NCIS New Orleans (2014) s06e11 Episode Script

Bad Moon Rising

1 Come on, man.
Please don't do this.
I swear to God I'll never say another word.
Yeah, you won't say another word after Abel's done, either.
Hey, look, man, I was just a little drunk, all right? I didn't mean nothin'.
You were shooting off your mouth about the Corps.
Warned you never to talk about it outside the group.
I-I didn't say anything important.
The Commander doesn't accept excuses.
And he sure as hell doesn't give second chances.
No - Wait.
Please don't.
- Wait.
Let me do it.
Seen a lot of dead people.
Never actually killed one myself.
Had a feeling he'd be useful.
Oh, more than useful.
I was a CSI for years.
I can get rid of a body so no one'll ever find it.
Oh, let me go, man.
I don't think you got it in you.
About to prove you wrong.
Come on.
- Please.
Come on.
- Shut up.
- Please don't do this.
- Stop whining, I'll make it quick.
Come on.
Look, you don't have to do this! Shut your mouth! Get in.
Hold your breath.
Stay down for as long as possible.
Told ya.
Extra holes'll make him more buoyant.
Current should carry him out to the ocean.
That's if the gators don't get him first.
Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
There's a pain Like a shot through the heart The feel is gone The touch is gone Hey.
Here you go.
The love is gone Wait! How can I go on? The touch is gone The love Is gone How can I How can I Go on Who are you? Ooh What do you want from me? Who are you!? You doubt me This time, this time This time Pride? Uh You there? I'm coming.
Hang on.
We tried calling.
I-I-I just, I probably left my phone in the bedroom, that's all.
Spend another all-nighter doing paperwork? Well, it turns out that, uh, that's a pretty effective - sleep aid.
- Oh.
What's up? So, your friend Sebastian figured out the perfect way to get these white nationalists - to believe he's one of them.
- Yeah? Yep.
Last night he killed a guy.
Or at least he pretended to.
- What happened? - Well, he knew Hannah and I were following him, so he faked the whole thing, and he saved the guy's life.
Okay, well Is Sebastian okay? Yeah, his cover's holding up.
That should've been me going under.
Are you kidding? After all that time you spent undercover with the militia, you're burned in that community.
We just need to get Sebastian out of there as soon as we can.
Yeah, well, this guy we pulled out of the swamp last night, maybe he knows something, but I got to tell you he's not the brightest bulb in the pack.
That Fed shot at me! - I'm gonna sue! - Okay, what you're gonna do is you're gonna tell us everything you know about the Real American Corps.
How about you jump on your camel and go back to where you came from? - Hey! - Don't bother, Pride.
Heard worse on the playground growing up.
You know this man? - No.
- His name is Jeff Teagan.
Aviation mechanic out of Belle Chasse.
His girlfriend told us that some men who identified themselves as RAC tried to recruit Teagan a few weeks ago.
So what? It's a free country.
Least it used to be.
Petty Officer Teagan refused their offer, and he was found beaten to death the next day.
Well, I don't know anything about that.
No? These guys tried to kill you.
You're not stupid enough to try to protect them, are you? Because even if you weren't directly involved you'd still be an accessory to murder.
What?! No, I barely even know these guys.
I-I met 'em at a bar a few weeks ago.
Well, then you better start telling us everything you do know.
Who's in charge of the RAC? It's some guy they call the Commander.
The Commander's name? I don't know.
I haven't met him, all right? Hardly anybody has.
He only trusts a few top guys.
Okay, he's useless.
Let's give him back to the RAC.
- Let them finish what they started.
- Wait, wait! I do know one thing.
Then you better talk fast.
The RAC's about to do something.
Something big.
They said once it's done, everybody's gonna sit up and take notice of the Corps.
Sounds like whatever the RAC is planning is happening soon.
Whoever this "Commander" is, he's done a pretty good job of keeping the group off law enforcement's radar.
We still know almost nothing about them.
Let's loop Sebastian in.
See if he can find out more.
I'll arrange a meet.
Take Gregorio with you.
- I'll call you if I get anything else.
- All right.
You up for a game, honey? Oh, I'm not looking for any company honey.
- Sorry.
Was that too much? - No, no, it's good.
Man, this is the kind of place I used to avoid 'cause I was afraid of getting my ass kicked.
Yeah? Well, you look more like the ass kicker than the ass kickee right now.
- Pretty sweet 'stache, right? - Pretty sweet 'stache.
Head to the bar.
I'll keep watch.
I got you a diet root beer, twist of lime.
Just how you like it.
You are a lifesaver.
You have no idea how much crap beer I've pretended to drink over the last two weeks.
- Mmm.
- That's disgusting.
- How you doing? - Oh, great.
You know, just kind of wishing that my first time going undercover this long had been with a band of vicious Pokémon nerds.
It's hard.
- Those guys are pretty messed up.
- Yeah.
Do you want us to pull you out? No.
No, I can handle it.
Oh, hey, did my, um, decision letter from the REACT team come yet? Really? You're hanging out with killers, and you're worried about whether you got into the NCIS SWAT team? They said I was gonna hear this week.
So worry about it after you find out who murdered our Navy mechanic.
Any leads? No, they're pretty secretive.
Nothing new from the crime scene or the victim? Doc Wade found a partial fingerprint on the victim's body, but not enough for an ID.
I gotta get these guys to talk.
That dirtbag that you pretend-killed, he told Pride something big's going down.
I overheard them talking about something last night, but I couldn't tell what it was.
Hey, buddy.
You're up.
Pig! Keep your hands to yourself.
Smooth, man.
Ah, what are you talking about? I think she was into me.
What's up? You're coming with us.
All right.
Where we going? Taking a drive.
After you.
Jaw's a little more pointed.
How about this? Yeah, that's closer.
And you don't have any clue who this guy is? No.
But he's been popping up in my dreams for weeks now.
Maybe it's an old case.
A victim or witness or something? Well, you think I'd remember.
Can you make his eyes a bit rounder? How's that? That's him.
But still not ringing any bells.
Facial recognition got a hit on one of the guys from RAC.
Bryce Collier.
Priors for grand theft auto, B and E.
Let me pull up his known associates.
That's the other man who came for Sebastian at the bar.
Abel Brooks.
Convicted of armed robbery and assault.
You know, I could run your sketch through facial recognition, too.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
Yeah, do that.
Sebastian and those guys have been stopped at the same intersection for a while now.
What are they doing out there in the middle of nowhere? Khoury.
I need you and Gregorio to get eyes on Sebastian.
Right now.
Damn it.
They must've thrown it out.
Yeah, we'll find him.
Where do you think they took him? I don't know.
You didn't have to toss the phone, you know.
You could've just taken the battery out.
It's not like it can be tracked.
No phones allowed out here.
Or I could've just left it in my car, you know? Just saying.
So, uh what exactly are we doing here? You might want to stop asking questions.
They can be dangerous.
Come on.
Appreciate you coming out to meet me.
I'm Jim Keene.
Yeah, sure.
No problem, Jim.
You're the Commander? It is an honor to meet you, sir, There's no need for formalities.
We're all brothers here.
I heard that you shot a man for the cause last night.
Happy to do it, sir.
Abel tells me that you know your way - around crime scenes.
- Oh, yeah.
Worked with the Louisiana State Police as a CSI for seven years.
I know.
I looked you up.
Heard you got in a little trouble there.
Well, now, that That wasn't my fault, you know? Supervisor had just been riding my ass, telling me what to do all the time, and I kicked his ass, you know? I don't know how I'm supposed to take orders from someone - who's not even born in this country.
- That's right.
This country is being infested by unhealthy influences.
It's up to men like us to start cleaning house.
I'd like to be part of that.
Because meeting you has come at an opportune time.
Turns out we are in need of your services.
Like for you to help make a little problem go away.
- Hey.
- Still no sign of Sebastian? Nothing yet.
Hannah's with the sheriffs doing a grid search.
Well, I've been looking through property records for any connections to known members of the RAC, and there's nothing.
Yeah, well, we called in air support.
They'll be able to cover more ground.
God, he could be anywhere, Pride.
We'll find him.
Sebastian got his decision letter from REACT.
Oh? Cool.
Um, does it make me a terrible friend if I hope he doesn't get in? Hey, I'm glad you back.
- Hey.
- I was just about to call you.
- Find something? - Yep.
I may know who our mysterious Commander of the RAC is.
I spent last night digging into all the members that we've identified.
Turns out, over half of them are connected to this guy.
James Keene.
Former Army Ranger.
Yeah, but he was dishonorably discharged.
Shot a member of his own unit during an engagement.
He claims it was an accident, but no one believed him.
- Did he serve time? - For manslaughter, not for murder.
He only did three years.
Looks like he's got an outstanding warrant.
He's wanted for bombing a military warehouse in Little Rock a year ago.
Three people died, and Keene's been off the grid ever since.
This guy Keene finds out Sebastian's a cop, he'll kill him.
Actually, Loretta says Sebastian's fine.
Well, how does she know that? Because he left me a message.
A very messy message.
This morning, pieces of a body were discovered in Jefferson Parish.
So, of course, they found their way to my table.
Pieces? Dismembered, soaked in sulfuric acid to destroy - any distinguishing detail.
- What does this have to do with Sebastian? When I examined them, I found this.
That's one hell of a message.
Baking powder neutralizes sulfuric acid.
Sebastian must have secretly applied it to get my attention.
How did the remains make it to you so quickly? They were dumped outside Lafitte National Park.
It's an area that's patrolled by park rangers every morning.
- Sebastian knew they'd find this.
- He took a lot of risks - to get this to us.
- Yeah.
You able to ID the victim? Sebastian came through on that front, too.
The body parts were damaged beyond recognition, except for one perfectly preserved fingerprint.
Byron Landis.
He's got no criminal record, but he did pop up in a database of state employees.
Courthouse guard.
Maybe he was a member of the RAC? Maybe.
But whoever he is, Sebastian thinks that Landis is important.
We need to figure out how he's connected.
And bring Sebastian home, soon.
There's more grits if you want.
Oh, no, thanks.
I'm not hungry.
Grow a pair, man.
I did all the chopping.
You just poured a little acid over it all.
Looks like you're about done there, Abel.
Those grits were delicious, Commander.
Maybe you don't have the stomach for this kind of work.
I thought you were used to handling dead bodies.
Oh, no, it wasn't that.
Then what's bothering you? That guy last night, what'd he do? I offered him a chance to help us and he refused.
We're in a war here.
And there there's gonna be casualties.
Is that something you can handle or not? Whole world's gone to hell lately.
We got to do whatever it takes to make things right.
Yes, we do.
It's our duty.
You know, I served our military proudly.
But they are turning their backs on our kind, the very people who built America.
We just gonna take that? - No way.
- Damn right.
But the only way they will pay attention is if they are forced to.
Our military used to be respected and feared.
Real American men willing to die for their country.
And now they just, they just let anybody in.
Women, gays, foreigners.
The bottom of the barrel from the worst neighborhoods.
So what are we gonna do? Force them to face the error of their ways.
But you are only useful to me if you are truly committed.
I killed one man and I just got rid of another.
How much more commitment do you need? Eat up, then.
We've got a lot of work to do today.
Meet me out front in ten.
When we find Sebastian, I'm gonna kick his ass.
He should've pulled out when I told him to.
He made a tactical decision, just the same way you would've.
It-it's like he's looking for ways to play with fire.
This whole going undercover and REACT thing, it's Sebastian is He's growing, as an agent, as a person.
- Oh, God - Look, I get it.
You worry.
So do I.
Same way I worried for Laurel when she wanted to go off to New York.
But I knew, if I held her back, she'd just resent me.
Hey, so I talked to Byron Landis's old boss at the courthouse.
He retired, full benefits.
Never any trouble there.
He has no ties to white nationalist groups, either.
So what's his connection to the RAC? Uh, he's been working ever since he retired.
Part-time security work.
Yeah? Anywhere interesting? A food manufacturing company in Elmwood.
Tried to reach out to them, they don't open on Saturdays.
- Can you get the number of the owner? - Yeah.
Who's that? Oh, that's a little something I was doing for Pride.
I don't recognize him.
Is that a case? That's just a little favor.
Look, whatever it is, I just hope that that Pride's talking to you about it.
Because he thinks he's hiding it well, but it's really clear that he's struggling.
It's been a tough year for all of us.
Here you go.
The cell phone number to the owner of the manufacturing company.
That's a lot of nitrogen.
Remember what I said about questions? Technically, that was more of a statement.
I just don't know what else we have to do to get this guy to trust us.
Commander's careful.
Maybe even a little paranoid.
He only tells us what we need to know.
Just don't see how we're supposed to carry out this big plan if nobody knows what's going on.
Don't worry about it, man.
I'm sure he'll fill us in tomorrow.
Whatever it is, it's gonna be epic.
He asking more questions? Nah just making statements.
Excited to know what's going down, right? Absolutely.
You two take off.
We'll load the rest.
You're with me.
Abel, we got company! I see Sebastian.
We got to get him, Pride! Hold on.
Go, get out of here! Let's go inside, there's more cover, come on! - Come on! - Okay, okay! Go! Go! NCIS! Drop your weapon! Secure him! Then cover the front! Pride.
- Where's Brooks? - He's on the far side, we're supposed to be surrounding you.
All right, look.
Let's split up.
We'll take him down.
No, no.
We-we can't, okay? I mean, I-I can't.
I can't break my cover.
This thing, that's happening tomorrow, they're gonna kill people.
Yeah, but we have them now.
- We can stop it.
- But that's the thing, I don't know where it's happening, okay? None of these guys do, but they trust me now.
All right? So if I stay with them for a little bit longer What are you doing? Hit me, Sebastian.
You have to do better than that.
- Finish him off! - No, wait! We got to go! Come on! There's gonna be more! Gregorio they're coming out, don't stop them.
We got to let them go.
- Ahh.
- Okay Sebastian certainly didn't pull his punch.
Eh, that's my fault.
I told him not to.
Yeah, you should've got him out of there, Dwayne.
Well, it was his call, and he made the right one.
Makes me sad to think of him with those people.
The hateful things he'll have to say or do.
Hopefully by tomorrow it'll be over, - and he'll be home.
- Yeah, but what will it cost him? Right now, though, I'm concerned about you.
This might be an orbital fracture.
- What? - Follow this for me.
Something wrong, Dwayne? What What? Nah, just a, a bad memory.
It's nothing.
Didn't look like nothing.
No, I-I'm okay, Loretta, thanks.
Uh, uh, I-I shouldn't keep you.
Hoping you can find something on the body, give us some clue so we can stop this thing before it gets started.
Of course.
Now you call me if that pain doesn't go away in a few hours.
He screwed it up somehow! The cops must've identified the body, figured out where he works.
You don't know that.
Someone could've seen us and called it in.
- You had one job - And I did it.
Don't look at me 'cause your operation fell apart.
You're blaming me for this? - Enough.
- I never trusted him I said enough! We don't turn on each other.
That's what they want.
Makes it easier for them to take what should be ours.
You should've let me kill that cop.
Yeah, then every cop in the state - would be looking for us.
- The only fact that matters right now is we are one man down.
A man that we needed for tomorrow's mission.
Are you good with a rifle? Yeah, I'm all right, I guess.
You told us you qualified at sharpshooter level.
That a lie? No.
I just don't know if I want to be a part of something if no one's gonna trust me.
I wouldn't be asking you if I didn't trust you.
Tomorrow, the Corps needs you.
Will you join us? Of course.
It's time to show people - who this country really belongs to.
- Damn right.
Now get some rest.
Both of you.
You may have them fooled, but not me.
The RAC seems to target disgruntled military - and law enforcement.
- Keene finds men like himself.
- Did you get an ID on that guy? - Yeah, Todd Solloway.
He did a couple of tours as a military scout sniper, got an ODPMC discharge.
Mental issues? He fought it, but lost.
The fact that one of their most trusted guys was a sniper is troubling.
Well, I've been trying to figure out who their target might be.
The only thing stolen from that warehouse were tanks full of nitrogen.
Well, Petty Officer Teagan was an aviation mechanic.
Nitrogen is used extensively in airplane fuel lines.
You think Keene tried to get the nitrogen from him first? Maybe because he refused, they went after the security guard.
But why? Nitrogen's incredibly stable.
You can't use it as an explosive.
It's Doc Wade, maybe she found something.
- Hey, Doc.
- Hey.
Any word from Sebastian? Nothing yet.
We'll let you know the minute we hear.
Loretta, you find something? Yes.
A match to the partial print we found on our Navy mechanic victim a couple weeks ago.
Wait, I thought that partial wasn't enough to ID? It wasn't.
Until the killer ended up on my table.
The print matches Todd Solloway.
That makes sense.
He's one of the guys Keene trusted most.
Anything that might help us find where they are? Nothing very useful, I'm afraid.
Though Mr.
Solloway did have an unusual meal before he was killed.
How unusual? Rattlesnake and jalapeño sausage.
Can't be too many places in the city you can get that.
We'll take any lead we can get at this point, Doc.
Sebastian's running out of time.
All right, men, listen up.
To get the military to wake up, we need to make an impression.
We're gonna blow something up with nitrogen, aren't we? No, we can't.
I'm just saying nitrogen isn't combustible.
It won't blow We literally can't.
Very astute.
He's right.
No explosions today.
So what are doing? Thing about nitrogen is, it can suck the oxygen right out of the air.
You could kill people without them even knowing - they're in danger.
- That's right, over a hundred if we're lucky.
Just tell us what to do.
You two are together.
Take the rifles.
Solloway scouted the site yesterday, found a good sniper's nest.
Get up there, when I give the signal, you start shooting.
What about the nitrogen? You two are just getting things rolling.
We'll all be on comms, when everybody starts running the three of us will take care of the rest.
And men if anything goes sideways out there, we do not go down without a fight.
You start shooting, and you kill as many of those vermin as you possibly can.
One way or another, we will get our message across.
You look a little nervous there.
Come on.
We got work to do.
Patton's scanning street cams for the plates of either of those trucks.
Yeah, BOLOs are out for all known RAC members.
Including Sebastian.
We need to figure out their target before he's forced to compromise his cover.
If he does that, he's gonna get himself killed.
I may have something.
So there's only one place in town that makes rattlesnake jalapeño sausage.
Well, at least we know one place the sniper visited.
Not exactly.
It's made locally, but it's served on a food truck.
First of the Wurst? Clever and popular.
Stops at several locations each day.
I was able to get a route map, but it didn't narrow things down much.
Actually, it might.
I've been putting together a list of targets the RAC might hit.
So one of those locations means something to you? Yeah, maybe.
A contact at Homeland sent me everything they have on James Keene.
This is a manifesto he wrote a few years ago.
He doesn't like the military, right? Well, he claims that he's fighting for the military, which he believes is being destroyed by recruiting "foreign influences".
Who does that include? According to Keene, anyone who's not a straight Caucasian male.
This is one of the potential targets I identified.
Military recruitment fair.
Cormier College.
- That's one of the food truck stops.
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe the sniper was there scouting the place? Best lead we got.
Let's check it out.
- Which way? - Far side.
I don't see the Commander or the others.
Shut up and stop looking around.
You'll draw attention.
Hey! Come on! There's a lot of people here.
If these RAC guys are here and panic, they could start shooting.
Yeah, we need to keep a low profile.
It's mostly college kids, though.
Might be kind of hard to blend in.
Actually I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
Hats and jackets.
Let's communicate if we spot any RAC members.
Let's identify as many as possible before we make a move.
So we shoot everyone down there panics and runs for safety.
Like the cowards they are.
That building is the most logical place for shelter.
I still can't figure out why they stole that nitrogen.
The reason they use nitrogen in food processing is to suck out all the oxygen, right? Maybe they don't plan to use it out here.
Commander, we're in position.
Wait for my signal.
Let's do this.
Don't even think about backing out now.
I'm not.
I was right about you, wasn't I? I told the Commander you've been hiding things from us.
That you're not who you pretend to be.
What, exactly, did you tell him? That I've known plenty like you.
Guys who try to act like they belong.
But the truth is, you're not willing to do what's needed to be done to change things.
You can't handle the real work.
That's what you think I'm hiding? That I'm not as tough as you? Now get into position Man, that felt good.
Hang on.
Got one in front of the building.
Quad looks clear.
I'm heading to you.
Pride, thank God.
Listen, it's the building, okay? Keene's gonna suffocate everyone by herding them inside.
Sebastian, where are you? I'm on the rooftop across from the quad.
And we're go in three, two, one.
It's happening now.
What's happening? Brooks, fire.
Keep everyone out of that building.
Bryce, get those people moving.
Everybody in here! You'll be safe! No! Stay where you are! No, no, no, no.
Not this way.
- Wait! - Hurry! Gregorio, seal off the building.
Everyone's running right into a kill zone.
Come on, everybody inside! Stop! Don't go in the building.
Everybody in here! You'll be safe! No, do not go inside.
Put your hands where I can see 'em, now! Don't.
I got him.
Go get Keene.
Put 'em up, now! Get out.
Get out! Tell everybody to stay outside.
Go outside.
Keene! Hands behind your head.
You guys all right? Yeah.
Yeah, paramedics are helping the victims.
Everyone's reviving.
Keene's dead.
How are you, Sebastian? Oh, I'm just glad it's over, you know.
I really need a shower.
You're gonna burn in hell.
You're a traitor to your race! - Shut up.
- You're a traitor to your species.
Am I right? She mad at me for something? I-I think she's just glad to have you back.
Still working on that report? Yeah, I'm just trying to finish it.
Hey, I'm I'm sorry again about your eye.
I should have pulled that punch.
You were just following orders.
You do have a hell of a right cross, though.
Well, you know.
You should head home.
- There's no hurry on that report.
- Honestly I just I want to be done with this.
I want to get it out of my head.
Never easy trying to be something you're not.
I guess I just, I don't understand why anyone would want to live that way.
It's not something I've ever fully understood myself.
I've always felt differences should be celebrated, not condemned.
You should get some rest, Sebastian.
I will.
I've just got to - purge the last two weeks.
- Okay.
Oh, hey, did you happen to see if, um, my REAC decision letter came in? It should have come by now.
Wasn't on your desk? No.
You might want to check with your roommate about that.
Whoa! Man, you about to give me a heart attack.
Please don't sneak up on me like that.
You're not still fooling with that, are you? Yeah, well, facial recognition was a bust, so I figured I'd just go through these old case files and see if your nightmare buddy is connected to any.
Don't worry about it.
Sorry, I I sh-shouldn't have wasted your time.
Oh, come on, man.
I love a good mystery.
Just a bad dream.
There's nothing more to it.
There's got to be something.
We just keep digging, - we'll figure it out.
- Just let it go! Okay? Okay.
If that's what you want, Pride.
Just Appreciate your efforts.
Good night.
Hey! Hey! Is that your sauce I smell? Yes, it is.
A little surprise for you.
Figured you deserved it.
Oh, great.
You're welcome.
Oh, hang on.
What? What's up? Nothing.
I just Seemed like you were mad at me.
Why would I be mad at you? Well, you don't always need a reason.
Well, maybe I was a little mad at you, but, we're all good now.
Okay, great.
Uh, Pride suggested that I ask you about my decision letter from REACT.
Have you seen that at all? Have I seen that? Maybe.
Where did I see it? Oh, maybe this is it right here.
- It's been opened.
- I know I crossed the line, but I didn't read it.
- Would you admit it if you did? - Look, you know how much I worry about you, right? And you wanting to do all these dangerous things, like going undercover and REACT it's just Crazy Town.
I know.
Then I realized that you're ready for it.
And even though I don't like it, I have to deal with it, so Well, thank you.
You're welcome.
You totally read this, though, didn't you? I swear to God, I didn't read it.
Open the damn letter.
- Open it up already.
Come on.
- All right, all right.
Well? What is it? Yes? No? What? Yeah.
Yeah? You got in? - I made it.
- Yeah, you nut case! Yeah! Good job! What, did you not do one dish while I was gone? You want this sauce on the plate or on your head? Why are there Froot Loops in a frying pan? - I just cooked you a whole meal.
- Also, I made this - in third grade - Now I'm done.
Good night!
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