NCIS New Orleans (2014) s06e13 Episode Script

The Root of All Evil

1 Yeah Dexter! Dex? Here, boy.
Dexter! Ah, there you go, boy.
Come here.
Help me! Please, somebody! Somebody, help! Help! Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Hannah? Thank you.
Nothing like a homicide to kick-start the evening, huh? Who's our victim? Captain John Garrett, 25 years, JAG Corps.
Still active duty? Yeah, military judge.
Daughter found the body.
She hurt? No, she's just in shock.
She's with an officer inside.
Loretta and Sebastian here? Loretta and Tammy.
Sebastian's in REAC training in Florida.
Right, yeah.
Yeah, we could use a forensics expert.
The crime scene's it's not pretty.
The preliminary cause of death appears to be blunt force trauma to the head.
And based on injuries and blood spatter, it appears the body was moved.
Seems like his daughter was trying to revive him.
Well, there's no weapon, either, unless it's under the body.
Uh, you shouldn't be doing that.
You're going to contaminate my crime scene.
- Your crime scene? - Uh Heather Daniels, NCIS Agent Tammy Gregorio.
Heather's my intern.
Uh, she's a student from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Oh, what's up? My master's is in forensic science.
Now, I'm going for my PhD in criminal justice.
Knock yourself out.
As I was saying, protocol requires law enforcement to consult with the onsite medical examiner before adding a foreign object to the scene, which you failed to do.
Brooklyn, meet Manhattan.
He's dead isn't he? I tried to revive him.
I'm so sorry.
I'm Special Agent Pride.
Understand how hard this is, but we need to ask you a few questions if you're up to it.
Whatever I can do.
You're the one that found your father? Yeah.
Can you tell us about it? I just remember seeing someone on the floor.
I didn't think it was him.
He looked so small and then I flipped him over and he wasn't breathing and I tried CPR, but that didn't work.
And I couldn't find a pulse.
No matter what I did and then there was this dog, and, like The dog was from a neighbor a couple blocks up.
I knew something wasn't right the minute I got home.
I wondered why the door was open.
Can you think of anyone who might have issues with your father? No.
All I can think about is the blood.
You know? I tried calling 911, but my hands the-the blood.
- I couldn't dial.
- Selina And then I moved to the landline, and then that fell off of the desk, and I couldn't There was just so much blood Okay.
That's good for now.
Let's take a break, huh? We'll get someone to get you cleaned up.
Please find the person who did this to my father.
So, uh, judging by the chatter in the room, sounds like the first drill is gonna be a search and rescue.
I got some tactics in mind.
Hey, guys, sorry, uh I'm Sebastian Lund, out of New Orleans.
I did not realize that I was late.
You're not late.
Everyone else is early.
Rhonda, Detroit.
- That's Quynh.
- Los Angeles.
- Nice.
- Gus.
Former Marine from Louisville.
Well, it's great to meet you guys.
I'm really looking forward to the whole Good morning, recruits.
I'm Commander Taylor.
Welcome to NCIS REACT Training.
While you're here, your team will compete in a series of tactical drills.
Victory is earned on the strength of teamwork.
If one of you fails, you all fail.
As for choosing team leaders.
This is not a democracy.
Short straw takes the lead.
Congratulations, Agent Lund.
Your team is counting on you.
What have we learned about Captain Garrett? He's a JAG Corps judge.
Presided over nearly a thousand military trials and responsible for hundreds of dishonorable discharges.
That is a hell of a suspect pool.
- Anybody pop? - An anonymous anybody sent Garrett a series of death threats.
- 15 in total.
- When were they sent? The first 12 were sent over a six-month period five years back, but then they stopped.
As of a few months ago, they started up again.
Oh, that is a long time to hold a grudge.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we'll need to comb through five years' worth of Garrett's cases.
Patton's cross-checking identifying details of every felon Garrett sent away.
And we got four viable hits.
Three are still incarcerated.
That leaves one suspect Who is it? Lawrence Chastang.
Served five years for an assault.
Paroled last month.
Listen to this.
"You ruined my life "and took everything from me.
"I'm patient.
I will complete my mission".
And this one.
"Nobody you love is safe.
"They'll pay just like you.
You have only yourself to blame for what's about to happen next".
This was six weeks ago.
Not just threatening Captain Garrett.
Threatening his family, too.
Garrett's only immediate family is Selina.
If Chastang is serious, she's in danger.
We need a location on Chastang.
Pinged his cell phone.
Intersection of Royal and St.
Philip - in the Quarter.
- All right, let's go.
Location's not exact.
You're gonna have to look for it.
That's Chastang's car.
What I'm seeing looks like blood on the trunk.
Sounds like probable cause to me.
I got a bloody tire iron.
This is his car.
You got eyes on him? Wait.
Selina Garrett's inside.
- What? - She's in the back.
- At a table.
- What about Chastang? Yeah, I got him.
He's headed right for her.
- Lawrence Chastang! - Whoa, whoa! Federal agents! Get your hands up! NCIS! - Everybody, just stay calm.
- I'm just getting coffee, all right? - I'm just here for coffee! - On the ground! - Easy! Put it down! - This is a mistake, okay? - Come on, on the ground.
- I didn't do anything.
- On the ground, all the way down.
- Please, this is a mistake.
Come on! - What's going on here? - Come with me, Selina.
Who is that man? Is he is that the man who killed my father? - Let's just leave.
- No.
Why is he here? Please, Selina.
Selina, please He wants to hurt me? No one's gonna hurt you, I promise.
Lawrence, don't waste our time.
I'm telling you, I didn't kill anybody.
You just keep other people's bloody tire irons in your trunk? I don't know how that got in there! The murder weapon that killed Captain Garrett just magically wound up in your car? And you just magically appear at the same coffee shop as his daughter? Because I'm there a few times a week, all right? I go there to check out job listings.
Yeah, that's a hell of a coincidence you and the daughter of the man who put you in jail all in the same place right after you kill her father.
I didn't kill Captain Garrett.
I didn't even know he had a daughter.
Oh! Now, that's a lie.
See, because you threatened his whole family in writing.
Where'd you get these? From the dead man's house.
And we know that you wrote them.
Okay, I wrote them.
Okay? I was angry.
All right? First year locked up, I was blaming everybody.
I had rage issues.
Especially at the man who sentenced you to prison.
You mention in those letters about a dozen times how you planned to kill him.
I'm only as sick as my secrets.
I was an addict.
Okay? But I'm in recovery now.
It took me years to own my actions, to realize I'm responsible for the pain I cause.
No one else.
Okay, then come clean, Lawrence.
Own up to what you did.
I'm owning it, okay? I wrote the letters.
But that's it.
My girlfriend mailed them for me.
We know that you sent the letters, okay? The question is, what did you do last night? If I would've been released back then okay, maybe, maybe I would've done something to hurt him.
But I am no longer the man who wrote these letters.
So what happened? The new you fall off the revenge wagon? What are these? These letters were written three months ago.
I-I didn't write these.
Same wording.
Same turn of phrase.
Same grammar mistakes.
I I-I didn't write these.
Your little redemption tale notwithstanding, all the evidence points to you as the murderer.
You're going back to prison.
So, it looks like a capture the flag mission.
We all have to go in, and we all have to come out with the flag.
Teams are gonna be ranked according to how quickly we finish.
Thanks for summing up everything, Rhonda.
Um, so, I-I've got a strategy.
We go in hard, and we fan out.
That's-that's one way to go.
Definitely, yeah.
Um, I was thinking something just-just a little different, okay? So, we've been given this wide array of equipment, right? There's four of everything.
But if we work in teams, then there are certain things, like, uh, like the rope, the Maglites, that a team can share.
Part of this challenge is knowing what to leave behind.
Well, my strategy allows us to cut down what each person is carrying by nearly 40% and still taking everything in.
- We don't need all of that.
- Well, I mean, you never know what you're gonna need.
- Right? That's my point.
- It's inefficient, and it's wasteful, which is my point.
Who's with me? This is not a democracy, remember? I'm team leader.
I didn't come here to lose.
What can you tell us, Loretta? Ah, the preliminary finding was accurate.
is blunt force trauma to the head caused by some sort of bludgeon.
Tire iron, for instance? That's consistent.
And the blood and tissue samples taken from your tire iron matches the victim.
Though there were no fingerprints found - on the weapon.
- Yeah, that's not a problem.
What do you mean by that? I mean Chastang might have wiped it clean, or he wore gloves.
You're saying he wiped it clean of fingerprints but left it dripping with blood? Or he wore gloves.
There are potential inconsistencies.
Well, we found the murder weapon in his car.
That and the letters are more than enough to tie him to the murder.
Yeah, exactly.
He's our killer.
I mean, you're displaying textbook confirmation bias.
I've read about it.
Amazing to see it in action.
All right, then.
That's, uh Um, shouldn't she be seen and not heard? Tammy, she's my intern, not my 19th century orphan.
Wade hasn't even finished presenting, and you've already got a suspect doing 25 to life based on your preexisting theory.
Let's just save this debate until after Loretta's finished.
Good idea.
Now, the blood spatter pattern indicates that the assailant was behind the victim when he struck him in the back of the head, and the second blow was to the side of the head.
So Garrett was turning to look at his attacker? Trying to, but the second blow caused him to fall to the ground face-first.
The death threats sent to Captain Garrett suggest revenge-seeking behavior.
But revenge seekers tend to want to face their victims.
So, you're a profiler now? Well, am I wrong? No, let me tell you what you are.
- We're done here.
Thank you, Loretta.
- Thank you.
- Is she okay? - Yeah, she's fine.
What was that about? Trying to teach this millennial some respect.
Yeah, well, she's precocious, sure.
But you are a profiler.
What would you say about the person who sent those letters to Garrett? He's a revenge seeker.
There's no way he attacked Garrett from behind.
He'd want to know that he was the last face Garrett saw.
And Chastang admitted that he wrote the earlier letters even though we couldn't prove it.
- Not a good idea if he killed Garrett.
- Right.
So Heather's not wrong.
Chastang doesn't quite fit.
Of course she's not wrong, but I'm not gonna tell her that.
Let's go kick the tires on our case.
- Our case.
- I-I-I hear you.
I understand what you're saying.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
Everybody who worked at the coffee shop confirmed that Chastang was there a couple of times a week, so he was telling the truth about that.
- Doesn't mean he didn't kill Garrett.
- No, but forensic analysis of the letters is inconclusive.
Both paper and ink generic enough to be widely available.
What did Chastang's girlfriend say about mailing the letters? She totally backs his story.
She took those letters, mailed them a couple of years back, but they broke up before he was released.
That doesn't help us with the recent letters.
- I talked to the parole officer.
- Mm-hmm.
He said Chastang turned his life around in prison.
Said it wasn't an act.
None of this moves the needle.
There's plenty of evidence to charge Chastang.
It just doesn't fit.
Revenge killers are hot.
Chastang may have been five years ago, - but now I'm not so sure.
- Okay.
Devil's advocate.
If it's not Chastang, who're we looking for? Someone who's close enough to Garrett to have seen the earlier letters, and someone who's motivated to frame Chastang.
And someone with a good enough motive - to go through all that trouble.
- I'd say greed is a great motive.
Someone's been doing some digging.
Into Garrett's family.
Turns out his wife came from money.
After she died, he inherited $3 million.
Now that he's dead, his sole heir is his only child.
Selina Garrett.
Clear! Clear! Clear.
Tear gas.
Fall back! Fall back! Go! Thanks for coming in.
I want to help.
We'll-we'll try and get you in and out of here as quickly as possible.
Can I get you anything else? No, thank you.
- Okay.
- Uh, Ms.
Garrett, are you aware that you are the sole heir to a pretty large estate? What? I I-I guess.
Yes, uh, my mother's family was well off.
It's just something I didn't expect to deal with for a long time.
Why do you ask? It's just really for our records.
You were so upset last night, understandably, that we didn't get to all our questions.
Like, for instance you said that you found your father around 8:00 p.
last night, but you didn't say where you were earlier that evening.
An alibi? You're asking for an alibi? It's a formality.
I, uh I was across town at a session with my therapist.
She has evening hours, and my session started at 7:00.
Took me half an hour to get home.
Your therapist will be able to confirm that? Of course.
I'll give you her number.
Yeah, let's do that.
I'm confused.
I was standing right there when you arrested that man at the coffee shop.
Do you frequent that place often? It seems a little out of the way for you.
No, I I went for a walk to clear my head.
I decided to grab a coffee.
It's like you're suspecting me.
Selina, we're not suspecting you of anything.
Well, it sounds like you think I killed my dad.
That is the last thing that we want to think.
This is how these investigations work.
We have to rule out every possibility.
And since you've got nothing to hide No, I don't.
Then-then you got nothing to worry about.
Hey, Sebastian.
Hey, I'm-I'm really sorry to bug you.
Oh, no, it's no bother.
I'm glad you called.
You know, we just we could really use some fresh eyes well, your eyes um, on this crime scene.
Yeah, happy to help.
Uh, be nice to be needed.
Just send me the photos, and I'll call you as soon as I get a chance to take a look at them.
I'm sending them for you right now.
Things okay at training? Made me team leader.
- Oh, yeah? That's great.
- Yeah, right? Just living the dream.
Being in charge of everyone.
Any questions? Well, since you ask, uh, I am kind of wondering what your secret is.
My secret? Yeah, you-you make the whole team leader thing seem easy, but it's not easy, in fact.
It's It's incredibly hard, yeah.
Yeah, and you went into these offices all over the world and led groups of complete strangers.
Just How do you do it? I mean, there's no formula.
You know, I wasn't always successful.
Come on, it's your superpower.
How do I get these guys to listen to me? Okay, start by listening to them.
Get to know the people that you're leading.
You know, strengths, weaknesses.
Help them be seen.
They'll do the same for you.
Well, what do you do if they don't respect you? Take stock of, um my own strengths and weaknesses and use them both to connect.
Trust me.
It works.
What happened today was my fault.
I take full responsibility.
I started out in the lab, okay? I was a-a forensics tech, and, uh, people in my office, they believed in me.
Encouraged me to become a field agent, and, I mean, I'm a damn good one.
Still, there's this-this part of me that feels like a lab tech pretending to be a field agent.
That's the part of me that showed up when I drew the short straw.
I guess I felt the same way about me being a leader as you guys did.
So, I didn't, uh lead the team like I should have.
I failed you, and, uh, I failed us.
You were right.
I was? Your breach strategy.
It was right.
We should've gone with it.
Yeah, but, I mean, I second-guessed myself.
Because of me.
I know I come on too strong sometimes.
In my defense, I'm an awesome leader.
Yeah, and I have no doubt.
Just-just not as good at following.
I didn't give you a chance to lead.
You were right about taking all the gear.
We would have finished in good time had we had taken those gas masks.
And our lunch wouldn't be tasting like tear gas right now.
Well, since we're playing true confessions here I hate being small.
Everyone sees me as the weakest link, so I overcompensate like nobody's business, just trying to prove this body isn't as frail as it looks.
Yeah, but, I mean, I don't see frail, you know? I see, like a featherweight champ.
Your therapist confirmed that she was with you last night at 7:00.
Thank you for clearing it up.
It's okay.
I know you're only doing your job.
I appreciate it.
And I really do want to help you out, but it's hard when you're hiding things from me.
What are you talking about? Well, we asked you if you knew of anyone who might have had issues with your father.
Yeah, and I told you there was no one.
Dad got along with people.
Did he get along with Mason Balfour? How do you know about Mason? Not from you or from your social media.
You scrubbed nearly a year's worth of content from your sites.
Everything associated with Mason.
You two you were planning to get married? And all I've been trying to do is forget about it, which has more to do with my bad life choices, not my dad's murder.
My people found footage posted by one of your friends on her Facebook page.
The engagement party.
She started recording 'cause she thought your dad was about to make a toast.
Instead, she got this.
She says she posted it to remind you that you #DodgedABullet.
What? You know what? - I need to talk to you.
- You know what? - Get your hands off of me, Selina.
- Mason, stop.
- You're gonna do this right now? - Why? Why? - It didn't Excuse me.
- You are making a scene.
Oh, I'm making a scene? - Mason - You're the one who's humiliating me.
You refuse to toast us at our own engagement party.
That's right.
I just can't do it.
- Dad, please.
- I'm sorry, Selina.
Look at the way that he is behaving.
- I know.
- You know what? You can do a lot better.
Why don't you come here and say that to my face, old man? Mason, just back off.
You're gonna take his side? You know what? Screw you both! - Happy now? - Mason You're getting exactly what you wanted.
That was less than a month ago.
You didn't forget.
You chose not to tell us.
Why? Because it was the worst night of my life.
Because it doesn't have anything to do with what happened to my father.
Selina, Mason argued with him.
Blamed him for breaking up your relationship.
My dad was a Navy man.
He liked order and routine, and that's not Mason.
So what is Mason? Because as far as I can see, he's violent and vindictive.
He was just drunk.
And Dad wasn't the reason we broke off the engagement.
Is that what Mason will say when we talk with him? You're talking to him? Yeah, we're bringing him in right now.
Why would you do that? See, your reaction right here it makes me feel like there's more to the story.
Where is she? Selina?! Where the hell are you? You bitch! What are you trying to do to me? - You set me up! - I didn't, I swear.
They found a video of you fighting with my dad.
- I'd never turn you in.
- Move! You got a temper, Mason.
I don't like being accused of things that I didn't do.
What about the things you did do? You got quite a rap sheet.
You like to fight.
I don't like being disrespected.
Yeah, is that what happened with Captain Garrett? - He disrespected you? - Who gives a crap? We do, 'cause he's dead.
Where were you last night? Out.
Out where? At a bar.
This is New Orleans.
Can you narrow it down? A bunch of 'em in the Quarter.
- Who were you with? - Myself.
I went there to drink, not to socialize.
- You got receipts? - Paid in cash.
In other words, no alibi.
I don't need an alibi.
I didn't do anything.
You fought with Captain Garrett less than a month before he was bludgeoned to death and he busted up your engagement to his daughter.
I think you need an alibi.
Although, to be honest, if Garrett tanked my relationship, I'd be pissed, too.
He didn't tank anything.
Garrett didn't like me, I didn't like him.
But Selina couldn't care less what he thought.
She made up her own mind.
- She's the one who broke it off.
- Hmm.
Saying you got no hard feelings? For him? Dude did me a favor.
Practice run complete.
Is that a cell phone? Turn it off! Where is it? Hey.
Give it to me.
- What? - It's contraband.
I have to take it.
I'm not gonna rat you out, trust me.
What are you doing? You get caught with a cell phone, we all pay the price.
It's all right, okay? Don't worry about it.
I need the phone to stay in touch with my son.
- You have a son? - Zach.
He just turned four.
The phone is so he can message me when he really needs to.
I have to be able to reassure him when he reaches out.
But he's in good hands while you're here, right? My husband Tim is a great dad.
I learned a long time ago that the less I say about my personal life, the better.
All right, listen, I'm gonna hold on to the phone.
But if Zach tries to reach out to you, I'll make sure you can respond.
Yeah? Okay? All right.
He doesn't have an alibi.
Guy we saw in the squad room is definitely capable of violence.
He could've planted the tire iron in Lawrence Chastang's car.
Mm, I don't think he's smart enough to think of that.
Plus, how would he know about Chastang's death threats? Only from Selina.
But she claims that she had no idea, either.
We have nothing to tie him to this murder, except his bad attitude.
Selina refuses to believe that Mason was involved.
And I can see a "but" forming.
She's genuinely afraid of him.
I mean, she was shaking like a leaf when you guys brought him in.
Okay, so, what you think she's covering for him? Hey.
I got something.
I asked Sebastian to take a look at our crime scene photos with fresh eyes.
He notes that the scene was severely contaminated by the first person to arrive.
Well, that would be Selina, but she was in a panic trying to revive her father.
Well, did Sebastian read her statement? I didn't want Sebastian's conclusions to be influenced by anything other than the physical evidence.
What's his take? Sebastian pointed out Selina's fingerprints on nearly every surface in her father's study.
Can this be attributed to shock? Oh, this is beyond shock.
We're talking every shelf, lamp, corner and crevice.
- That's strange.
- Yeah.
Then there's Selina's footprints through the blood.
They're everywhere.
Sebastian counted 92 complete or partial steps all attributed to her.
There's other, larger prints, but Selina's obscures them all.
The killer's.
Sebastian believes that Selina deliberately contaminated the scene in order to obscure or destroy evidence.
Okay, but why? Her alibi was rock solid.
Yeah, but it makes sense if she's protecting the killer.
Selina was terrified of Mason when you brought him in.
I thought Thought she was afraid that he'd hurt her.
But it wasn't that at all.
She was afraid that he'd flip on her.
Because they're in this together.
If you're right, Pride, Selina and Mason faked their breakup, conspired to kill Captain Garrett, and framed Chastang for it.
That would mean that Selina had to be on board with Mason brutally murdering her father.
- That's really cold.
- Yeah, but maybe Mason didn't want to share the details of what he was planning.
Maybe he just wanted her to have an alibi and not be there for the actual kill.
Well, Captain Garrett was never gonna approve of the marriage, which meant no inheritance.
Well, love and greed - that's a powerful motive.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, if you have to kill a parent over it.
They had three million reasons to get Garrett out of the way.
And Lawrence Chastang was the perfect patsy.
Selina was living with her father.
She could've accessed his case files.
No, even if Chastang denied writing those earlier letters, he fit the bill.
The minute they found out that he was being released from prison, they made their move.
We've got a bunch of evidence that points to Chastang's guilt, and nothing but a theory to implicate Selina and Mason.
What's our play? Just need one of 'em to crack, and that'll open the floodgates.
We need an angle.
I'd go with "prisoner's dilemma".
Oldie, but a goodie.
Even mocked up props for y'all.
Thank you.
All right, let's get to it.
What? You remind me of the guys I grew up with.
Real brutes.
You don't remind me of anyone.
Those guys were always good to their girlfriends; never lifted a hand.
That's where the comparison ends.
I never hit Selina or any woman.
What if I told you she went to the cops about you a few weeks ago, looking for a restraining order because you beat her? No way.
Got a police report right here.
Says, "Female victim was terrified of the male suspect.
"Victim told the detective the suspect "grabbed her forcibly by the wrist.
Punched her".
That's a lie.
Maybe not.
You're terrified of him.
I'm not.
I just didn't want him to get the wrong idea.
Has he, uh has he ever hurt you? You don't understand.
But your father did, didn't he? I'm guessing he gave you an ultimatum.
If you marry Mason, you lose the money.
Maybe she convinced you to stage the whole thing.
Fake the breakup.
Help get rid of her father.
And then, in the end, you'd get the girl and the $3 million she's supposed to inherit.
That's not what's happening.
It's a pretty good plan though.
But wait, just hear me out.
What if she realized that splitting the $3 million one way is better than two? - He's buying it.
- Mm-hmm.
That wiped the smirk off his face.
She would never do that to me.
Which part? Try to get you to kill her father? Or sacrifice you to the cops? None of it.
It's only been three weeks since you called off the engagement.
He's already seeing other people.
That's not true.
I own a bar.
Bartenders talk.
A lot.
Mason's been working every cocktail waitress in the Quarter.
And I'm sorry.
I don't mean to hurt you, but you should know who you're covering for.
I got names, if you want 'em.
I don't care.
We're not together.
I'm just not convinced that's true.
I think you staged your breakup so you could stay in your father's will.
It's all about that money.
That's not me.
But it is Mason.
Even if you confess to me right now that she put you up to the murder, she'd just turn around and say it was you who intimidated her.
She'd walk away clean.
Now, we both know how this ends.
Like I said, you remind me of the guys I grew up with.
I don't want you to take the fall here.
You know what I mean? Mason has, uh, opened an offshore bank account.
There's not much in it.
A few hundred bucks.
His intention is clear.
You come into money.
He comes back into your life.
Once you're married, he drains your accounts and takes off with one of his waitresses.
Mason killed your father.
I know it.
You do, too.
Can I ask you a question? Yeah, of course.
Am I free to go? Well, Mason Asked you a question.
Can I leave? I'm telling you, man, she's giving you up.
Save yourself.
I'm gonna take that as a yes.
It's okay.
Just tell me what Mason did.
I want to.
Selina! They read you your rights? Then they got nothing.
Come on, baby, let's go.
No, Selina.
I'm afraid I have to go.
Thank you for caring.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Yes, man! - We got this.
All right.
Yes! Blue Team, congratulations.
You've come in first place in the final drill.
Unfortunately, you've also been disqualified.
What? Why? We won fair and square.
A check of the barracks turned up a contraband cell phone with Agent Lund's belongings.
Yeah, there's no excuse for me to have my phone here.
I take full responsibility for the infraction.
Sir, that's not true.
The phone belongs to me.
Agent Lund confiscated it and was going to turn it in.
- No, sir - Commander Taylor, - it was my phone.
- I will take the blame.
- I take full responsibility - All right! Stand down, Blue Team.
One person fails, you all fail.
Doesn't matter whose phone it is, the disqualification stands.
As I said at the start, victory is earned on the strength of teamwork.
Yes, sir, you did say that.
You failed as a team, because you have become a team, Agent Lund.
You may have lost the competition, but you did not fail the drill.
And you did not fail each other.
Welcome to NCIS REACT.
Yeah! - Yes! - All right.
Nice work, nice work.
Black cat, black cat Please don't cross my path today Black cat, black cat Please don't cross my path It looks like a sad bunch of agents.
We just watched two murderers walk.
I can't believe it.
You lost the battle, not the war.
We didn't just lose.
We were routed.
Loretta's right.
They'll slip up, and we'll be there when they do.
And I'm gonna get the next round of drinks, so Nothing for me, thanks.
Just wanted to stop by and say thank you.
- For what? - Doing right by Lawrence Chastang.
You prevented an innocent man from being unjustly convicted.
Eh, we're just doing our job.
The way we do it even without the benefit of your 25-year-old wisdom.
I think she's extending an olive branch, Gregorio.
It's traditional to say something nice in return.
Well, you did good, too.
Your instincts aren't all that bad.
When you go through puberty, you might actually have a future in this job.
Thanks I think.
Like that, Pride? Something like that.
What? When? Okay, on my way.
Everything okay? I don't think so.
If love's my only sin I'll burn here for eternity Yeah Dwayne, thanks for coming down.
- Ms.
Garrett asked for you by name.
- What happened? Looks like he was getting pretty rough with her.
She was fighting for her life.
Selina did this? Self-defense.
Abusive boyfriend.
She called it in herself.
I have no doubt.
I'm so sorry.
Y-You were right.
You were right about everything.
He hurt me, and he killed my father.
And he was gonna kill me, too.
Thank you so much, Special Agent Pride.
I couldn't have done it without you.

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