NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e16 Episode Script


(Liam coughing) I told you every-- everything.
Please, don't do this.
(coughing) - Please don't do this, please don't do this.
- Liam.
We're gonna talk.
(Liam quivering) Did you know I spent three years in a Karelian prison? (coughs) It was quite literally Hell on Earth.
The inmates were animals, the guards were worse.
But no matter what they did to me, it was nothing compared to being separated from my wife and my son.
So I escaped.
I killed five men to do it.
And when I finally got hoI held them, and I swore that I would never leave them again.
But then you and your comrades made me a liar.
It was an accident.
(crying): I'm so I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry Shh.
It's-it's okay, it's okay.
You don't have to be sorry, honestly.
We're all sinners.
Anyway we will all be judged in the end.
Please, I'm so s-sorry.
You sooner than the rest of us.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, please, please.
(shouts) No, please But first, you'll tell me everything you know about Hannah Khoury.
(screaming) (train horn blows) Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
(Jordanian music playing) Okay, baby girl, ten seconds.
NAOMI: Uh, under the tables? Mm-mm.
No, you'll be exposed from all angles.
What is the number one rule? Stay out of sight.
That's right.
Come on, Naomi, you can do it.
(gasps) The cabinet under the hostess desk.
That a girl.
(laughs) Thank you.
Eh, don't you think our daughter's a little young for basic training? Oh, come on.
She loves it.
Thank you.
- Yeah, Dad, I'm a total badass.
BOTH: Language.
Anyway, she needs to learn how to protect herself in a volatile situation.
Or, you know, learn to play the violin.
Mm, it's never too early to start.
Anyway, the violin's boring.
- Yeah, Dad.
The violin's boring.
- Yeah, Dad.
Okay, I surrender.
(laughs) PRIDE: Hannah.
Victor Zelko was killed in Yemen.
I coordinated the raid myself.
These photographs are fake.
They've been vetted and verified.
If that's true, why would Zelko expose himself now? I was hoping you'd tell me.
When he found out Zelko's family was collateral damage, he became obsessed with digging up answers.
Maybe he dug too deep, brought Zelko out of hiding? I need your phone.
(line ringing) LIAM (over phone): Hey, it's Liam.
Please leave Still no answer.
The team will do everything to track Liam down.
I'll see if, uh, my Intel sources can intercept any chatter.
We got this, Hannah.
You should go home and be with Naomi and Ryan.
And tell them what? Tell them the truth.
That the man who tried to kill us is still alive? (sighs) I swore this nightmare was over.
Dwayne, I promised them that we'd be safe.
Now I have to tell them that I was wrong.
Yes, sir, I will.
That was Director Vance.
Victor Zelko just popped up on HQ's radar within the last 24 hours.
I'm guessing he was in the Ukraine? How'd you know? Because it's also the last place Liam Somers's cell phone pinged before going off-line.
PRIDE: So Liam vanishes just as Zelko reappears? That can't be a coincidence.
Sebastian's on with the American embassy in Kiev.
They've been coordinating a search for Liam.
We've got to tell Hannah.
No, no.
Not until we know something more.
She's got enough to worry about.
(exhales): God, I can only imagine how she feels.
First Norman Wong leaks the footage from the raid, now Zelko's back.
Yeah, we've all got skeletons in our closet.
Yeah, but Hannah's are up and walking around.
Fortunately for her, Ukraine is about as far as it gets from New Orleans.
Yeah, well, not far enough.
Zelko is extremely dangerous and completely unpredictable.
As long as he's breathing, he's a threat to Hannah and her family.
Ukrainian Security Services found Liam.
His body was discovered in a rail yard outside the Darnytskyi industrial district.
- He was hit by a train? - If you're asking SBU, yeah.
They're calling it an accident.
I'm not buying it, King.
No, me, neither.
Sebastian, you and Gregorio get these photos to the morgue.
I want Loretta's eyes on them ASAP.
Chris, you and I are gonna get on the Zelko trail.
Only way to stop him is to figure out where he's headed next.
Liam We need to leave now.
RYAN: Hey.
Thought it was your day off.
It is.
It is.
Be right back.
It's all right.
I am with my family.
They have to come, too.
What's going on? We picked up some chatter.
Zelko's trying to send a message, scare us off the investigation.
Our identities are safe, the whole team is deep cover.
Yours was blown.
He knows your real name.
He's making a move today.
Oh, my God.
What's going on? We need to go, now.
What's happening, Mom? Come on.
We've got transport around back.
Come, come.
Get down.
Get down! (people screaming) - Baby, are you okay? Are you okay? - No, no.
Are you hurt? Don't you dare tell me to relax.
You swore this monster was gone.
I thought that he was.
- Are we in danger, Hannah? - The latest Intel has Zelko 6,000 miles away from us.
Then why are you here? I promised you that I would never keep anything from you ever again.
And no matter what, I'll do whatever it takes to keep you and Naomi safe.
Yeah, I've heard that before.
NAOMI: Dad! I can't find the oven mitts! Don't you dare tell her.
Mom! Baby.
(laughs): Look at my little chef.
I'm baking cookies.
I didn't know you were coming over.
NAOMI: You have to wait for the cookies.
- It's a new recipe.
- Oh? Double chocolate snickerdoodles.
God, that sounds amazing.
Don't go.
They're almost done.
We need a contingency plan.
In case something happens.
It's very interesting.
- Interesting good or interesting bad? - What's the difference? Liam's injuries are wildly inconsistent.
But considering the extent of traumatic fractures and patterned contusions, seems he did indeed get struck by a train.
Okay, so it really was an accident? Mm, I didn't say that.
Last time I checked, locomotives can't systematically remove fingernails.
Zelko must've tortured Liam to get the information.
Yeah, he also inflicted the most excruciating pain possible.
As if throwing him in front of a train wasn't bad enough.
This was personal for Zelko, and meant to send a warning to anyone else who may have wronged him.
We need to warn Hannah.
I could call my cousin.
There's-there's always extra bedrooms in the farmhouse.
Protocol dictates that we just stay put unless there's a credible threat.
I don't give a damn about protocol.
The only thing that matters is protecting our daughter.
That's why we need to tell her everything that's happening.
That's not fair, Hannah.
She's already been through too much.
She'll get through this.
We all will.
(phone vibrating) (scoffs) (metal clattering) NAOMI: Mom! Naomi? Naomi? What's going on? What happened? Are you okay? There's someone in the backyard.
Call 911.
Federal agent.
Hands up.
Avner? What the hell? It's good to see you, too, Khoury.
Want to explain why an Israeli intelligence officer was sneaking around a civilian's backyard? Mossad puts security above all else, especially when it involves a former colleague, and a friend.
You two worked together? Joint task force.
NCIS, CIA and Mossad.
We spent a year investigating Victor Zelko.
Actually, it was 14 months.
But who's counting, right? It wasn't just us.
Liam was a valuable asset to our mission.
Too emotional, perhaps, which probably got him killed.
You're blaming the victim? - Just stating a fact.
PRIDE: How about the fact that somebody covered up the killings of Zelko's wife and son? So I heard.
That was not our intention.
Our orders were to eliminate a hostile target.
And you failed.
Zelko's still alive.
But you wouldn't be here if you didn't already know that.
Our Intel confirms Zelko was aboard a private plane that landed in Veracruz this morning.
GREGORIO: That's only a few hours away from New Orleans.
LASALLE: Yeah, but Zelko would be the most hunted fugitive in the world.
Doesn't matter.
He's coming for me.
Going after the people he blames for the raid.
Lasalle, Gregorio, contact FBI and NOPD.
Sebastian and I will comb through all my old records on Zelko.
We'll look up his financial records, we'll contact known associates.
Hannah, stop.
You cannot work this case.
He's right.
I sacrificed more than a year of my life trying to track down Zelko, and now you want to take him down without me? We didn't come here for Zelko.
We came here to protect you and your family.
I can't just hide, not like this.
That's exactly what you're gonna do.
We'll take care of Zelko.
We don't have to play heroes.
Not this time.
There's an armored car outside, will take you guys to Muscat International.
We'll be sitting ducks in that thing.
Decoy cars will leave five minutes before.
You'll switch vehicles halfway through.
You and Naomi will be safe.
Me and Naomi? What about Hannah? Where's your bag? I don't have one.
What? Mom It's okay, baby.
I have to stay, okay? It's okay.
Why? She's crucial to our investigation.
No, she's crucial to my family.
Ryan, please, don't make this hard, okay? You haven't answered my question.
Why aren't you coming with us? Zelko will come after me again, and the only way that I keep you and Naomi safe is by putting distance between us.
Baby, who's gonna keep you safe? That's my job.
HANNAH: It's okay, baby.
It's okay, baby.
It's just for a little while.
Okay? It's okay.
It's time.
Come on.
HANNAH: It's okay.
I'll see you soon, okay? I promise.
Come on, come on.
Come on, let's go.
Baby We're leaving, aren't we? Guess that means there's a credible threat again.
I don't want to go.
It's only for a short time.
Okay, sweetheart? I can't believe this, Hannah.
This is just like the last time.
It's different.
I'm coming with you.
Just the three of us? Avner and his team are gonna get us a safe house.
They're gonna provide protection.
Oh, great.
Avner and his team.
What about Fortnite? Sorry, sweetie, no unsecured electronics.
- Put it in there.
AVNER: Street is clear.
We should move out.
I-I need a minute, okay? I feel like I'm abandoning you guys.
Focus on Naomi and Ryan, we can handle the rest.
Yeah, taking down a arms-dealing psychopath like Zelko, I mean, what? That's like, a piece of cake.
(laughs softly) You made a promise to your family you have to keep.
Let us put an end to this nightmare once and for all.
We need to find Victor Zelko.
I can't believe that's only one year of Intel.
Yeah, it's more like a lifetime's worth.
I mean, look, she's even got what kind of toothpaste Zelko used.
Can you blame Hannah for being thorough? Zelko was selling weapons to dictators and warlords.
Yeah, and thanks to her, they found Zelko's compound in Yemen, and we found these, three of Zelko's lesser known aliases.
Yeah, which I used to create a communications search algorithm.
Just got a hit.
- Nice.
- Let's see.
Dozens of e-mails from an Anton Caracas, aka Zelko, to, uh, one coded recipient.
LASALLE: Looks like they were discussing a safe passage out of Veracruz.
Sebastian, we need the names of every vessel with upcoming routes between Veracruz and Louisiana.
Yeah, that's easy, there's only one of them.
LASALLE: The Simón Junior.
Yeah, it's gonna dock outside of New Orleans in Houma in less than 30 minutes.
Sebastian, find out who Zelko was e-mailing with.
Chris, you're with me.
Let's move.
Wait here.
Must be the off-season.
Yeah, well, that's probably why they picked this place.
Fewer people in harm's way.
Mom, is someone gonna shoot at us again? AVNER: We're secure.
Let's go.
Follow me.
The hotel is under renovation.
No guests for the next six months.
RYAN: Except us.
There's also running water and a fully stocked kitchen.
And just in case, we built a panic room.
We had a limited time, but we got it done.
The door is reinforced titanium with surveillance and communication.
We worked all night to outfit it.
Totally awesome.
Yeah, exactly what I was thinking.
How many, uh, agents do you have on your team? YOSEF: Seven.
Strategically positioned inside the building and across the grounds.
Zelko won't find us here, and if he did, he will be neutralized before stepping foot inside of the lobby.
You guys will be safe.
We also bought you some clothes and some personal effects.
Thank you, Avner.
Okay, well, I'll take the pullout.
No, no, no, I'll take the couch.
No, it's fine, Ryan.
- I can take the couch.
- No.
- Nope.
You and Naomi take the bed.
I insist.
How long are we staying here? Not long.
Okay, baby? Okay.
Why don't we go to the kitchen, hmm? I have a surprise for you.
Yeah? Okay.
PRIDE: Let's hope Zelko's inside.
Eyes open.
Three, two, one.
I got two dead bodies.
It's clear.
I'm coming down.
Zelko? No Zelko.
Damn it! This massacre's got his name written all over it, though.
We need to find him before he finds Hannah.
ID'd the victims on the boat.
All four of them had serious rap sheets: drug trafficking, racketeering, smuggling.
Yeah, Zelko chose the right men to sneak him into Louisiana.
Then he returned the favor by killing them all.
He's tying up loose ends.
He didn't leave any witnesses, but he did leave a big mess.
Four victims.
Big fight.
Hard to believe Zelko ambushed all of them by himself CSU found three sets of distinct footprints leading from a dock to an access road nearby with a fresh set of tire tracks.
- Well, that means he had at least two accomplices with a getaway car.
We've got state-wide BOLOs issued, but no hits so far.
Well, someone helped Zelko get into the country and provided that getaway car.
I want a name.
Shelby Kinsey.
She sent Zelko the e-mails coordinating his travel.
CEO of ADM Limited-- it's a local tequila import company-- and is the registered owner of The Simón Junior.
If Kinsey brought him get in the country, she might know what Zelko's planning next.
Yeah, let's find out.
Good work, Sebastian.
Okay, baby, do we have any more cookie dough left? (gasps) (chuckles) Oops.
(laughs) Give me that.
We should do this more often.
Go on the run? No, silly.
We should make cookies together.
RYAN: Hope you made enough for everyone.
HANNAH: I wouldn't touch that if I were you.
Unless you want your hair to look like Albert Einstein.
Point taken.
(both laugh) Hey, Naomi, will you give Mommy and Daddy a minute? Yosef? But we're not done yet.
Oh, right.
Grownup talk.
Fine, but I'm taking the dough with me.
No, no, no, no.
That's gonna make you sick.
Put it down.
A little bit won't hurt.
Cookie dough stays, please.
You're a little hard on her.
Well, one of us has to be.
What's that supposed to mean? I know you're making up for lost time.
Look, I know none of this is ideal.
I'm just trying to make everything seem normal.
For all of us.
Normal? Nothing in the world sounds better to me than normal.
Truth is, I'm really struggling with all this.
I never stopped loving you, Hannah.
I just want to know why it got so complicated.
It just did.
My job, time differences missed phone calls.
(sighs) We were just living in two separate worlds.
Not my choice.
I screwed up, okay? It was an emergency.
There was a lockdown, it was no messages in or out.
Yeah, well, Naomi doesn't care about that, does she? She just knows you said you'd call and you didn't.
Okay, well, put her on.
Let me explain.
It's 11:00 a.
, Hannah.
She's at school.
It was her first day at school.
I forgot.
Well, did you get all her supplies? Yeah, I handled it.
Graphing calculator, notebook, backpack.
Thanks for covering.
(knocking on door) It's called parenting.
And it would be a lot easier if you were here to help.
Yeah, well, I'm doing everything in my power to make that happen.
Okay? We're so close to Zelko.
You've been saying that for a year.
Why aren't you responding to your texts? S-Sorry, is someone there? Shh.
It's, uh, it's work Look, I'm sorry, I Yeah, okay.
I'll tell her you called.
Avner, what do you want? You really need to check your messages.
(sighs) We're a go.
In Yemen? Special ops is prepping now.
Oh, my God.
My Intel on Zelko was good.
Get your bag and let's go get this son of a bitch.
I never stopped loving you, either.
Then why'd you wait so long to tell us you were in New Orleans? Things were really complicated for both of us at that time, if you remember, Ryan.
That's not an answer.
I'm gonna check on Naomi.
You just, uh, let me know when the cookies are done.
PRIDE: Tell us where Zelko is.
(scoffs) Sure thing.
Just as soon as you tell me who the hell that is.
You'd probably know him by his alias, Anton Caracas.
I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm drawing a blank at that name, too.
You brought him and his men into Louisiana on your boat.
The only thing I import is tequila.
So unless you're in the market for some top shelf reposado Sit down.
This is the forensic accounting of your finances.
It shows everything.
Including a substantial wire transfer into your personal account.
Money came from an offshore trust by the name of Anton Caracas.
Still drawing a blank? (chuckles) Caracas is one of my international tequila distributors.
I may have neglected to mention some of my business dealings to the IRS, so you can understand my reluctance in mentioning him.
You're a liar.
And by harboring Zelko, you're also an accomplice to murder.
What are you talking about? The crew of your ship is dead.
Zelko executed them.
No They were late checking in, but I just thoug (sighs) Killing my men was not part of the plan.
What was the plan? My orders were to get Zelko into Louisiana, provide him a car with an address preprogrammed into the GPS.
That is it.
What address? What address? Grand Haven Hotel in Gulfport.
Leading him straight to Hannah.
If anything happens to them, it's on you.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait.
You got it all wrong.
I am on your side here, I swear it.
If you don't believe me, call Avner Ben Arazi.
He set it all up.
HANNAH: Avner.
You son of a bitch, you lied to me.
You have ten seconds to convince me you didn't set my family up.
What are you talking about? Pride told me about Shelby Kinsey, and how you led Zelko straight to us.
No, that's not what I'm doing.
You didn't leak our location? Yes, I did.
But I'm not helping Zelko.
I'm trying to stop him.
You know what Zelko's weapon did to my people in Modi'in.
I would do anything to put him away for good.
Yeah, even use my family as bait? Zelko will never stop hunting you.
He has nothing else to live for.
This was the only way to stop him.
I'm gonna take Ryan and Naomi.
We're gonna get the hell out of here.
(static on computers) (gunfire, shouting in distance) Get to the panic room.
Not without my family.
(explosion in distance) Yosef, efo ata? (gunfire continuing) Ma kore? Do you copy? (gasps) So nice of you to join us.
HANNAH: Everything's gonna be okay, baby.
Just stay calm, look at me.
Okay, look at me.
Never take your eyes off me.
Okay? You invited me to this party, Avner.
Here I am.
Don't be angry at Yosef.
Turns out, I pay better.
I will take your guns now.
You must be Naomi.
You leave her alone! She has nothing to do with this.
She has everything to do with this.
It's okay.
No one's gonna hurt you.
Such a pretty little girl.
HANNAH: Victor, please.
What happened to your wife and your son-- I take full responsibility.
I had no idea they were there.
It was a tragic mistake, but it's on me.
No, that's not true.
It's not on you, Khoury.
And it certainly wasn't a mistake.
What are you doing, Avner? Telling the truth.
But I appreciate it.
AVNER: I knew your family was in Yemen.
I knew they were with you when I personally approved the raid on your compound.
And you know what else? If it meant wiping you off the face of the planet, I'd do it again.
Your honesty is refreshing.
(shouts) (grunting) Aah! HANNAH: Run, Naomi! Drop it, Yosef.
(grunts) Ooh.
Hey, listen to me.
I'll take care of him.
Go save our daughter.
(sirens wailing) GREGORIO: Can't get through to the safe house.
Nobody's responding.
Mississippi Highway Patrol had a unit nearby.
They're on their way now.
PRIDE: No idea what they're walking into.
They'll need backup.
How much further, Sebastian? Ten minutes out.
Take that right.
Naomi! Good girl.
Avner led Zelko right to them.
We need to find Hannah and her family now.
Second floor, below the sign.
Cover me.
I got this.
Oh, my God, did you see that? I can't believe I hit him from here.
GREGORIO: You didn't.
That makes more sense.
All right, spread out, watch your backs.
(grunts) (panting) Don't shoot, don't shoot! Thank God you're here.
Zelko and his men ambushed us.
Where's Hannah and her family? Upstairs, panic room.
Follow me.
Hey, listen, listen.
Stay here.
Help's on the way.
Pride! Hannah? She's downstairs.
She went looking for Naomi.
Naomi? (Naomi crying) Naomi.
Naomi? Naomi, baby? (Naomi crying) Naomi, baby.
Oh, my God.
I did what you said, I found a good hiding spot.
You did good.
You did good.
Okay, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Stay low.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
(clattering) (gasps) (door continues rattling) Okay, come on, come on.
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
Get inside.
Get inside.
Stay here.
Don't make a sound.
- Plug your ears.
Trust me.
- Mom Shh.
Don't come out until I say it's okay.
(gunshot) There's nowhere left for you to run, Hannah.
I've been thinking about this for a long time.
Visualizing it.
Seeing all the ways I'm gonna make you suffer.
(beep) (microwave hums) (grunting) You stole everything from me that day.
My joys, my reason for living.
It's only fair I return the favor.
(grunting) Naomi.
- Baby.
- Mom! You can come out.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I need you to close your eyes, okay? Close your eyes, okay? Close your eyes.
I didn't think you will come.
Yeah, well, it was Pride's idea.
I was completely content despising you from afar.
Hannah, what I did was wrong.
But it worked out.
We got Zelko.
It didn't work out.
You lost six men.
Liam was killed.
My family almost died.
And to be clear, I got Zelko, not you.
Fair enough.
We should be relieved.
You just don't get it, do you? After everything that she has been through, Naomi will never be the same again.
And that is as much my fault as it is yours.
But I am gonna spend every last breath I take making it up to that incredible little girl.
And staying away from you.
I hope someday she could forgive me.
And you can, too.
How is he? He'll survive.
How about you? (sighs) I used to say I'm tougher than I look, but I am just not so sure.
Good thing I am.
How's Ryan? He's recovering, but, you know, he's not the one that I'm worried about.
Naomi's gonna be fine.
She's a fighter, just like her mama.
Can I get that in writing? Yeah.
You know what my mama used to say-- a parent is always a parent.
We're always gonna be worrying about our kids.
But I've learned that if you give them the right tools, trust them to use them, children will grow up to surprise us in the most amazing ways.
HANNAH: I wish I could express what I'm feeling right now, I just-I just I don't have the words.
You saved our daughter.
Nothing else needs to be said.
I want to stop running.
Running from what? From my past.
From my mistakes.
From every tough conversation.
I didn't tell you that I was in New Orleans because I was afraid that Naomi wouldn't want to see me, she wouldn't need me.
Look at me.
Our daughter idolizes you.
She's always gonna need and want you.
Okay? Do you? (chuckles) Let's, uh, let's keep it simple for now, yeah? Yeah.
Focus on Naomi.
That's fair enough.
And I want you to know I'm here now.
For her.