Neumatt (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS When were you going to tell me? That your brother's investing in Neumatt after all? What? That can't be.
I have a rezoning application ongoing.
- I'll settle this.
- But quickly.
You can't deliver your milk for a while.
There are antibiotics in your milk.
- There must be a mistake.
- Look you're growing the farm, but Lorenz can't manage all that.
- You don't know him.
- What if that happens more often? It hasn't and it won't.
- I'd really like to help you.
But I - What? I don't think it's the solution.
Are you lending me money or not? I'll give you the loan if you quit the coke.
You'll just have to get through the check by the veterinary service.
I can't do this.
What? Lolo, hurry! The veterinary service will be here any minute.
A tube of antibiotics is missing.
- Why? - I don't know.
The inventory lists one more.
Just write "broken tube.
" - But I can't write that.
- Just do it.
So, stay cool, smile, and answer all questions.
Got it? Yes.
So That's the new feed mixer.
It makes the feed taste better.
And so there's more milk.
Do you also have a cluster remover? Yes, it's quite new.
- Could you show me please? - Sure! Come.
After you.
Our new milking technology records everything digitally.
With cluster remover and all.
The system recognizes each cow.
If a cow shouldn't be milked, there's no vacuum.
Show me how you do it.
Should I milk her for you or what? Would you like a coffee? Oh, yes, please.
- Do you want one too? - Yes, please.
- Is that enough? - Great.
Shall we? What do you do if a cow's sick? I mark her with a red band and enter her number.
You can't milk her in the system then.
You do it separately with a milking bucket.
And what do you do with the milk? Our milk was always okay.
That's why I'll be glad when I can get your milk again.
But that requires fulfilling the standards of hygiene.
You may deliver again.
But you need to clean the milking machine better.
They'll check it again.
We'll do that.
Thank you.
Well then Thank you.
Got anything on tonight? No.
I won't ever do that again.
- You've become heavy! - Put me down! What are you doing here? I want to change something.
I want to work on my posture, strengthen my core.
AUTUMN/WINTER TRAINING ABS THIGHS AND BUT And perhaps some "Abs, thighs, and butt.
" Seriously? Yes.
Strike like a snake.
At the end, you twist a bit - Like this, right? - Yes.
When you hit it, put your hands up, then you're protected.
- When you hit, okay? - Okay.
Take it easy.
Gently! Exactly.
Work gently with the trampoline.
Let's do another ten.
Go! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.
Very good! Again! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, again! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, again! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine How are things at the farm? - I heard you got checked? - Everything's okay.
Lorenz did very well.
You know that Ursula has a new location? The Walsers' farm.
Once they go to the notary, it's over.
It'll be over for us.
Are you quite sure? It doesn't matter.
It's not about that.
Michi and Lorenz are sure.
That's enough.
What about me? - What's this? - Just take it.
Without any conditions.
Seriously? I want you to be okay.
I'll quit the coke.
When I've done it.
When Lolo's passed his exam.
I promise.
- Your hot veterinarian? - Joel, I can I can explain it, it's a Joel, I can explain.
It's different with Döme.
It just happened.
I don't want our relationship If you want an open relationship, just say so.
But not this way.
You're such an asshole.
Joel, stop.
Please! - Joel, stop! - Fuck off! Elodie, you change the slides.
- Joel, could you prepare the key figures? - I'll do that.
Oh, Mike, nice you've joined us at last.
Do the storyline for the shareholders' meeting.
- Since when do you give me orders? - Caro wanted me to head the meeting.
I think I know pretty well what to do to keep our clients long-term, Pablo.
Just send it over.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Where are you? The slides are on their way.
We're polishing the wording.
I spoke with Teichmann again.
He'll get the Premium and a milk price reduction rubber-stamped by the Board of Directors before the meeting.
There'll be resistance, but the small shareholders can be overruled.
Berno will get the support of the associations with our help.
A top performance, Pablo! Distinguishing yourself through the work of others! The rough framework for the business case was mine.
I fixed the milk price reduction of three centimes with the farmers.
And the car in the sandbox was mine.
Come on, Mike! Do you need that? I know very well how good you are.
Sorry, just a second.
- Yes! Pablo, got this under control? - Sure.
I told you to send it over.
That's not so hard to understand! So, you know what you have to do, off you go! Sarah! What's the matter? I need your help.
Just give me more time.
Just a few days.
I've waited as long as I could.
- You must get used to the idea.
- But I don't want to.
I won't vote for a milk price reduction.
They're out of their minds! - Right, we'll go on a milk strike! - Let's see first what Berno really wants.
I'd have preferred the other way too.
What rubbish are you talking? Surely, they'll come with specific proposals.
No, come off it! It won't touch you with your amounts.
You can balance it out.
- Werni, are you having a go at me? - You always swim on top.
You don't have a farm.
You have a factory! It's not my fault if you failed to modernize.
Stop it! Please! At Berno's, they know how to restructure at our budget.
They get everything through, as always.
If you want to know Berno's plans, just ask Michi.
- What do you mean? - The Board of Directors' plans.
Michi's working with them.
How is he "working with them"? Michi works for Berno? - As a consultant? - Yes.
He advises them.
Didn't you know? - Did you know? - No, Werni, I didn't.
What do you think? If you cut off so little, they'll never grow properly.
You'd think she'd never pruned trees.
Give me the saw.
Be careful, the ladder's unstable.
You shouldn't have gotten distracted.
Either have a good fuck or be successful.
Gotta decide.
Are you crazy, you asshole? What do you have to say, Mike? My behavior was unacceptable.
I've no use for team workers who lose control and who don't live by and represent our values.
I'm aware of my inexcusable behavior and I will do everything I can to make amends for this.
That's no longer an option.
I'm off the project? You have good ideas, but your ego's too big.
You'll leave the company.
Joel, you'll take on all of Mike's tasks.
Granny! What's wrong? Your mom can't even place a ladder right.
Come, help me up.
All right? Let's go to the doctor.
What happened? Speak slowly, Lorenz, I can't understand you.
But why me? How can I organize someone to take my place? Okay, I'll try.
I'll come.
What's the matter? I have to close, my granny had an accident.
Shit! I need those fucking bracelets.
Can I take over for you? "Abs, thighs, and butt" is at six, right? If you're not back by then.
Well, Granny, rest and all the blah-blah the doctor mentioned.
You're declining.
You can no longer manage all this.
It's absurd! We'll manage in any case.
Yes, you're good at ordering people around.
But you've had no say in things for ages.
Behind your back, everyone's fed up with you.
It's always been like that.
- He works for Berno.
- No.
I'm very sorry but I can no longer take your milk.
- But you said everything was okay? - What's wrong? If you have pests in your field, you spray them off.
Right, Lorenz? We have no pests.
Our cows are all well, even Olympia.
- It's not about the cows - About what then? You work for Berno.
You plan to lower the milk price.
I don't work for them.
I'm helping them with the management case after this crash.
So you admit it.
Digging our grave and grinning.
Why do you think they sold their foreign involvement? - I'm just trying to prevent insolvency.
- You're a traitor.
Go away from here! Get lost! Why did you do that? I advise companies.
That's my job.
You lower the milk price as a farmer? - Stop it! - You're ruining everything! - Why do you always ruin everything! - Calm down! This is my farm.
Don't show up here again! Get lost! Go! Come, I'll help you.
We have a date, don't we? Don't you know yet? What? Did you know Michi works for Berno? For Berno? No.
Michi's a consultant, but for whom He never talked much about his work.
He seems to be double-crossing.
Why would he do that? No idea.
I thought you'd know.
Listen, I can't take your milk anymore.
Peterhans is pushing and they all follow him.
Please try to understand.
I have a position in the village.
I can't go against everyone.
I know the farm means a lot to you.
Fuck the farm.
Another word about the milk or the farm and I'll go alone.
If I'd known you were taking me to such a posh place, I'd have dressed up.
I want you to meet someone.
- Fuck, it's been 100 years.
- Yes.
This is Martin, my boyfriend.
- Hi! - Hi! Things will be fine.
Sometimes shit turns into gold.
- I'll do that.
- Let me, I'm not disabled.
You all want to get rid of me so that you can sell the farm.
That's not true! Mom just worries about you all.
To put me in a home, that's what your mom wants.
You think I don't see that? She'd never do that.
Your mom can't be trusted, she's a liar.
- Mom's the worst liar I know.
- Is she? So ask her where your dad is.
My dad had an accident.
He's dead.
He's not dead.
He went to France to study.
- But Mom said - Your mom lied to you.
Fuck you! Leave me alone! - What's the matter? - Just piss off! No! Please stop! No.
Angie! No! What are you doing! Angie, no! I swam through the night Just water and me To reach the island where happiness lives I saw it from afar, a dot in the sea And I fight against the waves And my unrest - Let's split up.
- Yes.
I saw you there, waiting for me I float to the shore, but I cannot stand Joel, I need you.
I've been busted.
I'm screwed.
Think you can fuck who you want and I'll comfort you? Grow up! Because of you I see the island and feel the sand It feels very soft Quite different than land Now I trust the night And swim just for myself At last, I feel the ground Because the island is me Such a pity you quit when you did.
Things turned out differently.
You vanished.
From one day to the next.
Marriage and stuff.
None of us understood.
Love is a funny thing.
And? Was it the right decision? Thanks.
- To you! - To music! To old times! Hi, Michi! I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd come by.
Everything okay? May I come in? Sure, come in.
Quick, to bed! The wicked wolf! - Take off your shoes, please.
- Sure.
- Italy! - Croatia.
That's cheaper.
To me! - No more for me.
- We must toast to my return! - Forever! - Okay, Michi, last one.
Careful! To our friendship.
Sorry, he's leaving in a moment.
I'm going to bed.
I think you should go to bed too.
Good night.
Good night! It's not funny! You good family man.
Are you coming to Flames? Stop.
- Please.
- I'm driving you to Zurich.
Are you crazy? You're drunk! Wait, I've got a great idea.
I'll come with you and you can show me your apartment.
Okay? I'm going to Flames, with or without you.
Wait! It's a bad idea.
- Watch out.
- Sorry.
Two beers.
- Michi, how are you? - Shitty.
I can tell you why.
- You heard, didn't you? - What? He fucked us over.
He works for Berno.
- The farm's fucked.
Know why? - I can imagine.
Hey, you know what? I'm leaving.
- We're friends! - Are we? Seriously? - Are you afraid of them? - Piss off! A farmer's a farmer.
And a traitor's a traitor.
- Do you decide that, Peterhans? - Enough! - Shut up! - Michi, enough! Do you decide who may be a farmer? Hey, boys! As if I were the only one screwing you.
You're all following a phony.
He sells you expensive machines, cows, technology, and reaps the reward.
- Mind what you say! - He's drunk, okay? You think only you can be farmers.
You know, Michi, your dad was a farmer.
You're a miserable, blabbering braggart! You're a fucking loser, little Fuchs! Shut up, you fucking idiot! - Think you can beat us up? Forget it! - Calm down! - Won't you drive me to Zurich? - We're leaving.
You wanna fuck me but nobody may know, right? Oh no! The farmer and the veterinarian are gay! - Oh, stop it.
- Just go to your wife and little boy! And sometimes to a dark room in Zurich.
Damn faggot! - That's enough.
- What? Out with you.
Out! Out with you.
- Piss off! - Pigheaded country bumpkins! Piss off to Zurich! Get lost! Hey, should I call an ambulance? He just has to learn when to knock it off.
Now, come in.
It smells a bit like a wet dog in here.
You can sleep here.
We have to go home.
Good night! We should really go home.
Can you still drive? Angie? Hey, what did she want? When was the last time you were really happy? To almost make your heart burst? Now.
And you? I don't know.
I can't remember.
Who's there? Come.
Stop it, man! - It's your own fault! - Fuck you, man! Stop it! Angie's gone.
But I'm telling you, she got into a stranger's car! He'll have got her drunk.
My daughter has no idea what men can do.
I can't wait! No! That's not normal as a teenager! I'm not hysterical! And? Nothing.
Leave me alone.
What did I do wrong? Okay, so So I'll go then.
Yep, so you're going then.

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