NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e10 Episode Script

Tick Tock

1 (panting) (phone ringing) (beeps) Hey, Laurel.
Oh, my gosh, it's a beautiful sunrise.
It's great.
I wish you (grunting) (zip tie tightens) (grunting, panting) What are (grunts) (grunting) (engine revs, tires screech) (grunts) I don't know what you want, but I'm not resisting.
(panting) What Look, if you'd just-- just talk to me MAN: Be quiet and listen.
Who is this? Your name is Dwayne Pride.
I know everything about you.
Pay attention.
These people owe their lives - or deaths to you.
- What's this about? You'll be given instructions over the next few hours.
It's imperative you comply.
If you don't, someone dies.
Do you understand? Who are you? This isn't a conversation, Mr.
You will comply.
What? No.
(panting) Wha-- No.
Do you understand? Yes! Yes, I understand! Please, wait.
Please (grunts) (beeps) (groans) (through earwig): Every move you make will be monitored.
Every second you take will be accounted for.
Wait, please, please, can I talk to Loretta? (grunting) (panting) Give you a hand? (grunts) What? What? No.
Suit yourself.
I don't have time for you.
You still have some time, Dwayne.
But not much.
- Get out of here! - Okay.
One thing though.
- What? - Truck.
(horn honking) (shouts) (grunts) (tires screeching) NCIS:New Orleans 5x10 Tick Tock Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
(grunting) Go to the top of the levee.
Hey, man! Are you okay? Don't respond.
Just go.
Buddy, are you hurt?! (grunting) Where you goin'?! Hey! Hello! (panting) Go to the car.
Open the hatch.
Those are your clothes and your credentials.
Get dressed, get in the car, and drive.
Where am I going? Belle Chasse.
You have 30 minutes.
(watch beeping) 30 minutes isn't enough time.
- Go now.
- What do you need me to do? (static) You know, none of this is random.
I'm here for a purpose.
We need to talk.
I can't talk now.
No riddles, no memories, all right? - I need to focus.
- Eyes on the road, Dwayne.
(horn honking) (tires screeching) I'm gonna tell you a story.
Please don't.
There was a merchant in Baghdad.
He went to market for supplies.
He gets jostled by a beautiful woman.
He goes pale.
Do you know why? Because she was Death.
And she was there for him.
But he's not ready to die.
He runs back to his shop, tells his servant to prepare his fastest horse.
He'll ride to Samarra immediately, where Death won't find him.
That night, Death appears at his shop.
The servant tells her, "My master is gone.
" Offers her a meal.
But you see, Dwayne, Death can't stay.
And do you know why? Because she has an appointment in Samarra.
(siren wailing) No.
No, no, no, no.
Not now.
Why are you stopping? I'm being pulled over.
Doesn't matter.
You need to keep going.
I'll handle this.
(indistinct radio chatter) Want to explain why you're driving 25 miles over the speed limit, sir? Special Agent Dwayne Pride, NCIS.
Where you headed? Belle Chasse.
Get rid of him.
- You nearly hit a car back there.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm-I'm working a big case.
How 'bout I escort you the rest of the way? Might be a little safer.
That's not part of the plan.
Uh, it's-it's okay.
I-I got this.
It'll keep you from having any more near misses.
- All right.
We'll handle him.
- No.
What's wrong? Look, I can't explain.
But I need to go right now, and you need to leave for your own safety, too.
(gunshot) (gasps) (panting) You killed him.
You killed him.
You tried to warn him.
Lesson learned.
I-I can't, I can't just-- I can't just leave him.
Wade or your father are next unless you get in the car and drive.
(static) (panting) (grunts) (tires screech) HANNAH: We got a problem.
State trooper was gunned down in Jefferson Parish.
Dwayne's credentials were found next to the body.
What? How? Trooper pulled him over.
Ran his plates.
Where's Pride now? - Witnesses say he fled the scene.
- No way.
I'm calling him.
I already tried him.
He's not answering.
We got a problem.
Yeah, we know.
I was talking with Laurel.
She was on the phone with Pride this morning.
Line went dead.
- Couldn't get back in touch.
- Me either.
Yeah, well, whatever's happened is connected to this dead state trooper.
Went to voice mail.
I don't like this.
Sebastian's gone to get Loretta.
They're headed to the crime scene.
- I'll meet 'em there.
- I'm coming with you.
No, wait, Christopher, you guys need to track Dwayne down.
GPS, cell phone, whatever it takes.
I need you here.
I'll keep in touch.
Come on.
Made it just under the wire.
Now what? Go inside to your ASAC's office.
What if the ASAC's there? He's been called away on a family emergency.
- How do you know - I just do.
Interact with no one.
You know what happens if you do.
I get it.
Once I'm in? Be patient, Pride.
And check yourself in the mirror.
You have some of the trooper's blood on your face.
(static) (indistinct chatter) Good morning.
Morning, sir.
(sighs) (static) Okay, I'm here.
What do you want? An internal memo for joint NCIS/CIA Operation Copperhead.
I've never heard of Copperhead.
It's compartmented.
And it won't be on the computer.
It's in the safe.
I'm special agent in charge.
Every compartmented file goes through me.
See the lengths I'm going to? - The file's there.
- Yeah, well, if it's not here, then you and I have some serious You found it.
Mostly redacted.
Doesn't matter.
There's an address in the header.
You're going there next.
You have 20 minutes.
Wait, wait, what what is Operation Copperhead? Just go.
(panting) Dwayne.
(exhales) I've been looking for you.
- We need to talk.
- Yeah, um (clears throat) I don't-- I don't have time right now.
I got to run.
Yeah, does it have something to do with this? I was just at the crime scene.
When they told me that you'd arrived here, I You want to tell me what happened with the state trooper? Be careful, Pride.
You fled the scene.
You're not answering your phone.
People are worried.
Including Laurel.
You're right.
Come here.
Listen, let me just go grab one thing, all right? And then I'll come back and I'll tell you everything.
Give me a second.
Oh, my God.
W (indistinct chatter) (exhales) Why aren't you at the crime scene with Doc Wade? 'Cause I can't find her.
I went to her place.
The door was busted open.
There were signs of a struggle.
- You think she was abducted? - Yeah, I'm sure of it.
She's not the only one.
That was the U.
Marshals Service.
One of their men was murdered in Evansville, Kentucky.
That marshal was watching Cassius.
Assuming he's gone, too.
The last 36 hours.
What the hell's going on here? (beeping) That's Belle Chasse.
Loretta's missing.
So is Pride's dad.
Well, that goes a long way to explain Dwayne's behavior.
- You saw him? - He was here a few minutes, and he just disappeared.
Disappear-- What do you mean, "disappear"? Didn't you try to stop him, find out what's going on? - Didn't you maybe say - Hey, Gregorio, 'course I did.
He's been compromised in some way.
He slipped off.
Why go to Belle Chasses at all? To gain access to a classified document about a CIA operation here in New Orleans.
Code-named Copperhead.
And what's Copperhead? Something so sensitive that no one in the Southeast was read in except for ASAC Thompson.
Till now.
You're 30 seconds from the safe house.
Agent Khoury knows something's up.
It's just a matter of time before That's why you'll move fast.
Inside the safe house is an asset.
You'll gain access.
How am I supposed to just walk into a CIA safe house and demand to see this asset? Use the term "Apollyon.
" They'll let you in.
Not good enough.
I've done everything you asked.
I want some good faith in return.
There's no bargaining here.
Then I can't help.
I understand.
Your mind's reeling, playing out every scenario, trying to get control.
But you have none.
Don't think.
Just act.
(static) (dog barking in distance) (knocking) (door creaks) Special Agent in Charge Pride.
I know who you are.
What are you doing here? I need to see the asset for debrief.
We were expecting ASAC Thompson.
He's unavailable.
I'm here.
This was not part of the plan.
You say you know who I am.
Then you know I wouldn't be here unless it was vital that I see the asset.
It's about Apollyon.
All right.
Come on.
I know I don't need to tell you, of all people but be careful.
(door creaking) Of course.
(lock clacking) Shouldn't be surprised they sent you.
You're with the asset? Yes.
Break her out.
How how do I Do what you always do.
Otherwise, everyone in the safe house will be killed, followed by the hostages.
Five minutes.
(watch beeping) (door creaks) There's a reason we keep meeting.
A reason I told you that story.
Do you see it? It's fate.
No matter what you do or don't do, how pure your intentions are or aren't, at the end of the day, you're at the mercy of fate.
And, Dwayne.
Fate's a bitch.
Shut up.
I didn't say a word.
I wasn't talking to you! Just spoke with my supervisor.
You're not authorized to be here.
- I can explain.
- Do it on the way out.
(panting): I know this is hard to understand but I need to bring her with me.
REYNOLDS: That's insane.
This woman tried to kill you.
Do you understand how much trouble we're both in right now? Lives are on the line.
And you're going, by choice or by force.
Conversation over.
You're right, I'm s I'm sorry.
Let's go.
Everyone's nerves are frayed.
- Yeah.
- And I know you have a beef with her, but this thing is bigger than (head bangs door) Just so I'm clear are you killing me, or are you breaking me out? Breaking you out.
Then you'll find the keys to the cuffs in his right pocket.
And a knife in his boot, too, if that's your thing.
You make one move And you shoot me.
I get it.
(gunshot, glass breaking) (over earwig): You have the asset? - I have Amelia Parsons, and a team of CIA agents right behind me.
At the end of the street, you'll see the van.
Deliver Amelia.
Your mission will be complete.
I need the hostages released.
Deliver Amelia, and they will be.
- Wait! - NCIS! Freeze! PRIDE: No! Amelia! Down on the ground! I will shoot you! What just happened? No, just hang on.
Just give me a moment.
Christopher, you need to stand down.
Pride, we know you've been compromised.
We got you now.
You're gonna have to let me go.
This is about Wade and your father.
Three other hostages, too.
Look, I don't have time to explain.
We'll figure it out back at NCIS.
- I can't! - King! If this is your play, we'll back it.
PRIDE: Okay.
Make sure that Laurel's protected.
- Rita and Jimmy, too.
- Hey, already taken care of.
Thank you.
Come on.
How are we supposed to help him now? Figure out where these guys came from.
(van door closes) (tires screeching) And who's giving them orders.
REYNOLDS: Hands where we can see 'em! Now! First we got to talk our way out of this.
PRIDE: Come on.
Talk to me.
Where are you? (static) You screwed up, Pride.
I did everything you asked.
Your agents were there.
Because you killed a state trooper.
But I have Amelia.
We can make a deal.
No one else has to die.
Did you hear me? Hello? (static) Damn it! Hey.
Who are you talking to? Your friend.
I don't have any friends.
I was forced to break you out of a CIA safe house.
And you're gonna tell me why.
SEBASTIAN: You let Pride and Amelia go? HANNAH: Yeah, we had to, Sebastian.
These guys abducted Dr.
Wade and Cassius.
Three other hostages, too.
Only way to keep them alive.
Amelia's behind this, right? HANNAH: Yeah, looks like it.
- Wait, I mean, she was in a federal prison-- how did she get transferred? She was cooperating with the CIA on something called Apollyon.
What's Apollyon? They won't tell us.
CIA's got their panties in a bunch because we let their asset escape.
Yeah, well, they got a point.
Pride's alone with the woman who almost killed him, and we don't know where.
You know what? I did get one thing.
Got this from the gunman.
Looks like they're communicating with whoever's running this thing.
All right, maybe Patton can trace the signal, figure out where the hostages are.
Yeah, we need to figure out - what this Apollyon is.
- Yeah.
All right, well, just get back here, because every second that passes, someone else could die.
(muffled voices in distance) What are they doing? Shh.
They're arguing out there.
- Can you hear what they're saying? - No.
But I'm sure that Dwayne pissed them off - in some way.
- Well, I'm pissed off, too.
Dragged me out of my house last night with a gun to my head-- you want to tell me why? Why do you assume that I know? Because you were kidnapped twice in as many months.
What did you do, Cassius? I have been in Kentucky living a life of peaceful contemplation.
- I don't believe you.
- Well, you could ask the marshal who's been watching me 24/7, but unfortunately, he's dead.
Loretta, I swear to you this is not about me.
(door opening) Get up.
You're coming with me.
Now, hold on, if you want to take somebody, take me.
(yells) All right, I'll go.
Tie him up.
Shoot him if he moves.
(groans) (zip tie tightens) 20 years ago, I'd have kicked your ass.
Stop! We're cooperating.
Let's just get it over with.
(chuckles) I know what you're thinking, Dwayne.
It's bold.
Can you commit? - I'll do what I have to.
- Sure, and-and I admire it, but what if there's nothing you can do? You getting the theme here? You've been waiting for this, right? You're gonna tell me where the hostages are being held.
Just the two of us where no one can hear me scream? You're gonna tell me the names of the men you're working with.
Is this what it was like before you killed my husband? This is what it's like when I'm protecting my own.
You will not touch Amelia.
You will listen to me very closely and watch the screen.
Wait, don't! Quiet.
You didn't follow instructions.
Margaret? No.
(gasps) No! You know what I want, Amelia.
You have 30 minutes.
Who are those people? My sister and her family.
You're not behind this.
They're using you, too.
We need to go now.
Uncuff me.
First tell me who these men are and what they want.
They're Apollyon.
And what is Apollyon? A private intelligence firm.
You name it, Apollyon does it.
- I've never heard of them.
- No one has.
That's the point.
We work in the shadows, and we do the jobs no one else will.
- And then we disappear.
- We? All former intelligence and special forces.
Now, please, let's go.
You have something that they want.
Proof they exist.
All personnel files.
Operation logs.
It's my insurance policy.
That's what you were trading with the CIA.
But Apollyon figured it out, and they want their files back.
Now that we're all caught up, can you drive? I need names and locations.
Everything is in the files, which I will take you to now.
- Tell me where they are.
- So you can leave me behind? No.
I just watched my brother-in-law get murdered.
I need to help my family.
And you need to help yours.
Let me be clear here.
I don't trust you.
I don't trust you, either.
So - What do we know? LASALLE: Nothing.
Can't find the van that Pride and Amelia took anywhere.
And the two gunmen you shot have scrubbed aliases.
No idea who they really are.
LASALLE: Please tell me you got something that can help from the CIA.
They're not really in a giving vain since Pride ran off with Amelia.
(sighs) We're on our own.
Well, luckily, we thrive on our own.
Patton got something big.
I was able to hack into the signal from the earwig you brought back.
Can you track where it's coming from? Not yet.
But I can piggyback on it and connect to Pride.
- Let's do it.
How much farther, Amelia? Close.
Stay on this road for three more miles, then turn left.
If you could just give me a sense of where you've hidden these files Just keep driving.
PATTON (over earwig): Pride, you there? Patton? How did you I do what I do.
Okay, I interrupted the signal.
We're linked into your comms now.
No one else can hear us.
Can you track the suspects' location? - Yeah, we're working on it.
- Where are you, Pride? PRIDE: East of the city.
Get more specific.
We'll find you.
Apollyon's watching every move I make.
They see NCIS anywhere near me again Hostages die.
All right, what do they want? PRIDE: Amelia has data on Apollyon's activities, and they want it back.
We're dealing with highly trained former operatives here.
HANNAH: Yeah, not all former.
These people knew they'd taken Amelia back to that safe house.
They also knew Cassius was in WITSEC and where to find him.
Yeah, suggests someone on the inside with access to sensitive Intel.
It's a starting point.
Track that communication signal.
Find out where they're holding Loretta and Cassius.
What are you gonna do? Play this out as long as I can.
While you find out who Apollyon is and where they're hiding.
And we need radio silence.
Can't let on that we're in contact.
So, wait, you're gonna be out there alone with the woman who tried to kill you? Don't worry about me.
(whistling) (door opens) Sit down.
(lock clacks) Are you all right? I just witnessed a man being executed.
But you're all right? Under the circumstances, sure.
Mm, yeah.
(whistling) You seem awfully pleased with yourself.
(chuckles) Did Dwayne ever tell you about my childhood? We were poor.
I mean, no food in the cupboards poor.
I had to take care of myself 'cause my parents couldn't.
So I learned to to pick a pocket before the age of ten.
Served me well all these years.
Am I supposed to be impressed with that? Maybe grateful to your rescuer.
(grunts) I think you overestimate the value of a knife in a gunfight.
Well, we're on our own now.
We have to work off our instincts.
Lucky for you, I've always been a survivor.
PRIDE: You hid the files in a graveyard? This is where I buried my husband.
If we had time, we could visit him.
We're going to the caretaker's building.
Files are buried in the wall.
We'll have to break it open.
There's no "we.
" By all rights you should be here.
I shot you three times.
You were dead.
Could say the same about you.
'Cause we are the same, Pride.
Born killers who won't quit.
We're nothing alike.
(chuckles): Don't act superior.
You make excuses for the lives you take.
I don't.
Because you're a sociopath.
Because I'm honest.
We've both looked Death in the face, Pride.
You know what I saw? I saw myself.
What about you? (door creaks) Wait here.
I like her.
She's good for you.
Aside from the fact she wants to kill you.
She gives you perspective.
And you're going to give her a sledgehammer? I don't have a choice.
That's the whole point of your story, isn't it? The point is to get your head on straight.
You're not in control.
You never will be.
Do you have something actually practical to share? Some insight? A premonition? Help to offer? I'm really just here for moral support.
And you're gonna need it.
(grunting) Stop.
(panting) It's locked.
Needs my thumbprint to open.
But I wouldn't.
(watch beeps) Time's up.
You have the package? Yes, we have the package.
Amelia will bring it out.
My people are waiting.
- No masks this time.
- I noticed.
Bring him the case.
Unlock it for him.
(beeps) (screams, grunts) Amelia, you don't need to Is this what we're doing? You set up an ambush? Sacrifice your own family just to settle a score with me? No.
They were gonna kill us anyway.
Do you even have the Apollyon data? I've had it the whole time.
On me.
A tattoo? Scan the barcode.
Files download.
Put the gun down.
I don't want to kill you, Pride.
Not now.
I need you to get my family back.
You just shot the only people who could help you do that.
(man groaning) That one's still alive.
Won't be for long if we don't stop the bleeding.
(groans, coughs) Pressure on the wound.
Is the mission a success? Repeat.
Is the mission a success? Beta Team.
Are you there? Your boss wants a sitrep.
All right? You're gonna tell him the mission was a success.
- Mm-mm.
- Yes, you are.
(groans) Stop that.
Stop it.
(man gasps) (groaning) Listen.
You're gonna tell him it was a success or I'm gonna let her compel you to do it.
(pants) This is Beta Leader.
Mission complete.
We have Amelia and the package.
Pride's dead.
Copy, Beta Leader.
Return to base.
Returning to base.
(static) Hey.
I need to know where base is.
He lost too much blood.
PATTON: Pride, are you there? Are you okay? I'm fine, P.
You hear any of that? We heard it all.
Please tell me you traced the signal.
SEBASTIAN: Well, it hasn't been easy.
Suspects set up a closed communication system with advanced encryption and a regulated kill switch.
Every time the comms turn off, the links dry up.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, it means we have to wait for it to go back online before we can try again.
That's not what I needed to hear.
PATTON: Hold on, though.
Sebastian and I have figured out a way to beat the system.
We designed a virus that attaches itself to the signal and forces it to stay open.
PATTON: At least long enough to know where it's coming from.
That mean you got a location? - Zeroing in on it now.
PRIDE: All right, good work.
We just might have a chance (gunshot) SEBASTIAN: Pride? (Amelia panting) What the hell did you just do? Are you some kind of an animal? You just kill on a whim? No! Do you hear me? He was gonna die anyway.
Patton tracked the location of the suspect's communication signal.
LASALLE: It's the old Kenworth Electrical Factory.
Been derelict for years.
SEBASTIAN: Pride and Amelia are on their way but they're gonna need help.
Place is a maze.
Bad guys could be anywhere.
Hostages, too.
Well, we're gonna access real-time satellite imagery from here.
- We're gonna be your eyes in the sky.
HANNAH: Thanks.
I just spoke to ASAC Thompson.
He's activated the REACT Unit.
They'll support us.
All right, we got to go now.
Make sure Pride and those hostages get out alive.
- Hey, guys - Sebastian, don't worry.
We're gonna get Loretta back.
They think I'm dead and you're captured.
They'll figure it out soon enough.
Then we need to move fast and find our people.
Give me a weapon.
You need me armed.
PATTON: Team's ten minutes out if you can wait.
Waiting's not an option.
SEBASTIAN: Well, we got access to thermal imagery.
We can see you in the northwest corner.
Rest of the heat signatures are on the east end of the factory.
There's a lot of them.
Hostages and suspects.
Copy that, Patton.
Something's happening out there.
(muffled voices) - They're coming for us, Cassius.
- Yes.
And when they do, you stay out of the way.
I'll bum-rush them.
What will that accomplish, other than you getting shot sooner? It'll help you to run.
What? Chivalry doesn't suit you.
It's self-preservation.
Anything happens to you, Dwayne will kill me.
(muffled grunting) (gunshots) Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's me, Dwayne.
(panting) Loretta.
- You okay? - Much better now.
I'm okay, too, kid.
Not that you're asking.
I need you to get her out of here, okay? Hey, aren't you coming with us? No, Amelia and I are gonna find the other hostages.
Not sure she knows about the plan.
What? All right, look.
Just get Loretta out of here.
Now! That way! Patton.
I need to know where Amelia went.
PATTON: It looks like she's upstairs.
There's multiple heat signatures there.
(static) Patton? MAN: He's gone.
You think you're in control but you're not.
I know you killed Beta Team.
I've watched every move you've made.
And the result is the same.
We've got what you want.
You think very carefully about your next move.
The moment Wade and your father leave this compound, they'll be shot.
If your team tries to help them, they'll be shot.
Let them live.
You can have me.
I already have you.
Step around the corner and turn yourself over.
I'm sure you've heard the story Appointment in Samarra? Wait.
Wha? How did? You're the merchant.
I'm Death.
MAN: This should have been simple.
A lot of lives would have been saved.
You were always gonna kill us.
I was always going to kill you.
Put your weapon down.
Give my man the package.
Whatever he's saying, don't do a damn thing until my family is released.
MAN: You still have time to save some of these people but not much.
Spread out.
Secure the perimeter.
Patton lost contact with Pride.
No sign of Wade and Cassius.
HANNAH: I got 'em.
I see them, let's go.
Too easy.
Nothing about this has been easy.
You run, fast as you can.
I will cover you, then I'll follow.
- Cassius, I - For once in your life, don't have the last word.
Now, go.
SNIPER: I've got Wade in my sites.
I've got you in mine.
Finger off the trigger.
Sniper team secured.
You're safe, Loretta.
Where's Cassius? He was right behind me.
Take the damn shot already! MAN: The blood will be on your hands.
Accept the situation, Pride.
I'm putting the weapon down.
Kick it.
You're useless.
(grunting) (gunshot) Why the hell did you come back? My son was in trouble.
You got a problem with that? You're welcome, by the way.
Make sure they're all right.
PATTON: Pride.
You hear me? REACT Team is in the factory, they're on their way.
There's a door behind you, that's the source of the signal.
All right.
I'm sending the hostages out to you now.
All right.
Get down the stairs and keep moving.
Don't worry about her.
I'll take care of her.
Your turn to accept the situation.
Your men are down.
You're done.
MAN: Door's not locked.
Come in.
Careful, kid.
Time's up, Dwayne.
Wha? I'm so sorry.
AMELIA: Pride.
- What? (grunting) No! Cassius.
Hey, Cassius.
Come on.
Hang in there.
I got ya.
"As I am now, so soon you'll be.
"Prepare for death, and follow me.
" (sighs)