NCIS New Orleans (2014) s06e12 Episode Script

Waiting for Monroe

1 Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to tell you like this, but I mean it.
I'd really like to stay friends.
Hello? Hello? Please tell me that wasn't Alyson.
Didn't your mother teach you not to eavesdrop? I'm not eavesdropping.
You know, I'm just here, making a sandwich, you're walking into the room.
Yeah, it's Alyson.
What happened? Last week, you kicked me out of the house so you could make her some fancy deal salty bocca or whatever.
First, it's saltimbocca.
Second, Alyson and I are just going in different directions, that's all.
- I really liked her, though.
- No, baby, you liked her baking.
Well, I am a sucker for homemade cookies.
That sounded pretty rough.
You need anything? Um my blood sugar's pretty low right now.
Really? Thanks.
Been a long time, Joanne.
Imagine it was hard adjusting to Virginia Beach after the Pacific Northwest.
Atlantic Operations keeps me plenty busy, that's for sure.
How can NCIS New Orleans help ease the load? Two days ago, Lieutenant Brittany Simone was gunned down in London where she worked for the Office of Naval Research.
It appears to be a professional hit.
Any leads? No evidence at the scene, but a witness claims to have seen a woman dressed in black, but couldn't give us a description.
So we're dealing with a female suspect? It appears so, and when we retraced Lieutenant Simone's steps, we found this woman was following her the day before she died.
Following somebody's a far cry from murdering them.
Why do you think she's the killer? We ran facial recognition, and we found that she matched several INTERPOL Red Notices from Rome and Greece.
She's unidentified, but she is wanted for questioning in connection with two other murders: a banker and a doctor.
Was she following them, too? Local law enforcement say yes.
And now she's in New Orleans? Yes, we think she's there.
But we figured that out only after she landed.
When was that? Five hours ago.
So you have no proof that she's killed anyone.
True, but wherever this woman goes, death seems to follow.
What name did she use to buy the tickets? Julia Durand.
And unfortunately, the Social Security number tied to it didn't exist until three years ago.
All right.
Uh, so, have ICE send us the passport photo.
If she's here, we'll find her.
- Mm-hmm.
- My team has caught people with far less to go on.
CJ, I thought I told you to wait in the hall.
Come on, Mom.
This guy was struck by lightning.
You want to see the Lichtenberg scarring that lightning strikes can cause? No, I want to see if it made his hair stick up.
Well, you're not gonna see either one of them.
Go on.
You're just too much sometimes.
That's what Detective Holloway said about me earlier today.
Detective Holloway? Who's Detective Holloway? What were you doing talking with him? He spoke at my school about some youth outreach programs at the NOPD.
I want to write an article for the paper about them.
- That's a great idea.
- Right? So I convinced him to take me on a ride-along.
A what? It's when you get to go in the car with the cops.
I know what a ride-along is.
What would you be doing going on a ride-along? I want kids to see how hard a detective's job is, show their commitment.
Humanize 'em, you know? Otherwise no teenager's gonna care about a police outreach program.
You're a little young to be going on a ride-along.
Detective Holloway said he'd make an exception.
As long as I got your permission.
I'll talk to Detective Holloway.
But I'm not making any promises.
Well, Pride says the man that sat next to our suspect on the plane didn't offer much.
She just sat there.
No laptop, no cell phone.
The one interesting thing that did happen, though, was when the flight attendant offered to stow her bag, she refused to let it go.
Something special about the bag? Just a brown bag.
She kept it in her lap the whole flight.
It was an international flight.
No way she got a weapon onto the plane, but she did care about something.
Where are we at with the victims? No obvious connections.
Yeah, Lieutenant Simone was responsible for a project that tracked the effects of sonar from naval ships on fish in the Mediterranean Sea.
Banker's name was Lena Davis.
Worked at a top firm in Rome.
- And the doctor? - Uh, Jonas Antoni, an esteemed neurologist in Greece.
Each killed differently stabbed, shot, poisoned.
- Why use different methods? - Avoids establishing a pattern.
It's almost like a bad joke a sailor, a banker, and - a neurologist walk into a bar.
- Only, the punchline is, none of them ever walk out again.
Our lady's disguises were no match for my software.
She walks in a blonde then walks out a brunette.
Do you know where she went after? She hopped in a taxi.
The driver said he dropped her off - at the Windsor Court Hotel.
- Okay, Patton.
You and Sebastian keep digging into the victims.
Find a connection.
Me and Tammy will head to the Windsor Court Hotel.
We'll call Pride on the way.
She checked into the hotel under the name Elaine Ellison.
Sebastian's looking her up, but don't hold your breath.
Doorman said she walked out about ten minutes ago on foot.
So no idea where she's headed or how long she'll be gone for.
Patton's checking the street cams, so he'll find her.
Unless she left with a bag full of wigs and hats.
Well, at least we'll be able to search her room.
Yeah, I'll stay down here, let you know if she comes back.
Well I think I prefer her as a blonde.
There's nothing personal or helpful.
I also don't see the bag she was so concerned about on the plane.
Patton find out where she went? Not yet, but Sebastian looked into the name she checked in under.
Another alias.
Also created three years ago.
You know, we could just arrest her for using false identities, break her story back at the office.
We don't know who she is, why she's here, if she's the killer, and if she is, who her target is.
We arrest her, we may never get the answer.
She's on her way up.
- Oh! - Oh.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- No.
- I'm just trying to help.
- You're not helping.
- I'm sorry.
I've got it.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Watch where you're going next time.
- I'm sorry.
- With your drink.
Have a nice, uh night, day.
The infamous brown bag? Yeah, full of files.
I couldn't see what they were, but as she was shoving everything back into her bag, I got a glimpse of a weapon.
Looked like a Glock 380, but I can't be sure.
Maybe that's where she went.
She couldn't bring a weapon into the country, had to go get one here.
Which means she's one step closer to doing whatever it is she came here to do.
And since we have no idea what that is, got to be sure we don't let her out of our sight.
Hey, this is where you - want to set up shop? - Yeah, I've got a good view - of the hotel's entrance.
- All right, come on.
Hey, man, your mystery woman took a trip to the bank earlier today, and she emptied out a safety deposit box registered to a Libby Dawson.
I'm guessing it was opened three years ago with an identity that's another dead end? It's like you've done this before.
You know what she got out? Well, I'm good, but I ain't that good.
Bet it was that gun I saw.
Hannah and Gregorio set up? Directional mics, binoculars, long-zoom cameras.
All set up across the street, with a perfect line of sight - into our woman's room.
- Great.
Hotel should be sharing access to their security feeds with you any minute.
Got them all up.
And they sent over their reservation log.
Couple hundred names to sort through.
You know, a a woman opened that safety deposit box three years ago, and all her fake IDs are three years old, too.
Okay, that gives us a timeline.
But what's it all got to do with our three murder victims - across Europe? - I don't know yet.
Could be that whatever this is all about started here.
- And it needs to finish here.
- Yeah.
Know what? I'll have Sebastian see if he can connect our victims to New Orleans.
Hey, man, you know, it's been a while since just you and I had time to burn.
Yeah, I guess it has.
- Yeah.
- Be nice to catch up.
And I also come prepared, baby.
- Oh, my - Caffeine and fried foods.
Damn, I love - a good stakeout.
- But let's see how you feel in the morning after the sun rises.
I know.
Just tell Naomi that I'm really sorry, okay? And that I'll pick her up next practice.
Thanks, Ryan.
It's the 21st century.
Why do we need wires for anything anymore? Well, Patton says you can't let a stakeout go south - because of a bad wireless connection.
- Oh, yeah? Well, then, Patton should invent a damn cord holder.
It's got to be hard canceling on Naomi because of work.
Ryan tells her that her mom's out saving the world.
You are.
Does she care? I mean, sometimes.
Other times, she puts me in the penalty box, you know? No news from school.
No GIFs with cats on skateboards.
Losing those cat GIFs has got to hurt.
And we're live.
Perfect timing.
We have got movement.
Hey, can you come over here and read this writing in this file? No matter how clear I get it, I'm not gonna be able to read it.
It's just gibberish.
It's Albanian.
I'm a little rusty, but it's nothing an online translator can't help.
Well, I'll just stand here and watch someone read.
How in the world did my son convince you that a ride-along was a good idea, Detective Holloway? CJ showed an incredible amount of enthusiasm for a young man.
He wore you down.
Uh CJ would be formidable arguing in a courtroom.
He's persuasive.
No, a breath of fresh air.
We've been trying to get young people excited about our outreach programs, and CJ's article might actually help.
See, that's what I was afraid of.
- Look, Detective Holloway - No, no, no.
You're clearly experienced, so you know how dangerous a ride-along can be.
I'm not a beat cop, Dr.
I only arrive after the crime has been committed.
I know what a detective does.
Look, agreed.
Taking a minor is a little unconventional, but CJ impressed me.
And I'll only be taking him on a tour.
I won't respond to any calls.
But even a ride-along can take a turn.
Are you worried I'll get into an accident? The chances of that are so slim.
Well, slim chances are all I deal with at the morgue.
I know what a coroner does.
Look, I was nervous when my daughter went on a ride-along.
The thing is our kids are surrounded by danger every day.
Ride-alongs only help them be more prepared.
Knowledge is power.
If you're worried, come and join.
You look like a woman who knows how to handle herself in the field.
So, there I was in a broken-down car in the Italian Dolomites.
That's when I saw the headlights.
I'm finished.
Anything? If everyone registered with their own name, no one has any connection to Lieutenant Simone or the other two murder victims.
At least, no connection that I can find.
Man, that's a lot of qualifiers.
Feel like there's more that we don't know about this case than we do know.
I've been combing through this hotel's staff records, and I haven't gotten a hit, either.
Know what, let's split up the rest, man.
- All right.
- So, anyway, the headlights turned out to be a farmer on his way to help a cow in labor.
- Hmm.
- I hitched a ride.
Next thing you know, there I am, cradling a baby calf on a milk farm in Italy.
Well, just goes to show you, you never know where life is gonna take you.
Or a farmer in Italy, for that matter.
That's where that magnet came from.
Wait, no.
No, hold-hold hold on.
That entire story was about this-this one little magnet? Oh, I got plenty more where that came from.
Anyway, what's up with you? - How's it going? - She hasn't left her hotel room.
Nobody suspicious in or out, either.
Man, I was gonna say I'm missing out on all the fun, but now I'm not so sure.
Well, Patton's not run out of stories.
- You find anything helpful? - Yeah, I used an online Albanian translation program on those papers we managed to take a picture of.
Well, that sounds promising.
It's a copy of Lieutenant Simone's research.
She found an unusually high amount of sea bass that were dying off the coast of Albania.
Why would our assassin be interested in dead sea bass? I don't know.
But our dead doctor also traveled to the same region a month before he was murdered.
- What for? - No idea.
- What about the banker? - Nothing yet.
The bank sent over a ton of heavily redacted files that Hannah and Tammy are gonna help me go through.
Well Time is not on our side, Sebastian.
No pressure.
Oh, she's on edge.
She's waiting for something.
So, the banker covered accounts for corporations, millionaires, billionaires.
Any one of these people could have had secrets - worth killing over.
- Any connection to Albania? Not yet.
Oh! What? Aw.
She's so pretty.
- I know.
- The only person who texts me this early is Sebastian, and usually, he's sending me pictures of the dirty dishes I left in the sink.
I thought you were dating someone.
No, Alyson and I split up.
Your idea or hers? Mine.
Hold up.
So, the banker worked with a company called Infinity Plastics.
They owned a PVC factory in Albania.
I'll send it to Sebastian, see what he thinks.
You want to talk about what happened with Alyson? There's nothing to talk about.
I mean, she wanted something I couldn't give her, so why dwell on it, you know? You know, I-I have not dated in a while, but after breakups, I like to, you know, decompress.
Kind of figure out what I want for the next relationship.
When I go through a breakup, I like to act like it never happened so I can jump right back in the pool.
It's an incoming call on her end.
Patton's on it.
I understand.
In three hours.
Patton, any chance you know what's going on - in three hours? - Negative.
- She's breaking the SIM card.
- At least we know there's a countdown to something.
She destroyed it.
Countdown to what? Damn.
Needed her to stay on the phone another minute.
Hey, dude.
Need another cup of coffee? Look like this overnighter's catching up with you.
I wish I could say it was my first one this week.
Sleep and I are not on speaking terms these days.
Any idea why? - Just a lot on my mind, I guess.
- Come on, Pride.
I been trying to get you to open up all night, man.
What do you mean? About what? About this man in a red suit.
Ever since you told me to stop looking into him, you start looking worse and worse.
Look, I told you, it's just a dream.
No dream is that persistent.
Hey, she checking in? Come on, man.
You ain't gonna distract me.
That's Ms.
Myers from the fifth floor.
She probably going to report another noise complaint.
No, back to this dream.
Pride, come on.
I'm on your side, all right? Last time I saw him, it wasn't a dream.
It was a memory.
A memory of what? I saw him, whoever he is, in the rain.
Left for dead.
I don't know when or where, but I know something very bad happened.
You remember anything else? No.
And to be honest, I'm not sure I want to.
I It's like I'm standing in front of a closed door, and my intuition is screaming at me not to open it.
Pride, that's fear talking.
That's not you.
You the type of guy that'll kick a door down no matter what's waiting on the other side.
Yeah, well, that's for my job.
This is different.
Man, running is running, no matter who you're running from.
If you're being haunted by a memory, you need to confront it, or you're gonna be running from it for the rest of your life.
What are those buttons for? Well, that's the spotlight.
That's the P.
And this is the dashcam.
And that switch? Ah.
This controls the siren.
But I I bet you already figured that out.
Can we turn it on? Only in an emergency.
There's probably an emergency somewhere.
Need a response for an 18-Adam.
That for us? - They need help? - No.
Someone's calling in an abandoned vehicle.
My sign is 4320.
I use it when I need something.
And they use it when they need me.
What are the other codes? Uh, 23 is traffic congestion.
And 90D, gambling with dice.
24 is medical emergency.
Have you ever been in a car chase, - Detective Holloway? - Not in 30 years.
And, before you ask, - no shootouts, either.
- Ah.
What do you do all day? Mostly paperwork and phone calls.
Sometimes I spend the day in court.
Being a cop is 98% tedium, - Mm-hmm.
- 2% terror.
Yeah, well, it's the aftermath of that 2% that keeps me plenty busy at work.
Well, I can't imagine what you see - down there in the morgue.
- Ugh.
Now, recently there was a case where we couldn't figure out why a plane crashed, until I discovered that the pilot had a drone lodged in his throat.
Well, last week, I had to arrest a ghost.
What'd you have to do that for? Oh, because a poor lady she claimed it had broken into her apartment.
That was a nice thing to do.
Eh, what can I say? I'm a nice guy.
Okay, nice guy.
Recently, we pulled a body from Lake Pontchartrain.
Had it in my fridge for about an hour when I heard a tapping from inside.
- Don't tell me he was alive? - A crab had hitched a ride inside him and wanted out.
- What'd you do with the crab? - Oh, I took him back to the lake.
Au revoir, crabe.
Tu parles français.
What's that new batch of stuff Sebastian gave you? It's the Greek doctor's social media.
And my Greek is rustier than my Albanian.
But it seems like he travels a lot.
Volunteered at a bunch of different clinics around the Mediterranean treating illnesses.
It's hard to believe this woman killed anybody, she's so boring.
You find a lot of people boring.
I mean people are pretty predictable.
You're looking for someone who can surprise you? Are we still talking about the assassin? Because I'm definitely not looking for her to surprise me.
I'm talking about Alyson.
Think she's on the phone in there? Hey, Patton, - get any signal inside the room? - And I wasn't getting bored of Alyson.
I'm a profiler I can predict how a relationship is about to end, and we were headed for a crash.
Why? Negative.
No signal in or out.
Her family was coming into town, she wanted to introduce me.
That means she wants to get serious.
Okay, maybe they were just visiting, she thought it'd be fun.
Did you talk to her about it? I didn't have to.
I can see the signs.
We would have started fighting, and it would have ended anyway.
Why wait? Oh, that sounds like you're focusing on what could go wrong in a relationship - instead of what could go right.
- Why the hell would I take advice from a woman who refuses to date? That's fair.
But how about taking advice from a friend who wants you to be happy? I'm not looking for anything serious right now.
Just leave it.
Maybe you just haven't met the right person.
No, it's complicated, Hannah, it's very complicated.
Even when I meet the right person, even if I met the right person right now Just forget it.
What do you mean? Oh.
Okay, Eagle's on the move.
Let's go.
Come on, Barbara Walters, let's go.
Shushicë River.
Come on, pick up, pick up.
Make it quick, Sebastian.
- She's on the move.
- Pride, it's mercury poisoning.
- What is? - Our banker worked for Infinity Plastics.
They have a PVC factory in Albania on the Shushicë River.
Our doctor went to this Albanian mountain town to treat people.
And Lieutenant Simone she found the dying sea bass just off the coast here.
Infinity's dumping something into the river.
Yeah, mercury.
They use it to make their pipes.
What's the connection to New Orleans? - She she chose to come back here.
- I think it's because Infinity Plastics used to have a PVC factory just outside the city.
Used to? They shut it down three years ago.
Three years ago.
Right when our mystery woman popped up on the scene.
She was caught following three people who had incriminating evidence against Infinity Plastics.
Yeah, three people who were murdered.
But now she has their evidence.
And-and she hasn't destroyed it yet, so Why not? 'Cause we got this all wrong.
Who the hell are you? Why are you following me? Easy, now.
I'm with NCIS You work with Infinity Plastics, don't you? No.
Federal agent! Drop your weapon! It's okay, Hannah! Hannah, it's okay.
We're not with Infinity.
We're on your side.
I'm gonna need you to relax now, please.
We thought you were an assassin, but you're not.
We know you're-you're just trying to stop Infinity Plastics from hurting any more people.
- Let us help you.
- How do I know you're telling the truth? I'm gonna show you my credentials, if that's okay.
Now, I'm gonna need you to point that thing somewhere else, all right? My son.
Died three years ago.
He loved the outdoors.
He'd swim in the river that ran through our property.
When the doctors finally diagnosed him, it was too late.
I'm sorry.
Losing a child is Nothing harder than that.
The Infinity Plastics factory had been dumping mercury into the groundwater.
But by the time I could prove it, they paid off inspectors and shut the plant down.
So you went undercover just to bring them to justice.
My husband my ex-husband said I was obsessed, but I knew they had to be stopped.
I've been a legal investigator, I know how to find information, so I had a friend set me up with some false IDs so I could.
Three years is a long time to be on the run.
Well, it certainly wasn't time wasted depositions, medical files, research papers.
This is a really compelling case.
All I've done is get three brave people killed.
Well, their deaths won't be for nothing.
But you're gonna have to help us find - the person who did this.
- I don't know who it is.
I-I just I knew Infinity was after me.
That's why I came back home.
Well, who were you on your way to meet with? Helen Long.
A newspaper editor - who's helped whistleblowers before.
- Okay, call Helen, have her meet us at our office.
I can't.
We agreed on radio silence after setting the time for the meet at Audubon Park.
- Hence the destroyed SIM card.
- Helen didn't want to leave any trail that could lead back to us.
Well, if the assassin followed you to New Orleans, it's possible she knows about this meet.
Then Helen's in danger, too.
I have to get to the park - and warn her.
- Whoa.
Hang on, hey, hey.
Can't let you do that.
I'll send NOPD to the house, see if they can intercept her first.
I can't have anybody else's death on my conscience.
I'm sorry, but we don't know anything about this assassin: where she's from, what she looks like.
That's not true.
You know one thing.
You know her next target is me.
It's too risky.
Well, we can't let Karla use herself as bait there's got to be another way.
Well, I can go in as a decoy, pretend I'm Karla.
No, no, no.
The assassin's too good.
She'd know.
Call Sebastian.
All right? Have him meet you at the park.
Try to figure out where the attack might come from.
On it, boss.
What are you thinking? Well we know somebody's after her, but they don't know we're here.
We have a tactical advantage.
Hopefully that's enough.
And that's why it's integral that our officers maintain a connection with their communities Stop the car! Give me your purse! - Stay in the car! - Don't move! Stay calm, stay calm.
I'm a doctor.
Where are you hurt? Oh, geez.
Oh, my.
You-You'll be okay.
It's gonna hurt like hell, but you'll live.
Can I do anything? What are you doing out of the car? - I want to help.
- Okay, she needs an ambulance.
Remember how the detective told you about using dispatch? Go! This is 4320.
Code 24.
- Requesting an ambulance.
- Copy.
Where? Um, Valence Street.
Just outside the cemetery.
Sit down.
EMT's en route.
Best ride-along ever.
Come on out.
I woke up this morning I was feelin' so good Dancin' to the music As I knew I would These trees make it tough for a sniper to get a shot off.
So attack will be coming on the ground level.
Could be any one of these people.
Well, at least we got NOPD in plain clothes.
About half a dozen of them helping with the search.
You close? Yeah, we are.
How's it looking? I mean, there's a band and a sizeable crowd.
Perfect place for her to blend in.
Any sign of Helen Long? No sign of her yet.
Remember, you may not be able to see us, but we'll be close by.
Not close enough to tip off the assassin.
We need her to think everything's going according to plan.
She's gonna go for the bag.
You sure you're up for this? She's already killed people.
Good people who wanted to help me.
I have to stop her before she hurts anybody else.
We'll be right behind you.
Show me what you're working with! Khoury.
Now that we all together, let's keep moving on Pride, Helen Long is dead.
NOPD just found her in a ditch beside her house.
So the assassin is definitely here.
This is their chance to take out Karla and get the evidence.
When you party down in New Orleans Pride, south of the stage.
Wait We gonna bring it down to the shore We gonna rock that zydeco Everybody dancing on the shore Whoa Why do women make up half the world? It's making this incredibly difficult.
She could be any one of them.
Pride, heading your way.
Jean jacket, red wig.
Show me what you're working with Get down! Get down! Get down! Karla, get down! We're gonna rock that zydeco - Get down! - Get down! Get down! She's headed onstage.
All right, stay with me, now.
Stay with me.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I owe you one.
You're gonna be okay.
Did your people get the assassin? She won't be able to hurt anybody else, thanks to you.
And the evidence? My team's digitizing it as we speak.
Get everything over to the U.
Infinity Plastics is going down.
That's all that matters.
Give us a second.
Your son he'd be so proud of you.
What you did was incredibly brave.
After he died I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to move on.
All I could do was hide myself away from everything.
That's understandable.
The thing is, you can't hide forever.
I came to see that the only way past my fear was to finally confront it, so And it's all over now.
You can put your fear behind you.
Go ahead, guys.
I know it's a lot to process.
I mean, I know these things happen.
I've seen it on TV and stuff.
But that was, like, real.
As real as it gets.
Wish I could say it's something you'll never see again, but truth is, I don't know.
What I do know is you handled it.
I'm proud of you, CJ.
Well, I couldn't just sit there and do nothing.
That woman needed help.
Because of you, she got it a lot faster.
You did good.
I suppose you'll be thinking about going into law enforcement now.
Actually, I don't want to be a cop.
I want to be a doctor.
You do? Mom, you saved that woman's life.
Oh, boy.
You leaving without saying goodbye? Oh, I figured you had a lot of paperwork after today.
Oh, well, that can wait.
I, um, was just wondering if, uh, tomorrow night you wanted to grab some dinner.
To go over today's events.
Uh if you don't mind being seen with an old detective like myself.
Well, I have never seen an old detective run as fast as you do.
Is that a yes? Yes, I'd enjoy that very much.
Très bien.
Look after her, son.
Don't you need her number? Oh, now, if he's half as good as the stories he tells, I'm sure he'll find it.
Someone was awfully quiet on the ride home.
I was thinking.
About? Our conversation.
Look, I'm really sorry, okay? I overstepped.
It is none of my business who you date.
You know what? I really do want to be in a serious relationship.
- Eventually.
- Are we are we talking about Alyson? 'Cause I really miss her.
Yeah, we're talking about Alyson.
We're talking about all of 'em, I guess.
It's just, the thing is that if I do decide to get serious one day, I'd I'd like for one of them to meet my mom.
Your mom can't be that bad.
It's not that, Sebastian.
She doesn't know that I'm gay.
You know, I never came out to her.
My dad died, we would always fight, and, um - the timing was always off.
- So then your solution is just to never have a successful relationship? I never really thought that through.
You were protecting yourself.
You deserve happiness.
Okay? Even if it's not in a form that your mom approves of.
Yeah, and you know, if you happen to fall for someone who has a, like, a deep love of baking then I think that's someone that your roommate will approve of.
Thank you.
Come in.
What a pleasant surprise.
Sorry to drop in like this, Dr.
No, it's not a problem.
Come on in.
Um, I wasn't sure I'd see you again after our last session.
I wasn't either.
Last time we spoke, you said if my sleep issues continued, that there were some innovative methods that we could explore.
I take it the nightmares haven't stopped.
Not just nightmares.
They're memories.
I tried to ignore 'em, muscle through, but it-it's not working.
Well, unfortunately, ignoring the problem is never a long-term solution.
Usually makes things worse.
Friend of mine said the same thing.
I haven't had a full night's sleep in weeks.
I'm exhausted.
I just think it's time I stop running and confronted whatever it is that's haunting me.
Well, I am happy to help, if I can.
I was hoping you'd say that.

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