NCIS New Orleans (2014) s06e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "NCIS: New Orleans" Sue-Ann! Barrett is not smarter than we are! Is it possible that he didn't kill Lasalle? No! You do not want to mess with me - or any of my people.
- You're already a man down.
Why risk anyone else? Eddie told me he had to kill him.
That he did it to protect his lost children.
Eddie Barrett is a cult leader? Yeah, well, he collects troubled souls and gives them hope again.
Federal agents! We have a lawful warrant for the arrest of Edward Barrett.
Our paths have been chosen.
Just need to see how it plays out.
You need to come with us.
Whoa, whoa.
No weapons.
Just stay calm.
There's no need for violence.
You don't want us in the house, just send Eddie out.
You're Special Agent Pride? That's right.
I have a message for you from Eddie.
NCIS needs to leave.
All except for you, Pride.
You're invited inside.
Okay, that's-that's a terrible idea.
I'm with Sebastian.
We're not letting you go in alone, Dwayne.
Okay, I'll come.
Did you hear what we just said? You go in there and suddenly they have a federal agent as a hostage.
I've come too far to get Eddie.
And I'm not letting him disappear again.
Let's go.
I accept your invitation.
Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
All of Eddie's followers went back into the house? So, what, we're just gonna leave Pride in there? No, we're not leaving anyone.
Well, what are we gonna do? We're gonna wait for the cavalry.
Who called them? I did.
Before we arrived at the plantation.
Guessing Pride knows? I am sure he does.
This is SOP in a situation like this.
We need to know every detail about what's going on in that house, everyone in it and what Eddie wants.
Well, maybe we should start with this.
There's no need for violence.
Nice one, T.
Get the video over to Patton.
And find out about these guys.
We need to stop this before it gets critical.
I feel like that ship has sailed.
Lot of supplies here.
Looks like you're expecting a visit.
How many people are here? How many kids are here? Tom won't answer you, Dwayne.
Well, then maybe you can.
Oh, we'll have plenty of time to talk.
Gonna let me be that close to my weapon? It's all about trust here.
Why would you trust me not to take the gun back? I know you want to kill me.
But I trust you won't turn the current situation into a catastrophe.
Not in front of the kids, at least.
Tom, why don't you make Dwayne some lunch? And then we can have a good, long chat.
Okay, I'm gathering blueprints and schematics for the plantation house.
But I got to warn you, these records are, like, a hundred years old.
Whatever you can find will help.
I'm using your video to try to ID these followers using facial recognition.
Might take a while.
Well, Sebastian's on his way back - to help you now.
- Copy that.
Tammy Gregorio, this is Joe Carson, FBI on-scene commander.
Thanks for coming.
My comms team is setting up a dedicated line into the house.
I'm trying to get control of the utilities, as well.
I think they're running electric on a generator.
- So you estimate 40 inside? - Men, women and children.
And one very stubborn NCIS agent.
We're mobilizing drones, setting up snipers.
I also have a team ready to breach if we need to.
It just feels like all this manpower only makes the circumstances worse.
You're 100% on that.
The best way out is through negotiations.
We're gonna handle those.
- Yeah.
- Yes, ma'am.
For what it's worth, I've been doing this for ten years.
I can smell violence in the air.
It's all over this place.
That's a lot of PB and J, huh? Oh, I mean, we got turkey, you know, if you have an allergy or anything.
No, I-I don't.
I'm just I'm not particularly hungry right now.
Really? 'Cause I'm always starving.
My mom says it's 'cause I'm growing a mile a minute.
- Your mom here? - Yeah.
She's downstairs.
How'd you end up with Eddie? We were drawn to him.
Like magnets.
That's how Eddie puts it.
But how was it really? Well, my mom and I were at a shelter.
Lost our house in a storm.
Eddie came by one day and gave us some clothes, offered us a place to stay.
What do you do here? Normal stuff.
My mom's a substitute teacher, so she does school for us.
We play games, there's an Xbox.
Anything else? He's asking if you deal drugs, Tom.
No, nothing like that.
A lot of chores, though.
It's good to keep busy.
I think it's time to go deliver those sandwiches.
What do you think of our little home? Not the word that comes to mind.
All these people blindly doing what you tell them.
Deal drugs.
Murder federal agents and their brothers.
Everyone's here because they want to be.
They can leave at any time.
Not now they can't.
That's because of you.
I'm not brainwashing anyone.
I'm just a beacon in the dark.
They were drawn to me.
Even you.
Your magnetism didn't draw me.
You're here to kill me.
I'm here to arrest you.
I don't want anyone else to get hurt.
If you believe that, you're lying to yourself.
Dwayne Pride's phone.
Barrett? This is Special Agent Khoury and Special Agent Gregorio.
What can I do for you? You can tell us Special Agent Pride is all right.
Dwayne's peachy.
You can send him out - and surrender yourself.
- That's not really the plan.
The house is surrounded, Barrett.
Options are limited here.
So, if you want to talk, maybe negotiate your way out, we're ready.
What do you want? Oh I got everything I need.
Any luck with Tammy's video footage of the people that are staying with Eddie? Yes.
Actually, it was easy to identify a bunch of them.
Ex-cons, wanted felons, what? Yeah, a couple.
They were easy to ID, but the rest? No criminal records.
Just bankruptcy, bad divorces, lost jobs.
So, we're not dealing with a militia.
We're just dealing with broken people? And their children.
Well, they're still armed to the teeth.
At least a few of them are willing to die for Eddie.
One wrong move out there and this makes Waco look like a walk in the park.
Well, we better not make a wrong move, then.
Hey, what are you doing here, Doc? Making sure this situation doesn't go critical.
Pride's being held hostage.
You need all the help you can get.
We don't have any bodies.
At least not yet.
Well, let's keep it that way.
And I am a Renaissance woman, Sebastian.
I have more to offer than an autopsy or a tox screen.
No, yeah, of course.
- That's not what I - For instance, I know a great deal about the plantation houses of Jeanerette, Louisiana.
You do? I worked a cold case there a few years ago.
Remains of the victim were found very close to this house.
Body was almost 100 years old.
Moonshiner from Prohibition.
- That's pretty cool.
- It is.
But it also may be relevant, and if you move out the way, I'll pull the murder file.
What do they think the plan is, Eddie? Dozens of federal agents outside.
Do people know what it is that you really want? And what is it I want? War.
I want the agents to leave.
Let us live our lives here.
It's just you and me, Eddie.
There's no reason to lie.
Peace isn't what you want.
Peace isn't what you want either, Dwayne.
So you can stop pretending you came into this house for law and order.
I'm the man you think killed your friend - and his brother.
- Not an opinion.
You want vengeance.
All these people are here because you offered them a better life.
I want them to be able to walk out and find it.
You say all the right things.
But you don't mean them.
Not trying to con you, Eddie.
Then speak the truth.
Since it's just you and me.
The world is chaos.
Random violence, destruction.
We all need to accept the chaos, find peace within the disorder.
Is that how you rationalize the trail of death you left behind? Death is just another reality of the chaos.
And everyone's so afraid of it.
But death isn't an absolute.
Uh, that's not my experience.
Isn't it? I've learned about you.
You were dead on an operating table, and yet, here you are.
That is not any of your business.
Let me show you something.
I was reborn, too.
Years ago.
Fire at the group home you were raised in.
I was covered in third-degree burns.
They were sure I was gonna die.
But I survived.
I was in the hospital for months in excruciating pain.
Do you know what that pain taught me? Not to play with matches? It taught me to love and respect the chaos.
It was a revelation.
And I'm going to share that revelation with your federal agents and the world.
You okay, Tom? Dwayne, stay where the hell you are! Leave the mess, Tom.
Dwayne, I've got to deal with something.
I can't wait for you to see it.
How are we gonna get Eddie to negotiate? I don't know if he will.
Nothing about his action or profile suggest that he can be relied on to act reasonably.
So it's a waiting game.
We just don't let it escalate.
- Sebastian, what you got? - Who's that? Patton tracked a call from the cell phone inside the plantation right after we arrived.
It went to an outside number, then that outside number made at least two phone calls to local media.
- He alerted the media.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I followed up.
Apparently, Eddie told them all that there was a standoff, that the feds were unlawfully trying to arrest him and harass his family, and that he had an NCIS agent inside.
Thanks, Sebastian.
Eddie invited them to bear witness.
What's going on out there? Attention is being paid.
The media.
You're staging a conflict for them.
Conflict is inevitable.
You know that as well as I do.
Any action we take causes a reaction.
Like killing my friend.
Lasalle dies, you get angry, you come after me.
There's consequences.
But it's all been in the shadows until now.
Where you thrive.
This is where I thrive, with family.
They're not your family.
They're your victims.
You created this whole situation.
You're gonna sacrifice 'em all.
No, Dwayne.
You did this by coming after me.
- No.
- And you've done it to the people you claim to love, as well.
Now sit back.
Enjoy the show.
We've got a problem.
There's movement on the plantation grounds.
Someone's come out of the house.
Any chance he's trying to flee the standoff? Doesn't seem like it.
He appears to be armed.
I've got a sniper ready.
To the man leaving the house: halt immediately.
Drop your weapon, get on the ground.
If you don't comply, we will be forced to take action.
He gets to the fence line, you take him out.
This is what they want.
They want for us to shoot someone on TV.
- What the hell, Gregorio? - Do not engage! Do not fire! Hold your fire! - You okay? - Yeah.
It's a toy gun.
What? Nice work, guys.
- Phil had one job.
- How'd he screw it up? And how'd they get through the gate? I thought we had it all blocked off.
We're not gonna get an opportunity like that again.
My people aren't gonna let this escalate, Eddie.
You need to accept that and start talking to 'em.
You think I'm gonna surrender.
I think it's your only option here.
And it's what's best for all these folks who you love so much.
I've got plenty of options.
Not so sure even you believe that.
Go back inside, Dwayne.
You need to move away from there.
Why don't you put the gun down before you hurt somebody? I'm protecting my family.
I know you feel that way, and we can talk about it, but the safety is off.
And your finger's on the trigger.
I know how a gun works.
I'm sure you do.
But you don't know how it feels to take a life.
And there's no reason to learn today.
You're trying to get us all killed.
I'm trying to help you.
He told us you'd lie, try to manipulate us.
I'm not.
It's dangerous here.
Don't take my word for it.
Look for yourself.
These wires.
You see 'em? What do you think they are? I don't I don't know.
For, uh for electricity.
The TV.
Except they're not connected to the TV, and they're not keeping the lights on.
I'm guessing that these wires run throughout the whole house.
What are you saying? I think the house is rigged.
I'm not sure for what, but I'm certain it's bad.
But the good news is, you and me we can fix the situation.
I want to get everyone out of here safely, and the first step to us doing that is you not shooting me.
I, uh I don't know.
Well, why don't we start by you putting the gun down, and just take it from there, okay? What the hell are you doing?! Hey, hey.
Come on, stop! He didn't hurt me.
Dwayne's destiny is not for you to decide.
Learn your place.
All right, what you got? Moonshine, and lots of it, going back to the 1920s.
Jeanerette was the epicenter for illegal alcohol during Prohibition.
The Mississippi gave the moonshiners a perfect delivery system.
Okay, those are some interesting facts, but how does that help us today? The moonshiners had to be able to move their product out of sight, so, they built tunnels under the plantation houses.
I pulled up archeological satellite images of the area.
- Looks like Pac-Man under there.
- That's right.
And they go directly under Eddie's house.
Okay, well, we can work with that.
How do we gain access? The closest entrance is about a half a mile from where you are now.
Sebastian's on his way to meet you.
And he's bringing some spelunking equipment.
Of course he is.
Probably his own, monogrammed.
Those tunnels haven't been used in almost 100 years.
Better safe than sorry.
You want to roshambo for who goes tunneling with Sebastian? No, I'll go.
You stay here, keep things calm.
Why does it feel like you got the easier assignment? All right.
Nice work, you guys.
I'm sorry about Tom.
I thought he knew how all this was supposed to go.
He should never have touched your gun.
Kids can be impulsive, especially when they're under stress.
Never had any of my own.
Not that I know of.
The key with children is helping them understand when they've made mistakes and keeping them safe.
Kind of a pain in the ass, - right? - They're not helping you.
That's for sure.
Having the kids here you think it'll make a statement, but it's only dragging out the standoff.
I see what you're getting at.
Honestly, the Feds? They won't engage with them here.
Media, they got a short attention span.
You don't want them to get bored.
You think you know what I have planned.
Of course I know.
You want spectacle.
You want bloodshed.
But I'm guessing that most of your people don't know that.
They know what I want them to know.
And I promise you you won't get what you want as long as those children are still in the house.
But if I release them? You're the hero protecting your flock.
They'll be more willing to listen knowing that their children are safe.
I'm wondering why you're being so supportive of my goals.
I don't give a crap about your goals.
I have my own.
But I'll agree with you on one thing.
Today is a day of reckoning, but not with the children in the house.
You're being honest.
I like it.
Tom? Gather the children.
That's the kind of place my mother warned me about going into.
I promise there are no zombies or mummies in there.
Come on.
Yeah, no, just, uh, just rats, toxic chemicals, structural damage that - could lead to collapse - Sebastian.
You trying to freak me out? Actually, it calms me down to talk out my fears.
I'm so happy you're calm.
Now, can we get in there and save our boss, please? Ladies first.
Are you preparing to enter the plantation? Look, we're not gonna get into any details.
Okay, all you need to know, what the people inside need to know, is that we want to keep everybody safe.
In that vein, we're setting up a new perimeter.
We need all of you to move toward the main road.
It's harder to see the house from there.
Y-You can't push us out.
But we're not.
We're doing our jobs.
Okay? We're protecting you.
Eddie's on the phone.
All right.
Let's get it moving.
I'm glad you reached out.
In five minutes, we're opening the front door.
You're surrendering? I'm releasing the children.
All right.
Let's-let's talk about People.
I know you're worried.
You don't have to be.
I know you don't want the kids to leave, but it's best for us.
And for them.
It's gonna be okay, everyone.
Eddie called the people outside the gates.
And Tom here, he's gonna take you out to them.
You got this.
Yes, Dwayne, he gets it.
I need you to come with me.
Go on.
Take the kids out.
We've got action.
We move in clean and fast.
Get them covered as quickly as possible.
And remember, we're all on "Candid Camera" here.
No mistakes.
What's going on? Don't want to ruin the surprise.
I'm Hannah.
Let me get you out of here.
Come on.
You're okay.
Right this way.
You're okay.
You see? I'm a man of my word.
Children are safe.
Order has been restored.
You did the right thing.
Everyone down there is breathing a sigh of relief.
Okay, light 'em up! What are you doing? Just bear witness! Take cover! Do not return fire! What the hell are you doing, Eddie? Letting it all unfold.
Okay, guys, you've made your point.
Shooting stopped for the moment, but my spotters see movement on the second floor.
They're going to start again.
Are there any injuries? Two of my guys.
They'll pull through, but that's just pure dumb luck.
This situation is out of hand.
We're too exposed out here.
We need to breach.
Tammy and Sebastian are still in those tunnels.
Let them look around, see if they can find another way into the house.
I don't think we have time for that.
I need to speak to NCIS.
- Please, I need to speak to NCIS.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, what's going on? What's going on? It's okay.
Thank you.
What's going on? I can't leave.
I'm here.
Go ahead.
Dwayne Pride has a message for you.
What do you mean, the house is wired? I'm not sure.
Pride says the entire house is set up for something.
The wires disappear under the floorboards.
Well, that's not much to go on.
Yeah, I know.
I was hoping that you and Sebastian could shed some light.
We just got under the house now.
Well, move fast.
FBI is preparing to breach.
Let me see.
What is all this? Ugh.
Smells like fuel.
It's probably some kind of an accelerant.
Eddie set the house to go up in flames.
Oh, God.
This is the moment, Dwayne.
I'm really pleased you're still alive to witness it.
Watch you fulfill your goal of getting all these people killed? The reason you're so blind is because you still define the world in accomplishments.
- Goals.
- Say whatever you want.
There's about to be a slaughter here.
That's because you and the people like you thought you could bring order by taking me in.
The federal agents are coming for us, just like I told you they would.
They want to silence us.
We won't let them.
We're going to face them together as a family.
It's our fate.
You need to stop lying to them.
You've set them up to die.
What's going on? He's just as blind as the rest of them out there.
Take a look out the window.
- You'll see what I see.
- The FBI is coming in here because he he ordered his men to shoot at them.
But this can still end peacefully.
Eddie, you said that they were free to go at any time.
Can they all leave now? Enough! Okay.
That's how he really is.
He's violent.
He's uncontrollable.
If we stand together, we'll find salvation.
That's a lie.
You've already decided - how this is gonna end.
- Get rid of him.
Look at the wires.
All around you.
Against the wall.
They're everywhere, look.
The house is a kill box.
- There! - Now's the moment! Are you going to believe his lies, or are you going to stand with me? Tammy, FBI's moving in.
Please tell me that you found a way to disable that accelerant.
Sebastian's working on it now.
Yeah, he's fully aware of the urgency.
Okay? It's kind of giving him a panic attack.
Don't panic, baby.
You got this.
This is the FBI.
You have one more chance to come out with your hands up.
All right.
All right.
It's, uh, some kind of a remote system.
It's got a frequency detonator that's set off by a cell phone.
All right, well, if you know what that is, that means you can shut it down.
It means I know what to try.
They're coming to take away your freedom! Don't give in! Eddie, no! Damn it! Put it down! Everybody, get down on the ground now! Go on, get down.
Don't move.
Everybody, get on the ground! Now! Two dead outside.
- Top floor's secure.
- Where's Eddie Barrett? And where's Pride? Let's go.
Don't move, Eddie.
Now this is the moment we've both been waiting for.
Are you sure Pride and Eddie went into the tunnels? Yeah, there was an escape hatch.
They couldn't have gotten far without being seen.
Whoa, look.
This looks new.
It just got excavated.
Yeah, but where does it lead? My guess is north, away from the river.
I'll have a team come up and meet you.
We got to find them before Eddie hurts Pride.
Yeah, or vice versa.
Feels familiar, huh? Like we've played this moment a thousand times before.
On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
What about my gun? You want me to get rid of it? Or would you prefer a different outcome? I'm bringing you in, Eddie.
You're gonna face the consequences for what you've done.
On that point, we agree.
We're all going to face the consequences.
On your knees.
We're not so different, Dwayne.
We both believe we can save people.
I want to lead them into chaos, you think order's the answer.
You're full of crap.
You just wanted to escape.
Willing to let dozens of people die just to do it.
Agree to disagree, Dwayne.
You're a coward, Eddie.
The whole world's gonna see it once you get sentenced to life in prison.
Is that your idea of consequences? Your friend is dead.
Never coming back.
That emptiness, that sense of injustice will last forever.
This is the last time I'm gonna say it.
Get on your knees.
Hands behind your head.
52 South West Franklin Street, Georgetown, D.
Rita, right? Laurel's at 428 West 27th Street, New York, New York.
- 1-0-0-1-2.
- Stop.
You think I can't get to them? No matter where you put me? Do you think I don't still have people willing to do anything I ask? I'm bringing you in.
Christopher Lasalle and his brother were just a small taste of what I'm capable of.
I'm not one of your followers.
You're someone who actually believes he's in control.
But I will drag you into the chaos and this will never end.
Pride, where are you?! What happened? He went for his weapon.
Followers are being detained and debriefed, but it looks like they were the real victims here.
They're gonna need some help sorting this out.
- I do, too.
- What's that mean? Well, your boss, Pride, he's nowhere to be found.
Yeah, well, he's had a bit of a day.
Just so.
I need to talk to him.
Get his statement.
Well, we could tell you his statement.
Eddie tried to pull a gun.
I have no doubt, but I need to hear it from him.
Any idea where he went? Why don't you tell your bosses that he'll make a statement soon enough.
Yeah, he just needs some time.
Christopher We got him.
They're trying to make party when they bring the groove Don't worry, Pride will be here - when he's ready.
- I know.
Now we're movin' But? But he disappeared from the crime scene.
Not a word.
That's understandable, given the circumstances.
I get it, he needs his space, but after what happened, I just From what I understand, Pride shot Eddie Barrett to protect himself.
That's what happened.
Am I missing something? No.
That's exactly what happened.
Pride shot Eddie Barrett to protect himself.
Hey, getting a little, uh, thirsty over there.
Well, then, make yourself useful.
Bring the drinks over.
All right.
That's I would argue that someone already made themselves useful when they disarmed a homemade firebomb, but - Valid point, Sebastian.
- Right, right, right.
But what have you done for us lately? All right, all right.
Can you feel it? Provisions, finally.
Listen, you guys, I don't know if I feel right without Dwayne.
Should we go look for him? I'd trace his phone but it got destroyed at the plantation.
I'm down for a search party if everybody else is.
No need.
Hey, why don't you join us? We got it You got it deep within your soul Ah-ah-ah, we got the funk We got the funk I guess he still needs time.
Who can blame him? Ah, ah, ah, we got the funk Ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah, we got the funk.
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