NCIS New Orleans (2014) s06e07 Episode Script


1 Aaaaaaah! Help me! Aaaaaah! Hey.
Hey! Look.
Need a refill, man.
As fast as you can.
Best Chop-Face I've seen tonight, man.
- You a "Gravedigger's Revenge" fan? - Hell yeah.
It's a total deconstruction of the death industrial complex.
It's great.
Look, hurry up, man, I don't want to miss the part where the doctor's face melts off.
Right, right.
Uh, I got a fresh batch coming out now.
Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
What does this even say? Dog? Doug? Can you look, please? What's that? Uh, it says "goat".
No way.
You can read that? Yeah.
I'm actually a little concerned that you can't.
What does that refer to goat? Uh looks like Lasalle was referring to the victim's tattoo.
Who the hell would get a tattoo that says goat? Goat.
You know, Greatest Of All Time.
It's a whole Okay, you know what, you need this more than I do.
You were up all night.
The only way you would know I was up all night is if you were up all night.
Look, neither one of us want to be going through Lasalle's files.
So, the quicker it gets done, the better, right? - Right.
- Right.
So drink.
Nah, you put Lactaid in it.
Yeah, and my digestion's never been sounder.
Oh, Sebastian what are we gonna do? We're just gonna power through.
You know, wrap it up.
No, I mean after that.
All right.
Last of Chris's case file.
I know this was, uh, hard for you guys, but it really needed to get done.
Yeah, his handwriting wasn't the easiest to decipher.
I just can't believe he's gone.
It's like we're missing a limb.
It's only been a couple of weeks.
It takes time to accept a loss.
I just don't think I'm ever going to accept it.
We're gonna find a new normal, eventually.
Where's Pride? Uh, he's, uh, meeting with Dr.
She clear us all? We'll find out soon enough.
You've all suffered a traumatic loss, Dwayne.
Maybe you most of all.
Well, I think I'm doing as well as can be expected.
Actually, I agree.
But you need to know that the grief is going to come in waves.
Been down this road before.
Then hopefully you now that you have to take care of yourself, not just everyone around you.
Where do things stand with my team? Everyone's completed the mandatory sessions.
And you're clearing 'em all for duty? Yes.
Like you, they're still grieving.
But they've generally adopted healthy coping mechanisms.
One of them even discovered a grief-centered video game.
Gonna take a wild guess that it's Sebastian.
Overall, everyone's doing as well as can be expected.
Well, almost everyone.
Fortunately, for these two young men, they probably never knew what hit them.
Any idea which of these is Trent Weiss? Not until I pull the dental records.
This must have been one hell of an explosion.
Just spoke to NOFD.
Preliminary investigation indicates a natural gas accident.
All this destruction because of a gas leak? Says she's seen it before.
Saltwater from the Gulf speeds up deterioration of the pipes.
They crack, and natural gas pools.
The slightest spark could set off an explosion.
But in that scenario, the leak is caused by a corroded pipe.
That's not what I'm seeing here.
What'd you find? Well, the machine room is blown to pieces, but based on the blast pattern, I think this pipe burst before the explosion.
Any idea why? I mean, it's only designed to handle, uh, low-pressure gas It's what we use in homes and businesses, but somehow highly pressurized gas just got, like, pushed through it.
A pipe bursting like that would release tons of natural gas.
Then why didn't anyone smell it and evacuate the building? She's right.
We probably would've smelled it, even now.
So why aren't we? - Gas company negligence? - Uh, NOLA Gas is automated.
And they have safeguards in place to make sure something like this never happens.
Unless someone manually overrode those safeguards.
So this is either epic incompetence Or someone did it on purpose.
Hey, boss, hold on to your seat, 'cause these deets ain't sweet.
NOLA Gas has been hacked, and they are offline.
I thought city services weren't connected to the Internet, strictly to avoid that happening.
Yeah, closed computer networks are impossible to hack from the outside.
But not from the inside.
I just talked to a friend who works there, they are freaking out 'cause they are completely locked out of their network.
When did they lose control? About an hour before the theater exploded last night.
- They notify the FBI? - Not sure, but I know city management has been looped in and they're directing all inquiries to City Hall.
Start running background checks on all gas company employees.
I'm on it.
Where you going? Mayor Taylor's office.
She's responsible for all the city's municipal services.
Have Gregorio and Sebastian meet me there.
Let the supervisor know I want updates every 15 minutes.
Why is it when trouble comes, you're never far behind? Hoping we can help.
One of our sailors was a victim of the explosion.
I heard.
I'm so sorry.
And of course, - we'd welcome any help you could give.
- Well, has the gas company been able to regain control of their system? Not yet, but our I.
department is setting up a direct line from their network to our office so we can see everything happening in real time.
I can help out with that.
Can you introduce him to the guys? Come on in.
I was just discussing options with NOPD.
This is Commander Armand, head of the Special Operations Division.
Yeah, we go back.
Good to see you, Malcolm.
Wish it was under different circumstances.
Special Agent Tammy Gregorio.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Any idea what we're dealing with here? Well, given the takeover of the network, for the moment we're treating it as a possible terrorist act.
- But nobody's claimed responsibility? - No, and NSA informed us they haven't heard any chatter.
Our computer specialist believes that whoever did this would've needed an inside man.
We've already looped in Homeland.
I can have them run checks on the employees, see if anyone pops up on a watchlist.
But until they regain control of the system, the city's vulnerable to another attack? We have to assume so.
You need to get that? Oh, it's okay, it's just my private line.
Considering what's going on, maybe you should answer it, Zahra.
Hello? Do I have the pleasure of speaking with Mayor Taylor? Who is this? You can call me Spartacus.
If you don't want any more lives lost, I suggest you do as I say.
Uh Spartacus, we're pretty sure the theater explosion was an accident.
You're not the mayor.
No, I'm Special Agent Gregorio of NCIS.
Well, Special Agent, we both know it was no accident.
You're trying to verify me.
Well, can you blame me? I mean, any crazy can call with a bogus claim, right? Can a crazy take control of the gas company's network? Reroute highly pressurized gas through low-pressure pipes, causing them to explode? - Find the Mayor's private phone number? - Hm.
Probably not.
That enough to verify, or do you need more tangible proof? Oh, no, you've done plenty.
Couple of lives lost in that explosion.
I want five million dollars.
You have seven hours to pay or another location goes boom.
I'll call with transfer instructions.
No, seven hours, that's not enough time.
We're gonna need I'm sorry, Special Agent Gregorio, were you under the illusion we were negotiating? Five million, seven hours.
Clock is ticking.
Same thing happened in Baltimore, Atlanta, all across Texas.
Ransomware attack that crippled cities.
This guy upped the ante.
He's willing to kill people.
Well, so how do we stop that from happening pay him? No.
I wouldn't advise that.
Pay him, the demands will never end.
So what do we do? We find him and stop him.
Need to coordinate a phone trace for the next time Spartacus calls.
I'll loop in FBI and DHS, get it set up.
Zahra, does the city have any accessible cash on hand? - Not five million dollars.
- Well, how much? We have a slush fund, a little over a million.
Then we'll have to make that work.
But I thought we weren't paying the ransom.
We're not.
But we may need to buy time.
Keep Spartacus talking until we can find him.
I'll get the city comptroller to make everything we have available immediately.
You established first contact.
You good with being point person moving forward? Of course.
He's organized, methodical.
He knew immediately I was trying to verify him.
Yeah, so he studied law enforcement tactics.
Yeah, sounds like it.
I'm gonna have to play this as straight as I can with him.
He's smart.
You're smarter.
How's it coming? Almost there.
We got a direct line to the gas company's local network.
You should be able to display everything they're seeing on monitors at the gas company.
Okay, I'd like to bring Patton in, have him here attacking this ransomware.
Any progress, it's vital that he and Gregorio are close enough to quickly communicate.
Yeah, can we get a two-way terminal set up so we can get input control here? Sure.
Just give us an extra 30 minutes.
Marx, - grab a couple more Cat 5s.
- Got it.
It's Wade.
Test results came back on those bodies.
I'll stop by the morgue.
It's on the way.
On the way where? Did he suffer? No.
His death was instantaneous.
So, what happens now? I'll coordinate transportation arrangements and the registration of the death certificate at the funeral home.
He-he was such a good boy.
I'm sure he was.
I just want you to know how truly sorry I am for your loss.
Would you Dwayne, what are you doing here? Oh, I-I just wanted to see how you were doing.
Douglas talked to you, didn't she? She she did mention a concern.
Wondered if you felt like talking about it.
Not particularly.
Loretta, sometimes it helps.
And I've been told I'm a good listener.
And I'm a medical examiner.
If I got emotional every time I have to deal with death, I wouldn't be a very good one, would I? Yeah, well, we're not talking about normal.
We're talking about Christopher.
There's nothing wrong.
If there were, Dr.
Douglas never would have cleared me.
I'm fine.
But I did find something that's interesting.
The lab reports on our victims came back with high concentrations of hydrocarbons in their bloodstream.
Natural gas poisoning? A by-product of it, yes.
No surprise it's there.
The bigger surprise is what's not there.
Mercaptan it's the sulfur compound added to natural gas that gives off that distinctive odor in case there's a leak.
That's why they didn't evacuate the theater.
Nobody could smell the gas.
Mercaptan should have automatically been injected into the gas.
Means Spartacus has control of more than just the distribution system.
If he's figured out a way to make the gas buildup undetectable, he can hit any target in the city.
And no one would realize they're in danger until it's too late.
If we evacuate the city, it'll cause a panic.
Then let's try to avoid having to.
We're attempting to shut down the city's gas delivery systems completely.
How long's that take? At least 12 hours.
That's too long.
Could we implement the city's hurricane protocols? I know they weren't meant for this type of emergency, but No, that's a good idea.
We discover his next target, it'll be easier to evacuate that area.
I'll coordinate with Emergency Preparedness.
Thank you.
Pride! Patton figured out how the ransomware was introduced.
I tracked it back to when the program first began overwriting system commands.
I found the exact terminal where it first started.
The ransomware was plugged in and fed directly into the servers.
I traced back the log-in credentials to the guy responsible.
Ronald Simmons.
Computer tech worked seven years in NOLA Gas.
No priors, but according to his HR file, he's been written up several times.
Think he's our Spartacus? Easy way to find out.
He's on duty right now.
If I wasn't panicking before, I am now.
This isn't inspiring confidence.
Simmons' station is fourth row, center aisle.
Ronald Simmons, federal agents.
Hands in the air.
What'd you do? All right.
See what you can get from him, and let me know.
Ronald Simmons is in custody.
That's great.
So, this is over? What? Isn't Simmons the one who infected the gas company's network? He was.
But finding him was too easy.
Spartacus is careful.
Leaving an ID that can be traced back to him I'm not buying it.
We're about to find out for sure.
Special Agent Gregorio.
So, tell me, when you caught Ronald, which did he do first crap his shorts or pee his pants? Try and keep him talking.
Give the FBI time to trace the call.
You wanted us to catch him.
You're learning.
That's good.
But you showed bad faith, and now you have to be punished.
What? I'm on your side, okay? My focus is strictly on you and getting you what you want.
Then stop wasting time trying to catch me, and concentrate on getting my money! I can't control other law enforcement.
You blew up a building and took two lives.
Of course they're gonna come looking for you.
Perhaps a demonstration of the stakes might help them refocus.
You do that, and you lose me.
You lose me, and you lose all of the money I've managed to raise this far.
You work with me, and I'll give you everything we have right now.
How much? $500,000.
That's not what I asked for.
Oh, come on.
I'm still getting the rest.
It's half a million dollars.
Take it as a show of good faith.
You've bought yourself a reprieve.
Check Mayor Taylor's e-mail, and you'll find a message with a Bitcoin account number.
I better see that money - in the next 15 minutes.
- You will.
You have my word.
And maybe a little less time will help you and your friends stop screwing with me and focus.
I'm taking two hours off the clock.
Get me my money, or boom! Okay, ju Damn it.
Talk to me.
Did they find him? No.
Signal was bouncing all over.
What is it? Um No, nothing.
Actually, I want to show you something.
Come here.
I need you to not react to what I'm about to say.
What's going on? Spartacus knew we caught Ronald Simmons.
He called us the moment we got confirmation.
So, unless he's got NSA-level cell phone capabilities He's got eyes on us.
City Hall surveillance cams, the mayor's computer he could have hacked anything.
Wait, so you're saying he's spying on us, even here, in my office? Yeah.
And he's been watching us the entire time.
Gregorio was right.
Mayor Taylor's computer was compromised.
Spartacus hacked in.
Probably heard everything going on in that other room.
Safe to talk in there now? Yeah, broke the mic.
He'll assume it shorted out.
- What about here? - Clear.
You think he got into City Hall's surveillance system? Not sure yet.
You want me to shut all the cameras down? No, let's leave 'em up.
We'll work around 'em.
Maybe we can use it to our advantage.
If he got into the mayor's network, he's got to be close.
Armand's been running backgrounds on all the gas company employees.
We should have them include everyone at City Hall.
- I'll let them know.
- Tell him to hurry, too, all right? We're running out of time.
Um, Hannah and Sebastian get anything on Ronald Simmons? They're talking to him now.
Okay, good.
You all right? No, I'm pissed.
I should've known he was watching.
Guy's a computer specialist.
He micromanages every detail.
Part of his thrill is seeing the fallout.
No, don't-don't-don't beat yourself up, okay? We all missed it.
Oh, God, Pride, no.
I I just I feel like I'm off my game, man.
Imagine we all feel that.
We've been through a lot lately.
Yeah, but I thought I was doing okay.
You're still grieving.
We all are.
Doesn't mean you can't do your job.
Even though I'm making mistakes? You made a misstep.
Not a mistake.
We're gonna get this guy.
Just might take a little longer.
Those two guys dying it's my fault.
You could really help yourself out by giving us the identity of the man you work with.
Work with? What are you talking about? Who's Spartacus? How should I know? A-All I wanted was some Saints tickets.
Saints tickets? Yeah.
I-I was doing some programming on my work laptop, and I got an e-mail offering cheap tickets.
I know you're not supposed to click on suspicious links.
But you clicked on it anyway.
It must have uploaded some type of Trojan horse malware onto my laptop.
Yeah, and then it infected the rest of the servers when you plugged in.
When I came in this morning and heard that our network got hacked, I got worried.
So, you're saying you have nothing to do with these attacks? Oh, my God, no.
You guys think that I would do something like this? I have kids.
A-As soon as I heard what was going on, I-I tried to fix this, okay, but Ronald, Ronald, y-you're a programming specialist.
You expect us to believe that you did something as stupid as clicking on a suspicious link? I'm such an idiot.
Look you guys, you-you-you have to stop this guy before anyone else gets hurt, okay? Isn't there isn't there any way that I can help? Actually, yeah.
You-you you, uh, program a lot of the maintenance systems, right? - Yeah.
- Does NOLA Gas have any kind of-of pressure monitoring system? Uh, not specifically.
The system's really designed to monitor lines for safety and detect leaks.
Well, could it could be reprogrammed to detect any areas with pressure spikes? I guess so.
I No Yes.
Yes, it definitely could.
What would that take? Honestly? Days.
Or some incredible - programming genius.
- Well, luckily, we know just the guy.
This is Tammy.
- We're on a first name basis now? - Well, it's our third date.
Thought it was about time.
Got the down payment.
- Now where's the rest? - Peed, by the way.
Earlier, you asked me if Ronald Simmons crapped his shorts or peed his pants when he saw the authorities.
Well, he peed his pants.
You must really hate the guy if you set him up like that.
Trying to trick me into revealing some personal information there, Tammy? Nah, don't take it personally.
I'm just doing my job.
This Spartacus I-I forget Was he, um, he was some kind of Roman slave, right? A rebel, actually, rising up against his oppressors.
That's right.
That's right.
So is that what you're doing rising up against your oppressors? We're all just cogs in someone else's system.
Sounds like you have some firsthand experience with that.
I do.
But every cog has its breaking point.
There is a silver lining, though.
Oh, yeah, what's that? A broken cog can bring down an entire system.
Where's my money, Tammy? It's coming.
Being moved from several city departments, which takes time.
How much time? Say, 12 hours, enough time to shut down the city's gas system? Listen, I'm not stalling here.
Shut up! I'm the one running this show, not you.
You obviously need motivation to move my money, and that, I am more than happy to provide.
Spartacus, listen to me.
I am trying Spart Damn it.
You hear all that? I think he's gonna hit another target.
You did everything you could.
Not enough to stop him.
Is it working? Yeah, we got it.
These all the city's gas lines? Patton and Sebastian worked with Ronald Simmons - to rewrite the programming.
- Instead of monitoring leaks, we're monitoring pressure changes.
That'll give us a warning to where Spartacus is hitting next.
What's that? Pressure changes.
He's gonna blow something else.
He's diverting gas to Gretna? Doesn't make sense.
That part of Gretna's barely populated.
Spartacus is a narcissist whose goal is to punish with maximum impact.
Whatever he's doing, it's happening now.
Pressure's building up fast.
Oh, my God.
The 911 call center.
911 call center's in the Bywater.
The main center is, but it's closed for renovations.
We moved everything to the old emergency communications center in Gretna.
- How many people work there? - About 50.
All right.
I'll alert Armand to start evacuations and divert 911 calls to the Jefferson Parish dispatch.
Hannah and Sebastian are close.
Tell them to do what they can, but to be careful.
All right.
- That's right, keep moving.
- Move, move! How's it going in there? Getting the last of the employees out now.
Ma'am, out front.
Officers will show you where to go.
You got to get out of there right now.
All right? Patton says the whole area's in the red zone.
Heading out now.
It's okay.
It's okay, I got you.
I got you.
All right, come on.
We got to get as far away as Yeah, but what were you thinking? You both could have been killed.
That hurts more than the explosion.
Just makes no sense at all.
Rushing into a gas-filled building like maniacs.
That's what the police are for.
You know that we are the police, right? Yeah, we're, like, literally, the police.
There, you're all patched up.
You'll be fine.
Thank you, Loretta.
- You okay? - No, I'm annoyed.
You know, people needed help.
Oh, so you had to rush into danger like you always do all of you? It's just it's part of the job.
There were other officers there, Sebastian.
Why does it always have to be you or Dwayne or any one of you? It's like you all have a death wish.
Look, I know you're not really mad at me.
Well you're wrong.
I promise you that I won't do anything dangerous unless it's absolutely necessary.
There you are.
Loretta's having a tough time, huh? Mm.
How about you? You know, she didn't mean it.
She's just she's still hurting.
She's right, actually.
She is? I ran straight into that building without thinking twice.
Well, yeah, you know, that's, that's, uh, that's what we do.
- I mean, how many times have we - Too many.
And yeah.
It's the job.
- And it worked out.
- This time, yeah.
It didn't work out for Christopher.
Ordinarily, when the adrenaline rush disappears, I just forget about all the crazy things that we do.
But today? I thought about Naomi.
What would she do if it didn't work out? Who would tell her that I wasn't coming back? How she would feel? - Yeah, it's a lot.
- Yeah.
Um I just, I never think about the dangers of the job, you know? Just never consider it, not even once.
Is that a-a good thing or a bad thing? It's just a thing, Sebastian.
I know you want to say something, but there's just really just nothing to say.
Thanks, for letting me get it off my chest.
Come on.
Hey, what's up? Wait, what? You got to be kidding me.
- When did this happen? - Wait, what's happening? Oh, man, I need that van to get around in.
- This is terrible.
- Patton! Patton.
No, no, no.
Shut the door, shut the door.
What's going on? - Something about a van.
- No, no, no.
I made it up, assuming Spartacus was still watching us.
I had to make it convincing.
- I got an idea where to find Spartacus.
- Good, because we're running out of time.
We've only got three hours left.
Where? Right here in City Hall.
- What? - I was analyzing the computer code from the ransomware.
I found bits of the same code in the city's network.
Somebody in the city's I.
department? Which means he wasn't just using computers or surveillance cameras to watch us.
He's been right here the whole time.
There are over 30 people in our I.
How do we find out which one it is? That department have any personnel problems lately? Actually, there's some restructuring going on.
What kind of restructuring? All noncritical municipal departments are being privatized in an effort to save money.
And those employees? Unfortunately, they're being let go.
Well, that's why he's angry.
He's being laid off.
Not just about money.
- It's payback.
- So what do we do? Patton's little performance gave me an idea.
We need to buy time to identify Spartacus, throw him off his guard.
So I think we need to give this man what he wants.
With all due respect, Dwayne, I'm the mayor.
This is my call.
This is exactly what Spartacus wants.
You pay him, who's to say he won't just - blow something else up? - Why would he do that if he gets what he wants? - We don't know what he'll do.
- I'm paying the ransom.
Just give us a little more time, Mayor Taylor.
I've given you plenty, and you haven't delivered on anything promised.
At this point, I trust Spartacus more than I trust you.
Pay the man.
This is Tammy.
I'm guessing my fireworks show at the call center was sufficient motivation to pay me.
Or do I need to blow up a school? No, no, no.
You win.
The city's decided to pay.
She's got Spartacus on the line.
Let's hope she keeps him talking long enough for us to find him.
How many of the employees being laid off are working today? Five.
But I've accounted for all except one.
Steven Marx? Hell, he was here.
He helped set up the command center.
I'm looking for him now.
Got him.
He's coming up from the basement, headed towards the southeast stairwell.
That exits to the alley.
Send Marx's photo to Hannah and Sebastian.
Tell them to cut him off.
Two million from the city's emergency fund, in process now.
You should have it in 20 minutes.
That's more like it.
You should have taken me seriously earlier.
I've always taken you seriously.
Things aren't always my call, though.
Well, you need to find a way to make it your call.
Yeah, well, I'm doing everything I can.
Well, I'm still owed two and a half million dollars, and there are plenty of places in New Orleans left to blow.
It's coming, okay? Piecemeal from every department in New Orleans, but it's coming.
Excuse me.
Son of a bitch.
- What is it? - He's doing it again.
Pressure's building up fast.
- Where? - Right here.
Spartacus is about to blow up City Hall.
Whoa! - Where's Marx? - We didn't see him.
He can't be far.
Marx doesn't care about the money anymore.
He's planning to blow City Hall.
There's not enough time - to get everybody out of there.
- I know.
Gregorio'll keep him talking for as long as she can, but we need to find him and stop him.
We'll cover more ground if we split up.
I'll take the back.
- We got the front.
- Come on, let's go, hurry.
Let's go, let's go! Loretta? Loretta, what are you doing here? Oh, just helping friends.
My friends ask to borrow sugar.
Well, this is the kind of thing that happens with this team.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
Patton, where are you going? Get the mayor to safety.
I'm going to get Gregorio out of here.
I just got a message that we got the rest of the money ready to send now.
That's good, right? How soon can you get it to me? Ten minutes, probably.
Maybe less.
Hey, let's go.
We got to ditch this dive.
- No, I got to keep Marx talking.
- No, what you got to do is get out of here just like the rest of us.
Ten minutes? You'll have to do better than that.
Look, I'm doing my best, okay? I got to keep him talking long enough for Pride to find him.
Your best isn't good enough right now.
- You stay, I'm staying, too.
- No, you're not.
If the situation was reversed, and I had to stay, - would you leave me? - Patton, damn it.
Any sign of him? Negative.
He's not in the square either.
Look, I get it.
You're pissed that you're being screwed over.
You got that right.
People like Mayor Taylor have all this power and authority, yet they're completely incompetent.
Always taking credit, but never accepting blame.
Right? And then they have the nerve to play favorites.
What happened to good work getting you rewarded? Not kicked to the curb.
Well, power's wasted on the wrong people, my friend.
Maybe you actually do understand.
You lying bitch.
What? I thought we were doing okay.
You've just been buying time to evacuate the building.
Evacuate? What for? Stop lying.
I just saw Zahra Taylor pass me in a city vehicle.
- Patton.
- Pride, find Mayor Taylor's car.
She just passed Marx.
Hey, I'm still getting you your money.
That's what you really want, isn't it? Isn't it? Fine.
You want to play hardball? - I can, too.
- Listen, don't do anything.
No, you listen.
You shouldn't have screwed with me.
Aren't you in enough trouble, Steven? You know my name.
Yes! Steven Marx.
I do.
I know your name, and I know a lot more than that.
You don't know anything about me.
I know that you're really, really angry that you're getting laid off, and that you feel cheated.
I was cheated.
And you have every right to feel angry, but this isn't the way.
I'm tired of everyone's lies.
You're just like all the rest.
You deserve to die, too.
- Patton.
- Pride, Marx's doing it now! Steven Marx.
Federal agent.
Put your hands in the air.
Turn around, slow.
Easy! You're too late.
You can't What's happening, Sebastian? The pressure's going down.
It's over.
It's over? It's over.
It's over.
Thank you, Patton.
I'll go put this box in my van.
Oh, oh.
Didn't expect you all to still be here.
We're just packing up, making sure we didn't leave anything behind.
'Cause, no offense, I never want to see the inside of this office again.
Fair enough.
Thanks for trusting in me today.
If I'm being honest, there were a few times I didn't think you'd pull it off.
Yeah, well, if I'm being honest, neither did I.
Wasn't my best day.
Sometimes getting through it is the best we can hope for.
But you saved lives today.
And for that, thank you.
Thank you.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey.
I want to talk to you about what happened earlier.
Ah, it's nothing to talk about, man.
Staying with me was one of the dumbest things you've ever done.
No, ma'am.
The dumbest thing I've ever done involves crazy glue, a fork, and a sleeping Mike Tyson.
- What? - Long story.
- Why, are you mad? - No, I'm not mad.
Well, you seemed like it when it was happening.
Yeah, maybe, but I'm grateful now, because, um these past couple of weeks have been like Crap.
And, you know, we all think we can do it alone, but we can't.
- We need each other.
- Yeah.
- You know what else we need? - That good stuff? - Nothing but the best.
- Yes.
- My personal reserve.
- Please.
- Let me grab it.
- All right.
I'll grab some glasses.
All right.
No, I forgot.
She'll have a blast.
Yeah, okay.
Naomi? Yeah, she's, uh, off to a Girl Scout camp.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, it's good.
She'll be happy.
You know, I still got some boxes in the back.
Should we pack up the rest? Not tonight, Sebastian.
P and I made an executive decision.
- Oh? - Tonight we drink.
I'm down with that.
Little pre-drink, and then we go to the bar.
Oh, that is the best idea I've heard all day.
What about Pride and Loretta? Uh, they got something else going on.
Oh, Patton was just about to tell me his Mike Tyson story.
- Oh.
All right, yeah.
- Yeah.
Settle in, it's a long one.
In a good way.
So it was me and Mike, we was in Las Vegas.
Yo, his house is crazy.
He got, like, these Roman statues - that stand over the pool.
- What? Christopher's old church.
He brought me here once.
Me too.
I enjoyed it.
I like thinking of him here.
His eyes lifted up, singing a hymn.
He had a nice voice.
Tried to get him to sing with me at the bar once, but he-he wouldn't do it.
How'd you know I was here? Trade secret.
You're a parish employee, Loretta.
I tracked your municipal vehicle.
So you're spying on me.
I didn't see you after we cleared City Hall, just wanted to make sure you were okay.
There goes that word again: "okay".
Suppose you'll respond with your old favorite: "I'm fine".
You just know me too well, Dwayne Pride.
- I'm not sure how I feel about that.
- Well, doesn't matter how you feel.
It's true and it's never gonna change.
Oh, boy.
I tell people every day, "Sorry for your loss".
Always wish I had more, something more useful to tell them.
No easy answers.
Well, I'm a medical examiner, I ought to be able to handle this better.
It's just Most of the time, death is clinical.
It's a puzzle to be solved.
But Christopher was a friend.
I'm having a hard time, Dwayne.
Just hurts.
I know.
Oh Must be even harder for you.
You two were so close.
Hard for all of us.
Keep telling myself eventually, it's gonna be easier.
Well, I'll keep telling myself the same thing.
Maybe one day we'll actually believe it.
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