NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e20 Episode Script

Powder Keg

1 (tires squealing) (horn honks) (sirens wailing) Hey, where'd you get that? Don't worry about it.
There's a couple pistols under there, too.
Give one to Curtis! We don't need to be shooting at cops.
You got us into this, and I'm gonna get us out.
Take a left up here.
- (tires screeching) - BOOMER: What the hell! I said left! I got this.
Get it faster, Curtis.
They're gaining on us.
Get that guitar for you, never know You just might, you just might be the one Everything good, ladies? Thank you.
All right, then.
All right.
WOMEN: Cheers! (electric guitar solo playing) Ah, yeah.
(laughs) Sergeant Sydney Halliday.
I almost didn't recognize you in your civvies.
(laughs) Almost don't recognize myself.
Can't remember the last time I didn't wear fatigue green.
It agrees with you, Sergeant.
Officially, it's just Sydney now.
I signed my papers last week.
Well, in that case, you can call me Dwayne.
Can I buy you a drink? Sure.
If things start to get me down I think you might (tires screech) (sirens wailing outside) Mmm.
Any idea what's next? Oh, no clue.
Take 'em one day at a time, and just easing back into civilian life.
Well, you came to the right spot, 'cause New Orleans put the “big” in “easy.
” (sirens continue wailing) No place better on Earth to forget your problems and just unwind.
Hands in the air! Now! (gunshot) (sirens continue wailing) Lock the freakin' door! Okay, hey, hold on.
What's going on? What's going on is you're gonna shut the hell up and listen! Now, take your phones and your wallets out and put 'em on the bar! Now! Come on! Do do what he says.
PRIDE: There sure are a lot of lot of cops out there.
He told you to shut up! PRIDE: All right.
All right.
All right.
(quietly): You're Dwayne Pride, right? I came here to see you.
NCIS:New Orleans 4x20 Powder Keg Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
(sirens wailing) Everybody stand up.
Against the windows! Now! Come on, get up! Man, what are you doing? If the cops can't see us, they can't shoot us.
Yeah, but we can't see them, either.
What if they try something? One of these innocent bystanders gets their brains spread out on the floor! You got to calm down, man.
You gotta learn how to drive.
We'd be on the road out of town, not holed up in this place! Come on, just do what Boomer says.
Watch the names! Three of them, two of us-- I don't mind those odds.
You're forgetting about the other 20 people in here.
PRIDE: Any one of them could get caught in the crossfire.
Not if we move fast.
Hey, sweetheart, get your ass over here.
(indistinct radio transmissions) We need officers covering every entrance.
And get those pedestrians out of here now! Hey.
Hey, hey.
What's your name? Leroi.
Special Operations Division.
I'm Captain Estes.
ESTES: You got a sitrep? Detective Derek Franklin was found dead of a GSW to the head in the Lower Ninth.
Responding officers witnessed suspects Curtis Isaacs and two accomplices fleeing the scene.
How did SOD get here so fast? Franklin was my partner.
I'm sorry.
All right, we're gonna get these guys.
Where are they at now? They fled into the establishment across the street.
Holy crap.
That's Dwayne Pride's bar.
We got to figure out the play here.
This is my play.
But by all means, if you don't like it, there's the door.
Screw you! Get over here and say that to my face! Excuse me, guys.
Hey, uh, guys can we talk? BOOMER: I think I made it clear.
You're supposed to keep your mouth shut! PRIDE: Okay.
Just hang on.
This is my bar, these are my customers, and I just want to keep them all safe.
Then try taking directions.
You're Boomer, right? They call me D-Man.
There's a door in the kitchen.
Police could sneak through.
With your permission, I could go and barricade it.
Why would you do that? Because I want to make sure we all get out of here alive.
(helicopter blades whirring) Your man could go with me.
We can do it fast.
If he tries anything funny, put a bullet in his brain.
Come on.
All done with my pile.
Already? Oh, yeah.
I'm on a roll, baby.
Got any filing left to do? Or paperwork? Or I could clean your desk.
Let's move your desk! Sebastian.
How many cups of coffee have you had? Including this one? Yeah.
Actually, it was seven.
Why? Can you tell? Yeah.
I'm gonna need you to dial it back, like, ten, okay? Okay.
Just, my whole Saturday routine's all off.
You know, usually we come in, catch up on some paperwork, there's a box of Blue Dot donuts in there - Sonja usually brought them.
Really? I always thought that was Pride.
But she did leave us something to remember her by.
Yeah, her backlogged paperwork.
LASALLE: Sebastian.
GREGORIO: What's wrong? We got a problem.
There's a hostage situation going on right now at the Trutone.
- Pride's inside.
Let's roll.
- Go! (sirens wailing, helicopter blades whirring) Don't move.
PRIDE: You said you came here looking for me.
Well, here I am.
What's this about? I'm in trouble and I need your help.
Cops out there think I killed a detective.
Derek Franklin.
I'm innocent.
Innocent men don't lead the police on high-speed chases and take a bar full of hostages.
What was I supposed to do? Turn yourself in.
Get justice the right way.
But they think I murdered one of their own.
Hell, I won't make it to see justice.
I won't make it to booking.
Why are they so sure that you're the killer? Because they found Franklin's body in my apartment just as I was running away.
You know, I-I was a CI.
I was feeding him information about my crew.
He was supposed to get me out of the life.
Man, I like the guy.
I wouldn't hurt him.
Then how did his dead body end up in your apartment? All right, he texted me, told me to meet him.
Said he needed to talk.
When I got there, he was dead.
And the cops were already on their way.
Man, I was set up.
What do your buddies know? Boomer and Red know nothing.
They were waiting for me outside my place when I came running out.
And if they knew I was a CI, they'd kill me.
Of all the people in the city of New Orleans, why come to me? CURTIS: Man, you're Dwayne Pride.
I read about you in the paper.
You stand up when no one else will.
I need you to stand up for me.
I need a phone.
No way.
What exactly do you think I can do for you in here without contacting the outside world? Get me a phone.
Okay, all right.
If I do, you'll help clear me? One step at a time-- you give me a phone, I'll reach out and see what I can learn from my people.
One more thing.
Boomer and Red if they touch one hair on any of these people out there I'm gonna hold you responsible, you understand? Yes.
What do you know? Well, we got three gunman inside, and we estimate about 20 hostages, including Pride.
Is he okay? Don't know who's okay or not-- haven't made contact yet.
This is Detective Leroi, SOD.
GREGORIO: You have background on the suspects? - Yeah.
Curtis Isaacs, low-level CI, and two associates we believe to be Boomer Gilles and Red Jacobs.
They run with the C-Town Crew.
Pull burglaries, shakedowns, stick-ups.
Street hoodlums until about an hour ago when Curtis murdered his handler.
My partner.
In cold blood.
Detective Franklin.
ESTES: We got an anonymous tip about an officer down on 911 right after the shooting.
Units arrived and found Isaacs and the others fleeing the scene, and they led the pursuing officers right to here.
Led them? You mean, like, on purpose? Curtis drove right up to the Trutone door.
So we're setting up a command center in here, trying to get a phone line into the bar.
All right, NCIS will take point, try to contact Pride and get those people out safe.
- No way.
An NCIS agent is being held at gunpoint.
Gives us jurisdiction.
Your man's being held because an SOD detective was murdered.
So you guys are gonna have to take a step back.
And who are you? Captain Davis, Special Operations.
Since SOD handles all hostage situations, this is our circus.
Well, Pride's probably already working some kind of angle.
He's our best chance of ending this peacefully.
In my experience, a seasoned negotiator and a TAC team are the only ways to end a standoff.
But NCIS is welcome to stick around and observe as my guests.
Let's talk, Carl.
No way in hell we're standing down, right? Not with Pride in danger.
Yeah, of course not.
But we got to be careful.
Captain Davis is right-- we don't have jurisdiction.
Am I the only one who thinks that something seems off? I mean, Curtis kills his handler, then 911 gets tipped immediately? This feels funny.
Maybe there was a witness? Yeah, but then why did Curtis lead the cops directly to Pride's bar? You think, uh, he went there for a reason? Maybe we should try to figure out why.
All right.
Sebastian, head to Franklin's crime scene.
See what you can figure out.
All right, I'm gonna stick around here.
Gregorio, head back to NCIS Whoa, you want me to leave? Well, I need you to dig up everything you can on the suspects and Detective Franklin.
Any detail you find will help us help Pride.
All right.
We got a line open.
We're about to contact the suspects.
Keep Pride safe, all right? Come on.
(phone ringing) What the hell is that? We took all the phones.
I have a landline.
Stay where you are.
Curtis, pull out the phone.
(phone ringing) What do we do? Answer it.
He is talking to me.
No one's been hurt here.
(phone continues ringing) You got a chance to walk away.
(line ringing) Talk to them.
(dial tone sounds) - Damn, man, what are you doing? - Screw them! Boomer, let's just talk.
(shouts) - You want to be the first to die, girl? - No, no, no.
- Don't.
- Fine, then, it'll be you.
Say good-bye, D-Man.
(indistinct radio transmission) You gonna shoot me, Boomer? There a reason I shouldn't? Cops hear gunfire, they storm the building.
Everyone gets shot.
But if you listen to me, I can help you get out of this.
Bar owners train in standoffs? Just speaking common sense.
(phone ringing) You're gonna want to answer.
I got open warrants and two strikes.
What are we gonna talk about? An exit strategy.
Cops are calling to start a conversation.
Your best bet of survival is talking to them.
(phone continues ringing) Red, tie the spitfire up.
Kick her in the teeth if she makes another move.
(grunting) What? What do you want? This is Captain Steven Davis, NOPD.
Who am I talking to? Don't worry about it.
Just get the hell out of the street and we'll be on our way.
That's Boomer.
He's the leader of the crew.
We're not leaving till all the hostages are safe.
Now, is anyone hurt? They're in the pink of health.
Let's keep it that way, and talk about what you want.
What I want is a way out.
Because I've got news for you.
If I don't get out of here alive, I promise I'm not gonna the only one who's gonna die today.
Gonna have to get a little more specific, there, Boomer.
Hold on.
All right.
I don't think we got a chance but to try and make a deal.
That was incredibly stupid of you.
Yeah, well, someone had to take action.
Deal's a deal.
(speaking indistinctly) PRIDE: You broke the deal already.
I said if no one gets hurt.
She started that crap.
Yeah, I get it.
I messed up.
Moving on.
BOOMER: Okay, we want a helicopter, and a pilot to get us out of here, to Mexico-- no, w-wait, to Cuba.
Couple hiccups with that plan, there, Boomer.
Can't land a helicopter in the Marigny.
The street's too narrow.
Plus, a helo won't get you to Cuba.
PRIDE: I have no reason to believe that you didn't kill Detective Franklin.
But if I'm right, a cop killer's out there, running free.
(indistinct conversation continues in background) then get us to the airport and find us a damn plane! Okay, we can work on (phone buzzing) that, but you're gonna have to release some hostages.
BOOMER: No way.
They're the only ones keeping us breathing right now.
Which means there's no way I'm letting anyone go until I know what the hell you're offering.
You get something, we get something.
It's good faith.
Come on, Boomer, let's work together.
The good faith is no one's dead.
(phone buzzes) BOOMER: So if you want everybody to come out of here safe, then you better figure it out.
Get us a plane! Now what? Now we wait.
Lakefront Airport makes the most sense for a plane.
You know, it's small enough to be contained.
I'll make some calls.
Gives time for my TAC team to access the empty apartment on the second floor.
Drop a camera, put eyes inside, get ready to breach.
Detective Leroi's part of TAC? His partner was killed.
We all got skin in the game here.
Yeah, but the whole point is to de-escalate.
Yeah, that's the hope, but if these guys won't negotiate, then we go with plan “B.
” Pride's in there working on his own plan to keep everyone safe.
All right? Going in guns blazing won't help.
I know Pride and his reputation, but right now he's a prisoner, and I seem to be the only one trying to get him out.
In a body bag.
Hey, Lasalle.
Calm down.
You are here to observe, not obstruct.
Look, not trying to obstruct, Captain.
All right, just playing the long game.
Keep the negotiations going.
All right, show them your good faith.
Let me make contact with Pride.
How are you going to do that? Don't have much of a plan, do you? You know, Steven, I've seen NCIS do more with less.
I mean, no harm in letting it play out, huh? I mean, at least as long as your men are setting up.
Stay out of our way.
Hey, thanks, Estes.
Oh, don't thank me yet.
This whole situation just got a lot more complicated.
REPORTER: Yeah, we rolling? Yes, sir.
Breaking news from the Marigny as a hostage situation plays out live on the corner Hey.
You see this? Media's only gonna make the standoff worse.
Oh, Lasalle'll keep the pot from boiling over.
I hope.
He's outnumbered by a bunch of cops who want payback.
Damn, this is a bad time to be down one agent.
Wish Sonja was here to cover our back.
Yeah, well, it's not up to us.
Pride's still out there in trouble, and I'm sitting in here drowning in suspect files.
Learn anything? Boomer Gilles is no joke.
Served time for aggravated assault and weapons possession.
Got an open warrant for armed robbery where he shot a store clerk.
What about the other two? Red isn't any better.
Served time for guns and drugs.
But Curtis simple burglary.
Nothing violent.
I mean, he doesn't seem like a cop killer.
I don't know that he is.
I got access to Detective Franklin's cell.
Pulled the texts between him and Curtis.
“Derek: Car broke.
Need ride.
“Curtis: Where you? Derek: Same place as before.
“Curtis: Near bridge? Derek: Other side.
Ten minutes”" Read like code, right? Makes sense when a CI communicates with his handler.
Look at the last text Curtis sent.
“Info on the Riley Situation.
Meet me at your place now.
” - I mean, he drops the code completely.
- Either he got lazy, or Franklin didn't send that text.
Someone got their hands on his phone to try to draw Curtis back to his apartment.
Maybe the real shooter.
Curtis was informing on his crew.
Boomer and Red could've figured it out.
I mean I don't know.
I mean, it's a good theory, Patton, but not enough to bring to NOPD.
Sebastian is at the crime scene.
If someone else shot Franklin Right.
there'll be evidence.
Okay, you call Sebastian.
I'll fill Lasalle in.
- Leaves one burning question, though.
- What? Who's Riley? Don't know who Riley is, but I'll contact Pride, see what he can find out.
All right, got to go, Gregorio.
What's that about? Oh, just checking back with NCIS.
What are you not telling me, Lasalle? I'm just keeping this thing from going sideways.
Let's keep it at that.
You know, Pride's a friend of mine.
I want to see this end peacefully.
If you know something, you've got to t No, nothing worth mentioning.
All right? Not yet.
All right.
All right, listen, I got us a plane at Lakefront piloted by a state trooper.
Transit's gonna loan us a bus to transport the suspects to the airport.
Means we can keep the negotiations going and back Captain Davis off.
Yeah, well, we're all doing what we can.
Let's call Boomer.
Give him the news about the plane.
(man coughs) PRIDE: Vince? Hey.
Hey, hey, Vince, you all right? I don't know, D-man.
I feel funny.
BOOMER: No talking.
All right, come on, sit down.
He's got a heart condition.
And I got shin splints.
Who gives a crap? SYDNEY: He's not looking good.
I have some field medical training.
If you untie me, I can examine him.
So you can go round two? That's a hard no.
Right, then I'll do it.
Get back to where you were, or I'll give Vince a real problem.
Threatening the man isn't gonna change anything.
(phone ringing) Hey, Boomer.
It's the cops.
Let's hear if they got good news for us.
This better be good.
(phone buzzing) BOOMER: Yeah? Yeah, okay.
(Boomer speaking indistinctly) (quietly): What's your guy say? It's possible that Franklin didn't send the last text.
Someone else has his phone.
See, I told you I'm innocent.
It's possible.
It's not a lot to go on.
BOOMER: It's not good enough! PRIDE: The text mentioned someone named Riley.
Who is that? Riley Egan.
My girl.
But she's been out of the life for a couple years.
She's a citizen now.
Then why was she mentioned in the text? She had an issue at the club where she waitresses.
Got jumped after her shift last Friday.
She begged me not to get involved.
You asked Franklin to look into it.
You think he got killed over her? Wait, is she in danger? Curtis, relax.
Okay, we don't know anything yet.
Give me the name of the club.
My people will look into it.
The Blue Diamond.
On St.
BOOMER: All right, then.
Hurry up! That is what I am talking about! Stupid cops.
I knew I'd get it.
Curtis, you got us into this mess, and I'm getting us out.
NOPD just got us a plane and a bus to get to it.
(laughs) You can thank me on our way to Cuba.
Looks like you're getting your bar back in one piece.
(Vince moans) Vince.
Hey, hey.
You all right? Easy, easy.
All right, breathe, my brother.
What's this now? PRIDE: Listen, listen here.
Breathe, breath.
No, no, that's my phone.
Red take Curtis's gun and keep him covered.
Why? Because according to these texts, he's a snitch.
BOOMER: Put the gun down.
And I'm thinking that makes D-Man here a cop.
(helicopter whirring) (reporter speaking indistinctly) Get up! Come on, move! You all right? Yeah? Okay.
No, Boomer.
No, man.
I knew there was something off about you.
What's your real name, D-Man? Dwayne Pride.
The Clearwater guy? (groans) Hey! You're the reason half my family's out of work! Boomer, man, please And, you, it was one thing when I thought you shot a cop, but you were his CI.
You set us up! No! I'm the one who got set up.
- Those cops want to kill me.
- They're gonna have to get in line.
Hold on.
You know what happens if you pull that trigger? Huh? Every cop out there opens fire.
He's right.
And we got a getaway plan.
Bus is on its way.
Don't be stupid, Red.
They're just stalling.
Can't you hear what's going on upstairs? Yeah, that's the TAC unit.
They're looking to put a camera inside.
DAVIS: My guys have a camera in place.
Image should be coming up now.
ESTES: Here we go.
We're finished.
No, you don't have to be.
You can still walk out of here.
And spend life in Angola? (laughs) Not life.
Not if you listen to me.
Why would I listen to you? You've been talking to the cops.
No, I've been talking to my team.
We're trying to solve Detective Franklin's murder.
What does that matter to me? Because if Curtis is innocent and we can prove it, then you've got leverage.
You've got a chance at freedom.
(whispers): Sounds good to me.
(footfalls thumping above) Out of curiosity, what would you need for this little plan of yours to work? Need you to lower your weapon.
Give me back the phone.
And one more thing.
So much for the pink of health.
That hostage looks half dead.
And the girl tied to the chair looks like she's bleeding.
We got to go in.
I'll give my men the go signal.
Hold on.
It's not what it looks like.
All right, that man is Vince Gooding.
He's got a heart condition.
They're letting him go.
He needs an ER.
How the hell could you possibly know that? Look, I just do, all right? We need to clear the front, get the paramedics ready.
Hold your fire.
I'm not doing a damn thing until you tell me how you know.
LEROI: We got movement at the front, Captain.
May get a clear shot.
I've been texting with Pride.
The reason you didn't tell us? Because we're investigating who really killed Detective Franklin.
The suspects with the guns killed Franklin.
I'm not so sure about that, Captain.
Really? Why is that, Lasalle? I promise I'll tell you everything-- soon as you get your snipers to stand down and let that man out.
What are we doing? This is Captain Davis.
All units stand down.
Hostage is being released.
Needs medical attention.
(helicopter whirring) (indistinct chatter) Releasing a hostage, he needs medical attention.
Special Agent Lasalle, time for you to spill.
Why are you so sure that Curtis is innocent? Text transcripts between him and Franklin had a very specific code.
How'd you get those transcripts? Doesn't matter.
The last text Franklin sent skipped the code completely.
We think someone else wrote it.
Text syntax is not proof.
Plus, two NOPD officers saw Curtis fleeing the scene, murder weapon on the ground with Curtis's prints.
I know.
Which is why I wasn't gonna mention anything until we found more evidence.
And what kind of evidence would that be? The reason Franklin was killed in the first place-- we think it's got something to do with Curtis's girlfriend.
We're trying to save your boss's life, and you're running a shadow investigation to prove a killer's innocence? Yeah, it's probably the only way to end this standoff peacefully.
Estes, get this man out of here before I have him arrested.
(phone rings) Sebastian, where have you been? I'm at Detective Franklin's crime scene.
Uh, it's been a bit of a day.
Why are you whispering? Well, I-I figured that Homicide would be happy to have me help gather evidence.
You know, I even offered to process the murder weapon.
Based on my current situation, I'm guessing they felt territorial.
Technically, they-they kicked me out.
But it's okay-- I snuck back in.
Sebastian, be careful.
Yeah, I know, I know.
But I was able to take high-def digital images of the, uh, the murder weapon and the body, so I'm gonna run 'em back to the lab right now.
Where's Gregorio? She went to the-the club where Curtis's girlfriend Riley works.
I don't know, I'll I'll keep you updated.
Unless I get arrested on my way to my car.
I-I got to go.
LORNA: I wish I knew where Riley is.
She hasn't been in for days.
I'm covering her shifts.
Manager's kind of pissed.
Especially with all these cops coming in.
NOPD came by today? No.
Last week, before she disappeared.
Was it Detective Franklin? No.
He was black.
He didn't flash his badge, but I could tell he was a cop.
He spoke with Riley alone, and she was freaked out after.
Any idea why she was freaked out? (sighs) Look I need this job.
I'm not trying to get involved in anything.
(quietly): Listen.
It's just between us.
Riley said he was asking about one of her regulars-- Desi.
She saw someone put something in his drink, and he had a real bad car accident after.
Talking a roofie, or? I don't know, maybe.
But the night after the cop came, Riley got jumped.
I haven't seen her since.
What can you tell me about Desi? This is a private club.
We're not allowed to talk about customers, but especially not him.
I get it.
He works for the city, or the government.
He's a real big deal.
Kind of sweet on Riley.
And he barely survived the accident.
That that's all I know.
(phone vibrates) Curtis, what do you know about this customer, Desi? He tips big, he's nice-- that's all Riley ever said.
You believe this crap? Our lives are on the line, and he's rapping about some guy who had the hots for his girl.
He didn't have the hots for Riley.
And she's in real trouble here.
We're gonna find her, Curtis.
Need you to tell me anything you know about this Desi.
He's a lawyer, I think.
A prosecutor? Like a D.
, or? Great.
Another cop.
They're trying to save your ass.
You want to back off? Stop it.
Bigger than a D.
He comes in from Baton Rouge once a month or so.
Desmond Whitney? State attorney general? Yeah, that sounds right.
Mean something to you, Sherlock? He's been waging a war on municipal corruption.
Car crash nearly killed him maybe a week ago.
RED: Corruption? Like dirty politicians? Politicians city officials, cops Are you saying someone tried to take Whitney out? Not someone.
A cop.
Like I always said, you guys are just as bad as the crooks.
Riley contacts the police, she's attacked; then Franklin looks into it, he's murdered.
But you still don't know who did it.
Now, come on, ticktock.
Hey, look, I know it's not much, but it could be your ticket out of here.
(bus rumbling) Our ticket just arrived.
Bus is here.
Bus is in position.
What happens when it gets to the airport? Bus gets to the fence, they'll have to walk to the plane.
That's our moment.
My team will be at this hangar building-- Beta Team can be placed behind the electrical box on the other side.
We'll take them down or we'll take them out.
The idea is to take them alive, right? Of course.
I thought I told you to leave.
Well, I got another text from Pride.
Detective Franklin's murder is a lot more complicated than you think.
Get your men to the airport.
Got it.
Look, I know we could have handled this better, but we think a cop is responsible for Franklin's death.
Every time I think you've hit bottom, you manage to get lower.
It's got something to do with the attorney general, Desmond Whitney.
Say another word, I will put cuffs on you myself.
Hey, hey! Come on! They got hostages, man! Same team! Same team! Get him out of here! Let's go.
Let's go.
Okay, gang, time for a road trip.
No, no, no, no, no.
Everyone stay where you are.
You don't need all these people to get out.
You just need one.
Otherwise, we have a problem.
You got brass ones, I'll give you that.
I don't give a crap about the snitch, but Red and me, we need cover, and one is just not gonna cut it.
Then take me, too.
Really testing your luck here.
Yeah, I'm not gonna abandon Pride.
Train's barreling down the track no matter where you are, Lasalle.
Got movement at the door.
Copy that.
(nervous chatter) If I smell even a whiff of trouble, you and the girl die.
That's a promise.
Where's Captain Davis? Right at the epicenter.
(helicopter whirring overhead) Walk! Come on! Move! Sit down.
Get comfortable.
(whispering): Pretty sure the driver's an NOPD captain.
Might complicate things.
'Cause they've been easy so far? You're with the hostages.
Okay, driver.
Let's roll.
(indistinct radio chatter) We're on the move.
Air support will keep close cover.
(phone chimes) Additional units clear the roads.
Hey, you put Captain Davis on the bus? He put himself there.
Look, I got to get to the airport.
All right, I'm coming with you.
You'll end up in jail if you do.
I don't care.
I'm the only link to Pride, and NCIS are the only ones trying to solve Franklin's murder.
You really think Curtis is innocent? We're doing everything we can to prove it and try to catch the real killer.
You can walk me through your theory on the way to the airport.
(sirens wailing) REPORTER: This is WUVV Sky 5 reporting I'm guessing that bus has Pride and the suspects on it? Yeah, and it's on its way to the airport.
We're running out of time.
- Any luck tracking down Riley Egan? - No.
She's gone.
You think she went into hiding after getting attacked? I put a BOLO out.
But if we're really looking at a dirty cop, he could get to her first.
I can't tell you if a cop killed Detective Franklin, but we're pretty damn sure Curtis didn't.
Yeah, I was able to run prints off the photos I took of the murder weapon.
Those aren't Curtis's? They are absolutely Curtis's.
Four perfect prints on the gun's handle.
How does that clear him as a suspect? Well, these aren't the latent prints that you typically find at a crime scene.
And there's no smudging or imperfections.
These, these are exemplar prints.
That's what the cops collect when they arrest a suspect.
They were planted on the gun.
Well, even if they were planted, we still need more to clear his name.
How 'bout this? Got surveillance from a liquor store down the block from Franklin's crime scene.
Get a view of the killer? No.
Camera's pointed in the wrong direction.
But I got audio.
(clicks) (gunshot in distance) Well, how does that help us? Well, the-the time stamp says that the gunshot was fired at 11:24, right? - Right.
Well, the text that sent Curtis to the crime scene, that went out at 11:25.
And how does a dead man text? Curtis was set up to take the fall.
Okay, we can work with this, but we still need to I.
the real killer.
(phone chimes) Unfortunately, only Riley Egan can answer that question.
(groans) That's not gonna happen.
This is Wade.
Riley Egan's in autopsy.
WADE: Jane Doe came in two days ago.
When your BOLO came through, age and description matched.
That's Riley Egan.
was apparent heroin overdose.
Apparent? (sighs) The victim shows no signs of previous drug use.
Plus, the quality of heroin in her system was off the charts.
92% pure.
(scoffs) Most street-level heroin is a third of that.
This came straight from the distributor.
That might be our only good news.
At this purity level, the chemical compound will be easy to trace.
Means Narcotics may be able to tell me where it came from.
Thanks, Doc.
Listen, I've been stuck in here all day.
Haven't heard any news on Dwayne.
Is he okay? Yeah, he's fine.
You know, he can handle himself.
You didn't answer my question.
It's the best I can do right now, Doc.
(sighs softly) (sirens wailing) (phone vibrates) What is it? Riley.
She's dead.
Looks like an overdose.
I'm sorry, Curtis.
That doesn't make any sense.
She never did drugs.
She was murdered like your cop friend.
You got a cloud of bad luck that follows you wherever you go.
Show some respect for the guy.
Whoever did this to Riley probably killed Franklin, too.
We'll find him.
When? 'Cause that's the airport.
(sirens stop) Bus has arrived at the fence line.
Copy that.
Yo, driver, what gives? Waiting for them to open the gate.
ESTES: All right, Captain Davis, we're about to open the gate.
All units ready in position.
Alpha Team in position.
Beta Team in position.
Davis's men are setting a kill zone.
We're still trying to save lives here, right? (sighs) Look, Lasalle, when Davis gives us the high sign, we open the gate.
They'll head on foot to the plane.
Davis will cover from behind and we move in.
That's about as flimsy a plan as I've ever heard.
Captain Davis has 15 years in the SOD.
He knows the drill.
(phone rings) We're out of time, Sebastian.
- Give me good news.
- I just ran the chemical signature on the heroin used to kill Riley Egan.
It matches a narcotics seizure made by NOPD months ago.
Lasalle, Captain Steven Davis led the raid.
Wait, are you sure? Positive.
Tell SOD to stand down right now.
I think Davis is our killer.
DAVIS: Hey, what are you doing? Stop pointing that gun at me.
What are you what are you talking about? DAVIS: Please don't shoot me! BOOMER: What are what are you talking about? Go, go, go! All right, everybody down! Get on the ground now! (rapid gunfire) Tell them to hold their fire! This is Captain Estes! Cease fire! I repeat, cease fire! Davis is in there and in trouble! Not losing another cop! Listen to me, Leroi! Davis may be responsible for Franklin's death! I don't believe it! You don't have to yet! All right? Just hold your fire! Otherwise you're gonna kill a lot of innocent people! This is Alpha Team leader.
Hold fire! Copy, Alpha Team leader.
We're holding fire.
PRIDE: Okay? I'm fine.
(grunts) (pants) I've been shot.
You freakin' played me! - You're gonna die, D-Man! - What? Davis, what are you doing? Cleaning house.
I can't let you do that.
You don't really have a say here, Pride.
(shouts) (gunshots) (shouts) It's okay! It's over! It's over! Suspects are down! Red's wounded.
He needs medical attention.
Come on.
Come on.
H-Hang on.
Curtis, Curtis is innocent.
The killer's on the bus.
Boomer? Didn't make it.
All right.
You need to get checked out.
I'll take custody of Curtis.
Won't let anything happen to him.
You can trust him.
Okay? You okay? Yeah.
So much for putting the “big” in “easy”" I've had more relaxing days in Fallujah.
I'm sorry.
And, uh, who are you, exactly? Christopher, this is Halliday.
She's been making a habit of saving my ass.
(laughs) Well, I'm sorry I'm late, but I did not come empty-handed.
(singsongy): I brought the donuts! You guys hear what I said? 'Cause I said (singsongy): I brought the donuts! Day late and a dollar short, Sebastian.
Take a look.
SEBASTIAN: What the? Who brought those? I bought a dozen.
And I bought two to be safe.
And I brought strudel for that international feel.
You know what, I think we're all just overcompensating a little bit for Sonja's absence.
But it's cool.
We'll figure it out.
I think we have already.
We solved two murders, ended a hostage crisis, and saved Pride all in a single afternoon.
We're a well-oiled machine.
So who's making coffee? (mouth full): Are you serious? Not me.
(grunts softly) Pride.
Hey, Carl.
Let me help you.
Thank you.
(grunts) Where we going with this? Over there.
I looked for you at headquarters.
Said you split.
Figured after a night's worth of questioning, nobody'd miss me.
- Right here? - Yep.
Thank you.
Well, I, uh, thought you should know that Curtis isn't facing any charges for yesterday.
Thanks to you and your people.
Well, I'm glad.
But Curtis paid a big price for his freedom.
Well, freedom isn't in the cards for him quite yet.
I'm placing him in protective custody until I'm sure no other cops were working with Davis.
Someone tried to take out the state attorney general.
- Right.
- Man who was fighting corruption.
Davis was covering it up.
Can't imagine he did it alone.
And a few months back, you had to save Mayor Taylor from a murder attempt the day before the election.
Think it's connected? Two high-profile politicians almost assassinated in the same year.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Smoke, there's fire.