NCIS New Orleans (2014) s06e06 Episode Script

Matthew 5:9

1 (DOOR OPENS) Pat Dolan.
District attorney's dropping all charges regarding the murder of Cade Lasalle.
You're a free man.
Uncuff him.
I-I don't understand.
You alibied out.
But I killed him.
I brought you the murder weapon and-and confessed.
We found holes in your story.
Ai-Ain't no holes.
Cade sought me out.
He wanted to know more about the opioids I was running with Stan Jenkins.
Cade confronted you outside Milner's Tavern.
You two exchanged words.
You pulled a knife.
Stabbed him three times.
It's like I said before, I-I didn't mean for it to go that far, but it did.
- I panicked.
- Yeah.
Stashed his body in your truck, drove it out to the woods and burned it.
We know.
It's all here in your "confession".
I can't live with this on my conscience.
Why I brought in the knife.
Whatever judgement comes my way, His will be done.
How do you explain this? Nothing to explain.
It's me at Milner's Tavern.
Security cameras placed you there between 7:00 p.
and midnight.
(SNIFFLES) So what? Cade didn't receive burns across his entire body.
Livor mortis was present, and my coroner determined a time of death from the knife wounds between 9:00 and 11:00.
How'd you manage to stab him? Never left the bar.
I killed that man.
I'm ready to pay for my crimes.
Why are you confessing to a murder - you didn't commit?! Huh?! - Christopher.
- Hey, hey.
- Who gave you that knife?! - Who are you covering for?! Huh?! - Christopher.
(PANTING) You got anything else to add, Mr.
Dolan? We're done here.
LASALLE: You see the look on Dolan's face? He's scared to leave.
Like he's more afraid of the person he's covering for than he is of a potential life sentence.
Maybe he's explaining to whoever he's calling - why he's been cut loose.
- Yeah.
Got Patton tracking calls in the area.
(ENGINE STARTS) See if he gets a hit on who he's talking to.
All right, Dolan.
Let's see where you're headed.
What in the world is this joker doing? What the hell's he doing? LASALLE: No.
(SPLASHES) Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Has Patton found out who Dolan contacted as soon as he was set free? HANNAH: Call went to another unknown number.
Patton tried to remotely tap it, but the battery must've been stripped before Dolan hung up.
Any idea why Dolan killed himself? His confession didn't stick.
And it appears that taking a fatal dive is an easier way out than failure.
Who would he be failing? Whoever's pulling the strings.
We have yet to meet the great Oz behind the curtain.
Okay, what can we do to help? Need you to dig into Pat Dolan.
He took extreme action to protect someone.
Got to be a bread crumb that'll lead us to who.
Okay, no problem.
We're on it, Pride.
Sebastian, grab your kit.
Need you to meet me and Lasalle here.
He's searching Dolan's apartment now, but we could use your help.
Yeah, I can be there in two hours.
- Help! Somebody call the police! - Hey, calm down.
Calm down.
I am the police.
Calm down.
- You gonna let go of me? - Look.
Yes, look.
- NCIS? - (PANTING) - Sounds fake.
- Well, it's not.
All right? I'm a federal agent investigating a murder.
Hey, look, I'm, I'm sorry for running.
But it's what you do when you find a strange man inside your boyfriend's apartment.
You're Pat Dolan's girlfriend? What's your name? Sue-Ann Hughes.
Well, what are you doing here, Ms.
Hughes? Well, I just came by to get Pat a shirt and tie for his arraignment.
He's due before a judge this afternoon.
(SIGHS) Pat killed himself earlier today.
He-He's d he's dead? I'm sorry, ma'am.
(CRYING) Damn it, I knew this would happen.
You were afraid he would commit suicide? I was afraid he was in over his head.
Over his head how? With his-his new friends.
They're a bad influence.
What friends? The same ones who got him wrapped up in some murder he didn't have anything to do with.
Cade Lasalle.
Your badge.
Agent Lasalle.
He was my brother.
Here you go.
Please, you have to know Pat, he didn't have no appetite for murder.
I know he didn't kill my brother.
Finally somebody believes me.
But he did cover up for the real killer.
Why would he do that? I don't know.
But he was anxious these past few weeks.
It started just as he was hanging around those guys.
But who are they? Did he ever mention synthetic opioids? Look, I didn't know the details.
I just knew they were up to no good.
Did Pat ever say how they connected? What any of 'em looked like? I'm sorry.
I don't know.
But he did meet up with them a few days ago.
How do you know that? Pat and I were on our way to see a movie.
He got a call.
Told me the movie would have to wait.
He flipped the car around and drove us out to the country.
Where'd he take you to? Some cabin in the middle of nowhere.
All these antlers everywhere.
Hunting cabin? Sure, I guess.
Well, he told me to wait in the car, but I heard him talking to somebody inside.
You hear what they said? Not a word.
Can you remember anything else that might help? Uh (SIGHS) Wait.
Yeah, when Pat walked out, he was carrying a knife.
But he didn't have no knife when he walked in.
Must be the murder weapon he surrendered.
Can you take me to this cabin? Look, Pat was driving.
I wasn't exactly paying attention to where we were headed.
Sue-Ann, please, try to remember.
Okay, my brother I need to find his killer.
He deserves justice.
Sebastian will be here within the hour, Christopher.
Hold tight and I'll come join you.
LASALLE: Might take a while to find this cabin, King.
You and Sebastian can process Dolan's apartment while I look for it with his girlfriend.
I know what you want, but rushing the investigation won't help.
Hey, whoever's behind this keeps being one step ahead of us.
All right, if Cade was killed at that cabin, I can't afford to lose the crime scene.
We can't.
- You're not doing this alone, Chris.
- I know, and I appreciate it.
Take Route 45.
- We took that toward the state line.
- I'll check in once we get closer to finding this cabin.
Tell me if you and Sebastian turn up anything.
Will do.
This is it.
- LASALLE: You sure? - (ENGINE SHUTS OFF) SUE-ANN: That cabin was a horror movie in the daylight.
I'm sure.
(LINE RINGING) - Christopher? - Hey, Pride.
We found it.
Have Sebastian lock in on the location.
All right, Chris, hang tight.
We're minutes away.
Roger that.
(BEEP) (RUSTLING) You see that? See what? Stay in the truck.
What part of "stay in the truck" was confusing to you? Sorry.
I got scared out there alone.
Dang near took your head off.
Did you find anything? Yeah.
Oh, geez.
Do you think that's where It has to be.
This is where Cade was killed.
(PANTING) Christopher.
(PANTING) Call 911.
- Female, single GSW to the left shoulder.
BP 120/80 and steady.
- Send her to Trauma 3.
- Male, multiple GSWs to abdomen and right arm.
BP 80/60 and falling.
Watch the door Get him to the OR and call Dr.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Trauma 3.
This way.
- Pride, Pride, you can't go back there.
- Sir, sir, you have to stay back.
- You can't go back there.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Christopher? - Pride, listen.
Let go of me, Sebastian! Let go of me! You can't do any more, Pride.
Stay back.
Let 'em work, come on.
- WOMAN: 100%.
- Okay, let's open him up.
- I need to see the damage.
- Forceps, Doctor.
We've got bullet fragments all over the place in here.
) Hey.
Is he out of surgery? We don't know yet.
Who's the trauma surgeon on duty? - Dr.
- Oh, good.
He's in the right hands.
And Dwayne? He's outside the OR waiting on any word.
Hey, uh, they-they (CLEARS THROAT) They just, uh, closed him up, and it's a waiting game now, so I-I got to him too late, Loretta.
I I You airlifted him to the best trauma center in three states.
Uh, Christopher's, uh, stepmother? Already contacted Rose.
She's on her way now.
I called Kelly and Will.
They're sending up prayers.
Hunting cabin.
Local PD and the FBI are on the scene.
I'm in direct contact.
They're gonna keep me updated - every hour.
- I need the names and numbers of every team leader on the ground, all right? Yeah, we can make that happen.
WADE: Yeah, I'll see if I can get a courtesy update from - the surgical team.
- Okay.
Hey, thank you, Loretta.
): Volunteer Services to Oncology.
You okay? Uh I-I'm covered in my-my friend's blood.
We'll get you cleaned up, get you some fresh clothes.
- All right? - What I what I need to do is I need to I need to get back to that cabin, - you know, process the scene.
- We got half a dozen law enforcement agencies scouring the area for suspects, three different CSU teams tearing - that cabin apart.
- None of 'em are me.
Well, you're not really you right now, baby.
They'll pass along whatever they find.
- Okay? - Okay.
Okay, well, I-I should, um I should go to Chris's place.
- You know, I should pack him a bag.
- Okay.
You know, he's gonna need clothes, he's gonna need a-a shave kit, - other stuff before he-he - Yeah.
you know, he walks out of here.
You're thinking, "If he walks out of here".
I don't even know what I'm thinking right now, but I know Lasalle's a fighter, and he'll pull through.
Can't promise that.
Of course I can't promise that.
But I have faith in him, the same way he's always had faith in all of us.
LASALLE: All right, you've got this, Sebastian.
You ready? Ready as Tony Stark when he burst out of that cave in the Mark 1 suit.
- Ready? Set.
- Yeah.
Head on a swivel.
Knees bent.
Moves fast.
Here we go.
Tactical reload.
Tactical reload.
Go, go, go, go! Yes.
(LASALLE LAUGHS) - Wooo! - That's what I'm talking about! Like a deadly gazelle.
So? New record.
90% hit-rate.
- What? - NCIS REACT Team's gonna be lucky to have you, Sebastian.
- Ah.
- But you know what? 90 ain't 100.
- Back to one.
- Are you serious? Yeah, I'm serious, let's go, - roll, roll, come on.
- Well, I-I We performed an emergency laparotomy, and his vitals are stable for now.
He's not out of the woods yet.
Far from it.
We extracted all the fragments from one of the bullets, but the other is lodged in his spine.
Oh, can't you remove it? Eventually.
There was a lot of internal damage.
Attempting surgery at this juncture would prove more risky than just letting it be for now.
The next 24 hours are critical.
But the fact that he's still here with us? He wants to hold on.
WADE: Dwayne? T-shirt.
You need to change your clothes.
I'll sit with him.
You need to take a break.
Wash your face, get some fresh air.
Look, I'm-I'm I'm okay, Loretta.
I can stay Dwayne Pride.
): Dr.
Nelson, dial 9812.
Nelson, 9812.
There you go, boss.
I was going to get some coffee.
Wanted to know if you want anything.
No, no, I I-I-I'm okay, Patton, thanks.
Doubt if you remember the last time you was in there but I sure do.
I was in that room, three holes in my chest.
Gave us more than a scare.
But you pulled through.
So will Lasalle.
I'm on the other side with you now.
No longer the patient, just the agonized family.
We've both made our fair share of hospital visits.
But when it's family Yeah, it's different.
You afraid? (SIGHS) Yeah, I am.
(MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) Christopher, I'm here.
Hey there.
We were all so scared.
I missed you.
We missed you.
Let's go fishing, Cade.
): Code Blue! Code Blue! Room Four! Code Blue.
Coming in.
Crash cart to Room Four.
Give me hands for trauma.
Prep one amp of epi.
- No pulse.
- WOMAN: Behind you.
I'll bag him.
- Commencing CPR.
- Let's start with 200.
Clear! V-fib.
No response.
Dwayne, you can't go in - O2 at high flow.
- HERNANDEZ: Let's go again.
- Give me 300.
- Charged.
Clear! Nothing.
Patient's decompensating.
Increasing bitrate.
Go up to 360.
Clear! PRIDE: Come on.
- No response.
- Come on.
Flatline on all leads, Doctor.
That's enough.
No, no, no, no, please, there-there's got, - there's got to be something.
- HERNANDEZ: Time? - Time? - Something There's got to be something you can - 7:02.
- PRIDE: No.
Please, no.
- HERNANDEZ: I'm sorry.
- No, there's got to be something that you can I'm sorry, Agent Pride.
I don't understand.
Doctor said he was stable.
WADE: And he was until he wasn't.
We need to get Christopher home.
I'm gonna take him back to my morgue.
Loretta, you don't have to do that.
Oh, yes, I do.
He deserves a proper autopsy.
But you don't need to be the one to perform it.
He was murdered, Dwayne.
This isn't some simple heart attack.
And I'm the one most qualified to perform the necessary autopsy.
You're right.
PATTON: Hey, boss, we need to talk about Sue-Ann Hughes.
What? Dolan's girlfriend? She witnessed Lasalle's murder.
That's why I think her meeting him was no accident.
Well, she did arrive at the apartment right when when Christopher was there, but And the shooter was waiting for him to show up at that cabin.
You thinking he was led into a trap? I'm thinking their relationship was a fraud.
- What are you talking about? - Lasalle had me dig into Dolan when he was finding the alibi.
So if he was dating Sue-Ann, they was doing it on the DL.
What makes you think that? There's nothing in Dolan's file that connects to Sue-Ann.
No text message, no phone calls.
That means that Sue-Ann's got a story to share.
And I'm gonna hear it.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) You're that federal agent, right? You and the tall one brought me here? Special Agent Pride.
How's Agent Lasalle? Special Agent Lasalle is dead.
(VOICE BREAKS) I'm so sorry.
Are you, Ms.
Hughes? Well, what do you mean? You showed up at Pat Dolan's apartment just as Chris just as my agent was there.
Well, I didn't even know Pat was dead until Agent Lasalle told me.
But then you guided him to a hunting cabin where someone was lying in wait to kill him.
Now, some might call that a coincidence.
Well, that same coincidence almost got me killed, too.
I think you're covering for someone.
Who shot my agent, Sue-Ann? You know.
- Tell me.
- Excuse me.
Who are you? Special Agent Dwayne Pride.
Who the hell are you? Eddie Barrett.
NCIS, yes.
You brought my daughter here.
I can't thank you and the other agents enough.
Sweetheart, what's wrong? He thinks I got his agent killed.
I didn't know he died.
Passed earlier this morning.
I'm so sorry.
But how is that Sue-Ann's fault? Pat Dolan was protecting a killer and your daughter is, too.
I loved Pat.
Well, that's a lie, Sue-Ann.
Because there's no digital evidence to suggest - the two of you were dating.
- (GASPS) W-Why are you doing this? You need to tell me who was at that cabin.
- Okay.
- Tell me.
That's enough.
Can we talk outside? Please? PRIDE: Look, your daughter knows who the shooter is.
She doesn't.
And what you don't know is that her last boyfriend was an abusive stalker.
He found out Sue-Ann was dating again, and didn't take it well.
I suggested to her and Pat they keep things quiet until he cooled off.
This ex-boyfriend have a name? Cameron Jones.
He hurt Sue-Ann for years, until she was finally saved.
- Does Mr.
Jones have a record? - A long one.
Sue-Ann is terrified of him.
I didn't want to risk anything happening to her or Pat.
I will follow up on that.
I get that you're angry.
I could just as easily be standing in your shoes, and I'd be angry, too.
But accusing her like you just did isn't gonna bring your agent back.
WADE: Thank you.
I'll I'll take care of him.
MAN: Sure thing, ma'am.
GOSPEL CHOIR: Oh, brother, you ought to been there LASALLE: Admit it, Miss Loretta.
You were expecting serpents and tongues, weren't you? WADE: Not expecting, but I was a little bit disappointed there weren't any.
- Oh.
(CHUCKLES) - Thank you.
Hey, I want to thank you for taking me up on my offer to visit.
It means a lot.
I enjoyed the preacher's message very much.
This month, we've been going through the Beatitudes.
They've been very close to my heart.
Love and humility.
- It's a good guidebook for life.
- You got that right.
I could see the love of the congregation.
I can understand why you're so connected to them.
Yeah, everyone here accepted me with open arms in my time of need.
After Savannah's death? Yeah, I was spinning out of control.
And they didn't judge.
Offered me a sanctuary.
This community never gave up on me.
They say, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God".
Look at you quoting Scripture.
(BOTH LAUGHING) That's next week's sermon.
(LAUGHING) Oh, come on.
Joy Joy, joy, joy.
(SINGING FADES) (CHUCKLES) Thank you, Christopher.
- Sebastian.
I need a list of every individual who was in physical contact with Lasalle after he left the cabin.
What's happening? We need to start eliminating DNA samples.
- You got one? - Yes.
(GASPS) - (GASPS) Oh, Pride.
- Sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I just I-I wanted to see if you found anything on Sue-Ann's ex-boyfriend.
Yeah, that guy's a scumbag.
Uh, she had got a restraining order against him.
So that could explain - her careful relationship with Dolan.
- Yeah.
What do you got on the cabin? Elderly owner hadn't used it in a decade.
FBI and local PD are scouring every route in and out.
That's a lot of woods to cover.
I feel like Hannah and I should get out there and and join the search.
I just it's really best How long has it been since you slept? Well, same as you.
What does it matter? You're no good to the team if you're walking around like a zombie.
Go-go lie down.
- I'll make the coffee.
- No, it's fine.
- I - I got it.
- I got it.
I got it.
- I'll make the I got it.
(SIGHS) God.
You know, you don't always have to take care of us.
(EXHALES) Why don't you tell me how are you holding up? Trying to get closure by catching Lasalle's killer.
But will it bring closure? It'll bring justice for Chris.
And after that? What are you getting at, Gregorio? He's gone.
I know you want to fix that, but you can't.
All right, then.
All right.
You make the coffee.
Guys, we got something.
(SNIFFLES) Chris may have just handed us his killer.
Our boy's working his own murder case from beyond the grave.
Wade found broken fingernails on Chris's right hand and foreign skin cells beneath.
Sebastian get a DNA match? Just sent the files.
PRIDE: Oh, that's Sue-Ann's father.
I met him at the hospital.
He-he said his name was Eddie.
Edward Barrett, 42 years old.
But Eddie doesn't have any children.
I had him.
He was right there under my nose.
Let's get this son of a bitch.
Need you to blast out BOLOs across the entire region, Captain.
Every neighboring state.
Yeah, thank you.
NOPD missed them at the hospital? Sue-Ann was discharged to Eddie a few hours ago.
And he paid her $20,000 hospital bill in cash.
If Eddie was walking around with that kind of money, he was definitely connected to that opioid ring that you and Chris took down.
Patton's trying to track the vehicle they left in, but what have you two found out about Edward Barrett? He had a rough go of it as a kid.
He was abandoned as an infant outside of a church.
He entered the foster care system, shuttled around different homes.
Take it he didn't grow up to be a model citizen.
Got a lengthy arrest record for petty thefts, assault Most recent of which landed him in prison for manslaughter.
He served his full sentence, but he was released three years ago.
- What's he been up to since? - GREGORIO: Nothing.
Because he disappeared, dropped entirely off the map.
- Must've found something.
- Except we haven't.
There's no driver's license, no current address, no tax returns, no bank accounts, nothing.
It's like Eddie Barrett didn't even exist.
But he does.
I exchanged words with him at the hospital.
And I let him walk away.
We can't let Eddie disappear again.
He's clearly skilled at not leaving a trail.
Every second counts.
GREGORIO: All right, we'll focus on the mysterious gap in his life after prison.
Figure out how he's connected to Sue-Ann.
He's been living some kind of life since prison.
There's got to be a trail that'll help us find him.
All right.
I'll check back in with Patton.
See if he's caught sight of the car anywhere.
(SIGHS) Are you in or are you out? - Whoa.
What is this? - Ah.
This is everything you need to do to fall in love with New Orleans.
Mimi's in the Marigny.
- Yes.
- Locals only.
No tourists.
And Paulie will make you the only Sazerac you need to know.
He's not lying.
It changed my life.
- Seriously.
- What is this all about, Chris? It's about you finally letting this city get under your skin.
I struggle with that.
I know you do.
It's easier to cut bait and run than to stay put and grow.
Just put me in a nutshell, why don't you.
Uh, you put yourself there.
Everything that has shifted in the squad room, you're the only one who sees it.
All we see is the same agent we like working with.
Kinda hard to turn it off, you know? I'm not saying you should.
But try to remind yourself that there's more to life than just catching bad guys.
(LAUGHS) All right, you've got your daughter.
- You got us.
- And you get to start this new life in this incredible place.
But only if you open yourself up to it.
GREGORIO: Hannah? You okay? I know I didn't know him as well as you guys did.
But he left an impression.
He went out of his way for me.
He didn't need to.
Because that's who he was.
PATTON: I was able to follow Eddie's car on various cameras.
Heading east, but I lost them once they left outside the city.
Well, it's a start.
I'll update the BOLO to focus the search.
I already did.
And I set an algorithm loose across the traffic cam network to scan for his vehicle dimensions.
I know you and Christopher were close.
(SIGHS) I failed him, man.
What does that mean? Why didn't I look into Sue-Ann when he first mentioned her? He died because I didn't do my job.
Patton, stop.
I said stop.
Okay? I'm not gonna let you do this to yourself.
Pride, I could've Could've what? There's a million variables that led up to what happened.
Okay? And nothing nothing was gonna stop Chris from going to that cabin.
And he got shot.
And he died.
And you can't take responsibility for something you had no control over.
You know that's not making me feel any better.
I'm not saying it to make you feel better, but to keep you focused on things you can control.
Finding Eddie.
Pride, the problem is all we got is a direction of him leaving out of town.
Eddie could be anywhere.
The hunting cabin.
What about it? Hannah was right.
Eddie's a ghost, but he's been existing somewhere.
He knew that cabin was there.
He knew it was abandoned.
Means he knows the area.
Maybe he's from there.
There's not a lot of camera networks out in them sticks, but I'mma focus my program there.
Yeah, we only need to catch him on one to get closer.
Ask and ye shall receive.
(TRILLING BEEPS) Yeah, we got him.
That was northbound on Route 11, past Ozona.
Keep tracking him.
The rest of the team and I will head out in that direction now.
(COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO) Finish your eggs, darling.
(DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES) Need your strength.
I'm just gonna make my mark 'Cause I can't win if I never start (DIAL CLICKS, RADIO TURNS OFF) Good for him.
(CHUCKLES) Edward Barrett.
You're under arrest for the murder of a federal agent.
Is that all, Agent Pride? And the murder of Cade Lasalle and the production and trafficking - of a schedule I narcotic.
- Whew.
That's a mouthful, isn't it? You think this is funny? I think this is what was always meant to be.
You armed? I'm not.
Would you prefer I was? - Maybe.
- Would give you the excuse you're looking for, wouldn't it? To get that ultimate justice for your friend.
You're welcome to make a sudden move.
Forgot to ask if I was armed.
You pull that trigger, you leave this place in a body bag.
Least you'll leave with me.
I can get a clean shot, Pride.
No one has to die today.
But if we did, what a glorious way to go.
That's enough, Sue-Ann.
Don't you worry now.
This isn't how this ends.
He'll be remembered for his long and dedicated career as a law enforcement officer, but we'll miss his big heart and his bright smile.
None of us knows how long we'll be here, which is why Christopher spent every day in service Service.
In the service.
In service.
(CLEARS THROAT) (SIGHS) "Service of his fellow man".
(OVER SPEAKERS): In a perfect world (SINGING ALONG QUIETLY): The sun shines every day In a perfect world - LASALLE: Figured I'd find you here.
- Hey.
Hey, uh, - yeah, I-I - (MUSIC STOPS) I thought I was gonna be alone.
You trying to sneak off to Belle Chasse for your big promotion? Well, not sneaking off.
Just not wanting to make a big deal out of it.
Well, why not? You becoming the new SAC is a big deal.
Guess I just don't really like the thought of things changing.
Well, nothing stays the same forever.
If it did, wouldn't really be living.
Can't argue with that.
I brought you a going-away present.
Huh? Oh, come on, Chris, you don't need to do that.
- Is that? - Yeah, the same challenge coin you gave me when you recruited me to join NCIS.
Well, that's a long time ago.
Can't forget those days when it was just a two-man shop.
Well, we built this place together.
Yes, we did.
Yes, we did.
Thank you, Christopher.
Don't you worry about this place.
We'll be just fine.
- You did your job.
- Mm.
Proud of you, King.
(CRYING SOFTLY) (SNIFFLES) None of us knows how long we have here, which is why Christopher spent every day in service of his fellow man.
He treated all of us as he sought to be treated, with love and forgiveness.
Special Agent Christopher Lasalle.
Out of service.
Gone but not forgotten.
OFFICER: Honor guard, atten-hut! Forward, march.
Detail, fold.
Please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation.
He was a hero to all of us, Rose.
He was a hero to me.
Ready? Fire.
Ready? Fire.
Ready? Fire.
I'm climbing up the mountain Trying to get home I'm climbing up the mountain Trying to get home I'm climbing up the mountain, Lord I'm climbing every day Oh, I'm climbing up the mountain Trying to get home, oh - I'm climbing - I'm climbing - Up a mountain - Higher mountains - Trying to get home - Trying to get home (PATTON LAUGHING) - I'm climbing - I'm climbing - Up a mountain - Higher mountains - Trying to get home - Trying to get home (LAUGHING) Oh.
Oh, I'm sorry, y'all.
I ain't trying to be disrespectful.
Are you gonna leave us hanging? I was just thinking about the other week.
What was Lasalle thinking about with that baby alligator? (LAUGHTER) Yeah, well, the leash was pretty cute, you know? The leash? What about the bath toys? (LAUGHTER) (LAUGHING, MUTTERING) I needed that.
HANNAH: And Chris would be happy to know we were laughing with him.
Yeah, he would.
To Christopher.
- Up the mountain - Higher mountains Gone but never never forgotten.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.