NCIS New Orleans (2014) s04e22 Episode Script

The Assassination of Dwayne Pride

1 (upbeat jazz music playing) Yeah, man.
(whoops) (both laugh) Oh, my.
Another round, Loretta? Ah, not if it means you're lifting a finger to get it.
Just a finger, I promise.
(laughs) See, I like this look on you, Dwayne.
A man of leisure, hanging out with your friend on a busy night, letting everyone else do the heavy lifting.
(clicks tongue) Well, I promised Laurel that I'd take some downtime.
She's under the impression that I work too much.
See, your daughter is wise beyond her years.
(laughs) Sebastian! What you drinking? I don't have time; listen, we got a problem.
Please don't tell me this is about a case.
No, it's about Pride.
This article dropped 20 minutes ago.
“Vigilante Cop Abuses Power”? Yeah, it's not good, it rehashes a bunch of your old cases.
They even have a picture of Carsen Donner in here.
WADE: The son of the arms dealer that kidnapped Danny? Yeah, well, they left that part out.
But they talk about how you beat him for information.
They talk about how you kidnapped Mayor Hamilton last year, and a half a dozen other accusations.
- Well, now, this is ridiculous, it's taken completely out of context.
Yeah, well it may be out of context It all happens to be true.
NCIS:New Orleans 4x22 The Assassination of Dwayne Pride Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Dwayne Pride acts like some sort of superhero.
Disregarding the law, disregarding the people that get hurt along the way.
He cannot go on unchecked.
Tired of listening to this crap.
It's been on the local news all morning.
Who's Oliver Crane, anyway? He was a stringer for the wire service, then he lost his job, he started BreakingNOLA.
com, trying to get a national profile, you know, going after stories the bigger media wouldn't touch.
You sound like a fan.
I kind of was, until this.
Now I just want to smack that smirk off his face.
Just relax.
This is all gonna blow over.
Yeah, it's got to.
People in this city know who King really is.
I mean, they're not gonna buy into that.
Have you talked to any actual people, lately? Listen, what's important is to keep a positive attitude for Pride.
I appreciate the concern, New York, but I'm all right.
Course you are, King.
You don't look all right.
- Huh? - What? I mean, you look-you look great.
Obviously, it's just I don't know, you look worried, too.
Well, I am worried, Sebastian, but not for myself.
Spent the night going through Crane's story.
We got a big problem.
Come on.
PRIDE: Photos of Carsen Donner probably came courtesy of his father's lawyers.
But the rest of this article, he has details of a dozen cases I've handled over the years for NCIS.
Javier Garcia and the cartel, Broussards, even a case I worked in Moscow, back in the day.
Half of it is classified information.
You think there's a leak? I don't know what else to think.
It's got to be someone in NCIS.
NCIS, Navy, DoD.
Means names of witnesses and informants were exposed.
A lot of innocent people could be in danger.
Which is why we have to figure out where the leak came from and contain it, fast.
All right, so we go to Crane and find out who his source is.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, well, journalists don't give up that information easily.
I'll deal with Crane.
I need the rest of you to scour my old cases.
Find the names and locations of anyone who would've been exposed and then warn them of potential danger.
- What? GREGORIO: You really think you're the right person to talk to Crane right now? Yeah, this guy's got it out for you, King.
I mean, you showing up there would just add more fuel to the fire.
Especially if you confront him.
I'm not confronting him, Christopher.
I'll just question him.
SEBASTIAN: I doubt he's gonna see it that way, when the-the cop he just filleted on his Web site comes marching into his office.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, let me and Gregorio handle Crane.
All right? We'll find out how he obtained the files, keep you out of it, for now.
All right.
But you need to make it clear to him that it's not about me.
That lives are at stake.
Sebastian, you and I, we can start reaching out to witnesses, make sure that they're safe.
And you're still not moving.
We just want to make sure you're okay.
Yeah, like I said, I'm fine.
Can't worry about myself until we're sure there's no collateral damage.
Now, can you go talk to Crane? Yeah.
I hear King loud and clear, but I don't care what he says, he's still worried.
Yeah, well, he worked hard to stay on the straight and narrow.
Yeah, until this Oliver Crane dude shows up, starting all kind of trouble, distorting the facts.
Doesn't even mention the lives that Pride saved, the people he's helped.
No, you're right, it's a bunch of bull, but we can't go in there taking it personal.
I know, I know.
Pride's counting on us to find out who leaked these files.
That's all that matters.
We got to play it cool.
You know me, Gregorio, I'm ice cold.
(door buzzes) Oliver Crane.
Special Agents Gregorio and Lasalle Yeah, I know who you are, you're Dwayne Pride's goon squad.
Um somewhere private we can go? Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of the breakers.
” Yeah, the people in this room who are dedicated to exposing the truth, no matter what the cost.
They're gonna bear witness to whatever's about to happen here.
- Whoa.
We just want to talk.
Like you talked to Carsen Donner? I've read your case files, so I know your methods.
GREGORIO: The case files are why we're here.
We need to know how you got them.
Not gonna reveal my source, but I didn't intimidate, bully or beat up anybody to get the information, so, you know, stark contrast to your boss.
Hey, now, hold on a second.
Crane, you published classified information.
That's against the law.
Well, as a journalist Is that what you call yourself? As a journalist, the story serves the public interest.
Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure, Article 971.
I'm within my rights to publish.
Yeah, the files were obtained illegally.
Well, now, that would be your opinion, Agent Lasalle.
GREGORIO: Okay, well, you don't want to cooperate, we'll just go get a subpoena.
You can bring it right to my lawyer's office, at Connor and Hughes.
There's an entire floor of their building just waiting for it.
And while you do, I'll upload my follow-up, which will make Carsen Donner look like an appetizer.
You don't understand the severity of what you're doing here.
No, you don't understand.
Dwayne Pride is dangerous, and he needs to be held accountable.
No, you're the dangerous one, releasing sensitive information that can put people's lives at risk.
- You know what, it's my job to expose the truth.
No, your job is to get little clicks on your little pathetic Web site.
You don't know a damn thing about Dwayne Pride! Gregorio.
You're way over your skis here, trying to torture people.
Well, keep talking, because it makes for great footage.
Hey, hey, Gregorio, look around.
All right? Hey, I think we should leave.
I'm done here, anyway.
OLIVER: Done? You're not even close to done.
You two are gonna be trending by lunchtime.
Hey, Gregorio, what happened to playing it cool? - Guy's an ass.
- Well, agreed, but you didn't do Pride any favors.
Didn't I? DH-37592.
Sounds like a DoD identification number.
From the classified case files on Crane's desk.
Oh, son Gregorio.
Gangsta, right? PATTON: Might've been gangsta, but you paid a price.
This video was uploaded two minutes after you left Crane's office, and it already got 2,000 views.
Well, then, it's worth it if the DoD ID leads us to the leaker.
That helps Pride.
Not if it gets you in hot water, too.
We need to control damage here, not add to it.
Hey, I didn't touch the guy.
Plus, I'm walking wounded.
I This isn't a joke, Gregorio.
We don't need any more exposure.
PATTON: Good news, I got a hit on the ID.
It belongs to Petty Officer First Class Amanda Bowers.
Signals Intel analyst out of Belle Chasse.
She's got top clearance and access to every file on the NCIS server.
Why would a sailor with a spotless record want to leak classified information? “Bowers,” that sound familiar? It should.
You arrested her brother, Leonard Bowers, 2014.
He was impersonating a Navy SEAL.
Murdered a sailor to cover it up.
So you arrested her brother, Amanda Bowers waits four years, risks court martial and prison just to get revenge? Does that make sense? Well, there's only one way to find out.
Good work.
I remember Leonard Bowers's sentencing.
He stood before the judge all alone.
- No family at all.
- Plus, I checked prison records.
Amanda Bowers barely visited her brother, let alone sent a letter.
Whether she had contact with him or not, her files ended up in Crane's article.
We're not the first ones to get here.
LASALLE: Federal agents! Clear.
In here.
That's Petty Officer Amanda Bowers.
GREGORIO: This case just went from a security breach to a murder.
Cause of death, a gunshot through the left scapula.
She was shot in the back.
She was probably running from her killer.
Computer's missing, jewelry box emptied.
- Wallet's gone.
- Yeah.
Home invasion gone wrong.
Someone wants us to think so.
Too much of a coincidence that the woman who leaked my NCIS case files ends up dead in a violent robbery.
You think someone wanted her quiet? Well, whoever it was, they didn't leave a trace.
I mean, this place has been scrubbed clean.
I-I doubt I'm gonna be able to pull any biologicals.
Do what you can, Sebastian.
Put her brother away for murder.
She ends up getting killed four years later.
Her murder's not on you.
It's connected to me.
I see what you're doing, Dwayne Pride, and you need to stop it.
What am I doing, Loretta? You're letting that ridiculous article of Oliver Crane's get under your skin and to your head.
And it certainly doesn't help you solve this young woman's murder.
In other words, get over myself.
Go do your job, find the killer and stop the Intel leaks.
Hey, I got something you'll want to hear.
We spoke to Bowers' landlord.
Sweet little lady that lives out back.
She says she didn't hear anything.
But she said we should talk to Amanda's boyfriend, guy named Max.
No last name.
Drives a silver Acura.
Yeah, Amanda and him started dating a few months ago.
It got serious pretty fast.
She said, uh, his car was parked out front practically every morning.
PRIDE: She have more information other than the first name and a vehicle description? GREGORIO: No, but they were secretive about the whole thing.
Keeping it on the DL, but she said the Acura was parked out front this morning.
All right, put a BOLO out on the vehicle.
We need to find Max.
At the very least, he can fill in some of the blanks.
All right.
- Special Agent Pride.
- Oh, here we go.
This is Amanda Bowers' residence.
What happened in there? GREGORIO: Mr.
Crane, you're gonna have to leave.
This is a crime scene.
That's 'cause she's dead, right? LASALLE: Look, gonna need you to step back, all right? CRANE: Is it your turn to rough me up, Agent Lasalle? - I didn't put a finger on you.
- All right, Lasalle, Gregorio, let's move on.
- Yeah.
“Lasalle, Gregorio.
” Nobody wants to hear from you people, anyway.
They want the main event.
What happened, Pride? PRIDE: I'll tell you what any law enforcement officer would say to any reporter.
We don't comment on an active investigation.
Right, but I'm not any reporter and you're not any law enforcement officer.
Amanda was intimately connected to your reckless behavior.
Are you admitting that she was your source for the leaked documents? I'm not the one under scrutiny.
Well, you will be if I bring you in for questioning.
Hey, Pride.
Go ahead.
Detain the press.
All of New Orleans is watching.
You're not just an investigator.
Who knows? You might be a suspect.
Just walk away.
He's trying to bait you.
Get them all out of here.
That's not a denial.
All of them, now.
This is not going away, Pride.
This isn't going away.
Oliver Crane claims that you and your team are trying to intimidate him.
With all due respect, sir, Oliver Crane is full of crap.
No doubt, Lasalle, but he's also getting traction.
My phone's ringing off the hook.
Real reporters calling.
Director Vance wants it contained.
Well, we want to solve a murder and an intelligence leak.
That goes without saying.
Question I have is are you the agent to get it done? My mess, I'll clean it up.
I know you, Dwayne.
The director does, too.
But we're getting pressure from outside NCIS, other agencies.
They want to know why you're still on the job when you've been accused of excessive force.
The accusations are false.
But optics are everything here.
You remember what I said the last time we spoke like this, Dwayne? Don't make waves.
Water's pretty damn choppy.
Tell me why I shouldn't pull you off this investigation immediately.
Because whoever's behind the leak and Amanda Bowers' murder has exposed my cases.
No one knows them better than me.
You want to solve this, you need me.
You can't be the face of the investigation any longer.
I won't be.
Lasalle will take the lead.
I'll stay in the background.
Sir, I know how volatile the situation is.
I'm not looking to make headlines.
I'm a team player here.
We wouldn't even be having the conversation if I thought otherwise, Dwayne.
Don't let me down.
What do you think he meant when he said “other agencies”? I have no idea, Christopher.
Can't be good.
PROTESTORS (chanting): We get no justice, you get no peace Hey, how'd it go? We still got our jobs for the time being.
Just tune out the noise and get to work.
Easier said than done.
LASALLE: What's going on out there? PATTON: A bunch of folks out there having some kind of protest.
Against Pride? That stupid article, man.
Let's go disperse them.
Got to stay focused on Amanda Bowers.
Any luck tracking down her mystery boyfriend? GREGORIO: Yup.
All bad.
None of her friends or colleagues knew she was even dating him.
There's no pictures of him on her social media or apartment.
It's like the guy never existed.
PATTON: Except for a number on her cell phone she was calling three and four times a day.
Disconnected an hour after her murder.
LASALLE: Well, it sounds less like boyfriend and more like murder suspect.
GREGORIO: Judging by the way he cleaned up after himself without a trace, it's more like we're dealing with a professional.
LASALLE: Professional what? Targets Amanda Bowers to get access to the Intel.
Spends months gaining her trust.
Kills her as soon as the article hits.
PATTON: Some sort of intelligence operative? Foreign government? Maybe.
PROTESTORS (chanting): We get no justice, you get no peace.
I'm going out there.
PROTESTORS (chanting): you get no peace.
You sure you want to do that? PROTESTORS (chanting): get no peace.
We get no justice, you get no peace.
We get no justice, you get no peace.
We get no justice Let's go back inside.
Hey, hey, hey, come on.
I know you're all upset.
Look, if you'll just quiet down, I'll hear you out.
Hey, hey! I'm willing to talk to you, but we can't talk if we can't hear each other.
GREGORIO: Not your choice anymore, boss.
You're going in.
PROTESTORS (chanting): We will not be silent.
Police are violent.
We will not be silent.
Police are violent.
We will not be silent.
Hey, man, you hurt? - Pride, are you hurt? - No.
Just people exercising their first amendment rights.
No, they were exercising assault.
Do you see the message they left for you? You get an eye on who threw that? LASALLE: NOPD's making chase.
I'm going with them.
No, let them handle the brick thrower.
You go to Wade and Sebastian.
See if they've learned anything more about Amanda Bowers' murder.
Someone's threatening your life.
PRIDE: Yeah, I know, but we're looking for an actual killer here.
What if I told you it's all connected? Rita, what? Ugh, I couldn't get through the crowd.
I went around back.
Pride gave you a key? Yeah, I did.
I would've called, but best to stay off phones right now.
What do you mean, it's all connected? Everything that's happening.
The leak, the article, the protest.
It's a coordinated attack, Dwayne, and you're the target.
Want some coffee? Oh, I'm coffee-ed out.
How about something stronger? Uh, we need to keep our heads clear.
You're in trouble, Dwayne.
Yeah, well, I kind of got that sense when the brick came flying at me.
Yeah, the trouble I'm talking about doesn't throw bricks.
A lot more dangerous.
Someone in D.
, right? The enemy Isler's been warning me about for months.
You can't take rumors and innuendo seriously, Rita.
You can in Washington.
It's our bread and butter.
And I've been digging into it personally, Dwayne, and I found something.
Classified DOJ memo, out of the Associated Attorney General's office.
If anyone knew I had it, let alone I was sharing it with you Says I handle my cases using reckless methods, Exposing my “agents, “people of New Orleans and the U.
government to unnecessary, sometimes catastrophic.
“Catastrophic risk.
” Yeah.
They want NCIS New Orleans shuttered and you gone.
Not a surprise.
Crane's article accuses me of every type of abuse of power.
DOJ just responded.
No, this memo was circulated three days before the article hit.
Who's ever after you knew that Crane was gonna release his exposé.
Suggests they also knew that there was an intelligence leak to begin with.
And they were a part of a cover-up.
Including Amanda Bowers' murder.
Any idea who this enemy is? Why go to all this trouble? Why not just put a bullet in me instead of letting other people die? Assassinating a federal agent, especially one with your profile, leads to a lot of questions being asked.
What they're doing is just as effective.
This is character assassination.
(knock at door) GREGORIO: Don't mean to interrupt.
Patton and I got something.
Protest outside, all those people showing up so fast, organized out of nowhere.
It didn't make sense.
I told you not to worry about the protest.
But it connects.
The crowd wasn't no accident.
They were directed here.
Social media went crazy when Crane's exposé was uploaded.
Accounts from all over the city were demanding retribution.
People are upset.
Yeah, but these posts weren't made by people.
They were made by bots.
Programmed algorithms.
Hundreds of them, all stirring up trouble about you, Pride.
“NOLABrah682, BasinCrewe, HurricaneHenry91.
” These are fake accounts that didn't exist two days ago.
It's right out of the Russian playbook, 2016.
But I'm not running for office.
I'm just an NCIS agent.
Why use all this firepower? You pissed somebody off.
Got that.
Can you identify who's behind these bots? Yeah, but it's gonna take awhile.
They're coming from an offshore server, a dozen layers of security.
I got an old friend at the NSA that owes me a favor.
Could speed the process along.
We find who paid for these bots, we find whoever's got it out for you, Pride.
(phone ringing) More importantly, we can find Amanda Bowers' killer.
Hey, Carl.
What can I do for you? It's what I can do for you, Dwayne Pride.
Got an idea on that guy that tried to brain you.
Does the name Marcus Green mean anything to you? No.
Who is he? Unemployed dock worker.
Has a couple of moving violations on his record.
Lives in Clearwater.
Clearwater? Really? Heading down with a couple of units to pick him up personally.
I'll let you know when we got him.
Oh, I don't know if a big police presence is gonna help matters right now.
Hey, the guy assaulted and threatened a federal agent.
I take that seriously, even if that agent is you.
(chuckles) A little more complicated than that.
Always is with you.
What? What's the upshot? I'll fill you in when we're on our way to Marcus Green.
No, no.
You know you can't be the one to arrest him.
Well, I don't want to arrest him.
I just want to talk to him.
WADE: Damn it, the calls have been coming in nonstop.
Reporters, ain't it? (sighs) Yeah, I've been getting them, too.
No, not only the press.
My superiors at the parish, they're uncomfortable about me handling the Amanda Bowers autopsy.
Well, they don't honestly think Pride's a suspect in the murder? No, but he's related to it.
They feel that I'm too close to be objective.
That's a bunch of bull.
I don't know.
We all got a personal stake in protecting Pride.
You considering taking a step back? Oh, hell no, Christopher.
I'm gonna see this investigation through.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can help.
Amanda Bowers' autopsy didn't offer any new evidence, and the suspect was very careful when he killed her.
Well, that supports our theory that the killer's a pro.
It doesn't get us any close to IDing him.
Well, he might have been a pro, but he wasn't perfect.
Give me some good news, Sebastian.
So, Amanda Bowers' mysterious boyfriend managed to scrub the entire apartment of any biological traces, but he did leave behind some pretty interesting non-biologicals in the bathroom sink.
There was a residue of beeswax, Shea butter, vitamin E, pine resin and tallow.
And what, exactly, does that mean? I don't know.
What are you doing, man? You playing charades? Ain't nobody got time for that.
Beard balm, guys.
Come on.
It's used to soften, lubricate, and style the well-groomed beard.
You think all this happens by itself? Our suspect has a beard? That's about a third of the men in New Orleans.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, sure, right.
But that means that we've eliminated, like, the other two-thirds.
So I was a little too pumped about it.
I get it.
I'm gonna keep digging.
Please, Sebastian, Dwayne needs all the help we can give him.
I'm sure he's chomping at the bit to go out there himself to solve this.
Marcus Green lives at 2009.
ESTES: I got officers in the back for coverage, just in case.
I don't think we'll need 'em.
PRIDE: Marcus Green has no history of violence.
ESTES: Yeah, well, half the neighborhood does, though.
And considering your history with Clearwater That's why I wanted to talk to Marcus myself.
Well, you stopped Hamilton from flooding this place and hurting a lot of folks, but all people here know is you cost them jobs.
Doesn't matter how many words you use.
They got reason to be angry.
They paid a price.
(metal screen rattling) Marcus Green! ESTES: Police! Open up.
What do you want? Step outside, please.
For what-- so he can rough me up? No way.
I'm not here to rough you up, but I would like a word.
I got nothing to say to you.
I don't give a crap, you're gonna follow instructions, you're gonna keep your hands where I can see 'em, you're gonna step outside, or I'm gonna drag you out.
More abuse of power, huh? Listen, jackass Carl you assaulted an made death threats against a federal agent.
If it wasn't for Dwayne Pride, you'd already be in an Orleans Parish jail.
So let's go.
Nice and easy.
What do you want? First off, I know that you and your neighbors here haven't had an easy time of it.
(scoffs) You're angry.
Thought you were gonna have a new job last year at the shipyard.
All fell apart because of me.
But I did everything I had to do to stop something catastrophic from happening.
But there were consequences.
I just want you to know I'm sorry.
I never did trust that Hamilton clown anyway.
ESTES: Yeah, well, Hamilton's in prison because of this man, who you tried to kill earlier.
I didn't try to kill anybody, man, I just needed the money.
What money? Guy at the bar last night.
Came in showing everybody that article.
Getting us all agitated.
Offered $1,000 to see someone send you a message.
I'm strapped.
That money means everything.
Did you get a name? If I put you in front of a sketch artist, do you think you'd be able to describe him? Yeah, yeah, I guess, man.
ESTES: Pride.
We got an issue here.
We gotta go.
Let's go, come on.
- Come on.
- Guys, chill.
Put your hand on my shoulder, right here.
Let's go.
MAN: See? See, that's him.
Dwayne Pride.
He's trying to arrest Marcus! Hey, hey, hey, I need every-- Back up.
I need-- Screw you, you not taking him.
Stay back, I said.
MARCUS: Relax, man, it's okay.
You're not going anywhere! ESTES: Don't touch.
take your hands off-- Back up! Come on, come on.
Officer needs assistance.
Go, go! Pride, let's go.
Move! (indistinct shouting) (tires screeching, sirens wailing) (engine revs) (siren trilling) (indistinct shouting continues) (siren wailing) Somebody's got it out for you, Dwayne.
Orchestrating a leak of your case files, coordinating a protest outside your doors.
Paying Marcus Green to attack you.
The end game's gotta be more than discrediting me.
I mean, look, you can be aggravating.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
But, I mean, who's got the time or resources, huh? Or the willingness to commit murder.
Well, it's a pattern we've seen before.
The attack on Mayor Taylor a couple months ago.
Car accident that sidelined the state attorney general.
RITA: Dwayne? Uh, you have a minute? Excuse me.
You and Patton have any luck tracing those bots? So the NSA suggested that Patton mirror their IP address, and convince whoever's running the bots that he's a foreign hacker looking for employment, and it worked.
You got access to their operation.
Well, Patton's combing through their server now, but it was registered to a shell company in the Caymans called, uh, Primalytica.
He's trying to figure out who set it up.
Thank you, Rita.
Thank you for coming here, for helping me.
Despite the current climate, you still have some friends by your side What, uh What? Did you get punched here? Yeah, no, I just, uh, had a little trouble in Clearwater.
Was it the brick thrower? No, a bunch of other guys.
A bunch? Rita, people are angry.
They're just-- they're just expressing it.
Take the high road in public, okay? But this is me here.
You're allowed to be frustrated at how quickly people have turned on you.
I'm not gonna blame anyone else for my situation.
I've pushed the limits throughout my career.
Maybe too far.
Don't start doubting yourself now.
You've done what you had to.
You've helped so many people, Dwayne, come on.
Even if I had the best of intentions, it doesn't mean that there won't be a reckoning.
ESTES: Hey, Pride we got something.
Getting that composite to every cop in the city.
We'll find him.
SEBASTIAN: Oh, a beard's not such a terrible clue after all, is it? Hey, let's save the “attaboys” till we get this guy in cuffs.
He gets close to Amanda Bowers to access her Intel, incites Marcus Green and the rest of the city to go after Pride.
RITA: Safe bet he convinced Crane to publish the article in the first place.
Yeah, I need to talk to Crane again.
See what he can tell us about our suspect.
He's not gonna give up his sources.
Yeah, well, I can be persuasive when I have to.
King, you're not going to see Crane, all right? Let Gregorio and I handle it.
Yeah, it only got you in trouble last time.
Can't afford more collateral damage.
We're not gonna let you get in any deeper water.
The deputy director was clear.
All right? He wants you to stay in the background.
And I heard him, Christopher.
I'm just gonna go reason with the guy.
SEBASTIAN: Pride, I mean, I don't know if it's sleep deprivation or what, but you can't reason with a guy like that.
He's been manipulating this whole situation, actively covering his tracks.
He killed Amanda Bowers to tie up loose ends.
Crane could be next.
RITA: Appeal to his desire for self-preservation-- it's not the worst plan.
GREGORIO: Until your sit-down goes viral, and you're out of a job.
Crane's gonna cooperate.
How can you be so sure? Because I'm gonna give him the one thing he's wanted this whole time.
You-You really can't help yourself, can you? I mean, don't get me wrong, this makes for great clickbait, but damn, you are a glutton for punishment.
- Tell them to turn off the cameras.
- Who is this? New muscle? I'm his lawyer.
You're gonna sue me? I'm gonna talk to you.
No cameras, no colleagues.
Just us.
CRANE: On the record? Not yet, but it's negotiable.
All right.
Turn 'em off.
It's okay.
Everybody can take five.
Come on, we're good.
I'll call you if I need you.
You, too, Counselor.
Out you go.
Not gonna happen.
PRIDE: Don't waste your breath arguing.
I spent 30 minutes trying to convince her not to come.
We're alone.
Wow me.
You're being played, Crane.
You're big exposé was spoon-fed to you in order to set me up.
Come on, man.
Every word of that piece was 100% accurate.
Who cares why it was given to me? You should care.
Because you're a pawn in something bigger.
So was Amanda Bowers.
And look what happened to her.
Mm, this feels like another fishing expedition to try to get me to reveal my source.
(chuckles) Amanda Bowers wasn't your source.
This man was.
I'm not confirming that.
We believe he killed Amanda Bowers to keep her quiet.
Who do you think's next? All right, what do you want from me? Anything you know about that man.
What do I get? How about continuing to breathe? That's always a plus.
I'm gonna give you a story, bigger than New Orleans-- national headlines.
Enough to put you back on the map.
About a conspiracy to take me down that goes all the way to Washington.
Right to the top of the DOJ pyramid.
PRIDE: You help us find this man, and I will hand you the biggest story of your career.
Even answer every question you throw at me.
MAN: Petty Officer Bowers is a patriot.
No one can know that this came from her or that I gave it to you.
SEBASTIAN: Thank God Crane records everything.
Still Crane's a snake.
I guess he's our snake now.
Gave us the motel where the suspect was staying, and the license plate of the Acura he's driving.
SEBASTIAN: Means we have a fighting chance of finding him before anyone else gets hurt.
- Spoke to Estes.
NOPD just found the suspect's Acura parked three blocks from the train station.
Still might be there.
All right, let's go.
You stay this time.
We don't need another - Clearwater incident.
- You don't have to worry about that.
RITA: Dwayne.
Let your team handle it.
It's what they're here for.
LASALLE: Trust us.
We'll get this guy.
Then go get him.
ESTES: I've got officers stationed at every entrance, exit and track.
Nobody with a beard is getting out of here until we find the suspect.
ANNOUNCER: Now boarding, on track two, train to Chicago.
Now boarding, track two.
Gregorio, Sebastian.
You guys see anything? Whole lot of nothing so far.
Yeah, Patton's getting the CCTV feed from the station, so hopefully, we'll get a bird's-eye view.
PATTON: Nothing so far.
But I'm running facial comparison algorithms.
If he's there, we'll find him.
Three trains have left in the past couple of hours.
Could be he's already gone.
PRIDE: Then we'll contact every station those trains are headed for.
He's not slipping away, Christopher.
No, sir, he's not.
I got him.
He's coming out of the men's room, in the south corridor.
You sure, Patton? We We don't see him.
PRIDE: He shaved his beard.
Wearing a leather jacket, and he's headed for track two.
Sending you a screen grab now.
(phones chiming) SEBASTIAN: Lasalle, nine o'clock.
We're on him! (woman yelps) Move, move, move! Police, get out of the way! Police! Go, go! I'll meet you around the other side! Freeze! Get down, get your hands in the air, now! Get your hands up! Hands up.
Down on the ground.
Get down on the ground.
(train horn blowing) Get down, now! Down on the ground, let's go.
Gregorio, Sebastian.
We lost him, he's on the other side of the tracks.
GREGORIO: All over it, Lasalle.
(clattering above) Aah! (shouts) Sebastian! (groans) You see that? You see what I did? Yeah, baby.
GREGORIO: Suspect's name is Max Burris.
Former intelligence operative out of Virginia.
That means he's got the skill set to pull off this whole operation.
Yeah, plus Patton accessed bank records that connect him to Primalytica, it's the company that set up the bot attack on you.
LASALLE: We got him dead to rights for the Intel leak.
But nothing to put him away for Amanda Bowers's murder.
- Not yet, but we're working on it.
- Yeah.
And while you do, I'm gonna find out who he answers to, and why he's been targeting me.
Actually, Dwayne, you're not.
PRIDE: Karen.
(chuckles) I know the U.
attorney wants a piece of this guy 'cause of the Intel leak, but you're gonna have to wait.
Didn't come to talk to Max Burris.
Came to talk to you.
Let's talk.
We'll do it at the Federal Building.
Karen, I'm about to start an interrogation.
Not anymore, you're not.
You kidding me? No.
And I'm not asking, either.
Gregorio, Lasalle, get Burris to spill.
What about you? I'll be fine.
IZZO: Have a seat, Dwayne.
15-minute car ride, and you didn't say a word.
We're not here for a casual conversation.
Figured that out after I saw you had an FBI escort to take me here.
What's going on? You're under investigation.
For excessive use of force and abuse of power.
This is about the article.
This is about answering for a career of reckless choices and dangerous actions.
It's me.
How long we known each other? Worked together? Are you suggesting I have a conflict of interest? Because I assure you, - I don't.
- I'm suggesting that someone at the DOJ put you up to this.
It's okay to tell me: are you being pressured? Damn it.
This is my interview.
I'm asking the questions.
Now sit down.
(beeps) We'll start with the events leading up to the assault and abduction of Carsen Donner.
We can go round and round all day.
You can show me as many photos of this girl's dead body as you want.
I still got nothing to say.
You're acting like you got all the cards here.
But you're finished.
We got you on tape passing top secret Navy files to Oliver Crane.
Got witnesses who saw you offer a thousand dollars to attack Dwayne Pride.
Not to mention proof of the Internet smear campaign you financed to take him down.
LASALLE: And we know that you were the last person that saw Amanda Bowers alive.
We have the cards.
And you have one play.
That's to talk, and tell us everything you know.
You've got a lot of cards.
I'll give you that.
But I've got the only card that matters.
(knocking on door) Uh, we have an issue.
Dell Whitman, senior criminal defense attorney with Connor and Hughes.
We're here to collect Max Burris.
Didn't ask for a lawyer.
And well, yet, here we are.
Can you please produce our client? Oh, client's not going anywhere.
We got him on about a dozen charges for leaking classified documents.
You're welcome to join us in interrogation while we question him about the murder of a Navy sailor, but we're not done.
You are most certainly done.
I spoke to the U.
attorney for the Eastern District.
The government is declining to charge Mr.
Burris for the leaked documents at this time.
SEBASTIAN: I called to confirm.
It's true.
DELL: And since I have it on good authority that you've got no evidence Mr.
Burris committed murder, it seems that he's free to go.
Now, I'd like to see my client.
Go ahead, Roy, let them in.
“Connor and Hughes,” isn't that the same law firm that represents Oliver Crane? Can't be a coincidence.
We're really gonna let Burris go? GREGORIO: If the U.
attorney won't charge him, and we can't prove murder, we don't have a choice.
We'll get that joker back though.
I promise.
My real worry is, what's happening with Pride? PRIDE: Everything in the Donner case was documented in the report, which you, and everyone else in New Orleans has access to, thanks to this leak.
It's not just about the Donner case, Dwayne.
It's about dozens of instances over the years.
I stand by the decisions I've made.
That's not the posture you want to take here.
That article exposes you and the DOJ to any number of civil lawsuits.
Convictions overturned.
It's a mess.
Someone has to pay.
And I'm the price? Grand jury is being convened immediately.
You got to know, they're gonna indict.
For now, you're free to go.
But you need to turn over your badge and your weapon.
And you can have no contact with NCIS.
Why are you doing this, Karen? (beeps) It's not me, Dwayne.
Or my boss.
Not even his boss.
You see what I'm saying? Get yourself a lawyer.
A good one.
Lasalle told me they brought you in.
I've been making calls to D.
on your behalf.
We'll sort it out.
Nothing to sort.
Grand jury meets in the morning, I'm being charged.
Like hell.
I'll go to the attorney general himself.
No, you won't.
You'll go home, and stop making noise.
You've stuck your neck out enough as it is.
I'm not leaving you, Dwayne.
You want to help? You got to survive.
Go back to D.
, keep your head down, and your ears open.
I need someone there who has my back.
It's the only way.
And what are you gonna do? I have no idea.
But one thing's for sure.
Whoever's after me is not taking me down without a fight.
(bell tolling)