Neumatt (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


NETFLIX PRESENTS I didn't want to say anything today.
But I'm angry.
I'm angry that someone's back is to the wall just because he'd rather look after his animals than his accounts.
The farm's highly mortgaged.
And there are lots of additional debts.
It would be about three million.
That's not an offer we can just ignore.
Is that your friend? Nothing steady.
I still owe you something.
Dear Michi I need your help.
Neumatt needs your help.
Lorenz needs your help.
You won't go along with this? I'll help you get the farm shipshape.
I looked at your calculations.
And? You should sell the farm, it's not profitable.
The budget's far too tight.
You can't expand, you're tied to the farm's size.
Peterhans is experienced.
Small farms manage that too.
Seriously? You're discussing the figures with me? Mike, if it's an emotional thing for you, I understand.
I'm not emotional.
I've checked it.
Who do you want to impress? It's just a nice hobby.
This isn't a hobby.
It's my family's livelihood.
You've no idea about farmers.
But I do about figures.
I'll go milking now.
Come, here.
Hi! Here.
Come on.
Bye, my beauty.
Hey, you.
How come the cows like you so much? Well it's always been this way.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Great! Yes! Well done, ladies.
Till next time.
Doing okay with your sore muscles? Sure.
Have you agreed on the farm? We're on track.
It'll be fine.
Really? Katharina's virtually persuaded.
And Michi doesn't want to be the bad guy.
I'd be so happy for you.
More jobs will also bring you more customers.
Well, I need a clear statement.
I'll be quick.
- Bye.
- Bye.
She just walked in.
- Who? - She says she's your sister.
Darling sister! What can I do for you? Wipe your business smile off your face.
I get that Dad's hymn of praise about our financial genius melted your heart.
But I have a life too.
And so do you! What's someone from here want at Neumatt? Develop a strategy.
Maybe we should switch to high performance.
Invest again.
- With what money? - We can still use the mortgage.
There's leeway if I give the bank a good plan and the right explanation.
- That's crazy! - Not so loud.
I want to see the folder with the mortgage and the list of debts.
I haven't got it here.
That's your computer, isn't it? Get off your high horse.
We'll never get another offer like Ursula's.
If you deduct the debts and Mom's 50%, there'll be at most 300,000 for us three kids.
At most.
Probably less.
Are you listening to yourself? For normal people that's a lot of money, and for me, it's huge.
Fucking 300,000! - But it's not about you, Sarah! - Yes, it is! No, it's about Granny, Mom, and Lolo.
What should he do? Work at your studio? I could use some help too.
BERNO PREMIUM PALLET POSITIONING What are we? You mean status? What's your view of our status? I think it's nice.
Status nice.
Below the line, your Pro Latte's the perfect signature product.
The health-relevant aspect appeals to the customer base and to new urban target groups.
Its image is positive, slim, and future-oriented.
We know that a new product by itself won't save Berno.
Pro Latte's our pilot for the brand-new Premium customer segment.
The brand's repositioning, alongside an improved customer service, more efficient production, and more direct sales.
If we're good, in a year's time there'll be a Pro Latte in the refrigerated section of every gas station from Krakow to Brittany.
A Swiss quality product for the world.
Thanks, Mike.
Thanks, Pablo.
I am 100% convinced that Premium will not only bring Berno on course again, but will also establish it as a long-term key player of Swiss dairy farming.
The vision's great.
I'm speaking for all of us at Berno when I say we love Pro Latte.
But how can we finance it? Do you see a cash cow here? If you go back to page five of our paper, you'll see how the Premium product segment's expansion is financed by selling the unprofitable foreign investment in China.
I'd have liked a plan B.
The only plan B is the headcount strategy.
But that would mean Ms.
Moss! To simply dismiss staff, I don't need this.
- Mr.
Teichmann, with all due respect - Pablo No.
You'll make enormous losses.
The simplest measures are often the most efficient.
Do you have a buyer? Potential buyers.
You have till tomorrow afternoon to bring me a valid sales proposal.
- Else your team's out.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- One more stunt and you're off the team.
- I just wanted to offer an alternative What do we have, what do we need? To finance the restructuring, we need to sell Berno's plants in China at an average loss of no more than 18%.
Given the time, we can only do a package deal.
You heard.
To become a partner, you must prove your worth.
Whoever brings me a reasonable offer, I'll take along with me to the next International CMC Conference.
- Okay.
Let's go through all options.
- How about them? Thirty hours.
No problem.
Ni hao.
It'll take days to get through by phone.
Not to put a dampener on things, but we went to a Chinese restaurant yesterday.
- Who? - Pablo and I.
He praised the authentic food.
Anyway He was in Shanghai for a year.
He has a home advantage.
- Are you joking? - No.
But there's three of us, and we're charming.
It won't work.
We need someone to get us in.
Something solid.
My friend in Singapore is offline.
I tried on all channels.
I've got nothing either.
Your dad's at the Department of Commerce? - Yes.
- Really? So he has connections? Mike.
A call practically from the German government.
A confidence-building measure that would speed us up.
Joel, tell me what the problem is.
I don't ask my father anything.
- But he can help you.
- I like to depend only on myself.
My life's my life.
Be glad you have a father you can ask for things.
I bet he'd be glad if you ask him.
Stop manipulating me.
Still, it's impossible.
No problem.
You'll just go on trying.
- I'll be back as fast as possible.
- You're leaving? Now? Shanghai's plus six.
So, after hours.
- Mike! - All I can do here is sit, wait, and cry.
Are you bringing the milk now? Someone's got to do it.
I'm so happy to see you.
- Have you - Can you be quick? I'm in a hurry.
Are you managing? Yes, very well.
I'm glad.
Hey Did he Did he know about us? No.
I'm always here for you.
- We'll manage on our own.
- I see.
Do you know how embarrassing it is when Mr.
Eichenberger picks you out in class? Jenny's parents are on welfare and even they've transferred the dough.
Maybe my dad just died and I had other stuff on my mind than your school trip.
You should've thought before becoming a mom.
I need the cash tomorrow or they won't take me along.
Fucking men, jerk-offs, assholes! Do you mean me? If I catch the bastard, I'll tie him to the wall bars.
I've got plenty of other problems.
Can't say I wouldn't have thought so.
Hand me this.
A real piece of art.
Got money problems? Never say that in Switzerland.
My egotistical brother just does his own thing.
But it's our inheritance.
Doesn't even show me the documents.
You don't usually take any shit.
Sometimes it isn't easy on your own.
This stuff cost me half a fortune and it's already out-of-date.
I'd need a chain system so I could open earlier and close later and needn't be here all day.
Then I could look after my daughter.
After her school stuff.
Instead of erasing pricks.
I'll install a camera.
Fuck the state's rules.
Gotta go.
That's for the drink And this for your daughter's school trip.
You can pay it back some time.
Take it.
Not bad, is it? Absolutely.
The weekly yield.
To get an idea.
For you too, Lorenz.
How long are they outside a day? Look, there are two possibilities.
Either you leave the cows more or less alone, or you take it seriously.
You invest and look after that.
Then you can't have them outside all day.
They shouldn't run a marathon, but produce milk.
Right? But I'm happy with my animals.
My teacher says that organic cows live longer than conventional cows.
But mine yield much more milk.
But they don't live as long.
Then you need new cows, and that costs too.
How much did you invest in total? I changed things radically when I reorganized.
But even if you invest more conservatively, you can profit with a few sensible changes.
Concrete figures would help me a lot.
See? They come on their own to be milked.
Extremely time-saving.
Here I can determine the mix for each cow.
But in daily business this means more input, right? Yes.
And more output.
How did the cows cope with the change? Well, I got everything new when I reorganized.
Maybe you should consider that too.
- A completely new stock? - Yes.
We could go to your place and see what might suit Neumatt.
Yes, why not? Dad says he just wants to sell us stuff.
Everyone wants to sell stuff to someone.
That's business, Lolo.
We'll still go Schmidiger's organic farm? Joel, anything new? No, nothing.
Listen, I'll do it.
I'll call my father.
But for Berno's case.
Not for you.
- And never manipulate me again.
- Okay, I can do that.
Till tonight, at the office.
Thank you, Joel.
The material is good.
If you don't target these additives, you're throwing money away.
Do you carry this across the farm? Dad just kept it here.
The investment backlog's huge.
We need to act fast.
Kurt always worked well.
The cows were never ill and the milk was perfect.
Nobody wants to criticize Kurt, but A farm must be managed differently today.
More boldly.
To be successful you need an idea.
A vision.
Do you think Kurt didn't know anything? Nobody is saying that.
What did you look at? We'll go to Schmidiger.
Organic's a strategy too, like Schmidiger.
With direct payments it's enough.
But the change takes time.
You might run out of time.
Or you join my way.
From what I've seen here, with new genetics, different cows and a few modest changes in the feed additives, you can easily get 40% more outcome.
So instead of 180,000 kg milk per year, you'd get 250,000 or even 300,000.
What do you want, Lorenz? I don't know.
Sleep on it.
I just want to adapt the farm to get a good yield.
So that Lolo can manage it independently.
Well If you want the big udders, there's an interesting auction next week.
- Thanks for the coffee.
- You're welcome.
You're welcome.
Big udders.
He's such a braggart, hard to stomach! My colleague installed an accounting program.
There's a support software.
You'll get the hang of it in a week.
If it takes two weeks, that's okay.
We'll look at the rest later.
You really listen to that cock? He does show off.
I can help you, but only if you can take clear messages.
Either you trust me or you don't.
You gotta decide.
Is someone here? What are you doing? Nothing.
Mom! We're not inefficient.
Lend me a hand.
Now to the stable.
Come! Hi! What are you doing here? I forgot something.
But it's so late.
I'm not sleeping well.
Because of Dad and everything.
I don't either.
I can never sleep after a quarrel.
Between Michi and you? Why are you quarreling? Not a real quarrel.
He's impatient with me.
Oh buddy Don't get stressed.
Your speed is your speed.
Okay? Sarah? What? Did you catch your father? What? Yes or no? I'd get ready for a night shift.
China's 9:00 a.
is 3:00 a.
for us.
- Who do we have? - Fang Li from the Harbin Dairy Group.
Yoghurt, ice cream, baby food, milk powder.
The third largest milk processor, six billion revenue.
You're amazing.
I know.
I don't get it.
My brother is crazy.
Wants Lorenz to dance to his tune.
High-performance cows get into more debt.
He's not crazy, he's playing.
He enjoys it.
- Thanks.
- Cheers.
Make or break.
Three hundred thousand Don't whine.
Join the game.
What might make your brother give up? I don't know.
If I were Michi, I'd only give up I'd only give up if I didn't get that credit.
Show me again, please.
LBU branch northwest.
What are you doing? Should a city boy decide the future of our community? Hi, Harry! It's Ursula.
Exactly, Halter.
How are you? Fine? Great.
You've always wanted to do me a favor, right? Fine, so Till tomorrow.
Can I help you? He just left me alone with everything.
You just don't do that.
Michi? I trust you.
The most important thing is that you give Lorenz a chance.
- Yes? - Where are you? I'm here.
Mom, okay.
- Please! - Okay.
One moment.
- The others are online.
- I'm as good as ready.
I negotiated beforehand with Yily.
- Direct contact, from the top.
- And? - They don't want a complete purchase.
- That would've been too good.
Other tries? I have the Harbin Dairy Group.
They're definitely interested.
A reliable source says they're under political pressure.
The Chinese government's reorganizing the dairy industry.
Hasn't Harbin Dairy bought into Australia recently? I think Yily is clearly the better match.
Have you checked Harbin, Joel? They're China's third largest milk processor.
They must expand.
The profile is a match.
I can't say if they're reliable without a deep dive.
Good job, Mike.
Prepare Harbin for Teichmann and send me the packet.
Good? Well, let's get to work.
Won't you be late? It's just math.
You still gotta be there on time.
- Thought about the high school exam yet? - Yes.
The cash for the school trip's on the counter.
How did you do it this time? A colleague helped me out.
- Who? - Loris.
The one who fixed the toilet.
Did you promise him a blow job? - What did you say? - Nothing.
If you ever speak like that again I'll throw you out, got it? Availability.
Nutrients can be present in the soil in various forms.
Please distribute them.
This is the fertilizer regulation.
Fertilizers need to be approved.
Why? So as to be checked for unacceptable side effects for people, animals, and the environment.
Lorenz, can you repeat what fertilizers are? What an idiot.
Lorenz? Lorenz, how do you define fertilizer? Nutrition.
Lorenz? - They're substances - Lorenz? They're substances Fertilizers are nourishment for plants.
They help plants to grow and increase the yield.
Important for everyone.
That's an exam subject.
You can bet on it.
Let's move to the next task.
If you want to assess the nutrient delivery Thanks, Jessie.
I read in the chat about your dad.
He gave me a calf.
I called it "Jessie".
So you've chosen mission "big udders"? I want to hear the bank's view on my business plan.
Lolo! Hey! Great place! Hey! That's the crucial concept for the credit.
We'll convince the bank with this.
We must show that we know what we want.
And? Looks posh with the photos.
And the part with the new cows? What "um"? Everything new is scary, but we have to change things.
I'm good with all cows.
But? Organic would be nice.
I don't know if I can do high performance.
You can do it.
Cows love you.
Are you with it or not? Just tell me if you don't want my help.
It's your farm.
Your farm, your decision.
I think the Holstein idea's okay.
Next time, I'll have more time.
Then I'll show you my office and introduce my cool brother to everyone.
Get home safely.
It would be great if you go through the numbers for the elevator pitch.
But Mr.
Keller, a credit seems possible.
But you've not seen my dossier yet! The mortgage is But that's your margin of discretion! Yes, I know the business! It's not about charity.
Give me 30 minutes and I'll convince you.
Yes, I know the current milk industry.
I happen to know it well, in contrast to you.
Are you a rookie? A moment please.
No credit? No.
I'm sorry.
I have to tell Lolo.
Excuse me.
I'll be back in a moment.
Pirmin, I'll buy the spin bikes.
Call me back.
Well done! - Hi.
- Hi.
That's great.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi.
How did it go? - May I? - Yes.
- See you later.
- Bye.
Show me what you got.
If you come back, we'll be Swiss champions.
So, tell me! What did they say? A lot.
What exactly? How do they like our dossier? We have a problem.
The bank's not with us.
So, no new cows? We need a plan B.
I just don't know how.
Just invent something.
You're Michi.
You can do anything.
Dad said you gotta help me.
Date and signature.
Delivery from the U.
takes about one week.
I'll pep up the studio, it'll be known even in Zurich.
I'll invest in a fully automatic entry system.
The chain one? When the farm's sold, we'll have more time together at last.
I want to see Jessie the calf.
It's right there.
I'm Jessie too.
The calf doesn't understand you.
I understand you, and you're a dummy.
You're really a farmer here? I'm starting high performance after the exam.
Really? Wow.
May I ask you something? Only if it's not stupid.
- You've probably heard it lots of times.
- Why I'm at the home? Stupid question.
Hey, Jessie! A bit more? Yes, you're pretty.
How did your brother react? He's convinced I'll find a solution.
And he's right.
I should manage to save a farm from insolvency.
Seriously, Mike? No village banker will tell me what's right or wrong.
I'll see this through.
I'll just do it myself.
What "yourself"? Invest.
If nobody gives me anything, I'll use my own money.
You're joking.
You know that's a no-go for a consultant.
I don't give a damn.
If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun.
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