Neumatt (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Cash Cow

1 NETFLIX PRESENTS You're really a farmer here? I'm starting high performance after the exam.
Who do you want to impress? It's just a nice hobby.
This isn't a hobby.
It's my family's livelihood.
You've no idea about farmers.
Our problem is that Berno's CEO, Reto Teichmann, gambled things away.
You have until tomorrow afternoon to bring me a valid sales proposal.
Else your team's out.
- Who do we have? - Fang Li from Harbin Dairy Group.
- You're amazing.
- I know.
- What are we? - What's your view of our status? I think it's nice.
- My brother's crazy.
- Don't whine.
Join the game.
Should a city boy decide the future of our community? If nobody will give me anything, I'll use my own money.
You know that's a no-go for a consultant.
If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun.
I gotta go to the cattle auction.
Holsteins are a good investment.
Why don't you come along? We can look at the key figures together, and you'll see that my strategy works.
I don't get it.
You going through with this kamikaze action.
In case you get hungry.
What's the matter? Olympia's milk is bad again.
Where's Michi? He'll come soon.
It's a personal project.
If it's about property, we can help you with a credit.
With the tax deductions, it's worth it.
It's not about property.
What can I liquidate? Just a moment.
There's your multi-style global fund.
That's now at Yes.
Well I get it.
- If you tell me how you want to invest - I don't want to! - Targeted advice - Fuck your advice, I know that blah-blah.
I want my money now, all of it.
Where do I sign? Previewing's already started.
My savings, plus 3,000 francs on my account.
Almost enough for a cow.
We're team Wyss now.
If you do it, so do I.
Look at them! Morning! - These are our brown ones.
- Where are the Holsteins? - They're over there.
- Let's go over there.
Be with you soon.
- Hi.
Great you could come.
- Hi.
Hi, Lorenz.
Well Come with me, I want you to meet someone.
- Do you know Kruso? - No.
He'll have something for you.
What are you spending? Three thousand per cow.
Thirty-five hundred at most.
Sounds solid.
You'll get top material for this.
Nobody wants that over there.
- Hi everyone.
- Hi.
- That's Michi and Lorenz.
- Hi.
Kurt Wyss' sons.
Kurt's eldest? I'm helping them a bit, they want to expand.
- I thought you could show what you have.
- Yeah.
Michi, Kurt also bought Berno's shares, right? Did you hear that they're squandering money in Asia? They'll soon have to shut down, I tell you.
I just spoke with the Dairy Association's head.
Berno's busy looking for solutions.
- They'll inform us of the results.
- Shit.
If someone I've known for years tells me such recited rubbish, I get worried.
Who'll buy my milk if Berno goes bankrupt? Gotta give up my farm.
They produce the facts and the shareholders must agree, as always.
So far, it's just a rumor.
A firm like Berno doesn't go bankrupt so fast.
Why should you know? Lolo? What cow's that? - That's Anita.
- Hi, Anita.
Three thousand francs are required.
Three thousand going twice.
- Good luck.
- Now it's your turn.
- The next cow in the ring is Delia.
- Thanks.
Michi, look, Kruso's cows.
Catalogue number 77.
Perfect udder, good legs, long cow, - 45L guarantee - You must bid too.
Paul will bid too.
The cow's calved twice, almost 10,000L of milk Yeah, that was clear.
We start at 2,700 francs.
2,600, 2,700, 2,800, 2,900, go! You must overbid! Thirty-one hundred, do I hear thirty-one hundred? There we go.
It's our cow.
Thirty-two hundred, 3,300 Thirty-three hundred, 3,400, 3,500 - What now? - Thirty-six hundred for you - Bid! - What do you think? His cows are genetically top.
- You can't go wrong.
- Just bid! Forty kilograms of milk.
Who bids 3,700? Thirty-seven hundred there.
3,800, great! 3,800, thirty-nine hundred? There! Thirty-nine hundred and now 4,000.
- Michi, do something! - Who bids 4,100? Four thousand, who bids 4,100? Forty-one hundred, who bids 4,200? Forty-one hundred.
And there! Forty-two hundred.
Forty-two hundred Forty-one hundred, going once, going twice.
Good luck! Catalogue number 77.
Forty-one hundred francs.
Keep going, there are more coming.
Next cow, catalogue number Thirty-eight hundred, great! Gone! Four thousand Forty-one hundred and Gone! Good luck! Going once, going twice Good luck! Michi, congratulations! Hi, Mike! The Chinese delegation's checked in at the hotel.
Three people.
The meeting's at 4:00.
Our goal is to conclude the pre-negotiation for selling Berno's stakes in China tonight.
Then we can nod the contract through on Monday at Managing Board level.
Midnight snack! - Thank you, Elodie.
- Thanks, Elodie.
A turtle? A clever turtle doesn't praise itself but shines from the inside.
From Asia For Dummies or from a guide? What's taking them so long? No idea.
And? They're asking the right questions, but also accept valid arguments.
It's looking good.
- We definitely need more people like you.
- Thanks.
Respect for getting Harbin Group here, Mike.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I don't like such secretiveness.
I'm past the age of hiding all the time.
I can't show any weakness now.
I'm your weakness? Really? You know what I mean.
I don't want to fuck up the Berno thing.
So your ranking is, first, your job, second, the farm, and third, a little fun in between? Sorry, Mike.
Not with me.
Hey, no! I'll take you home with me.
To the farm.
I want you to meet my family.
Really meet them.
You can do everything.
Pick eggs.
Harvest flour.
Stroke cows anything the town heart desires.
Mom! - Hi, Mom.
- Hi! A visitor? Nice! Hello.
My colleague, Joel.
You met at the funeral.
Well, venturing into the wild? How is it? Your cows are fine.
No objections to sale.
Just Olympia has chronic mastitis.
She might just make it to the butcher's.
I gotta go.
Bye everyone.
- Thanks Döme.
- You're welcome.
I'll see you to the car.
I think I understood "meeting my family" differently.
- Your signature please.
- Sure.
- Fine.
Good day.
- Same to you! Bye.
Are these the new spin bikes? - Got two minutes? I'll wait outside.
- Sure! You can unpack.
Read the instructions.
What are you waiting to tell me? Tell you what? That your brother's investing in Neumatt after all.
I heard he pulled off a show at the auction.
- What? That can't be.
- I've an application for rezoning going.
I'll settle this and find out what's up.
At once.
You'll settle this? Fine.
But quickly.
Pack it up again at once.
Why did you just tear it off? The packaging's completely destroyed! So what? What's wrong? - They must go back.
- Are you crazy? Do your shit yourself! Michi? Come and hold! It's really idyllic here.
Idyllic? In town, you forget that apples grow on trees.
I have an organic farm vegetable sub.
But it's still a bit virtual.
I never see how it grows from the earth.
Well, that's farm work.
A big issue, what we put into our bodies.
Is Michi okay in Zurich? I mean Is there anyone? No idea.
I don't know him that well yet.
The next one's called Molly.
Then father, mother, date of birth.
- Molly with a Y? - Yes.
Your handwriting's great.
- You should write all the signs.
- True.
You should only write signs from now on.
Ear number? If you work well, you eat well.
Our apple juice won a prize last year.
Is there some without meat? I've mixed it together, else it tastes of nothing.
Only with meat.
Salad or bread's fine for me too.
Will you give him some salad, Lorenz? - Then I'll take that.
- Thanks.
Won't you try first? Thank you.
I don't eat meat.
It's beef hash.
It's not about pork, it's about Joel's principle.
It's about my principle too.
Delicious, Granny.
You said it was a great offer.
Now or never.
So you can surely sell them to someone else, right? Sure I can.
Minus the 15% cancellation fee.
You can't be serious! But I'm not just anyone.
- You're a client with a cash shortage.
- Pirmin, listen.
There are delays.
Force majeure.
Things beyond my control.
You're the head of sales.
Surely you can do something Please! For me.
Sorry, I can't help.
Date and signature.
If you need help programming, we'll do a night session.
Come here.
Hands off! You're crazy! Stupid slut! Mom? Everything okay? I'm going out again.
You okay on your own? Sure I am.
Our hair's quite different.
Do I have my father's hair? No, you got nothing from your dad.
Easy, calm down! No, you've had enough.
It's happy hour! Two hours ago.
I'm closing.
Sambuca with Baileys is called "Orgasm" now.
Mom! Come.
Tattletale! I won't come here to drink again.
A big glass of water? Just a moment.
Other moms go shopping in Zurich with their daughters.
I can't even manage to go to parents' evening.
Mom, it's okay.
- Here.
- The studio's killing me.
Because you do everything yourself! Why don't you have any real friends? But you're my honey bunny.
Why did he have that accident? I guess because he hurried too much.
He really wanted to see you on the ultrasound.
And so he drove too fast.
May I get under the blanket? With your colleague from work? I'm sorry.
It's so damn hard.
Lolo, it may be difficult to understand.
- But also men can - Do you think I'm stupid? I get that you two are gay.
I'd just like to know if it's serious.
And? Yes, I think so.
My dad caught me in the barn with a boy.
All those years, he never said a word.
I didn't want the farm, but I You wanted to be asked.
- More coffee? - Yes, please.
You like it? - What's in it? Apple, cinnamon - Ginger.
You can take a jar from last year with you.
Mom, Joel's my boyfriend.
We're a couple.
We'll go to Hamburg when the project's finished.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Thanks for telling me.
I always thought you wanted to do something like this.
"Something like this"? - Well, yes, this! - Just so I understand.
Why didn't you say anything? - Or asked? - I thought it would pass.
You know that's bullshit, right? Yes, but Döme, for example, tried harder.
"Try harder", how should I take that? No.
This is quite common.
It takes time.
She doesn't understand yet.
She's not some client digesting bad news, she's my mom.
Exactly, she's your mom.
To Zurich, please.
You've got to stop this.
Michi's making a big fuss.
But when the going gets tough, he'll be gone as always.
He'll leave Lorenz alone with those high-performance cows.
Did you know about Michi loving men? Sure.
He said the German is his boyfriend.
Get it into your head! Michi belongs to the city.
Maybe not.
It's too late anyway.
It's okay if I transfer the money in two tranches, two-thirds, one-third? No problem.
As long as it comes.
Extreme udders.
Yuck! - They look pumped up.
- Not bad, right? The ribs are bred long so the cows can take in maximum feed.
Learned at the city that things must be XXL? - Sarah, stop it.
- Mom? High-performance cows are damn susceptible.
They need all-round service.
- I know.
- I hope so.
You need to be around, tend them.
Get it? Amazing what you know given your broken-off farm training.
Oh no, you passed, "satisfactory" I think.
You haven't the slightest idea.
- But you think it's cool too, right? - Let me go.
- It was just in fun! - Yeah, sure! Everything here's just fun for you.
You'll get fucked with your damn overbred cows.
You'll ruin everything.
Including us.
Let's get the brown ones.
- Not that one.
- All brown ones, your brother said.
- Not Olympia! - She's past her time.
- No, she isn't! - Lorenz! Olympia can stay.
Okay? Perhaps it's all too much.
The high-performance cows, the technology involved, your pressure on him.
My pressure? He has to pass the exam.
He won't pass if even we don't believe in him.
Do we really want all this? You asked me to save the farm.
What do you want? Just a bit more life! Like all of you.
But your life's the farm.
When I got together with your dad, the farm was already there.
I couldn't choose.
I just stayed.
You don't always get what you want.
Yes, that's true.
But we can fight.
Maybe he'd have liked to do something else other than the farm.
His death is a liberation in a way.
For him.
And for me.
Maybe I don't have to stay at the farm forever.
How could things work here without you? - First the bed base or the bed? - Don't talk, work.
Up! And turn.
Now, backwards.
Careful, Mom.
A bit more to the right.
- It doesn't go through, Mom.
- A bit to the left.
- It's impossible, Mom.
- But it must! Mom! Mom, stop it! I've only just started.
Step aside.
I wanted to tell you I'm glad you exist.
Below the line, the cows and the milk is a dead end.
As far as the future's concerned.
If I had an agricultural company, I'd do anything not to have to put soy and oats through a cow to then sell them.
Milk substitutes will be over in three years.
- Really? - Yes.
People love milk.
It's our culture.
You have to afford to be vegan and sip overpriced grain water.
- That's progress, man.
- I'm progress, man.
You talk, I do it.
More conscious living.
Slowing down.
You? I'll get rid of my car.
What? Your cool car? Anyone interested? It depends.
Three hundred fifty horsepower, less than two years old.
Sixty thousand and it's yours.
My father promised me a car for my birthday.
He's fond of German quality cars.
Okay, fine.
Test drive.
I'll take it.
Deal? Deal.
Sorry, he was first.
You were great.
I don't like cheating people.
Not even Pablo.
We were convincing, the deal will be great.
- What do you think? - It's a match.
- I kept hoping you'd say something else.
- It's the best option.
Teichmann, trust us.
The quarterly figures are weak throughout.
Of course.
What do we do? He doubts our competence.
I asked you for teamwork.
- He's looking for a scapegoat.
- I said that Yily's the better You want to act internationally, but can't even save a Swiss milk processor! If you can't get the case in hand, I'll dissolve the team.
I can use Joel very well in Hamburg.
Got it? I expect fast and feasible proposals from you two.
Just so you know, I have another prospective location.
Walsers want to sell.
But You said Neumatt was the best location.
Sure, but I need planning security.
If I hear nothing definite from you within two weeks, I'll have to approve Walsers.
Yes? Till Monday.
I'm going to "Abs, Thighs, and Butt".
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Have a nice weekend! - Thanks, you too! What's wrong? I'll close the studio.
Michi's not selling the farm.
I'm so stupid! I thought I'd be lucky for once.
But you taught me to fight when necessary.
So fight! They're all on Michi's side.
I'm not.

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