Neumatt (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS My egotistical brother just does his thing.
But it's our inheritance.
You don't usually take any shit.
I'll take you home with me.
I want you to meet my family.
Mom, Joel's my boyfriend.
We're a couple.
I always thought you wanted to do something like this.
Döme, for example, tried harder.
You want to act internationally but can't even save a Swiss milk processor! You'll get fucked with your damn overbred cows.
You'll ruin everything.
Including us.
Just so you know, I have another prospective location.
You taught me to fight when necessary.
So fight! - Here.
- Thanks.
I'm way too late again.
After school we're going to Granny's.
In the middle of the week? To see how things are.
You'll see the new cows.
The pimped monsters? Still, it's our home.
- See you later.
- See you! OVERCOMING HIGH QUALITY SHORTAGE All that's no use.
There's still no good alternative.
Perhaps that's our common result.
Selling the plants in China is still a good option.
- I don't like being blackmailed.
- I understand that.
Still, the Harbin Dairy Group's offer stands till tomorrow.
If I agree, I still lack ten million for restructuring.
You could increase your share capital.
- With new investors - I don't want any new investors.
Pablo? Okay.
Let's think out of the box.
We understand you don't want any dismissals.
That's a fact.
- We need to lower the costs.
Another fact.
- Correct.
GER MILK Buy cheap German milk for export in the processing trade.
Save 20 centimes per liter.
I've discussed it with Caroline.
But then we lose the "Swiss Made" label.
Not quite.
PROCESSING We just replace it.
- Swiss - ness! Few clients will notice.
It's worth it for these amounts.
That's interesting.
But how do I sell this to my Swiss farmers? Such a reduction in price will bring many of them close to ruin.
You're responsible for how we communicate this, gentlemen.
That's no problem with the right wording.
I'll be back in a moment.
- Joel can calculate this for tomorrow.
- I can provide figures by noon tomorrow.
He can skip that.
German milk's a killer.
- Pardon? - I don't think your farmers will be duped.
They know Berno will buy much less milk from them.
Why don't you get the farmers on board? That's difficult if things turn out badly for them.
Here's my idea.
PRICE - TIME Lower the price of milk for two years with a retention and promise to drop the retention when Berno's in the black.
If you disclose the figures and explain the measures, the farmers will agree.
But the milk's already at the limit.
Use the German milk as a threat.
The farmers will choose the lesser evil and save their own buyer.
You keep buying Swiss milk and keep your "Swiss Made" label.
Sorry, but to rely on the farmer's goodwill is an unjustified risk.
- What if they don't go along? - They will go along.
When we know by how much we can lower the price.
I want both options by tomorrow.
See if Trudi needs help with cooking.
I'll come soon.
- Hi.
- Hi.
The new cows shit as much if not more than their milk yield.
You're right.
How's the exam going? - Fine.
- Okay.
Wyss, imagine adding new cows to the ones you already have.
What problems might this create for the farmer? Don't you know it? Yes, I do.
Hi, Peterhans.
Michi Wyss speaking.
I have a question you'll be able to answer.
Please call me back.
What was that just now? You want to lower the milk price? It's the best option.
What about your farm? If Pablo gets his German milk, we go broke at once.
How tightly did you calculate? You look like shit.
So, you two cuties? Things are starting to make sense.
Knocking off already? Working from home.
- Peterhans.
- Hi, Michi.
How are you? Thanks for calling back.
- Everything okay with you? - Yes, I'm fine.
And the cows? Yes, the cows too.
We need to optimize the feeding.
That's why I called.
Let's meet at Flames.
Mom! Dinner's ready.
Are you coming? Sure.
What are you doing? Looking if the pimped monsters really give so much milk.
Are you coming? Malvina's been giving three liters less milk for two days.
And Michi sent some e-mail.
And? What about? Aren't you taking care of it? Why me? Both of us get those e-mails so we're up-to-date.
But I was in the stable.
I've got my hands full with the new accounting.
Gotta go to the dairy.
Do you hear me? Hello! One hundred over 60.
I'd like to take you with us.
- Hey, Mike! - Just a blackout.
You can't drive now.
My future's at stake, okay? Why didn't you wake me? Porridge with cinnamon.
- You only made that when I was ill.
- Are you? Everything's fine.
Well, about About Joel, your boyfriend Yes.
And? What's your problem? That he's a man? Or the way he looks? No.
I hoped that I could hold your baby.
I hoped you might come back.
With your family.
That you'd live here with your wife and kids.
Gay people can have kids too.
How far behind the times are you? And I won't come back here.
Hi Granny! It's me.
Everything alright? No, nothing's the matter.
I just wanted to check.
All okay with the farm? Fine, yes.
Bye! Can I get another one? There's a new steakhouse in Winterthur.
They've got everything, from Angus to Simmental, T-bone, entrecôte Do you feel like it? After training hard You want to take me to dinner or screw me? - I just wanted - What? Nothing.
It doesn't matter.
Loris? Yes? I do feel like it.
I Sorry.
Hi, little Jessie! I'm going to the pub with Peterhans.
Hear what's going on in the village.
- You coming too? - Sure.
Bye! - Peterhans! Sorry for being late.
- That's all right.
A beer? - Hi Michi.
- Hi.
- Two beers? - Make it three.
You've bulked up.
- Let's see if it's worth it - Voilà.
- Thanks.
- when the milk price falls.
Why should it fall now? Because Berno's in trouble.
Because the world market's diving.
I've invested a lot.
That breaks the neck of people like your dad.
Or like Fuchs.
His machines are ancient and he still pastures his cows.
And you? I'm an entrepreneur.
I have reserves.
I can handle fluctuations.
What fluctuations can you handle? - Table football anyone? - Later.
What can your farm handle? Between you and me, three centimes less would be okay.
Even the association people say that.
At least for 80% of the farmers.
If a farm can't handle this, too bad.
So I needn't worry about my Holsteins? Forget it.
You're fine.
You invested.
Sure you get cold feet for a moment.
That's part of it.
Aren't you going to say, "Hi"? Sorry.
I didn't want to butt in.
It looked so romantic with those cocktails.
Couple's evening.
- Come and play too? - Sure! Hey, don't twist! Nice.
- Play the goalie! - I know, sorry.
- Concentrate, okay? - Very good.
- Yes! - Nice.
Hey, we're late.
Coming? In the middle of the game? Okay, I'll relieve Silvia.
And take the kid.
You're the best.
- Bye, everyone.
- Bye.
Mele? Döme needs a new goalie.
- Coming! - Play! Are you ready? Not bad for a start.
So we'll meet again next Thursday.
Have a nice evening.
- Bye, everyone.
- Same to you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Really beautiful song! - Isn't it? Bye! There's another one we could look at.
Well now? Why not? What do you do as a consultant? Go to wild parties.
When you do work.
Assess the situation, be quick, and make the right decision.
You know the feeling when only you can save something? That's my kick.
Hey, guys! But who do you work for? Specifically? That's not important.
But it interests me! Tell me.
Is it a big firm? Well-known? What a dump this is.
Come, let's go.
Remember Lüscher? - He's the sports teacher, right? - Yeah! Hey, not so loud! Or they'll throw us out.
Fuck! Okay, over there or what? It's still up there.
Give me a leg up.
No! You need to come closer.
You gotta hold me! - Come! - No, you're not holding me yet.
One, two, go! Yes, it's still there! That was nice.
It's always nice with you.
Stop it! Michi? I gotta go.
Hey Michi? Michi! Yes? How do you kiss? What? How do you kiss? Show him, Mele.
You show him! See? Not difficult.
Try it.
I've found out the possible price reduction of milk.
I've calculated three options and the amount Berno would gain.
What was that? Nothing.
So I'll provide my figures first, then Joel will follow with his calculations on the German milk.
Michi? You gotta come.
- Mom, I told you I can't.
- Now! At once.
What's the matter? You can't deliver your milk for some time.
What? The canton called.
There are antibiotics in your milk.
The inhibitor test was positive.
Specimens went to the lab.
Our milk's clean, right? It must be a mistake.
- I'm sorry.
- It can't be! Liar! It wasn't us! You want to take the farm! Lorenz! Stop it! - Calm down! - How long? Till the veterinary service authorizes it.
- Can I pay you something to drop it - Out of the question.
- Martin - No, I can't do it.
Come to the dairy in an hour.
Then I'll know the damage and what you owe me.
Please, Martin, you must help us.
Look, I'd like to.
But the veterinary service is on it.
I can't do anything.
When push comes to shove, you only think of money, like your wife.
Do you also want us to sell? You don't believe that, do you? Look, you're inflating the farm, but Lorenz can't manage all that.
You don't know him.
What if that happens more often? It hasn't and it won't.
I know we're insured for this.
It has to be here somewhere.
Joel? Daily standup.
I'll join as soon as I can.
Then Pablo has to take over the case.
- No, that's my case.
- You can't do that.
At 2:00 we meet Teichmann, we have to prepare the deck Tell your lover to come here at once, and kick him in the butt! Pablo's asking nicely if you can either give us the figures or come in personally.
I don't care what Pablo says.
He can go fuck himself.
Best tell him yourself.
Mike, what's up? Pablo, if you don't have things under control, Caroline gets the figures from me.
We're not insured.
Lolo, you can't milk Olympia with the other cows.
You must always throw away her milk, at once.
- But I did throw it away! - Apparently not.
We should've butchered her.
It was stupid of me to listen to you.
I did everything right! And it isn't Olympia's fault either.
I had to throw away all of today's batch.
And buy additional milk, 13,000L.
Plus clean the truck, and so on.
- That's 12,834 francs.
- I can't pay that.
The insurance won't pay, and I have no money left.
Give me time, Martin.
Where do I get the money from? Please, Dad died six weeks ago, my brother fucked up, and I invested everything, nothing left.
If you ask me to pay at once, I'll go into insolvency.
Okay, pay it in installments, two thousand per month.
But settle it with the veterinary service yourself.
A personal loan.
How about the agricultural credit bank? A passing cash flow gap.
I thought you were a consultant.
- I earn plenty.
This is a family estate.
- I understand.
It's emotional.
We're interested in figures.
MILK PAYMEN Number seven's for you.
What do you do with a swollen udder, Wyss? Give antibiotics and milk the cow.
Then take the milk to the dairy.
Quiet please! You've got 30 minutes.
- Hey, Jessie? - Yes? Tell me Do you also think I'm a bad farmer? Of course not! Forget them.
Are you crazy? They're right, you're nuts.
- Where were you? - Where are we? Teichmann's here.
And Caroline's furious.
- She's angry you didn't answer the phone.
- I got a deck ready.
Got the figures? Most farmers can take three centimes.
This'll give us nine million francs.
Döme? Thanks for calling back.
About the cantonal tests on the quality of the milk Can the results be contested at all? Okay.
I'll call back.
Where's the stick? Pablo wanted to take a quick look.
Exactly, a milk price reduction of three centimes per liter gives us an additional nine million.
Just a moment, Mike.
We'll be soon finished.
We'll find them somewhere else.
Should be no problem.
Colleague Bachmann's looking at the C segment.
Asshole! At least they won't buy German milk.
You have to stop doing two things at once.
You're killing yourself! Mike, seriously.
Loan me 50,000.
What? My brother fucked up.
We can't deliver any milk and the insurance won't pay.
Hundreds of francs down the drain each day and the same expenses.
Next week another 4,000 francs are due.
Please, I've invested everything.
I can't get more credit.
Forty thousand is okay too.
I'd really like to help you.
- But I - What? I don't think it's the solution.
Are you lending me money or not? I'll give you the loan if you quit the coke.
Did you see the couple at the next table, sitting uptight the whole time, - not speaking to each other at all? - Yes.
That's terrible! And in the end, neither of them had any money.
- What? - Yes.
- No! - Yeah, they didn't pay.
- What! - No.
Impossible! Oh no I didn't know you could laugh so much.
I had a good run today.
I hope it's got to do with me too.
Yes, you too.
So, should we do this again some time? Yes, it was a nice evening.
I'll go in now.
Accounts of classes three, four, and five.
And main classes of account, class six That's here Services, revenues, and the accounting costs are divided into cost units.
So, over here - Determine the cost units and define - Let me out.
the rates and cost breakdown.
I want out! Out! They don't want I want out! - I want to get out of here! - Trudi.
Everything's okay.
You were dreaming again.
I'll bring you to bed.
You'll stay here, won't you? You won't go away with anyone? Don't leave me alone on the farm.
Don't worry so much.
Michi and Lorenz will manage.
Come on.
Michi? Döme.
- Could you come to the Neumatt? - Now? - I'm pretty tired.
- Please, I I need you.
Stop! Are you crazy? I threw away Olympia's milk.
I know what I do.
I follow a working plan.
I can write down what I did all day.
There's no chance of contesting it.
The tests are standard.
You'll just have to weather the check by the veterinary service.
- Only then can you deliver again.
- What else do they check? The farm, hygiene, instruments But you're okay.
There'll be questions.
How you milk, use antibiotics You'll manage.
Easily said.
Isn't it crazy what I do? Why? If anyone can save the farm, it's you.
You just want me as a new client.
Sure, I only care about your cows.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I was quite drunk.
Me too.
Gotta go.
This won't work.
I can't do this.

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