NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e09 Episode Script

Risk Assessment

1 (twig snaps) (grunts) Ow! Hey! Come on! I was already down! Don't be such a baby, Sam.
But it's not fair.
You always win.
It's not about fair.
JACOB: She's right, kiddo.
Play the game to win.
Always be aware of your surroundings.
But she has so much more experience than me.
Well, today she does, but tomorrow might be different.
You going away again, Dad? Just a short one, peach.
Now why don't you two go help Mom clean up the breakfast plates? Come here.
(laughs) All right, I'm gonna hit the road.
- All right.
Bye, Dad.
- Bye, Dad.
All right, bye.
(changing channels) (grunting) NCIS:New Orleans 5x09 Risk Assessment (horn honks) Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
What is that? Migas.
That looks like how I feel.
Eat it.
It'll do you good.
- Why are you so perky? - Ah.
Spent my morning baking bread in a 500-degree oven.
Keeps you alert.
You came to work after last night? When do you sleep? Been asking myself the same question for weeks, Sebastian.
Sleep is for suckers.
I got too much to do.
See you've been going through my books again.
Mm-hmm, somebody had to.
They're a mess.
You know, I've been running this place for three years.
Somehow got by.
But a 15% markup on your liquor costs.
That is not good business, D.
That does sound like a lot.
Now, I know a guy that can bring these costs down.
(chuckles) What kind of guy, Jimmy? A legit one.
He comes into the bakery.
I told him about the Trutone.
He wants to pitch me his services.
I know that look.
I've overstepped.
Oh, brothers can't overstep.
Well, ex-con brothers can.
You don't know all my looks yet.
You should meet with this guy, see what he's offering.
Really? You lower that markup, could make room for me to hire someone to run this place full-time.
I think he just offered you a job, Jimmy.
Yeah, Sebastian, I know that.
(phone ringing) Oh, that's me.
I got to go.
Navy contractor was just found murdered.
What about your breakfast? Maybe next time.
WADE: You beat me here, Christopher.
LASALLE: Morning, Doc.
Victim is Jacob Bell.
Insurance actuary contracting with the Navy on surplus supplies.
Bell rates an NCIS investigation? NOPD asked us to take a look considering the cause of death.
Looks like strangulation.
That's an unpleasant way to go.
We don't usually get called for the pleasant ones.
The suspect used some kind of wire.
The depth of the impression-- I'm thinking a industrial wire.
(gasps) Sebastian.
I wasn't sleeping.
Though, honestly, I-I probably could.
You know, this back seat is so spacious.
If it wasn't for the dead guy.
What are you doing back there? I was looking for evidence, but there's none, other than the fact that the suspect could have been lying back here in wait for hours, comfortably.
So suspect lies in the back with industrial wire, kills Jacob quickly, and leaves without a trace.
That sounds professional.
This guy counted pencils for the Navy, right? Who would put a hit out on him? Well, victim only lives a few miles away.
Hannah and Tammy are talking to the family now.
Well, hopefully, they can find some answers.
MOLLY: I don't know what to say.
I know it's a shock, Mrs.
We had breakfast this morning.
We were making plans for the holidays.
We're truly sorry for your loss.
- It can't be true.
SAM: What can't be true? Who are they? Can you give us a minute with your mom? Mom, what's going on? Your father What? Is Dad okay? - Maybe you could - Yeah.
- No.
- I want to know what happened.
MOLLY: It's okay.
I'll tell you.
Just go with her, please.
Come on, it won't be long.
Come on.
I've known Jacob since I was 20.
That's half my life.
That's a long time to know someone.
It means you know everything about him.
You can help us find who did this.
How can I help? I need to know about people he worked with, friends, enemies.
I don't know anything about his work.
I guess it sounds strange, but I don't really know his friends.
You're in shock.
He was an attentive dad and a loving husband.
When he was around, he was everything you'd want.
Did he travel a lot? Oh, constantly.
(sniffles) Work had him traveling two weeks out of every month.
For insurance? Yes.
We were grateful for the living he made, but he missed birthdays, holidays, our anniversary.
We made do.
That sounds hard.
I guess when you ask me what I know about Jacob's life outside of this house I know nothing.
He was here and then he was gone.
Why does an insurance actuary travel for work six months out of the year? GREGORIO: According to his company, he wasn't.
- Job required no travel time at all.
- So he was lying to his family.
Why? HANNAH: Great question.
He certainly made it look like he was flying all over the world.
Credit card charges for plane tickets, airport parking, hotels.
What do you mean he made it look like he was flying? Well, according to the TSA, he never got on any of those planes, not for the last year at least.
But if his wife checked his credit cards, she'd think he did.
All the charges lined up.
What was Jacob Bell doing with his extra time? His kids have any insights? They're in the dark just as much as Molly.
PATTON: Then allow me to shed some light on this.
I've been scanning security footage from airport long-term parking.
That's Jacob Bell from a couple of weeks ago.
HANNAH: So we know he went to the parking lot.
Where did he go after that? PATTON: Oh, he didn't go far at all.
Two rows over to another vehicle.
LASALLE: You get us a license plate? License plate, registration, and a name-- Jacob Landry.
That's our Jacob.
Two identities.
LASALLE: And two careers.
This Jacob runs a security and alarm company out of Gulfport, Mississippi.
That's only an hour away.
I'll drive.
HANNAH: So, Jacob Landry lives here with Amanda, huh? Two complete families, two complete lives.
We're about to blow 'em both up.
Sometimes I hate my job.
(knocks) Hey.
Can I help you? - Amanda Landry live here? - Yeah.
That's my mom.
I'm Special Agent Khoury, this is Special Agent Gregorio with NCIS.
We need to speak to her.
What's going on? Do you know this man? Yeah.
It's my dad.
Did something happen? We need to speak to your mother.
Hold on.
Mom? You need to come in here.
Did you know he had a son? No.
Didn't come up in background.
AMANDA: I've known Jacob for 25 years.
He doesn't have any secrets.
He doesn't have any enemies.
Do you know what he does in his personal time? Well, when he's not at work, he's he's with us, or he's at Red Crossbills.
Ornithology club.
It was his passion.
AMANDA: Sorry.
This just doesn't make any sense.
He was in Arkansas installing a security system.
This is just this is a mistake.
I'm afraid not, Mrs.
He was found in Jefferson Parish.
Well, why would he be in Louisiana? The answer to that is a little delicate.
Um, Charlie, do you mind waiting outside for a moment? No.
Anything you have to say to my mom, you can say to me.
- It's okay.
Tell us.
Do you know the name Molly Bell? No.
Who-who is Molly Bell? That's Jacob's other wife.
That was rough.
Yeah, well, imagine living your whole life not knowing about the iceberg right in front of you.
There's a difference between not knowing and not acknowledging.
Speaking from experience? My cousin Theresa's wedding.
FBI busts into the church rectory, arrests my uncle for embezzlement right before he was gonna walk her down the aisle.
Must have made for an awkward ceremony.
My aunt carried on as if nothing happened.
My father walked her down the aisle.
We got to the reception.
No one says a word about Uncle Marco.
18 months in prison.
To this day, can't bring it up.
You think one of these women knew Jacob had two families? (sighs) I'm saying, he was murdered, and discovering your husband has a second life-- it's a hell of a motive.
Not wrong there.
Lasalle and Sebastian are at Jacob's security shop.
- Maybe they'll find something there.
- Yeah.
SEBASTIAN: Two wives.
Two sets of kids.
Two full careers.
I got to admit, Jacob impresses me.
I mean, aside from the whole lying and getting murdered part.
Yeah, he put a lot of effort into it.
You got to wonder why.
Well, maybe for him, the love of two women was enough.
Well, Jacob-- he covered his tracks a little too well.
All the trips to the airport, the hotels.
Even invoices to out-of-state companies for security systems he probably never even installed.
Yeah, and a garrote to the throat is not a crime of passion.
Jacob was into something else.
We just got to figure out what.
Even if this store was a front, he spared no expense.
I mean, most of this equipment is military-grade stuff.
I can't imagine there's much of a demand for it in Gulfport.
I may have something here.
Take a look at these shelves.
All that stuff's pretty basic.
Not the equipment.
The shelves.
Look at those scratches.
Matches the scuff marks on the floor.
This thing's been moved a bunch.
Got a lot of guns here.
That's not too strange for this neck of the woods.
Take a look at this.
Passports, IDs, half a dozen countries, all with different aliases.
It's like James Bond's man cave.
Jacob definitely had more than one secret.
Hold on.
Got a laptop and some kind of coded documents here.
I can't really make 'em out.
What the hell? It's self-destructing.
Come on, we got to go.
Sebastian! (gasping) - What'd you do that for? - Had to get something.
Stupid but, uh, brave.
PRIDE: Thank you, sir.
Well, I appreciate the support.
I'll fill you in as soon as I know something.
That is quite a circus.
FBI, NSA, CIA, all trying to get a piece of this investigation.
Director Vance pulled some strings.
We need to find out how a spy got a Navy contract.
NCIS runs point until we get clarity here.
All we know so far is that Jacob was a sleeper agent operating undetected for 20 years.
According to what Lasalle and Sebastian were able to pull from Jacob's secret room, he's probably Russian.
(sighs) We got to uncover what his mission was here.
And who decided to kill him.
What about the wives? They're being polygraphed and questioned.
Gregorio's in there with Molly now.
MOLLY: You want to tell me where my kids are? They're right next door, Mrs.
Well, I'd like to see them.
And you will as soon as the interview is done.
I don't understand.
You hooked me up to your machine.
I answered your questions.
What more is there to say? (door opens) And who is this? I'm Special Agent Pride.
You're the boss? Maybe you can tell me why I'm being treated like a criminal.
Your polygraph results were inconclusive.
What does that mean? Means it's impossible for the examiner to tell if you're lying.
I just found out my murdered husband had another family and was some kind of spy.
I'm not the liar here.
I understand how upsetting this is.
How can you possibly understand? I don't understand.
20 years we were married.
20 years I thought I knew his heart.
In one day that is all gone.
You're absolutely right.
There's no way we can know what it was like to live with Jacob.
Which is why we need your cooperation with these questions.
If I do, will you please let me see my children? I will take you to them personally.
These documents belonged to Jacob.
I want to know if you can explain any of them.
PRIDE: I know this is hard for you.
Appreciate your cooperation.
Can I take my kids home now? Yes.
I'll be in touch with you as soon as we have more information.
I want to talk to you.
Okay, Ms.
Landry Is that? Ms.
Landry, you can't do this.
I want you to look me in the eye.
This is Jacob's son.
I have kids, too.
Landry, please come with me.
There are lives that you have destroyed here.
I didn't do any of this.
All right, all right.
Look, Ms.
Landry, you need to go with Special Agent Khoury and answer some questions.
- Both of you.
HANNAH: Come on.
Come on.
(exhales) What the hell is going on here? PATTON: Yeah, I got to hand it to our boy Jacob.
He knew how to encrypt a laptop.
Well, you know, if you're having trouble Did I say I was having trouble? You seem a little discouraged, yeah.
Look, these protocols are obscure and in Russian, so, yeah, it's a little challenging.
Okay, well, the whole Russian division of the NSA is on deck to help, so we can just call them.
Yeah, well, we're gonna have to tag 'em in soon, 'cause every file is individually encrypted with a unique code.
Well, did you get anything at all? PATTON: Yeah.
A secure message chain.
Jacob was communicating with at least one other local person.
What do the communications say? I'm not fully sure.
I haven't decoded it all yet.
It seems like an argument.
SEBASTIAN: Jacob's worried the assignment's too dangerous.
Why? 'Cause it happened close to home.
SEBASTIAN: Well, his partner doesn't seem to share his concern.
Whatever this assignment is, it's here in New Orleans.
All right, keep hacking.
I'll let Pride and Hannah know.
Hoping you found some evidence of our killer.
I'm afraid not, Christopher.
The fingernail scrapings were negative for skin or fibers, and there weren't any defense wounds to examine.
But you called me down here, so that means I did find something unusual in Mr.
Bell's blood.
Or is it Mr.
Landry? Uh, let's just call him Jacob.
Well, Jacob had atropine in his bloodstream.
LASALLE: Atropine.
That's the same thing you find in jimsonweed.
It's a poison, right? Well, it can be fatal in large doses, but it has medicinal qualities if taken in smaller amounts.
Medicinal how? Well, for one thing, it can be used in surgery to decrease the production of saliva in the patient.
Jacob, he didn't have any recent operations.
But it can also be used as an antitoxin, too.
I'll dig deeper.
(exhales) More questions than answers.
Yeah, I don't know what to think, Christopher.
Other than nothing about this case seems arbitrary.
Amanda's polygraph went more smoothly than Molly's.
Results suggest she had no idea he was a spy.
Charlie, either.
You set 'em loose? Mm-hmm, for now.
I get the feeling you don't believe the poly.
Considering Amanda's performance when she confronted Molly, I was surprised at her poise in the room.
It could be nothing.
Sebastian says that Jacob had a partner here and a mission he was afraid to complete.
That's not all he says.
I just spoke to him.
Patton decrypted a new chat stream downloaded on Jacob's laptop.
New as in? Happening now.
Jacob's mystery partner and someone else.
May I? Sure.
In code, of course.
And Patton's nowhere near breaking it.
However see these symbols here? Yeah.
Patton thinks they might be a latitude and a longitude.
Some kind of meeting place? Mm-hmm.
The fountain at Audubon Park.
(phone ringing) All right, get the team there ASAP.
If there's a meeting or a dead drop, we need eyes on it.
Got it.
Jimmy, this isn't the best time.
JIMMY: I had a issue with the liquor distributor.
Well, whatever it is is gonna have to wait.
I'm in the middle of something big.
Uh, that's the problem.
I'm in the middle of something big, too.
I got arrested.
If you'd do that, I'd really appreciate it.
Yeah, well, as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Yeah, I got to go.
Meeting with the liquor distributor didn't go so well, huh? Didn't go at all.
Was on my way to, to his warehouse in Irish Channel.
Cops pulled me over for a busted taillight.
Busted taillights don't get you handcuffed.
They do when there's an open warrant.
You got an outstanding warrant? It would appear that way.
It's almost ten years old.
Fraud charge from my former life.
Yeah, well they're taking it serious.
They're gonna process you.
Aw, man, I messed up.
Everybody's got a past, Jimmy.
I mean staying in New Orleans.
I should've left weeks ago.
Running is not the solution to this particular problem.
With all due respect, Dwayne, I been in this situation plenty.
So have I.
Well, yeah, but on the opposite side of the desk.
You've seen my record.
They're gonna no-bail me.
Even if I make a deal, I'm looking at time here.
Not if I help.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna talk to the detectives, the D.
, judge if I have to.
I'm not sure you've noticed, but I'm kind of a big deal around here.
You'd do that for me? Already am.
Bail will be posted.
You'll get released.
I can't make the charges go away, but I'm pretty sure there'll be no jail time.
I don't know what to say.
It's not something for nothing, Jimmy.
I believe in you.
I'm pretty sure you won't disappoint.
(phone beeping) Now, listen.
I'm getting you, uh, sorted out here.
Then you need to go back home.
'Cause I got a case I have to deal with.
(exhales) (trumpet and guitar playing mid-tempo song) (bicycle bell dings) SEBASTIAN: You two see anything yet? HANNAH: Nothing so far.
Been here for a few hours.
I got to ask, man, all these people here in the middle of the day at the park, don't they have jobs? It's the gig economy, man.
Only fools like us work all day.
Do you even know what you're talking about? Barely.
Think we got a bite, guys.
Amanda Landry just got here.
Heading in from St.
LASALLE: She's wearing a blonde wig.
Doesn't bode well for her innocence.
So, what, so she's a spy now, too, working with her husband? Yeah, and must be a good one if she beat that poly.
Eyes open.
Make any suspicious moves, we grab 'em.
SEBASTIAN: Copy that.
She just pulled out some kind of a package.
Can you guys see what that is? GREGORIO: It's a some kind of book.
- All right, she's on the move.
- Let's take her.
Wait, hold on.
We need to talk.
She's got company.
It's Molly.
What are you doing? We need to leave.
We can't be seen together.
That's it.
Let's take 'em now.
You need to tell me about Jacob.
We're going.
HANNAH: Christopher! Sebastian! Cut 'em off! GREGORIO: Stop now! Federal agents! (tires screeching) (tires squealing) I got the license plate.
And Charlie Landry was driving the car.
Looks like Jacob's spy ring was a family affair.
GREGORIO: Jacob Bell, aka Jacob Landry, was some sort of Russian spy before he was murdered yesterday morning.
- He had two wives, Molly and Amanda.
Both seemed to work with him.
GREGORIO: They went to Audubon Park to pick up a package connected to Jacob's last mission.
LASALLE: Escaped capture thanks to Charlie Landry, Jacob's oldest son.
Got a BOLO out on Charlie's car.
Patton's checking credit card charges, cell phones, security cameras Recovered the package at the dead drop, book on ornithology.
Sebastian's got it now.
50 investigators on this case, and we are still at square one.
Maybe a little farther along than that.
Just spoke to our friends at the CIA.
They enlightened me about Jacob's work with the Russians.
He did travel over the years using his multiple identities.
LASALLE: San Francisco, Portland, Buffalo.
Each one of those trips coincided with the mysterious death of someone on the CIA watch list.
Former spy, visiting foreign politician, Russian steel magnate.
Jacob was an assassin.
And a good one.
He upped his game about eight months ago.
He went from staging car accidents to poisonings.
Last victim died from Novichok agent.
PRIDE: Yeah, one of the more toxic nerve agents-- Russians developed it 20 years ago.
LASALLE: Doc Wade found atropine in Jacob's blood-- it's an antitoxin.
Could be his antidote if he was dealing with this nerve agent.
HANNAH: If it's true, it means our missing suspects have got a very lethal weapon.
We need to find them (beeping) and their target.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm gonna head out to Belle Chasse.
Coordinate with the FBI.
And as far as books go, this has got to be one of the worst ones I've ever read.
- It's like the writer didn't even care.
- Please tell me there's a hidden message in it.
Not in the book.
But on it.
So this is the California Clapper Rail.
It's one of the rarest birds in North America.
It's also known as Ridgeway's Rail, or its scientific name, Rallus Longirostris Obsoletus.
Sebastian, is there a spy-related thing coming up soon? PATTON (laughs): I told you she wouldn't be interested in all them bird names.
All right, well, then perhaps I can interest you in some steganography? HANNAH: There's a code in the photo.
Any idea what it means? This is where Triple P saves the conversation.
Now, based off the previous codes we deciphered, this looks like a set of orders.
HANNAH: "Mission is a go.
"Tomorrow afternoon.
Extraction to follow successful termination.
" We got a timeline.
(door shuts) Don't mind me, I'm just dropping by to change my shirt.
You can leave my key next to the goodbye letter if you want.
Let me explain.
Ah, no need.
You're skipping town.
I think it's a mistake, but you're a grown man.
Dwayne, I'm sorry.
Where you going? Someplace that's not here.
Think that'll make your problems go away? Don't know, but it will keep you out of it.
You leave, I'm gonna have plenty of trouble with NOPD and the D.
You'll have more trouble if I stay.
- What do you think's gonna happen? - I don't know.
I got a gift for bringing down people who care for me.
Well, I'm a grown man, too, and I get to decide who I care for and take the risks.
It's not that easy.
You've been running most of your life.
Hasn't worked for you.
Try not running for once, see what happens.
Dwayne, I Look either way, it's up to you.
But if you do stay, we have an appointment with the D.
tomorrow afternoon.
You're in early.
Yeah, I never left.
I've been searching traffic grids all night for Charlie's getaway car.
And? Good reminder how bad drivers are around here.
Yeah, well, you've never been to Istanbul.
As far as I can tell, Amanda Landry and Molly Bell are highly trained operatives.
They're not coming back online.
Hold that thought, boss.
Charlie Landry's GPS just popped back up.
You're kidding me.
It's near a strip mall in Tremé.
It's not moving, either.
Maybe we got lucky.
Or it's a trap.
Either way, we get Sebastian and Lasalle and find out.
HANNAH: Got Charlie's SUV.
Eyes open, okay.
We don't know what we're walking into.
Car's clear.
Probably inside the strip mall.
(tires screech) LEAH: Don't shoot! What are you doing here? Mom called and told us to get here.
She needs our help.
Where is she? Sebastian, you stay with them.
Lasalle, take the rear.
Gregorio, you're with me.
HANNAH: Don't move.
Get out of here now.
This place isn't safe.
Novichok agent? Yeah, it could be airborne.
Gregorio, roll a Hazmat team now.
(sirens wailing) PRIDE: Thanks.
Give me an update.
Hannah's inside with Charlie.
He's wounded.
Molly Bell is dead.
Novichok agent? That's what Charlie said.
Molly's kids are safe.
Lasalle put them in protective custody with a social worker.
What about Amanda Landry? Nowhere to be found.
How you doing, Hannah? It's been a bit of a day.
Hazmat team's on the way.
We're gonna get this figured out.
HANNAH: Charlie needs medical attention.
He's got a bullet in his leg.
I'm working on it.
Meantime, maybe he can tell you what happened.
We're working on it, too.
Leah and Sam? They're safe, Charlie.
Why don't you tell Hannah what you know? We're gonna get you out of there soon as we can.
Hang in there.
What do you know, Charlie? I was trying to fix this.
Get Molly and the kids to safety.
You turned the GPS on in your car so we'd find you.
Your mom killed Molly? CHARLIE: She's not my mom.
She's your handler.
Jacob was, too.
How old were you when the GRU recruited you? Twelve.
They sent me here to live with them and train for missions.
I ran dead drops, surveillance.
My specialty would be like Jacob.
I never killed anyone before yesterday.
Why'd you kill Jacob? I wasn't the only one being trained.
He was gonna use Leah.
And Sam, too, when he was old enough.
He had me help prepare them.
You didn't want them to go through what you did.
I have no identity.
(scoffs) All my memories are cover stories.
Trips I never took.
Birthday parties I never had.
(exhales) Leah and Sam deserve better.
I understand.
But you chose yesterday to kill Jacob.
I had to stop him before today's mission.
What's today's mission? I don't know the target, but I know the poison.
And the risks.
Amanda's taking it over.
It's definitely gonna happen.
What was Molly's role in this? She didn't have one.
Jacob fell in love with her years ago, and they started a real family.
She was at the dead drop yesterday.
She followed Amanda after her interrogation.
She wanted to know more about Jacob's other life.
What happened here, Charlie? Amanda brought us in here to lay low.
Forced Molly to call the kids.
Promised they'd be safe.
But it was a ploy.
She was gonna take Molly out and then take the kids.
I tried to stop her, but she shot me.
(siren approaching) Dosed Molly with the Novichok.
Left me here to watch her die.
Just like we're gonna die.
We are gonna die, Charlie.
But not today.
(vehicle doors open and close) (indistinct chatter outside) Hazmat team is here.
SEBASTIAN: Well, Hannah and Charlie are in the quarantine unit at All Saints.
Yeah, looks like they avoided exposure, but they're being held in isolation for 24 hours, just in case.
GREGORIO: That's a relief.
The only one we have right now.
Yeah, I examined the storefront.
Amanda has a very potent dose of Novichok agent with her.
Oh, we don't have a clue what the target is.
I mean, could be the water supply or a public event.
I'm not so sure, Christopher.
Charlie saw Amanda transfer the nerve agent into a small aerosol bottle.
Yeah, suggests a limited range.
A specific person.
Fits with Jacob's pattern.
He was an assassin, not a terrorist.
LASALLE: All of his victims are high-profile targets.
Politicians, spies.
No one in New Orleans like that right now.
No one we know of.
We need to cast a wider net.
I'll contact State and the U.
, see if they've got anyone who fits the profile.
Amanda is New Orleans' most wanted.
Every law enforcement agency has her information.
Too much heat to try to pull off an assassination.
PRIDE: Unless she's not pulling it off.
Charlie also said that Jacob started training Leah to go into the family business.
You think she could be in on it? I think we need to find out right now.
SAM: I don't understand.
Why can't we talk to our mom? It's complicated right now, Sam.
We deserve to know what's going on.
I'm scared, Leah.
Hey, there's no need to be, all right? We've got two FBI agents right outside.
You guys are both safe.
(silenced gunshots) What was that? I-I don't know.
(knocking) Leah, Sam.
It's Amanda.
That's Charlie's mom.
Sam, stay back.
I got to call for help.
(groans) Leah? It's okay.
We can trust Amanda.
Let's go.
You'll be safe now.
Just spoke to Pride.
He got to the motel where the FBI were holding Leah and Sam.
- He was too late? - FBI agents were murdered.
Social worker had a fractured skull.
And Leah and Sam are missing.
It's probably Amanda.
Any idea where she took them? (sighs) Gregorio and Pride are searching with the FBI, but nothing yet.
PATTON: Well, we don't know where they went, but we might know where they're going.
You got a lead on Amanda's target? Yeah.
We cross-referenced federal watch lists as well as international ones.
We came across Natalia Belitrov.
Doesn't look like a spy or a politician.
That's 'cause she's not.
She's a graduate student out of Belarus doing postdoc work at a relief camp in Syria.
You remember the air strike last year that killed all those civilians? She was there? Yeah, not only that.
She has proof that Russia was responsible.
She reached out to a news producer in New York.
She's trying to go public.
What's she doing in New Orleans? I'm guessing, 'cause she knew she had a target on her back, they thought it'd be safer if they met here.
PATTON: Smart since Russia hates bad press almost as much as dissidents.
Did we get in touch with this news producer? No, not yet.
But Patton's about to hack his phone.
All right.
Well, get to it.
We need to find her before Amanda does.
(indistinct chatter) GREGORIO: This place is packed.
Should we evacuate? Move like that might panic Amanda.
She could use the nerve agent trying to escape.
We need to find Natalia and get her out of here quick.
All right.
Eyes open for Amanda.
I'll start at the front.
Comms open.
Let's all avoid dying horribly.
I got Natalia.
Sitting in the corner near the back.
Got eyes on her.
Just spotted Amanda.
She's headed toward Natalia's table now.
Hey, Amanda.
(grunts) We're leaving here right now very quietly, very calmly.
No need for trouble.
Get your hands off of me! Let go! Gonna walk slowly Let me go.
You got her? Okay.
AMANDA: What are you doing? I said let me go.
Leah's at the table now.
(grunting) (patrons gasping) Stop, Leah! Leah, do it! SEBASTIAN: Everyone out, this way, this way, come on.
Come on, go, go, go, move.
(panting) Let go of the bottle.
I have a mission.
Okay, this way, come on.
Do you even know who that woman is? Doesn't matter.
It's my job.
(grunts) No, it was your father's job.
You don't have to be a part of it.
Amanda says that Amanda killed your mother.
What? No, no, no.
I-I don't believe you.
I'm sorry.
It's the truth.
(grunting) It wasn't supposed to be like this.
It can all be over.
All you have to do is let go of the bottle.
You are gonna let go of the bottle, then you are gonna take me to Sam.
Okay? He needs to know what happened to his mother.
You need to tell him.
All right.
Now let's get out of here and go find your brother.
Well, Leah and Sam are safe in FBI custody.
Agents are on the way for you, too.
To arrest me? No.
To debrief you.
What you did was heroic.
Killing the only father I ever knew? Stopping him from hurting anyone else.
Saving his other children.
What happens to us now? Protective custody, new identities.
A chance at real life.
You make it sound so easy.
It's not, Charlie.
But I know you already know that.
Leah and Sam are gonna need you.
You're gonna be there for 'em.
JIMMY: Sorry I'm late.
(exhales) Figured if I was gonna meet my fate, I'd meet it in style.
I'm glad you're here, Jimmy.
will be, too.
Showing up counts for a lot.
We'll see, Dwayne.
But admit it, you thought I was gonna bail.
I gave you two-to-one odds.
I got your back, brother.
I'll never leave you hanging.
That's what family does.
That one of my suits? Uh, that's something else family does.
They share.