Neumatt (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS One minute, 53 seconds! Team red! I'll destroy you! Yes! And go! Twenty seconds.
Thirty seconds.
Forty seconds.
Forty-nine, 50.
- Fifty-one! - Yes! Yeah! Team red won! Dad? Dad, Olympia's too weak.
She needs help.
- I'm coming.
- Hurry! Hey.
Dad! You gotta come, she's starting! It's all right.
Hi there! Hey.
Hello! Hi there! Hello.
Dad, where were you? Well done! This is your calf.
You always used to do that.
Thank you.
For what? Hello, Zurich office Bad news.
Berno's shares have fallen another seven percent.
- An espresso? - Yes, thanks, Elodie.
In four months from 130 to 53? That's really hard.
We urgently need a strategy to avoid insolvency.
Here comes the boss.
Good morning! - Good morning.
- Morning.
I've brought Joel Bachmann from Hamburg.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
You can sit down.
Joel's one of our best retail specialists.
We'll need him if we want to save Berno.
Our problem is that Berno's CEO, Reto Teichmann, gambled things away.
Berno is Switzerland's largest milk producer, but the company's in serious trouble.
- The problem is their business model.
- What's your analysis? It's hard to survive only by mass producing milk products, even in Switzerland.
The market and margins are too small.
Mike, Pablo.
Your part! Teichmann tried to react to the sector's crisis.
So, Berno invested in Asia and bought up a lot.
That was a mistake.
Elodie? Due to China's government regulations, he never got a positive scale effect.
Berno's company structure is quite outdated.
But above all, they overestimated their market power.
He hesitated for a long time to get help.
- What are the chances? - The only pro's the image.
Recent surveys show 90% of the Swiss associate the brand positively.
But the figures are a disaster.
The company's about to collapse.
- Welcome! - Let's get busy.
I rely on your good teamwork.
- Sure.
- Fine.
Till tomorrow.
You should turn off Grindr when you start at a new workplace.
"My account, settings, share location, off.
" Simple.
Update the profile picture, else you'll just disappoint.
Already in a flat or still in a hotel? Standard room with a mountain panorama on all four walls.
I'm starting to get a fear of heights.
I can ask around.
Call me if you find something.
Grindr would be okay for me too.
Haven't you heard? If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun.
The world's best hamburgers.
Wanna try? - One more bite? - Here.
What's better? Jael or Jessie? - For the calf.
- No idea.
Jael? - Enjoy.
- Thanks.
Think again.
Jael or Jessie? Do you know a Jessie? - Hi there.
- Hi, Mom.
Hamburgers at this hour? Why not? Have you helped with Lorenz's studies? Did you study, Lorenz? It's your final exam, not mine.
I know.
Don't worry.
Lorenz will manage.
Super! And Jump! Still going strong? Yes! Up with your knees! Great! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three ENTRANCE The second one this month.
It's the belt drive, caused by wear and tear.
Surely the belt can be exchanged.
It's hopeless.
I'd like to show you our new catalog.
- I'll give you a special discount.
- I don't have the money.
A repair would be better.
Including a 36-month warranty.
Plus service.
You sold me rubbish last time.
Look at it this way.
Investment will bring customers and cash flow.
Come off it.
Think of the return! - And three gin tonics.
- Thank you.
Berno's case is a huge thing.
The stock market's reeling because it affects the index.
If you can get a stock crash back on track, that's almost Champions League! Lots of follow-up orders linked to it, there'll be a fast rise.
- I'll give my best.
- To Berno and our new team.
To us! Cheers, guys! - Cheers.
- To us.
What do I need to know to survive here? Everyone loves Elodie.
Super nice, super helpful, super sweet.
Will never get fired, but never get to the top.
The only one I really trust here.
Pablo works till he drops.
Plainly, a driver.
Dominant, aggressive.
I get it.
And you? What type are you? I fit no pattern.
Everyone fits a pattern.
Michi? Is everything okay? Dad? - Has anything happened? - No.
But? I wanted to tell you Are you still there? I wanted to ask if you could help Lorenz to fix the barn roof next time you come.
Do you know how much I earn per hour? I can pay five workers to fix the barn from that.
Okay, then.
Anything else? Mike? Anything important? My dad wanted some expert advice.
What does he do? Entrepreneur.
Let's go.
Rules or fun? Decide now.
Have you seen Kurt? Last time I saw him he was your husband.
Lorenz! Lorenz! Where's your dad? In the barn.
Good morning.
We've agreed that this was a one-time thing.
MOM Mom? No, I'm in a hurry.
Today's the kick-off.
I have a new client.
Mom, I'll come as soon as possible.
- What's happened? - Nothing, just hurry.
What happened in there is terrible.
For all of us.
We must all stick together even more now.
I always told him to take care with that ladder.
And now it's happened.
A terrible accident.
You also saw Dad lying there after his fall, right? If anyone asks, you may say, "Dad went up the ladder, and then he fell.
" "Dad went up the ladder, and then he fell.
" Got it? I think so.
Hey, want to tell me what's wrong? Berno has three problems.
First, a loss-making domestic business.
Second, if I may say so, disastrous foreign investments, and second, no, third third My colleague's third point is that you have your special shareholder structure.
We'll have to deal with the fact that your small shareholders are mostly dairy farmers.
The farmers who supply your milk.
We must turn them into partners while restructuring.
Berno needs a radical new approach.
There'll have to be cuts.
We've tried to keep the milk suppliers out of it.
Our first objective must be to find an economic solution and to communicate it carefully.
I need the turnaround.
If we become insolvent, that wouldn't be just a personal defeat.
- Michi? It's me.
- I'm responsible for the staff.
The general assembly is in three months.
- Will you manage that? - Sure.
That's what we're here for, Mr.
My team's at your service 24-7.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
- Thank you.
We look forward to working together.
If you need anything, you can reach me personally.
If you'll excuse me now, please.
Why did it take you so long? What happened exactly? An accident.
With the ladder.
Have you told Sarah? And stretch.
Let's do five.
Do the last two and then take a break.
Sweetie, that's how you do it.
It's really icky, Mom.
You want a new smartphone, young lady, not me.
But it's so embarrassing.
If anyone sees me You think this is embarrassing? You know what I had to do at your age? No idea.
Bathe in the manure pit? Cheeky monkey.
Michi! FOR MICHI Why didn't you wait for me? I think he wanted to repair the roof.
Who else? Spüelers, Arnold, Odermatt, Weber, and Rüegg.
How did it happen exactly? Come! What did the doctor say? Was it a swift death or a long, painful one? Come! He couldn't feel anything.
The death certificate says "broken neck.
" I forgot Fehr.
Write it down.
Bissigs, Talmanns, Alder, of course - and Kellers.
- Kellers? We still have to invite them.
Okay, if you think so.
I need to phone the priest.
And what about all the bureaucracy? And the insurance.
I must get it transferred.
- For the car and the farm.
- I'll ask the undertaker.
He'll have a list of what we need to do.
Martin? Martin and I want to offer our condolences.
I I saw the hearse.
Some more coffee.
- Want some too? - No, thanks.
Kurt was a good farmer.
He was important to our village community.
We'd like to help you.
We could relieve you of the farm's burden.
What do you mean? The municipality could back a new enterprise.
A modern one.
That would be a good deal for you.
What do you mean? If you want to, you could sell Neumatt.
I think you'd better leave now.
Make room.
Careful! Hello Hello.
Can you please Come on! Michi, the cow's immune to advice.
Will you help me, please? First, turn it around like this.
- Yes, exactly.
Always put a kink in it.
- Yes.
First these and then like this.
- Have you cleaned it yet? - No.
Sarah, have you? - Voila.
- So With thumb and index finger.
Remember? Yes.
- Exactly.
- Like a real country boy.
And - And now? - Now you've got it.
Exactly! I always imagined what they're doing in their little houses.
Staring at our farm and wishing they had as much space.
Do you have someone? What for? I'll become a partner and go to Hamburg anyway.
It's just the beginning.
I want to go to Asia, the U.
What shall we do now in our little village? That's up to you.
I'll go along with you.
- With who? - All of you.
I'm no longer familiar with things.
They won't manage alone, Michi.
Move here and help Mom with Lorenz.
That's best.
Are you crazy? I've got my studio.
- Move here yourself.
- But I'm no farmer.
But you're still my brother, right? Dad phoned me last night.
Do you know how much I earn per hour? I can pay for five workers to fix the barn from that.
It's because of Lorenz.
Sometimes He sometimes needs looking after.
He delivered a calf yesterday.
But there are things he can't do so well.
So I thought Dad, I'll be happy to look into it when I've got time.
But a colleague's waving to me.
I've got to go in, sorry.
All right, well Anything else? You're good with figures, right? I never was.
I'm proud of you.
Got to go now.
Take care.
He said he was proud of me.
Sarah Mom? Has Dad not been well recently? Why? Just because.
He never talked.
Just worked all the time.
If you'd been around more, you'd know the answer.
Just imagine, I've got responsibility.
They need me.
Fates depend on it.
Mom, I can't just come here every three days! Yeah.
Fates depend on it.
Forget it.
I made up your bed and laid out a towel.
I have to go back to Zürich.
Mom, I'll be back.
Thank you.
What for? We've got lots of apples this year.
It looks good.
Sleep well.
You too.
Mom! Mom! - Yes? - Will you give me a hand? He always stared straight ahead.
Without moving.
He was a bit sad sometimes.
I think he practiced for being dead.
Enjoy your meal.
- Enjoy your meal.
- Enjoy your meal.
- Enjoy your meal.
- Enjoy your meal.
Michi and I wondered what will happen next.
Well spread the manure and gather the hay.
Do you really think you can step into Dad's shoes just like that? - We could at least discuss Ursula's offer.
- No.
Not now.
Neumatt won't be sold.
So we're not allowed to talk about the farm's future? Lorenz is out of his depth at school.
- We'll cope with everything.
- Oh, yes? - He failed his final exam.
- That was just because It just didn't work.
Twice in a row? Isn't there a drug for that? Against blackouts and stuff? Lorenz will take the exam again.
He'll pass it.
Then he can get direct payments and take over the farm.
I have a life of my own.
I won't come and help every day, just so you know.
We'll manage.
Even without Kurt.
All together.
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