NCIS: Sydney (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Doggiecino Day Afternoon

[SONG] Holding onto what I lost ♪
Pushing back the things I love ♪
In the back of my car ♪
[WOMAN] Excuse me! Hello?
Your dog, he, like, tried to
You know?
Why don't you try and
complete the sentence?
Wanted sexy time with Angel.
Buster, Buster, Buster.
Your standards are dropping, mate.
No need to be so rude.
There's no need to bring a dog
that's on heat into a dog café.
[SCOFFS] Angel's not on heat.
Sexy Time's had her snout
up a different dog's behind
every five minutes.
That dog is not on heat,
I'm Michael Douglas.
Even though I feel like Kirk.
[DOC ROY] Kid?
You know you're bleeding?
Yeah, look, um
I'm a doctor. Would you
like me to have a look at it?
- What's with all the dogs?
- It's a café for dogs.
It's a weird world, huh?
Kid, are you in some sort of trouble?
- Hey kid
- Get off of me!
Everybody back the hell up.
Get away from the door!
Back of the café. Now!
Easy! Easy.
Come out with your hands in the air.
Hands in the air. Now!
- [DOC ROY] Just get back.
- [MAN] Go, go, go, go.
Listen, kid, just take a breath.
- Bro, how about you shut up?
- Just don't do anything rash.
- Come out, with your hands up!
- Get down on the ground!
Ground! Now!
You get on the ground!
Shoot me and we all die.
- [OFFICER] Stand down.
- That's right. That's right.
Back the hell up! Keep going.
Keep going.
For God's sake
Let me get that.
Don't try anything stupid, bro.
I'm not the one with my finger
on the button, bro.
Get to the back of the café. Now.
[JD] Sorry I'm late.
[MACKEY] Everything okay?
[JD] Yeah, will be
when I've had my coffee.
[EVIE] Whoa. Did you sleep last night?
- Where's Roy?
- How'd you get that bedhead?
Got a big pot of filter brewing.
- Eugh. No, thanks.
Here he is.
Hey, mate. Where are you?
We're all waiting for our morning fix.
[DOC ROY] Did you make that yourself
or did someone make it for you?
Oh, relax, mate. No one's
touched your machine.
We're just waiting for you.
What's it packed with?
Plastic? Semtex? What?
What's with all the questions?
Hey, everyone listen up. Listen up.
[DOC ROY] Well, mild curiosity.
I wanna know how many pieces
I'm gonna get blown into
when that thing around
your waist goes off.
It's a strange thing
to bring into the Ground
and Hound café, by the way.
Okay, alert the Staties.
We need TOU and Bomb Disposal
down to the Ground and Hound Café now.
- Are you talking to the cops?
- Hmm?
Told you not to try anything.
I'm doing what I have to do.
Everybody, sit down. I don't
wanna see anyone standing.
You, get everyone's phones.
'Sup, world? Coming at you
from the Ground and Hound.
Guys, wait, wait, wait.
I have something.
[GIRL] Facts.
Anyone comes through those doors,
we all go bang.
Anyone messes with my live feed,
The hell is that place?
It's a doggie café.
We like our dogs, we like our
coffee. You know, coffee, dogs.
[EVIE] Yeah, send it through.
Yeah, I owe you.
Kid's name is Louie Hall.
Blue, I've just sent you a file.
Yep. Yep, I'm pulling it up now.
[DESHAWN] Wait, where are we?
[EVIE] Commercial Bank
in Pyrmont, 9:42am.
- She robbed a bank?
- And a cop's been shot dead.
- Is she the shooter?
- It's not clear yet.
[OFFICER] Ladies and gentlemen,
I need you to back up.
Back up, thank you. A bit more.
- [ONLOOKER] Come on!
- [OFFICER] Thanks a lot.
[JD] Excuse us. Excuse me.
- Excuse us.
- [MACKEY] Comin' through. NCIS.
- [MACKEY] What?
- Nothing.
You two have history?
[JD] Mmm.
Ancient or modern?
[JD] Cath.
JD. Hi.
Detective Sergeant Cath Welsh,
meet Special Agent Mackey.
Don't recall requesting NCIS backup.
One of our team is in there.
Thought we might lend a hand.
Thanks. We have systems in place.
Can I get a minute?
So Roy's my guy.
Happy to throw my hat
in the ring to negotiate.
Bucknall has the bullhorn.
Bucknall's never run a live siege.
- He's had the training.
- I wrote the program.
So he knows what to expect.
Gotta be a first time for everyone, JD.
Do we know if the kid's armed?
Unclear at this point.
Have to assume she is.
- So?
- So what?
[SCOFFS] Come on, Cath.
With someone on the inside,
outcomes are always better.
You'd be taking orders from me.
Goes without saying.
That'd be a first!
First time for everything, right?
[CATH] Get him whatever he needs.
[OFFICER 2] Stand back.
[OFFICER 3] Sir, can I
get you to move on?
I'm talking to you.
I need you to vacate the area.
Excuse me!
Excuse me. Move!
Move. Move, move, move.
Pulled the CCTV from the cameras
outside the bank.
- Check it out.
- All right.
See, the kid's almost done
robbing the bank
when a patrol car pulls up
to talk to the driver
of the getaway car.
The hell? Wait, no. Freeze it there.
She shoot him or not?
It's not clear from
the angle that we have.
[MACKEY] What about the cop's body-cam?
Put in the request to LAC.
Waiting to hear back.
We're on the clock, people.
Bust someone's balls.
We need that footage.
- [DESHAWN] Got it.
- Blue?
Blue, the kid's phone
how are we looking?
Um yeah, sorry. I'm
crufting the message now.
We should have a live acquisition soon
so we can track all communication.
Okay, get on it. Roy needs you
switched on, all right?
The pain's starting to kick in.
Let me take a look at it.
No, mate.
All right, I'm in.
- She's getting a phone call.
- [DESHAWN] No caller ID.
- [MACKEY] Get a lock on the number.
- Yeah, I'm working on it.
Like she's expecting the call.
We can't rely on the feed.
We need to get ears in there.
- [MAN] Why'd you run?
- Why do you reckon?
Call's coming in from
14 Shehadie Street, Pyrmont.
- Is that far?
- Five minutes.
Go. Go!
[MAN] Got the money?
[LOUIE] Safe here with me.
Stashed under the counter.
- We can still do this.
- How?
There's cops everywhere.
[MAN] No, no. You still got the vest?
Cops'll do whatever you say.
- Louie?
- What?
Vest gets you what you want.
You ask for a chopper,
we'll sail right outta here.
- You got it?
- Got it.
Keep the feed going. I'll be watching.
[DESHAWN] Left here.
[BLUE] All right, I've almost
got the feed from the CCTV.
Thank you.
They just wanna know your demands.
Must be a reason for all of this.
[BLUE] CCTV feed's up.
- Hello?
- [JD] Hey, Louie.
I'm JD. All right, I'm with the police.
I'm here to find a way
to get through all this
so that no one gets hurt, okay?
Especially you, Louie.
So what are we doing here, huh?
How'd you end up with that IED
strapped to your waist?
Long story.
All right. Let's start
at the beginning, shall we?
- Yeah, nah.
- Okay.
Are you armed?
Are you carrying a gun, Louie?
Robbed a bank, didn't I?
Did you shoot that cop?
Louie, you still there?
I need a chopper.
A big-ass chopper.
And I need it tanked up out the
front before I let anyone go.
Okay. It will take a bit
to organize that.
- Lot of hoops to jump through.
- Then you'd better get cracking.
And while you're at it, I wanna
speak to the Health Minister.
[JD] The Health Minister?
- Okay. Why is that?
- None of your business.
And some painkillers.
[SIGHS] What?
I'm supposed to pick up
my daughter from day care soon.
We need to be there. She gets
super scared when I'm late.
Well, tough. You're gonna be.
[EVIE] Fiona Hall?
Constable Evie Cooper.
We'd like a word, if you don't mind.
- Are you okay, Ms. Hall?
- How do you reckon I'm doing?
I've been speaking to cops all morning.
- I understand.
- Do ya?
I woke up to that.
She won't answer my calls.
That's my daughter.
She's 15! She should be at school!
I know you must be
worried as hell right now.
We are too. That's why we're here.
You need to help us help your daughter.
She wasn't alone, Ms. Hall.
We're trying to figure out
who put her up to this.
Do you reckon I would help my baby girl
put that that thing on?
Someone did. We need to figure out who.
What have you got for me?
We need the cop's body-cam footage.
- Somewhere private we can talk?
- Right here is fine.
Why don't we step out into the foyer?
After you.
Your daughter robbed a bank, Ms. Hall.
That takes planning. Money. Resources.
I'm DeShawn.
- Casey.
- Casey?
That's a beautiful name.
Nice to meet you.
You, um You're not at school today?
Been a bit sick.
Oh. Well, that's no good.
[MACKEY] A policeman is dead.
We know she had help.
Who does she usually hang out with?
She knows this person, Ms. Hall.
Did Louie give you any hint
she was planning this, Casey?
It's a serious jam she's in right now.
You're a smart kid.
You can see how this could
end up going down, can't you?
We wanna get her home safe,
but we need your help.
Look, if you know anything,
anything at all,
the smallest detail could
save your sister's life.
I heard her talking on a payphone
at the 7-Eleven two days ago.
Oh. Talking to who?
A guy called Stone.
Okay. Stone who?
Just Stone.
Did Louie tell you how she knows
this Stone guy?
Oh. You have a beautiful daughter.
[CATH] There.
[CATH] Definitely something
in her pocket.
[JD] Yeah, that could be
a vape for all we know.
Come on, JD. She robbed a bank
where a cop was shot dead.
- Cath.
- And she has an IED strapped to her.
Cath, don't go there.
She's ticking all the boxes.
I've gotta go there.
I need three markers to initiate
use of lethal force and
she's ticking all three.
She hasn't directly threatened
the lives of the hostages.
We don't know if the bomb's real.
We don't know if she
actually shot that cop.
We don't know if she's packing.
She is 15 years old, for God's sake.
[DOC ROY] Just let me help you, please.
For purely selfish reasons.
- Ah, easy! Ow!
- Don't wriggle.
I'm going as gently as I can.
- How's it look?
- Mmm, it's not great.
Uh, this is a gunshot wound, huh?
Can't see the bullet.
Might just be shrapnel.
But you've gotta get to an ED,
then go on a course of antibiotics.
Can I just
ask how you got this?
- A guy with a gun.
- Ah.
A guy you know?
Did he make that?
You're still talking to 'em, aren't ya?
You. Open it.
- Hey. Hey!
Everybody, get down.
I don't wanna see anybody moving.
- Don't see no chopper, JD.
- [JD] Ball's rolling.
Just waiting for the okay
from Air Traffic Control.
Hand me the meds.
No sudden moves or else.
[SNIPER] I have eyes on the detonator.
It's not wired in.
Doesn't look like she's using
a dead man's switch.
[JD] How did you build
that device, Louie?
Put that on yourself or someone help?
Person you robbed the bank with
they fix it up for you?
He's the guy you were calling earlier.
JD, yeah.
You're a cop?
I thought you said you were a doctor.
- I'm sort of both.
- We work together.
Hey, listen. I gave you the meds, okay?
How about we let some
of these people go, yeah?
Do you think I'm stupid?
I think you're in over your head, Louie.
[LOUIE] Get outta here.
Don't wanna talk to you again
till I've spoken to the Health Minister.
I have a clean shot.
Do I have a green light?
Ma'am, do I have a green light?
Stand down. Stand down.
The hell was that?
Were you not listening?
I could ask the same question.
This morning, we had a deal.
Yeah, that was before you decided
to take out a 15-year-old kid.
I hadn't decided yet, but regardless,
it's my call to make.
It's my job to minimize casualties.
I don't want any casualties!
And if she hits that button now?
[MACKEY] What have you got?
- Uh, the sister has AML.
[MACKEY] An aggressive form of leukemia.
Affects the bone marrow and the blood.
Damn! She's gonna be okay?
- [BLUE] She's relapsed.
- But she's gonna make it, right?
- She's
- Dying.
JD speaking.
Hey, the kid's little sister
has leukemia.
Looks like it might be end stage.
Right. Explains the Health Minister.
- Progress on that front?
- Yeah.
I spoke to the Department Secretary.
He wants to know what Louie
wants to talk about
before he refers the matter on
to the Minister.
[MACKEY] Ass-covering.
Boss, we've got a hit on the guy
the sister was talking about.
[MACKEY] He was at the café
earlier. You got an address?
Unit block, corner of
Gillen and Livingstone.
Okay. We just got a break on
a guy called Stone Matthews.
Hang tight while we pick up
that son of a bitch.
[MACKEY] DeShawn?
[GIRLS SING] You know
you wanna be together ♪
And I wanna spend
the night with you ♪
[OFFICER 1] Clear.
[OFFICER 2] Clear!
It's all clear. Suspect
is not on the premises.
- What have we got on this guy?
- Drug-related charges, mostly.
Meth, heroin, fentanyl.
Deals in Mum's neighborhood.
You think Mom was a customer?
Well, did you see her arms?
[MACKEY] What do you think?
[DESHAWN] Definitely something, right?
Six bucks for a doggiecino?
50 bucks for a doggie pavlova?
Who has that kinda money
to spend on dogs?
Who are you people?
You all frickin' millionaires
or something?
They're dogs.
That's more money than we spend
on our weekly food bill.
I need to take that.
- Too bad.
- No, you don't
understand, that's, um, my wife.
Sure it is.
Your wife, huh?
Pack Leader?
- That's my name for her.
- Whatevs.
- You can speak later.
- No, I can't.
- I need to take it.
- Yeah?
Why's that?
[DOC ROY] Because
Because she's got dementia and
I placed her into care
this morning and I told her
I'd be available night and
day to take her calls.
Don't believe ya.
Well, pull the trigger.
I'm talking to my wife.
Nice try, pigs. I'm not buying it.
I don't like it here!
[DOC ROY] Ally, it's me. It's Roy.
[ALICE] Roy, come and get me.
- I don't like it here.
- No, I know you don't, love.
I know.
Hey, I've got Buster here.
Do you wanna say hello to him?
- Oh, Buster.
- It's Pack Leader! Say hello.
- Buster? Is that you?
[DOC ROY] Hey, um, we're at the café
and we we've got our regular table.
The people here won't let me leave.
Please come and get me.
I can't quite come at the moment,
but as soon as I get the chance
[JD] Hey, mate. I'm sorry about Alice.
Didn't wanna interrupt your call.
I understand
We have the K9 detection unit here.
We need to get a sniffer inside, mate.
Okay, I'll I'll do my best.
I love you.
[LOUIE] Is, um
Is your wife okay?
Not really.
- I get it.
My sister's not in a good way either.
That sucks.
- [JD] Off you go.
- Let's go.
- Bring us back an espresso, yeah?
- [CATH] Make it two.
- [EVIE] Found what?
- It's gotta be the money, right?
Must have stashed it somewhere
between the bank and the café.
Her sister knows.
She must have sent her the coordinates.
- Search the phone. Find it.
- I I already have.
She must have sent it
before she went into the café.
- So find the text.
- It doesn't It's not there.
She's using disappearing texts.
So undisappear it.
I can't, okay? What don't you get?
I'm sorry.
It's just the way that this works, okay?
Once it's gone, it's gone.
[DOC ROY] Go get 'em, Bus. Get 'em!
- [PATRONS] Shh!
Guys, what the hell? Chill.
Everybody sit back down!
Who said you could move?
JD, you there?
Need you to shut that dog up.
Sorry, can't hear you. Say again?
The dog outside.
- [DOC ROY] No, no, no.
They just wanna say hello.
Just shut them the hell up.
[DOC ROY] Buster, enough.
Get here! That's enough.
[JD] Right, dog's in.
You know, if I die
Alice won't have anyone.
She won't be able to understand
why no one picks up the phone
when she calls.
Look, dude.
- You're not gonna die, okay?
- How do you figure that?
This thing's fake.
'Sup, doggie?
She thinks it's fake,
but it's real.
[OFFICER] Excuse me, sir,
this is a no-stand
- Drop that!
Jesus, what'd you do?
Okay, can we at least agree
she didn't shoot the cop?
Doesn't mean she hasn't got a gun.
She still poses an active threat.
Hey, kid, come here.
I'll make you a hot chocolate.
- I don't like hot chocolate.
- Can you just go with me?
You see those guys out
there? You see them?
They plan to shoot you
first chance they get.
With the live feed, they wouldn't dare.
Cut the live feed and
then they will shoot you.
I need a half-hour, max.
After that, I'll walk out,
hands in the air.
You don't have a half-hour
with that bomb strapped to your vest.
- I told you about that.
- Yeah.
Old mate, he packed
that vest, didn't he?
- For all you know, it is real.
- It's not.
What if it is?
What was the split?
What was it gonna be?
If that bomb's real, what's
his cut then, do you reckon?
- [STONE] I wanna see the money.
- It's here, safe as.
I need to see the money.
Show me the money!
- What for?
- Hold it up so I can see it.
You playin' me?
Are ya?
Are you forgetting what you're packing?
- It's not real, but.
- Oh, isn't it?
What do you think that phone
tucked inside your belt is for?
But you you said it was fake!
Otherwise you wouldn't
have let me put it on you.
All it takes is one phone call
and wooshka!
[LAUGHS] See ya!
Go on, then. Blow me up.
You'll never see your money, then.
- Yeah, don't push me, kid.
- Go on.
- Okay.
- Do it. Do it! Do it!
- [STONE] Don't push me.
[LOUIE] That's what I thought.
Got nothin', do ya?
Hero to zero.
Lose my number, dickhead.
Please. Let us go.
I'm begging you.
Come on, kid, it's time to
call it. Let these people out.
- He's bluffing!
- No, he's not.
That's what the dog is for.
It's trained to sit
when it detects a bomb.
Now, let these people go.
Get the bomb disposal people in
and defuse that.
The money's my insurance!
Till he gets it, we're safe!
- Do you really wanna risk that?
- Shut up!
- These people have families too.
- Shut up!
- Just shut up!
[LOUIE] Just shut up!
Shut up!
Suspect now has a gun
and is threatening hostages.
If the shot presents, take it.
[JD] Hey, I need you
to get Evie or DeShawn
to pick up the sister
and bring her here, okay?
Go. Go, go!
- [EVIE] Hello?
- Ms. Hall! Are they still here?
Where's your daughter, Ms. Hall?
Where's Casey?
He's got her! He's got my Casey!
Seems I missed a team meeting
I wasn't invited to.
You're outta time.
- Don't do this, Cath.
- I've got no choice.
Of course you have a choice.
Whoever built that bomb
should be our only concern right now.
We've gotta set up a geofence.
If we can jam that signal, we
take Stone out of the equation.
Then we deal with Louie.
You know how it works
you wanna jam the area,
you gotta go all the way
up the chain first.
So what are you still talking to me for?
What are we doing here?
- We need to help my girls.
- Sit down, Ms. Hall.
[EVIE] Time you started sharing with us.
[FIONA] I've told you everything I know.
[MACKEY] We found your fingerprints
all over Stone Matthews's apartment.
On the sewing machine in particular.
He's your dealer, isn't he?
You made the bomb vest.
I made it for me, didn't I?
You were gonna rob the bank?
It was supposed to be tomorrow.
Louie jumped the bloody gun.
She must have gone to see
Stone behind my back.
Why would she cut you out like that?
Because she knew that
I was getting cold feet.
Knew that I wouldn't go through with it.
Because I'm useless.
- What's the money for?
- For Case!
These new cancer drugs
you can't get in this country,
it's 45 grand a pop!
I I didn't know it was real.
You have to believe me.
I made the vest
but he made the bomb.
No one was supposed to get hurt.
You wanna fix this?
Talk to your daughter.
Get her to let the hostages go
and the bomb disposal in
so they can defuse this thing.
- [LOUIE] Mum?
- What are you doing, bub?
- The bomb's real, Mum.
- [FIONA] I know.
He lied to both of us.
- You shouldn't have
- Don't worry about that now.
Casey needs you. It's better this way.
This has to end now, bub.
Let go of the hostages.
I'll face whatever comes next
with ya, I swear.
[LOUIE] Nah.
Not yet.
I've thought this through, Mum.
- All I've gotta do is
- He's got Case.
What are you saying?
Mum, what do you mean he has Case?
- Why would he do that?
Another call. Mobile this time.
- Bubby?
- 'Bye, Mum.
- No, no, no. Don't go. Don't go.
I've got something of yours.
Say hello!
- [DOC ROY] Shush, shush, shush.
Kid. Look at me, look at me.
We're gonna get her back, I promise.
This this is what we do.
What you gotta do is you gotta trust me.
[STONE] You've got
something of mine, don't ya?
Send me the address where
you've stashed the cash.
Send it so the cops can't see it
or I'm gonna hurt her.
Hey, asshole.
When you're done picking on
kids with cancer,
come down here, have a crack at me.
I dare ya.
[LOUIE] Okay, I'll tell you.
Just leave Casey the hell alone.
I don't want Casey! I want my money!
Where's my money?!
[DOC ROY] No, kid. No.
You give him the money, we all go boom.
I've got no option.
Louie, no.
- No.
[JD] Okay, get that fence up.
As soon as he has the cash,
he's gonna trigger that bomb.
- There's a hospital a block away.
- So?
Jamming the signal will
take the whole tower out.
[JD] So what?
What, people can't check
their emails for an hour?
- HQ have denied our request.
- They what?!
Have you explained the situation
that's going on right now, Cath?
It's an order. Straight from the top.
No fence.
What the hell? What was that she sent?
It's the location of the money,
most likely.
- It won't It's not
It's not gonna open. It won't
Excuse me!
Where are you going?
- Blue?
[MUTTERS] Probably Roy's.
More graffiti.
Probably Evie's.
- [MACKEY] Blue? You in here?
I need you back on deck, soldier.
[BLUE] Why?
Why, what's the point? I mean
Once he gets the cash, he's
gonna blow them all up anyway
and Roy's gonna die and
there's nothing that I can do.
Sure there is.
You can stay in the fight.
It's what we do.
That's the gig.
[GIRLS SING] The night with you ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
With you ♪
It's been staring at me the whole time.
With you ♪
[BLUE] Wait for it. Wait. There.
Okay, on her meds bag,
there's a tracking tag
so she never loses her stuff.
So because we have her phone, we can
- You can
- Yep, yep. Let's gear up.
Evie, you drive.
[MACKEY] We're closing in on Stone.
I need to know you have that jammer up.
- [JD] Yeah, having some issues.
- [MACKEY] Well, fix 'em.
You know how this plays out
if you don't.
[CATH] What are you doing?
[JD] They used to call it
'showing initiative'.
They'll hang you out to dry for this.
So I'll take my chances.
4-3-3 hertz.
Freeze! NCIS.
[DESHAWN] I've got ya.
Stay back! Stay back!
Keep your head down. You okay?
- JD, how we looking?
- [JD] Having some issues.
Come on, you bastard!
You come any closer,
I press this, she goes boom.
- You bastard!
[MACKEY] Talk to me, JD.
- [DESHAWN] I've got you.
Say goodbye to your sister.
Don't listen to a word. Don't listen.
JD, we good?
- Sarge?
- Jam is up. We're good.
[MACKEY] It's over, Stone.
Your phone's jammed.
Don't do it.
Wait. I got you. Come on.
- [EVIE] We got him.
Hold on, hold on. Here we go.
I got ya. I got ya.
[DOC ROY] Yep, yep. I'll
I'll let her know now.
- They got him.
- Casey?
Safe and sound, and they're
bringing her here now.
- You need to leave too, mate.
- Yep.
Don't do that!
[LOUIE] What? What's happening?
[DOC ROY] Stay still. Don't move, kid.
- I told you to go.
- Please don't go!
I'm not going anywhere,
but you have gotta do
exactly what they say.
I need you to stay still, okay?
We're gonna feel around for
some wires. Super still now.
Hey, Louie. Louie.
Now, you pretend I'm the Health Minister
and that's my chief of staff.
Come on. Now, what
did you wanna tell me?
Oh, come on, kid! Go me!
This is your big chance.
And what have you got, huh?
Ba-bow! Nothing.
I cannot believe it.
[LOUIE] Never replied to my letters.
What kind of dick doesn't reply to
a kid's letters about her dying sister?
[DOC ROY] You know how many
letters my department receives?
Standard bullshit replies.
One stroke of your pen, bro.
Ministerial discretion or some crap?
All it would have taken
for us to get the drugs.
[WHISPERS] Can't find the detonator.
And these drugs, they're not
available on the PBS?
If if Casey gets these drugs,
you tell me, what are her chances?
If she doesn't get 'em, there's
there's nothing else to try.
So I'll take those odds.
It's not Casey's fault we
didn't have the money.
We're good, guys.
It's over.
[DOC ROY] Uh, somebody
better get an ambulance.
[FIONA] Louie? Louie?
Oh, my God!
[DOC ROY] What'll happen to her?
She robbed a bank where a cop got shot
and took a café hostage
with a bomb and a gun.
Which was unloaded.
She's 15.
She had her reasons.
[JD] Yeah, either way,
she'll do a stint in juvie.
Course, if there's someone
with some integrity
that can vouch for her
Oh, bugger. Know anyone?
Sure you're allowed?
I reckon Rosie'll forgive me.
- Outta beans, huh?
- You take half-and-half?
Why, will that make it taste better?
It's been sitting out all day.
Brewing, yeah.
It's not wine. It doesn't
get better with age.
Quit being such a snob.
Those were some maverick
moves out there today.
Mmm, I've been hanging out
with you too long.
Way too long
they're talking about hitting me
with disciplinary charges.
[MACKEY] Oof! Been there, done that.
Comes with the territory.
[JD] Might have to undergo retraining.
[MACKEY] What about Welsh?
Bit of co-disciplinary action?
[JD] Mmm.
More than ancient history, huh?
Yeah, bad sort of retro rebound move
that should never have happened
but seems to keep happening.
Explains the bedhead.
[JD] Mmm.
I thought you were married.
Yeah, I am.
And I'm not.
Divorce is still going through.
[MACKEY] Sorry.
Yeah, a boy. [CLEARS THROAT]
Few years younger than Louie, actually.
Kept that to yourself.
Yeah. Did, didn't I?
[MACKEY] It's the gig, right?
What we see
You wanna protect your family
from what we know is out there.
Speaking from experience?
Do I look like I have time for a family?
All that [SCOFFS]
and the kid didn't
even get the meds.
- Didn't I tell you?
- Hmm?
The live feed went viral and someone
launched a GoFundMe campaign,
raised a bunch of cash.
- Oh, yeah? [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah!
Who was the someone?
- I don't know.
- Mmm.
But I do know that
DeShawn emptied
his bank account into it.
$7.50 in bent coins is gonna
make a lot of difference!
I appreciate the lift, Bluebird.
I can give you a lift
home too if you'd like.
No, no, I'll
- I'll get a cab.
- No, there
There's no point, though,
if I'm here, right?
It'll give me a chance
to catch up on some podcasts.
So go on.
Go see Pack Leader.
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