NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e17 Episode Script


1 Okay, come on, guys.
Finish your breakfast.
Put the plates in the sink.
We need to go.
Kent? Come on, we gotta get! (knock on door) - Hey, you're gonna be late.
- Coming, okay.
(knock on door) What? Want to hold onto this job, right? Whoa-whoa-whoa, hey, hey, hey, girls, n-n-n-no just right there, stay right there, okay? ANNE: It's okay.
Can we leave now? Huh? Go all right.
Guys, have a great day, okay? - All right, hop in, buckle up, okay? - Bye, Dad.
- Love you.
- Hey take the scenic route, okay? You need to up your meds.
(engine starts) NCIS:New Orleans 5x17 Reckoning Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
- Morning, sir.
Nathan? Dwayne, hey.
Come by to grab some stuff? What stuff? I mean, you can leave it here as long as you like.
Shouldn't you be at Camp Lejeune? Huh? I-I was until I got the call from HQ.
Which you didn't get.
What call, Nathan? (sighs) HQ was supposed to give you a call this morning.
Oh my phone was off.
What's going on? We've been reassigned.
I'm S-- Interim Special Agent in Charge of the Southeast.
HQ was supposed to inform you.
Yeah, well, they didn't.
So, if you're here, wh-where am I supposed to be? Honestly? No one knows.
GREGORIO: This is a joke, right? There's no such place as Bovis.
Bovis, Mississippi.
Right across the state line.
(sighs) And we have to go there, why? They're looking for Petty Officer First Class Dana Wilson.
She's been on bereavement leave for her aunt who died.
Been U.
for a week since.
Honestly, Pride, are things so slow at Belle Chasse that we have to go to Bovis? I wouldn't know.
Well, you're the SAC.
Not anymore.
I've been reassigned, effective immediately.
What? What happened? I don't know.
Went into my office and someone else was there.
Well, there's got to be an official reason.
What did HQ say? I was busy this morning.
They left messages.
I called back.
They haven't returned, so I came here.
Well, that sounds way more important than a missing sailor.
We should probably stay here and help him sort it out.
No, Gregorio.
You and Christopher need to go to Bovis.
Work the case.
Find the sailor.
I'll be fine.
Go on, get out of here.
Learn things.
Okay, but, uh keep us updated.
You think I'm holding something back, I'm not.
No insights on what happened? I got top marks on my last performance review.
Not that I put much stock in that.
Bosses said they appreciate my unique methods.
You are one of a kind.
Well no use speculating.
I'm gonna make some more calls.
All right? I'll get to the bottom of this.
Well, look, you should have your desk back while you're here.
Nah not my desk anymore.
I'll just find a place.
(sighs) GREGORIO: Got to be office politics.
Someone in D.
got their nose out of joint about Pride.
Probably want their cousin to get the job.
Uh, NCIS doesn't work like that.
Every place works like that.
Kind of wish we were back in New Orleans with him.
We're as far from New Orleans as we can get.
A place like this makes a New York girl really nervous.
Small town, Gregorio.
It ain't gonna bite.
Says you.
Looks like someone took a bite out of Bovis.
LASALLE: Hit on hard times, I guess.
What in the hmm? Just like perfectly normal strangers waving hello? It's common courtesy.
It's what happens when everyone knows everyone.
Should make it easier to find Petty Officer Wilson.
Yeah, I'm not seeing a police station.
Yeah, it's a one-horse town.
We'll find it.
Excuse me, sir, can you tell us where the police station is? First of all, I don't talk to cops.
Second of all, I'm not a damn tour guide.
See, Gregorio? There's rude people here, too.
Yeah, I should teach that creep some manners.
No doubt.
Let's look around.
Police station and the mayor's office.
- Guess they multitask here.
- Yup.
Hello? Anyone there? - Sign here says: "Gone to lunch.
" - Yeah, well, the good news is there's not a lot of dining options.
- You got that right.
- Charlie Conroy at your service.
- You the chief of police? Yes, I am the chief, I'm the deputy, and the 911 operator.
Wear a lot of hats.
That's nothing.
He's also the mayor, the Realtor, and he operates the car dealership.
She miss anything, Charlie? Well, I am the only notary in a 25-mile radius.
You like to keep yourself busy, huh? Well, Bovis had a rough time when the dog food factory shut down a few years ago.
Every time somebody tried to pull stakes and close down their business, I just tried to jump in and help out a little bit.
Charlie kept the town on life support.
But the dog food factory's up and running again.
Things are getting better.
But you're not here for a history lesson.
You're here to find out about Dana Wilson.
Oh, sad to hear she's missing.
Dana was such a good girl.
Did you know her? - Course.
- Yeah, she grew up here with her aunt-- homecoming queen, went to state for track and field, sang in the choir.
Yeah, then she joined the Navy after she graduated high school and went away and never came back.
Well, she came back last week for her aunt's funeral.
Well, now, the funeral was last week, but she wasn't here.
All right, well, we'd like to check out her aunt's house, if that's okay, just cover all our bases.
You bet.
I'll be happy to take you out there if you like.
Appreciate it.
All righty.
Keep that burger hot.
I'll be right back.
(chuckles) SEBASTIAN: This doesn't feel right.
Pride getting removed from his job, no explanation.
Feels like a conspiracy.
Yeah, to me, too, Sebastian, but staring at Dwayne on the phone won't help, especially when you're supposed to be tracking down Petty Officer Wilson.
Well, I mean, I contacted her friends, remaining family, members from her unit-- no one has any idea where she is.
- Well, any suspicious activity before she disappeared? No.
I mean, I did a thorough background-- she's as squared away as a sailor gets.
Why'd she go U.
? I don't know.
I am working on getting approval to remotely access her phone, see if I can't get a ping.
Let's get a rush on that approval.
Talked to everyone who'd take my calls in D.
No one knows why I got reassigned.
Or if they do, they won't say.
I reached out to a friend at the Department of the Navy.
She should have some insight.
Appreciate that.
Not sure it'll help, but Well, someone made this decision-- there's got to be a reason.
Well, I can't just stick around here waiting.
Where are you going? Clear my head.
Oh, it's a little early, don't you think? Figured you might need it-- considering Considering Hannah already called you and told you what was going on.
I'm your brother and head bartender.
Who better to share your troubles with? No.
I'm not drinking.
And since I'm not exactly sure what my troubles are, I can't share 'em yet, either.
Fair enough, D.
Figured I'd help out with the happy hour rush.
I got the situation on lockdown.
Your services are not required.
Although, of course, always appreciated.
LASALLE: This is where Petty Officer Wilson grew up? Yes, sir.
It's not much to look at now, but let me tell you, back in the old day, well, Lorraine took real good care of this place.
Yeah, but after Dana left, well, Lorraine get sick Place went to seed? Not for long, because Lorraine left the house to the town of Bovis.
We gonna tear it down and build ourselves a new school.
Looks like someone was here sorting through Aunt Lorraine's stuff.
Maybe Petty Officer Wilson did come back.
(phone ringing) What's up, Sebastian? Hey.
So, I got approval to access Petty Officer Wilson's phone.
I just turned it on, and according to the GPS, it's in Bovis.
Where in Bovis? Her aunt's house.
We're in her aunt's house.
There's no sign of Dana or her phone.
All right, hold on.
I'm dialing the number.
(line ringing) (phone ringing in distance) (ringing continues) It's coming from in here.
I don't see anything.
I think it's under the floorboards.
(ringing continues) These boards are loose.
(ringing continues) Aw, geez.
SEBASTIAN: What? What happened? We found the phone, Sebastian, and Petty Officer Wilson.
(ringing continues) I'm heading back to NCIS.
HANNAH: Dwayne, you don't have to.
Missing person case just turned into a murder.
Course I have to.
See you in a bit.
Hands where I can see 'em.
(sighs) Get 'em up! Turn around slow.
Isler? What the hell is going on? Heard you were looking for a job.
Why was I removed from my SAC position? Kent Crawford.
You were at his house this morning, keeping an eye on him.
How did you Because we've been keeping an eye on you.
I don't understand.
They were responsible for the kidnapping and murder of your father.
You took them down.
Except for Avery Walker.
Body was never recovered after the prison riot that supposedly killed him.
And you've been discreetly looking into his disappearance.
Dead bodies don't just disappear.
You've been running background on current and former employees of the prison.
Possible accomplices.
Kent Crawford is your current focus.
He quit his prison job days after the riot.
Changed addresses twice within the last three months.
That's why you're no longer SAC.
If official Washington wanted me to back off, they would have told me.
But we believe you, Dwayne.
Let me ask you.
Do you recognize this? Bar code tattoo from Amelia Parsons.
Contained Intel on Apollyon.
But was too damaged to get much off it.
Not anymore.
Team of analysts at Langley were able to reconstruct it; we got the mother lode.
Enough information on their MO to figure out elements of Apollyon are still active.
And Avery Walker is still alive.
You keep saying "we.
" A task force organized to take out Apollyon for good.
Small group.
Culled from the CIA, FBI, other agencies.
I'm running it.
Still doesn't explain why I got removed from my job.
Apollyon maintains sources within the government.
Anyone on the task force needs official cover for why they left their post.
I stepped down weeks ago.
So this is a job offer? You have the most experience going after Apollyon.
And you have skin in the game.
And we believe you about Kent Crawford.
How do you know? Accessed his financials.
Found a numbered account with six figures.
Where'd the money come from? That's what the task force is here to find out.
Would you like to join us? Who's your boss? Pride that's need-to-know, man.
(phone chimes) It's my team.
It's probably about your murdered sailor.
You should go.
Think about what I've said.
It's a lot to process.
I'll be in touch.
I can tell you one thing I feel.
I don't like you spying on me.
Don't think of me as a spy.
Think of me as an angel on your shoulder.
(door opens, shuts) Petty Officer Wilson's body was found wrapped in plastic and buried under her aunt's floorboards.
I sent Dr.
Wade and Sebastian off to Bovis to examine the crime scene.
Any idea of cause of death? Mm-mm.
Nothing concrete.
Lasalle and Gregorio are thinking blunt force.
And I'm assuming no witnesses? No one in Bovis even knew that Petty Officer Wilson was there.
You should send Doc Wade and Sebastian to Bovis.
I just-- Dwayne.
Hmm? You okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm of course.
(phone chimes) Look, it's clear that you're distracted.
This have something to do with the reassignment? No.
This is just bar business.
Okay? I'm good.
Uh, just, just keep me updated, all right? Okay.
Initial theory's correct.
(clears throat) Poor girl was bludgeoned to death.
And what's the powdered substance in the plastic? Uh, I'm guessing it's lye.
Suspect covered her in it.
That's attempting to speed up the decomp.
Someone wanted her to disappear.
Makes sense since we can't find her car either.
Probably dumped.
Well, I also found another foreign chemical substance separate from the lye.
Yeah, I'll take it back to the lab, analyze it.
How does a girl visit her hometown of 400 people and get murdered without anyone knowing? Well, I wish I could help you out, but, uh, we just had no idea she was here.
Yeah, someone knew.
Well, like I said, I'm a one-man shop.
Don't have a forensics team, no investigators.
Now, you guys ought to have some sort of technology that can figure out what happened to her.
Well, it's not that simple, Chief Conroy.
I mean, we'll run our tests, but we'll still need to talk to some folks.
Well, that'd be all right.
Is anyone in town you can think of that might do our petty officer any harm? Well Dana's been gone for years, like I said.
That doesn't leave much room for local trouble.
What about this guy? (chuckles) It's the guy that was at the bar yesterday.
Yeah, that's Pierce Evans.
He used to be a big deal around these parts.
He was a high school captain of the football team, uh, homecoming king.
Dana was his queen.
That was the perfect high school couple, but then Dana had ambitions to go off and see the world.
And Pierce became a drunk.
Well, he became much more than that.
That boy got into meth.
(sharp exhale) Yeah, threw his whole future away.
Guessing he didn't take her joining the Navy too well.
No, sir, he didn't.
Now, we don't have much trouble here in Bovis, but what trouble we do have, that Pierce is usually right in the middle of it.
You got an address on this Pierce? Eh, well, sort of.
Pierce is in between addresses right now.
He lives in his motor home and he parks in various spots.
Nice spot.
Yeah, Bovis is a nice place, isn't it? Why, you see this up here? This building right here? Well, that's a dog food factory.
That don't look like much, but let me tell you, when that reopened, it saved this town.
People got jobs again.
And hope.
Looks like Pierce missed out on the hope part.
Now, Pierce, he don't have a real good history with law enforcement.
I think it's best if I approach him alone, let him see a friendly face first.
Well, is he the type to have a gun? Well, this is Bovis.
Everybody got a gun.
Pierce, it's Charlie.
Now, I'm gonna need you to come on out of there, nice and calm with your hands where I can see 'em.
(Gregorio gasps) (gunshot) LASALLE: Got a rabbit! So much for "nice and calm.
" You've come up in the world.
Apollyon task force works in the margins, just like our target.
- Out of sight, out of mind.
Something like that.
I'll introduce you later.
We've got representatives of various agencies-- FBI, Homeland, CIA.
CIA working side-by-side with law enforcement? Won't that complicate arrests and prosecution? Prosecution's not the endgame.
Will Kirby, Dwayne Pride.
Kirby runs the more aggressive element of our task force.
What agency you working for? Uh, there's no category for me.
All right, so I'm guessing Special Forces, Black Ops? Nah, think of me as a big game hunter.
What is the goal of this operation? To dismantle Apollyon.
Take down its remaining members.
Take 'em down or take 'em out? Whatever works.
Look we'll take them into custody if we can.
But we need to be prepared.
You being on the task force goes a long way.
Yeah, well, I'm not sure I am yet.
You said you downloaded the rest of the Intel from Amelia's tattoo? I wanted to take a look.
It's all here.
Uh, safe house locations, operatives' names, financial information.
But I can't let you see it until you commit to the task force.
Why's that? Because anyone read in becomes an instant target.
All right, let me I'll show you one thing.
Intel on Kent Crawford.
ISLER: Over the last few months, someone's paid him $200,000.
Recently, he purchased a condo in Costa Rica.
How'd you get this information? Uh, don't ask.
Are you saying that you've got actionable evidence of Kent Crawford's involvement? Probable cause? Not yet.
That's why we're going to talk to him.
I don't know, Raymond.
This doesn't seem right.
Says the guy who's been stalking Crawford for the last week.
- I haven't broken any laws.
ISLER: Okay.
And you still won't, Dwayne.
My guys are the ones getting their hands dirty.
You should come along.
See how the big boys play.
All right, now, you all know Pierce Evans and all the trouble he's had.
Well, the NCIS here, they need to talk to him.
But he's proving really hard to find.
Now, Agent Gregorio and a few folks, they're sweeping the edge of town, and Agent Lasalle and me, we could use your help here.
I don't like this.
I mean, Pierce has already shot at us.
Well, as a small-town police force, I depend on the help of my neighbors.
Plus, we already know our way around the places that Pierce would want to hide.
All right.
Well, if y'all spot him, stay away.
Contact Gregorio and I.
We'll bring him in safely.
All right, you heard the man.
Do not make contact with Pierce.
You got your cell phones and your panic whistles.
Use 'em if you have to.
(indistinct chatter) LASALLE: It's kind of strange, huh? What is? Well, everybody's driving brand spanking new vehicles.
Kind of sticks out in a place like this.
Sign of the times.
Bovis is on its way back.
Everybody's got a few dollars again.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
(whistle blows) It's coming from behind the bar.
What is it, Larry? The car's right here.
- Pierce is inside.
- All right, call Conroy.
Let's go.
Car's right here.
All right.
Stay right here.
Brown Honda.
Petty Officer Wilson's car.
Pierce Evans! Hands where I can see 'em.
Get it, get it, get it.
Hey! Okay, I got it.
All right, girls, come on.
Dinner's ready.
Okay, Mom.
So, what's the plan? Crawford's security shift ended 30 minutes ago.
Should be home soon.
You gonna question him in front of his wife and kids? They won't even know we were here.
Meaning? OPERATIVE: Crawford's car just turned the block.
All right.
Operation's a go.
Copy that.
PRIDE: All right.
I'll take the lead.
Oh, stand down, Special Agent.
Let 'em do what they do, Dwayne.
(tires screeching) OPERATIVE: Get out! I said out! Whoa-whoa-whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot-- what-- no, wait, no No, no! Come on! (grunting) Go, go! Abducted him right off the street.
They detained him, Dwayne.
Couple months ago, I was in his position.
It didn't feel like I was being detained.
- Yeah, but this is different.
- How? We're the good guys.
JULIE: Scrambled eggs, country baked ham, and creamy cheese grits.
Reminds me of my mama's home cooking.
Reminds me to check my cholesterol.
You eat like this every day? Only the days that end in "Y.
" (laughter) Dig in and leave some room for breakfast buns.
Thank you.
What? It looks good.
I thought you said small towns make you nervous.
No, no, no.
I never said anything about the food.
Am I the only one who lost sleep over the sudden death of our primary murder suspect? Yeah, it kept me up, too.
Something just don't feel right.
Pierce Evans is a meth addict.
Overdoses come with the territory.
If that's in fact what happened.
CONROY: I got some good news for you all.
County coroner just confirmed that Pierce Evans died of an acute methamphetamine overdose.
A man's dead.
There's nothing good about that.
Well, yeah, I just meant that the, the case is closed and Dana Wilson got her justice.
We're gonna need to see that autopsy report.
You bet.
I'll have a copy sent directly down to NCIS office in New Orleans.
(phone chimes) Oh, god-dog it, look at that.
Skeeter Johnson got stuck in his attic again.
That's the third time this month.
Well, I better run.
I got to help him.
Now, listen, y'all have a safe drive back to New Orleans.
Thank you.
He seems eager to get rid of us.
Yeah, question is why.
I suspect the answer may lie with the late Pierce Evans.
I'm gonna go to the county coroner's office, do that exam myself.
What? You don't have jurisdiction.
Have a little faith.
I can be very persuasive.
KIRBY: Stop lying to me.
I'm not.
This isn't right.
This is Kirby's show right now.
Yeah, and he's screwing it up.
Leaving Crawford in that room all night, playing power games.
Ethically, it's on the line.
It's way over the line, Raymond, and you know it.
Crawford's not gonna give us anything this way, and if he does, it'll be a lie.
Not what you want to do! You got to give it to this guy.
He is tougher than he looks, but but I got a few tricks up my sleeve.
Whatever you got in this case, you're not gonna use it.
I'm gonna do what I have to.
You're not gonna touch Kent Crawford again.
This man's a scumbag.
He's an enemy combatant with vital Intel.
He's also a husband and a father.
We should buy him breakfast then.
Actually, yes.
What are you suggesting? Not all pressure points are physical.
Let's see what you got, Dwayne.
I'm gonna need your help.
(grunting) Hey, hey.
(muttering) No, easy, easy.
Come on, got you a blanket.
Thank you.
Yeah, yeah.
Some water.
(grunts) Here's some water.
Food's coming.
Doesn't matter.
I know how this ends.
I'm gonna die here.
Nobody is dying.
What, you're just gonna take me home? That's not up to me.
It's up to my boss.
Why am I talking to you, then? Because I'm the one who understands why you're so afraid of Avery Walker.
Apollyon came after me and my family.
I got lucky.
My father didn't.
You're worried about what they might do to your wife and children.
They're innocent.
That doesn't matter to Walker.
You're a loose end to Apollyon, whether you cooperate here with us or not.
We got a team watching your family.
You work with us, we'll bring 'em in, keep 'em safe.
I mean, there is nothing that you could do to keep him from coming after us.
There is if we get to him first.
Hey, hey.
Look at me.
I'm still breathing.
You're still breathing.
Let's keep it that way.
Let's take 'em down.
We know that you smuggled Walker out of prison.
Where'd you take him? There's a private airstrip in Ansley.
There was a jet waiting.
Going where? Don't know.
He wouldn't tell me, but, um, the pilot spoke French.
He said something about "Cointrin.
" Former name of the Geneva Airport and a perfect place for Walker to hide out.
It turns out, the county coroner and myself have the same affinity for Left Bank Bordeaux, so I promised him a bottle of '87 Château Haut-Brion in exchange for an hour in his lab.
Never underestimate the power of a good bottle of wine.
Now, based on my examination of Pierce Evans, I concur with the C.
- It was a meth overdose? - Yes.
But it wasn't an accident.
I found a series of sterile abscesses where unabsorbed meth pooled beneath the skin.
That happens when the needle misses the vein.
But in this case, someone forcibly injected methamphetamine directly into his pulmonary vein.
His heart could have short-circuited.
Yeah, wish I could say he didn't suffer, but I'm certain he did.
Sleepy town isn't so sleepy anymore, huh? Yeah.
Have a safe drive home.
All right, so I did a trace analysis of the substance that we found near Dana Wilson's body.
Found five distinct compounds.
Cellulose fiber, dried whey, copper sulfate, anchovies, and chicken liver.
This sounds like a twisted science experiment.
It's actually dog food.
It's a proprietary blend.
Petty Officer Wilson's aunt didn't have a dog.
No, but the Bovis dog food plant is back in operation.
Someone connected to that could be our suspect.
They could've tracked the substance into the crime scene.
I'll call Lasalle and Gregorio.
Contact at Swiss Intelligence confirmed Walker at the Geneva Airport three months ago.
Could be anywhere by now.
It's as fresh a lead as we're gonna get, and that means we're headed to Switzerland.
What about Crawford and his family? Handed 'em over to WITSEC.
They'll be safe.
Only if we catch Walker.
You just said "we.
" That mean you're signing up? Geneva's only the first stop.
No telling where this chase might lead.
Someone's got to keep an eye on Kirby.
And take down the most dangerous criminal you ever faced.
There's more, Dwayne.
All ties to family and friends, they must be cut.
They can't know where you are or what you're doing.
Only way to keep 'em safe.
You ready for that? How long do I have to decide? We'll leave in the morning.
GREGORIO: I know people go crazy for their pets, but automatic weapons at a dog food factory? LASALLE: Yeah, we need to get a closer look and see what they're really protecting.
Let's call Hannah and get a warrant.
(scoffs) No signal.
Me neither.
All right, let's get a closer look.
They're not making dog food, they're cooking meth.
Told you small towns are creepy.
I wish you could come, too, Laurel.
I know how much you love to travel.
Well, I'll call you as-as often as I can, but, you know, with schedules and-and security protocols I'm gonna be the global liaison to over a dozen regional supervisors around the world.
L-London, Naples, uh, Crete.
I-I just didn't want you to worry if you didn't hear from me, that's all.
Hey, Laurel, can I call you back? Love you, too, sweetie.
Sorry, Pride, I was trying not to listen.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Well, I guess a congratulations is in order.
I-I didn't, I didn't know that NCIS had a global liaison.
No worries.
No questions.
I've been there.
Appreciate that.
Doesn't mean I won't share my opinion.
Look, whatever it is they've asked you to do, no matter how important it may be, lying to your loved ones, it doesn't get any easier.
That guilt you feel, it just grows.
Trust me.
Financials on this Bovis dog food plant are all wrong.
Uh, sales figures from the last eight months are arbitrary and completely hide the fact that they only had one customer.
Well, it looks like all the transactions were completed electronically through the same numbered account.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, the bank was offshore and the account holder was completely anonymous.
Well, if they're covering something up, we need to find out what it is.
Plus, I can't get through to Lasalle or Gregorio.
I'm starting to get worried.
If you leave now, the two of you can make it to Bovis within the hour.
Wait, you're not coming? Pride will coordinate from here, in case things go bad.
Oh, that's smart, 'cause they usually do.
Be careful out there.
You, too, Pride.
From the home of the great Louis Armstrong And the Superdome, Mardi Gras and stuffed mirliton 24-hour drinking with everybody On a all-night flight Sleep all day CROWD: Party all night We're the home of the jambalaya crawfish pie I said sleep all day CROWD: Party all night Horn Good crowd for a Tuesday night.
For any night.
And that's because of you, Jimmy.
We're just getting started.
I got big plans for this place.
Special events, expansion.
(laughs): Man, the line's gonna be out the door.
With your permission, of course.
You're not gonna need my permission, because you're gonna be my partner.
What are you talking about? Got the lawyer drawing up papers.
Couple signatures and 50% of the Trutone is gonna be yours.
What's going on with you? I'm just doing right by my brother.
Then why do you seem sad? Going away for a while.
Need you to look after the place.
Laurel, too.
Can you do that? Yeah, of course.
(phone ringing) Where you going? Finish something that never should've got started.
(phone ringing) What's up, Sebastian? SEBASTIAN: So I just talked to my guy at the Financial Action Task Force, and it turns out that they're tracking the same numbered account that's connected to the dog food factory.
Can you I.
the account holder? Yeah, it's a Mexican shell company, it's controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel.
(phone crackles) Pride? Sebastian? Pride, hello? Call dropped.
Hey Apologies, Miss Julie, but we need to use your pay phone.
Cell phones aren't working.
Oh, come on in.
The towers must be out.
I'll brew up a fresh pot.
GREGORIO: All right.
Thank you.
(sighs) Crap.
What's wrong? You got any change? Who carries change anymore? Well, we're gonna need some.
Miss Julie! Um, can we please borrow some quarters? Best to hang up.
You heard my sister.
I don't know what you think we're doing, but there's really bad things going on here in Bovis.
You found the meth factory.
We got you on our security cameras.
LASALLE: You guys are in on it? Why? Self-preservation.
Our town was dying.
And you decided to save it with meth? We have all paid a price to that drug.
Lost people close to us.
Was an opportunity to turn a blight into a blessing.
By going into the drug business? Well, we had to get back what we lost.
Everybody wins.
Not Dana Wilson.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Okay? Julie, give me the shotgun, and bring the truck around.
Larry, I don't like this.
You shouldn't.
We're federal agents, and there's more of us coming.
Larry? Julie, give me the damn gun and go get the truck.
HANNAH: Strange place to find the Sinaloa Cartel.
Yeah, something tells me the world's most powerful drug cartel isn't funneling its money into Bovis just for its puppy chow.
HANNAH: Agreed.
(siren wailing) How fast were you going? I Howdy, folks.
HANNAH: Uh, Special Agent Hannah Khoury and Lund here.
Oh, I know who you are.
Your companions told me you were coming.
If you like, I can take you to 'em.
Yeah, are they all right? Oh, they're fine, they're just down at our dog food factory having a look around, seeing if there's something strange going on.
I was just taking 'em some, uh, biscuits and coffee.
Aw, man, that sounds great.
Well, there's plenty for everybody.
If you'd like to follow me, I'll take you to 'em.
Yeah, sure.
All righty.
He seems weirdly nice.
Yeah, right? Business must be booming to keep this place open 24/7, huh? Yeah, we can't fill the orders fast enough, but I like to say, uh, never look a gift horse in the mouth.
Where are our colleagues? - Oh, they're right in here.
SEBASTIAN: That's weird.
This dog food expired two years ago.
You said our friends found something strange? Yeah, well, they got some crazy notion that we're up to no good.
We're gonna need Special Agent Lasalle and Gregorio right now.
Well, now, that sounds like you're giving me an order.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Disarm him.
Uh, Hannah? (gun cocks) I don't think we're getting those biscuits.
This is crazy.
What are we doing? Protecting our future, that's what we're doing.
By kidnapping four federal agents? Nobody's ever gonna find out.
If four NCIS agents go missing, people are gonna start looking.
Yeah, streets will be swarming with law enforcement by morning.
Let us go, we'll make sure you get treated fairly.
Especially if you cooperate.
Now don't you get stupid on me.
What do you think our business partners are gonna do to you? You think they're gonna let you live if you help the Feds? Your business partners ain't gonna like any of this.
Well, that's why they're sending somebody up here right now to help clean up this mess.
And by the time they leave, there ain't gonna be no trace of y'all.
Yeah, after they're finished, there ain't gonna be no trace of Bovis either.
Charlie, what's she mean? HANNAH: You ever heard of Las Ochas? Beautiful fishing village on the Gulf near Mazatlán.
Fell on hard times.
Reached out to the Sinaloas for help.
Cartel used their boats to smuggle cocaine into the United States until the DEA found out.
What happened? Oh, Sinaloas took care of them, too.
Sunk their boats.
Burned down the village.
Killed every villager they could find.
Three generations erased in an afternoon.
You made a deal with the same devil.
You expect the price to be any different? What are we gonna do? You could, uh, p-put the guns down and let us go.
We'll protect you.
They don't need no protection! I'm their protection! You're doing a crap job of it.
When this town was dying, I fixed it.
I gave 'em all jobs.
I put money in your pockets.
Gave you all a future again.
LASALLE: What about Dana Wilson and Pierce Evans? Who else is gonna die? It's over.
We can't anymore.
Larry, untie 'em.
Don't you touch them, Larry! Untie 'em! Don't you do it, Larry.
(groaning) Larry, no! (muttering) Wait! Nobody shoot! This is my damn town.
We should've never listened to you.
We have disgraced everything we was trying to save.
LASALLE: Hey, Conroy.
Look, drop the gun, man.
I will shoot you! You can go to hell.
GREGORIO: Come on! I got to find a phone.
LASALLE: Cut us loose.
Come on, hurry.
Call an ambulance.
(grunts) (phone ringing) (tires screech) Where the hell are you?! You said you'd be here! This whole damn thing's gone sideways.
I need you to help me! Come on now! Come to me.
This is all falling apart! It's over.
You can't do that! You need me! (indistinct police transmission) (siren wailing) Appreciate it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Everybody okay? Yeah.
Nothing three or four hours at the spa won't fix.
(mutters) I mean, it was a little close for comfort.
Hey, thanks for sending the cavalry, King.
I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner.
Any word on Conroy? Found his body outside of town.
This story was never gonna have a happy ending.
Conroy was desperate to make Bovis immortal.
Instead, he managed to wipe 'em off the map forever.
All right, can we go home, please? Wheels up in ten.
You almost didn't make it.
You aren't coming, are you? My place is here, Raymond.
No matter how bad I want Walker and Apollyon brought to justice, I can't put that over my family, my team.
Not this time.
They need you.
I get it.
Actually I need them.
Been through a lot the last few months.
Well, it's a loss.
Not gonna lie.
I understand.
I appreciate that.
Do me a favor, would you? Keep an eye on your man Kirby.
You're a federal agent, not an executioner.
Don't forget that.
Keep an eye on yourself, too.
Listen, Dwayne, you can still be valuable.
Be our contact here, advise us if something happens.
It won't.
Right, but if it does, you're it.
I've given you access to the Intel.
The only other person who has it.
The only one who can stop Apollyon.
Take care of yourself, Raymond.