NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e20 Episode Script


1 Are you ready for French Montana? Make some noise! (cheering) All night getting shmizzed, all night getting high Held to the ear, to the, to the, to the what Now slide, now slide CROWD: Slide! Slide! Now slide Slide! All night getting shmizzed, all night getting high Held to the ear, to the ear, to the what Now slide, now slide Slide! Slide! Yo, this place is off the chain! - How did you get us in here? - Hey, it's nothing Mr.
Franklin and his friends can't handle.
(whooping) I'll drink to that.
No! Something special's coming.
You got champagne for the table? (laughing) No.
I got champagne for the whole club, baby! (whooping) Must have cost a fortune.
I mean, what's the point of having all this money if I can't share it with my best friends? You're insane, Tyrone! - I'll drink to that.
- No, we'll all drink to that.
(all laughing, cell phone beeping) Hey, I'll-I'll be right back.
But we got to toast you.
- What - Cheers.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Whoo! Okay.
All night getting shmizzed All night! All night getting high Held to the ear, to the, to the, to the what Now slide, now slide.
Slide! Slide! (cheering) Give it up to my DJ, DJ Duffey, one time! CROWD: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Iced out, no No stylist Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, that's on you, ha Diamonds on my neck, frozen tears Hoppin' out the jet, Lear What'd you say? Bad gettin' Gentlemen, last call.
We're good.
(laughs) How many zeroes is that? How would you like to handle this? Our friend's paying for it.
And where would he be? Tyrone! Tyrone! Tyrone! Tyrone! She said, "I ain't got no heart" NCIS:New Orleans 5x20 Jackpot Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Knock, knock.
- I've got gifts.
- Loretta, you read my mind.
I also brought the files you requested.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
No, no.
Not on top there.
- There we go.
- Uh-huh.
Well, I see your organizational skills continue to be, uh, unique.
Well, there is a method (chuckles) to the madness.
Well, I'll take your word for it.
I appreciate you bringing these to me.
You're wrapping up the semi-annual review a little early.
Well, there's a method to that madness, too.
Laurel has a solo recital this weekend, and I'm heading to New York tonight.
She must be thrilled.
She's more on the, uh, skeptical range of the spectrum.
I've missed my share of events in her life.
It hasn't gone unnoticed by her or her mother.
Linda will be there? Linda's always there.
(chuckles) - Well, she's a good mom, Dwayne.
- Yeah.
And you're a good father.
I am.
But I've spent a lot of years focused on the work.
Putting everything else second.
And then You faced death, and it changed you.
Well, I'm trying to live up to those changes.
Organize more work/life balance.
You have unique organizational skills, but you always find a way.
(chuckling): Yeah.
(cell phone beeps) Ah, speaking of work, I've got a victim.
Navy? I'm afraid so.
Eye on the prize, Dwayne.
You've got a recital to attend.
(chuckles) GREGORIO: Tyrone Gibson, 30-year-old Navy recruiter.
Body was found in the alley of the Versailles Club last night when the porter was taking out the trash.
- Looking at a robbery? - Considering he had 12K in his pocket, I'd say no.
That's a lot of cash for an enlisted man.
Yeah, nice suit, too.
It's custom-made, hand-tailored.
What was the cause of death? Gunshot wound to the chest, and based on stippling and muzzle imprint, I'd say at very close range.
I see some defensive wounds here, too.
Well, he fought his attackers and lost.
Well, hopefully the suspect left some DNA.
Let you know when I do.
Any witnesses? Whole club full.
Lasalle and Sebastian just took their statements.
- I'll check in with NOPD.
- Okay.
Tyrone Gibson took 20 of his best friends for the night out on the town.
Yeah, picked them up in a limo, then they went to Commander's Palace for dinner, then came here for the full VIP experience.
Oh? What was the occasion? Tyrone won the lottery last week.
$100,000 jackpot.
Wanted to share the wealth.
Which, according to his friends, was not uncommon.
All right, he was generous to friends and strangers alike.
What was he doing before he died? Well, he got a bunch of texts from an unknown number demanding to see him immediately.
He told them to come to the club.
Yeah, and his crew said that Tyrone met a woman at the front entrance, left with her, and that was the last time anyone saw him here around midnight.
We get a description on this woman? I mean, these guys were drunk, the club was crowded.
The most consistent detail we got was, what, dark hair.
And she wasn't dressed for the night out-- jeans and a hoodie.
We need to track this woman down.
Grab that footage.
Find out who she is and how she's connected to Tyrone.
You got it.
LASALLE: Spoke to Tyrone Gibson's C.
and colleagues.
On all accounts, he was a saint.
Top recruiter six months running.
Spent his weekends volunteering at a criminal diversion program helping young offenders turn their lives around.
(scoffs) All I do on the weekends is play video games.
Hey, not only that.
Aside from the suit and the night out, his buddies say Tyrone was going to donate the rest of his winnings to charity.
Now he ends up dead.
That's the lottery for you.
Come into some unexpected cash, and your whole life goes to crap.
I don't know about that.
No, it's a statistical fact.
70% of winners lose everything within ten years.
The whole system should be abolished.
You do have to be smart about it, strategize a plan of action.
Yeah, well, you may feel differently after you see this.
Check this out.
(clears throat) That is Tyrone and our person of interest.
And she is not happy with him.
Okay, where are they going? Well, that's our only angle outside the club.
But then, a few moments later That is as close to a smoking gun as you're gonna get.
Yeah, but we don't have an I.
on her, and no clue where she went.
No, not yet, but check this out.
So, she flees to the street.
I was able to pull up some traffic cam footage.
LASALLE: There's our suspect.
Yeah, and there is our gun and our helping hand.
Pun intended.
- You think you can pull a print? - Yeah, I'm feeling lucky.
- I'll get Gregorio, go check it out.
- Awesome.
GREGORIO: This is Wendy Cotts, 23 years old.
Already sporting quite a résumé.
Yeah, she dropped out of MI a few years ago with a perfect GPA to go follow her bliss, which, in this case, seems to be a life of cybercrime.
GREGORIO: At 19, she was convicted here in New Orleans of identity theft and credit card fraud.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, sentence suspended, but by 20, she went federal with an elaborate phishing scam.
She serve any time? Hey.
What's the big boss doing here? Uh, I don't mean to interrupt.
Thanks, Roy.
Just, uh, wrapped up my case review, returning these files, and I'm off to the airport.
Act like I'm not here.
Okay, so, Wendy avoided prison by enrolling in a criminal diversion program taught by none other than HANNAH: Let me guess.
Tyrone Gibson.
So you're thinking she found out that he won the lottery and tried to hold him up for the winnings? Well, it doesn't sound like her M.
, does it? I mean, she's a hacker and online confidence woman, not a violent felon.
- You want to join us? - No.
No, I'm good.
Well, I agree with Pride.
It just doesn't add up.
We got her running from the scene of the crime with a gun.
Does ballistics connect it to the murder? Well, Wade's still finishing her autopsy, so too soon to tell.
We also have angry texts between Tyrone and a burner phone we assume is Wendy.
She was demanding to meet with him last night.
Sounds like she followed through on her demands, 'cause a few minutes later, Tyrone was dead.
Sounds to me like what you need to do right now is to find this woman.
(closes drawer) I'm just saying.
All right, well, according to her records, she's had about five different addresses in the last few months, all of them in the New Orleans area.
Now, the thing that I (computer trilling) What's happening? The addresses being deleted? Yeah, it's not just the addresses.
It's her DMV files, her arrest records, everything.
Somebody's attacking our system and erasing every trace of Wendy Cotts.
What? How? SEBASTIAN: I'm running a root diagnostic right now.
Everyone, um, turn off your computers right now, okay? Otherwise, we're gonna lose everything.
- Can you stop this, Sebastian? - I'm not sure that I can.
Might be able to track who's doing it to us, get answers from them.
- Hack like this could be coming from anywhere around the world, right? Ah, this one's close to home.
The attacker used a a back door to get in, almost like they had a key.
What makes you think they're coming from nearby? Because they're using our Wi-Fi network to do it.
It means they're within a block of the squad room.
Divide and conquer.
GREGORIO: Way ahead of you.
Hold up.
(whispers): Go.
Federal agents! Open the door slow! Out of the vehicle now! Hands where we can see them! (van doors creaking) Elvis.
Sorry, Dwayne.
This is not what it looks like.
Yeah, well, it looks like you hacked into the NCIS network and sabotaged us.
Okay, it is what it looks like, but I can explain.
- You guys know this guy? - Unfortunately.
- Yes.
- Elvis Bertrand, at your service.
- I'm good.
We have, uh, history.
Yeah, I've saved his ass many times.
You've saved my ass? - I'm like the fifth Beatle.
Why is the fifth Beatle sabotaging a secure government network? Sorry about that.
You guys were looking for Wendy Cotts, and I cannot let you find her.
I'm sure you got an excellent explanation for obstructing us from going after our murder suspect.
I think it's a pretty damn good one.
Wendy's my daughter, Dwayne.
You want to explain how you broke into our computer network? Mm.
Last time I worked with you, I got pretty intimate with the system here.
Built myself a back door for a rainy day.
Just seemed easier that way.
Just a felony that way, too.
You should thank me for finding weaknesses in your security.
Which you're gonna fix.
Yeah, D.
, I am.
But I'm gonna help my daughter first.
Yeah, how exactly is Wendy Cotts your daughter? Well, Sebastian, when a man and a woman really love each other Don't.
Although, you know, technically, in this case, there was no woman.
Technically, that's impossible.
You know, my lifestyle was not conducive to settling down, and you don't want to shuffle off this mortal coil without leaving a legacy.
I made a sperm donation, and Wendy's the result of that.
Oh, okay, so she's not really your daughter.
I'm gonna ignore your microaggression about my alternative parenting.
I wasn't there the first 22 years of her life Which is the definition of parenting.
However, we share 50% of our DNA.
How can you be sure that she's innocent if you don't even know her? I'm sure, and I do know her.
Okay, I got curious a few years ago, and I tracked her down.
All right? And she wanted nothing to do with me, but I've kept tabs on her digitally ever since.
And I look out for her.
Which is the definition of stalking.
PRIDE: Okay.
All right.
Hey, Elvis.
What did I do to you? Come here, come here.
When was the last time you saw Wendy? (sighs) Three years ago was the first time, the last time and the only time.
Elvis, what the - Wendy's had some issues.
- She's a convicted hacker.
That was a youthful indiscretion, but she's turned her life around.
Bottom line, Bertrands aren't killers.
We have evidence that says otherwise.
Do you have any idea where she could be? - No idea.
Hand to God.
- Elvis.
You want us to help your daughter or not? Yes.
Then you got to start telling the truth.
Then you got to look out for her.
Wendy moves around a lot, but lately she's been crashing at a friend's house.
- Bobbi Quells.
- Send me the address.
- Sebastian and I will meet Lasalle there.
- Whoa.
Don't you have a flight to catch? Yeah, well, it's gonna have to wait, and, Gregorio, you need to keep an eye on Elvis.
Yeah, keep an eye on him.
Let's order tacos.
I'm just postponing for 24 hours.
I'm gonna be at the recital.
(car lock chirps) No, nothing will stop me, I promise, Laurel.
Okay? Ok Yeah, I love you.
She's not buying it, is she? She's convinced I'm gonna cancel.
You should just get on that flight tonight.
We can handle the case.
Not the case I'm worried about; it's Elvis.
I'm the only one he trusts, possibly in the world.
Well, let's find this Wendy Cotts, get this over with quick, get you to New York.
Drawers are empty, no suitcases, and the coffee pot is still hot.
Whoever was here fled quickly.
What do we know about Wendy's friend Bobbi Quells? Looks like they were more than friends.
Found these on the side table.
Okay, so they were close.
Means they could've run off together.
Bobbi a hacker, too? Hannah did a background check.
Bobbi develops gaming apps.
Runs her own business.
Well, that would explain the commercial cables here.
And the Internet connection, too.
I mean, all this stuff is top of the line.
Anything useful? Running some kind of a code here.
But this-this isn't for gaming software.
This is some kind of a-a predictive algorithm.
PRIDE: Predicting what? - It's randomly generating numbers, and then it's spitting them back out in groupings of six.
It's using a lot of power to do it, too.
What's it mean? Think I may know.
I found these in the trashcan.
Hundreds of lottery tickets.
All from last week's drawing, the one that Tyrone Gibson won.
I'll be damned.
Wendy found a way to rig the lottery.
GREGORIO: How's that even possible? Lottery numbers are drawn completely randomly.
Well, there's no such thing as completely random.
I mean, the closest that humans and computers have gotten to is pseudorandom, but even that's not really random.
What's pseudorandom? Uh, well, most of today's lotteries use software running mathematical equations to approximate random sequences.
Meaning someone can predict them? ELVIS: All you need is the seed number that the lottery starts with, which is hackable.
Yeah, no, still don't understand.
All right, look, all you got to know is that, with the right algorithm and a big enough computer, you can reduce the odds from one in, say, 300 million to one in 500.
Then you go out, you buy 500 lottery tickets, one of them's a winner.
That's what Wendy's been doing.
Yeah, and I couldn't be prouder.
- I'm bursting over here.
- Yeah, don't be too proud.
Wendy's defrauding the system to get rich.
Okay, she's still a murder suspect.
- Actually, I'm not sure if that's true.
- No.
- I mean, yeah, she's a murder suspect.
- No.
But I don't know if she's trying to get rich.
So, we've been scanning these hard drives.
Found the last four seed numbers that Wendy input.
They coincide with the winning numbers from some recent jackpots.
Single mother social worker, old lady in assisted living, a parish priest, and Tyrone.
Wendy's not making money at all.
Wow, she is Robin Hood.
She's getting the winning numbers, then she's giving them to needy folks.
Who needs MI when you got brains and a heart like that kid? Or she could be taking her new toy out for a test run.
I mean, all these jackpots are $100,000 or less.
Could be waiting for a big score.
Wendy's not a crook! Whether or not she's making money, this is still a crime, Elvis, and Tyrone's dead because of it.
Yeah, maybe he figured out what she was up to, tried to stop her.
Then she corners him in the middle of the street and pumps him full of lead? Then ran off with her girlfriend.
Okay, that's what it looks like.
PRIDE: Loretta finished her autopsy.
I'm gonna see what she found.
I'm going with you.
Yeah, well, getting autopsy results is part of the official investigation.
- For the official investigators.
- Right.
Which you are not.
Hear me out, D.
I won't get in the way.
I won't be any trouble.
She's my only daughter.
Just say yes already.
I can't stand these puppy dog eyes.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Thanks for letting me tag along.
I know you're worried about Wendy.
But you're just here to observe.
- Let me sort it out.
- Yeah.
Hey, enough about me and my problems.
Let's talk about you, D.
How you been since you were shot? I'm doing okay, Elvis.
You sure? No more of those wacky visions? How could you possibly know? Are you insinuating that I accessed your personal e-mail and your medical records just to keep tabs on you? - Did you? If I did, it's because I care.
My therapist says that hacking is my love language.
Some people just pick up the phone.
Wendy was the same way when she found out that I was brute-forcing her computer.
Oh, my gosh.
She went ballistic.
And we're done talking about me.
I don't know, man.
Oh, God.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I-I, you know, I'm trying to look out for that girl.
I'm trying to protect that girl.
Trying to make up for all this lost time.
Yeah, that's not how it works, Elvis.
You got to give kids space.
Let them come to you.
Listen to what they have to say.
Well, you can pull that off because, let's be honest, you're dad of the year.
I've had my wins and plenty of losses.
- Now, come on.
- Hey.
I know you're sacrificing time with Laurel to help me out, and I will never forget it.
Let's see what Loretta found.
The slug we pulled from Tyrone came back a .
38-caliber Smith & Wesson.
Which would match the weapon Wendy was holding when she fled the scene.
I'm not buying it.
And, unfortunately, there's more.
DNA from Tyrone's fingernails is also a match to Wendy Cotts.
ELVIS: No way.
It's got to be a mistake.
- Don't tend to make those.
ELVIS: Listen, I'm telling you, I know Wendy.
I don't I don't know know her, but I know enough about her, okay? She's into social justice.
She looks out for the little guy.
She's a vegetarian, for God's sakes! She also stole $200,000 from the state lottery and ran from Tyrone's crime scene with the murder weapon in her hand.
(computer chiming) Sebastian, what do you have? I got a bead on Wendy's location.
While we were trying to track her down, I saw that she went online again.
What's she doing? Uh, she's accessing her algorithm.
She's using a lot of power to do it, too.
She needs a gigabit pro fiber line to make the thing work.
Were you able to trace her signal? Of course he can't.
- She'll cover her tracks.
SEBASTIAN: Yeah, but I am able to trace her power signal.
Now, there's only a handful of places in New Orleans with the necessary bandwidth available to the public, and only one of them was cofounded by Wendy's girlfriend.
What is Zerses Den? LASALLE: It's a gaming club.
You pay a monthly fee, and you can play until your heart's content.
Well, can't you do that at home for free? Well, according to Sebastian, it's a geek's way of meeting people.
- Hooking up.
- Mm.
  LASALLE: Yeah.
It seems, uh real social.
Eyes peeled for Wendy and Bobbi.
Got it.
Wendy Cotts? You're a cop? NCIS.
I need you to put your hands where I can see them.
- I didn't kill Tyrone.
- That's okay.
We'll talk about it when you come in.
WENDY: Like I haven't heard that before.
You've already decided that I'm guilty.
I don't operate like that.
That's how all cops operate.
I get it.
You're scared.
But we can help you.
"We"? There's a lot of people who are worried about you.
Now show me your hands, and we'll fix all of this.
Why should I trust you? Because your dad would kill me if anything happened to you.
My dad? I don't have a dad, lady.
Just an obnoxious sperm donor who won't leave me alone and clearly is a rat, too.
HANNAH: Gregorio, gun.
Don't move.
She's got something else in her hand.
Just let me explain.
GREGORIO: Empty your hands first.
Explain after.
- Afraid that's not gonna happen.
- No! (patrons groaning, murmuring) Wendy's gone.
(sighs) I can't believe you let her get away.
We're never gonna find her now.
Whoa, we didn't let anything, okay? She pulled the same trick on us you pulled on us three years ago.
- Yeah, she did.
And I'm tickled pink about it.
But you should have known better.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice Go ahead, say it.
Finish the sentence.
- I thought you guys were pros.
- Elvis.
Take ten.
Go get yourself some coffee.
He's right.
It's not gonna be easy to track her down again.
I don't think we're gonna have to.
Think she's gonna come to us.
Why would she do that? Last night's winning lotto draw.
Quarter of a million dollars.
Wendy used her algorithm to predict the winning numbers? SEBASTIAN: Yeah.
And any ticket that's worth over $600 has to be redeemed at the redemption office.
There's only one of those in New Orleans.
HANNAH: Okay, comms check.
- Check.
And while we're checking, I'd like to go on record praising the civility of this stakeout.
The sun is out, and the coffee's strong.
HANNAH: All right.
Levels are good.
Duly noted, Gregorio.
Oh, look alive.
Bogey at one o'clock.
Oh, I got eyes on her.
HANNAH: Okay, let's go nice and easy.
- We don't want to spook her this time.
- Right.
All right, you got it.
- Wendy! - She's running! (tires screeching, horns honking) - Let me go! GREGORIO: You all right? - Yeah, I'm all right.
- Let me go! Let me go! We got one problem.
This is not Wendy Cotts.
I don't know where Wendy is.
(scoffs) Come on, she was your girlfriend.
You were living together.
She was crashing at my place.
That's all that was.
Liar, liar.
She is lying.
All right, Pride said that you could observe, so let's you know, let's observe.
She was using your computer to operate an algorithm predicting winning lotto numbers.
LASALLE: Like the numbers on this ticket you were trying to cash in for $250,000.
HANNAH: We know you were with Wendy.
We know she was gaming for big bucks.
And Tyrone Gibson was shot to death because of it.
And you could be next if you don't talk to us.
The lottery thing was all Wendy.
(pounding on glass) You're setting my daughter up.
You hear me? You're setting her up.
Hey, hey! Hey, all right.
Now, listen, man.
What are you gonna do about it? Just back away from the mirror, okay? Old pipes.
Keep going.
Wendy thought the lottery was a scam.
Tax on the poor.
She said she could fix it.
Sounded crazy to me, but then I realized it was for real.
She could make it work.
She wanted to rig the system so that deserving people would win, like Tyrone? Guy was a mentor to troubled kids.
Helped Wendy straighten out.
Least she could do was give back.
She was angry with him the night he died.
'Cause he broke the rules.
Don't spend crazy, don't draw attention.
He got excited with all that cash.
Is that why Tyrone ended up with a bullet in his chest? Bullet's because of me.
Uh, my club's failing.
Overhead is ridiculous.
I needed money to keep it running.
No bank would help.
You went to the street? Loan shark named Ace Rogers.
Needed 50K to pay the bills.
I was sure it would all turn around.
It didn't.
He called in the chit? He was gonna take my club, hurt me.
I was scared, so I told him about the lotto hack.
Needed to prove to him that I was good for the money.
Said Wendy would make sure I'd win.
But Ace wanted more.
He wanted to be part of the scheme.
Why settle for a golden egg when you get to have the whole goose? You told Wendy? She was pissed.
Refused to help Ace.
He went after her to change her mind.
Tyrone got in the way.
Where's Wendy now? I don't know.
She said she'd give me that ticket to clear my debt, help me run then broke up with me.
If you find her tell her I'm sorry.
(crying) I'm not one to say I told you so, but I did tell you so.
My daughter is innocent.
Ah, that's a strong term for what she is, but she's not a murderer.
It's time to call off the dogs, D.
The manhunt for Wendy is over.
She's not a suspect anymore, but she is a target.
Ace Rogers is after her, and he's already killed one person.
She's my daughter.
If she wants to stay gone, you'll never find her.
Well, we need to find Ace Rogers, then.
(clicks tongue) Hey, King.
I remember Ace from my NOPD days.
- Yeah.
- He runs his outfit in a Chinese restaurant on Magazine.
Gear up.
Let's go.
No, Elvis.
- Hear me out.
Nothing to hear.
- You're worried about Wendy.
I get it.
- Yeah.
But this is police work.
All right? We will handle it, and we will take Ace down.
(sighs) I got visual on Ace and about three others, Dwayne.
They're armed.
I'll call NOPD for backup.
We run this smooth.
No complications.
SEBASTIAN: Uh, boss, we may have one complication.
Wendy's heading into the lion's den.
PRIDE: Well, stop her before she gets there.
Uh, we can't.
She's already in.
We move in now, it could be a hostage situation.
Yeah, we don't, could be a murder scene.
We need ears inside.
SEBASTIAN: I might be able to help.
Ace, uh, upgraded the restaurant recently.
Everything's wired now.
That means Wi-Fi controls the temperature, the security, even the entertainment system.
I might be able to hack in, and we can hear everything inside.
- All right, go.
Well, get to it, Sebastian.
- Uh, yeah.
(laughs): What is it I always say about people, Little Rick? That they never cease to amaze.
They never do.
After our disagreement last night, you got chutzpah walking into my joint.
I'm here to talk business.
50 million? Tonight's Mammoth-Money drawing.
I'm gonna help you win.
LASALLE: Y'all hearing all this? Yeah, we're hearing it, Christopher.
Wendy's making a deal.
Ace killed Tyrone, tried to kill Bobbi.
Why is she dealing with him? She might think it's her only way out.
ACE: Want to give me the winning ticket out of the kindness of your heart? No, out of a sense of self-preservation, so you don't kill any more of my friends? What happened to your knight in shining armor was his fault.
But it was your gun.
What are you trying to do here? Buy my freedom.
- You're not selling? I'll leave.
- No, no, hold.
You're not going anywhere until you tell me how you gonna make me rich.
It's all in this computer.
But first, you have to promise you won't shoot me like you did Tyrone.
She's not trying to make a deal.
She's trying to get a confession.
Yeah, if Ace figures that out, he's gonna kill her.
We got to go in there.
He's right.
We got to stop this.
You show me, then we'll see what happens.
ELVIS: She won't be able to show you.
Who are you? How'd you get in here? Picked the lock on the service entrance.
I'm the guy that invented that algorithm.
That is not true.
Hush, sweetie.
Let your dad talk.
Oh, what, you brought your daddy with you? He's not my dad.
We need to get in there before they both get killed.
Lasalle, Sebastian, you got the back.
Let's go.
She's a good kid.
She's a little mixed up.
But she took my algorithm out for a spin without my permission.
- What are you doing? - I'm the only one that can handle it.
Hey, quiet! I got to figure out which of you I believe and which one I'm gonna shoot.
This was your big plan? (whispers): No, I'm stalling.
- What do you want? What - NCIS! Nobody move! Get down! Come on.
Come out, nice and slow! You all right? I'm fine.
- You all right? Everybody? - Yeah.
Yeah, King, but we got a problem.
Ace is gone.
And he took Elvis with him.
PRIDE: Ace Rogers kidnapped your father He's not my father.
and is gonna try to use him to rig today's $50 million lottery.
And then he'll probably kill him.
Elvis shouldn't have gone in the restaurant.
I was recording the whole thing on my laptop.
I had it handled.
Trying to get Ace to confess to murder-- not much of a plan.
But it would've worked.
Elvis was trying to save you.
If he hadn't, you would be the kidnap victim.
Do you know how I met Elvis? He shows up at MIT my freshman year and announces he's my dad.
Not only that, but he tells me he rigged admissions to make sure I got in on a full ride.
(sighs) That why you dropped out? I do something, it's on my terms.
You're acting tough, but we know you're not.
You gave those lottery tickets to those who you thought were more deserving.
Yeah, that's because I do my own thing.
Do your own thing, huh? How'd that work out for Tyrone Gibson? Tyrone was trying to save me, too.
Because Ace came looking for you? Followed me to the club.
Pulled a gun.
Tyrone pushed him out of the way, fought Ace, and gun went off.
How'd it end up in your hand? I grabbed it after Tyrone struggled with Ace.
And I ran.
No more running.
It's time to face what's going on.
We need to find Ace and Elvis.
You're all we got.
Elvis will hack the lottery, get their seed number, and use the laptop for today's drawing.
And once he does? They'll have to buy tickets.
At least 500 to make it work.
Any way to figure out where they're buying 'em? Yeah.
But I'm gonna need to break a few more laws to do it.
(scoffs) We're gonna hack into the lottery's system to figure out their seed number.
Then we're gonna identify the stores where blocks of tickets with those numbers are being sold.
They'll have to hit multiple locations to purchase the tickets.
Can't buy that many in one spot.
Too suspicious.
- Exactly.
- Talking about six states.
Louisiana's out, since Ace is a wanted man.
Yeah, and they're gonna need a redemption center nearby for when the drawing is over.
Alabama and Mississippi, they don't have games.
So that leaves Florida as the closest.
That's three hours away.
Let's get to it.
Want me to walk you through the process here? Uh, yeah, you know, I haven't committed a felony in a couple months, so I'm just gonna let you do it.
Hey, I'll let Pride know to start heading towards Florida.
All right.
It's gonna take us a while to figure out where these tickets are being sold.
- Okay, well, move fast.
Once Rogers has the money, Elvis is no use to him.
I got the seed number.
Now I'm zeroing in on block sales.
Wow, you really are a chip off the old block, aren't you? ATTENDANT: Pretty busy here on jackpot day.
Anyone come in here and buy more than normal amount of tickets? - What's normal? We get all types.
Stop there.
That's who we're looking for.
Oh, yeah.
That guy.
Bought 100 tickets.
Very specific numbers.
Had me type 'em in.
PRIDE: Keep going.
Freeze it.
GREGORIO: What's Elvis doing? Spends $200 on lotto, steals a 99-cent bag of jelly beans? I think he did more than that.
What's it say, King? Jackson D.
What's that supposed to be? I think it's a clue.
Thank you.
Okay, but what does "Jackson D" mean? PRIDE: Well, whatever it is, it's the one hint that Elvis left so we can track him.
So, is it a place, a name, some kind of code? How about all three? PRIDE: You found something, Sebastian? Yeah, so I was looking through Ace's ledger from the Chinese restaurant where he kept all his open debts.
And I use that term loosely, 'cause this is just full of bad accounting, bad penmanship.
I mean, these columns don't even balance out.
Huh? Okay.
Well, Elvis basically has an hour left to live.
- Get to the point, Sebastian.
- So - Yeah.
- Got it.
Well, there's an entry here for a Jackson D.
And it looks like he owes about 200k in gambling debts, and according to this, he's somewhere near Pensacola.
Yeah, so I looked up the name.
There's a Dirk Jackson who lives in Gulfport, Mississippi.
Right, well, that's not Florida, Sebastian.
Right, but this Dirk Jackson also owns a sugar refinery in Pensacola and loves betting on basketball.
PRIDE: Right, well, look, it's the best lead we're gonna get.
Send us the address.
Man, this place is charming.
You know, with a paint job and an industrial cleaning crew, tell you what - Will you please shut up? Sorry.
I'm a nervous talker.
Always have been.
Listen, we haven't discussed my fee yet.
Your fee is you keep breathing if I win.
You know what happens if I lose.
Trust me, one of those tickets is worth millions.
All I got to do is cash it in, right? Simple as that.
Your debt is cleared, you get to keep your family business.
ELVIS: Yeah.
DIRK: Guess this is my lucky day, then, huh? Yeah.
Hey, want a bean? No? Where can we watch the drawing? Take you to my office.
This is the car Rogers was driving.
I saw it on the gas station security feed.
Means Elvis must be close.
Lottery results are announced at 6:00.
We got to move fast.
GREGORIO: Are you kidding? This place is bigger than Grand Central.
LASALLE: Only the three of us, King.
Could take hours to find them.
And we got less than four minutes to save Elvis's life.
(machinery whirring)   We're gonna have to split up, or we'll never find them.
I'll take the far side.
Okay, Christopher, just remember, only shoot if you have to, all right? - 'Cause sugar's flammable.
- Might as well be hunting this jerk in a fireworks factory.
LOTTERY HOST: Get those tickets handy, because here comes tonight's winning numbers for the Mammoth-Money Lotto.
This is actually the Come on, lady, enough foreplay.
Get to the numbers.
You know, I-I may have overdone it on the candy.
You got a restroom nearby? You're staying exactly where you are.
You don't understand-- when you're my age, when you got to go, you got to go You're right.
- I'll hold it in.
LOTTERY HOST: All right, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.
All right, here we go.
For the $50 million jackpot, here are your numbers.
  Come on, quit screwing around and finish! Watch where you're waving that thing, buddy.
LOTTERY HOST: Well, they say waiting's the best part, right? Just kidding.
(laughs) All right.
The final number in the Mammoth-Money $50 million jackpot is Holy crap, it worked.
I mean, of course it worked.
Yes! Yes.
This is amazing.
I got to hand it to you.
You know, I thought this was a scam, but you and your daughter, you are artistes.
What did I tell you? DIRK: I knew it, man.
- You know what to do.
- Yeah, just Don't even think about double-crossing me.
Of course not, Ace.
(whoops) (exhales) Hey! I think I better get going, too.
Maybe I'll catch a ride with your bud.
Now, Elvis we're both adults.
- Mm-mmm.
You need to accept I was never gonna let you live.
Actually, I just needed to get here.
(shouts) (groaning) ACE: Hey! PRIDE: I got Ace.
He's chasing Elvis, southeast corner of the plant.
  Drop the gun now! (bullets ricochet) (grunts) Elvis! (groans) Ace! Lower your weapon! - I got this guy.
- Don't, Gregorio.
Ace, listen to me.
You got to stop firing.
- Ace! - Go to hell! (screaming) Everybody all right? Elvis.
Elvis, brother.
(Elvis grunts) What? Took you long enough.
GREGORIO: I think what you mean to say is: "Thank you for saving my life.
" Thank you for saving my life, Pride.
It took you long enough.
(grunts) PRIDE: Four counts of fraud.
ELVIS: Whoa.
PRIDE: Felony theft, false representation, and improperly accessing a government computer network.
That's a pretty impressive list for somebody your age.
I mean, I was 30 before I got my first felony.
- Not a good thing, Elvis.
- No.
I get it, Special Agent Pride.
I'm going away for a long time.
(sighs) Listen, Wendy.
I know you don't need a dad or want a dad.
Certainly not me.
And I know being one is a lot more than being a sperm donor.
But I do know something about how hard it is to keep on the straight and narrow, because I've been struggling with it my whole life.
- Not always succeeding.
- I'm having a moment here, okay? Please.
I know I wasn't there your whole life, but I am here from now on.
Whatever you need, whenever you need it.
I guess you can visit me in prison.
I won't have to.
'Cause you're not going to prison, honey.
Turns out there's no actual evidence that you scammed those lotteries.
Somehow your laptop got completely wiped at the sugar refinery-- freak accident.
You destroyed my algorithm? No.
I saved you ten years in prison.
By destroying my life's work.
It took me forever to design that.
ELVIS: Your words seem harsh, but in your heart, you're saying, "Thank you, Daddy.
I love you.
" Does he have an "off" switch? As much as I'm enjoying this family reunion, I've got one of my own to get to.
Running late for the airport.
ELVIS: Dwayne.
Say the word, I'll work some magic and delay your flight so you can make it.
Do me a favor, Elvis-- don't do me any favors.
Uh, by the way, um, you didn't happen to pick up that winning lottery ticket, did you? Back at the sugar mill? Seems to have gone missing.
- That's odd.
- Yeah.
I didn't, uh I don't even have a pocket.
I was keeping it safe.
'Cause it's evidence in a crime.
(Elvis laughs) Good dad, huh? So close.
SEBASTIAN: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, no, no.
You're not going anywhere until you fix that back door that you put into our network, okay? - You caught that, huh? - I did catch that, yeah, and you Don't think I didn't see that little exploit program you ran when you were in our system.
Oh, my gosh.
We got so much to catch up on.
Hey, how do you feel about tacos?