NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e21 Episode Script

Trust Me

1 NCIS:New Orleans 5x21 Trust Me   (car approaching) (gasps softly) (door opens) You weren't followed? - I don't think so.
- You don't think or you know? I did what you told me to do.
I left out the back, I didn't take my phone.
I drove around for half an hour before heading here.
I'm not being paranoid, I'm being careful.
- Nobody saw me.
- Okay.
Then it's safe to (gasps) Natalie, are you okay? Oh, what was that? That was us needing to get out of here.
Come on.
Come on.
Sandra! (screams) Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Yeah, that's great.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, Ryan.
Sorry to drop in on you like this.
You're welcome any time.
I was just gonna go grab some breakfast if you want Actually, I was hoping to speak to you alone.
Come on.
Everything okay? Uh, yeah.
Is this room secure? Swept daily.
Look, uh You know I'm not in intelligence anymore, but a lot of people don't.
One of my old contacts reached out.
Usually, I beg off, but - But this time -Is different.
I know, uh, I know this is the last thing you want to hear, Dwayne but my source says Apollyon is still active.
And Avery Walker is alive.
But you knew that.
Ryan, you do not want to be involved with this.
(chuckling): I already am involved.
Why don't we just grab some breakfast and leave this conversation alone.
Come on.
This is the man that killed your father and escaped prison.
And yet (exhales) My source may know where he is.
Okay, great.
Okay, give me a name, I'll meet with him, leave you out of it.
That's not how this works.
This time it is.
I ran spy networks for ten years.
The men and women who were my sources survived because they trusted me, and only me.
- Ryan - I don't know why you're being so resistant.
It was my connection that helped you take Apollyon down the last time.
And your connection was killed in the process.
That is why I can't sit on the sidelines.
I am well aware of how dangerous Apollyon is.
I need to do something here.
(scoffs) What'd Hannah say when you told her? Our relationship's complicated.
- She doesn't know.
- We're separated, Dwayne.
My business is not her business.
I'm not okay with that.
It's not your call, mate.
We have an opportunity here.
It's up to you if you want to squander it.
But I won't.
HANNAH: I hate a car wreck.
Give me a good old murder scene any day.
Bad experience? Yeah.
Four-car pileup when Naomi was three.
We were lucky.
No serious injuries, but still Well, I wish I could say the same for our victim.
Commander Sandra Barnes, she's a doctor at the Naval Medical Clinic in Belle Chasse.
Killed on impact? It appears so.
NOPD says the other passenger survived.
Natalie Layton, 21.
Studied at Tulane.
They rushed her to the ICU.
Well, this may have been a hit-and-run, but it was no accident.
Are you sure? Based on the tire tread marks, the suspect rammed them, then swung around and did it again.
Well, that suggests that either Dr.
Barnes or Natalie Layton were targeted specifically.
Yeah, or both.
I, uh, collected some paint transfer from the suspect vehicle.
Maybe that'll help us narrow down make and model.
Collect this, too.
I found it wedged under the seat.
- Fentanyl.
- Yes.
The most controlled of controlled substances, highly regulated.
Got at least four of them.
It's worth thousands on the street.
What was it doing in Sandra Barnes's car? Some kind of drug deal? We need to find out why these two were meeting.
If we know how they're connected, we might be able to find their killer.
(siren wailing) Honey, you already took the clonazepam.
You need your trazodone.
Excuse me, are you Natalie Layton's parents? I'm her mother.
Why? Any news? Where is she? Candace, uh, Natalie's in surgery, remember? Doctor said it would be a while.
- She's very upset.
- I know.
- This is a terrible time.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, NCIS.
Special Agent? I-I don't understand.
There was another victim, a doctor at a local Navy base.
We're trying to get who did this, so I need to ask you a couple of questions, okay? Of course.
- How can we help? - Is there anyone you can think of who might want to harm Natalie? - Everyone loves Natalie.
- I'm sorry.
We were told this was an accident.
What happened out there was deliberate.
(gasps, cries) Natalie's a good girl.
Captain of the volleyball team.
Straight A's in school.
I can't imagine anyone would want to hurt her.
Of-of course not.
She's my baby.
The woman she was with, Dr.
Sandra Barnes We heard she didn't make it.
Unfortunately, no.
Any idea how they knew each other? None at all.
and Mrs.
Samuels? Oh, God, tell me that Natalie's okay.
She made it through surgery.
We've stopped the internal hemorrhaging, but there's still a lot of swelling in the brain.
- But she'll be all right? - We hope so.
We've induced a coma to give her some time for the swelling to go down.
You can see her if you'd like.
DYLAN: One sec.
Look, I feel like I'm betraying confidences here, but, the thing is, when Candace and I met a couple years ago, Natalie was having some issues.
What kind of issues? She had a serious knee injury her freshman year.
Took opioids for the pain, and, uh - It got out of hand? - Yeah.
But she's cleaned up her act.
Took time off from school.
Went to rehab.
She had a relapse, but she's better now.
I wouldn't have even mentioned it, but you said the other woman was a doctor, and that's how Natalie used to score her pills.
Turns out the only clear connection between our Navy doctor and the college student is drugs.
Natalie as a user and Dr.
Barnes as a pusher.
Well, that doesn't track.
Barnes's record is clean.
Well, her Navy record is, but her personal record, not so much.
Before joining the military, Dr.
Barnes had a private practice in Memphis.
LASALLE: Yeah, and this was ten years ago and it was very successful.
PATTON: Until she was accused of dealing medical-grade opioids and her practice fell apart.
That the Navy doctor who was killed last night? Yeah.
Think there might be a drug angle.
If Dr.
Barnes was dealing, how did she keep her medical license? No hard evidence, just a lot of missing drugs.
But her practice went under due to all the scrutiny.
Barnes's marriage broke up because of it, too.
Her ex-husband accused her of being a drug addict in the divorce.
Through it all, she swore she was being set up.
No issues since she joined the Navy? She turned her life around.
Least, that's the way it seemed.
None of that points to a motive for murder.
Chris, will you check on Dr.
Barnes's clinic at Belle Chasse? See if any fentanyl is missing.
On it.
We still need confirmation on why these two women were meeting.
How'd they know each other? You know what? I might be able to find out something in texts or e-mails.
- Okay.
You stopping by to check on the case? Actually, I came here to see you.
- Oh.
- Can we talk? Yeah.
So is this, uh, work or personal? Bit of both.
And strictly off the books.
- Okay.
- As you know, I've been involved in something lately.
I know that you were removed from SAC briefly.
Almost left New Orleans to take a position as an international liaison which didn't actually exist, but you stayed.
Few weeks ago, I was approached by Raymond Isler.
Oh, FBI, right? - Yeah, I heard good things.
- Yeah.
Isler is part of a task force that shares my suspicion that Avery Walker is still alive, and has taken over the Apollyon network.
- They're going after him? - Yes.
They asked me to join.
The international liaison job was gonna be my cover.
But, as you know, I turned them down.
I am supporting them from here.
But so far, Avery's been tough to track.
However, we've got a new lead and we need to follow it up.
What can I do to help? It's not your help that we need.
It's Ryan's.
Ryan is out of the game.
Still has contacts.
He is a college professor.
One of his sources reached out.
About Apollyon? Says he or she has information.
- It's out of the question.
- Hannah.
Dwayne, you know how dangerous Apollyon is.
Ryan can't be part of it.
He already is.
Look, he came to me.
Then you go to him and tell him to stay out of it.
I don't think he'll listen.
Make him.
(knocking on door) Hey, uh, sorry to interrupt whatever this is, but I just got back from the hospital, and Patton's got something.
What'd you find, Patton? Not what I was expecting, that's for sure.
Started looking through Sandra's texts, and I found a chain between her and Natalie.
Do the texts indicate why they were meeting? Had something to do with her ex-husband.
She was warning Natalie to be careful.
Sandra was divorced ten years ago.
What does it have to do with Natalie? My question exactly, so I started doing some digging.
This is Natalie's mom and her husband, Dylan Samuels.
That's Natalie's stepdad.
They've been married almost a year.
PATTON: And this is Sandra Barnes and her ex-husband, William Flynn, ten years ago.
That's the same man.
PRIDE: Natalie's mom is married to our victim's ex.
Seems like something he would've mentioned, huh? Dylan Samuels legally changed his name from William Flynn ten years ago.
What else do we know about him? He's a scumbag.
Got the court transcripts from his divorce.
He lied to Sandra Barnes from the start.
Spent all her money.
Racked up another 300K.
Put her in debt.
All under her name.
And accused her of being a drug dealer.
But his testimony says that Sandra stole meds from her own practice.
Started using.
That's what caused her financial ruin.
Of course he blamed her.
What do you expect? Well, Dylan had credit card and bank statements to back it up.
Because he planned the whole thing.
He's probably doing the same thing to his current wife, Candace.
Eyes on the prize here.
Sandra was murdered.
Candace's daughter's in the ICU.
Was Dylan Samuels involved? - Of course he was.
- Okay.
- Do we have evidence? SEBASTIAN: Well, I can't tell you whose car smashed into Dr.
Barnes', but I can narrow down the make, model and color based on the traces of paint I got.
Indigo blue? SEBASTIAN: Yeah.
I'm more of a royal blue man myself, but this color was very popular for Chevrolets in the early aughts.
Only thing is that there are 2,000 indigo blue Chevys registered in New Orleans.
Dylan Samuels owns one of them.
He owns a 2002 Tahoe.
He's our suspect.
Well, let's take it one step at a time.
You heard Sebastian.
There's 2,000 cars in that exact same color.
Are you saying he's innocent? No, Gregorio.
But I'm saying we need to follow the evidence.
Did I miss something here? GREGORIO: Listen, he changed his name.
He has the car.
I don't care what the court documents say.
Trust me.
If anyone knows a con man, it's me.
I was married to one.
Ethan McKinley was a jerk.
And a sociopath and a liar.
All of the above.
And we trust your instincts, Gregorio.
Now go find the proof.
Talk to Candace Samuels.
See what she can tell you about her husband.
I'm all over it.
You coming or what? See if I can get a warrant on Samuels' SUV.
Any idea where Hannah went? No, she left.
Said she had personal business.
(indistinct chatter) Sorry, guys.
Excuse me a minute.
(clears throat) We're not together anymore, Hannah.
Your disapproving looks hold no sway.
What were you thinking? Yeah, I'm not a fan of the tone, either.
Look, this is too dangerous.
You're not even in intelligence anymore.
That didn't stop you from bringing me in the last time.
Yeah, but that was different.
We didn't know what we were up against.
But you do now.
Don't you think it would have been smart to have let me know Apollyon were back? Oh, come on, Ryan, I'm not hiding anything from you.
I promised that I wouldn't.
So you keep your promises now? This isn't about us or the past.
You need to stay away from Apollyon or Listen to me.
(sighs) If you go after them, me, Naomi, you, we're all a target.
- We're not going after Apollyon.
- Come on.
Allow that I know you better than anyone.
You will go after them, and we will be in danger.
Let me help.
You can't be involved.
Too late.
Another advantage of us not being together is I don't have to consult you on every decision.
- (scoffs) I'm in the right here.
If you won't act on my Intel, I have plenty of contacts that will.
You cannot make unilateral decisions that affect our family.
Sure I can.
I learned from the best.
(sighs) LASALLE: If this Dylan Samuels is here, we should probably tread carefully.
- Why, so I don't punch him in the nose? - Exactly.
Uh, excuse me.
Samuels? - Who are you? - We met earlier.
I'm Tammy Gregorio, NCIS.
How's Natalie doing? My poor baby.
They said that they were gonna take her out of the coma, but when are they gonna wake her up? LASALLE: We'll see if we can find out for you.
Is your husband here? Dylan went home.
Said I needed something clean to wear.
Looking out for you.
That's sweet.
You guys are still newlyweds, right? Well, I guess so.
About a year.
We got together a little after my previous husband had died.
I-I'd been so depressed for so long, and Well, how'd y'all meet? I'm a financial planner, and Dylan was a new client.
And he recently lost someone that he loved, too.
What a coincidence.
Sometimes fate works like that.
How much do you know about Dylan? About his background? Not sure what you mean.
Well, did you know that he was married before? GREGORIO: Under a different name.
To a Sandra Barnes, woman who died last night.
Oh, yes.
He told me.
What? Really? Woman didn't deserve to die, but I mean, she was terrible to Dylan.
And the lies that she made up about him nearly ruined his life.
And then she approaches my daughter.
Okay, but why didn't you or your husband tell me that you knew Dr.
Barnes? Who? Your husband's ex-wife.
The murder victim.
- When did he tell you about her? LASALLE: Yeah.
Was it before or after Dr.
Barnes was killed? You're making me very uncomfortable.
- Ms.
- I-I'm sorry.
I can't do this right now.
Um, you need to let me focus on Natalie.
Now, wait a minute.
Do you know why your daughter was with Dr.
Barnes last night? I have nothing more to say.
Pretty strong feelings about Sandra Barnes.
GREGORIO: Dylan did a good job of poisoning her opinion.
Okay, but she got pretty evasive when we was probing about last night.
So now you think Candace could be involved in the murder of Dr.
Barnes? - No.
I think she was evasive.
She's hiding something, and you feel it, too.
(phone ringing) Hey, Ryan.
RYAN: Hannah just paid me a visit.
I assume that's your doing.
I had to tell her.
Well, our philosophies on what constitutes "confidential" seem to differ.
Well, she has a stake in this.
Anyway, I've arranged to meet the friend we discussed later tonight.
No, no, we need to talk.
I'm done talking.
His information's time-sensitive, so I'm gonna need to know pretty quickly whether or not you're moving forward.
But you need to know I am.
Look, Ryan (door opens) Bad news? Good news maybe.
That's the worst good news face I've ever seen.
I'm in a situation.
I got a chance to acquire something potentially very valuable.
But? But getting it could damage an important relationship.
Sounds like it comes down to which you value more.
It's not that simple.
(chuckles) These things rarely are.
Sandra Barnes's autopsy, for instance.
Cause of death was no surprise.
Blunt force trauma and internal hemorrhaging.
Consistent with the impact.
- Seems simple enough.
- Yes.
But part of her liver showed signs of zonal necrosis.
And that coupled with evidence of lipotoxicity and fibrosis indicate that Dr.
Barnes had toxic liver disease.
Nothing in her Navy files about it.
I estimate this from about ten years ago.
When she was still married to Dylan Samuels.
Which made me curious, so I pulled her medical records, and there's no indication of liver disease anywhere in them, although it's possible that it was a drug-induced condition.
In the divorce filings, Samuels accused her of using her own opioids.
But that damage was not caused by opioids.
This was much more toxic and administered over a long period.
Any more insight? After ten years, I'm afraid not.
Maybe Dylan Samuels can fill in the blanks.
Time for him to come clean about the past.
Thanks, Loretta.
No one ever really knows what happens in a marriage.
Sandra painted a picture of me as a controlling, abusive husband.
But she was the manipulator in the relationship.
How's that? She had a serious drug problem.
It consumed her.
And pretty soon, it consumed me.
I begged her to go to rehab.
What was she taking? Pain pills mostly.
God knows what else.
She had access to so much.
She was stealing from her practice.
Racking up debt.
I had to get out.
I got to say, I find it hard to believe anything you say since you lied right to my face about even knowing her.
I was in shock.
My stepdaughter fighting for her life in the ICU.
My wife barely keeping it together.
I'm not trying to hide anything.
Well, you did change your name.
Sandra ruined my life.
She was telling our friends I was cheating on her.
Stealing from her.
Tried to get the police to arrest me three times.
I needed a fresh start.
- A new name helped.
- Okay, Mr.
Or Flynn or whatever your name is.
- Do you own a 2002 Chevy Tahoe? - Yeah.
Where is that vehicle right now? Because we can't seem to find it.
It was stolen, actually.
Two days ago.
PRIDE: You continue to have very bad luck.
Why do you want to know about my car? Because we found traces of paint at the crime scene that match it.
I filed a police report this morning.
You can check.
It was stolen.
PRIDE: Okay, well, you understand how convenient that sounds? I mean, that vehicle could very well be the one used to murder your ex, the woman you say ruined your life.
I don't even know what you want.
How about you quit lying and tell us the truth for once? PRIDE: If your car was stolen two days ago, why wait to make the police report? While your stepdaughter was fighting for her life in ICU.
I can't (sighs) I mean I don't even know for sure.
Come on.
Dylan clearly, there's something you want to tell us.
Please you can't blame her.
She was just scared, for both of us.
And I just, I want to protect her.
What does that mean? It's Candace.
I think she took my car.
That night.
I think she killed Sandra.
You see it, right? This guy has an answer for everything.
He's claiming Candace tried to kill her own daughter-- that's ridiculous.
So we'll let him stew in there for a while.
Check his story.
Find evidence to disprove it.
PATTON: Pride.
I got the evidence you're looking for.
I don't think you're gonna like it.
What do you mean, P? I've been scanning through traffic cams from the night of the murder.
- Yeah? I I.
'd Dylan Samuels' SUV three blocks from the crash site just before Sandra and Natalie got hit.
That's great, P.
- That's exactly what we're looking for.
- Yeah.
It would be.
The only thing That's not Dylan behind the wheel.
That's Candace.
I didn't hear you come home last night.
Did you pull an all-nighter? I'm trying to find everything I can to prove that Dylan's lying.
It just still bugs me we let him go, man.
Went through his and Sandra's divorce records, and every scrap of information I can find on his marriage to Candace, but -Yeah? No luck? - Guy's really good at covering his tracks, I'll give him that.
Well, maybe it's because-- and don't hit me-- uh, he's actually innocent.
He set up Sandra Barnes, stole her money, portrayed her as an addict and a dealer, and now he's trying to set up his current wife and frame her for murder.
Right, but, I mean, it was definitely Candace behind the wheel of that car-- the photos don't lie.
He's a con man, Sebastian.
He's playing us.
(sighs) And you don't think that-- again, I would hate to get hit-- you don't think that your judgment's a little clouded? You know what? You never get over being conned.
Especially when it's someone you love, someone you trusted.
That man almost broke me, Sebastian.
Yeah, and you can't even say McKinley's name.
Yeah, I can.
Miserable Lying Son of a Bitch.
Well, that does have a certain ring to it.
Took me years to get back on my feet, but I did.
And what I went through didn't cloud my judgment, Sebastian.
It just made me see more clearly.
Guys like this they don't fool me.
Not anymore.
All right how can I help? (phones chime) (sighs) Arrest warrant for Candace Samuels just went through.
Pride and Hannah are on their way to the hospital to see if she's there.
Hannah wants me and Lasalle to go check her house.
- Hey, look, you know, I can go instead-- you're exhausted.
No, I got this.
Hey, this doesn't mean we're gonna stop digging, okay? If Dylan really did this, we're gonna get him.
I know.
Candace Samuels isn't here.
Apparently, she left last night, hasn't been back since.
Well, that's odd.
Seeing as she was sitting vigil for her daughter all this time.
- Lasalle and Gregorio are heading to her house now, see if they can find her there.
They'll find her.
Listen, I heard you talked to Ryan.
It was less of a talk; it was more of a skirmish.
Sorry if I got in the middle.
No, it wasn't you, Dwayne.
It's Ryan-- he's stubborn; he thinks he knows best.
I am just looking out for Naomi.
I imagine he'd say the same.
(sighs) Just trying to figure out if I'm so upset because he's putting himself in danger or because he didn't even think to tell me about it.
Probably a bit of both.
Ryan's making contact with his source whether we like it or not.
I'm asking you to put your personal feelings aside on this one.
It's too important.
(phone beeping) Natalie Layton's awake.
- Where's my mom? HANNAH: We're not sure.
We're looking for her.
- What's going on here? PRIDE: You were in a car with Sandra Barnes.
It got hit.
Sandra Is she okay? I'm sorry, she she didn't make it.
(exhales) (crying quietly) She she told me to be careful.
I I tried.
But Dylan found us.
You saw Dylan that night? No, but I know he hit us.
We were going to expose him.
And he wouldn't let that happen.
What did Sandra tell you about Dylan? That he drugged her.
Made her question her own sanity.
Took all her money.
That he was doing the same thing to my mom.
You believed her? Mom's the most steady, practical person ever.
That all changed when Dylan came into our lives.
The longer she's been with him, the more of a mess she's become.
Me, too.
Natalie, I know this is hard.
We found fentanyl in Sandra's car.
We understand you're in recovery.
That you had a relapse recently.
I didn't have a relapse.
Well, Dylan said Dylan is the one who did it to me.
I was trying to get dirt on him, protect my mom.
One night I was studying at home, had a blackout and when I woke up, there was a bottle of pills.
Mom was pissed.
Convinced I'd fallen off the wagon.
But I swear, I haven't touched anything in 18 months.
You think Dylan slipped you the drugs? Yes.
I tried to convince mom, but she's blind when it comes to Dylan.
Where is my mother? Natalie, we have evidence that suggests that the car that struck you and Sandra was driven by your mother.
That's not that's not possible.
Don't you see? This is what Sandra said would happen.
Oh, my God, he's gonna get away with it, isn't he? Mom's gonna (crying) Hey, okay, hey, hey.
Take a breath.
(takes deep breath) That's right.
We're gonna get to the truth.
I promise you.
HANNAH: Actually, if Dylan did drug you, we might be able to prove it.
We're gonna need your help.
Of course.
A sample of your blood? NCIS.
Open up.
This is bordering on harassment.
We're not here to see you.
We're here to see Candace.
Well, unfortunately, Candace is in a very fragile state right now.
You can't see her.
LASALLE: Well, this is not a request.
We brought a warrant.
Unless you're giving us a reason to arrest you for obstruction.
You want to come in, be my guest.
But Candace is not here right now.
Where is she? Under counsel of my lawyers and her psychiatrist, I've taken steps to guarantee she gets the help she needs.
Candace is undergoing a full psychiatric assessment at the Kenter Clinic.
You had her committed.
We'll see what Natalie has to say about that.
I have power of attorney over Candace's estate, including her Advance Health Care Directive.
I decide what is best for her.
Oh, it's perfect.
Buys you enough time to clean out her accounts, right, and then disappear.
- You're out of line.
- I'm out of line? - My wife is a sick woman.
She's a sick woman because of you! I'm calling my lawyers.
Call your lawyer! We're done here for now! You're going to jail! You should've let me kick his ass.
I got a better idea.
Any insight from Natalie's blood sample? Yeah.
- Excuse me? - Not-not real zombies.
Obviously, those don't exist.
Unless you're talking about zombie ants, but that's more of a, like, a parasitic fungus.
- Has no bearing on this case - I'll just wait for whatever this is to pass.
It's done.
Thank you.
Um, I found scopolamine in Natalie's blood.
WADE: It's a potent hypnotic that puts people in a state of extreme suscepti bility.
- Like zombies.
- Yeah.
Dylan Samuels could have exerted influence over Natalie, or Candace, too, if she's had it in her blood.
Scopolamine is also consistent with the liver toxicity in Dr.
Barnes's old medical records.
That's good work, Sebastian.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, it means that Candace could have been driving the SUV that killed Dr.
Barnes and injured her own daughter.
And she'd have no memory of it.
Yeah, and there's no way to prove that Dylan administered the drug to Natalie, let alone Candace or Dr.
But it's a start in the right direction.
Samuels is under a psychiatric hold.
No one has access to her but her doctors.
You can come back after the 72 hours.
- Come on, just let - Please.
Don't make me call security.
LASALLE: Thank you.
(sighs) We'll find another way, I promise.
What other way? In 72 hours, Dylan Samuels is in the wind.
Well, hold on a sec.
We'll call Hannah, give her an update.
- All right.
(lock beeps) LASALLE: Hannah.
Yeah, it's me.
No, they're not letting us in.
Yeah, Gregorio? She's right here.
Oh, crap.
  (phone vibrates) Tammy's not answering.
Lasalle thinks she went into the psych ward to find Candace.
Well, maybe we should give Gregorio a little rope.
There's a chance Candace'll give her something.
Yeah, she's on a 72-hour hold.
Even if she does, it won't be admissible.
Yeah, but it'll be a start.
We have nothing concrete on Dylan Samuels.
Soon as he gets Candace's money, he'll disappear.
Yeah, he's good at that, but he's not good enough that I can't find him.
What do you got, Patton? Got another alias on Dylan Samuels, aka William Flynn, aka Roger Clark.
And another wife? From 12 years ago.
Guessing it ended poorly, too? She had a family trust fund, a good job at a law firm in Arlington, Virginia.
Once Dylan was done with her, she was broke, unemployed and strung out.
You find anything useful that can help us take him down? His wife filed a police report saying that he was spying on her with a hidden camera.
That got me to thinking.
Could be using the same M.
Dylan has an account with a Web-based security company.
With a little Triple P magic, I found these.
House and car completely wired.
He can keep tabs on Candace's every move.
PATTON: Not just Candace.
Natalie, also.
He got her apartment and car.
HANNAH: That's how Dylan found out Natalie was gonna meet Sandra that night.
If he's been watching 'em this close, can't imagine he'd stop now.
(phone vibrating) Told the other nurse I don't want any more pills.
I want to get clear.
(quietly): Candace, I'm Special Agent Gregorio.
I met you at the hospital.
The drugs make me forget things.
- Yeah? - And I'm I'm in a fog all the time.
Whatever you're experiencing isn't from what the doctors are giving you.
Your husband's doing it.
Dylan? No.
It's the truth.
What I'm about to tell you is gonna be really hard for you to hear, but you need to listen to me.
Okay? Your husband's been drugging you, manipulating you, making you feel like you're losing your mind.
CANDACE: Why would Dylan want to hurt me? Because he's after your money.
He's a con man, Candace.
Does this for a living by destroying the women's lives that he's involved with.
(tires screeching) GREGORIO: Gregorio here.
Leave a message.
(sighs) Voice mail again.
If Dylan is monitoring He is.
He's methodical.
Not the kind to leave things to chance.
He'll need to know what's happening in that room.
The last thing he wants is Gregorio talking to Candace.
Should we have Lasalle badge his way in? Not yet.
If I can get ahold of Gregorio, we might have a chance of stopping Dylan.
I was just so lonely after my husband died, and Dylan filled the void.
You needed someone.
And he took advantage of that.
These guys-- they're predators.
But I'm a smart woman.
- At least, I thought I was.
- No, no, no, no.
You can't blame yourself.
You wanted to believe.
We all do.
I brought a monster into my home, into Natalie's life, and she nearly died.
- Listen, I've been there.
The self-doubt, the guilt.
God, I've made so many bad decisions.
But starting today, you get to take your life back.
(phone vibrating) (scoffs) Pride, I'm doing what I have to do.
This woman's in trouble, and she needs someone to help her.
No, no, I'm not just gonna leave her here.
Write me up, fire me, I don't give a crap.
You're the hypocrite here.
You do this stuff all the time.
Okay? We're done here.
What's wrong? Listen, I got to get you out of here.
You good with that? Okay, just sit tight, and I'm gonna go get a wheelchair, okay? All right.
I can get a court order.
Well, then that's what you need to do.
You're very persistent, Special Agent Gregorio.
Not sure what your plan is, but kidnapping a federal agent isn't your smartest move.
- Don't talk.
- Just curious.
When you killed Sandra, were you expecting Natalie to survive, or was that a screwup? You're not nearly as smart as you think you are.
Need you to tell me everything NCIS has on me.
We know you planted the fentanyl in Sandra's car to make her look like a dealer, and Natalie a customer.
Sandra should have stayed out of my business.
You'd think she would've learned after our marriage.
I haven't even mentioned that you drove your current wife crazy and framed her for murder.
- Admit it.
I'm impressive.
You're sick.
And you're just my type.
Pretends to be strong, but broken in 15 different places.
- Hmm.
- Who hurt you? - Screw you.
-Daddy? - Hmm.
- No.
He was probably just distant, so you went searching for a replacement? Why don't you come back over here and say that? Yeah, I would have had fun with you.
No, I'd take you apart piece by piece.
You don't scare me with that gun.
You really have no idea what's about to happen here.
- Do you? - You're not gonna shoot me.
You didn't even have the balls to kill Sandra.
You had to drug Candace to make her do it.
You think she was in any condition to drive that night? I had Candace drive by the camera.
Then I did the real work myself.
You killed Sandra Barnes? She didn't leave me any choice.
Turn around.
Turn around! You're under arrest for the murder of Sandra Barnes.
I'd put that gun down.
And how you gonna pull that off? Not me.
My team.
For a con man, you're an easy mark.
You see, because you confessed, and we got it all, so you're done.
- What? - Drop the weapon, Samuels! Try something.
Please do.
(grunts) You okay? Yeah.
Thanks for coming up with a plan and saving my ass, man.
- Oh, God.
You were a little harsh on the phone.
Had to sell it, right? Well, don't think you gave us much choice, really, going rogue like that.
Well, it worked out, didn't it? Well, next time Let's not have a next time.
Mom? Oh, honey! Hi.
She's not in trouble? No, ma'am.
Real killer's on his way to jail as we speak.
He won't be bothering you anymore.
Special Agent Gregorio, I can't thank you enough.
Don't worry about it.
I'm just embarrassed that I was taken in so easily.
I mean, it's gonna take you a while to get past it, trust again, but having people that care about you helps.
You're talking about me, aren't you? Shut up.
(knocking) You're gonna be glad you gave me the green light.
- My contact came through.
- Great.
I'm not here to give you a hard time.
No? Then what? You're right.
We can't hide from Apollyon.
I can't protect you by keeping you in the dark.
But you can't keep me in the dark, either.
I don't like having either one of you involved.
But if we're gonna do this, we do it together.
Fair enough.
So, you connected with your source? Luka Osman, former Turkish intelligence.
Currently a black marketeer.
Can he be trusted? I mean, as much as any source can.
He ran point for us on a couple of joint operations, and his Intel always bore out.
Plus, I, uh saved his life once, so He knows where Avery Walker is? The reason the task force can't find Walker is 'cause he never stops moving.
Every time they pinpoint his location He's gone again.
So, Luka doesn't know where Walker is.
He's got a fairly good idea of where he's going to be.
That means the task force can get there first.
And we can finally put an end to Apollyon once and for all.