.
Keep us posted.
SONJA: Raise five grand.
Man, it makes me break out into a sweat just thinking about betting that much money.
I just hope Percy's not pushing too hard, you know? Trying to make good for messing up last night.
You worried about her? DEALER: Straight wins.
SONJA: What do we say we double the blind and make this a no-limit game? Hell yeah.
Why not? We all came to play, didn't we? Hey, now we got ourselves a game.
LASALLE: Why don't, uh, we take a little break, huh? Shh, shh, shh, no, baby.
I'm on a roll.
Yeah, but it's my family money, all right? And we agreed to a limit.
Look, I already told you.
I got this.
DEALER: You're first to act, ma'am.
Ten grand.
DEALER: Player bets $10,000.
Water, please.
How're you holding up, Amy? Just a little scared.
I know.
But you're doing the right thing.
Trust me, all right? Is that Kurt over there on the fancy couch? Told him your partner came to me last night, begged for a chance to win your money back.
Said she didn't want NCIS to find out about her gambling problem.
Think he bought it? (sighs) Think so.
He's talking to whoever he's working with right now.
Well, we'll know soon enough, as soon as Percy starts losing.
Oh, she will, too.
Ronny over there in the baseball cap, works for Kurt and he cheats.
DEALER: All bets in.
SONJA: Thank you, dealer.
Hey, King.
Any leads on what they're after? No, we're still trying to narrow it down.
It might be up to Sonja to lead us to it, though.
Keep her focused.
You get the sense anything is not right, call it and get out of there.
You got it.
DEALER: Player calls.
Be right back.
Oh, hey, Daddy.
You looked busy, so I didn't want to bother you.
Yeah, I know.
Everything okay? I'm not sure.
Got a strange call today from your music dean.
Why'd he call you? Actually said he'd been trying to call you.
Wondering why you turned down the internship he worked so hard to get you.
Guess I'm a little curious as to why you never told me about it.
I mean, come on, Dad.
I'm 23.
There's a lot of things I don't tell you.
Yeah, well, I'm-I'm thinking it's something you should've told me about, especially since your future after college is mostly all we've been talking about lately.
There's nothing to talk about.
I want to move back home.
I don't want to live in New York.
Really? Then why'd you apply for the internship in the first place? And why can't you seem to find an apartment you like here? Even after looking at, what? A dozen or more so far? PATTON: Yo, Pride.
Might want to come listen to this.
We'll talk later.
RONNY: Looking kind of nervous there, little lady.
15 thou to you.
I see your 15.
I raise you 15 more.
What are you doing? I'm just doing what I do, baby.
I can't.
All right? You've been at this all night.
You need to stop.
Look, that's my money and you're losing everything you won.
Okay, I'm about to win it back.
RONNY: Reraise.
All right, Pride.
DEALER: Reraise another 20.
Sounds like Percy's about to make her play.
All right.
DEALER: It's to you, ma'am.
Gregorio, you and Sebastian be prepared to breach, just in case.
Just give us the go.
SONJA: See your 20.
And I raise you 20 more.
That's $20,000 to you, Mr.
RONNY: I'll see your 20.
Raise you 50 more.
All right.
That's it.
You're done.
I'm gonna need you to front me, Chris.
I-I-I can win this.
I know it.
Who are you kidding, Percy? All right, look, admit it.
You're in way over your head.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
Are you calling my bet or not? Nobody's talking to you, pal.
All right, we shouldn't even be here.
You know that? You've got a problem.
And I'm not willing to risk any more of my money.
Damn it, Chris, don't give up on me! You're on your own.
I'm done.
No, wait, Chris.
- Wait.
Chris! - No.
Forget it.
Forget about it.
Wait! Excuse me! My apologies.
Now who the hell do you think you are? Someone who's interested in covering your bet.
That's got to be Kurt.
SONJA: Cover my bet? Why would you do that? What's the catch? KURT: No catch if you win.
It's all yours.
But if you lose let's just say you owe me.
Owe you? Now what are you, some kind of creep? (chuckles) I think the bigger question here is do you think you can win? Decision's yours.
Chris, Kurt has approached Sonja.
You close? Chris? Lasalle's comm stopped working.
SONJA: All right, I'm in.
What happened? I don't know.
Ace-high straight.
Now beat that.
Full house.
Aces full of tens.
What?! (laughs) Looks like you're out $110,000, little lady.
Gregorio, did you see Lasalle leave the mansion? No.
He never came out.
Where the hell is he? RONNY: Come to daddy.
No, no, no, no.
A deal's a deal.
Screw you.
He cheated! He had to! Please don't make a scene.
You'll just make it more difficult.
And who the hell are you? My name is Henry Chen.
And since you've lost, you now owe me.
(scoffs) Look, pal, I don't know what's going on here, but Like my man said, a deal's a deal.
(camera shutter clicking) Whoever this Chen guy is, he's taken Sonja into the car with one of his thugs.
Do you want us to move in? No, stay there.
They must have Christopher; possibly Amy, too.
Leverage in case this is a setup.
You get the photo Sebastian sent? - They're just coming through now.
- Okay.
Well, we need to figure out who this guy Chen is.
I'm all over it, King.
I'm running facial recognition, checking every database known to man.
- Okay.
Well, hold on.
What about Percy? PRIDE: They got her for access.
Got to be taking her to Stennis.
- I'm headed there now.
- Yeah, but the complex is too big.
We still don't know what they're after.
PRIDE: Well, we will when Patton figures out who the hell we're dealing with.
No pressure there.
Look, Gregorio, you two find out where they're holding Christopher.
But unless he's in imminent danger, don't make a move until you hear from me.
Right, because if Chen realizes that we just rescued his leverage GREGORIO: They'll know it was a setup and then take Percy out.
I'm counting on you.
All right, Patton.
Get me Chen.
You want me to call Stennis and put the center on alert? No, that'll alert Chen, too.
Put Percy at even greater risk.
No, our only chance is to save her and stop them ourselves.
Get to it! This isn't gonna work.
We don't even have passes.
NCIS doesn't need passes.
So, what? I don't do this, you shoot me, my friend? You know, you'll die, too.
The guards will kill you.
CHEN: If I don't succeed, the people who sent me are gonna kill me anyways.
So this is the only chance either one of us has of surviving.
Your choice.
GUARD: Morning, ma'am.
s, please.
Special Agent Sonja Percy, NCIS.
And, uh, two forensics experts.
It's a counterintelligence investigation.
I can't tell you any more.
Welcome to Stennis.
Stay clear of the A-5 Stand.
We've got a launch scheduled in less than two hours.
Copy that.
All right.
Where to? The A-5 launch.
Drive the speed limit.
We don't want any unwanted attention.
(whispering): There's guards everywhere.
(whispering): Well, Lasalle's got to be down here.
We checked everywhere else.
(man speaking in Mandarin) GREGORIO: Shh.
(speaking Mandarin) (whispering): Got eyes on Lasalle, Patton.
He's got Amy, too.
PATTON: Copy that.
Stand by.
Pride is almost at Stennis.
Watch your back.
Just found out that Chen and Kurt are both working for the MSS.
Calling Pride now.
(whispering): Chinese CIA.
(man continues speaking Mandarin) Hey, Pride, I got a match, but I don't think you gonna like this.
PRIDE: Talk to me.
“Henry Chen” turned out to be an alias.
When I crosschecked facial recognition with his buddy Kurt, they both popped up on DCI's watch list for MSS.
Chinese operatives.
Does that narrow down why they want access? Got to be the Tetris satellite.
It's set to launch this morning.
It's packed with the Navy's newest tracking technology.
They want to destroy it? More likely, they want to bug it so they can monitor every ship and sub in our fleet.
Hang on, Patton, hang on.
Did another agent just come through here? Yes, sir, about five minutes ago.
I need to know where the Tetris satellite launches from, stat.
The A-5, sir.
Thank you.
Go ahead, Patton.
CHEN: What are you doing? Keep driving, or your boyfriend's dead.
Okay, first of all, he's not my boyfriend.
It's a complicated story, but I don't have time to get into it right now.
I said drive.
Second of all, I think you're gonna kill us both anyway, right? And since I'm just now realizing that the only reason I decided to stay at NCIS is because I didn't want to let the team down, I'm not gonna.
What are you talking about? You think I'm bluffing? No, but I'm not bluffing either.
Hey! (tires screeching) (men grunting) (phone rings) Alfa, code three.
That car's out of control! Close the gate.
(siren wailing) All right, I got to stop Percy.
Get Lasalle out of there now.
Go, go, go! NCIS.
Freeze! We got to go, before the other guards come.
(grunts) What about Percy? (horn honking) (tires screeching) Sonja, look back.
Come on! (horn honking) (men shouting) (horn honking) (Sonja grunts) PRIDE: Stand down! NCIS! Stand down! Stand down! Hold your fire! PRIDE: You all right? Yeah.
I think so.
How's Christopher? Uh Looks like he's all right.
I'm not sure that was the best decision you were about to make there.
(laughs) Well, it seems to be a pattern lately.
(laughs) (jazz music playing) (door opens, closes) Oh Hey.
Uh, Laurel, I I'm sorry.
Uh Thank you so much for waiting.
It's okay.
(laughs softly) I think I'm used to it after all these years.
Not sure that's a good thing.
Your mother certainly never thought it was.
Yeah, well, I'm not Mom.
I know what you do and why you do it, Daddy, and I'm proud of that.
Proud when I walk around town and people realize I'm your daughter.
I just feel like I didn't get to spend any time with you while you were here.
You sure you got to go back now? (chuckles) Can't graduate if I don't go to class.
Can't get that internship if you don't graduate, either.
Still available? Yes.
You want it? Then go get it, honey.
Go to New York.
Don't worry about me.
You got to follow your heart.
Yeah, but you're all alone here.
You don't have any family What are you talking about? I got you, don't I? No matter where you are.
And I got my team, my friends.
Rita comes down to visit every once in a while from D.
You're a grown woman, Laurel.
You got to do what's best for you, not somebody else.
Even if that somebody else is me.
(laughs softly) Hey.
I'll always be here for you.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you, too.
More than you'll ever know.
SONJA: Pride? Hey, what's up? You okay? Yeah.
Um, I don't know.
I'm just nervous, I guess.
Don't be.
I understand.
FBI's gonna be lucky to have you.
How did you know? I know you.
I really wanted to make it work for me here, Pride, I really did.
You know, I love NCIS.
I love all the work that we've done, how much I've grown, learned.
But it's time to move on.
(sighs) Feel like I just had this conversation-- look, I didn't stay at the sheriff's office forever, even though I loved it.
Had an opportunity here, took it, and I'm glad I did.
Sometimes you got to give up something to get something.
I, um I just didn't want to let the team down by leaving.
It's a noble reason, for sure, just not a good one.
(sighs) You're a terrific agent, Percy, you really are.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
I'm gonna miss you.
(exhales) Suppose I should tell the others now.
Pretty sure they already know.
(laughs softly) I hate you, making me cry.
I'm so sorry.
No, don't be sorry, baby.
It's good.
It's what you want, right? Yeah.
PATTON: Well, listen, baby, that's all that matters, girl.
You know what? Matter of fact, I'm tired of vegan stuff, anyway.
(laughs) So get your tofu, rice cake-eating ass out of here.
(laughs) Yeah, you know, plus, we already we already thought that you were leaving anyway, so honestly, at this point, it's just, you know, it's old news.
So I'm also gonna call dibs on your desk.
What? PATTON: Oh, man.
The corpse ain't even cold yet, and you already measuring for drapes? I love you.
It's just real drafty by that door.
Come on, everybody, let's go to the bar, and do this right.
I'll call Loretta, tell her to meet us there.
PATTON: Yes, sir.
Good liquor, free liquor.
(laughs softly) I'll I'll catch up with you.
You mad at me? No.
No, I'm happy for you.
It's just What? (sighs) I don't know.
Now that this is really happening, and you really are leaving, I can't help but to wonder what might've been.
Me, too.
(laughs softly) It's kind of funny.
We chose not to follow through for the good of the team, and you almost sacrificed yourself today for the same reason.
Yeah, well, I came in a lone wolf, leaving a team player.
Yes, you are.
I'm gonna miss you, City Mouse.
I'll miss you, too, Country Mouse.
Come on.
Let's go be with our friends.
I'll be right there.