NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e21 Episode Script

Mind Games

1 (crickets chirping) (slow footsteps, floorboards creaking) I already told you everything I know.
I don't know what else you want from me.
WOMAN: I want the truth.
Real truth.
The one that's been haunting you, the one you've been running from for all these years.
I I swear to God, I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know what you want from me! (yells) (panting) I know this is hard for you, but believe me when I say I'm actually doing you a favor.
Your shame holds you back, keeps you living in pain, keeps you from being totally free.
You can do it, Sophie.
You can free yourself.
It's time.
It's time to face the truth.
The crash.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
All those people died because of me.
See? That wasn't so hard now, was it? (sobbing softly) (muffled screaming) (gasping, whimpering) (exhales slowly, breathing stops) (sighs) (gloves snap) NCIS:New Orleans 4x21 Mind Games Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
(knock on door) It's open! You just you leave the door unlocked? Are you out of your mind? You live in the Quarter.
Don't bust my chops.
I'm not in the mood.
Do me a favor.
Help me find my keys, please.
Your keys? How are we gonna find anything in here? I'm just, I'm saying, the last time I was here The last time you were here, Sonja was here, too.
It's a lot for me to handle.
Yeah, I can see that.
Is this spinach or mold right here? Did Lasalle tell you anything about the case? Uh, nothing much.
Just that Hi.
What's your name? I I don't know.
Your name's Sebastian.
My name is Sebastian.
That's right.
Of course.
I forgot.
I didn't forget.
It's, um What were we talking about? Looking for these, are you? Thank you.
My number's on a Post-it on the fridge.
Wrote my name down, too, in case you forget again.
It's Brooklyn.
I remember.
(chuckles) Drinks at the Kerry tomorrow? I'll try.
Nice meeting you.
Sebastian! How well do you even know her? Don't give me that tone.
It's none of your business, and neither is this.
Come on.
Let's go to work.
All right, I ju (footstep squishes) Ugh.
What is that, a fig? What has happened to you? (siren wailing) I just want to make sure you're all right.
Is there anything wrong with that? Other than the fact that that's all you've been talking about for the last 45 minutes, no.
All right, it's been 43 minutes, okay? - And my point is that - Listen, I know what your point is.
And I appreciate it, I really do, but I'm fine.
I am.
Come on, man.
How long have we known each other, almost two years? (sighs) It seems longer.
You're more of a neatnik freak than I am, and that is saying a lot considering the fact that I am legit OCD.
I know, and you can't let anything go, including this.
Hey! Your place was a mess, the door was unlocked.
Okay? I'm sorry.
That's not like you, and it was almost as if you had forgotten that Brooklyn was even there when we were about to leave.
- Who? I'm joking.
Enough of the grilling, okay? I've had enough.
I love you, but if you don't stop, I'm gonna drop you and turn you into a soprano.
Are we clear? Crystal.
(camera clicking) Victim is Lieutenant Commander Sophie Kendrick, pilot out of Pensacola.
Went UA a week ago.
Only found her 'cause a local's hunting dogs started barking like crazy.
Means whoever brought her out here obviously didn't want anybody finding her for a while.
Didn't want anyone else to hear the poor girl's screams, either.
Severe bruising, deep cuts, broken bones.
I'm afraid Commander Kendrick was brutally tortured before being asphyxiated.
SEBASTIAN: Well, maybe to get sensitive information? GREGORIO: I don't think so.
I mean, enemy combatants torturing for Intel usually make a mess, right? Well, look at the floor.
What do you see? Wood? No blood.
If this is where she was killed, there'd be a lot more blood.
LASALLE: Means the killer cleaned up everything.
GREGORIO: But he left the body.
He wanted us to find it.
That means he's got an ego, and he's cocky, and doesn't think he can get caught.
Which would indicate this is not his first victim.
WADE: Well, he certainly knew where to cut her and which bones to break to maximize pain.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, but, why? You know, obviously, the killer went through a lot of trouble to drag his victim way out here.
Yeah, and farmhouses aren't exactly a dime a dozen.
I mean, bunch of hunting cabins to choose from, but he came here.
Well, that in of itself is a clue.
I mean, maybe he chose a farmhouse because it was something personal.
If so What is it, Gregorio? Hey, Doc, any chance the killer used surgical tools to torture Commander Kendrick, like a scalpel or something? As a matter of fact, yes, several of the wounds could have been inflicted by a scalpel.
Why? It's weird.
It's just like déjà vu.
When I was training to become a profiler at the FBI, ten years or so ago, we had a similar case study.
Found a female doctor at an abandoned hospital in Pennsylvania or West Virginia-- I can't remember.
What about her? GREGORIO: She was tortured just like this, cut with surgical tools and suffocated, same way.
SEBASTIAN: They ever catch the guy? GREGORIO: Like I said, it was just a case study, a series of lectures.
Lot of similarities, though.
Too many to ignore.
Can you call the lecturer? Yeah.
Hopefully, she's still working at the Behavioral Analysis Unit.
I'll follow up with Commander Kendrick's C.
, see if she had access to any sensitive Intel.
Learn everything you can about her, backtrack her every last move, 'cause if Gregorio's right, killer knew a lot about Kendrick.
Means their lives intersected somewhere.
Copy that.
Sebastian, I want you to go over that place with a fine-tooth comb.
It's hard to believe that the killer didn't leave any trace evidence.
Right, okay, but just, uh, wait.
Just one quick question.
Yeah? Does Tammy seem all right to you? I mean, I'm not trying to be nosy, and God knows she's made it very clear that I should mind my own business, but, I don't know, I don't think that's so easy sometimes, 'cause I can be like a dog with a bone, you know? When my teeth sink into something, and then I just don't let go Yeah, I'm aware, Sebastian.
Well, I know you're aware.
You've known me long No, no, no, no, no.
I'm aware about Gregorio.
Seems a little out of sorts lately.
Distracted, pressing.
Yes, exactly.
Like she was when she first joined the team.
It could be she's missing Sonja.
They were awful close.
Maybe it's something else.
Anyway, I'll keep an eye on her.
All right.
GREGORIO: Professor McDermott? Oh, my gosh, it's been so long.
Thanks for taking my call.
I didn't even think you'd remember me.
Oh, of course I remember you, Agent Gregorio.
How could I forget? I remember your fellow agents were frustrated with you for asking so many questions.
Oh, right, I forgot.
I was driving them crazy.
Of course, I'm still driving my agents crazy, so some things never change.
You still with the Bureau? No, I'm with NCIS down in New Orleans? New Orleans? Really? Yeah, I know, it's a long way from D.
, but you should know I'm putting everything you taught me to good use.
Oh, good.
I'm glad.
Is that why you're calling? As a matter of fact, it is.
We have a Navy pilot who was tortured and killed, bears a lot of similarities to that case study on that doctor.
Found in the Pittsburg hospital? Yes, exactly.
I mean, we just started the investigation, but I was wondering, was that killer ever caught? I'd have to check on that.
You think the cases might be connected? Like I said, I-I don't know.
Ten years apart, highly unlikely.
Unless, of course, it turns out there were more victims in between.
So, I'm gonna check with the National Crime Center, but I was hoping you could send me your profile on that first case.
Even if it's not the same guy, maybe it can help me get into the head of my killer.
Well, of course.
I'll get right on it.
Thank you so much, Professor McDermott.
Really nice talking to you.
Oh, please, call me Claire.
SEBASTIAN: Well, whoever this killer is, he really knows how to cover his tracks.
I mean, I scoured every inch of that farmhouse, inside and out, twice.
All I got was this rash, which I really hope isn't ringworm.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
Looks like we're all coming up empty-handed.
That was Kendrick's C.
He said she was a land-based pilot, mostly C-130s, TS clearance.
Nothing foreign entities would kill for.
Yeah, and I saw nothing on their air station surveillance cameras, other than the last time she left base and stopped off at a bar, but nothing suspicious in Kendrick's phone or bank records, either.
Doesn't make any sense.
This killer is-is incredibly meticulous, not just with the farmhouse, but with everything.
Even if there was no evidence, you'd think there would, there would be a motive.
Yeah, especially if it's personal.
I mean, killer and her had to have crossed paths.
And with the specific intent not just to kill, but to torture her, too.
Question is: why? I don't know the answer to that, but I do know she wasn't his only victim.
Did your BAU guru connect it to that doctor that was killed ten years ago? - Not quite.
But I started to do my own research.
Turns out we're not just looking at Commander Kendrick.
Melanie Jacobs, 2008, Pittsburg.
Stephanie Benton, A.
, found in a pharm-plant near Atlanta in 2009.
2010, a biochemist, Kelly Mendez, found in a Denver school cafeteria.
2011, Claudia Caldwell, oil CFO in Dallas.
I found ten unsolved murders, all around the country, all with the exact same M.
All highly successful women, all tortured and killed.
LASALLE: At a crime scene scrubbed clean of any evidence.
Locations are varied, but there's something unique about each one.
What's the connection? - Yes.
It's got to be to the victims.
Just like the farmhouse has to be connected to the pilot.
So-so this killer is taking his victims and killing them somewhere that means something to them? Yes.
This guy's sick.
Yeah, you think? I forwarded everything to Claire McDermott, my professor.
If anybody can profile a killer, it's her.
But I also started my own profile.
I really don't think the killer knew these victims before they were targeted.
They're just all over the place, but they're not random.
There has to be a connection.
It-it's maybe the location.
Or, uh, you know, psychology.
Or maybe the way he chooses his victims.
I-I haven't gotten to that part yet, but I've been, like Dog, bone.
Huh? What? Hmm? What's the matter? Listen, uh Yeah, it's-it's late.
Maybe we should call it a day.
Pick up fresh in the morning.
No way.
I'm on a roll.
No, I know.
But, uh might be better if we pace ourselves.
After all, killer's gotten away with this for over a decade.
It could take a while.
All the more reason to jump right in.
- We'll just pick it up in the morning.
- No.
GREGORIO: I'm just glad somebody cares about this case.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
CLAIRE: I'm not sure I can help much.
I mean, each case, each crime scene is so wildly different.
I can't seem to come up with a profile.
Can you? I've been working on it.
It's clear that the killer somehow sees himself in his victims.
CLAIRE: Maybe it's a power dynamic.
Maybe he's torturing his victims out of some sort of Oedipus complex.
Except there's nothing sexual about the tortures or murders, which might suggest the killer's a woman, which also might explain how she's gotten away with it for so long.
Go on.
Well, according to the case files, the killer broke into each victim's home first to probably try to get to know them better, you know, get into their heads.
Fits the codependent profile.
Which is why I think the killer identifies with her victims in a twisted sort of way, tortures them because she's somehow tortured herself.
I think you may be onto something.
(sirens passing) (sighs) LASALLE: Anything out of place at all? You mean other than everything? I got to get a housekeeper.
Gregorio, why don't you just take a seat, let us handle For the last time, Lasalle, I'm fine.
Okay? I-I'm allowed to be a little creeped out by someone being in my house, right? You sure she was even here? Yes, I'm sure.
I was talking to her when I heard the sirens on the phone.
I just missed her.
Claire doesn't leave evidence.
Remember? Yeah, well, someone training FBI agents-- I guess if anybody knows how to get away with something like this - Everything about her fits the profile.
She's brilliant, she knows how to get into people's heads, and she's ballsy enough to teach a class on her first victim.
I can't believe she all but taunted us into telling us it was her.
Well, there's no trace evidence outside, at least none that I could find.
There's a camera on the street corner, but I'm guessing she knew to avoid it.
PRIDE: All right, thanks, but get that alert out right away.
Okay, that was Quantico.
Seems Claire McDermott left her FBI office right after you called her yesterday.
Gives her enough time to catch a plane to New Orleans.
You must have spooked her.
Guess I should be flattered she thinks I'm smart enough to catch her.
Except now that means that you're her next target.
I mean, didn't you say that the killer broke into victims' homes before - Yeah, he's right.
I mean, it breaks the pattern of her killing a victim a year, but assuming she thinks I'm onto her Yeah.
All the more reason to figure out what she was looking for, or what she found.
Yeah, easier said than done.
God Look, Tammy Yeah.
- I think you should stay put.
- No.
No, you can't do this to me, Pride.
You can't bench me.
You need a profiler to catch a profiler.
I'm the only one.
I know.
But you can just as easily do that from here.
Come on.
With NOPD out front, Sebastian inside, at least you'll be safe.
Plus, I can remotely access the squad room from here.
Check city surveillance, do a digital search for Claire.
Start with the airport, track her from there.
All right.
Best way for you to help us is for you to get into her head.
Understood? Yeah.
Here's your file.
Thank you.
And get started.
(phone beeps) Looks like Loretta might have found something.
Chris, you're with me.
We got you.
Do not let her out of your sight.
LORETTA: Tammy should be concerned.
I'm concerned, considering what that monster did to this poor woman, and all the other women, too.
Don't worry, we're not gonna let anything happen to Gregorio.
Her place is surrounded by NOPD.
Plus, Sebastian's right there by her side.
Still, the sooner I can help you find this Professor McDermott, the better.
Why we're here.
You said you found something.
Tammy was right.
Looking at all ten victims, including Commander Kendrick, I found evidence that shows that each one was tortured with the same tools, including a very specific scalpel.
Specific in what way? Each surgical scalpel has a distinctive purpose to it.
The killer used one that was intended for long incisions.
It's leaf-shaped, curved, and, in this case, sharpened on the leading edge only, which accounts for those scalloped torture wounds.
Still, if we don't find the scalpel, it wont help us any.
Only way to do that is to find Claire before she gets to Gregorio.
If she still does-- when she does-- she'll probably try to drug Tammy with Rohypnol.
Roofies? Yes.
I found trace evidence in each one of the victims' blood.
She probably drops them in their drinks, tranquilizes them so she can take them to wherever the hell she takes them to.
Commander Kendrick was last seen at a bar.
(pop music playing, lively chatter) You're Brooklyn, right? Yes.
Your friend Tammy just called.
Apologizes for running late.
You know Tammy? Tammy Gregorio? Uh, yeah.
How do you know her? Former professor.
I actually trained her at the FBI.
Wait, she's a cop? I had no idea.
Tammy has a lot of little secrets.
Trust me.
Mind if I join you while you wait? Sure.
I'm Brooklyn.
Nice to meet you, Brooklyn.
I'm Claire.
SEBASTIAN: What do you think she gets out of torturing her victims? I mean, I'm no profiler, but it feels like if we can figure out what Claire gets out of it, then Might be easier to do if we could figure out why she brings her victims to such specific locations.
Yeah, and then goes all Buffalo Bill on them when she gets them there.
Who? Silence of the Lambs? - Oh, yeah.
- You've never seen Silence of the Lambs? Isn't that, like, basic training at the FBI? No, I don't do creepy movies.
(phone beeps) Okay.
Oh, it's Brooklyn.
She wants me to call her.
Yeah, so call her.
I mean, didn't you say you were gonna meet up with her? No, I said I'd try.
Besides, I'm a little busy.
Somebody's trying to kill me.
Remember? I mean, you're being a little dramatic.
- Don't you think? Just call her up.
(sighs) If you don't, I will.
And I'll somehow convince her to be attracted to me.
Oh? Yeah.
(phone beeps, line rings) Hey, it's kind of a bad time right now, so maybe we could hook up later CLAIRE: Go out onto your balcony.
Otherwise, your lady friend becomes victim number 11.
You don't really want to be responsible for her, too, do you? Hey, I'm gonna take this outside.
I'll go outside.
No, no.
Relax, I'm fine.
What do you want? I want to help free you, Tammy.
What does that mean? I want to talk to Brooklyn.
Only because I have her.
You were gonna stand her up, weren't you? Because you can't let people get too close.
I wonder why.
Lose your partner, get in your car and drive, or you will have one more reason to never forgive yourself.
Tammy? Tammy! Sebastian.
I never should have let her out of my sight, okay, I know.
It's just, she was gone for a couple seconds All right, calm down and tell me what happened.
She got some sort of a text from this woman-- uh, Brooklyn.
They were supposed to go out for drinks.
So Tammy called her, she went out on the balcony to say that she couldn't make it, and the next thing I know, she's gone.
Well, it has to be Claire.
Must have taken Brooklyn to get to Gregorio.
And she knew where Brooklyn was gonna be from when she was snooping around.
God, it's Why didn't Tammy tell me that Claire was on the phone instead? Or why didn't she give me some kind of, uh, a signal? Probably was worried she might risk Brooklyn's life if she did.
Claire must have known that Gregorio wouldn't take that risk.
Yeah, well, I tried tracking Tammy's cell phone and her car's GPS.
Neither one's working.
Listen to me, Sebastian.
We're gonna find her.
Okay? Yeah.
But only if we focus.
Only if we work this like any other case.
You understand? (exhales) Yeah.
What do you want to do? The first thing we do is trust Gregorio.
She's trained, she knows who she's up against.
She'll do everything she can to buy us time.
Did you put a BOLO out on her car? Only the second I saw it was gone.
Let's gather up these files.
PRIDE: Claire's profile, too.
We know she usually looks for some psychological connection to her victims, which means, assuming she stays on pattern, if we can figure out how Claire thinks she can connect to Gregorio Right.
Then, we can figure out where she's gonna take her.
All right.
Just Means we got to profile Tammy, too.
You know, that just feels weird.
It's not if it's the only way to save her life.
Come on.
CLAIRE: Stay on the 90 till you cross the river.
You following me? CLAIRE: All those years training agents, you don't think I know how to track somebody? Just keep driving, I'll tell you where to turn.
How do I know Brooklyn's still alive? Because you're a better profiler than that.
You know I choose for my girls for specific reasons.
Besides, I think you wouldn't want to make the same mistake twice.
What's that supposed to mean? Let's just say I found more than Brooklyn's phone number in your apartment.
You know what? You're sick.
You need help.
I read up on you, all right? I know.
This is not about me! This is about you, Tammy.
Now, toss your phone out the window so your team can't track you.
Go on.
I can see your GPS is still moving.
Now, you wouldn't want me to kill Brooklyn over it and have to live with that, would you? (phone ringing) I'm listening.
What do you want? I'm sorry, this-this just feels really icky.
Did you guys know that Tammy once called the cops on her father? Any luck with that BOLO? Nah, nothing.
Wherever Claire is taking Gregorio, she's obviously using every skill she has to avoid cameras.
Stay on top of the alerts, though: NOPD, LSP, traffic, anything.
I'm on it.
Sebastian, find anything useful in Gregorio's profile on the killer-- on Claire-- yet? It's just-- it's not my area of expertise.
I-I'm trying to cross-reference what we have on Claire, and the victims, but honestly, I don't even know where to start.
I don't, either.
But there's got to be something meaningful to Gregorio, right? Something personal.
CLAIRE: Troubled relationship with your mother, father abandoned you both, died while you were in college.
He didn't abuse you, did he, Tammy? Look, I'm doing what you ask, I'm following directions.
I don't need to deal with this crap.
Got married young, tried to get away from it all? That didn't work either, did it? Con man husband gets busted, so you run off and join the FBI, try to make up for it all.
Ten years later, your life's a wreck again.
Do you want to know why? Hey, how about we talk about you, instead, Claire, huh? Because we both know you're a hell of a lot more screwed up than I am.
Because you're still running, Tammy.
You are still running from that day, and until you stop and feel the pain, you're just gonna keep running, keep being lonely.
Turn left after the next intersection.
(engine revving) (clicks) Turn now.
Stop the car at the gate, start walking.
LASALLE: King, I got something.
Gregorio's license plate just popped up on photo enforcement.
She just ran a red light at Airline Drive and Central ten minutes ago.
She's leaving us a trail.
Chris, let's move.
Sebastian, you stay here, let us know if Gregorio tries to send us any more signals.
- Hold on, I want to go with you guys.
- I know you do, but we'll bring her back.
Lift up your shirt.
Turn around.
Want to make sure you're not carrying.
Where's Brooklyn? She's safe, as long as you do what I say.
What are you gonna do, torture me? Kill me? No.
I'm gonna free you.
Drink this.
Yeah, I'm not drinking anything until I see that Brooklyn's all right.
Drink it.
Would you stop? We both know you're not gonna shoot me, because that's not what you do, but you're gonna have to if you don't show me Brooklyn's all right.
Right now.
(whimpering) Hey, it's gonna be okay.
All right? I'll take care of it.
How do I know you'll let her go? Because I don't care about her.
You do.
That's why you came.
And you couldn't bear to run away from somebody that needed help, like you did all those years ago in Hawaii.
Do you remember Hawaii, Tammy? How do you even know about that? (sighs) (siren wailing) (tires screeching) Clear.
It's Gregorio? No.
(whimpers) Here, okay.
All right, hey.
Hey, it's all right, we're federal agents.
All right? You okay? I'm gonna take this off.
Oh, my God, Tammy, you got to find Tammy.
Tammy, where is she? Do you know? Did the same woman who took you take her? Yes, and she's gonna kill her.
I know she's gonna kill her.
(rustling, fluttering sounds echo) (panting breaths echoing) (panting) Wait.
Where am I? Don't worry.
- Claire - The dizziness and nausea will wear off; after all, I need you clearheaded.
Look, I don't know what you think you're gonna do to me.
Actually, I know exactly what I'm going to do to you.
What? GREGORIO: You sick bitch.
Killing me isn't gonna free me.
This isn't about me, this is about you, and whatever demented crap you get out of it.
Denial is defense.
Denial?! But there are tools to break down the walls we create to protect ourselves from our deepest pains.
Somebody! Somebody, help me! Somebody, help me, please! Nobody can hear you.
I made sure to rent out all the rooms on this side of the motel.
Motel? What? Why? To help remind you, to bring you back to the pain of that day.
- Please, Claire - And since the same area of the body Let's just talk.
are activated Let's just talk.
by both physical Claire, please, don't.
and emotional pain Claire! Don't do it, please.
No! Claire! No! No! BROOKLYN: Sorry, I can't remember much after I met her at the bar.
But you can ID her, right? Claire McDermott? The photo I showed you? Yes.
Uh-- oh, it's all right, dear.
This is for under your fingernails.
I'm just trying to get any evidence I can to help Agent Pride find Tammy.
I know you've been through a lot, but if you saw anything, or heard anything while you were with Claire, where she took you, where she might be taking Tammy? I woke up in the trunk.
She told me not to make a sound, or she'd kill me.
PRIDE: Still, if there's anything that you can remember, i-it'll help, regardless of how insignificant you might think.
Um I-I saw some plastic sheeting in the trunk, and gray tape.
PRIDE: Anything else? Brooklyn, Tammy left Agent Pride a signal before.
That's how he was able to find you.
We're hoping she might've left another sign, said something.
Claire said something to Tammy.
A-About Hawaii.
What about Hawaii? I don't know.
But it sounded like maybe something had happened to Tammy a long time ago.
Uh She said, “Remember Hawaii.
” D-Does that mean anything? We might have something.
Excuse me.
So we went through the case files of all the victims trying to find something personal that connects them, like what Tammy talking about.
- Which got us thinking, she also said Claire takes her victims to places that mean something to them.
- And? Well, our Navy pilot, Commander Kendrick, she was killed at a remote farmhouse.
Yeah, and five years ago, she was flying a C-130 that had to make an emergency landing.
She crashed into a farmhouse.
Seven sailors survived, but three didn't.
And even though the Navy cleared her of any wrongdoing She still blamed herself.
Yeah, she's not the only one, either.
Each and every one of the victims had some traumatic event happen in their past, too.
And each one of the murders was in the locations that matched where their traumas took place.
So, what? Claire's trying to somehow force her victims to face their past by torturing and killing them? I'm guessing that has more to do with Claire than with her victims.
More importantly, she must know whatever happened in Gregorio's past that's haunting her.
- Yeah, and if we can figure that out, we might be able to find her, but we're running out of time.
Any idea what it could be? We got to get back to that apartment.
Why are you fighting this so hard? You know you're only hurting yourself.
The physical pain is meant to reveal the inner pain, all you have to do is face it.
You're the only one who's not facing it.
No matter what I say, no matter what you make me say, nothing will stop the pain you're running from.
Really? Yeah.
I read your file.
I profiled you, too.
Daddy beat you one too many times, huh? (chuckles) Kindly Dr.
McDermott wasn't so kindly.
April 24, 1991, somebody stabbed your father and killed him.
Wasn't you, was it, now, Claire? Is that why you do what you do? Is that why you hurt innocent people? Because that son of a bitch hurt you? (screaming) God! This is about what you are running from, Tammy.
What you're not facing.
Not me.
(crying) Now let's talk about July 12, 1998, shall we? Let's talk about what you did-- or, rather, didn't do-- in Maui that day.
I can't find anything about Hawaii anywhere, can you? Not yet.
We just got to keep looking.
I hate to bring it up, King, but, uh, what if we're wrong about Claire? And what if Brooklyn didn't remember things correctly? We could lose Gregorio.
SEBASTIAN: All right, no, I I can't let that happen, okay? So there's-there's there's got to be an answer here somewhere.
Where's the scrapbook? What're you talking about, Sebastian? When I came here to pick up Tammy for the case, I was looking through this-this pink scrapbook and it had pictures of Hawaii in it.
She-she whipped it out of my hands, says it wasn't any of my business and then she put it right there, and it's gone.
Well, maybe Claire took it.
LASALLE: Or maybe she hid it, where we couldn't find it in time.
Here it is.
Yes, that's it.
SEBASTIAN: But what would Claire want with this? LASALLE: Looks like Gregorio from high school.
Yeah, with a friend, too.
Look, all these ones are her and a friend.
Andrea Ortiz.
Says Andrea was abducted and murdered while vacationing in Hawaii with her family and best friend, Tammy Gregorio.
She kept all the articles during the investigation.
Look, Andrea was found in a motel, but the killer was never caught.
Yeah, well, looks like Tammy never stopped looking.
Because somehow she blames herself and now, Claire knows it.
Look at Andrea.
Look at her.
Leave me alone.
This is what you've been running from, Tammy, for your whole life.
This is why you can't let anybody in.
This is why you don't deserve it.
Say it, Tammy, let it go.
Say it.
Why didn't you do something? I didn't know.
What didn't you know? We went out.
And I didn't tell our parents.
And she met a guy and left with him.
And you let her? I should've told her parents.
I should've done something.
But I was afraid, I was afraid we'd get in trouble.
I do (crying) I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
(crying): Andrea, I'm so sorry.
Forgive me.
Good girl, Tammy.
Now you're truly free.
Oh, my God I'm sorry, Claire.
(screaming) (screaming) I hope we're right.
Claire takes her victims to locations that match their trauma, best we got.
Yeah, and since Tammy's friend was found in a motel in Maui.
Let's fan out.
Top floor, lower right.
I got the car.
(screaming) (muffled screaming) Gregorio, no! No, no, no.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Let her go, let her go, let go.
I'm gonna kill you! It's over.
You're okay.
(Gregorio sobbing) You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
(gasps) You're okay.
You're you're okay.
You're okay.
We got you.
We got you.
We got you.
Okay, okay.
Hand her over to the marshals, it's federal.
Copy that.
Gonna take Gregorio some time to get over this.
We'll give her as much time as she needs.
Think she'll be all right? PRIDE: I think she helped bring down a serial killer.
Might not make up for what she didn't do, as far as she's concerned, but it's close.
All right.
I got it.
Come on in here.
Easy, easy.
You don't have to baby me, Sebastian.
Oh, really? 'Cause, honestly, I feel like you're lucky to be walking right now, let alone breathing Stop being so dramatic.
Okay, you know what, let's just let's go over to the couch here.
There we go.
Ah Yup, easy.
Okay, let's get the feet up.
Easy, easy.
Yup, oh, yeah.
And I'm gonna order some food.
What do you want? Okay.
Uh How 'bout some oysters? Fried oysters, let's live a little.
You want fried oysters delivered to the Yeah, okay, sure.
No, let's do it.
That sounds awesome.
Uh, I know the guy who owns Acme Oysters.
I could text him.
He'll probably deliver.
Yeah? Great.
Well You're not going anywhere, are you? You gonna keep me company? Hang out? Are you kidding? Yeah.
You're stuck with me, Gregorio, whether you like it or not.
Ah I'm sorry.
What? I don't know.
Just thank you for kicking my ass and being there for me.
Oh, my God.
What? You're getting mushy right now.
Yeah? Wow.
Let's watch a movie.
(winces) It's a blanket.
All right, what do you think? Silence of the Lambs? Sebastian.
You're right.
We should probably watch Seven.