NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e19 Episode Script

A House Divided

1 (indistinct chatter) WOMAN: Oh, Angela Prescott went all out again.
MAN: It's the first public event Angela's held all year.
Wants to show off the golden child.
Sure his brothers are thrilled, being upstaged by the war hero.
Are they even here? I saw Caleb earlier looking miserable.
Oh, well, wouldn't you be if your trust was frozen? (both chuckle) You're such a gossip.
EMCEE: Ladies and gentlemen, gather around.
(chatter quiets) The Prescotts have been sponsoring this gala for 20 years, and no one knows more about giving than their youngest son, Wyatt.
And no one makes them prouder.
So it only seems fitting that he present this year's Prescott donation of $5 million.
So with no further adieu, please let me introduce Lieutenant Wyatt Prescott.
(muffled arguing upstairs) Uh, Wyatt? That's your cue.
(Wyatt grunts) (women screaming) NCIS:New Orleans 5x19 A House Divided Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
(indistinct chatter) Khoury.
Excuse us.
Thank you.
Brought out the big guns for this one, huh? I got calls from bosses I never even knew I had.
Well, half the people in this room have a direct line to D.
Victim? Navy Lieutenant Wyatt Prescott.
Youngest son of the Prescotts.
Prescotts as in Prescott Playhouse? And medical school.
Well, that'll complicate things.
What do you know, Loretta? I know my entire house could fit in this room.
About Lieutenant Prescott.
Broken neck as far as I can tell.
There's 21 steps in the staircase.
It's quite a fall.
Did he fall? - Or was he pushed? - I cannot tell yet.
If it was an accident, I may have the cause.
These were hidden in Lieutenant Prescott's room.
PRIDE: That's a lot of pills.
Yeah, and that's not all.
May have been having a private party.
HANNAH: Ooh, well, depending on what's in those pills, combined with alcohol, that could send anyone tumbling down those stairs.
Yeah, well, we'll know more once I've run a full tox screen.
LASALLE: According to the guests, there was an argument that broke out right before the lieutenant came tumbling.
Any details? Tammy and Sebastian are questioning the guests now.
And the Prescott family? We're looking for them.
What do you mean, "looking"? Well, it is a big house, as Loretta said.
The mother disappeared as soon as NOPD arrived.
Hasn't been seen since.
Well, let's get on that.
Got it.
This is really too much.
Do you think you could get me a sparkling water? I wouldn't know.
I don't live here.
You know what, we'll ask one of the servers and see if maybe they can bring you something.
We will? Yeah.
So, what happened earlier? Wyatt came tumbling down the steps.
End of story.
Is that what you saw? Didn't see anything.
We were too far from the staircase.
We miss all the good stuff.
And to pay $2,000 just to get in the room? That seems unfair.
Did you notice anything off about Wyatt? He never joined the party.
We only saw Caleb.
The rest of them were hidden out in the west wing most of the night.
But the Prescotts do have addiction in the genes.
From what you hear or what you know? WOMAN: No.
Mark's just repeating rumors.
Ask anyone.
Well, no, I'm asking you.
That's quite a tone you're taking.
Me? You want a tone? Uh, hey, you know, I was meaning to ask you earlier.
Is that a Cosmograph Daytona? It is.
My father knows the North American distributor.
- Wow.
- We always get dibs on the best pieces.
Yeah, you know what? My mother knows Phil the butcher.
We get dibs on the best chops.
Let's get back to what's happening.
We've told you everything we know.
Now maybe you could point us in the direction of something to eat? - What? SEBASTIAN: Yeah.
We're gonna go ahead and see if we can get that taken care of for you, okay? Can I talk to you for a quick moment? Just here in the corner for a sec.
Get in.
(grunts) What is your problem? - What? - Where are your manners? My manners? These rich people Yeah.
They're rich, okay? - They got to be handled.
- By kissing their asses? Which you did impressively, by the way.
Well, I'm fluent in rich speak.
Since when? Since boarding school.
I was, like, one of the only kids there that wasn't from legacy wealth.
Talking eight figures in the bank, royalty in the bloodline.
Like, Lafitte Club rich.
What's the Lafitte Club? It's a private club.
Generational families only.
It's super secret.
It's super fancy.
That's We just we have to treat these people differently.
No, I'm a cop.
I treat everyone the same.
And that's egalitarian, and I love it.
It's just not gonna get us the information that we need, okay? We got to be smooth, you know.
We got to be classy.
We got to be refined.
(sneezes) (groans) (sneezes) (groans) Real refined.
(groaning) It's these flowers.
I got these allergies.
All right, honey, let's get you away from the plants before all your class comes running out of your nose.
(sighs) Ms.
Prescott? Special Agents Pride and Khoury from NCIS.
We'd like to talk with you about your son.
Absolutely, Special Agents.
Let me offer my full assistance.
I'm Lisa Butler.
Prescott family attorney.
I'll answer any questions.
Afraid we need to speak with the Prescotts directly.
I'm sure you understand how distraught they are given this tragic accident.
I'm sure you'll understand that we have questions, given that we're not convinced this was an accident.
I know that you're doing your job.
And I'm doing mine.
What exactly is your job? Protecting the Prescott family interests.
I've already put in a call to the district attorney, who's a close, personal friend of Ms.
Appreciate that, but Wyatt was Navy.
Makes this an NCIS case.
Secretary of the Navy, then.
I'm not sure he's available.
He will be for Angela Prescott.
Look, I don't mean to be difficult, but these are very powerful, very private people, and they can't just talk to anyone.
- Okay, well, I'm special agent in charge of the Southeast region.
Would that suffice? Maybe.
If you do speak to them, they don't say a word out of my presence.
PRIDE: Tell us what happened earlier today.
What do you mean? Wyatt fell down the stairs.
He's gone.
Witnesses heard - Wyatt arguing before the fall.
- No one can positively state it was Wyatt they heard.
Not relevant.
What was he doing leading up to the party? Uh, he'd just come back from overseas.
He jumped right into planning the gala, preparing his speech, checking the menu.
- Busy guy.
- Yeah.
That was Wyatt.
Always working.
Was he dealing with any problems? Again, not relevant to the accident.
Wyatt never met a problem he couldn't solve.
That's what made him who he was.
Meaning? One summer, the three of us boys, we built this boat from scratch.
Bryce installed the prop, but he was always lazy, and it was off-balance, and it kept going in circles, throwing it off course.
I think we're off course.
We'd worked so hard, and Bryce screwed it up.
He was always taking shortcuts.
But Wyatt, the shrimp, he was focused on the boat.
He worked all night on that prop until it was fixed.
That was Wyatt.
He balanced us.
BRYCE: I'm sure that Caleb told you the boat story.
- It is one of his favorite pastimes.
- He did.
But we are interested in Wyatt.
We found drugs and alcohol in his room.
Are you asking me if he was using? (chuckles) Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
My-my little brother, he was too pure for all that.
You know, "his body is a temple" BS.
Oh, it's kind of like you, Lisa.
You make that sound like a flaw.
Oh, no.
Wyatt had no flaws.
Well, everybody's got something secret, skeleton in the closet.
(chuckles) BUTLER: Bryce, you don't have to respond to that.
We're trying to find out what led to Wyatt's death.
A fall led to his death.
There was an argument.
Did somebody want to hurt Wyatt? Hmm, only if you met him.
Okay, look, the guy was my brother, and he just died, but he was definitive.
- Definitive.
Like, everything was black and white.
There was no gray.
So when I say that he had no flaws, he was all too quick to point out yours.
Well, that could rub someone the wrong way.
Yeah, you think? ANGELA: Wyatt got along with everybody.
He made it his mission in life.
No enemies at all? He couldn't abide anyone disliking him.
Did Wyatt seem distracted lately? Wyatt was on task.
My savior.
I was distracted.
By the gala, my business, what I was going to wear.
If I'd known what was going to happen If you'd known what? Ma'am, was there an issue in Wyatt's life? We've already established there wasn't.
Prescott we'd all like to believe it was an accident, but under the circumstances The drugs, the alcohol, the argument.
We need to determine if Wyatt was struggling with something.
My skinny, bookish son managed to get an appointment to Annapolis.
Graduated at the top of his class.
He never struggled.
He simply performed.
(voice breaking): And now he's dead.
You have what you need.
And now the Prescott family needs to grieve.
We've questioned 200 guests, ten servers and the entire staff.
Couple of people say they heard an argument before the fall.
Yeah, but no one can determine whose voices.
Prescotts give you anything? Only that Wyatt was perfect in every way.
That's the most suspicious of all.
Which means we need to question them further.
Well, the lawyers won't let us until we have some more specific questions.
It's in Loretta's hands now.
Once she completes her autopsy.
- Dr.
- Uh-uh.
(chuckles) There you go.
Why is the state coroner in my morgue? And where is my body? Lieutenant Prescott has been removed from your workload.
No need to thank me.
On the contrary.
What do you think you're doing? A favor, actually.
Look, I know you see it as stepping on your toes, but the Prescott autopsy is being handled by my office.
Oh, I'm dying to hear the explanation.
This is about as high-profile a case as they come.
I am attuned to the delicate nature of the circumstances.
That was not an explanation.
I was at my granddaughter's dance recital when my phone started ringing.
State superintendent, police.
Attorney general.
The governor.
You don't need that.
Lieutenant Prescott's death is an NCIS case.
Lieutenant Prescott's death is an accident.
You can see for yourself.
Tox screen's preliminary.
It's incomplete.
Your dedication is admirable, but as I said before, Lieutenant Prescott's death was an accident.
Ten autopsies won't change that.
Now, excuse me.
Just spoke to Loretta.
Lieutenant Prescott has been taken by the state coroner.
Is that even legal? Not as far as I'm concerned.
But the body is out of our custody now.
Well, we need to get him back.
Have you spoken to the state coroner? He's ducking my calls.
He's not the only one who's stonewalling us.
Been reaching out to witnesses, trying to ask follow-up questions.
Everyone keeps referring me to their lawyers now.
If the Prescotts really believe this was an accident, why are they trying to cover it up? I don't love the term "cover-up.
" Well, what would you call having the state coroner Bigfoot our investigation? Expedience.
We're getting Lieutenant Prescott back.
There's really no point.
Wyatt is being cremated-- his mother's wishes.
The case is closed.
We determine when the case is closed.
You're obstructing justice.
I understand your frustration.
The Prescotts do, too.
But there is a silver lining.
Well, what would that be? Angela and her sons truly appreciate your discretion and professionalism during this difficult time.
Is this a service order? By the end of the week your cables will be upgraded to, uh, Cat 8.
SEBASTIAN: What? We've had this request pending for months.
- How did you do this? - Completely above board.
We made a few inquiries on your behalf.
If you have any other problems or requests, give me a call.
Already have your card.
What you have is a friend in Angela Prescott.
That is a valuable asset.
Use it wisely.
(chuckles quietly) This isn't over.
This is what rich people do.
They sweep dirt under the rug, and then they wave something shiny in your face, hoping you forget about it.
Are we just gonna let the Prescotts get away with this? Not by a long shot.
I talked to the attorney general.
attorney, too.
We can definitely take legal action to get Lieutenant Prescott's body back, but it'll be a process.
- Well, good.
Let's get going.
They also said, off the record, the Prescotts will pull any strings they can to stop us.
They said it might be smarter to leave it alone.
Every move they make points to the lieutenant's death being more than just an accident.
I know, Gregorio, but we have to play this one smart.
The Prescotts are hiding something from us.
We're gonna find out what.
What are you thinking, Dwayne? We've been pushed away from investigating Lieutenant Prescott's death so we'll look into his life.
Wyatt Prescott appears as advertised.
A squared-away Navy officer with a perfect record.
His digital life is as squeaky clean as anything else about him.
He doesn't do social media and he doesn't surf questionable sites.
What's his most recent Navy post? Facilitating port relations.
A couple of months ago, he was negotiating a lease in Brazil when he was in a car accident.
PATTON: Fractured his collarbone.
Could explain the pain pills.
Then he came home to recover.
He was back in New Orleans? That's when it gets interesting.
While he was here, he made multiple phone calls to CGIS Agent Michael Martin.
Why was he talking to the Coast Guard? They were investigating Prescott Shipping.
We don't have any record of that.
- What was he investigating? - We're not sure.
We reached out to CGIS, and they said the investigation was closed, records sealed.
You get ahold of Special Agent Martin? You mean former special agent.
Couple of days after talking to Wyatt, he was suspended without pay.
Well, that may be Prescott's doing.
Any idea where Martin is? Rolling and reeling Up the river To my queen And we rolling MARTIN: They called it dereliction of duty.
Said I came to work wasted.
Lasalle, you know me, I'm a pro.
Course you are.
There must have been a reason they came gunning for you, though.
Prescott Shipping, for instance? Got nothing to say about that.
And if you're smart, neither do you.
But you were investigating them.
Had several conversations with Wyatt Prescott.
Why? You want to know? Talk to him.
Well, we would, but he's dead.
Don't go sniffing.
We need to know what you found out about Prescott Shipping.
I had no proof.
Of what? Purgatory.
The "lost and found" of Port New Orleans.
Container bar code doesn't scan, it gets routed to purgatory until it's claimed.
And Prescott Shipping? There was a pattern.
Every month like clockwork, - You check it out? - Of course.
But when I got to the containers-- (scoffs) they were empty.
Then what's the crime here? Purgatory containers don't get weighed and don't go through customs.
So if someone was moving contraband But to pull it off, you need an inside man.
But Wyatt didn't work for the family business.
No one else would talk to me.
Then I heard Wyatt was back.
I served in the Navy ten years.
Figured I'd reach out, sailor to sailor.
What'd he say? He was defensive, of course.
Said the family business has always been above board.
I asked him to check it out anyway.
36 hours later, my case was closed, I was suspended.
And now Wyatt's dead.
There you are.
Heard you had an unwanted visitor.
Gator Huffman is a blowhard and a twit.
If he thinks he can walk into my morgue, do my autopsy, and rule my case as an accident He's got another thing coming? I wasn't able to complete the autopsy before Lieutenant Prescott was taken away.
However, I did keep a sample of his blood.
We've been warned off the case.
When has that ever stopped us? Christopher and Gregorio just spoke to a man whose career was ruined for poking the Prescotts where he shouldn't.
You're telling me that Dwayne Pride is feeling gun-shy.
I want us to all be aware of the stakes.
And yet, here we are about to look at the abnormalities in Lieutenant Prescott's tox screen.
You found something? Potent cocktail of oxycodone and alprazolam.
A mixture like that would have made him delirious.
Maybe he overindulged at the gala.
He wasn't the indulgent type.
None of the drugs found in his room were prescribed to him.
And according to Navy records, he refused pain medication for a fractured collarbone! You're thinking he was dosed? I know he was.
Sebastian analyzed the scotch glass from his room.
We found traces of the same drugs.
Gator Huffman can call this an accident till he's blue in the face but I have no doubt we're looking at a murder.
So, we've been looking through Agent Martin's notes on the suspicious Prescott shipping containers.
Over the last two years, dozens have gone to purgatory only to show back up in the log as empty.
Any idea what's in those containers? It's safe to say, something bad.
What we do have, though, is a partial list of container numbers.
PATTON: Whoever's responsible is lazy-- they've been reusing the containers for this scam.
Bar code numbers reused over and over again.
Yeah, and Lieutenant Prescott knew it, too.
Yeah, he visited purgatory the day before he died.
His I.
was scanned at the security entrance.
Any idea what he was doing there? Uh, he was checking out container number VX729-33.
It's been sitting there dormant for days.
We need to figure out what's inside.
That's gonna require the Prescotts' consent.
Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen.
Sebastian, go get Gregorio.
Get to purgatory.
I want to know who claims that container.
SEBASTIAN: This is giving me some very unpleasant high school flashbacks.
Last time I was folded up like this, I was being stuffed into a locker.
Boarding school with a bunch of rich kids-- must have been rough, right? Actually ended up okay.
Kind of figured out how to get along.
- How's that? - Self-deprecation.
You make fun of yourself before they can make fun of you.
Plus, I was really good with numbers, so I created an algorithm that could predict the stock market.
Really? Oh, I made a killing for my classmates.
Even got scouted by Wall Street.
You didn't want to be master of the universe? Nah, I wanted to be master of a science lab instead.
If they could see you now, huh? Well, I mean, this isn't really one of my defining moments, but yeah.
I guess things are pretty good.
You might get to unfold yourself right now.
- Come on, come on.
- What? - All right, give me a second.
- Come on.
Federal agents.
Don't make a move.
I got him.
Turn around, put your hands behind your back.
She said not to move.
What do we got? Coke? Heroin? Cash.
A lot of it.
HANNAH: Tammy and Sebastian found a container of cash at the port.
All counterfeit, according to the Secret Service.
Well, ship came from Peru, which is responsible for 60% of the world's fake currency.
Was Lieutenant Prescott involved? Uh, suspects claim they don't know.
Once a month, they pick up packages, drop them off at a warehouse outside the city.
Yeah, they're glorified messengers.
They're sent instructions via anonymous e-mail, then paid through wire transfer when the delivery is done.
Okay, let's focus on this warehouse.
If Lieutenant Prescott was smuggling cash, he had to pay it a visit.
Hold on.
Right family, wrong son.
Well, what do you mean? I've been scanning security video from around the warehouse.
Found footage from two days ago.
That's Lieutenant Prescott.
SEBASTIAN: It looks like he's trying to get in.
But there's more.
Who is that? Glad you asked.
SEBASTIAN: That's Bryce.
That's one of Lieutenant Prescott's brothers.
Well, why would a billionaire scion risk his family shipping business to smuggle counterfeit cash? 'Cause Bryce is not a billionaire.
His mother is.
I looked into Bryce's finances.
His condo, his car, all his living expenses is paid for by Prescott Shipping.
He only has $100 in the bank? - He's broke.
- So he's been running fake papers through the family business.
His baby brother finds out, confronts him.
- Then what? - We need to talk to Bryce again.
Call the family lawyer.
Tell her to bring him in.
PATTON: I don't think you're gonna get him.
I've been tracing Bryce's phone.
It's pinging from a tower by Lakefront Airport.
I'll call Pride.
Special Agent Pride.
What are you doing here? Same as you.
Making contact with Bryce.
Sadly, you are too late.
He's just taken off.
You let him get on that plane? I told him to.
He has urgent business out of the country.
And nothing to say to NCIS.
I'll answer any further questions.
You can tell me why he was smuggling counterfeit currency and what his involvement is with his brother's murder.
We've been through this.
Lieutenant Prescott's death was an accident, and the rest is a misunderstanding.
We both understand perfectly well.
Bryce is a murder suspect and a fugitive now.
That makes you an accomplice.
What are you doing? Arresting you for obstruction.
There isn't a judge in the state that will let this obstruction charge stick.
You're wasting your time.
You are, by protecting Bryce Prescott, who's smuggling counterfeit cash You can't prove that.
and running from the murder investigation of his brother.
- Or that.
We need Bryce back in New Orleans immediately.
Make a call.
That's out of my control.
Then I'll have you processed.
You really want to do this to yourself? Ruin your impressive career over misplaced suspicion? Huh.
You're gonna do me like CGIS Agent Michael Martin? The Prescotts are like family to me.
I do what I need to to protect them.
Protect some of 'em.
You don't seem to give a damn for Wyatt.
How many times do I have to say it? Wyatt's death was an accident.
He had a potent cocktail of opioids and anxiety meds in his system.
Someone snuck it into his drink.
That is not an accident.
This is a pointless exercise.
(knocking on door) You say the Prescotts are like family.
But they're not your family.
End of the day, they'll circle the wagons.
You'll be on the outside.
You've literally just described my job.
I am paid to be outside the circle.
And I am prepared for what's next.
Are you? Plane landed in Havana 20 minutes ago.
Local agents checked it out.
Bryce's phone was there, but Bryce wasn't.
- This whole thing was a diversion.
- Maybe.
But if Bryce hasn't left the country, we don't have anything to hold her on.
Got to let her go.
Yeah, we do eventually.
You want to keep her here? I want to take our time releasing her.
If Butler's benched, we got a shot at getting the Prescotts to open up.
ANGELA: I hear you've kidnapped my lawyer.
Provocative move, Special Agent.
Well, gives us an opportunity to talk.
I have no interest in talking.
But you have a deep interest in finding out who murdered your son.
This is not happening.
You need to leave our house at once.
We run a Fortune 500 company.
- We have more than one lawyer.
- Caleb.
- An army of them is on their way.
- Caleb.
Caleb, shut up.
Why would Bryce be involved in Wyatt's death? It might have something to do with a smuggling operation using Prescott Shipping containers.
How many accusations are you going to throw at my family? We're not accusing anyone of anything, but we do need clarity.
Bryce and Wyatt had an argument the day before Wyatt died.
At a warehouse used to store smuggled counterfeit currency.
HANNAH: It was being leased by a holding corporation that leads back to Bryce.
Prescott Shipping has been operating above board for over three generations.
A legacy I preserve above all else.
No son of mine would jeopardize that.
You cut off your sons' trusts? That is none of your concern.
Maybe Bryce is being played.
Maybe he's smuggling the cash himself.
Either way, Wyatt discovered it.
Now he's dead.
I've heard you out.
I have no idea where Bryce is.
And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
Caleb, show them the door.
Do you have evidence of any of this? If you want to see it, bring Bryce to NCIS.
We'll show you everything.
PRIDE: All right, let's hope he takes the bait.
LASALLE: All right, we got eyes on Caleb.
- He's on the move.
PRIDE: Keep close.
My guess is, he's gonna lead us straight to his brother.
You got it, boss.
Patton gave us access to Caleb's phone, so, we'll be listening.
(line ringing) BRYCE: Hello? Bryce, it's me.
Yeah, where are you? Downstairs in my car.
BRYCE: You come alone? Yeah, but you got to get out here now.
NCIS knows you're still in town.
We need to move.
BRYCE: Yeah, okay.
Be right there.
- Pride was right.
Seems like Caleb knows exactly what was going on.
Yeah, the minute we see Bryce, we take them both down.
You got it.
- Let's go get 'em.
- All right.
(engine revving) (tires squealing) GREGORIO: What the hell?! Stay back! Stay back! Federal agents.
He's dead.
Caleb Prescott hit his Global brother Bryce with a car, killing him instantly.
Just one day after their younger brother Wyatt died suspiciously.
And after Wyatt discovered a counterfeit smuggling operation hidden in the family business.
Did Caleb kill Bryce for revenge over Wyatt's death, or to cover up his own involvement in this mess? Well, only one way to find out.
We need Caleb.
He disappeared after the hit-and-run.
Abandoned his car a few blocks away.
We put a BOLO out, and Lasalle's with the NOPD right now on a manhunt, but he can't get that far.
Yeah, unless it's his turn to jump on a plane and flee the country.
So then let's talk to the family lawyer.
No, we let her go a couple hours ago.
She's not gonna be in a giving mood.
And I wouldn't expect Angela Prescott to be very cooperative.
Two sons dead, and one on the run.
Well, we don't think he's on the run.
I ran a trace on Caleb's cell phone and credit card.
No call or charges.
He's gonna want to escape.
He's gonna need help doing it.
Well, I think that he went to the one place where he knows that he can go.
Do you remember that plaque that we saw at the Prescotts' house? - The pirate thing? - Yeah, the Lafitte Club.
What's the Lafitte Club? Very old, very exclusive.
- Prescotts are members? SEBASTIAN: And the club is only a few blocks away from where Caleb hit Bryce.
Great job, Sebastian.
Let's go find him.
(sighs) (door opens) Excuse me, gentlemen.
Step outside, please.
I thought I'd have more time.
The wine hasn't even opened up yet.
Life's full of disappointments.
- Is he dead? - Yes.
I did that.
We know.
We're wondering why.
Caleb, don't say another word.
You got here fast.
We can talk about the seven different reasons why I'm suing you in a minute, but right now, Caleb is requesting counsel.
- No, I'm not.
- Caleb, please be quiet.
I'm done being quiet.
Following the rules, making Mom happy.
I need to talk.
You'll get your head straight and listen to me.
I can't do it anymore.
I killed Bryce because he killed Wyatt.
(sighs) None of this is admissible.
Caleb, are you aware of your rights? I know that I can have a lawyer if I want to, but I don't.
Bryce cheated.
His whole life, he cheated on girlfriends, he cheated on tests, his-his family.
He didn't care if he destroyed the company as long as he got a little pocket money.
He was running the smuggling operation? Yes.
And Wyatt confronted him.
Bryce tried to cover it up (crying): by killing the one good person in this family.
We're gonna take you back to NCIS.
You can write it all down.
Whatever you say.
Caleb, murder has a life sentence.
If you do not stop, you will die in prison.
Does it matter? (handcuffs clicking) Caleb Prescott confessed? Yeah.
Gave us everything.
Proof Bryce was moving counterfeit currency, and that Wyatt found out.
Pride's wrapping up the interview now.
One brother kills the other to keep his secrets.
And then the third brother kills him for revenge.
Really tragic.
Turn it over to the D.
and they'll take it from here.
We got a problem.
The evidence doesn't match the confession.
What? So there were flowers everywhere at the Prescott gala the day that Wyatt died.
- I had an allergic reaction.
- Yeah, he was sneezing like crazy.
- His nose was running all over the place.
- That's not the point.
- I'm just saying.
It was a mess.
- We don't have to The point is that it wasn't the flowers that caused the reaction, it was the mold spores that the flowers were carrying.
You're allergic to mold.
So? Well, even if you're not allergic, those spores, they attach themselves to your lungs and your nasal passages.
- And it stays for days.
And Wade just finished Bryce's autopsy no sign of any spores.
How is that possible? Because Bryce didn't join the party.
Yeah, he stuck to the west wing where there were no flowers.
Bryce didn't kill Wyatt.
And Caleb killed Bryce for no reason.
We're back to square one.
We need to tell Pride and figure out who had a motive to kill Wyatt.
PATTON: I think I got an answer.
When I was looking into the smuggling operation, I got very familiar with Prescott Shipping.
What'd you find, P? PATTON: A company that's in turmoil.
PRIDE: Repair work pending on ships, upper management leaving and not being replaced lots of unpaid bills.
Reminds me of my father's company at the end.
- Are you thinking bankruptcy? - Could be.
Might explain why Angela Prescott has been taking regular trips to Houston the last few months.
What's in Houston? PRIDE: Allied Freight.
That's the Prescotts' number one competitor.
I think we're looking at a corporate merger.
I'm not seeing the motive for murder.
Well, I might see one.
Allied Freight holds hundreds of millions in military contracts.
PATTON: A lot of government scrutiny on business practices.
If it was revealed that the Prescotts were running a smuggling operation Bye-bye, merger.
Prescott Shipping is a publicly traded company, lot of shareholders have a stake.
For the merger to be successful, the smuggling operation has to disappear.
There's one person in the Prescott organization who handles the dirty work.
Thanks for meeting me.
Can I buy you a drink? It's not gonna stop me from suing you for unlawful arrest.
(chuckles) No strings attached.
You have a dry Sauvignon Blanc? I've got cold white wine.
So what do you want? A conversation.
No badges.
No law degrees.
Just two people talking.
I don't know what there is to say.
You've already ruined the life of one of my clients.
Caleb ruined his own life.
And for no good reason.
Bryce didn't kill Wyatt.
I've been telling you that.
Kristen Jones did.
I'm not familiar with that name.
You should be.
It's a pseudonym.
Used to acquire prescriptions for alprazolam and oxycodone.
Both found in Wyatt's bloodstream.
And we've spoken to the doctor and he told us that Kristen Jones is you.
It's not an uncommon practice for high-profile individuals to use an alias when procuring medications.
That's not an admission, by the way.
Bryce said you were like Wyatt.
You didn't take pills.
The drugs weren't for you.
They were for Angela Prescott.
You know I won't say either way.
Because you're guarding the Prescott family.
Covering up anything that could derail the company's merger.
I'm sorry.
Are you suggesting that I killed Wyatt? I'm suggesting that Angela Prescott did.
And I think you believe it, too.
The woman you work for single-handedly runs the business.
Her sole concern is preserving its legacy.
Her words.
What wouldn't she do to save it from scandal? She wouldn't murder her own child.
Not on purpose.
Maybe maybe by accident.
It's all conjecture and theory.
Yes, which is why I need your help to prove it.
And why would I do that? Your job was to protect the Prescotts and you failed.
Two sons are dead.
One is going to prison for life.
I wouldn't be able to live with that.
Can you? Ms.
You need to come with us.
I can't believe you're doing this to me again.
I need to make arrangements for a second funeral here.
And you have our sympathies, but it'll have to wait.
Lisa, deal with this.
Just go with them, Angela.
I'll be there, too, and we can sort this out.
What exactly are we sorting? The fact that you drugged Wyatt the other night.
And it led to his death.
That is absolutely not true.
I told them I gave you the medications.
Same ones that ended up in Wyatt's bloodstream.
How could you? I also told them I don't think you meant to hurt him.
You can't say that.
Crime-fraud exception.
Attorney-client privilege doesn't apply to covering up a murder.
You used me, Angela.
Wyatt confronted you about the smuggling operation Bryce was running, didn't he? Threatened to expose you.
Which would kill the merger and ruin your company.
I won't stand for these accusations.
He was my son.
The best of the three.
I know, Angela.
I know how much he meant to you.
He wanted to go to the authorities.
I promised to stop Bryce.
Promised to shut it all down.
All he needed to do was stay quiet.
But he wouldn't.
He refused to lie.
Even for me.
Even for one night.
You wanted to slow him down.
Talk some sense into him.
That's why you used the drugs.
I needed time to think to change his mind.
It was an accident.
We argued.
He got up to leave and then he tripped, and I couldn't get to him before he fell.
Oh, Angela.
He was the one who held us together.
He was the one that this was all for.
(crying): And now he's gone.
They're all gone.
BUTLER: It's okay.
(sobbing) Give us a minute.
She'll come willingly.
Not too often another family makes mine look normal.
I've never seen a-a powerful family implode up close before.
It was kind of like witnessing the big bang.
The good news is CGIS Agent Martin is being reinstated.
And we shut down the biggest counterfeit operation in the Southeast.
Plus, I had it at 50/50 odds we'd even have jobs by the end of this case.
So I'm feeling pretty pumped.
Well, that was the last bit of paperwork for me.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
- Night.
- Bye.
All right, take care.
So, uh, this stock thing of yours.
The algorithm.
I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to bring this up.
Uh-- I'm curious.
This is a Beautiful Mind situation.
Why wouldn't you use it to make some real money? Have I ever told you about my Uncle Jerry up in Illinois? I don't think so.
Okay, so he runs a fishing charter.
All right? It's just him, one boat.
Out on Lake Michigan.
And one time I bring up a buddy of mine from school, just to go check it out, this hotshot venture capitalist guy.
One of your bros from the boarding school days? Exactly.
So, my buddy, he has this amazing time, okay? All the worries of the world, they just, they disappear while we're on this, like, five-hour fishing trip.
So now he wants to invest in my uncle's charter.
I like where this story is going.
He offers him a million dollars right then and there.
My uncle turns him down.
What? Why? Because he already has everything that he wants.
He's got his boat, he's got his business, he's got the lake.
I mean, why ruin something that's already perfect just for more money? Because it's a million dollars.
Yeah, but he didn't need a million dollars.
Just like he didn't need a bigger business.
You know, he was already living his dream.
I get to work every day at a job that I love with people that I love.
In my book, that makes me pretty rich.
That's a beautiful sentiment.
Stupid, but beautiful.