Neumatt (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS I'll become a partner and go to Hamburg anyway.
- Germany.
- It's just the beginning.
I want to go to Asia, the U.
I've brought Joel Bachmann from Hamburg.
We'll need him if we want to save Berno.
Let's get busy.
- To Berno and our new team.
- To us.
- And you? What type are you? - I fit no pattern.
Everyone fits a pattern.
Is everything okay? Dad? - What happened exactly? - An accident.
If anyone asks, you may say FOR MICHI Dad went up the ladder and then he fell.
We could at least discuss Ursula's offer.
Neumatt won't be sold.
We'll manage.
All together.
Sarah! I haven't got all day.
Hurry, please! - Come.
- Walk that way.
Come! All good.
- Not hungry? Go inside.
- Go inside.
Have they always been so damn slow? Shit! - What's wrong with you? - Just close it.
Why would the municipality be interested in selling the farm? I don't get it.
- Yes? - Do you? Hi.
Yes, I looked at the slides.
Nature approach is good.
Pep it up a bit.
Green's always good.
Yes, fine.
Okay, see you later.
Hey! Where are you going? I have an important pitch for my new project.
So what? I'm up to my neck in work too.
Lorenz! What are you doing? - It's going to rain.
- It won't rain today.
Stop! You've got to shower.
Drive over there.
CERTIFICATE OF DEB Sarah? What's this? Mom, the farm's highly mortgaged.
And here is lots of additional debt.
Dad did the office work.
Yes, but I don't know much about such things.
Why didn't you tell us? I couldn't know he'd fall off the ladder.
We'll talk it over later.
When will you be back? I'll come for Mass.
Michi, thanks for giving the speech.
It would've mattered to Kurt.
- I need your help.
- Want to learn to dance at last? If you're faster than usual I'll take you to dinner.
To the "Haute.
" Do I have to shoot someone? Already dead.
Your father's? Not a word to anyone.
I need an exact list, all obligations, due dates, debtors, possible alternatives.
Till today, if possible.
You're the best.
What's the problem? I don't know why he only takes cash.
There's no cash.
Look at you! I've nothing else.
I told you umpteen times I need new things.
I told you umpteen times we haven't the money for new clothes every month.
- Other parents manage.
- What did you say? - What do you want from me? - A little respect would be nice! I've no respect someone who can't even pay for her daughter's school trip.
I always pay the invoice.
Orders from the boss.
Your name prompts a software warning.
That can't be.
I'll be finished in a moment.
How about a free trial subscription? And you tell your boss you forgot about the cash.
For a month maybe? I can't do that.
Do you have a funeral? My dad.
Can you really do nothing? Well, it's kind of an emergency.
Neumatt's tradition as a dairy farm was, for Kurt, always a spur and, of course, an obligation.
His sense of duty was, for me, of course a big Neumatt's tradition as a dairy farm is I need an attention grabber, something personal, emotional.
You should come.
Else Pablo pitches first.
It's okay.
It's normal when you lose someone.
It's okay.
Know what? I'll just improvise.
I'm best under pressure anyway.
You look nice.
You have to tell the others.
Keep still.
Mom, we may not lie.
Keep it to yourself.
Got it? Strengthening the Premium product group not only puts Berno ahead of its competition, but with Pro Latte, it also gets a much higher margin per unit sold than with some chocolate yoghurt.
The Pro Latte machines are 95 percent automated while Berno's yoghurt machines require much more human action.
We propose creating more space by also upgrading the yoghurt line.
I'd put in an extra slide here.
Pro Latte, the signature product of Premium.
That's good.
Best take the new promo pics.
What? PRODUCT LINE I'm not sure if this will help the turnaround.
A premium approach brings mainly lots of new investment and influences the bottom line.
On the contrary, they already have the Latte, but they're not using it.
No market research, nothing.
The investments are nothing compared to the potential.
You do your Premium pitch first, I'll follow with the headcount.
For the headcount, we must know how we'll communicate the lay-offs.
Just wanted to say that I have to move you back by 30.
- Caroline? - Hmm? - Can't we do the pitch right now? - Pardon? The funeral of Mike's dad is now.
The schedule's fixed.
You'll find a solution, right? Sure.
- You'll manage without me, right? - Safe.
In addition to my headcount strategy I'll also pitch your Premium, okay? Nice idea, but Joel Joel already does the production figures.
That wouldn't be good.
I think I'll manage it quite well.
For the team.
Mike? Are you okay? Get Teichmann on board with you.
Make sure that Pablo doesn't fuck it up.
I'll do that.
At last.
Everyone's here already.
Michi? You must have the wrong number.
This is my colleague's number, Mike Wyss.
My son's name is Michael Wyss.
Has been for 32 years.
- Where is he? - He just left.
He forgot his mobile.
And now, Kurt Wyss' eldest son, Michael Wyss, will say a few personal words.
Neumatt's tradition as a dairy farm, a family farm, was, for Kurt, always - a big spur - Michi.
and of course also an obligation Michi? Michi! I know nothing about him.
That's how the Wyss are.
Kurt wouldn't have liked to stand here either.
He didn't talk much, but did what had to be done.
I always liked that.
That's why I didn't listen to my parents who said, "Don't take a farmer.
" I didn't want to say anything today.
Like I've never said anything.
But I'm angry.
I'm angry that someone's back is to the wall just because he'd rather look after his animals than his accounts.
Can you tell me why this isn't enough anymore today? If seven days a week, someone does all he can, all day.
People don't ask why cheese is so expensive.
They buy it cheap from goodness knows where.
Nobody wants to know how things really are.
And to be quite honest, I'm also angry at Kurt.
Because he went into the barn alone.
And because he didn't take care with that ladder.
He always wanted to do everything by himself.
But why? He never talked to us.
Asked us.
He could've asked us to help him.
Our days may come to 70 years, or 80, if our strength endures.
Yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow for they quickly pass, and we fly away.
Some of us are taken from this life early What are you doing here? Being nice.
I hate stalkers.
I shouldn't have come.
Katharina Wyss.
I'm his mother.
- And you're? - Joel Bachmann.
My condolences.
You're the colleague on the phone.
Nice of you to come here.
Well, will you stay for lunch? Mom, he just wanted to leave.
I've got a few minutes.
I've thought about it.
We need to know more about this offer.
- Should I ask Ursula Halter? - Sure.
We need more information to examine all options.
These are the last ones, Mom.
Yes, okay.
Thank you.
I'm glad I can at least talk openly with you.
Hey Sorry.
I kept thinking of you.
Please don't.
Just tell me when it's okay for you.
I'm there if you need anything.
It's not possible anymore.
What do you mean? We can't meet anymore.
Why not? Because Kurt's dead.
Don't you understand? Hello everyone.
It's always the small things.
Last year my cow pats were a bit too dry.
I reduced the energy in the mash, added some protein, and hey, more performance at less cost.
Less cost, more yield? That exists? Believe me.
The yield of my stable is the third highest in Switzerland.
And a five-page portrait in the Schweizer Bauer.
Five pages? Wow! Maybe Michi can show me some time.
You can only do it if you don't stand still.
- Am I right, Michi? - Absolutely.
You can come by, if you like.
I can advise you and show you some tricks.
Say, what's the future of Neumatt now? Don't you care anymore? Yeah, don't you care anymore? No.
- Where are you from? - From Hamburg.
- Hamburg? - Ever been there? I spent a week's holiday in Hamburg.
- A great city, right? - Well, bad weather Who'd buy the farm? An international group.
They're looking for a site for a distribution center.
Or does your future lie in farming? But why Neumatt? Because of the location, the transport connection, and the space to grow.
As mayor of the municipality I could get it rezoned.
Dad always hated that big road.
But now it's worth a mint.
How much would that be? Well If the canton agrees to rezoning and the distribution center comes, it would be about three million.
Michi? Döme.
I'm so sorry about your father.
It's okay.
May I introduce my family.
Anna, my wife.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Same here.
And this is our Luca.
Hi Luca.
I've known your dad since he was your age.
This is Joel, a colleague from Hamburg.
Döme's the village vet.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi, Döme.
- Joel, happy to meet you.
- Anna.
- Hey.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thanks.
- My condolences.
- Thanks.
You couldn't get away from here after all.
The farmers won't let me go.
Is that your - Is that your friend? - Nothing steady.
And you? I love Anna.
You look great with Dad's tie.
Dad didn't fall off the ladder.
What? Dad hanged himself? Why didn't you tell us? Is that true? I can explain it.
What do you want to explain? I I thought I don't know what I thought.
Why didn't you take better care? - Where are you going? - The rain's coming.
- We'll help, right? - Yes.
Come! Lorenz' hay is still outside.
There's still a lot to eat.
Michi, I'm really sorry.
I'd wish for a better moment.
But I wanted to say that your father I lent money to your father.
We'll get it in order.
It's a pretty penny and I'd need it soon.
No problem.
Thanks, Werner.
Lorenz? Lorenz! - Is that the last one? - Yes.
Done soon.
Up with it! Good.
The last one's coming up already.
We were lucky! - Good night, Michi.
- Thank you.
Good to see you.
- If you need help on the farm just say so.
- Yes.
You come too if you want to see a really big farm.
- Bye, Lorenz! - Bye, Peterhans! So your father was in logistics? Would you have told me? No, probably not.
We weren't very close.
My father and I.
I just came here for the parties, stayed my one and a half hours and left.
For years we just talked about the weather.
That was okay for me.
I thought.
And you? What's your father like? Very Hanseatic.
Very clever, very correct.
Emotions aren't his thing.
He's in politics, in the ministry of economics.
We appreciate each other and avoid each other.
Elodie? How is it? Is it really so bad? Okay.
Till then, bye.
Bad news? No, everything's fine.
Okay, there's a problem.
With the farm.
But we'll manage.
Till tomorrow? Till tomorrow.
- Joel? - Yes? Thank you.
So he'd not been well for some time.
The past few days he was a lot better.
He was cheerful.
I just didn't notice.
How can you stand it? All the shit people tell you here.
All the bad in people.
Most of them are really nice.
Nice! It's best to lower your expectations to zero.
Small expectations, small disappointments.
That works? Of course not.
Another beer? Thanks.
What's up? Prosecco for the lady.
He'll take the bubbly.
I'll have a schnapps.
Cheers! We could go out for dinner some time.
I could show you the latest stepper models.
With a drink of your choice.
Stop it, Sarah! I hate her.
I don't get why you always have to be so hard.
She's in shock.
Ever thought she may have wanted to protect us? Protect? Forget it.
It's got nothing to do with us.
What did Ursula Halter say? Three million.
- What modern utilization's that? - A distribution center.
Did you find out how high the debt is? Almost 700,000.
Including mortgage.
There'll be a lot left.
What? It's the only thing that makes sense.
Will you tell her? Together.
So let's all sit down.
Michi and I need to tell you something.
Michi's studied the farm's figures.
Michi? It wasn't easy in recent years, as you know.
The mortgage is 400,000 francs.
The open accounts plus reminder fees are 248,756.
Right away we'll have to pay the 35,000 that Werner loaned us.
And I talked with Ursula about the investors' offer What did you do? Three million.
That's not an offer we can just ignore.
We could pay back all debt and there'd still be enough for all of us.
Michi? Mom, you could buy a new object.
Lolo could go with you.
Or get something of his own.
- Granny could - I'll never go in a home again.
Kurt's dad died here, Kurt died here, and I'll die here.
How would that work? - What about the farm? - It would disappear.
They'll build a parking lot and a distribution center.
So you're dictating this? Didn't you hear what Michi said? We have debts.
We have to sell.
Neumatt's my farm! Lorenz is right.
Kurt said that too.
I still owe you something.
"Dear Michi, I'm sorry to burden you with my worries this way.
" - I need your help.
- "I need your help.
" - Neumatt needs your help.
- "Neumatt needs your help.
" - Lorenz needs your help.
- "Lorenz needs your help.
" Until he's passed his exam.
Your brother, our Lorenz, will be a good farmer.
But the farm has some problems.
You know figures better than any of us.
I know you'll help your family.
Give your mom my heartfelt thanks for always standing by me.
Tell my mom how much I've always admired her strength.
Tell Sarah - what a wonderful woman she's become.
- "What a wonderful woman she's become.
" And tell your two siblings that you three have to stick together now.
Your dad.
That's crazy! You can't leave such a decision to a crazy suicidal person and a drop-out! - Sarah! - Shut up! Michi, you won't go along with this? When's Lolo's exam? Lolo? We'll do it.
Till the exam.
I'll check the farm for investment.
What can be done.
I'll help you get the farm shipshape.
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