NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e11 Episode Script


1 It's great.
I wish you (grunting) MAN: Pay attention.
These people owe their lives or deaths to you.
Just so I'm clear, are you killing me, or are you breaking me out? What is Apollyon? A private intelligence firm.
All former intelligence and special forces.
- Now, please, let's go.
- No.
You have something that they want.
Proof they exist.
Scan the bar code, files download.
No! Dad.
As I am now, so soon you'll be.
Prepare for death, and follow me.
(thunder rumbling) (indistinct radio transmission) (siren wailing) PRIDE: Cassius, hold on, okay? Dad! Hey.
Why? What more do you want from me? Excuse me? Sorry.
You okay, Loretta? Tired.
But no worse for wear.
Due in no small part to you and Cassius.
I'm so sorry.
I'll spare you my two cents on coping.
Thank you.
But it's worse to grieve alone.
Tell you what.
You promise to take it easy and get some rest, soon as I'm ready to talk, we'll do it over a glass of Eagle Rare at the Trutone.
Make it a 20-year Pappy Van Winkle and you got a deal.
(chuckles) - Tell me you got something.
- Nothing that's worth a lick.
Apollyon is extremely good at covering their tracks.
Whoever was giving Pride orders could be doing it from anywhere.
Maybe the snipers we arrested can lead us in the right direction.
CIA big-footed us out of asking many questions for now.
We still have the dead suspects; maybe we can get something off of them.
Don't hold your breath.
So far, the mobile biometrics have only come back with more scrubbed aliases.
- And their weapons? - Manufactured without serial numbers and untraceable.
So, we have no leads, no evidence, and absolutely no idea who we're searching for? Well, when you put it that way, it makes you want to give up.
Who's giving up, Gregorio? Hey, King.
About Cassius It's okay, Christopher.
No, it's not.
Let me speak.
What they did to you and Miss Loretta and Cassius, it's like they did it to each and every one of us.
And whoever it is that's behind the voice that's still out there, we're gonna take 'em down.
What have we learned? We know we need to move fast before Apollyon gets to ground.
They're not going anywhere.
Not as long as we have the one thing that they want the most.
What's that? Amelia's got a dossier on them.
A bar code tattooed on her stomach.
I like that bitch so much more now that she's dead.
Whatever's on that file, Apollyon's afraid of it getting out there.
- Could lead us right to their doorstep.
HANNAH: Sebastian.
You and Lasalle escort Amelia's body to the morgue.
Have REACT back you up just in case.
Do not let her out of your sight till you decode that tattoo.
- I'll keep looking for fingerprints.
I'm suddenly feeling lucky.
We got this, King, we're gonna make it right.
NCIS:New Orleans 5x11 Vindicta Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
What the hell, Dwayne? I've been locked up here for hours.
For your own protection.
Protection from what? You need to tell me what's going on.
- You hurt? - No.
Well, who's blood is that? Cassius.
He's dead.
(scoffs) That son of a bitch had it made in the shade with WITSEC.
All he had to do was keep his head down.
(sighs) How'd he screw up this time? - He didn't.
- Well, then, how? Someone came after me, used Cassius as leverage.
I did everything I could - Yeah, everything but keep him alive.
- Jimmy, I didn't see this coming.
(laughs) See, the messed up thing, though, is, I did.
(laughs): Being around you is more dangerous than drugs.
- I don't know what to say.
- Ain't nothing to say.
Just some hard truth.
Jimmy? The people responsible are still out there.
'Till we catch 'em, safest place for you to be is right here at NCIS.
Now, all due respect, I'm not so sure about that.
Eight rounds to the body.
Pride had to neutralize the threat.
- I don't blame him.
- Hell, me neither, but I kind of wish he focused a little less on center mass.
This tattoo's so damaged, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to retrieve any of the data.
Sorry I'm late, boys.
Doc Wade, what are you doing here? Same thing you are, Christopher, I'm working on the case.
Well, we heard you were taking a break.
It's a misunderstanding, I'm sure.
Slide over so I can take a look.
(sniffles) Appears to be severe trauma to the epidermis.
Might be decipherable ink deeper in the dermis layer.
- Mm.
Excuse me, Doctor.
Where would you like this one? This one has a name.
He's Cassius Pride.
And you should make him more comfortable over there.
I-I I got you, bud.
(Sebastian sighs) I can't imagine losing my dad.
Better live forever.
Chris, I'm sorry.
Well, dying's a part of life, Sebastian.
Not like this, it isn't.
There's nothing we can do about Cassius except finding justice for him.
That's the next best step.
And what if we can't find Apollyon? That's not an option.
(knocking) Are they here? Yes, sir.
Oh, Dwayne.
PRIDE: Figured you and Laurel would be more comfortable in the apartment.
And I stocked the refrigerator.
And the marshals will be right outside if you need anything.
And I put some towels and extra - We'll be fine.
Rita, I I know I've put you through hell lately.
Hey, I knew exactly what I was signing up for, Dwayne.
But you never wish that things were a bit more predictable? (laughs) Well, predictable is boring.
And boring is one thing you are not.
Go talk to her.
I'll get settled.
This nightmare is almost over, sweetie.
You don't have to worry.
(voice breaking): I'm not worried, Dad.
I'm sad.
About Cassius? Of course.
Did you know that he painted? Landscapes mostly.
He wasn't very good at it.
All the trees ended up looking like green marshmallows, but he loved it.
Points for trying.
He taught other inmates how to read, too.
He grew vegetables in the prison garden.
He always had a green thumb.
Did you know his favorite shortstop was Ernie Banks? That one I did know.
Met him once when he was a teenager.
And Cassius couldn't stop smiling for a month.
I had no idea he told you all that.
'Cause we never really talked about him.
Well we need to change that.
(crying): I'm really gonna miss him.
(phone ringing) Yeah.
I know, baby.
Dwayne? Work's calling.
(sniffles) - I'll call 'em back.
LAUREL: No, Daddy, it could be important.
LASALLE: King, we caught our first break.
- Yeah, the surface of Amelia's tattoo was compromised in the shooting.
GREGORIO: But Wade found decipherable ink patterns in the subcutaneous layer.
- Yeah.
We didn't have enough detail to salvage everything.
But I was able to retrieve a small chunk of the embedded data.
- Surveillance photos? - Mm-hmm.
Time and date from 2010.
All taken in the Simón Bolívar Airport in Caracas.
And featuring the same four people.
HANNAH: We're guessing they're all past or present Apollyon operatives.
May even be the voice himself.
- All we got to do is ID them.
GREGORIO: Easier said than done.
We all know how good Apollyon is at burying their employees' real identities.
Can you isolate the man on the far left? Imagine him with short hair, no beard.
Who do you see? Well, hell.
What, you know him? We all do.
What took you so long? Always nice to see old friends.
You're gonna tell us everything you know about Apollyon.
Skip the foreplay, go right to the good stuff, huh? Now, what if I was to tell you that I have no idea what you guys are talking about? You'd be lying.
Where'd you get those? Amelia Parsons.
She always was impulsive.
How is she, anyway? She's dead.
Limited shelf life in our line of work, I'm afraid, especially when you piss off the boss.
- Who is the boss? - I don't know.
Never met him in person.
- How'd you communicate? - Secure voice lines.
Compensation delivered electronically.
Untraceable and everything on a need-to-know basis.
Just one man doling out assignments from behind a magic curtain.
What kind of assignments? Intel grabs, HVT assassinations, you know the drill, or maybe you don't because you're here talking to me.
You're never getting out of prison, Walker, but if you help us find your boss, we'll help you negotiate privileges.
- Privileges? - Mm-hmm.
You gonna give me, uh, some extra yard time? Double serving at chow? You guys don't get it.
You're chasing a ghost.
Somebody's gonna lead us to him, maybe one of them.
I want names.
Well, I only know aliases and their countries, but I'm telling you you're wasting your time.
How's that? Apollyon's outer ring has been breached.
Boss's only play is to go into a scorched earth protocol.
He's gonna be tying up loose ends.
You're saying he's going after his own people? Yeah, if he hasn't already.
Give us the aliases.
Will do, just as soon you get this handsome loose end into protective custody.
Quid pro quo, Agent Pride.
It's too quiet around here.
I don't like it.
(laughs) Ms.
It's independent study time.
Yeah, we're trying to find three very elusive needles in a global haystack.
And all we have to go on are some, uh, make-believe names.
Anything I can do? PRIDE: You can tell me how you convinced the marshals to let you out of my apartment.
Sir, uh, I can explain.
Relax, Dwayne.
Deputy Bannon is keeping me safe and sound, and I didn't give him a choice.
He also carried a very large takeout order from Emeril's.
Oh, you got that barbecue shrimp? Three orders and extra biscuits.
I totally get why you love that woman.
RITA: Dwayne.
Help in the kitchen.
I got it.
Dinner was a very sweet gesture.
Well, someone has to feed you.
Sure that's the only reason you're here? 'Cause I'm fine.
I'm glad, Dwayne.
How's Laurel? Stressed out, but I convinced her to take a nap.
And don't worry, the other marshal is keeping an eye.
She's not the only one with stress.
Seems like everyone around here is walking on eggshells, waiting for me to fall apart or explode, but that's, that's not what I feel.
Well, what do you feel? Nothing.
Cassius was a bad man and a worse father.
And that's the best I can say about him.
I suffered enough when he was alive.
His death should be a relief.
Well, it should be, but he saved your life.
For that, I should forgive a lifetime of bad behavior? No, he doesn't deserve it.
He's gone, Dwayne.
It doesn't matter what he deserves anymore.
Yeah, well, I would just like to move on.
Sorry to interrupt.
Just got a call from the morgue.
Jimmy showed up, there's a problem.
- Hello.
- MAN: Mr.
Pride - Spasibo, Vasily.
- Sorry, just hang on.
My contact in Moscow says the operative Walker identified as Idris was found floating in the Moskva River this morning.
Throat cut.
Apollyon? Yeah, well, they got to the one called Elisha, too.
Mossad just found her body in an apartment outside of Tel Aviv.
That leaves only Matias.
GREGORIO: Walker said he's a Colombian expat, but the NID claims to have no knowledge of him.
Matias knows there's a target on his back, he could be anywhere in the world.
So where do we start? Texas.
Facial recognition.
I got a recent hit on a Highway Patrol mug shot.
GREGORIO: They collared him for a DUI under the name Carl Chambers.
Address is in an unincorporated area of Marion County.
Well, that's not the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from there.
If we can track him there, so can Apollyon.
I'll make a call, see if we can piggyback a flight to Texas.
I'll call DPS, have them set up support and surveillance while we're in the air.
- What about Jimmy? - I can go to the morgue.
I need the three of you to deep-dive Matias.
We need leverage to get him talking.
I'll handle Jimmy.
You sure? Yeah.
Hannah, you and Chris, you got to be careful.
Apollyon's capable of anything.
JIMMY: I'm not going anywhere.
I got a right to be here and to see my father.
Dwayne, tell this idiot who I am.
Whoa, Jimmy, what's going on? I just I need to see Pop.
And this steaming pile won't let me without some BS piece of paper.
Proof of kinship is a standard requirement.
But if he doesn't calm down now All right, it's okay, Hank.
I'll take it from here.
Sorry for the confusion.
Come on.
Applebaum's third grade class.
Assignment was to bring in our birth certificates for a special project.
I was the only kid with a blank space for a dad.
Doctor's appointments, winning touchdowns, high school graduation, my first arrest.
Pop missed it all.
Wish I could tell you my formative years were different.
Yeah, but at least people knew who your old man was.
Was bona fide, not some dirty little backroom secret.
Here I am, a grown-ass man, I'm still the bastard.
Not to me.
Look, Jimmy, I can't change the past, but even if I could, I wouldn't.
He made a lot of mistakes, but giving me a brother was the one thing he got right.
We may not have the same last name, but we got the same blood.
We're brothers.
Don't need some piece of paper to make it official.
It just is.
You promise? Promise.
Special Agent Khoury, Special Agent Lasalle, welcome to Texas.
- What's our sitrep? SWAT team has eyes on the target and is holding the ranch perimeter.
Any sign of Apollyon? - No, sir.
- We're still in the game.
I got a federal arrest warrant for Matias on suspicion of espionage, but we still expect resistance.
Our team in New Orleans has Intel that our suspect is a trained assassin and extremely dangerous.
It is mission critical that Matias is taken into custody unharmed.
Walk in the park.
(cranking socket wrench) (mouths) LASALLE: Federal agents! - Don't move! - Hands up, Matias! Uh, my name is Carl Chambers.
Yeah, it's also Lawrence Boden, Paulo Grimes, Javier Zapata.
They're all aliases you used while working as an Apollyon hit man.
Y-Y-You got it all wrong, ma'am.
I-I'm just a mechanic from Lubbock.
(grunts) Hands on your head.
Like I said, walk in the park.
(gunshot) (grunts) LASALLE: We've got a sniper.
Come on.
Everybody take cover.
HANNAH: Is she okay? LASALLE: She's got a pulse.
Somebody really hates mechanics.
(gunshot) I see him.
(gunshots) Sniper's on the north side of the stable.
RANGER (over radio): Copy.
We're on the move.
I can give you Apollyon.
I can take you to the boss.
Just get me the hell out of here.
Take cover! RANGER 2: Drop it and show us your hands! (heavy gunfire) Sniper is down.
Target is neutralized.
(panting) (exhales) He's dead.
(sighs) I just got off the phone with DPS.
Lieutenant Brown lost a lot of blood, but she'll pull through.
What about the sniper? Another scrubbed identity.
Another dead end.
Damn it.
I'm sorry, Pride.
Matias was our last chance at flushing out the Apollyon boss.
Yeah, well, the outcome would have been the same even if I was there.
What's our next move? Don't know if we have one.
All we can do is wait and hope that they make a mistake.
(scoffs) Since when do you throw in the towel? I'm certainly open to suggestions.
Okay, um I didn't want to have to do this, but considering the circumstances, I think I know someone who can help.
RYAN: Military might, financial prowess, political clout-- these are all critical measures of a nation.
Balancing these factors amongst sovereign states is the key to preventing any one entity from becoming too powerful.
So how do we maintain this delicate equilibrium? With a little help from our friends.
Combined infrastructure, shared intelligence, and a common goal to prevent any one entity from becoming a giant international pain in the ass.
(laughter) All right, folks.
That is all for today.
Uh, remember, thesis proposals due next Friday.
No exceptions.
Uh, SAC Dwayne Pride, please meet Professor Ryan Porter - Hey.
- my ex-husband.
Separated, actually.
Hannah's never been big on details.
How long you been in town? September.
Four months, and you don't say a word? What the hell, Hannah? Look, I know that we have a lot to talk about, but it's gonna have to wait.
We need your help.
Special Agent Pride needs it.
- What can I do for you? - PRIDE: Hannah said you're well connected at the NSA.
You consulted on SIGINT, COMSEC projects? Only as it relates to foreign policy.
I'm an academic, not a spy.
Have you ever heard of Apollyon? Heard of it, sure.
Boogeyman of the Intel community.
Seen proof it really exists? No.
Well, we can show you at least a dozen body bags filled with proof.
They're extremely dangerous, and we're running out of leads.
Well, if it's real, Apollyon's survived this long by hiding in the shadows.
We're hoping you can introduce us to someone whose job it is to see in the dark.
You must have your own connections.
Mired in red tape and bureaucracy.
We need a faster, more direct route.
Got a friend at Fort Meade, owes me a favor.
Senior Intel analyst.
I'll, uh, see what I can do.
(quietly): Your ex, huh? Kind of buried the lede.
It's a bit of a sore topic.
My last long-term post was overseas.
Ryan and my daughter Naomi were with me, until a radical group made an attempt on my life, nearly killed them in the process.
You moved them to New Orleans to keep 'em safe.
Yeah, it was just supposed to be for a few weeks, but you know, until we neutralized the threat, but that took longer than I thought.
Weeks turned into months, and I haven't seen them in a year and a half.
That's why you accepted the transfer.
To reconnect.
Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I haven't been able to bring myself to see 'em yet.
Why not? I honestly have no idea.
You're in luck, Agent Pride.
My friend will talk to you.
Details will be sent through your SCIF.
Thank you.
Thank you, we appreciate it.
- I'll wait outside.
- Okay, yeah.
(sighs) I know I've got a lot of explaining to do.
But you got to go.
Save your explanations for Naomi.
Your daughter misses you.
My apologizes for all the cloak and dagger, Agent Pride.
I appreciate your assistance, Ms.
Ryan Porter's a trusted colleague, but final approval came from the NSA director himself.
Seems you have big fans in high places.
Now, if you'll please follow me.
It's only a short walk.
And remember, everything you're about to see and hear is classified.
This outpost employs 40 full-time analysts who scrutinize and disseminate a never-ending 24/7 stream of signal intelligence gathered domestically and abroad.
Big Brother really is watching.
This unit's focus is the tracking of private intelligence firms.
Sanctioned ones like Aegis and Black Cube, as well as more subversive operators.
- Like Apollyon.
- The primary subject of analyst Philip Sinclair, since they first surfaced eight years ago.
Apollyon, the Destroyer, appears in the Book of Revelation as a spiritual being from the bottomless abyss.
- The Angel of Death.
Or the Devil himself.
The organization you're chasing applies their own brand of disruption.
They do much more than gather Intel.
They actively exploit it.
Murder, rigged elections, manipulation of financial markets.
Yeah, on whose behalf? The highest bidder, of course.
Dictators, third world regimes, and global conglomerates.
And the whole operation is controlled by one person? So far as we know, yes, but after years of intercepted communications and human Intel, we still we don't have any idea who that is.
Then how do we find him? Operational strategy's a-above my pay grade.
Thank you, Philip.
Director has authorized us to share everything we have on Apollyon.
He welcomes any assistance you and your team can offer.
So we got over 3,000 NSA intercepts, all with Apollyon mentions.
They suggest at least two dozen covert operations.
Yeah, the problem is that all the details are obfuscated by, uh, code names, numerical aliases, cryptonyms.
It's like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing.
There's got to be something in all these files we can use.
I've been running association algorithms.
Might be able to find the common link hidden in the data.
Yeah, I don't know.
It seems too easy.
That's the only move I've come up with so far.
Oh, hold up.
Got something.
Looks like a recurring reference to someone code-named Eagle? Only person involved in every single Apollyon mission.
Yeah, including the forced coercion of an NCIS special agent in charge.
This intercept is three days old.
Yeah, it's marked with an origin tag on its hip.
I'm already tracing 'em.
Signal's coming from St.
Tammany Parish, Louisiana.
Home of the U.
Penitentiary Slidell.
I'll call Pride.
PRIDE: You're the boss.
You've been calling the shots all along.
That's funny.
It's also false.
Evidence doesn't lie.
But Apollyon does.
My Intel is reliable.
Open your eyes, Pride.
(chuckles): The only thing that Uncle Sam knows is what Apollyon wants it to.
Misinformation, misdirection to keep you and everyone else looking in all the wrong places.
You could be doing the same thing.
No, it's not in my best interest.
- Why is that? - Well, I'm assuming that I am the only one from those photos who's still breathing.
- Right? - So my former employer is gonna do everything he can to make sure that that is a temporary condition.
He can't get to you in here.
Like he couldn't get to Amelia or any of the others? You see, the only way that I survive this is if the boss doesn't.
What are you selling, Walker? The Holy Grail.
Names, dates, places.
Everything that you need to take them down.
You said you didn't know anything.
Well, I say a lot of things.
See, Amelia wasn't the only one with an insurance policy.
Only, mine is up here.
MAN: Attention, all blocks, lockdown, lockdown.
(alarm blaring) (overlapping shouting) Inmates, return to your cells.
What's happening? GUARD: Prisoner uprising in Cell Block C.
They killed a C.
, and they're starting fires everywhere.
Where are you taking Walker? Isolation unit, and you'll need to evacuate, sir.
WALKER: It's him, it's him, Pride.
Apollyon's here for me.
I'm coming with you.
(overlapping shouting) Walker! Walker! King, you all right? Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Any word on Walker? He's still missing, along with six other prisoners and two COs.
Still fighting the fire but already found four bodies burned beyond recognition.
I tried to get Wade's office to prioritize identification, but matching dental records takes time.
I think Walker was telling the truth.
- Why, Sebastian? - Well, because other than the coordinates that led us to the prison, nothing else makes sense.
But you said the Apollyon communications was protected by complex codes.
Exactly, so why did it take us only hours to decipher what NSA cryptologists couldn't in years? You're saying Intel was manipulated to frame Walker? - Yeah, and I'm sure of it.
-Well, how could someone plant false information in a secure NSA file? There's only one way.
Apollyon had someone planted at the NSA, an inside man.
Or woman.
Hannah, driveway.
NCIS! Hands on the steering wheel, Cooper! Lasalle, I need your keys.
- Where you going? - It's an emergency.
Wait for backup to clear the house.
I'll explain later.
(engine starts) (tires screeching) Mommy! Naomi.
- Go to your room.
- But, Dad Go, please.
Thank you.
This is not how we are doing this.
- Ryan, you need to listen to me.
- You should've called first.
Your friend Nancy is dead.
It's Apollyon.
And, uh, because I sent Pride to her, they could come after me next.
- I'm sorry.
I-I shouldn't have gotten you involved, and I'm sorry.
I can't believe this is happening again.
I have no excuses.
We don't have any time.
There is nothing more important to me than protecting you and Naomi.
- Oh, protecting? - Yes.
- Or abandoning? - Ryan, please! Stop fighting! (crying) Let me take you someplace safe.
Okay? And then we can sit down and we can talk.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
(phone ringing) Gregorio.
Nancy Cooper was shot in the head.
The scene was staged as a suicide.
Framed and murdered by Apollyon.
NSA's initiated an emergency threat protocol.
Which means they'll decommission any facility and secure personnel that may have been compromised.
It seems there's only one analyst unaccounted for.
- Philip Sinclair.
- How'd you know? Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain sight.
Apollyon's never been caught because it's run by the man whose job it is to catch 'em.
This Sinclair is the boss? Yeah.
And I think he wants me to come get him.
(horse neighs) (second horse snorts) Welcome to Shangri-La, Agent Pride.
I see you found the gift I left behind.
Hands where I can see 'em.
Take it easy.
Weapons aren't really my thing.
Cognac, on the other hand You mind? I paid a million for this bottle.
I have to admit, I was nervous to meet you in person, thought I might be disappointed.
You lived up to expectations.
You put me through hell.
Ah, wasn't personal, really.
Kidnap and murder is always personal.
If you had delivered Amelia like I asked, your father would still be alive.
You would've killed us regardless.
That's what makes you feel powerful, in control.
Thanks to your concerted efforts, every despot, corrupt CEO, and miscreant politico from here to Kiev will know my name.
The target on my head will be worth a fortune.
All the monsters you made will turn on their creator.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
The countdown clock on my life is already ticking.
We all get what we deserve.
I may be reprehensible to someone like you, but remember, the Angel of Death is not evil.
She has a job to do.
An unpleasant one, yes, but necessary.
Like me.
- You're delusional.
- Maybe.
But someone will take my place.
And chances are they'll be far less civilized than I am.
Good luck with that.
You don't get to take the easy way out.
"As I am now, "so you must be, prepare for death and follow me.
" (jazz music playing) I'll be back.
What the hell you doing back here? I'm not even sure I should be here, man.
Come on, bro.
Excuse us.
Hey, look who I found.
Look who I found back here.
Tank is full, the car is packed Been too long since I've been back Turned off the lights, paid my last bill (laughter) Yes, that's what it is.
Thanks for making all the funeral arrangements, Rita.
You made it special.
It never could have happened without you.
Well, happy I could help, Dwayne.
It's what people do for each other.
What family does for each other.
Desert rolls by, palm trees sway Windmills turn I'm not sure Cassius deserved this.
'Cause it feels so right But the rest of these people sure do.
Amen to that.
I'm comin' home I'm comin' home Home to New Orleans 20-year Pappy? That was the deal.
Got to keep a piece of home I mean, you have been taking it easy, right? I can be stubborn like a mule.
(clears throat) Just like you, Dwayne.
But I'm trying.
All I can ask.
On the road today I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home I'm comin' home Loretta? Home to New Orleans Something's happened.
A lot's happened, Dwayne.
The visions they're gone.
Whatever they were, they're not there anymore.
And that's good, no? I don't know.
I wanted them to end.
But now they have and And it's like a loss.
Like a door closed.
Be patient, Dwayne.
Remember, it's the journey.
(laughs): What's that mean? It means let's drink.
That was some party.
(chuckles) - Yeah.
Most interesting funeral that I have ever been to.
Ah, New Orleans tradition.
We know how to do it right.
How's your daughter? And Ryan? She's, um she's fine.
She's so happy to see me.
Ryan, um, that's He's a different story, but At least we're talking.
That's a start.
I was so petrified that Naomi wouldn't forgive me I almost didn't give her the chance.
Children are very generous at extending grace.
We could all learn a lot from them.
That's my intention.
I need a few weeks.
Spend some time with her.
Take all you need.
(phone chimes) (sighs) Autopsy results on the burned bodies from the prison.
- They identify the bodies? - Yep.
And Avery Walker is not one of them.
This thing is far from over.
(sighs) Comin' home Yes, I'm comin' home Comin' home.