NCIS: Sydney (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


[MAN] We need to clear all this stuff.
- [ONLOOKER] You right, mate?
[MAN] Don't move!
Come on!
Come on, let's go!
Someone call an ambulance!
Nice work, Cooper.
Piece of cake. Go get 'em, tiger.
Easy for you to say.
At least your person was human!
I'm going toe to toe
with the missing link!
[EVIE] Repeat after me.
"My name is DeShawn
insert middle name here Jackson".
My name is DeShawn Anthony Jackson.
And I may be able to go toe
to toe with the missing link
for a moment.
Really? A whole moment?
Friends don't lie.
Surprise him.
All right.
Let's dance, big man.
Hey, yo! Hey, what's that over there?
- Whoo!
- [EVIE] Oh!
Best of three?
[ASSESSOR] With the exception of
what we've just seen,
skill sets between agencies
are equivalent and exceptionally high.
He's big!
[ASSESSOR] And you two really are
setting a top-tier benchmark
for your team.
We got the same score?
What? Which section?
All of it.
[DESHAWN] That's not good.
Mackey don't do ties.
Yeah, neither does JD.
This is gonna eat him up.
I thought you'd both be pleased.
[FLATLY] Stoked.
- Yeah. What he said.
This is Mackey.
- He was big, man.
- [EVIE] Yeah.
Copy that.
Go get cleaned up.
We've got a bus to catch.
[DESHAWN] What's up, girl?
You done already?
Just getting some air.
It's like an oven in here.
You good? You look like
you've seen a ghost.
Oh, mate!
Jeez, I tell ya, I spent some
time in Fallujah some years ago,
but it's got nothing on this
this is a sauna.
- Let me scoot past you, Doc.
- Thanks, man.
[DESHAWN] Careful there.
What are we looking at, Rosie?
Well, he's got two jackets on
when a T-shirt would suffice.
Less sartorial, more cause of death.
Well, um, he's got burst
blood vessels behind his eyes.
Bruised, likely broken ribs
from the CPR.
But we will not know the cause of death
until we get off the good old
333 express to Bondi.
We sure our friend's Navy?
I didn't think male sailors
wore earrings.
Hair's not regulation either.
[JD] So all we've got's the jacket.
Could have picked that up anywhere, no?
Looks like brand-new merch
from the USS 'Pascal',
which can only be purchased
from ship stores
and only Navy personnel
can board Navy ships.
I'm guessing the USS 'Pascal's in town?
Made port from San Diego three days ago.
DeShawn? Got an ID yet?
Phone but no wallet.
Who rolls without a wallet?
Hey, get me the CCTV footage, okay?
Got it, EGOATs.
Oh! Equal greatest of all time.
You know, not to be
confused with EGOT
Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony winner.
Yeah, no confusion here, mate.
[DOC ROY] Talk about a GOAT!
Now, this bloke has had
two simultaneous
cardiovascular events
he had an aortic dissection
and a cardiac tamponade!
- Congenital?
- Nah, no one's that unlucky.
[MACKEY] Got an ID yet?
Ran his prints through
the US Naval database.
He died wearing brand-new merch
from a US Navy ship
that just made port.
That is not nothing, D.
[BLUE] Neither is this.
The blood panels just came in.
- [JD] Oh!
- That marker is cocaine.
[JD] Yeah, of Pablo Escobar proportions.
That explain the heart failure?
Maybe, but
there was no drugs
in his nasal mucosa.
- That's because
- Maybe he was injected?
- Hot shot?
- Actually, no
Check for balloons. He might be a mule.
- One might have burst.
- It's not in his tummy either!
He overdosed through his skin
from what's in here.
And that is
What you get
when you soak his jacket
in warm, salty water
to extract the liquid cocaine
that the jacket was impregnated with.
[JD] Let me get this straight.
John Doe goes for a trot
wearing two jackets,
sweating his arse off
Causing uncut cocaine
to leach out of the jacket
and into his skin.
It's classic dermal absorption.
[MACKEY] So some criminal mastermind
came up with the idea
to soak the jacket in sweat
to remove the drugs?
No. No, it's not about, um
extracting the drugs
from the fabric.
You're right, though.
John Doe's sweat did that.
It's about extracting the drugs
from the resulting liquid
without loss and contamination.
Turn that liquid into powder, you get
[JD AND MACKEY] Cocaine.
Yes, almost.
The chemistry is tricky.
You need the exact compound
to unlock the drugs,
otherwise all you have is
John Doe in a jacket
that will get you super high
and super dead.
I don't do super dead.
And I don't do John Does.
Find out who he is
and why he's wearing that jacket.
Yo, take a look at this.
What do you make of these two guys?
Think they're trying to help
or hurt the guy?
[SOFTLY] Check him.
You sure you're all right?
You've been a little off all day.
Uh, actually, I'm not
I'm not feeling great.
I'm gonna work from home.
Wait, what?
[DESHAWN TAPS KEY] What are you doing?
Hello, Jess.
You wanna ask Cue Ball here to
point that thing somewhere else?
You're in my house, uninvited.
What do you want?
I'm here to change your life.
- Hard pass.
- I'm serious.
Got something big going on
you're gonna wanna be a part of.
You still cooking?
It's like riding a bike.
With less protective headgear.
And more guns in my face.
Please, Jess.
We lost ours.
You're the best I know.
- How do you lose a cook?
Whoa, hey, hey! Relax.
Jess is cool. We go way back.
Come on.
At least meet the boss.
Come through here.
Petty Officer Leeson will be
with you in a moment.
[MACKEY] Bingo. Here's the jacket.
Same tag, minus the price sticker.
[JD] Could have been a gift.
You know, Mum always said,
"Make sure you take the price tag off
before you wrap it, Jim".
Does Mom have any other pearls of
wisdom that will help with the case?
I'm not sure if it's relevant,
but she used to say,
"Only floss the teeth you wanna keep".
- Aww. Mama's boy. Figures.
Oh, Evie's gone home sick.
She hasn't taken a sick day
since I've known her.
Ma'am. Sir.
Petty Officer Leeson.
You wanted to see me?
Special Agent Mackey, NCIS.
You run the ship store?
- Correct, ma'am.
- You seen this guy?
He was found dead this morning
wearing some of your ship store merch.
Never seen him, sir. Any idea
what he might have bought?
A USS 'Pascal' bomber jacket.
You sell any recently?
Yes, ma'am. Let's see.
We got three bomber jackets
sold this trip. What size?
Two large, one medium.
Doesn't mean one couldn't have
been bought on a previous tour
and packed in luggage, though.
- Any thefts, any missing?
- No, sir.
We run a tight ship here.
[MACKEY] Still, just for fun,
let's print out
a sales log and check your stock.
Yes, ma'am.
- [SIGHS] All right.
Anything from CCTV yet?
Still on it, boss.
Sending you the 'Pascal'
store inventory.
Contact San Diego.
Cross-reference their outbound manifest.
I'll get on it as soon as
I'm back on my desk.
Where are you?
You haven't caught what
Evie's got, have you?
Negative, boss.
- Fit as a fiddle.
- Good.
I need all hands on deck.
[MURMURS] Well, well
[BLUE] Good news!
I cracked John Doe's phone.
Okay, anything interesting on it?
[SIGHS] What's most interesting
is what's not on it.
No phone numbers, texts, nothing.
Like the phone's been scrubbed.
All that's left is this.
One photo taken six minutes
before he died.
Can you ID those blokes
in the background?
I'm trying, but you zoom in too much
and they're basically just 'Minecraft'.
Try harder.
Smart money says John Doe
took their photo
six minutes before he died for a reason.
Hey, how are you getting on
extracting the cocaine from the liquid?
- Ugh. Um
In less good news,
I'm officially today's WOAT.
- WOAT. The worst of all time.
- Okay.
It needs chemistry chops
that I just don't have.
That scares me. Who does?
Get me everything you can
on known cartel chemists.
DEA, Crime Commission,
Interpol all of it.
Yeah, she's here. We got her now.
Don't tell me I'm here
to cook protein powder.
You dragged me down here
to meet your boss.
Where is he?
[DESHAWN] Ooh, this is nice!
- You lost, mate?
- [DESHAWN] Nah, bro.
Just, uh, tryin' to make some gains.
Tryin' to get big like you. You feel me?
- [MAN] No, I don't feel you.
- [DESHAWN] Come on.
Just, you know, hook a brother
up with a free trial.
Yeah, we don't do those here.
Okay. Yeah, that's cool.
Well, um, how much is a membership?
There's a wait list, bruv.
For this place? For real?
There's another gym down
the road a couple of blocks.
Probably be more your speed.
My speed? You know
what what's that mean?
What do you think?
Oh! I get it.
You know, wait list for my people.
Got a problem with my people, bruv?
That it?
I do now.
- What the hell's going on?
- Get out of here!
- Whatever trouble you're in
Oi! Get him out of here.
Park it up, T.
This is Jess.
She's the new cook.
[EVIE] Hey.
[BOSS] Are you sure you don't know him?
The guy whose arse I just kicked?
Nah, never met him before.
So you just overreacted, then?
Look, this genius was about to
pull a piece in a crowded gym.
I don't need that in my life right now.
I didn't chase this.
Your guys came to me, okay?
I'm out.
Hey, hey. Jess, Jess.
You wanted a cook.
I brought you a cook.
I can't do what she does.
None of us can.
So either we do this or you
tell El Maestro not to come
and explain to the boss
why we're 25 mill short.
- Kane said you've been away?
- [EVIE] Thailand.
- Last few years.
- Who'd you cook for up there?
Somebody who doesn't like their
employees talking out of school.
[BOSS] All right, then.
[EVIE] I'm good.
[SNIFFS] Little early for me.
I wasn't asking. See, one's coke.
The other's hydrochloric acid.
If you're as good as Kane says,
you'll be able to tell them apart.
Well, don't worry. The acid
probably won't kill you.
It will strip the lining from your nose
and burn clean through your septum.
They're both hydrochloric acid.
[BOSS] Shopping list.
Oh, come on. [GRUNTS]
Okay, I can get you a spare key
if you just give me a second.
Or a carpenter.
Uh, Evie's sick and working from home.
She can't find her keys.
And she thinks she's locked them
inside her drawer that is locked.
You know, classic Evie. [LAUGHS]
Hear back from San Diego yet?
Naval Supply Depot embarked six
boxes of jackets in San Diego.
How many were at the ship store?
One? We're missing five boxes.
Five boxes, 10 jackets per box.
That's a lot of gear.
All coming in from a US Navy vessel.
I think it's time we had a second chat
with Petty Officer Leeson
about those missing boxes.
Hey, what happened there?
Missing link. You know, few more
seconds, I would have had him.
- [JD] Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, what do we know about
replenishment protocols
for visiting ships?
Pretty basic logistics.
Food and supplies come on.
Trash comes off.
- Blue?
- On it.
I'll track all the vehicles
that serviced the 'Pascal'
while making port in Sydney.
[MACKEY] Oh. Uh-huh.
Thank you. Appreciate it.
So Leeson disembarked after we
met and hasn't been seen since.
So we've lost our lead
and still no closer
to ID'ing our dead guy.
We're not really kicking
too many goals, are we, team?
[DOC ROY] No, not true.
John is a Doe no more.
I found a titanium rod in his femur
and I traced the serial number.
And worked out whose leg
it was inside of.
- Old school.
- Go, Rosie.
His name's Robert Goddard.
[MACKEY] Okay, let's see where
our friend Robert Goddard leads us.
Try Interpol, DEA and AFP
now that we have a name.
It's not his only name.
Something you wanna share, D?
- [EVIE] Acetone?
- [MAN] Check.
[EVIE] What the hell are you doing here?
- You followed me?
- From the gym. Yeah.
Who's Robert Goddard
and why does his license
say Dylan Brooks?
Look, I found it in your drawer.
Inside my locked drawer.
Nice one, partner. Classy.
Classy? Like holding back
evidence from your team?
We watched the bus CCTV.
Who are your friends out there?
Most of them are local hires
for the Ramos cartel.
[DESHAWN] What do we know about 'em?
[EVIE] Next to nothing,
but the locals are sweating the
arrival of the cartel's chemist.
Arriving from where?
- This chemist got a name?
- El Maestro.
That's all I got.
How's Goddard fit in?
He was undercover drug squad.
I'm his replacement.
- Yeah, because he's dead!
- Exactly!
And every single moment
I'm here with you
puts a target on my back
when I walk out.
- So don't walk out.
- It doesn't work like that.
I didn't ask for any of this.
Kane forced my hand.
If I blow my cover, he dies.
I walk out with you, he dies.
He is not my responsibility.
You are.
- I'm sorry.
- [DESHAWN] Evie!
So that's it? We're not even
gonna run surveillance?
[JD] Not yet. It's too risky for Evie.
Not until we find out more first.
So we're just gonna let her swing?
We wouldn't have to if you
told us about this earlier.
[JD] Hey.
Detective Dan Skelton. State drug squad.
Special Agent Mackey, NCIS.
Jim Dempsey. What can we do
for you, Detective?
Our systems pinged
someone from your office
running a search on one of my guys.
Robert Goddard is one of yours?
I'm not gonna comment on specifics.
Someone used a US Navy ship to
smuggle drugs into the country.
Care to comment on that?
[JD] Obviously that's news to you,
otherwise you would have brought
us up to speed on the operation.
You know, as a professional courtesy.
Mmm, well, undercover's tight hold.
I'm sure you can appreciate that.
So if you let me grab Goddard,
we'll get out of your hair.
When I got the alert, I assumed
you had him in custody.
What the hell happened?
Was he targeted?
Well, all we know right now is
he he suffered
a major coronary event.
Sorry you had to hear it like this.
I'll get a team down here
and retrieve the body.
Sorry, mate. Afraid we can't do that.
Excuse me?
He's part of an ongoing investigation.
Yeah. My investigation.
Into the Ramos cartel?
We hear El Maestro is on his way.
What do you know about him?
Bugger all.
No one's ever seen him.
Guy's an enigma.
[JD] Can I throw another
name at you, then?
Off the record.
Constable Evie Cooper.
She's one of yours, isn't she?
I believe prior to that
she was one of yours.
Cooper's back inside.
I beg your pardon?
Authorized by whom?
- We're working on it.
- No, you're not.
You're tanking a two-year
operation is what you're doing.
What's going on?
That's what we're trying to figure out.
Help us understand
the connective tissue here.
Look, Cooper predates me.
- Word is she was moved on.
- Why?
Apparently she got involved with
another operative
and compromised an operation.
With Kane?
That's who you're talking about, right?
[SKELTON] I need to report
this to Command
and I need to call his wife.
You find out who did this,
you call me. Thank you.
[BLUE] Hey!
So, um, I was able to
trace down the trucks
that removed gear from the 'Pascal'.
And these three beauties caught my eye.
So each were idle en route
for around five minutes.
Two of them were at petrol stations,
but truck's gotta drink.
Which leaves this place.
The building is owned by
a company called Smart Haulage.
What do they haul?
Not much, considering
they went belly-down three years ago.
I think it's 'belly-up', Blue.
Bad for them, but maybe
good for us.
[MACKEY] Clear!
[DESHAWN] Clear!
[JD] Mackey!
[MACKEY] Jackets?
[MACKEY] Here!
[JD] Is that Leeson?
[MACKEY] Yeah. It was.
Guess he's not AWOL anymore.
Jeez, they were not mucking around.
There's 17 puncture wounds and counting.
[MACKEY] It's cartel SOP.
Someone wanted Leeson to talk.
[DESHAWN] Or not to talk.
That's the logistics chief,
port operations
who loaded the jackets onto
the 'Pascal' in San Diego.
What's left of him, anyway.
Dead guy there, dead guy here.
Both ends of the supply chain.
- That's cold.
- [JD] And smart.
Dead men tell no tales.
- Blue?
- I just sent something through.
What am I looking at?
[BLUE] Okay, so
cocaine has a specific isotope ratio.
Even though I can't extract
the powder itself,
I was still able to trace
the cocaine's signature
to here
A tiny province of Peru,
not the tiny guitar of Hawaii.
This entire valley is controlled
by the Ramos cartel,
where their coca leaf is grown.
Okay, Evie told us it was
the Ramos cartel already.
- That's not news, Blue.
- I know. No, but this is.
So based on that specific
narcotic signature,
we can see that their drugs
end up all over the world.
And here pretty soon.
Another hour and we'd have
caught them red-handed.
[DOC ROY] Yeah.
You missed them by a hair.
[BOSS] The coke is embedded
in the lining.
You know, this whole thing
would be a lot easier
if you just showed me the lab set-up.
- Get a jump on things.
- You'll see it when you need to.
Well, I need to see it now.
How am I supposed to get my head around
the extraction process otherwise?
You won't.
You brought me in to assist.
Check your ego on this one, Jess.
- El Maestro's next level.
- Yeah, who cares?
I don't like working with
people I don't know.
- Neither do I.
- [EVIE] What's his process?
Does he speak English?
Have you even worked
with the guy before?
No one's ever seen him.
He shows up, does his magic,
then disappears again
in a puff of smoke,
like he's gonna do tomorrow.
He's not the type to tolerate
mistakes, so early night.
- You're staying with Kane.
- Like hell I am!
Or you're staying with me.
You hungry?
Order some takeaway. I got
some beers in the fridge.
You put a gun to my head.
In my own house!
It's the only way I could play it.
That guy at the gym was my partner.
And I coldcocked him.
I hurt him, my friend.
Because of you.
- I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.
You lost that ability a long time ago.
You wanna know why I got out?
That's why.
You haven't even mentioned Robbie once!
Oh, come on, man! He was your best mate!
He dies and all you can think
about is you're down a cook.
I can't think about Robbie right now.
I just gotta get through tomorrow.
Why didn't you help him?
[KANE] What?
I saw the tapes.
You could have given him CPR,
taken him to hospital.
- Instead, you ran.
- There was nothing I could do.
He was gone, Evie.
We pull out now,
his death is for nothing.
Why did he run with that jacket?
I don't know, Robbie was
paranoid towards the end.
Got the feeling like
he felt someone was off.
- Maybe he was off.
- No way.
Not Robbie. You knew him.
Then why didn't he come to you?
You think I'm bent?
Say the words.
[KANE] Feels like yesterday.
That was a lifetime ago.
We're here now.
You know how it goes.
Once you commit, there's no backing out.
I know you're scared.
Me too.
But I won't let anything happen to you.
I promise.
I promise.
- You just gotta trust me.
Like I have a choice.
[DESHAWN] Hey! Got this
from a buddy at the DEA.
The Ramos cartel rolls into a town,
build a local crew,
bring in El Maestro
to extract the drugs,
then incinerate the lab and crew.
Boom nothing left.
Hey. Ain't gonna happen this time.
[DESHAWN] Wait. Zoom out.
You're not gonna see them
any better that way.
Zoom out, Blue.
Enhance the label on the drum.
I don't think Goddard
was photographing them.
He was photographing that.
Triptahydro. You've gotta be kidding me!
- Boss!
- What have you got?
[DESHAWN] It's not about
the two dudes in the background.
It's the barrel in the foreground.
- What is it?
- Triptahydro.
It's a volatile liquid accelerant.
Sort of thing you'd want on hand
if you planned on burning
the joint down at some point.
The hair strand from
the warehouse crime scene
just got a match.
It's Kane Mason.
- We gotta pull her out.
- [MACKEY] Out from where?
We don't know where she is. Or the lab.
- So we go find her!
- Listen, just take a breath.
- This guy killed Leeson!
- We don't know that.
He's an undercover cop, D.
Who chased Goddard onto a bus
and watched him die.
Evie's running with a killer.
[BLUE] Okay, so we know where
the Ramos cartel labs
have been torched
all over the world, right?
So I scanned the flight manifests
into and out of those cities
on the dates of the fires
no match.
But when I ran it through facial rec,
I came up with seven different
passports but only one face.
Say g'day to Señor El Maestro.
[JD] Has he used one of them recently?
"Domingo Quesada" boarded
a flight out of Zurich yesterday
with a 6-hour layover in Sydney.
Way to go, Blue. Now, we at least
know who we're looking for.
- And he's coming straight to us.
- Uh, came.
His plane landed 20 minutes ago.
Hey, I need a full-court press
on Kingsford Smith Airport.
Name of Domingo Quesada. Now.
Let's move! He'll be here soon.
Well, where's the calculator?
What? What for?
Have you ever done this before?
It's not like cooking pasta.
I need exact ratios.
I get this right, we all get rich.
I get this wrong
- We got a location for the lab.
- Behind the gym.
- Okay.
[JD] Hey, I'm no expert on drug labs,
but I'm pretty sure
the guns-blazing approach
- has limited success.
- [MACKEY] You got a better idea?
Throw a perimeter around
the place and wait 'em out?
They're not coming out.
That's the point.
Evie's never gonna make it out
if we don't go in.
[JD] Time to get creative.
He's landed.
We need to be ready to rock
once he walks through that door.
He won't have long.
Welcome to Sydney, Maestro.
This is Jess. She's gonna be
cooking for you today.
Need anything before we get going?
Should we start?
[MACKEY] Okay.
Copy that.
They missed him at the airport,
so heads up.
The last thing we need
is the real El Maestro
crashing the party.
What do you got, Blue?
Okay, so I found a microdot
on the barrel in Goddard's photo.
The accelerant was taken into
police evidence six months ago.
Okay. Find out who signed it out.
All right, bro? Remember me?
- We're closed.
- Ah, see, that's it.
I'm not here to push steel, man.
Do these bad boys
look like they need it?
I'm not here for the sesh, mate.
I'm here to straighten you out, bro.
I've come lawyered up.
Piss off.
- Wouldn't do that if I were you.
- Hey?
Clause 7.5 makes it illegal
to discriminate against a person
based on their appearance.
Oi. Grab me some tubs
from the corridor real quick.
See now, uh,
it's right there, man,
in black and white.
The defense rests, Your Honor.
- We got eyes on.
- [DESHAWN] Got it.
[BOSS] All good, Maestro.
Nothing to worry about.
Hey, check on Teo. He's not answering.
Let's get it done and get out.
[BOSS] We were meant to have
the first batch out already.
How are we tracking?
You taking the piss?
Who the hell are you?
The hell's going on here?
- Drop your weapon!
- You drop the weapon! AFP!
[DESHAWN] Drop your weapon! He's dirty.
He killed Leeson,
the sailor who was
smuggling the jackets.
Yeah, we have forensics.
The hell you talking about?
I didn't kill anyone.
[SKELTON] Jesus. What the hell
are you doing here?
My team's all over the place.
You wanna get yourself shot?
I got people on the inside too.
Well, it's not safe in here.
You seen that?
- Liquid accelerant. I know.
- Yeah.
Which means someone's planning
to torch the joint.
Yeah, that's your guy. Kane.
Look, I'm all over it, okay?
- You need to get out.
A little busy here, Blue.
Six drums of accelerant
were signed out of police evidence.
Enough to take down Nakatomi Plaza.
Any idea who?
Detective Sergeant Daniel Skelton.
Everything all right?
You tell me.
Your hair was at the crime scene.
Then someone's setting me up.
- Don't believe him, Evie.
- [KANE] Evie.
Who'd set you up?
Well, there's not much use in that.
Either of us pull the trigger
and we all go and meet our maker.
[MACKEY] Put your guns down.
This place is gonna blow.
We gotta get outta here.
It was Skelton.
- What?
- [MACKEY] He sold you out.
Doused the place in accelerant.
One single spark will
set the whole thing off.
We've gotta hustle. Move!
No! Wait!
You okay?
- Yeah.
I will be.
El Maestro.
[JD] Out ya get, big fella.
- Welcome to Sydney.
You're lucky. Usually I follow
through with the elbow.
Oh, um good as new.
[CHUCKLES] Almost.
And Skelton was in the perfect
position to run the cell.
Controlled the flow of
information in and out.
Protect them from raids.
He's a clever bugger.
Yeah, supply them with whatever
they needed from police seizures
and then use Kane and Goddard
to unknowingly manipulate
things from the inside.
Something you wanna say, Constable?
[EVIE] Look, I know you're
gonna do what you're gonna do.
I just need you to know I understand.
That's big of you, considering
you concealed evidence, went off grid
and put yourself in harm's way,
causing the rest of the team
to do the same.
Gotta say
your instincts were bang on.
But by keeping us in the dark,
you almost died with the person
you were trying to save.
Which would have been a shame
because I like having you around.
You're not firing me?
You almost single-handedly
brought down
an international drug cartel.
So no.
Not this time.
Do it again
and I'll kill you.
And if she doesn't, I will.
How'd you go with El Maestro?
He squealed like el puerco
which is 'pig' in Spanish
for those uneducated around here.
And what's 'goat' in Spanish?
El Dempsey, obviously.
- Really?
- Yeah.
With your two words?
You're not still going on with
this GOAT nonsense, are you?
Oh, no, no. No, no.
There's no argument here.
Actually, I think it's
pretty clear, isn't it?
- [JD] Yeah, bloody oath it is.
- [DOC ROY] Ooh, I like this.
Here we go. There's only
one way to sort this out.
Three one-minute rounds.
No holds barred.
Play dirty. Have some fun.
Come on, kids. Get into it!
[DESHAWN] All right, let's go!
- Sure you wanna do this?
- Bring it on, chica.
Ooh, tres palabras! Muy bien!
Look at that over there!
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