NCIS: Sydney (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Bunker Down

[WOMAN] Housekeeping.
Excuse me. Housekeeping.
I'm coming in.
Excuse me. Anyone in there?
[DESHAWN] So, I looked up the
NCIS manual. Double-checked it.
It is right there in black-and-white.
Clause 17, subsection D:
an allegation of theft will trigger
an internal investigation.
Just so I'm following,
this is because someone ate your pizza?
- Mm-mm, not 'someone'. Evie.
- Oh.
And she's a repeat offender.
She treats the office fridge
like a Vegas buffet.
- Was it labeled?
- It was my personalized topping.
Just like a serial number
right there in mozza
Someone stole your food again, DeShawn?
What? My pizza. Yeah. Mm.
I think we broke him.
- Is the dress all right?
- Yeah, you look serviceable.
Jeez, what charm school
did you flunk out of?
Invites for the launch party tonight,
courtesy of the DOD.
- Uh! Nuh-uh!
- Mm!
SECNAV was clear.
They want eyes on the ground.
Field agents.
But, boss, it's GaiaMetric!
Satellite-free geolocation.
That is That's my jam.
- Orders are orders, Blue.
I'm sorry.
[EVIE] Sorry, babe.
Hey, it's a bunch of tech bros
patting each other on the back.
Just pretentious navel-gazing, so
Well, we are naval investigators.
On the bright side, free champagne.
'Free'? Interesting concept.
You know, not to be mistaken
with 'stolen'.
Are you accusing me of something?
- My pizza's missing.
- You want me to put out a BOLO?
I'll need a description.
Okay. All right.
Italian pepperoni, Mexican chorizo,
deep-dish stuffed crust, extra peppers,
extra jalapeños, extra hot sauce
with a cheeky little drizzle
of honey to coat.
- Sound familiar?
- Sounds disgusting.
Scientist found dead in a hotel room.
We investigate dead scientists now?
We do when they work for
the Office of Naval Research.
We'll have to split up. I'll
take the hotel with one other.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Not so fast.
These invites came from the
American side, so that's on you.
- Fine. DeShawn?
- Yes.
- You and JD do the hotel.
- Yes!
- Wait a
- [JD] Mm.
I'm American. Why am I not
going to the banquet?
Blue, enjoy the navel-gazing.
[JD] We'll call you if we need you.
- Have fun.
- [DESHAWN] Yeah, have fun.
[MACKEY] Okay, we have about an hour
until we have to be at
the pick-up location,
so you'd better get dressed, stat.
What do you mean? I am dressed.
Leave it to me.
This way, my darling.
All right. So
Howie Sutcliffe, 34 years old,
scientist with ONR,
based out of the US Consulate
in Melbourne.
- Room in his name?
- Yep.
Booking for one. Checked in 1300.
And he checked out a few hours ago.
Um, time of death anywhere
between 1400 and 1600.
- Suffocation?
- He's got a plastic bag
over his head, 007. You tell me.
Well, local cops believe
it was an accident.
Quote, "Guy wanted to get freaky.
Took a solo flight. Failed to eject".
Ah, well, they may not be too far wrong.
You think he's pulling a 'Lone Ranger'?
Well, put it this way.
I don't think he was using
the toilet, Tonto.
- You right?
- Sorry, Sarge. Hay fever.
It's the westerlies. It blows
pollen all over the shop.
Lord Sneezeby,
mate, this is an active
crime scene, yeah?
- This guy!
[DOC ROY] There's an abrasion
near his temple
and it looks fresh.
This vanity's taken a hit.
So, maybe he gets the bag on,
starts to feel woozy,
he slips, hits his head,
passes out before
he can take it off again.
Yeah, yeah, but how does he fall here?
And there is blood under his fingernails
and possibly skin tissue.
[JD] Signs of a struggle.
So, maybe he gets surprised from behind
while he's running a bath.
He gets grabbed, bagged,
fights back, hits the vanity.
Yeah, and I'm seeing bruises
on his feet and lower legs.
If he's being suffocated,
you know, he's thrashing, he's kicking.
Yeah, till he kicks no more.
And then the killer drags him back,
lays him to rest by the toilet.
It's good enough for Elvis.
Uh, Sarge, found something.
Please tell me it's an antihistamine.
Not quite.
[DESHAWN] GPS is giving us nothing.
Figure all their phones
must've been jammed en route.
Last known location I had for them
is Goulburn Street in the city.
Yeah, it's a pick-up location.
- Do we know the hire car company?
- We know jack.
These GaiaMetric guys wanted
the whole thing kept on the ultra q.t.
But I pulled the hotel CCTV.
This is from 2 pm, which
is inside our TOD window.
[JD] Mm-hm.
[DESHAWN] Watch her head.
It's always angled away from the camera
no matter which way she's walking.
- It's too good to be a fluke.
- You think the maid's a killer?
I don't think that's a maid.
[JD] Well, how many rooms does she hit?
Only one. Sutcliffe's.
In and out in four minutes.
Now, unless she's Usain Bolt
with a feather duster,
that's not enough time to clean.
Get onto DOD. The invite came from them.
Maybe they know where the event is.
This is ridiculous. Eugh.
No phone reception. This'll be fun.
Guys, come on, okay?
It's all part of the mystique.
Just wait, all right.
It's gonna be amazing.
- Okay.
- Oh.
Welcome. Your medallions, please.
It's meant to do that, right?
Well, you are the last guests to arrive.
The bunker will be sealed
for the remainder of the event.
How's the cherry-to-lemonade ratio?
We are technically working,
so let's keep it neat, okay?
[BOTH] Sure thing, boss.
That was the Deng Xiu. He
What he's doing with AI
would melt your brain
and then replicate it
and then melt that.
[EVIE] Cool.
That's the founder of Cognifax
She is, like, the Neil deGrasse
Tyson of transhumanism.
Oh, my gosh, that's Rohit Rashik.
He's, like, GaiaMetric's
main competitor.
The two companies have been in a race
to hack the science for years.
He and the CEO of GaiaMetric, Ada Pack,
like, they hate each other.
I wonder why he's here.
Keep your enemies close, Blue.
No, thanks. I'm on the clock.
Keeping it tidy.
- Recognize anyone?
- A few faces.
Arms brokers, ex-spooks,
trade reps from
our more hostile neighbors.
Rival contractors, rival nations
And a piece of tech that
could change modern warfare
as we know it.
Bit of a powder keg.
[WOMAN] Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm Ada Pack, CEO of GaiaMetric.
Now, I don't want to alarm anyone,
but I've got some bad news.
I'm afraid we're stuck in this bunker
and no one knows where we are.
Can anyone call Triple-0?
Can anyone find this place on Maps?
But it gets worse.
This bunker hasn't been
functional for decades.
No air in or out,
which means we've only got
two hours of oxygen left.
We're screwed because your tech
relies on satellites.
But imagine a device that doesn't,
that uses the Earth's magnetic field
to determine your location
and communicate.
Yesterday, this device
was just a fantasy.
Today, it's GaiaMetric.
As long as the Earth has a core,
GaiaMetric is your North Star.
Now, I can see a few skeptics out there,
so to prove it, I've rigged
a receiver on the surface,
well beyond the range
of traditional GPS,
but as soon as I activate GaiaMetric,
it will unseal the bunker
and we can head up
to the banquet safe and sound.
Life before GaiaMetric
we all die down here
of oxygen deprivation.
Life after GaiaMetric
Well, the invitations to
the launch came through you,
so who was the contact?
This is part of a murder investigation.
Yeah, I'm trying to confirm
whether any of your drivers
had a pick-up booked,
departing from Goulburn Street.
Actually, I do mind being put on
hold again.
No luck with DOD?
Rental car companies?
I mean, why have a website
if it has no information?
Keep it exclusive, sell the hype.
[JD] Hmm
Hold on.
No one's posted about the event
on socials yet,
so either it's a PR disaster
Or no one has phone service.
Wait. Check it.
Lauren Fox. She's an event planner.
And here she is posting
about GaiaMetric.
Special Agent Mackey, NCIS.
How are we doing here?
Temporary setback.
Really? 'Cause people are
getting antsy down there.
[MACKEY] You, what's your name?
Sophie Atkins, technician.
All right, Sophie Atkins, technician,
what's that look of sheer panic about?
The whole point of this event
was to prove our tech
wasn't some cheap trick.
Uh-huh. How's that working for you?
Look, currently,
GaiaMetric evidently isn't
Any good?
If you would just let me focus
Feels like we're past that.
What's your back-up?
We didn't need one.
Our plan was perfect.
If we're trapped in here for real,
you'd better tell me where 'here' is.
We don't know. None of us do.
It was imperative that
no one knew where we were,
not even me.
[MACKEY] What about the people
who brought us here,
the drivers up top?
Their orders are to sit and wait.
- For how long?
- The longer, the better.
They're being paid by the hour.
My event planner, Lauren Fox,
she's the only one
who knows where we are.
She's at the function center
setting up the banquet.
And how long until she figures
out something's wrong?
Please tell me that timer's a prop.
[ADA] The event is pointless
if the bunker's not actually sealed.
You have gotta be kidding me.
You think I would have done this
if I didn't believe 100% in my product?
It passed every test.
GaiaMetric does not fail.
And yet here we are.
I don't suppose you've got
a kilo of Semtex in your clutch.
Okay, so I did the maths
and the timer is bang-on.
Well, at least they got that right.
What are you talking about?
Bang-on what?
We have two hours of oxygen left.
Oh, come on!
Actually, it's worse than that
because we will get very sick
before then.
Hypoxia will set in,
so it's confusion, delirium,
loss of consciousness.
Yeah, nah, forget that.
I don't do delirium.
Did that party in my teens. Hard pass.
- [MACKEY] Where are you going?
- Finding another way out.
There's gotta be a back door
around here somewhere.
Well, on the bright side,
you know, there's actually
a minute or two
where all 50 of us could
feel quite euphoric, so
Hey. What's your name?
Monica. Monica Rowe.
Monica, I'm Michelle Mackey.
I'm with NCIS.
Let's get that breathing
under control, okay?
With me. In through your nose for three.
Out through your mouth.
[MACKEY] Good.
First time trapped in a bunker?
Yeah, you could say that.
- Is that a first too?
- Yeah.
38 weeks.
What do you do, Monica?
I'm a journalist.
Tech and science.
I've been following GaiaMetric
since day dot.
Wasn't gonna miss this for the world.
Bet you're reconsidering
that right about now.
Okay, your heart rate's good.
- Keep it there.
Just breathe slow, conserve your energy.
We'll get you outta here,
I promise. Both of you.
Right place, wrong time?
Where the hell is everyone?
Wagyu slider, gentlemen?
Jim Dempsey, AFP.
- Where are your guests?
- You're the first to arrive.
Where can I find Lauren Fox?
Um, she was around here somewhere.
Has anyone seen Lauren Fox?
Her phone's still somewhere
in the building.
Okay, so, I didn't find an exit,
but I found the next best thing.
Just having trouble getting it open.
Door's missing a spindle
or it's corroded or something.
[MACKEY] Here. Let me.
[EVIE] See, when I go to
a party, I pack lip gloss.
Mackey brings a switchblade.
Switchblades are spring-loaded.
That's a pocket knife.
Girl Scouts have pocket knives, Blue.
That thing could castrate Godzilla.
You got a nail file?
You wanna shape or buff?
You carrying a bar blade in there too?
Unfortunately not.
Wait staff will have one.
Here. Work this in.
Smooth it out as best you can.
Hey. I need your bar blade, buddy.
Maybe one of those.
[ADA] Enough! You've made your point.
[ROHIT] What are you talking about?
- How are you doing it?
- Doing what?
- Oh, you're blaming me?
Oh, that's rich. Nice deflect.
Nothing to do with
your own incompetence,
putting something out before it's ready?
It was absolutely ready
and somehow you've killed it.
Just turn it back on.
How can I turn something on
that doesn't work, Ada?
[DESHAWN] Sarge!
- Here.
- Oh, thanks.
[GRUNTS] Okay, it doesn't quite fit.
Smooth it out some more.
I don't know if it's just
professional rivalry,
but I'm getting the impression
Ada thinks Rohit somehow managed
to sabotage the launch.
How would you even do that?
[BLUE] The tech is secret,
- but the science is open source.
- So?
So you throw enough resources at it
and you can reap all kinds
of magnetic mischief.
Oh, beans!
Babe, you're allowed to take that off.
I'm okay.
- You'd need some kind of jammer.
- And an escape plan.
[MACKEY] Here.
[GRUNTS] Oh. Hand me that bar.
[MACKEY] Okay, I think we're good.
Let's see what's behind door number one.
Some kind of war room.
[BLUE] But no exit.
- [EVIE] Smells like my nanna.
- Breathe it in.
Nanna just bought us
more time and flour.
[EVIE] Yeah, dead weevils
from 1950-something.
Just what we need.
That's not all she bought us.
I got into Lauren's phone,
but the files are all encrypted.
Well, un-encrypt them.
The term is 'decrypt' and I can't.
That's why we have Blue.
What is What the hell? [STAMMERS]
[CLEARS THROAT] Yeah, it does that.
- [JD] How did you go, Rosie?
There was some sticky residue
on Lauren Fox's hands.
I'll be able to tell you
exactly what it is
when I get this bloody thing working.
- JD.
We're running out of time,
so shut up and listen.
[JD] Listen up, guys. We're
in some kind of military bunker,
World War II era, location unknown.
- How'd you get there?
- We were blindfolded.
Taken from the meet point to the harbor.
Trip was about eight minutes.
Then we were on a boat
for 12 minutes tops.
What type? How fast were you traveling?
Mid-sized, twin onboards.
At least 20 knots.
[STAMMERS] And I know how this sounds,
but before we docked, I could
have sworn that I heard lions.
We only have an hour
and a half of oxygen left.
I have got 50 people down here
including a heavily pregnant woman
who I'd like to see go to term.
JD, I need you to find Lauren Fox, okay?
- She's the only one who knows.
- Lauren Fox is dead.
Same MO as the naval
researcher at the hotel.
Both were asphyxiated.
Someone likes a motif.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Hey, hey, Blue, it's okay. You're okay.
- Mackey, Mackey, what's
- We just lost power.
- Evie, go check it out.
- [EVIE] On it.
Tell me more about
this naval researcher.
Are you still there?
- JD? JD!
- What? What just happened?
- Line went dead.
Something tripped the circuit breaker.
- The phone's out.
- It should be working now.
It's a copper line.
It doesn't run off mains electricity.
[EVIE] Then how
Someone cut the line.
And ripped it out.
[EVIE] Can we reattach it?
Not unless we break through
meters of concrete
and find the other end.
So, someone murdered two people
to be at this party
and now they're down here
walking amongst us.
I don't think they're done killing.
One of them killed for an invitation
and then murdered the one person
who knew where we were.
They want us trapped down here.
Is that part of the plan?
What plan? What are they after?
- The device.
- The device doesn't work.
Or it does and Ada was right
about the sabotage.
What if it's more than that?
If you wipe everybody out,
you not only get your hands
on GaiaMetric,
but the one person who
can rebuild it is dead.
- You get a
- [EVIE AND BLUE] Monopoly.
But who's gonna want a product
that just put 50 bodies in the morgue?
People who wouldn't care.
For them, 50 bodies is
a cut rate for a tactical edge.
But how? How?
That means that the person
that's behind all of this
is trapped down here with us.
What kind of killer traps
themselves in with their victims?
The kind with an escape plan.
And a device to jam the tech.
Oi! Everybody, get up.
On your feet. Up along this wall.
You heard Constable Cooper!
Move it, people! Now!
[DOC ROY] There's 12 World
War II bunkers in the Sydney area.
So, they could be trapped
in any one of them?
Not any. They were picked up
from Goulburn Street.
Now, eight minutes
gets you to the harbor.
Now, the likely pick-up point
was either Circular Quay
or the Man O'War Steps.
So, if they traveled from
either of these locations
at 20 knots for 12 minutes
That's eight clicks as the crow flies,
given the conditions
and the speed of the boat.
[JD MURMURS] Eight clicks.
That leaves us one bunker at Balmain,
one at Greenwich and one each
at North and South Head.
So, there's four. How are
we gonna cover all four?
We don't have to.
Blue said she heard lions.
- Which is kinda crazy.
- No, not in Sydney.
Taronga Zoo is right on the water.
Residents living on the water
often hear the roars.
- They're carried by the wind.
- No kidding. All right.
If we can work out which way
the wind's blowing from,
- we can work out
- Which way they were headed.
You tell us, Lord Sneezeby.
- I don't know. West.
- Give the man a tissue.
Blowing over Taronga,
carrying the sound of the roars
in this direction to
South Head. HMAS Watson, to be precise.
Okay, you're clear.
Sit down. Don't talk.
Next. Hands on the wall. Legs spread.
I said turn and face the wall
with your hands up.
Okay, we'll do it your way.
Do you have any idea who I am?
You're GaiaMetric's main competitor.
You're also a lame tech bro,
which means you have motive, means
And empty pockets.
- I will sue you.
- I hope to see the day.
[BLUE] Boss.
[MACKEY] What is it?
Where we at, Doc?
Well, the sticky residue
on Lauren Fox's hand,
it's not from the duct tape.
- Then what is it?
- It's an adhesive
with an unusual texture
that I have not seen before.
Yeah? And?
Oh, mate, that's as far as I've got.
I need more time.
We don't have time.
I'm not a lab tech. Without Blue here
You don't have Blue, and in
30 minutes, she's gone, mate.
So, figure it out.
[MACKEY] Okay, a little more. Come on.
- [BLUE] Sorry!
[MACKEY] Okay.
[GASPS] I can see stars.
There's air outside.
[LAUGHS] Air is good.
[BLUE] Well done.
- What is it?
- This is a chimney, right?
Right now, I'd prefer to think
of it as one giant snorkel.
No, no, no, except that it's not.
Snorkels bring air in.
This flue is designed
to pull hot air up and out.
Usually, that would be smoke, but
But right now, it's sucking out
whatever oxygen we have left.
Quick, quick, quick!
Get the panel back on!
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Phones don't work down here.
Who are you texting?
You got reception? Communicating
with someone on the outside?
No, of course not.
- It's a letter, okay?
- To who?
My mum.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
- Monica?
Monica, can you open the door, please?
Is everything okay in there?
[MONICA] My waters.
There it is.
- You know how to pick a lock?
- Damn straight.
That'll do.
Maybe Mackey made a mistake.
[DESHAWN] Mackey doesn't make mistakes.
[JD] Then what?
All our intel came from her.
Come on, come on. Where did we go wrong?
Just take a breath, mate.
We're gonna find them.
What are you talking about?!
There were three other bunkers
they could possibly be in
and no time to find 'em.
Did you stop sneezing?
What are you saying?
It means the wind's not blowing
from the west anymore, kid.
- It swung to the south-west.
- [DOC ROY] When?
About the time the girls
were on the boat,
which means if they heard the lions,
the boat wasn't bringing them here.
It was taking them there.
They only have 20 minutes
of oxygen left.
- All right, let's move.
- How?
North Head's at least
an hour's drive from here.
They'll be dead
by the time we get there.
Who said anything about driving?
[MACKEY] There.
Just follow your instincts, okay?
I mean, as to what position.
Still feeling baby's movements?
That's good.
I want you to listen to your body, okay?
Work with it, not against it.
You're doing great.
Were you a midwife in another life?
Hell, no.
We need to check your dilation.
Is that okay?
[MONICA] Stop it.
I know we're not gonna make it.
Don't say that. There's still time.
I've gone through this
whole pregnancy on my own.
It's been so nice to have
someone with us at the end.
Nothing's ending down here.
[EVIE] For the record, I think
your taste in topping sucks.
I mean, who has honey on pizza?
But just so I don't die down
here with you still wondering
I only took the damn thing to
you know
get us back to where
we were before you
Before things got messed up between us.
Which was mostly your fault, by the way.
But I guess I just missed
Will miss
While we're taking pizza orders,
DeShawn, mine's a margherita.
Both the pizza and the tequila
kind. You got that?
- Good.
Come with me.
I've got an idea.
Let me guess.
You're gonna make us all pancakes
for our last meal on Earth.
Not quite. I'm making a bomb.
A thermobaric bomb.
Using flour, the main
ingredient in bread?
And dust explosions.
It's why flour mills explode.
[MACKEY] Same principle.
If we can direct a blast up that
chimney with a shaped charge,
we might be able to collapse
a column of air.
[BLUE] Well, that's one way
that it could go.
Let me guess. The other way is
we all get incinerated.
No, thermobaric bombs
typically don't burn people,
but it could swallow up
all our remaining oxygen.
Oh, perfect.
And the shock waves could
displace all our organs and
crush our bones and lungs.
Less is more, Blue.
Is that gunpowder?
Yep. I'm short a detonator.
One to disperse, one to ignite.
Okay, how are we gonna
trigger this thing?
We can jerry-rig it from the fuse box.
Yes. Okay, we need a shaped
charge to direct the blast.
Here. Help me bend this thing.
[BLUE] Okay.
Are we actually doing this?
Any last words?
Fire in the hole.
If you've got someone to pray
to, now's probably the time.
Uh-uh. No way.
I think you might have something
you can lead us in.
No. N I just hate the dark.
That's all.
it's our time, then.
Kiss Marry Kill NCIS: Sydney.
You wanna spend the final moments
riffing on whose bones you'd
like to hypothetically jump?
Yeah, I do.
I'll take it to my grave, I'll promise.
That is inappropriate
on so many levels, Constable.
So, as your superior
I'll start.
There! The lights!
Something set 'em off!
Let's land there.
Just slow breathing from here
on out. You got me?
You okay?
Pulse has been dropping for an hour now.
Everyone's has.
Not everyone's.
The saboteur needs us dead
before they make their move.
It's happening now. Evie, on your feet.
- Oh, Mackey
- On your feet!
They found what?
[DOC ROY] That sticky substance
I found on Lauren Fox.
It's an adhesive composed of
denatured alcohol,
fumaric acid, rosin and copal.
But what the hell is it?
Theatrical gum.
It's for gluing on wigs.
- [JD] Good?
Let's go.
[DESHAWN] We need to go. Go.
- Evie!
- Mackey!
Hey, this way. This way.
[JD] Evie! Mackey!
- Hey! Are you okay?
- Ah!
- Are you okay?
- We will be.
With me.
Listen, take the most affected up top.
- Paramedics are on their way.
- You got it.
D, it was me. I owe you a pizza.
Oh, thank God you're here.
I need to get to the hospital.
- My baby
- We need to get her help quick.
- I need a doctor.
- You need a lawyer.
- JD, check the stall.
- Come again?
The one thing I couldn't work out,
no matter how low on oxygen we were
or how severe your contractions,
your heart rate never changed.
[IRISH ACCENT] Cool under pressure.
So, what now?
Time to find out
if it's a boy or a girl.
Jamming device.
Hold on.
Monica Rowe.
Bit cute, isn't it?
- 50 people, two of them mine.
Never mess with my team.
[DOC ROY] Now, I can
take you to hospital.
Oxygen deprivation does have
some nasty side effects.
I am seeing and thinking clearly.
But thank you, Rosie.
[DOC ROY] Well, you just take it easy
and no more parties for a while, hmm?
You know, the funny thing is
it's not even the craziest party
I've been to.
I didn't know you were so inked,
by the way.
- They're cool.
- Really?
Yeah, totally. They're you.
Oh, yeah. I'm starving.
These are my toppings.
- You order this?
- Why would I do that?
- Because you stole my last one.
- Says who?
You! You admitted it down in the bunker.
- Did I?
Must have been the hypoxia talking.
Oh, it just really is
disgusting, by the way.
Then don't eat it.
Now, what the hell's
on this thing, then?
while Blue was tripping out
down there,
she mentioned a certain
game you guys played.
- What game?
- Admit it.
We were busting our butts
up here while y'all
y'all were down there
playing Kiss Marry Kill.
We thought we were gonna die.
We had to distract ourselves somehow.
Okay, okay, all right. Give it up.
- Who chose what?
We're not dead yet.
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